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Wincest: A Tale Of True Love

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*Yawwwwn* Ruby had woken up, it was the last day of school. She has worked hard her entire life and it was almost time for her second highschool summer. She glanced down to see her sister and loving girlfriend Yang Xiao Long. they have been secretly dating for 5 years. Ruby recalled the day when she first confessed to her in this very room.She was so nervous that her sister would reject her and hate her for these incestuous feelings, oh how silly those thoughts seemed to be back then. Ruby glanced further down to see Yang's erect 5ft dick.School was gonnna start soon and Yang sitll hasnt woken up, so she decided to wake her up with something special.

Ruby sat her toosh on Yang's voluptuous breast and bent down to cover her schlong with her own pair of voluptuous tits. She started rubbing them together with great speed giving Yang a wonderful tit job. Yang started squirming abit but hadnt quite woken up yet, so Ruby decide to wrap her lips around her massive cock and started deep throating with insane speed. This magnificent pleasure finally got Yang to open her eyes and get a perfect view of Ruby's soft ass rubbing on her tits. "Ohhhh... mmmmmm... good morning sis" Yang moaned out. "Ohhh don't stop" Yang begged, groping her sister's ass and pulling it closer to her face,"Just what i wanted for breakfast" Yang said as she started eating out Ruby's cunt. "Hmmmm" Ruby moaned with her cockfilled mouth, being pleasured by Yang's tongue and her own 4'3 dick being sandwitched between Yang's milksacks. "OHHHH RUBY!!!!! I'M ABOUT TO CUM! RUUUUUUUBBBYYYYY!!!" "HMMMMMMM!!!" Both sister's came,Ruby swallowing Yang's warm cum, said blonde sucking her sister's pussy juices and feeling Ruby's dick cum on her stomach and even reaching Ruby's own tits.

Even though Yang was cumming gallons into Ruby the silvereyed beauty kept deepthroating, hungry for more cum. "Ha...haaa.ha... I see that my baby sis is really hungry today" Yang teased, staring at her sister's anus "I could go for some of that starwberry flavered asshole my self" Yang said, leaning upward to eat her sister out, relishing in the strawberry flavor. While the sisters were 69'ing their was a baby monitor on the shelf being watched by some very horny lovestruck spectators.

"Oh!Oh! Summer, what are they doing now?" Raven asked Summer, not being able to get a good view of the babymonitor that Summer had put in the sister's bedrooms. "Oh Yang is eating out Ruby's ass now, and Ruby is still jobbing Yang's dick after taking in all of her cum! Our little girls are so amazing!" Summer praised her children to her husband's ex-wife, who was pounding her cum filled pussy. "OOOOH I COULDNT AGREE MORE BABE!!!! OHHHH HERE CUMS ANOTHER ONE!!!!" "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" they both came not worrying about pregnancy thanks to futanari having the ability to control it. "Oh I'm so glad Tai wont be here until next week and a half." Summer said as her eyes rolled back a little and her mouth wide open with her tounge out, needing relief due to her husband lacking sex drive recently. Tai was okay with them fucking since the 3 of them have participated in 3-somes before, that open-mindedness was what made her fall in love with him in the first place. "Yeah, though i wonder what he would do if he found out what our girls were doing, even more so with what we plan on doing later" Raven said, worried about the future and pulling her 5ft dick out of summer. "Don't worry Raven, look we know for sure when we propose to our girls after their graduation they are going to say yes, and I'm sure once all 4 of us are ready to tell Tai, we could all be a closer family" Summer said, dreaming of their potential big family. "Look...Summer I know you think Tai is the most open-minded person on remnant, and dont get me wrong he is openminded, but when it comes to incest he just isnt okay with it" Raven stated, remembering alot of the comments he made about the "INCEST IS WINCEST" movements whenever they came across protests or people who wore pins with stripes of different shades of blue. "That maybe true, but maybe if he see's it from his own family he may change his mind" Summer said with her unpenetrable optimism. "If you say so babe".

"Ohhh Yang, your shlong taste so good, I'm not to sure if i could eat breakfast after that" Ruby stated while cum was flowing out of her cunt, helping her bloated tummy deflate. "Thanks Rubes, guess you could say I have the best Yang Xiao Dong in remnant" Yang puneed, her unamused sister grabbing a pillow in response. "YEEEET!!!" Ruby exclaimed, throwing her pillow at yangs face. "Hahaha, sorry, sorry" Yang said playfully, the blonde noticed that some cum dripping from Ruby's lips. "Hey Rubes you got a little something on your chin" Ruby wiped her chin in response but the wrong side. "Let me get that for you" yang approched her sister, licking the cum off her face and proceding to make out with her. "YAAAAAANG, RUUUUUUBYYYYYY, BREAKFAST IS READY!!!!" Summer called from the kitchen, her 4'3ft member being tit and blow jobed by Raven. "Well looks like breakfast is ready"Ruby said getting her cloathes ready. "The last day of school, you ready Ruby?" Yang said with a smile. "Yep!I've never been more ready in my entire life".