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Can I Borrow a Cup of Sugar (Then Steal Your Heart)

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Niall wakes lethargic- heat sinking into his muscles warming him and almost pulling him back to slumber. But instead he opens his eyes to dark brown curls and finds himself clinging to Harry’s back; one arm draped around his waist, the other tucked under his pillow, nose nuzzled into the back of his neck. The room still reeks of sex, and sweat, and them, and it goes straight to his head, but God he’s sore. If he has another orgasm he just might die. But last night was by far the best night of sex he’s had, ever.

He works to untangle their fingers, leaving the other man undisturbed, soft little snores sneaking out as he dreams. Niall shakes his head; Harry is by far the most beautiful person he’s ever met, even when he’s sleeping. He’s a bit surprised he’s awake; he’s really not a morning person; but his mind is quickly ramping up. Thoughts starting to roll though his head one by one; his stupid insecurities and doubts flooding the morning already… hHe just needs to get out of bed.

He quietly pulls on some joggers and after heading in to the bathroom to brush his teeth and empty his bladder, before he finally heads to the kitchen. He puts the kettle on for tea and then just stares at the contents of the fridge. He doesn’t really have the makings for a fancy breakfast; really doesn’t have much at all; but he does have enough for eggy bread so that’s what he’s going to go with.

It's not that he doesn't like to cook, he does; he just normally finds it boring when he's cooking just for himself. Having Harry here, someone to at least make breakfast for is nice. He’s not doing it because he’s an Omega and it’s his ‘ duty’ to. Or is he? No, he shakes his head. He would do this for anyone after the night they just had, and he knows Harry doesn’t expect him to.

He knows that Harry would never wake up and just assume that Niall would make breakfast, he knows they aren’t locked into stereotypical roles like that, but it’s hard not to think it himself when he knows that society will. The whistle of the kettle draws him out of his thoughts. He’s being silly and ridiculous. He needs to stop overthinking and worrying about nothing.

Harry told him last night he likes him- that he doesn’t care if he’s an Omega or not.

He and Harry just sync up well; they seem to have a rhythm, something natural. Ever since they’ve met they gotten along well… and it’s not that Niall doesn’t get along well with almost everyone, but he and Harry have chemistry.

Last night pretty much confirmed that.

“What are you thinking about?” Niall jumps at the question, startled as he turns around. Harry’s standing in the doorway in nothing but his pants. There are still some dark circles under his eyes and his hair is in wild disarray, but he’s smiling and he looks happy.

“Good Morning,” Niall blurts out, and God, sometimes he’s so awkward. But Harry looks so good standing there, all tall lean muscle. He didn’t get to memorize all his tattoos last night. He should work on that- especially the one on his thigh… Brazil and… is that a tiger?

“Good Morning,” he laughs walking in closer, putting a hand on Niall’s hip and pressing his nose against his temple before pressing a kiss there. “Now tell me what you’re thinking about.”

“It’s..Nothing” and right now he isn’t overthinking. He’s letting Harry pull him closer, and he’s breathing in his scent cinnamon, crisp apple, spice and it’s crazy how it helps him to relax. He can’t help but wonder why it’s like this. He’s been with other people before, other Alphas too , but it’s never been this easy.

“Nope.” Harry pulls away and catches Niall’s eyes. It’s not that he’s not trying to look at him, it’s just that he doesn’t want to worry him or keep having the same conversation over and over again. “Did you know you have this wrinkle right here?” He presses his finger to the bridge of Niall’s nose. “It tells me you’re thinking about something. Or stressing over something.”

“It’s stupid.” He mutters looking down, Harry has big written on his big toe and that makes him smile.  That’s just so Harry.

“Well c’mon then...spill.” Harry looks at him, and he just looks so earnest and so sweet that Niall can’t help it.

“I was trying to figure out if I was making you breakfast because I’m an Omega and it’s my duty or some other bullshit.” He huffs out.

“Oh.” Harry’s eyes look wide and he looks a bit startled. “Well, you know that I can make my own food… in my own flat. That I don’t expect you to do anything that you don’t want to do. I mean…” And Niall just can’t let him continue.

“Yeah, see I told you it was stupid.” He interrupts him, and  he can feel the flush on his cheeks red and embarrassed.

“Not stupid. But can I assume that you actually just want to give me nourishment so that I can shag you again instead?” His eyes are a bit darker now, and he’s shuffled in close again, keeping their eyes locked.

“Well, maybe later? I’m fucking sore…” and his cheeks just get a little redder. God- he’s never had to turn down sex before but last night was that good.

“Oh, was I too hard on you?” Harry looks a bit smug and a bit concerned at the same time, but it doesn’t stop his hand from moving down to his bum and resting it there unassumingly comfortable.

“No. You were the perfect amount of hard on me.” Niall blurts out. What is it exactly about Harry’s eyes that makes him go stupid? Honestly.

“So, I guess we just need some more practice. So you get used to this…”  He pauses dramatically, and God he’s such a dork. But it’s hot. -like how is that even possible- “and then we can just keep making it harder and harder and harder.”

“We’ll be shagging all day.” Niall laughs.

“I think it sounds great. But maybe after breakfast?” Harry asks. “Want to make it together? What can I help with?” And when faced with the question Niall just smiles bright, he knows it’s bright, because the smile he gets back from Harry is just as bright.

He realizes then that no, he doesn’t want Harry to do anything. He actually wants to make Harry breakfast, and eat it with him, then maybe go back to bed, watch telly for a bit, take a nap, then shag, watch a film, and shag… but not in that definite order.

“Just make yourself a cuppa. We’re having eggy bread.” Niall tells him, cracking the egg open to get the batter started.

“My favorite!” Harry moves around the kitchen, making his tea and then sits at the island to watch.

It’s more domestic than Niall can ever really remember being before. And Omega or not- he decides he really really likes it.


Finally he’s home. This was his fourth travelling trip in the last month and a half since he’s started dating Niall. Luckily for him, Niall is the most laid back person he’s ever met otherwise this relationship would have been over before it even started.

After Rio, it was Paris, then Amsterdam, and then Edinburgh just at a studio and that was too close to not be home with Niall. But now he’s finally home for good. Niall’s had a key to his post box and his flat, so he find his plants are watered and his post sits on the kitchen island. When he pulls open the fridge, it’s decently well stocked and he can’t help but smile because there are apples and bananas on the kitchen counter and spinach and kale in the fridge.

He can’t stop grinning; Niall even remembered to get the coconut milk. He puts together a green smoothie then goes to unpack. He only has an hour or so until Niall’s back from work and he wants to make sure that he can dedicate his full attention to Niall once he’s home.

He hasn’t really traveled this much in the past; but a lot of this was booked before Niall- before Harry decided he wanted to be in a relationship; that he wanted a boyfriend.

It had never even crossed his mind that moving out of his little townhouse with El would change his life like this. He can’t remember a time when he’s been this happy. He’s already trying to figure out how to work the holidays so that they can spend them together instead of apart. He wants to take Niall home, introduce him to his mum and Gemma, take him around his hometown and show his everything.

It’s a first for him, and he has a feeling it’s the only time he’s going to feel this way. It’s only been a couple months of dating, but when he looks back he knew from the start that Niall was different.  It’s why he’d tread so carefully and wanted to do things right. He was so careful with Niall, and now he knows that it probably wasn’t as necessary as he made it, but the last two months have been pretty great and worth every ounce of emotional turmoil that he put himself through.

He passes the time quick enough then his phone is ringing and he wonders if it’s Niall running late, but when he dashes to the kitchen to find where he left his phone, the name flashing on the phone screen is ‘Jeff’.

“Hey Jeff.” He draws out. Jeff has helped him book some his magazine gigs, so chances are he’s calling about work.

“Hi, Harry! I have a job for you.” Jeff sounds distracted and Harry goes into the living area to dig out his iPad. He hates pulling up his calendar on his phone while he’s talking.

It’s just as he’s sitting down that the door to his flat opens and it warms his heart that Niall knows he’s welcome enough to just walk right in.

He can’t help but look up at the Irishman as he walks through the door. He shoots Harry a smile and Jeff’s voice in his ear turns to static.

He looks so good, tight dark jeans, black henley, and he can’t wait to get his hands on him. He doesn’t even register what he’s saying. “Hey Jeff, I need to go.”

“So you’ll do it?”

“Do what?” Harry asks as he tries to tune back in. He looks away from Niall and back at the calendar trying to give his full attention to Jeff..

“The shoot the week of October 9th? In Germany??” Harry looks at the calendar but he already knows the answer.

“I can’t do that week.” Harry tells him abruptly, there is no negotiation.

“But you don’t have anything scheduled do you? I mean you didn’t the last time we spoke.” And has it been that long since he talked to Jeff? Had it been before Niall? It feels like a completely different time in his life.

“I have personal stuff going on that week.” And he’s not contracted; he doesn’t have to do every job they offer him. He’s just not going to be gone that week. He counted it out… that week is 28 weeks since Niall had pushed him out of his apartment. It might still be three weeks away, and he hasn’t talked to Niall at all about it, but he’s going to be here for the next heat, whether he’s helping him through it, or just checking up on him afterwards. He doesn’t care as long as he’s here for it.

“Okay,” Jeff relents, “What about the week before or after? I can see their dates are flexible?”

“Yeah, do that, I’ll talk to you later.” He doesn’t wait to see what Jeff says, just ends the call and then pops up from the sofa rushing back to the entryway to kiss Niall’s smile. The curve of it feels good under lips lips, smile meeting smile in the most intimate way.

“Hi,” Harry kisses him again, “Hi,” and this time he presses is longer, “Hey,” he finally draws out, keeping his eyes closed as he breathes in deep resting his forehead on Niall’s. His hands are on his neck and he can feel Niall’s pulse, fluttering a little faster than normal.  Niall’s hands have snuck up under his tshirt to settle hot on his waist and he loves the touch- he’s missed it.

It’s only been 6 days but it feels like forever when this is still so new.

“Hey.” Niall breathes out and when Harry opens his eyes Niall’s are still closed. When he finally opens his eyes, he tilts his head to the side questioningly; “Are you already planning on leaving me again?” It’s said jokingly but the last couple months have been a lot, and he had told Niall that he wasn’t going to go anywhere for a while after this last trip. He wanted to stay local and stay close- he has enough connections that he can.

 "No. Well maybe in a couple month or so, but for the next while I’m here.”

 "What’s the personal stuff going on?” Niall asks then he turns red. “Sorry. I was eavesdropping and that is none of my business.” Niall shakes his head and pulls his hands off Harry waist. Harry for a moment thinks about ignoring it but instead he decides to tell the truth.

“It’s- Well it’s no pressure…” Harry starts because it’s not, he not going to force the issue. He doesn’t pretend to understand why Niall goes through heats by himself. He thinks it comes down to trust, and the fact is that it’s Niall’s choice, “But it’s your heat.” Niall’s eyes go wide, and Harry can see him thinking, counting the weeks in his head.

“Yeah. Yeah it is.  How did you… Nevermind. I think we obviously both know when my last heat was.” He rolls his eyes at his own statement and he looks uncomfortable, shuffling his feet and digging his hands in his own pockets. Harry hates that there are still some things that they aren’t great at talking about. The good thing is that they try- they fight through the awkwardness so that they can reach an understanding- and that’s what it is all about.

“Hey, I meant it-- no pressure, at all. I just want to be here.  I want to be an option for you. It’s your choice but I want to be here to support it.” And he does his best to project his earnestness because he’s not pushing; he would never want Niall to be uncomfortable. But he’s not sure what he’s going to do when his own rut rolls around, but they will cross that bridge when they get to it.

“You know it’s not like it is in the porn movies. It’s not all like, ‘ breed me Alpha’ and begging for a knot right? Like I don’t, I don’t want to get knocked up, I mean my body might want me to but I don’t. You know that, right? ”

“Yeah. It’s not like that for me…it’s not about the sex, though we don’t really have an issue there to begin with, it’s about being here if or when you need me.” Harry tells him- and he wants him to understand. “I don’t see you as a sexual object Niall, I just want to be here for you.” He extends his hand and waits. Niall’s just looking at him with eyes wide.

Then Niall is gripping his hand tight, before lacing their fingers together. He gives Harry a very small smile; Harry knows the ranges of his smiles by now;, and this one is grateful and just a little bit shy. Harry pulls him in by that hand, before letting it go to wrap him up again in his arms. He feels Niall tuck his head into his neck and he relaxes enough to do the same.

Is it weird that he’s thought more about his heat than Niall has?

“You don’t need to think about. You don’t need to worry about it. Just know that I’m here for you, in whatever capacity you decide.” And he’s not going to try to sway him, or talk him into anything. He wants Niall to make the decision himself and be comfortable with it and not second guess both Harry and himself later one. He wants Niall to make this decision and be confident about it.

“Thank you.” It’s mumbled into his neck with a kiss and it makes him smile- hell Niall makes him smile.  Just being around him always makes everything better.

He’s just glad to be home and really be able to dedicate some real time to Niall. He’s been so patient and so understanding with all his travel and work lately.

“Of course love.” Before he knows it, Niall has drifted out of his arms.

“How’d I do grocery shopping for you?” Niall asks looking in the kitchen to see the clean dishes from his smoothie on the side of the sink.


“Yeah?” And Niall has that flirty look on his face, raised brow, blue eyes shining with laughter.

“To come home to food is almost as amazing as coming home to you.” Harry tells him and smiles when Niall laughs.

“You’re so weird.” Niall can’t seem to stop smiling and Harry can’t either- and he knows they probably look like a couple of dorks.

“Weird is the new cool.” Harry smirks, reaching out and grabbing Niall’s belt loop and dragging him in. He really needs to get his hands all over him- as soon as possible.

“Care to take me to bed, cool kid? I’ve missed you and I’d fancy a shag.” Niall’s hand falls to his waist, bunching up his shirt, eyes looking up under dark lashes. Harry knows they need to talk more- knows that he has more work to do.

“Yeah and I’ll show you just how much I missed you.” And now, here, kissing Niall- he finally feels like he’s home.


It keeps playing over and over in his brain, “ it’s your choice but I want to be here to support it.”

Harry’s not pushing for anything. He’s letting Niall be Niall and he’s so grateful for that. But he still hasn’t made his decision. He still doesn’t know what he’s going to do, and they really haven’t talked about it since.

It keeps randomly crossing his mind for the next two weeks, and he thinks about it more than he would like.

It’s mid-afternoon when he starts to feel the headache, it’s only another hour until he’s starting to feel the flush under his skin. He knows, like a sixth sense that he’s early by two days, and he’s not going to make it. And he’s not on suppressants- he needs to leave- now. Besides it’s Wednesday and either way he’s going to have to leave work and request time off. Even on suppressants he can’t come to work for the rest of the week. But he’s not on them anymore, hasn’t taken them since Harry left for Rio.

No one bats an eye as he packs up his desk and he knocks on Liam’s door, opening after the muttered, “ come in”.

“Hey, Li, I’m sorry to do this to you but I need to take leave.” He feels the rush of embarrassment color his features when Liam looks up and takes a sharp breathe in. He knows he doesn’t need to say anything else. Even as a beta Liam can smell it.

“Yeah, get out of here. Text me when you get to Harry’s to let me know you’re safe, okay?” He looks concerned brown eyes wide. “Do you want me to have my driver take you? Nevermind. I’m calling him. I don’t want you taking the tube.” Liam is already on his phone before Niall can even decline. But it’s not a bad idea. He waited too long- but normally he’s used to having a bit more time. The suppressants must have helped to slow things down. He has a bottle at home, never even thinking that he needed to carry it with him.

“Ok, Paddy’s downstairs. I’ll see you next week?” Liam asks.

“Yes, definitely. Thank you for being so cool about this.”

“You’re worth it Ni. Don’t let anyone tell you different.” Liam smiles but waves him out the door.  

When he gets to the flat complex he doesn’t even pause until he’s at Harry’s door. It wasn’t even a conscious thought. He walked right past his flat to get here.

He doesn’t even need to think about it.

Harry is unlike any Alpha, any person , he’s ever met. Hell his birthday present from Harry was a bottle of lube and a night of shagging his Alpha boyfriend; he doesn’t know how many Alphas would actually allow that. It wasn’t just a one time occurrence either, and ironically it took a lot of his own embarrassment away when he’d bent Harry over the couch and had the other lad begging for his cock.

So subconsciously the decision was made long before he’d even realized it.

He trusts Harry.

He trusts him with this… but even more than that.

He’s in love with Harry.

It’s an odd realization to have while staring at Harry’s door knowing that his heat is about to start.  

But he already knows he’s not going back to his flat to grab his suppressants. For the first time he’s going to let his body do it’s own thing because he has someone he’s not embarrassed to show that to.

He digs his keys out and put them in the lock opening the door. He looks around for a second, but he doesn’t see Harry. He closes the door behind him, kicking off his shoes and dropping his work bag.

“Haz?” He calls out his name and almost instantly there are footsteps coming from down the hall.

“Niall?” And there he is, tall, gorgeous, amazing… and sleepy. His eyes are a bit tired and he’s just in his pants and a white tee- the joys of being self-employed, Niall guesses.  “Hey love, what are you doing home so early?”

He lets his arms come up as Harry’s arms go around his waist and he goes up to his tiptoes to press a kiss to his lips. Harry always tastes good, and he always wants more, always wants to make every kiss, deep and intimate. Instead he pulls away and nuzzles into his neck.

By now he knows that Harry can smell what’s going on. His hands feel large and hot as they rub up and down his back calming. He presses a kiss against Niall’s neck.

“I trust you.” Niall whispers into his neck. He knows Harry heard him by the way the other man stiffens in his arms; locking up before pulling away.

Harry puts one hand on each side of his face, but he knows what he sees. His eyes are still clear, his headache already gone just from Harry’s touch, and yeah, his cheeks might be flushed but he’s not even aroused yet. It’s just burning under his skin coiling in his belly. In his rush to get out of work he has plenty of time.

Harry’s smile is bright as he takes it all in.

“Yeah?” He asks, pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

“Yeah,” Niall nods, letting out a small laugh. He can’t help it. There is a lightness, a giddiness in him now that the decision is made, and he’s completely comfortable with it.

 "How are you feeling?” Harry asks him, pulling Niall back in and guiding his head back into the crook of his shoulder.

 Niall takes a deep breath before answering. His headache is already gone, the heat under his skin is warm, but not unbearable yet. The aches that he’s used to accompanying his heat haven’t popped up yet and he can’t help but wonder if they will or not- now that he’s not fighting it.

 “Good, I’m not like in it yet… I’m just… it’s just like there, under the surface.” Niall tries to explain but Harry just tangles their fingers together.

 “So, then are you up for a nap? It’s what I was getting ready to do before you got here.” And that makes sense, his tee soft and sleep worn. He seems sheepish to suggest the idea, but to Niall it sounds fantastic.

 “That sounds kinda great actually.” He lets Harry lead him back to bedroom and he can’t help but feel a bit shy. There is nothing to be embarrassed about and he knows that, Harry has shown him that, but he still can’t help but feel that way. This is just all new to him.

 He strips down to his pants and Harry peels off his shirt before pulling back the covers. Niall climbs in and it’s a different sort of comfort to be surrounded by the cool sheets drenched in his scent. Harry pulls the sheets up over the two of them, and then pulls Niall into his chest.

 It took him a while to get used to this, falling asleep next to someone. It was something that he never used to do, didn’t feel comfortable enough to really fall asleep next to someone, it was all part of his no relationship clause, but it’s different when its someone you trust- someone who gets you. He presses a kiss to Harry’s chest right over his heart and Harry responds with a hand through his hair.

 “You’ve got nothing to be scared of, love, I’ve gotcha.”  He can’t help but be comforted. He finds it hard to keep his eyes open; so he lets them drift shut and he falls into slumber.

When he wakes he’s in bed alone, but there is shuffling around in the living room and when he looks around the bedroom, there is just a lamp on. There are water bottles piled on both the night stands and he doesn’t even need to look into the drawers to know that Harry’s been preparing. It makes him smile.

He’s already much farther along in his heat. The heat under the skin has turned into a full fever, his prick is hard, and arse slick. He flops onto his back and just wiggles a bit. He can feel the slick leaking from his hole. Normally by this time he’s a bit annoyed with himself and his body. But it’s a lot different this time around- makes a whole world of difference that Harry accepts him exactly the way he is. For the first time ever- he’s actually looking forward to a heat.

He sits up when he hears the footsteps coming his way. The sheet falls down into his lap, theoretically hiding his eagerness, but it doesn’t really matter, Harry will be able to smell it anyway. They’ve been so attuned to each other since the beginning, since Niall’s decided to stop trying not to lie to himself.

Harry walks through the door, smile in place. “Hey, love.”

“Hi, pet.” Harry’s smile turns fond as he approaches the bed.

“So, I really wanted to let you sleep as long as possible.” He’s still just in his pants but Harry has no problem walking around completely naked so Niall doesn’t even know why he’s bothered with those. He can already see the impact his scent is having on Harry, his cock a large bulge in his pants. “But over the last couple of hours, your scent has been driving me mad, filling up the whole flat.” Harry crawls on all fours from the foot of the bed, forcing Niall to lie back down, as Harry boxes him in, hands by his face, knees by his hips- he’s trapped in the best way.

“You didn’t sleep?” Niall asks, and he’s breathless, this is new. Niall loves sex with Harry, loves it, but this anticipation is just exhilarating.

“I did, until you woke me up grinding your arse on my dick.” He leans down and lets Niall hide his embarrassment in a kiss.

 Niall opens himself up into the kiss, bringing his hands up, to grasp onto Harry’s biceps. He wants to move, but Harry’s hips won’t really let him. He’s a bit surprised when a whine escapes his lips.

Harry moves his lips away, pressing a kiss to his cheek, then his temple before looking down at him. He meets the steady green gaze.

 “So we’ve done a great job of not talking about this… but you are on birth control, right?” Harry doesn’t really seem worried about it, which makes it easier to talk about.

 “Yeah, five year implant.” Niall tells him; in the time that he’s been asleep his heat has raced along. His mind is struggling to string any of his thoughts together, and he’s drowning in Harry’s scent, soothing and arousing at the same time. He can’t stop his hips from shifting this time, pressing up but getting nothing.

 “I’ve only done this once before, years ago, and they weren’t nearly as important as you are. So promise you’ll tell me what you need? My research can only do so much.” Harry drops his hips pressing against Niall’s, the pleasure of the pressure blanking out his brain. He presses his hips back up and lets out a hiss, they’re both hard already.

 “Research?” Niall pants out, opening his eyes- when had he shut them?

 “Yeah, I learned a lot. Like you’ll be on a hair trigger, literally cum about three times to my one. You’re body temp will range from 38 to 39 degrees. It’s important to keep you hydrated and try to feed you protein when we aren’t shagging. You’ll only sleep for hours at a time, and as an Alpha my body goes into ‘sympathy’ so I can literally shag you for as long as you need. According to the medical journals I read you’ll burn most of it off in the first 36 hours then the next 36 hours are more of a coming down process.”

 “You did actual research?” Niall asks- amazingly more aroused by that list of random heat facts. God- he loves this man. He needs to make sure he tells him when he’s not off his senses from hormones.

 “Of course! I want to take care of you.”

 “I love you…” or not- he can tell him now instead. “I’ll tell you again later... so you don’t have to question that it is the heat talking- but I realized it when I was staring at your door. When I came here before going home because this is where I wanted to be.” He’s just rambling now because Harry’s eyes are wide as he takes in his words. He didn’t mean to say them- not now- but they are honest and true,   and Harry must be able to see that, because his gaze turns soft and fond, a smile softening his lips.

 “I love you too and I’m so glad you’re here, that you want to be here, and that you’re mine.”

 “I’ll tell you again, every day, I’m sorry, please trust me.” It bothers him that Harry might think it’s the hormones, might think that it’s just his heat talking.

 “Never be sorry to say ‘I love you.’ Plus I had a feeling anyway… you bought me kale.” Harry says like that explains everything.

 It doesn’t; not at all, but Niall can’t really string his thoughts together to explain that to Harry. He can’t stop his hips from squirming against Harry’s where he can feel his cock hot and hard. They’re both still in their pants, separated by the thin white sheet, and this is unacceptable. When he tells that to Harry, the other man just laughs at him.

 Harry pulls away from Niall completely, and he wants to complain until he realizes what he’s actually doing- giving Niall exactly what he wants. He pulls the sheet from over Niall and uses his feet to kick it down to the end of the bed and then dips his thumbs in the waistband of Niall’s pants. He looks up at Niall, but Niall is already nodding, begging without a word to get him naked.

 Harry peels them down, drags them off his feet, and then climbs between his legs this time, using his knees to spread Niall wide. “No, you too!” Niall tells him, hating that Harry still has clothes on. Harry just shakes his head.

 “We have time, love,” and then he’s leaning down, pressing soft kisses on his prick before sucking Niall’s dick into his mouth. He doesn’t really waste any time, moving his mouth up and down in a fast rhythm, sucking gently while pressing his tongue to the underside of Niall’s cock. His mouth is warm, tight, wet friction and he just knows he’s going to embarrass himself by coming incredibly quickly.

Harry’s big hand comes up to clasp around the base of his dick pumping his hand as he sucks on the head and Niall can’t stop himself from twisting his hands in the sheets. He tries to let go when he hears a tear, but he seems to be losing control of his own limbs. The only thing he knows is the hot, wet, pressure around his dick.  

“Harry, Harry, please ” his own voice is high and reedy and already he can feel his orgasm curling in his belly and racing down to his toes. He presses his hips up as far as he can, chasing the amazing heat and suction. Harry moans around his cock and he feels the vibrations everywhere. Harry’s other hand starts to move back and, “Oh!” Niall gasps as Harry sinks a finger right into him. He’s leaking slick everywhere, even he can smell it.

“I don’t… I don’t…” but he can’t really get out the rest of his sentence. Harry presses another finger in alongside the first and they both press up nailing his prostate. He’s cumming before he can even warn Harry. But it doesn’t seem to surprise him at all; he just drinks it all down, pulling off his still hard dick.

“I’m going to test this three to one theory.” Harry tells him, and when Niall looks down his own body Harry is smirking at him. He looks positively devious- in the best way.

“Oh…”Niall sighs orgasm-dumb. Harry’s big thick fingers are still moving inside him, pressing up against his spot, filling his mind with white noise.

“Yeah, just one more time, then I’ll fill you up, knot you good, and you’ll cum on my knot, take it just like I know you can, just like you love to do.” Harry’s voice is soft and cool, calming the heat rolling just under his skin.

“Please,” Niall begs, because that sounds like everything he could ever want- at least right now.

Harry presses a kiss to his hip, and then kisses down his cock, past his bollocks, until he’s nipping gently at the curve of Niall’s arse cheeks, moving slowly to where his fingers are moving in and out.  “You taste so good. You taste different right now,” his tongue moving around the edge of his hole, “It’s addictive,” Harry mutters before pressing his tongue in beside his fingers. Niall doesn’t stop himself this time; he grabs Harry’s hair and presses his arse against his mouth.  

“Oh god, oh god.” Harry’s only done this once before, but it so good, so good .  He’s can’t stop grinding against his mouth, his tongue pressing in deeper, licking, tasting, and fuck he’s going to cum again. Harry pulls away for a quick second, mouth red, cheeks and lips covered in his slick.

“Gonna cum for me again? C’mon, ride my face, I want you to.” He presses his mouth back down, and Niall grinds his hips back on his mouth, just like Harry wants. He’ll do anything Harry wants because it all feels so good. Harry’s thick fingers are still inside him, pressing up against his prostate on every thrust in. He’s losing his fucking mind.

It’s already better than any other heat he can remember. The headache is nonexistent, he’s used to his body being tired and lethargic from suppressants, instead he’s energized, on an almost unexplainable high,and this is supposed to continue for the 3 days. He’s going to be dead by the end of it.

All it takes a gentle scrape of Harry’s teeth on his rim, and he’s cumming again, dick twitching on his belly, his cum spreading on his quivering stomach. He’s shaking almost from head to toe and he has to think hard to make his hands drop from Harry’s hair.

"Yeah, that’s what I want.” Harry’s pressing kisses to his belly but Niall’s more concerned with the way he’s shifting up and finally pulling his own pants down.

His cock is hard, red, as it hangs away from his body.  He can smell Harry in the air now, it helps sooth him, but so does knowing that Harry is going to be in him soon, knotting him soon.     

“Turn over, love.” For a minute Niall just stares at him, not really comprehending what he said. He can’t help but shake his head- no- he wants to watch. “I know. Next time,” did he say that out loud or does Harry just know him that well? “The first time we knot in a heat it may last longer than normal and we’ll be more comfortable this way.” It makes sense, to be able to lie down, his back to Harry’s chest, knotted together. He can’t help but wonder how many times he’ll cum on that first knot. Will he want to rest or will he still be anxious, needy, wanting more and more?

His arms are shaking as he presses himself up, shifting his hips as he shuffles to get on his hands and knees.

Harry’s hands are on his hips helping him turn and he’s struck for just a moment by how large and tan Harry’s hands look on his pale Irish skin.

When he finally gets turned over, he thinks he should feel humiliated to basically be presenting his arse to Harry, but his hands are moving up to his waist and reverent kisses are being placed on his back and take away any thought to feel shame at his level of want, because its Harry and that makes it okay.

“Are you ready, love?” The words take a minute to penetrate the haze in his brain. The fevered want is zinging through his entire body.

“Yes, please,.” He feels like he yells it, but when he hears the words, they sound more like a whispered plea. He’s rewarded with kisses down his spine and fingernails scratching gently down his sides.

His breath hitches when he finally feels Harry start to press into his body. Harry’s cock feels hot and large as it drives into his body. Harry stops when he’s filled Niall to the hilt and for a second he thinks that Harry’s just being patient, waiting for Niall, but he can hear the Alpha’s panting breathes and his fingernails are digging into his hips. The pressure inside him is overwhelming and he wants to demand that Harry move but his own breath is coming out in pants and just with this alone he’s seeing stars.

Harry’s calms his clawed grip and moves his hands from his hips to Niall’s waist, his fingers on his skin helping him catch his breath. Harry’s hands trace all the way up to his shoulders, and down his arms to tangle their fingers together. Niall squeezes tight, the cool metals of Harry’s rings providing a moment of clarity.

Harry,” he breathes out his name on a sigh, “Move.” He’s proud with the way it comes out, strong and almost sounds like a demand.

Harry huffs a laugh into Niall’s neck, biting sharply with his teeth before he finally pulls out, and then thrusts back in. The slick that Niall is producing makes a sloshing sound as Harry starts to pound in and out. Niall is moaning underneath him, trying to move his hips to meet Harry’s but he caged in by Harry’s body over his, heating his skin even more.

“Oh god, oh god …” Niall whimpers as Harry’s hips continue their steady pace. He can feel Harry’s balls slapping against his arse and the room is filled with the sounds and smell of their shagging. It’s overwhelming all of his sense and Niall swears that he’s seeing white on the edge of his vision.

Harry pulls his hands away from Niall’s tracing down his body and he starts to move faster finally placing both hands on his arse, pulling Niall to him as he thrust harder, faster. Niall can’t help dropping down to his elbows, forehead falling to the bed, hands tangling in the sheet, pulling the fitted corners off the mattress.

“Oh, you should see it love, the way you take me, all the way in, so tight like you never want to let go. You’re so fucking perfect.” He’s thrusting harder, again and again and Niall can feel his muscles starting to shake, his nerves are tingling from head to toe. “So close, you’re gonna make me cum so soon.  I’m going to knot you up, fill you, dick you so full until I’m all you’ll ever smell, all you’ll ever taste.” His words are pressing into Niall’s neck as he leans over him, lips hot on his skin.

“Oh,god. That’s all I want, to be full of you always.” It’s overwhelming in the best way- because he trusts Harry with this. With this needy, begging, pleading side of him, and he won’t make fun of him. He won’t embarrass him. He’ll just give Niall everything he needs.   

And he needs this. More than he can explain. His body is reaching, striving for that peak and he knows that Harry will give him exactly what he needs.

Finally Niall can feel the base of his knot’s right there at his rim, and there are tears trapped in his eyelashes as Harry presses it in and grinds into Niall’s arse as it starts to expand. It calms the fever racing through his blood and he can feel it getting larger until they’re finally tied together. It's then that he feels that massive hand wrap around his cock and that’s all he needs. Niall’s cumming again, tightening around Harry’s expanded knot, stars exploding in his vision as he tries to breathe.

Harry lets out a shout, before biting down on his neck and cumming inside of him. Niall can feel his own body tightening down around Harry’s knot, milking it dry as he twitches inside of him, releasing into his body.  

Niall must lose a bit of time, because when he opens his eyes he’s lying on his side, Harry tight against his back and he’s still pumping Niall full, hips grinding into his arse. He can’t stop the moan that escapes his lips as he grinds back gently against Harry’s hips.

“Hmm, there you are.” It’s a dark whisper in his ear and it causes a shiver to run down his spine. Harry’s hand that’s resting on his chest trails down to cup his dick. “I lost you for a minute.”

“I guess you just blew my mind.” Niall huffs out, enjoying the laugh that is tucked into his shoulders as Harry starts to move his hand up and down.

“Well you blew mine too. You’re fucking gorgeous, every inch of you. I love the sounds you make; I could listen to them all day. I want to hear more” He presses kisses into his neck as Niall gives him what he wants- moaning and pleading as he teases another orgasm out of Niall. “Sleep love, we’re going to have so much fun.”

When he wakes, he’s not thinking of fun. He’s thinking only of Harry and his cock, and his knot. The heat is roaring under his skin again, but all he has to do is turn over and Harry is there, those big green eyes, blinking open as he lets Niall roll him onto his back. It’s just like he needs; Harry’s already hard and throbbing when he grabs him in his hand and holds it at his entrance. He can feel his own slick already dripping down over his hand wrapped around Harry’s cock so he just presses down. He takes it all in on one stroke, his thighs landing flush with Harry’s as he claws at his chest.

Harry’s hands land on his hips bracing him, but not helping, instead they are just two anchors of heat on his body but it’s perfect because it gives Niall something to focus on.

“Hmm, just look at you,” he slurs out just lying there watching him with hot eyes. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” Niall’s already starting to rock; finding his pace as he starts to lift his hips up and down hands spread wide on Harry’s chest. “Just fucking yourself on my dick, a dream come true.” He finally finds the right angle, and then he starts moving his hips faster, up and down as he rides Harry’s cock. He can feel his orgasm curling in his belly. It only takes a few more strokes before he’s coming, spilling on Harry’s belly as he slumps down on to his hands just to catch his breath and recover. He’s not done yet.

Harry’s hands are running up and down his back, his dick still hot and throbbing inside him. For the first time he’s almost mindless as he starts to move again.

“Oh God, you feels so good, love. The way you fill me up.” He mutters it, almost hoping that Harry doesn’t hear, but he does and his eyes grow darker and his hands tighten. And it’s true. He feels so good, like they are two parts of the perfect puzzle. Harry lets out a low moan and he’s thrusting up to meet Niall, the sound of their skin meeting, wet and crude “Are you gonna fill me up, Haz, cum inside me?”


“Yeah, you know it. You know I will. Fill you up so good.” He presses up underneath Niall making him moan. Niall starts to move with more purpose, his hips bouncing heavily on Harry’s and Harry finally helps pressing his feet into the mattress and meeting him in counterpoint. “C’mon babe, yeah just like that.” Harry’s hands are tight on his hips and he wants there to be bruises, he wants to carry them on him, a reminder of this and he’s never really felt like that before.  Niall’s moving up and down using Harry’s cock to nail his prostate each time, his muscles are locking up but he can feel Harry twitching inside him and as he moves up and down he can finally feel his partial knot, expanding as he moves up and down.


And he can’t wait, and Harry won’t make him; won’t tease him or make him beg, and it’s in the mindless heat that Niall finally understands that Harry loves him, just like Niall loves him.

And he’s choking it out, wet and soft, “God, I love you.”

Harry pulls him flush, pushing his knot past his rim and Niall’s cumming again with Harry whispering in his ear, “I love you too, so much. You have no idea, I want you with me forever.” It’s an insane relief to hear it from Harry’s lips. That he’s just as far gone as Niall is.  

The heat passes in an almost blur.

There is sex, so much sex, but there’s also cuddling, and flirting. Every time Niall needs Harry- he’s there, with things he didn’t even know he needed. There’s water bottles and meals between shags, there’s showers and an incredibly dirty bath, and Niall never even needs to say what he needs because Harry just knows.

 He’s never felt this level of comfort before.Harry is the first person who has seen all sides of him and accepted him as he was- an oddly headstrong, stubborn, loud Omega.

He doesn’t know what day it is when he finally wakes and the heat is no longer lingering under his skin.  

He’s tucked into Harry’s side, arm across his chest, leg lying between Harry’s. He’s not hard, Harry isn’t either, and he knows that it’s over.  

But it wasn’t this horrible, embarrassing experience that he was so worried it would be. It was instead an intimate, warm, special experience that he can’t help almost looking forward to the next one.

Harry’s hand is already moving on his back and he can’t help but smile because during the last –he’s lost track- three days?- Harry has woken up within seconds of him, like a sixth sense. So he just tilts his head up and looks into groggy green eyes.

“Hey,” Harry presses a kiss to his forehead and it makes Niall heart skip a beat. “You good?” It’s like he already knows, so he just nods and tucks his head back into the curve of his neck. He’s warm, content, and still a bit sleepy.

Then he remembers. He jolts up looking over back at Harry’s who is just looking at him with startled wide eyes.

“I love you.  It’s my first non-heat I love you!”  Niall clarifies when Harry just looks at him like he’s grown another head.

“I love you too.” He laughs out as he maneuvers himself to sit up and Niall can’t help but laugh too because it’s a bit contagious. “But just so you know, I didn’t question your ‘heat’ I love you’s . I figured it out when I came home to you sitting on my doorstep looking like you hadn’t slept the entire time I was gone. I could see it in your eyes when you took me to the airport and when you were overjoyed when I came home.” Harry’s hands come up to hold either side of his face making Niall look at him. “Thank you for saying it, but don’t worry about when you said it- because I never questioned it.”

And Niall finds that he wants to say it again, and again, and again, because this man is just something else.

“I’m still going to tell you everyday.” Niall argues and Harry’s just laughing at him again- because well it’s not like that’s a bad thing. His hands drop from his face to join with Niall’s own hands in his lap.

“And I’ll tell you every day, but how about we shower, start some laundry, and maybe get some breakfast and then we can talk about the rest of our ‘every days.’”

“You may have mentioned forever.” Niall prompts and after everything the two of them have gone through the last few days he can still feel the blush on his cheeks.

“I definitely mentioned forever… but only as long as that’s okay with you?”  Harry questions.

Niall’s once again floored by just how different Harry really is. He’s not here like any other Alpha, demanding or claiming, no he’s asking - just like he’s asked every step of the way- just like he’s let Niall decide and control more than anyone else would have even thought to do.

“Yeah, it’s definitely okay with me… but let’s start with that shower, yeah?”

“That sounds like a great start.” Harry squeezes his hands tight, giving him that bright smile that’s all joy and dimples.

Niall’s never really thought about forever- but now- he can’t imagine his being any other way.