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Lee Donghyuk didn’t have many problems. He was a healthy fifteen- year old Slytherin boy about to enter his fifth year at Hogwarts and was pretty confident in all of his classes. (Except "A History of Magic", but it’s not his fault Professor Bins has a knack for putting him to sleep, therefore not his fault that he doesn’t learn anything). He had taken a liking to Divination, Astronomy, and Potions the previous year and had excelled quite a bit in them. (And, no. It had nothing to do with the fact that two of the professors were Slytherins). And to top it all off, he’s also the seeker of his house's Quidditch team. (In your face, Jaemin!). So, yeah, Lee Donghyuck didn’t really have very many problems, and his life was fairly simple. Well, school life, at least.

What Donghyuk did have a problem with,(or should he say who), was his best friend, Mark Lee. Ex-best friend, technically. Before Donghyuk and Mark had been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, they had been childhood best friends. They had grown up in the same Muggle neighborhood and had done almost everything together. Unfortunately, when Donghyuck was nine Mark moved to the next town over. They had known each other since birth and had never really been apart, being born into a magic family in a Muggle neighborhood is really hard, so having Mark there was always a relief. That's why Donghyuck had been so sad when Mark had moved away. They had planned on keeping in touch via owl but after a while they just kind of… gave up. Donghyuck had tried his hardest to religiously send Mark owls, but there would be vast delays between the time he sent a letter and the time he would get a response. Sometimes it’d take weeks, even months to get anything back. Donghyuck guessed that Mark was just too busy to talk to him anymore, so… he just kinda... stopped trying. Mark hadn't sent him any more letters after that or reached out to him in any other way, so it seemed that cutting ties was for the best.

By the time Donghyuck had finally gotten to Hogwarts, Mark was already a second year. When Donghyuck saw him sitting at the Gryffindor table next to his older brother, Johnny, who had been a third year at the time, Donghyuck felt a deep ache in his chest. He honestly didn't know why. He hadn’t been expecting anything different from his slightly older friend. Mark came from a pure-blood family made up mainly of Gryffindors, so it really wasn’t that big of a shocker when he'd been sorted into the lion’s house. Donghyuck, on the other hand, was quite the contrary. Donghyuck came from a half-blood family who, despite their blood status, were mainly Slytherins. So it had also been unsurprising that Donghyuck got sorted into serpant's house. Although, Donghyuck was sure his witty and impish behaviors were also contributing factors towards him being the Slytherin he is today.

When Donghyuck was sorted into Slytherin that day, he knew that any hope of reigniting his friendship with Mark was futile. Even though Donghyuck didn’t really believe in the whole “Gryffindor vs. Slytherin” trope, he sometimes wondered if it was a sign that their friendship was bound to end one day, and that he should be thankful it had happened sooner than later. Yet Donghyuck knew that that wasn’t actually the reason he and Mark hadn’t reunited when Donghyuck started school. Donghyuck knew that it was because they were in different houses and in different years, so their paths never crossed. They officially had different lives that didn't include one another. He thinks that he saw Mark about ten times a year on average. You can't be friends with someone you don't even talk too, it's like talking to a wall and expecting a response. Pointless.

Donghyuck has been hung up over his ex-best friend ever since he was eleven, and he's just about ready to forget Mark even exists. And he was determined to do just that this year. He hasn't even seen the guy except for a few brief smiles exchanged in the halls every now and then, so he can’t imagine it being that hard.

Now that you're all caught up, fast forward a bit to the beginning of fifth year, where Donghyuck is currently on his way to Hogwarts, eating Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans by the handful while sitting upside down on the bench in the compartment that he and two of his Slytherin friends(Park Jisung and Na Jaemin) and one of his Ravenclaw friends(Huang Renjun) have taken residence in. Now Donghyuck may be a smart kid, but no one ever said anything about him having common sense. He's got friends for that.

“You're going to choke and die on those, and then I’m going to laugh about it,” Renjun commented, adjusting the round spectacles on his face so they rested on his nose more comfortably. Donghyuck glared at the Ravenclaw as best he could being upside down and settles on the most effective, albeit immature, display of dissent he could think of, and promptly sticks his tongue out. He knew it must've looked disgusting, remnants of the candy shells from the beans on his tongue, speckling the now brown surface that had been stained that way from the mixture of food coloring. It probably made it look more like a moldy piece of meat than a tongue. But it was so worth it to see Renjun's nose wrinkle in disgust at Donghyuck's antics. And, as if to further his point, Donghyuck shoved another handful of the beans into his mouth, only making a small face at the taste of bubblegum and vomit mixing together.

“Come on, Hyuckie,” Jaemin says from where his head is resting in the crook of Rejun’s neck, “Injunnie’s right, you are going to choke, and when you do, I’m not even gonna try and help you.” Donghyuck gasps or tries to, at Jaemin’s statement. Jaemin’s supposed to be on his side, he’s known him for way longer.

Donghyuck and Jaemin had met on the first day of their first year at Hogwarts. They were heading to the common room for the first time when Jaemin came skipping up to him. The boy had smiled his brightest smile and said something along the lines of, “Hi, I’m Na Jaemin. I’m in Slytherin, too. What’s your name?” (It was kind of generic and cheesy but, whatever, c'est la vie.) That's how their friendship had started. Sort of. Donghyuck hadn’t really liked Jaemin at first. He had too much energy and smiled so much Donghyuck thought his face would get stuck like that. (And this was coming from Donghyuck, resident full sun), but after two weeks of trying to ignore Jaemin, Donghyuck decided that having an annoying friend was better than having no friend. Especially when it came to being in a new and foreign environment. After a while, their friendship grew more genuine, and they became pretty close. Donghyuck found they had a lot of things in common as well. They both loved playing pranks on people and enjoyed a lot of the same classes. They also loved Quidditch. They even got into a small fight over the fact that Donghyuck beat Jaemin at winning the position of Seeker on the house team in second year. They got over it pretty quickly, though. Jaemin does a much better job as a Chaser than he would have as a Seeker anyway. Jaemin was the closest thing Donghyuck could get to a best friend. After Mark, the title only brings back bad memories and leaves a sour taste in his mouth. This leaves Donghyuck forcing it away to go die in a hole somewhere so deep it hopefully wouldn't be able to resurface. Donghyuck really doesn't what he'd do if it did.

They had met Renjun later. About halfway through third year Jaemin (literally) ran into the short Ravenclaw while running up the stairs to get to the Divination room. He and Jaemin had made a bet that the last one up the tower would have to buy the other whatever he wanted from Hogsmeade the next weekend. Jaemin being Jaemin, readily agreed. Donghyuck hadn’t been there to see the collision, but when Jaemin came up to the Divination room with a dumb grin spread wide on his face, Donghyuck should’ve known better than to ask about it. For the rest of the year Donghyuck was the victim to story after story about the smaller male and how "cute" and "timid" he was, and “You should’ve seen how he hid in his scarf after, and the little smile he gave me, like, I think my heart stopped beating for a second, Hyuck.” Donghyuck may have won the race that day, but he didn't think Jaemin had really cared all that much.

A year later, Renjun and Jaemin had finally started dating. Donghyuck would've rather taken to cleaning the trophy room the Muggle way every day than sit in the same room as those two for longer than necessary. The googly eyes they had made at each other had been bad enough, but the tension had been unbearable(not that it was much better now, anyway). Donghyuck had become Renjun's friend by default since he was dating Donghyuck's friend. Not that he minded much, it was much easier to create friendly banter with Renjun than it was with Jaemin, the latter being too nice for his own good. He had learned a lot about the Ravenclaw since he became a part of their group. Like, contrary to the way Jaemin had described Renjun to him, the smaller male was quite feisty and sarcastic(Which was what made him such a fun person to argue with). Donghyuck had also learned that Renjun had a short temper and not to get on his bad side lest he wanted to get put into a headlock. Sometimes, though, Donghyuck just couldn't resist annoying his friend, it was too much fun.

Donghyuck was shaken out of his reverie when their train car jolted a bit more violently than usual and was reminded of his current position- face to face with the two sorry excuses he, unfortunately, calls his friends. Despite how he reacted, Donghyuck knew that Jaemin would side with his boyfriend, but Donghyuck had decided to be dramatic as always and was now paying dearly for his troubles.

He had just managed to swallow the beans in his mouth before the coughing fit started. The (absolutely necessary) gasp had caused him to choke, and in his moment of panic, he had forgotten that he was sitting upside down. One of his hands unconsciously flew to his throat throwing him off balance and causing him to fall for his efforts. He Landed head first, the rest of his body followed so that he was lying awkwardly on his back. He vaguely registered Jaemin and Renjun laughing at his stupidity in the background as he was too occupied with trying to catch his breath. Donghyuck sat up on his elbows, one of his hands rubbing at where his head hit the floor.

Only when the doors to the compartment opened did Donghyuck realize his current predicament. He was sitting in the small space between the two benches on the floor of the compartment, his clothes all rumpled and face flushed from all the blood that had rushed to his head from being upside down, and there were Every Flavor Beans scattered all around him from when he fell. Now normally this wouldn't have been an issue, Donghyuck was used to making a fool of himself in front of strangers and had become almost immune to public embarrassment. But it became a very big deal when Donghyuck realized who the person who had opened the door to their compartment was. He could tell Renjun and Jaemin did too, judging by the way they were no longer laughing, leaving an awkward silence to fall over the compartment. Although, this person tended to have that kind of effect on a place. He was such a mood-killer.

Said mood-killer was none other than the Head Boy of Slytherin himself, Ten. (I know, dumb name, right?). Ten was a seventh year, therefore Donghyuck's "superior". Ten was short, shorter than Donghyuck anyway, and had short fluffy, brown hair to match. He had way too many ear piercings, and an ego twice the size of his stature. It was a well-known fact among the Slytherin students that Ten hated his guts. In return, Donghyuck had resolutely decided to never, EVER show any signs of weakness in front of the other male. Donghyuck was happy to report that the hatred between the two of them was very, very mutual.

Donghyuck had first met Ten when he was a first year. Ten was a third year at the time, but that hasn't stopped him from acting like he owned the place. Donghyuck had known he wouldn’t like the other Slytherin from the moment he first laid eyes on him. The fake smiles and condescending aura the guy carried with him everywhere was enough to make Donghyuck never want to take the guy seriously. It was also obvious to Donghyuck that Ten was a major suck up. Donghyuck could tell by the way he held himself alone(He was very perceptive like that). In Donghyuck's opinion, the only thing that would make it even more obvious was if you wrote ass-kisser on his forehead in bright red ink. All of the assumptions Donghyuck had made about the guy when he had first met him have all proven to be accurate at least once over the years Donghyuck has had to put up with him. In addition to the Head Boy's shitty personality, Donghyuck also strongly disliked the other boy's name. Donghyuck new that 'Ten' was a nickname, he wasn't stupid. He also knew that people called him that because no one could actually pronounce his real name. However, that doesn't change the fact it was the stupidest thing Donghyuck had ever heard. Donghyuck was aware that his distaste toward the other male's name was probably amplified by his hatred toward's the guy's general existence, but he can't help it, the guy was impossible.

Donghyuck, however, actually liked something about Ten. Not actually Ten himself, but a fact about him. It was something that he was able to use in this specific category of "Reasons Why I Hate Ten." It was not that the male's nickname was a dumb number, but is, in fact, that he's pretty sure he recalls hearing the word "porn" in the guy's real name when it was said aloud once. What a perfect name for such a vile creature. He knows that sounds petty af, but Donghyuck does have a very legitim, a very "valid" list of reason to hate the Head Boy. Just to name a few: First, he would like to point out that the Head Boy(Devil) had ruined hundreds of Donghyuck’s pranks. Second, he's confiscated Donghyuck's WWW supplies on more than one occasion. And, third, he had almost killed his pygmy puff, Hugo. Ten had sworn it was an accident. Donghyuck calls bullshit. No one gets away with messing with his pygmy puff. No one.

Ten's offenses towards Donghyuck will forever be relevant in the younger Slytherin's eyes, but at the moment Donghyuck was forced to acknowledge that, that was then, and this was now, and now was equivalent to Donghyuck still sitting on the floor surrounded by colorful jelly beans looking like a complete idiot. Donghyuck took a deep breath before looking up at Ten through his eyelashes, putting on the best fake smile he could manage while trying to ignore the fact that he had just broken his number one rule, and said in his sweetest voice, “Yes?” He dragged the word out and emphasizing the mocking tone with a flutter of his eyelashes. He hears Jaemin snort next to him. Ten’s face narrows into a glare, cheeks coloring slightly in annoyance. Donghyuck could already see his patience thinning even though he'd just arrived at the compartment. Donghyuck’s lips twitched just enough so that his (fake) sweet smile becomes more of a smirk than a smile.

But Ten was not one to play games. “Change into your robes. Now.” Ten said, shortly. (Straight to the point, as always.) He'd said the words harshly, each one dripping with venom to show his distaste towards the younger Slytherin as if his very existence made him sick.

Donghyuck nodded, and since he can never seem to help himself, he spreads his arms wide in a fake curtsy and says in the most sarcastic tone he could manage, "Yes, your highness." Jaemin started laughing fully at that one, and Donghyuck even managed to pull a few snickers from the Ravenclaw sitting beside him. The laughter had successfully broken the tense atmosphere but had also successfully caught Ten's attention. Ten’s gaze snapped to them. “You too,” he added harshly, face even redder than before. He redirected his gaze back to Donghyuck. A bitter smile found a home on Ten's lips as he said, "You should watch what you say to me brat, I can make your life a living hell," his eyes flickered to Donghyuck's head and he snorted, "Nice hair, by the way," his eyes flicked up again before he said, "Biddy." Then he slammed the door to their compartment shut. Donghyuck released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding before his hands shot to the top of his head.

Something else one should know about Lee Donghyuck was that he was a Metamorphmagus. The only one in his year, actually. Donghyuck was very proud of his status as the resident Metamorphmagus, but he also kind of hated it too. Being a Metamorphmagus meant that he could change his appearance at will. Donghyuck usually stuck to experimenting with different hair and eye colors to see which ones he liked best, but that wasn't all he could do. His ability to change the way he looked ranged anywhere from the simple change of eye color to giving himself a real, full functioning duckbill. Donghyuck however, didn't have full control over his ability, so sometimes, depending upon how he was feeling, his hair color would change to match the emotion. This sucked because it made it easy for people to read him. Especially if they knew what the different colors signify.

When Donghyuck first got on the Hogwarts Express that morning he had decided that he'd wanted his hair to be a dusky pinkish- purple and his eyes to be a light golden, brown. Unfortunately, Donghyuck had a feeling he no longer looked like that from Ten's comment. He also had a feeling he knew just what color his hair had decided to turn. Carefully, he lifted his bangs up just enough so that he could see their color a little more clearly. He sighed, his hunch had been, unfortunately, correct. His once dusky locks were now a shocking shade of white. White as snow to be exact, for that was the color that represented a phantom pain, or in Donghyuck's case, a head bump.

"Ha-ha, very funny," he muttered to himself bitterly. Donghyuck finally stood up and cracked his back before slumping down onto the bench opposite his friends. As much as he hates to admit it, Ten’s reminder actually did help him quite a bit. If he hadn’t come to their compartment, then Donghyuck is sure that he would be throwing his robes on at the last moment and doing the buttons up wrong. He directs his gaze to his hair, watching as it changed from white to a royal blue color with neon blue highlights. Annoyance, despair, and a hint of don't test me. Donghyuck sighs, wiggling in his seat, suddenly tired. It was going to be a long year.