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ACT 6 ACT 1: Missing the Lighthouse

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DIASPORA DATE: 01/01/0005.

Your name is Daniel Jackson, and you're grieving something fierce as you look through a pile of old containers and all sorts of other ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ARTIFACTS that the Langford Family had kept in its possession from the Giza Dig that had uncovered the Stargate.

The memorial service was all the things it was supposed to be, and more. Amusingly enough, a burial at sea. Catherine liked the idea of her ashes disolving away in it similarly to how one steps through the Stargate.

And now that she's gone, you can head back to the place you're meant to be- Pegasus Galaxy, and the City of Atlantis.

Before you can return to Atlantis, though, you have so much to work through.

Your "Inheritance" as it were.

Between you and the Harleys, there's a lot of old stuff to search through.

"Daniel?" Jake Harley speaks up from around a small hallway of shelves and bins. "Come look at this for a moment?"

And so you reluctantly do.

"What is it?" You ask.

"Odd Canopic Jar," Jake holds it up. "The Hieroglyphics on this look off to me. Like it's not quite Egyptian."

"That'd be because it's badly written Goa'uld," you frown. "...Another fucking Corruption Cipher." You get out a notepad and start correcting it.

"A what now?" Jake asks. "What does it say then?"

"...Contents: One Video Camera. Sincerely..." you read after a moment, and blink. "SG-1."

Breaking the seal was one thing- finding a cable to charge it is another. The exact type of port doesn't seem to be manufactured yet except on some high-exclusive next-gen camera being sold out of Japan. A trip with the Daedalus' transport beams gets you there and back to the SGC pretty damn quick.

From there, you and Jake go to Jonas' office, plug the camera into the first available computer, and replay the footage.

And then there you are- except in Ancient Egyptian Robes. He speaks, "Okay, uh, my name is Doctor Daniel Jackson. I'm part of a team called SG-1, and we have just traveled back in time 5000 years."

You stare at yourself. He looks so different. More confident, for one thing.

"You see, the thing is, we're not sure we're gonna make it back. Um, the chamber where you discover this tape should be discovered shortly before we're set to leave. Hopefully the timeline hasn't changed at all. Let's see, what are some recent major events. Uh, communism recently failed in Eastern Europe. Um, they should be well on their way towards democracy by now. Henry Hayes is President. What else... Sam, help me out here?"

And then Carter steps into view, and the other you introduces her, "Um, Samantha Carter, Lt. Colonel in the United States Air Force, and a member of SG-1."

"My God," Jake whispers. "It's them. The other SG-1 that Joey was talking about from Giza."

"What, uh, I suppose we should tell them about the Stargate," Carter says.

"Or some of them, at least," you say. "Multiple teams, remember?"

Other you continues on, "Right, um. Colonel Carter and I work for an organization known as Stargate Command. It is located under Cheyenne Mountain. Now, for the past eight years, we've been regularly traveling through a large, ring-shaped device known as the Stargate. It should have been discovered in 1928, somewhere near where this tape was found."

"Now, by means of these off-world missions, we've managed to acquire a lot of advanced technology which has helped us defend Earth against several alien attacks," Other-Carter says.

Other you continues, "If for whatever reason, the things we're talking about are not true, then it is possible that we have somehow inadvertently changed the future. Now the purpose of this tape is to provide you with the tools you will need to go back in time and set things right. If, for whatever reason, the Stargate has not been discovered, you will have to find it and get it up and running. Uh, Jack, you should say something."

You pause it. "Well, at least we have the Stargate and things seem... mostly intact? Or at least, circumstantially parallel enough."

"Yeah," Jake nods. "Seems close enough to me."

You resume the tape.

"No, uh, I'm good," says Jack from off screen.

"We should all appear on the tape," Other You says.

"We have no way of knowing how things could have changed," other Carter says.

And then another Jack O'neill steps on screen.

"Uh, General Jack O'Neill, United States Air Force. How ya doin'?"

"Tell them about the future," other you says.

"...Uh, college football is played on Saturdays, pro on Sundays, and there are no fish in my pond... at all... where I fish." Other Jack glances at other Carter and other you. "I think that covers it."

"Didn't the others go fishing recently?" You pause the tape. "I could've sworn they said Mitchel and Teal'c reeled in a really large fish."

"I'd take that as proof they're from an alternate timeline, then," Jake says.

"I need to let the others know about this," you say. "...Also, we need to check what else was buried with the rest of this stuff."

"I'll check through the rest of the tape, and compare with the manifest," Jake says.

"Thanks," and with that, you head off.

...Damn it all. Time Travel. It's always Time Travel.

You miss the simpler days when you were just on Atlantis dealing with the Wraith...

You can't wait to go back.