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A New Taste of Power

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(I had this little idea for a while now stored up in my mind and I wanted to share since I've never seen many or I haven't been able to find stories that involved the ship, Polyproxies (If that's the ships name, I really don't know). Also, if I did find said ship in anything Masky is mostly the 'top' in said relationship with the other two, Toby and Hoodie who both almost goes mindless 'bottoms' while being roughly fucked by him without any complaint so, yeah, I wanted to do something interesting)


Beginning To The End

Part One;

Ch 1-3; Toby was sick of it. All the comments to being called a cutesy submissive bottom. He thankfully wasn't alone as Brian or most commonly called Hoodie got the same treatment alongside him who gets relentlessly fucked in the ass by their 'Master' named Masky or by them Tim. So, he with Brian begrudgingly coming for the ride devises a plan to get back at Tim and show him who's actually the 'top' in their relationship by having a unique time filled with such unsatisfied sexual fantasies being satisfied by and for all three men.


Ch 4-6; Tim didn't understand why this was happening to him. Did he fail as a loving, doting partner for his once two lovers not only in the bedroom but everything else as well? Is that why they did this to him like some sort of punishment? He is now left unsure and completely afraid to what will become of not only him but his overall relationship when he's dealt with more of it.


Ch 7-9 Brian knew this was a bad idea from the start yet he went ahead with it in the hopes that it changes their relationship for the better. In the end he just should've known better then to follow on blindly to the shit he knows isn't the least bit good to begin with for any which one of them. Now he's utterly confused to downright terrified to the quick decent to their relationship that has grown badly toxic. Maybe there's still a way to re-fix all issues that are had between them without having it fall apart and burn a miserable death?'


Issues Underneath The Tough Façade

Part Two; 

Ch 10-12; Toby thought this was a wonderful, idealistic dream come true for him that everything was now finally coming together. However not all is what it seems as there's still some troubling problems up on the horizons wanting to meet with him. Issues that just doesn't come from his now precious submissive with his stubbornness to comply but the underlying ones that come within himself that want to do sickening morbid things to his love ones. It shouldn’t matter anyways as he can push the thoughts deep inside his head where they can rot though that’s more difficult then it ought to be to dealt.

Ch 13-15; Tim never imagined that he would ever end up like this in his life just on his hands and knees in a submissive act where it was meant to be all along in the first place. A constant thing repeatedly said from his once loving partners that it's for the best for him and overall their relationship. Yet, nothing is quite out the woods when an odd pair one with eyeless sockets and another with a permeant smile takes a closer, curious look at him then began to wonder what's the deal with his awful injuries to the sudden personality changes to not only him but all three men. Is it best to keep everything a hushed up secret for the sake of appearance or will it be better to tell the one meant to heal the crumbling relationship with an outsider's view?

Ch 16-18; Brian hasn’t been himself from the last endeavor with the other men and he’s sure knows that everyone else besides his lovers who dealt with their own troubling issues noticed it by now. The changes happening and it isn’t good and he doesn’t know how to precisely react but it won’t be entirely the best way to do things. Not only from that he’ll fail miserably to sustain a clear state of mind he’s seeing that he is the one to make the most damage. Someone who was meant to be taking the role of the supportive, quite nurturing partner was instead taking up the darker abusive part.   

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‘Aw... is the lil’ angel tired after getting fucked by his master?’

‘Quite the cock slut, aren’t you?’

‘Hey, don’t be such a bitch about it though you are one so I’m not surprised?’

Toby was sick of it all as he laid there on his bed staring up at the ceiling with a childlike pout. The comments made by the other residents in the mansion that called him a weak statured male that loved getting it raw by his partners. He was supposedly in a very loving, caring relationship with two other great which for him was downright amazing men that shockingly enough whole heartily enjoyed his presence so, he didn’t mind too much getting well fucked up the ass that he couldn’t walk properly for days afterwards that special event. It was just that eventually he gotten quite sick of it from the many, many tiring experiences with them and that he wanted to try something new with his partners. All his ideas and thoughts to any of it was quickly shot down by them, mostly Tim for the most part who stated that he liked the way things are now between the three of them, not wanting to possibly change it due to his stubborn ass not liking to try new things that may or may not scare him in actuality.

‘Can w-we at least switch I-I-it up maybe just this... once I-if you don’t m-mind that? I. I just... I don’t know if I can continue on like this...?’ Toby had remembered asking Tim one time in the night before they shared such an intimate moment which of course was shut down as quickly as it left his chapped lips. It left him to sadly sigh in disappointment even now in the present time over the one word ‘no’ then secondly ‘don’t be stupid, Twitches. Everything is fine’ spoken to him by Tim that shook his head. The night was lovely however as he was stripped down to literally nothing other than his birthday suit and roughly taken along with Brian that he neglected to notice until now that is, he had the similar issues with wanting to try new things to keep a peaked interest in their relationship still plaguing his mind along with other things. He throughout that night couldn’t help to get out of the mood every so often or every other thrust made in him about why Tim wouldn’t listen to him and just do things his way this time. It made him lose track of time where he didn’t hear the door to the bedroom, he shared with the two men open slowly to reveal Brian returning home from a tiring mission.

“... Hey babe. Whatcha doing?” Brian spoke in his calming voice that sent such pleasurable shivers down the young man’s spine.

“N-nothing really” He replied dully, “Besides thinking a-about some things, that’s a-all”

The hooded man simply shakes his head, shrugging back his shoulders that let out a soft pop noise when unchanging into something more comfortable so he can call it a night. “Anything important you’re thinking about?” Brian had carefully asked when turning his head around to see the other shifting on the bed in awkward unease over what he said to the man. It left him awfully confused to a little worried to what was on the man’s mind that got him so worried to say it so openly to him. “You can tell me anything? I won’t do or say anything against you for it?” He soon sat down on the bed that shifted under his weight as he stares back with a concerned expression on his face. Whatever it may be that left Toby’s kissable lips he wouldn’t bat an eyelash over it and to show his care over the other’s well being he placed his hand on the male’s lap where he keeps his full attention on the man sitting right next to him on the bed.

A long drawn out sigh left Toby where it was easily seen how his current issue was really troubling him, “I. I want t-to try something n-new” Light brown eyes glanced back at his partner that only displayed confusion over what he said and what he was trying to say.

“Hm?” Maybe he should’ve better described it early on when he blurted it out as Brian had cocked his head to the side, “What do you mean exactly ‘I want to try something new’?” Or maybe the other male was way too tired from that assignment to hear correctly to what he was trying to say.

“What I’m t-trying to say is t-that we don’t d-do anything interesting... I-in the bedroom t-that is. Everything e-elssse besides that is f-fine except for that, I think. I d-don't know...?” Nervous twitches came from him when he now more so than before opened up to his sexual frustrations. So much of those pent-up frustrations felt like sand bags being forcibly tied down on his skinny, lacking to any real muscle body especially to his throbbing dick that was in such a dire need to be satisfied with something newer then the bland old. The proxy like what happened previous times with Tim clearly expected to be shut down like always but instead to his utter surprise Brian slowly nodded in agreement. A new feeling washed over him such as pride and accomplishment even when it was wavering but he was grateful that someone was actually listening to him then bluntly going ahead to ignore him with false deafness. “... T-thanks... I just n-n-needed to know someone was here t-to hear what I wanted to s-say” Toby finally manages to crack a small, crooked smile which in return got him softly pulled up close for a kiss that was to be a reassurance.

“It's fine. I understand completely where you’re coming from. We have to do something about it yet he’s not precisely listening to us and what we think” Brian kept up with the shocking surprises though it didn’t surprise Toby for too long, “He well, rarely gets out from his head most times. It's quite worrying at times but whatever, it's not the point, right now”

The youngest in the room deeply exhales through his nose, almost wanting to do something right now and then as he stares back at Brian. “But w-what are we even going to d-do about it? As y-you said he’ll won’t l-listen so easily? I know t-t-that for sure...” He responded out loud for the other to hear while thinking up some plans of his very own that took the matter to his own hands. An idea that may or may not be the best way to deal with his issues but what else can he do with someone so stubbornly thick in the head like Tim who disturbingly enough proceeds when the times get rough stays in that mindless state. “... I g-got an idea to h-help us with our problem...” The said idea was going to involve some needed brute force and sheer determination to be able to take down their masked comrade that was somewhere in the mansion then in the bedroom where everything was being set up against him. A ridiculously stupid move on Toby’s part that cause some tension between all of them though it needed to be done so Tim can fully understand the consequences of his actions to being such an ass.

“And what may that be?” Brian dared to ask.

“Well y-you got to be on board w-with it, got it?”

Brian slowly and hesitantly nods that allowed the twitchy male to continue on to explaining his plan. “It surely l-l-llleave him shocked t-to say the least” Shaky hands ducked below the bed where the stuttering proxy had left some items that many even the most stoic would heavily blush over it. A few of those items being bought by a local sex toy shop, Toby didn’t remember the name to the place but he got an eight-inch vibrating dildo, ball gag, and furry hand cuffs from it. Money wasn’t a whole lot in his tattered wallet so he could only get those three for this special night which Brian can tell that this wasn’t thought up out the blue and instead being very well thought to his shock. “... The p-plan is to show h-him what we feel on a daily basis d-during our times together I-in the bedroom by u-u-u. Using these against h-him will surely l-leave him in tremors in not only f-fear but pleasure too. It is going to be a b-bit painful f-for him being a f-first timer in something l-like this?” Fingers trailed along the plastic of the dildo Toby intends to use on Tim, no matter how much the other would likely fight against it entering his tight hole.

“I. I don’t know if we should do this to him. I’m worried that it may be too much for him and it is sounding like a revenge plan than anything else? I don’t want him getting seriously hurt over what you’re feeling over him”

“Eh... H-he doesn’t n-need the preparation anyways if he a so-called t-tough guy I think he c-can handle the pain and w-we've endured much worse f-from him...” Toby said through clenched teeth as he wanted the man sitting next to him that was being supportive now to a point to be much more understanding about this entire thing and not be against him. “... Now p-please tell me you’re g-going to b-be there and h-help me because I don’t t-think i-it's going to be a-at all easy? H-he's going to p-put up a fight, I k-know that f-for sure”

The older proxy grunts tiredly whenever he’s faced with something that is anew and out the ordinary for him. “... Okay... But I’m only doing this to show him that change is necessary so if it goes past our normal boundaries we’re done, okay” Actually agreeing to the idea was absurd for Brian since this was close to bordering to being downright dubious consent as Tim wouldn’t be a willing participant. Toby seemed to not be bothered by it where he appeared to be pleased by the outcome to his response. It all meant that this was literally going to happen with Tim taking on the more submissive part in their love making this time. Brian just hoped that in the end to all this that everything that is troubling everyone would be resolved though he couldn’t know it until all was over and done.

“So, w-where is he?”

“... The laundry room down the hall here” Brian went on to point towards the room on the opposite of Toby’s where they both saw the masked man dumping all three men’s clothes in to the washer machine totally oblivious to their devious plans, “Do you think this is even the best plan to dealing with this issue at hand?”

“Y-yes. It is”

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The bedroom door was swung fully open as Toby swiftly made his way towards Tim with Brian following suit shortly after him. Wooden floorboards beneath his feet creaks loudly when made himself hurry down his short path to where the masked man who was amusingly enough on their tippy toes in order to toss the remaining clothes from the washer machine into the dryer that looked to have seen better days similar to the man working it. Tim hated to admit that he was on the shorter and softer side recently due to of course, his stubbornness getting the better of him that won’t see how he wasn’t taking better care to itself. It made Toby chuckle softly over the other’s self-conscious to his once better kept appearance which now desegregating due to stressful reasons that was often hid under his cocky attitude. That issue wouldn’t last long, ending either badly or good Toby didn’t know when he would get his hands on to the grumpy proxy that was close to finishing with the piles of laundry. 

“... Kind of rushing here to do this, aren’t you? It's not like he’s the least bit done with what he’s doing?” 

“N-no... I’m only I-in a ‘rush’ quote unquote here because h-he's almost d-done w-with the laundry. I j-just don’t want t-to lose our c-ch-chance here” Toby replied in a sarcastic manner, close to dropping his special items for a special night on the floor when he continued to walk in his quick pace. It was really going to happen and it got him all so badly excited as he held onto the items tightly in his grasp near his chest that felt like butterflies or more likely maggots were squirming underneath the flesh. The masked male was close to finishing with their laundry that was dirtied by the last surprise encounter that was better left forgotten so Brian and him didn’t have much time to spare to do what they wanted to do with the man. Door to the laundry room was slowly opened up completely where he entered first very quietly in each single step he made when stepping behind the elder proxy. Words couldn’t describe this moment as he held his breath, almost to the point he had tunnel vision. He could only say that he was thrilled, beyond so that any moment he and alongside him Brian will give Tim what he deserves to that wouldn’t ever be a pretty picture for the unexpected beholder to grace past the laundry room. 

Tim from the looks of it acknowledges that someone was behind him when not appearing to be at all bothered whatsoever by it, “... What do you guys want now? Don't you see that I’m busy at the moment with your stinken’ laundry?”  

Oh, it was so sweet that the masked man was currently so blindly oblivious to Toby’s intentions and what was kept hidden behind his back. That was going to change in a short matter of time that Tim wouldn’t know what hit him like a frat truck until it was way too late to react with his sly words and actions to help him out to the sticky situation that was set out for him. None of that would help as the youngest man in the room wasn’t going to back down so easily and nothing that Tim can possibly say or do was going to deter him. The plan he had thought up for quite some time in his lonely, sexually deprived head needed this and he was going to do it to help satisfy those urges Tim wasn’t giving to him in the proper fashion. “Nothing m-much except I o-only want y-you...” Toby had to bite back at his lustful desires for the time being, it won’t be too long anyways before he be able to get what he was craving for from the man. 

“You want that, huh?” Tim caught onto the drift really quick thankfully to what Toby was asking of him, “... You should’ve said something about this earlier on? I would’ve given it to you guys before I done the laundry, he-” His sentence was interrupted before he could even finish what he was going to say as he felt the fur of the handcuffs brush up against his wrists. The man didn’t know what was happening but his body surely reacted to it for him when tugging back his other hand that hadn’t yet been cuffed. “Hey, fuck faces?! W-what are you two doing?!” It was then that he had his free arm tugged towards the other cuff to be locked in by Brian this time behind his back, surprising him more so as he was then roughly shoved onto the dryer. Feet could barely touch the floor as it swung carelessly behind him while fruitlessly struggling to get loose of the metal binds that tightened to painful levels. A hand jolted him in a more shocked state when he felt it travel down his trembling body to an area that was called a man’s manhood that got him glaring holes at the owner to said hand. “You better let me go of this right now this instant, Toby?!”   

“Oh, ho n-no Tim. Not g-going to do t-that until we’re finished w-with you n-not the other w-way around t-this time” Toby chuckled darkly, unable to feel the harsh jabs made by the obviously pissed off man beneath him that was still putting up a fight though a slowly weakening one at best. “And I-if you keep fighting l-like this we w-won't go easy o-on you” He moved his hands down to where he was fumbling with the other man’s belt, managing to unbuckle that with the jeans. A sickly smirk grew on his pale face when observing how rigid Tim got once his jeans were yanked down to his ankles. It was sure as hell amusing to see with his very own eyes on how Tim was weakly squirming with a noticeable pinkish hue to his cheeks, both sets if any of his voices got that joke that he couldn’t help to move his hands to wrap around the smaller proxy’s cock. Motions were slow, agonizingly painful for the one getting jerked off Toby could imagine upon hearing the stifled gasps in distressed shock. 

“... T-Toby!? Stop t-thisss at once?! We’re in the laundry ro...?!?!” Tim didn’t have any time to finish his spiel like before as he was then interrupted with the handcuffs however now this was with a gag strategically placed in his mouth that was wide open to immediately shut him up. “...Hmf…?!?!” 

“Um Toby? Was that really necessary?” Brian went on to reply after a while of not speaking up instead having to watch on similarly like a deer caught in the headlights. 

“It's needed. Do you r-really want anyone t-to hear us? I k-know Tim won’t” He bent down with his hand still firmly holding onto the shivering man’s cock when whispering threatening words in his ear, “I-is that right? You d-don't w-want anyone to hear y-you being such a s-ssslut with us a-and soon g-going to be roughly fucked r-raw, right?” The hand quickened its pace on Tim as the twitching proxy witnessed small amounts of precum starting to spill but he wasn’t going to allow that when slipping his thumb over the tip to meanly tease the shivering man. “I didn’t t-tell you that you c-can come y-yet, you pitiful, stubborn, t-thick headed w-w-whore...” Toby wasn’t commonly like this that left Tim to softly whimper in a fearful response as he sways his hips to one side to another in discomfort. A deep growling noise that wasn’t made by either Tim or himself as he turns to face Brian who was beginning to fidget nervously yet aroused in his once still stance. 

The hooded man didn’t know what was coming over him whenever he saw Tim bucking his hips in the empty air but it was getting him so dang hard at the sight. This was all too new for him and he didn’t know how to handle it in the correct manner where Toby took notice of his stiffness though not by his posture but the tent in his pants. Toby took his hand, motioning him to come close and take some action in their fun then just standing there watching the scene take place. A few low groans escaped from Tim’s lips who at the moment being wasn’t in the slightest enjoying what was taking place which left him embolized on the dryer with it causing him to quiver even more by its movements. He was bare to both his boxers and jeans for a while now so when he saw Brian’s hard on it made him fearfully worried that he’ll surely be fucked to the core without any form of preparation. 

“... C’mon... D-don't give Bri t-t-that look, Tim?” A sinister chuckle rang in his eardrums as he fearfully stares back at Toby with wide eyes, “You’ll g-get used to it and e-even maybe enjoy w-what we give y-you. T-this won’t be your l-last time because w-we say so” That wasn’t reassuring for Tim, he was always the assigned top in their relationship, he didn’t like change in any way especially this way that got him bent over the dryer with hands cuffed behind his back with draws down to his feet. Toby’s hand that wasn’t yet taken off though the thumb had was beginning to stroke even faster in hopes that he will cum all over the place so he can get into some serious trouble with the faceless being. Clear white, sticky cum sadly started to spill in huge quantities on the floor with some dripping in the youngest man’s outstretched hand that lapped it up with his tongue. It was truly disgusting in Tim's opinion though he couldn’t say a dang thing about it with the gag in his mouth kept him quiet with the occasional pained mewl entering the tense atmosphere that had him easily blushing like crazy.  

“Can. Can I take off the ball gag or whatever it is if you don’t mind?” Brian had silently asked the other man pumping up and down at his once mask wearing partner’s stiff as a rock cock. The hope that Brian had regained a conscious was really high for Tim as he was moved off the dryer towards his sandy blond partner. Hopes and dreams to an end came crashing down all-around Tim when he felt the rather bigger than the normal intrusion of Brian’s cock shoved right in to his unsuspecting mouth once the ball gag was removed from his drool covered lips. Soon hastily made thrusts were made inside his mouth which left him to stiffen up when straining his eyes to look back at Toby that only grinned at him like nothing was happening to him. “... O-oh gah... Tim...” Squeaky moans by Tim were muffled by no duh the cock ramming in and out his mouth, “... Relax Tim...” His partner breathlessly ordered when taking two fistfuls of his thick dark hair that was a total mess and forced his mouth to take the man’s cock in its whole girth. 

“... H-hey Timmy? I g-got you sssomething? Something r-real goood and h-hard...” Toby’s voice spoke in a melodic tone of voice when lubing up with the spilt cum from his own cock, before long and before Tim could react, he went ahead to ramming into Tim’s tight entrance.

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“... Hngh ...?!?!” Specks of watery tears flung off his red rimmed eyes into pretty much everywhere in the laundry room as his muscles instantly clenched around the stiff cock within moments it was in as it was barely a second or two before he was to feel Toby’s harsh thrusts inside him. Muscles that felt like they were shattering like the glass from the windows is happening inside him was immensely painful and it was becoming nothing more than simple mushed up jelly. Fat, Tim wasn’t exactly what you’ll say is a fit man jiggled ever so slightly with the bobbing made by the other two man who were taking in such enjoyment over his suffering and immense embarrassment over the situation. The smaller male was so flabbergasted to why they were doing this harsh punishment towards him without a reasonable reason but maybe he already knew the answer. A brutally honest answer was being that he was an overall asshole to his two partners that were kind and sweet to him that now was changing to what he can only say give him what he deserves for his dick attitude.   

“Hm?” Toby hums softly, keeping a firm grip onto the crying man’s hips basically digging his uneven nails into the flesh. “... I-is our p-poor pudgy, baby b-boy tearing u-up? I don’t understand w-why?” There was a reason why as Tim kept weeping out in the open was having the unfortunate experience to the lack of power, unable to wipe them away with his hands due to them being behind his back. A proxy like he shouldn’t be displaying his emotions on his sleeve yet it was understanding when he was moved back and forth towards Brian then back at Toby.  “Y-you should b-be enjoying this l-like we are? Right  Bri ?”   

 A lack of power that couldn’t be regained no matter how much he struggles in their grip which was holding firmly on to his soft flesh sent terrified shivers down his spine. Pain as well-kept shooting at all areas mostly in his mouth and ass regions that got him to whither about to get away from the touchy-feely hands holding him into place. Tim couldn’t find it in himself to be liking the new found experience he was forced in between with the two men; his body however was somewhat liking the feeling to being fucked raw without any preparation to a point when he lets out gurgled moans. The cock in his mouth was already spurting out cum to his grossed-out displeasure, never have he ever tasted anyone else’s before and it left him to gag over the salty taste on his overly picky tongue in response. A hand uncaringly slapped the back of his head from what he can tell was to stop the gaging to the taste, he was currently doing that like the rest couldn’t be easily controlled but with hands yanking at his hair he had to eventually get used to it.   

“Yeah... I never felt so relieved like this before? It's pretty amazing, I have to say and I was so close to pulling out on this idea, no pun intended” He chuckles light heartily about the cheesy joke made whilst still endlessly fucking Tim’s mouth where it felt like he was chipping the poor man’s teeth.   

“Heh. G-good one.  Dontcha  t-think the s-same too, Tim?” A shitty, disgusting joke that was no better helping Tim feel an ounce better and oppositely wanted to throw up all over Brian’s cock. “... Bet you t-twenty dollars he’s enjoying I-it?” Maybe they should fuckin high five over their freaking accomplishment to mounting him like some tasty appearing prey and possibly they will do so when all this comes to and end Tim thought to himself when turning his gaze downwards to the ground.  Vomit surprisingly didn’t arise from his churning stomach though from the man in front of him did completely shoot his full load in his mouth and down his tense throat.    

However Tim couldn't help it to having to hack up the cum that trickled down his puffy cheeks down to his chin that in return got Brian to pull out of him. “... Ugh, s-stop...”   

“Stop with the jokes or stop with what we were doing? But I do have to tell you now, sweetheart, baby that I’m not stopping with either" A kiss that was in no way meant to be gentle and or caring as the two almost literarily smashed teeth upon contact. The smashing of the kiss got his already yellowing teeth to chatter as he kept on with the withering movements under the men’s grasp still on him. Bruises were starting to faintly appear not so shockingly enough on his slightly tanned skin that looked like it gotten into a pretty serious brawl that surely get a certain eyeless medic questioning it in the near future. “... It would be even better if it didn’t feel like I wasn’t kissing a dang ash tray all the time. Maybe since you’re taking the more submissive part, Tim from now on in this relationship, I think we need to get you to quit smoking and get you to brush your teeth more among other things on my list I gotten for you” Brian commented, sounding more like an order than anything else when breaking away from the kiss that left a trail of saliva between them which he broke when wiping it off with his fist. It made him feel humiliated over it, a dirty habit was his smoking that he couldn’t or mostly wouldn’t quit for the sake of his once loving partners.    

The twitchy male who was behind him during that time pulled out as well which got Tim to strain himself to even relax from the emptiness of the cock’s departure, cum did sadly take its place afterwards inside his acing body making him extremely bloated in his midsection which he wanted to rub the pain away. “Y-yeah... Maybe w-we can get h-him to lose some weight too? I. I like him soft to hold at cold night though, don’t g-get me wrong on t-that b-but not a fat w-whale like the way he I-is now...?” A comment that was meant to be ‘helpful’ came off to him as rude and pretty much downright insulting since he had his own problems like his weight since he first came to the mansion. Tim didn’t like to really admit from stated previously like many other things about him was that he was depressed and to fill that sadness bubbling inside him, he picked up over eating to make it all wash away for only a small-time span, creeping its ugly head around the corner only when times get tough and it was often got the cycle to return again which in response got him to add a good amount of weight. In the thought process that made him feel like shit he didn’t notice the hands on his hips moving him to stand upright where soon after that he focused back to the real world when hearing something scratch up the floor. It was a chair that was being dragged towards them by Toby who couldn’t just pick it up to save anyone’s hearing.   

“I. I almost f-forgot about something r-real important here. I k-know you’ll enjoy I-it like we will” The man behind him spoke up in his energetic tone when grabbing an item that up until now was discarded to the sidelines. Energy was radiating off him as he practically skipped off to somewhere Tim couldn’t see with his blurry vision filled with tears obscuring his sight. “... And t-the last but n-not a-at all forgotten b-by us... kind of forgotten b-but whatever...” An item that was a smooth plastic texture to the hand that came included with its own remote that controlled its frequency. “... Is t-this magnificent b-beauty t-t-that I want to see y-you moaning in pleasure from I-it” It was the eight-inch dildo that made Tim focus onto it with unidentified horror over how big it is and where it was most likely going to be inside him. Hell, he was so sore from the previous rough fucking he had to endure by his two partners that he started to panic once the dildo came even one inch closer to him.    

Brian cupped the terrified man’s face where it made the other’s soft, pudgy cheeks squish into his eyes. “Hey baby. Don’t worry about it, okay? Don't look behind you or even dare glance back to what Toby is doing. Look at me for right now”    

“H-he should worry I-if he’s clenching like t-that? It's going to m-make things a whole l-lot more painful f-for him”   

“Pfft... if you’re going to just shove it right into him without any lube yeah, he should be a bit worried about it but you be a good boy for us and relax?”   

How is Tim going to even think of relaxing when not given the chance to take a five-minute breather with his muscles tensing every time he moved. Handcuffs that rubbed against his skin that was turning raw and sore was taken off his wrists. That made him swing his hands up in the air though it was caught by Brian and held to his chest. Eyes glared at him which had him flinch as a hand roughly slapped at his ass, leaving a bright red hand mark. The chair from before was soon propped right in front of him which he was shifted to place his hands down onto the seat. Tim was told to first separate his cheeks apart for the new upcoming dildo slowly coming towards him as he shuts his eyes.   

“... Relax... Relax Tim... It won’t hurt a single bit unless you make it so...”   

“Here c-comes the choo c-choo train...” Toby resorted to acting like a mother trying to get her child to try something new that made it all the dirtier. “... And h-here it finally m-making its entrance down t-the tunnel...!” Instead of a spoon being fed to a child it was a dildo being shoved into a full-grown man’s ass that mand the male receiving it to loudly groan.   

Toby stood back with Brian as a mischievous grin was plastered on his pale face, hands that shook held onto that remote controlling the item for dear life. A few buttons that weren't many was pressed sent out full spasms in Tim’s body. “A-ah! Ah...!?! Toby m-make it stops...!?!” Tim cried out as he moved his hands behind him where he tried to get it out himself without help. It didn’t go that way for him as he was forced to stop and behave for his new masters that watched with pure enjoyment over him moaning and groaning from every rhythm the dildo made inside him. “... Hngh ...!? I-it! It's... Gah...?!” He lowered his head down when he watches the two get dressed then going ahead to helping him pull up both his boxers and pants. “You c-can't leave it I-in there!?”   

“O-oh yes. Yes w-we can and we w-will" Toby replied, still ever so eager as Brian and he left the man to deal with the issue pulsating in his ass that was set up to its highest power, “See y-you later Timmy...”  

Chapter Text

‘Why me? Oh, poor you... You deserved it, right?’ 

‘Stop being a baby, cunt. We knew you liked being a begging slut. Stop lying to yourself now it's true, isn't it?’ 

‘C’mon now? You loving it. Just look at your chubby, disgusting face?’ 

It was horrible right after that heated incident for Tim who had to bear with the tingling sensations in his ass for the rest of the day that made it so much freaking worse for the guy. The older effeminate mask wearing proxy hated that throughout the entire day he had felt besides the vibrating dildo the predatory eyes filled with animalistic lust watch his every move. Tim was sick to his stomach that to a point the proxy’s faceless boss had randomly asked him what was wrong which he really couldn’t say a thing about it. Words would be a blubbering, moaning and groaning mess if he were to try to say anything so he kept quiet, receiving an annoyed grunt from his boss then a throaty chuckle from the two other proxies. The day just turned horrible afterwards when now it became nighttime where he had to lean against the wall for support when dragging himself to his bedroom. 

 What didn’t help was that later on in to the day to which he was dealt with total discomfort in his lower half that once he entered his bedroom shared with the other two men, only Toby were waiting for him. Tim tried to back up but he was meet with the now closed door behind him when it was slammed shut and the grabby feely hands owned by Toby who was already starting to grope him all over from chest down to his ass. Jeans were not so gently tugged down to his ankles alongside his boxers for another time leaving his face to flush when Toby afterwards only smirked at him like the devil. A low groan leaves his lips as those hands kept at it with him and before long, he had been forced to be against the wall with his rear stuck out for the other man to possibly remove the item from his aching hole. 

“H-how was it? I. I really w-want to know how goood I-it was when having t-th-that dildo within you? Did its girth r-remind you o-of me when we weren’t t-there?” Toby didn’t pull it out like the smaller yet rounder male thought at first as he felt it slide back in to his dismay. 

“... No... B-both. Both you and that fucking dildo can kindly shove it... I-it was just horrible and you are too...” He manages to hiss through his teeth when glaring back at the man who backs up a little after hearing it. A hand that didn’t hold the dildo that was still painfully lodged inside smacked him across the face where soon enough was shoved directly back towards at the wall which been grind roughly at the hard surface. “Hey?! What the fuck man?! Get off me right now!?” Tim yells as he squirms underneath the hands smushing his chubby face into the thin walls that would make it embarrassingly easier for anyone in the mansion’s long, stretched out hallways to hear him and his distressing cries. 

“Y-you sure better b-be-behave now...” Toby growled deeply as his hand stayed still on the other man’s face where he rubs it up and down on the wall with literally no care in the world. It was actually bringing him quite a good amount of enjoyment and arousal right in to one contorted sensation in his pants that made him awfully curious to explore it. Something new to be tried he said since he had been growing bored up to recently with the relationship, he had between himself and the other two men that been boringly dull in his opinion. The younger proxy did love the men especially Tim who can be a piece of fucking work sometimes even at the best of times but that’s what someone gets when dating someone who shows little to no care and lacks any confidence in himself. This is why he wanted to try new things which was to get their relationship on a better track though hurting his lover was never really on his plan but he found out that he had to when wanting to progress. “... I won’t m-mind showing you your p-place again if I. I have to?”  

Tim pressed his balled-up fists turning a pasty white by the way against the door where he tried to claw it open so he can just leave the other man with his own gross devices. It didn’t work that way in his wishes however as the twitching male behind him knew what he was clearly trying to do and oh so kindly shoved him back down to the carpeted floor on to his stomach. A pained grunt escapes in to the tense air where Tim began to struggle but Toby surprisingly was so much stronger the he kicked at his side. “A-ack...?!?!” He screeches in pain, wrapping his arms around himself however in a flash they were settled above his head. A harsh glare was sent his way when he decided to spit into the twitching proxy’s face that didn’t take it very lightly when roughly jabbing at his side another time. 

“You’re m-mine now as w-well Brian’s too... So, I guess I h-have to show you s-some obedience lessons, huh?” 

It sounded like he was going to become some awful pet to the two men especially Toby who was marveling at the whole idea to him being totally submissive to the male. Hard work it would have to be for them down the road to actually get Tim in that preferred position consensually, even more so when it was an uphill battle with the unwilling man. “Piss off?! Get off me now?!?!” Tim was no longer going to have it a single dang bit as he felt yet another stinging slap across the face that got his eyes to swell up with tears. Soon he was made to get undressed completely in a rushed manner from head to toe by Toby who was giving him no mercy like last time. Pain kept surging during so in his tense body that haven’t healed up yet from the previous rough sex between the two men and him.  

“I’m n-not ‘pissing o-off’ just because y-you say so... N-now shut up a-and stay still f-for me. I-I'm not done w-w-with you just yet”  

Tim jolted as he felt his ass cheeks spreading apart by rough and trembling hands as he sways his hips to adjust only a little with the new position, he was currently in on the floor on his fours with face smushed to the floor. The hand that once held onto the dildo that had previously slunk back to get a better control over the disobeying male returned back to hold onto the item. A pitiful whine leaves his lips where he turns his head behind him to stare back at Toby who was gawking down at his pretty pink hole that was once tight now stretched beyond its normalcy. Cold hands from Toby began to stroke slowly at his thick thighs and hips whilst speaking sickeningly ‘sweet’ words to him. It wasn’t sweet when he felt the hot breath from the other man that was only doing this for his own sick sexual fantasies that hadn’t been given in a proper manner for it to be healthy. 

“... A-ah... Ah. Toby... I. I. C-can you please... Please fucking stop...?” Tim breathlessly curses out. 

“No” Was all that Toby said to him in a monotone voice that felt cold and uncaring that left the pudgier male to tense up. The twitchy proxy kept up with slowly stroking the older male in a sensual manner then before long started to feel himself growing hard and needy for him. A deep, gravely and throaty groan leaves Toby’s chapped lips as he bent down, still holding onto Tim’s hands above his head harshly bites at the soft skin. Uneven teeth that were a crooked mess in his mouth kept nibbling that soon in result left purplish bite marks all over the shivering man’s hips and thighs. Toby wanted more than just simple old bite marks to show his love and the ownership he now forever had over the other man so he had a plan that was related with the dildo that he forgot like always was inside. 

Soon and it was rather quick for Tim mostly as he was made to grate his sore, rug burn having face against the itchy carpet that Brian once spoke they ought to have in the bedroom to spice something up. Maybe he should’ve been a little more considerate, hell he should’ve listened to Toby and Brian’s already troublesome problems more so he wouldn’t have to be in this awful predicament. Now it was way too late to change his mind to opening up and changing his mind with his issues as he was currently acting like a moaning slut. The eight-inch dildo kept annoyingly vibrating even if it was slowing down due to the dying battery was at first gently thrusted in and out within him before quickening up in pace. A few gasped curses left him, clawing his nails as the carpets that the more he thinks about it was actually nice and Brian chosen good.  

“T-Toby... Stop... I. I’m tired...?!” He hisses upon watching Toby keep going with the unnecessary thrusting motions to the dildo. It was seen that the proxy was starting to go somewhere Tim didn’t like as a hand was traveling down to his own pants. “... God damn... D-don’t tell me you’re doing w-what I think you’re doing...?” 

“Hm” Toby softly hums in unsatisfied lust that hadn’t been satisfied yet with hand gripping onto his stiff cock, “This isn’t g-giving me the satisfaction I want a-an-anymore from you... I-it's amazing, y-yes b-but. But I g-got something else that m-may help my hard o-on you gave m-me?” 

 Soon Tim was made to roll over to his back where he cautiously watched on Toby that scrambled towards their bed looking for something before pulling it out for him to terrifyingly see with his own eyes, “... Oh no...”

Chapter Text

“... Oh no...” It was horrible what Toby pulled out underneath the limitless space that was below the bed. A part in the shivering male’s mind should be absolutely terrified by whatever possibilities was set out for him. Tim sat up immediately afterwards upon the mere sight alone to the item, scooting back on his bare ass towards the bedroom door. “... I. I...” The thing set on the floor was disgustingly revolting in Tim’s opinion as he harshly glares with venom that was directed at one man alone that smirked at his reaction to it. Floor boards creaks an annoying high pitch under the twitching proxy’s feet as he bent in front of Tim with that shit eating smug grin that had that look to being asked to getting sucker punched dab in the middle of his face. 

“...Like hell I’m wearing that stupid as fucking hell get up for you pervert” Tim threateningly growls, understanding grumpily it wouldn’t work in his favor if he punched Toby since the male won’t feel the pain that came from his fist coming into contact with his face. Feeling no pain whatsoever must be a pretty sweet deal with maybe a few serious drawbacks to it. It wouldn’t end well at all for him even if he did hurl an attack where he’ll be instantly be meet with a harsh punishment to any kind that leave him regretting his choices.  

Toby rolled his caramel colored eyes at the male’s disobedience like he shouldn’t even be disobeying his him and his new dominating title at all, “Y-you’re wearing I-it if you want t-to or not” 

It was a hideous outfit like many of the other items that was bought to degrade Tim down to his most vulnerable level pulled from the hidey hole that was the bed the three men shared together during sexual activities or just regular things that both brought presumably good memories. The slutty attire was previously greatly hidden by the junk that was scattered all over and the sex toys that was used against the smaller male squirming under Toby’s touch starved grip. One good look on Toby’s face shown that he was looking forward to making the older proxy wear this just for the humiliation alone and maybe something more than just that if he was lucky enough to get to that point he’s trying to achieve right now. So, his choice to an outfit was quite racy and sexualized if any woman on the streets were to wear it on her body, probably look ten times more so if it was going to be on his new toy’s body that did have some curve and fat to it. It was all something that Tim had to keep fighting on about for that got the other man to twitch nervously while all the more annoyed on the fruitless struggle yet more determined to get things done one way or another. 

“You l-look quite nice...” The youngest male tiredly spoke up finally after finishing up his task of dressing the male that had an awful trembling case that couldn’t be stopped even with the supposedly calming rubs to his sides that felt more like nails piercing his skin. Tim hisses at how ridiculous he possibly looks as he stares down at himself where he saw the outfit fully on his body which revealed to be a tight fitted short skirt naughty police. All he could do at the moment was to instinctively tug at the edges of the skirt that felt way, way too short for him. It felt funny that he was even wearing this outfit in the first place besides the itchy sensation to it as he was some lowly criminal that had been forced by his lover to wear such a gosh ugly thing. “... Feeling all n-naughty, officer?” He heard Toby seductively whispered in his ear that left him to shiver amongst feeling hands as well venture to cup his ass, “Y-you’re going to s-ssserve and protect me?” The hands firmly squeezed that in result got Tim to blush madly when resting his face in the crook of Toby’s neck. 

“Argh...” Tim emits a long, awkward mewl, obvious that he was very extremely uncomfortable by both the outfit and the word choice given to him. “... W-wha. What do you mean? I. I’m not in the mood right now to do anything...?” 

“It doesn't m-ma-matter if you’re u-up for it? It o-only matters I-if I am?” 

Pure, quite bothersome at times exhaustion it is that was rounding its head past the nearby corner as Tim nudges his way out of the fellow proxy’s hold. “... Toby. What’s the freaking matter with you right now? You. You aren’t like this normally? You’re not often this super touchy and sexual and shit. Hell, it's really coming off to the point that its almost abus-?!” 

A balled-up fist came with full force directly into his face that knocked him down to the ground as he was utterly shocked by the suddenness of it. “I-I’m not abusive l-l-like my da-da... I’m only t-teaching you some obedience lessons f-for being an asshole t-to us for s-so. Way too l-long...” Hesitance arrived afterwards the harsh impact like almost Toby, himself didn’t expect it clearly to punch his lover in that manner of fashion. Toby remained to only be standing there dumbfounded for a few seconds holding onto the fist that he punched the other male until breaking away from the undead state of mind when bending down in front of his lover. A pale, bony hand that jerked back every once in a while, tried to softly caress the beaten and bruised skin that he knew must’ve hurt real bad if he felt the pain. “... I. I didn’t mean t-to hurt you like this b-but you... Argh you just make it s-so difficult to fucking l-love you sometimes, y’know that?” His voice sounded actually hurt then mean spirted as he kept up with the forced yet trying to be gentle strokes, “W-why can’t I just g-get what I want sometimes? All I want I-is something nice a-and pleasurable without having y-your stubbornness getting I-in the way for m-me? Let's just t-t-try my way, okay or we h-have to make a long production o-of this and I know you w-won’t like it one single bit?” The gentle strokes came to an end when the hand reaches behind Tim’s head taking a good chunk of hair and pulling back so they can lock eyes. 

“... O-okay...”  

“Good b-boy. Now l-like before what are you m-meant to do f-f-for your master again?” He asked, still tightly holding onto the dark locks laced in between his fingers. 

Tim weakly mumbles out the part in a silent whisper, “... To serve and protect my masters...” 

It was a silly sounding statement that may be a very stupid one for anyone walking past the situation but for Tim it held onto so much more than just the stupidity. As an intimate partner to his two lovers he was supposed to do so, serve and protect but he instead cruelly did the opposite for the men. The way he did was mostly to care about himself and no one else in his path where it resulted in hurt emotions that was left in broken pieces all over the carpeted floor. Now in the present Tim only wanted to get on his knees to beg for forgiveness, say that he’ll be different this time around for his lovers however the other men and he knew better to ask for such a thing from him. Tim was on his knees that was for sure but it wasn’t for any emotional begging scene for Toby to say everything was fine it wasn’t as he saw the other’s hard on that was aching for a good suck. 

“C-come here...” Toby made the male on his knees shamble forward to him. “This isn’t n-new f-for you. You know w-what to do” 

“Hngh... D-do I ha-” Should know better to not ask such idiotic questions as he began to softly lick at the tip. Tim only followed the orders given to him as he kept up making small, hesitant licks along Toby’s entire length from the said tip down to the balls. A few throaty groans from what he’s seen came from the other man that was struggling with wanting more from him. “A-ack?!” He gasps out loud as he was made to deepthroat Toby who yanks his head to bob up and down to the bucking of hips. This seemed to have lasted on forever for Tim especially as he clenched his fists into the carpet which thankfully came to an end where Toby released inside him his full load. 

“D-don’t be disgusted with I-it. Y-you like it, dontcha?” 

“I do so much...” 

“Great t-to h-h-hear” Toby smugly grins, “You’re f-finally learning your place n-now” 

The smaller male rolled his eyes as he scoots himself away, wiping away the drool and cum from his lips. It still tasted salty and way too bitter for his own liking which he couldn’t even began to wonder how Toby or Brian was able to handle his during their special moments in bed. “Are we done now? C-can I get out of this stupid costume?” Tim made himself ask still very much tired like before and only wanted to call it a night without having to be forced to do something to please his lover. What he didn’t think be the other man’s response would be to roughly tug at his hair, forcing his head back to feel Toby smashing their lips together in a deep kiss. A kiss that was basically steaming up the tight squeeze of a room as he was made to stumble onto his feet and pressed up against the wall. 

Soon the kiss was broken off where Tim pitifully whimpered after it, “W-we're not done a-and I didn’t tell you to be speaking t-to me like t-that anymore” A hand cups his cheeks, tugging him back to look into Toby’s eyes where there was a firmness that he must obey to in order to gain back respect. Tim wanted both men’s respect again and he will go through hell and back for them in any sort of pain to ensure they know he did truly care from the very start. “Things a-are different n-now. You n-need to k-know that change I-is inevitable” Toby tried to not growl as he moves his hands under the short skirt. “Y-you like this, huh...?” Change had to happen he was just taking a lead in order to accomplish it as he grinded against the man.

Chapter Text

A cold hand slowly slid up under the short skirt the smaller male was embarrassingly forced to wear on his body that didn’t like it one single bit since his self confidence levels were plummeting to the cold pits of hell. “Toby. Please...” It was going to eventually lead to something that Tim didn’t want to take it and far by wasn’t ready for something like it due to the previous rough sex leaving him bone tired. As well afterwards not being given the idealistic aftercare he so desperately needed and was begging for it yet the so called ‘care’ given was instead replaced with a way too large dildo vibrating on full blast inside his bruised hole and aching inner muscles. “... I. I’m so not in the mood at all. I know where this is going and what you’re intending to do with me but I won’t do it...?” The hand owned by his lover kept going despite his constant words afterwards telling how he called out to Toby to ‘stop it’ and ‘I'm not ready’ escaping his lips that went dry with frantic panic. All that was pretty much ignored now lying on deaf ears as he was pressed even further against the wall that caused in response for his back to arch. “... Toby... A-ah please that’s just don’t d-do this again, okay. I c-can't. Ah go through another r-r... round with y-you... M’tired...?” Begging once again like it would do any help anyways as he was forced to keep quiet by Toby who pinched his ass cheeks that felt way too painful to be the least bit enjoyable for him. 

“... A-are you really doing t-this again with m-me?” Toby hisses through his clenched teeth like he was about to blow his lid with his stubborn and thick-headed beached whale of a lover, “I thought I t-told you I wasn’t done, didn’t I? You c-can't tell m-me what to do anymore. Brian and I g-got full control o-over you now. You're our b-b-bitch forever til d-death d-do us apart and that w-will have you b-be begging like a slut f-for us to top you a-all the dang time” 

Tim knew he heard that moments previous from the other man meant business that he can’t help to feel squeamish over it. “No. No you didn’t but I know you can tell the last time we... did this I. I struggled and I did not like it whatsoever with the entire thing...” It was not the most pleasant thing to be introduced into by his lovers that took it a step or a couple too far for him to properly handle it. For example, he despised the humiliation during it that he was so not in the mood both physically and more so mentally to handle a second round with Toby. “... Y’know that when I was painfully crying throughout it all in excruciating pain, right?” Hard for himself yet he did it when having to admit to doing something such as the embarrassing act of crying in front of his two lovers. Two well one person in particular that was up to recently was taking pure enjoyment in punishing him in his misdoings and then showing him his place. 

“.... As I f-f-fucking said Timothy I’m not d-done with you in t-the slightest. Y-you haven’t learned t-to respect me or Brian y-yet? I'm only g-going to show your damn p-place here even I-if I may have to f-force you into that submissive p-part...?” Toby sneered, soon roughly shoved the other way pudgier male all dressed up in a skimpy police uniform onto the bed. “... A p-part that you should’ve been in from t-the very start or a-at least taken it I-into consideration just f-for us but nope...” 

“Toby? W-what are you doing? I don’t like where this is going, buddy ol’ pal of mines” He fearfully forced himself to chuckle when having to ask such a stupid thing to the younger male that maybe he should’ve stayed quiet about it. 

Handcuffs from the earlier incident was taken back out again from under the bed where Toby in an instant had locked his partner to the bed unable to move. “I w-will show you your place a-and now because you’re b-being a dumbass s-so I just h-have to teach y-you some obedience lessons the h-hard way, huh?” Frozen cold caramel eyes glared daggers into the petrified ones that he would love up to recently due to it taking similar appearances to the dark midnight stars he loved to stare for hours on end were nothing but ugly to him at the moment. It would be deemed a gorgeous sight however with how his lover was lashing out to him with how he was only trying to help rebuild their relationship from the ground that was left in shattered pieces. A relationship that was being held on by mere thin strings that was about to snap and possibly this wasn’t really helping the matters. “N-now try to behave with m-me but I won’t be the least f-fucking surprised if y-you don’t with me l-like the arrogant piece of shit you c-can be with us” Hands began all over again to groping more roughly this time with no such thing as care in doing it. 

“C’mon babe. You’re not thinking smartly about this. How about you uncuff me and we can actually talk about this like civilized proxies now, huh...?” 

Eyes from Toby curiously squinted over at Tim who must’ve thought he hit something deep down by his ramble of words that was all clashed together alone that made him instantly stop in his tracks, “So, hm...?” A low hum came in a barely noticeable melody to the right-hand proxy’s ears as he stares over in bewilderment. “... You t-think of me similarly to some retard living I-in s-some crazy mental p-p-place they l-lock them u-up, huh? I wouldn’t h-have thought you’ll swoop that l-low, Tim” 

“... N-no. No, I don’t?! How do you e-even think I was trying to say such a thing t-to yo-?!?!” Tim frantically responds, not the way he had intended to come off to his dear lover who tears his attention back to him when roughly taking ahold of his chubby cheeks into his shaking hands. 

“Of course, y-you didn’t. You’re always b-be Slendy’s perfect l-little bitch that’s always gets fucked u-up in his ass then w-with ours I-in his like I-it belongs...” A predatory growl rang threateningly low in his new puppet's ears. It made the man that was on the bottom of the power chain in their relationship actually feel the powerful sense booming in his slightly toned body. Toby knew he was no Brian where that guy looked amazing without his top on with those chiseled muscles that glistened in the bright sun up in the sky that was causing the days to grow hotter alongside the men. Now however wasn’t the time to be thinking such arousing thoughts about another man who wasn’t even there to spend this special moment with him as he should return to punishing his misbehaving partner dressed up like a naughty cop. “... And now, dearie pie. You’ll b-be given the consequences t-to your dumbass a-actions. Maybe I-if you behave I may even l-let you go on probation f-for being a good b-boy but with the w-way you’re acting that’s n-never going to happen?” The shortest to the two men was obviously clueless to Toby’s demented intentions that was yet so adorable and so irritating at the same time. 

“P-please Toby... Calm down or you’ll do something you will reg- a-ah?!?!” He was swiftly interrupted when Toby began to harshly thrust inside his unwilling and unexpected entrance. 

A sinister cackle Toby had erupted in when gripping onto his lover’s sides, not wanting to let go and lose his rhythm. “Y-yes! Act l-like the fucking selfish w-whore you a-are! Let everyone h-hear what you are to u-us!” He growled deeply, lifting up Tim's legs up in the air and placed them on his shoulders that would only bring great discomfort for the other in the weird contorting to his spasming body.  

“Argh.... Ah!? P-please, stop?! It hurts t-too much?!” 

“It's meant t-to hurt, babe?!? Tells m-me that you’re n-not cooperating with m-me whatsoever!?!” Toby angrily screamed back where he no longer gave a shit if anyone even Sally heard them. A show would be given to anyone that was playing the audience role whereas Toby and Tim took the leading roles. “C’mon y-you fat t-tub of lard I k-know you can satisfy m-me if you t-tried the f-fuck harder?!?” Thrusts was starting to get sloppy to even slower by the second and that was what terrified the twitching man even further that he didn’t even know that his hands were currently making their way upwards to his lover’s neck. Soon they came to be around Tim where with each thrust his grip tightens ever more slightly unbeknownst to his twisted-up broken mind. 

“T-Toby!?” Tim weakly cried out in fear whilst struggling to set himself free even if he was bound to the bed by those dreaded handcuffs that kept him in place to be a motionless fuck toy, “Be c-careful?! I c-can't breathe, Toby?!” 

“Y-yea, scream m-my name?! I’m your m-master, huh?!” He pleasantly hisses in his lover’s ears when managing to orgasm and unload his cum in the other unlike last time. 

The sound to something creaking open was heard but not given the bit of attention to by either man as Toby made sure he was all that his baby can see at the moment before he can tell sadly had lost consciousness with him. “... Toby... What are you doing...?” A fear-stricken voice asked the man feverishly pounding into the weeping male below him that had lost the will to keep up with the fight. “... This isn’t how this is supposed to be for us? Its w-was meant to be helpful not harmful to us?” That voice had ended up being Brian that stumbled in to the two men’s rough love making where Tim’s broken and shallow panting was echoing through the room. He instantly unwrapped his hands away from the other’s throat where he knew that wasn’t getting enough oxygen to the brain. The three of them was so deep in their problems that they didn’t even know they were giving out anger then love to each other.

Chapter Text

You allowed this to happen so why are you suddenly pulling out?  

A part to all this torture on you so called ‘lover’,  aren't  you?  

Don't  act like you had no idea this will be the end of it, you known that?  

The hooded proxy clearly didn’t expect this scene taking place between his two partners whatsoever where he had stood there by the door way looking fear stricken by it. This would’ve been the very least thing he thought would ever happen to them but maybe just maybe he should have known better then to be completely oblivious to it. Eyes still wide in the shock of it all that was still bubbling within that no matter how much he tried to look away he found himself always staring back at the two men before him. A small part inside his head that for a few hours ago since the last predicament occurred involved with the sinful thoughts and lusts had been pushed to the very back burner as the usual calm man, he was felt guilt in his horrendous actions done to his love. Something he thought he wouldn’t ever do to someone else especially one that he was close to that got badly hurt because of him and his perverted actions that he felt wasn’t being satisfied to its liking. Hands were frantic yet was thankfully still enough to be able to pry the twitching male off of the other that had already lost consciousness.  

“... Toby, this isn’t what I signed up for now as you’d told me something like this wouldn’t even happen?!” Brian panicky spoke up when making the youngest male sit down on the edge of the bed whereas he was sat next to his best friend unlocking the handcuffs from the bed and wrists. All that he can see with the issue he currently dealt with due to not blinking was the marks and bruises that was littering the smaller male’s body mostly lower regions and newly presented injuries around his neck. It stung him deeply to the core as he can faintly hear Tim’s breathing where if he didn’t have good enough hearing, he could instead see the struggle taking place in the other shallowly taking in oxygen. He places down his hand on the chest of the man who was out cold laying pretty much lifelessly on the bed to make extra sure that he was still alive. A bit of a relief in his mind that he can feel the soft inhales to exhales being done at the moment that had now grown tense with halted sexual arousal laced in between the layers of total displeasured anger. 

“Y-yeah I may h-have gotten t-this all out of control b-b-but still?” Toby said simply with a twitchy shrug. 

“You were hurting him, Toby. Seriously so to the brink of killing him almost and there’s no but still to it” 

An annoyed grunt leaves Toby that decided to sit up from his seat on the edge of the bed which causes it to annoyingly squeak in his departure, “If we’re going t-to play this g-ga-game of whose fault this truly is-is. Its j-just as much y-yours a-as it was mines...” Evil intent with a hint of brokenness was clearly obvious in his voice when he walked up to the shaggy, dirty blond male that still comforted the heavily sleeping one laid out on his side. “... But, I-if you even listen to m-me on this like last t-t-time...” A cold, thin hand soon went up ahead to gently caress Brian’s cheek that swiftly got a slap in response that didn’t shock either men upon the harsh action, “... I-its more so h-his fault then ours, right? I’m o-only been wanting t-to do this for so l-long so, please babe d-don't do this to m-me now? Don’t pull o-out a-and let’s I-instead have some f-fun with him if y-you catch. Heh m-my drift...?” 

The taller male caught easily onto the drift like anyone with half a brain would that left him to shiver from even thinking of taking advantage to his unconscious friend laying unaware to one man’s to other’s unsure intentions. A part to himself that knew this was morally wrong yet he wanted to make some nasty sin with the twitchy proxy by his side. It had made his rational and logical side of him gag internally that he was actually taking a moment to himself to really rethink his stubbornness with the situation at hand that turned bad. He really couldn’t do such a thing to the one he called a best friend for many years that does have problems left unchecked for way too long in his opinion. “I didn’t... I wasn’t thinking at the time. I was stuck in some sort of trance where I only thought about myself...” Eventually he replied with a rough huff, “... Like how you aren’t in the right mood right now? I can see that as this isn’t how you act and I’m not counting the times too much on the bipolar issues you constantly deal with because well, you can’t control that but this you can” 

“Brian, I ssswear...” The youngest proxy hisses in growing anger with the one that was meant to be supportive and, on his side, nonetheless but wasn’t at the needed moment, “... You’re basically saying t-this relationship means nothing t-to y-you anymore? I’m t-trying to make this w-work, dontcha see t-that from me? T-this is m-meant to help u-us not hurt u-us, I know that but I-in order to be in a healthy, f-fffunctioning relationship Tim needs to l-learn his place?” 

‘Learning his place, huh? I don’t know about that is really correct?’ Brian glances back at the sleeping figure that was starting to stir as he shakes his head when looking back at the pale proxy in front him. “... I want a relationship like you said should’ve been us in the beginning but... this isn’t what you do to make things better?” 

It didn’t stir Toby in the slightest from the outside that his usual hoodie clad partner was so adamant on going against his wishes when taking instant notice to the soft groans mixed with the pained mewls that were filled with discomfort laying uncomfortably still on the bed. The interior to the male was quite saddened that his so-called love of his life was having these stupid second thoughts that made him feel like he was the monster in all this going on. ‘Whatever’ He mutters under his breath when stepping to the side and walking over to the dark-haired man, ‘I can make him reconsider this with you’ More groggy movements were given to him by his sleepy little angel that managed to roll over onto his back with hands laid out on hiding his face. It was cute but really irritating that he had to be fast asleep to actually be behaving like a good boy. “Maybe I. I can c-change your mind then? H-he's asleep for t-the time being so, h-he won’t feel anything b-being d-done to him? Give h-him a shot, Bri baby? It’s y-your turn anyways?”. 

There it was once again though fading out here and there the remorse he had left to sunk down in the abyss of his clouded mind. 

“... I can’t do that, Toby. It’s not right...” 

“C’mon. He’s sleeping, b-babe. He w-won't feel a damn t-thing unless he wakes u-up and I-if he does, he m-may listen better t-to you then w-with me...” Toby hisses from the last part that was annoyingly true to his distaste. 

Brian was growing awfully hesitant with all that was happening that he couldn’t handle right now, “I don’t think I can do this...” 

“... I k-know you c-can. All you n-need is the right, r-rrrough I-in tough p-push to d-do it...” 

Soon enough where Brian couldn’t properly react in time was when he found his body being shoved carelessly towards the bed where he if fallen one foot over could have hurt the man below him. The bed was too soft and squishy where he was practically melting into it that in result had him quickly rush onto his knees looking horrified. In result he hears the soft chuckling coming from most likely from Toby who sat down again though right in the middle of the bed staring down at the two men. “... G-go on... Fuck him. I d-don't mind a performance f-from the two o-of you anyways? He a-always preferred you o-over me...” Some resentment came from the twitching male that crossed his arms over his chest to then leaning back against the back to the bed and the edge of the wall. Brian couldn’t do what was being asked from him even when he’s being uncomfortably probed in the ass by the younger male’s foot to continue on to get down and dirty with the unconscious Tim laying below him. 

“... I just can’t... Really, I fucking can’t, man. The guy’s sleeping for god dang sake?!” 

Eyes rolled in annoyance as Toby kept at his lazily kicking to the man’s rear, “And y-you don’t think I know t-that b-by now?! Of c-course, I d-do and this I-is our... Your time t-to display our p-power over him” 

“... I can’t...” 

“... Y-you can. I k-know you c-can... I-its super d-duper easy just l-like cutting through pie with  ?!” 

Energetic voice explained to the wary male sitting on the bed knew it was a put up and that he wasn’t acting like himself despite the silly comment used in hope to egg the situation on. It made the older male gulp down the lump causing a sickly sensation in the bottom of his gut. Right now, he was currently stuck in a mental fight where he was badly struggling to do what was right and what his desires were yelling at him to do since time was slowly ticking away this very moment. Somehow the side to him that like before had him harshly fuck his best friend’s mouth in the laundry room loved to have a second round with the man beneath him. God, he was so deep in troubling shit that he was left there on his hands and knees staring down with trepidation at the unconscious male that was tossing about that was still handcuffed pressed shakily hands on his chest.

Chapter Text

Shock. Anger. Fear. Remorse. It's all that he’s feeling right now when staring with a now emotionless expression on his face. 

“... Aren’t y-you going t-to do it or w-what...?” The voice of Toby asked him obvious annoyance and thinning patience was prominent. “... Unless you’re waiting f-for him to wake up then that b-be a totally different t-thing, huh?” 

A sick thing it would be if Brian had no soul within him whatsoever in having intercourse with his sleeping partner's body that had passed out from the strangulation but he did and was planning to call this pity act of twisted sexual revenge quits, “... It would be and I. I can’t do something like that with Tim? He may have done unforgivable things to us in the past that may or may not have warranted this but still there has to be a better way in handling this?” 

“There I-isn't. N-n-not anymore” Hint of wavering anger came from the youngest male in the shared bedroom that crawled over to the head of the bed where the blond can see him on full view. They can easily go through counseling for this type of shit and hopefully with the right psychologist they can be able to have a real, healthy relationship that it should’ve been from the start. However, from only taking a nervous look Brian can see it wouldn’t work out in their favor as whatever doctor they can afford or even possibly threaten to help them would only say it shouldn’t have been a thing between them. As a bunch of mindless killers for a faceless eldritch filled with all various complex thoughts no one would be able to help then to locking them up for life when knowing their issues. “He’s d-done so much s-shit to us that I-it can’t be reversed, you k-know that” Memories were coming back in his memory and most likely in the others too as he looks away from both men.  

‘... Brian. Toby... Don’t be stupid now? It won’t hurt much if you listened to me for once in your thick-headed mutt like minds for a sec? I’m only doing what’s best for us by doing this to you guys…?’ That was one to multiple very concerning things said by Tim or whoever it was to Toby and him, ‘... It’s okay. I won’t hurt you two that much unless you deserve it in my opinion and you guys are quite bad all the shit fucking time, aren’t you? Quite the fucked-up freaks I have to say that enjoy the excruciating pain of me showing whose boss, right and you deserve it, right...?’ Tim before this incident can be a bit controlling, possessive and a tiny bit spilt minded with his other half on occasions that shown to be of only evil intent towards the other two men that needed to be better taken care of then pushed to the darkest crevices to be forgotten. ‘... I own you and it's kind of the same with you guys? You can’t ever leave me. Never. I won’t allow it...’ Stuff that would have ‘normal’ people and heck even the other residents to be taken disgustingly aback by his unlawful actions when watching only tidbits and small parts to their toxicity at hand. ‘... I can’t be alone again. No, I can’t and I make sure you guys understand it one way or a fucking another...’ Actions that would be classified as very abusive to any possible kind to severely dubious especially worse when in the beginning to their blooming to dissolving relationship to be doing so with a minor. ‘... You guys are way too pretty and young looking and perfect. I can’t...  Damn... Won’t ever understand why I deserve you...?’ Well now Toby was of age to be legally drinking yet what most to the shit the other was referencing happened mostly at that time frame where he had first arrived to the mansion after murdering his horrible abusive father. ‘... I. I love you and you guys are the same? We will always be together and happy, right...?’ It was just a rocky start the shaggy haired taller male sadly understands and still they’re traveling on a bumpy, uneven road to a supposedly undying love that was dying in front him. 

‘... It would be for the best...’ A psychologist would most certainly tell the men that it wasn’t meant to be and that they should get help for only themselves then go thier separate ways, ‘... This isn’t healthy for anyone and shouldn’t be a thing. You all aren’t meant to be in this sickening, disturbed, toxic relationship... Never to contact one another to ensure a healthier life style which with their lives couldn’t be done so easily as they for the most part can’t even dare to think of being utterly alone without love by their side. 

“... We c-can't ever t-think to separate. Never a-and this is why I’m doing this to h-him to learn his place h-here? So, g-go ahead, relax n-now and fuck h-him while he’s sleeping...?” Spastic hands soon meet up with his back that’s grown painfully tense in an attempt to relax him during this moment. A moment that he wasn’t so sure that he should’ve done in the first place if he’d known common sense before going ahead to this morbid path and that this way to go was not idealistic to fixing a relationship. The hands broke him away from his thoughts when they traveled to be in front of him on his chest while feeling the man behind him slowly grind up on him. “... He w-won't feel a thing. Not a d-dang thing, at a-all since h-he's so stretched out for o-our use?” A shiver and a pleasured yet in all means forced groan came from him as he turns his head a little to see the youngest male kissing then softly nibbling at his neck. Soon Brian found himself getting what the other man had which he can only say was tunnel vision but it didn’t last for too long when simply shaking his head to get rid of the depraved thoughts. 

Sex wasn’t on his mind while it was yet somehow, he kept a piece of depravity inside that wouldn’t go away no matter how badly he shakes his head to rid them, “I don’t know? I just can’t?” 

Enough time was given to him Toby must’ve thought in that current messed up mindset when moving away from the blond and some more on the bed until he was sitting in front of the other and the unconscious man that he placed the other’s head on his lap. “Please...” Those puppy dog eyes were given to Brian who could only stare off in another direction while scooting back. Curiosity gotten to him as he watches with a raised brow the pale skinned male lift the lazily swinging arms handcuffed to one another of his old-time friend above his head and plants them around his neck. Brian knew what was going to happen with the three of them when tiredly sighing upon looking back at that childlike pout which underneath hid the perverseness that’s been left unchecked for quite some time. “... He’s d-done so many bad, immoral t-th-things to us... T-to me and you’re g-going to be by his side still blindly looking a-away like nothing happened? I get it t-that the t-two of you are besties f-for like years n-now and shit but now its h-has to be a time where e-even you b-b-born without a f-fffucking backbone must d-do something a-about this" That smug comment made his blood boil when glaring harshly made daggers at the other coyly rubbing at his unconscious friend’s sides in that moment had to make a groggily moan to get his pants to tighten around his crotch.  

“... I do have a backbone, Toby...” He coldly defended, “... And I know when to use it and when not to use it...” 

Toby counteracted it with is response as he rolled his eyes, “Then fucking u-use it sometime now, o-okay? Use I-it with Tim. H-he needs to know whose b-boss around here and t-that we actually care about h-him and our relationship?” 

“You and showing who is the boss here is getting quite annoying you know that, right?”  

“Oh, I k-know it?” A teasing giggle got Brian to hiss when pressing his hands down in his lap, “T-that’s why its s-so fun to sssee you g-get so worked up like t-this? I m-may not be the smartest b-book on the shelf o-or whatever that t-term is b-but I know when y-you're aroused it's only a m-matter o-of time before you act o-out...?” 

It was undoubtedly true to Brian’s disgruntled self that only wanted this messed, fucked up shit to be done his body had a mind to its own wanting to pleasure itself over his friend. His arousal over the situation set out was unnaturally spiking up no matter how he yells in his mind it wasn’t right the other half wanted this sickening state they’re in to continue on for forever. Eventually when being in this struggle to do what was right to wrong in his head he didn’t know or paid attention that Toby had moved his hands to grip their sleepy lover’s plump sides then ‘helped’ move the process alone by getting the hands to move behind to cup soft flesh wearing wrinkled lacy panties. Then with a jolt of alertness Brian returned back to the sad reality as he saw what he was doing and stares back stiffly at the one other man doing this that had such a lopsided cute smile that revealed to him so much more to it. A shocked, choked gurgle was heard yet it didn’t come from him though he would’ve done so when witnessing what Toby was trying to do as he lowers his head to witness Tim’s horrified and slightly drowsy expression staring wide eyed at him. 

“... B-Brian?! Brian, you gotta help me before h- ack….?!” Tim had finally wakened up from his forced slumber, now desperately wanting to call out for his friend’s help however a gag was shoved right in his mouth that immediately shuts him up. 

“C’mon... Let’s h-have some fun, shall w-we?”

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Hands remained to tightly gripping on that soft fatty flesh as soft whimpering cries were heard that now was being slowly muffled out in the blond man’s deafening ears. It wasn’t like him whatsoever to be doing this to someone he cared for so many years that did have his faults that was hard to really control which he was even ignoring the pitied pleas to stopping this event. A controlling piece to him that was growing and developing into something that wasn’t meant to be made out from love but more desperation to have everything in his life be set perfectly in order just like their relationship and the dark-haired male beneath him. The blond proxy often wearing that sagging black cloth hiding away his face as well the disgraceful ‘human’ emotions that many can often claim that he was likely someone who was shy, meek and pretty defenseless compared to them likely the other residents to the mansion. It was only a matter of time like the youngest proxy told him beforehand that his urges will get a better of him and he’ll swoop to a new down low that he can’t swiftly get himself out. 

“... Hngh... Plsss...” 

The quiet whines were clawing at his heart that was beating so out of place at the moment that Brian felt like he was going to have a heart attack right there in the bedroom.  

Soon he hears a much clear voice soothing the heavy pounding in his chest, “He’s only giving y-you this poor bbbabyish l-look t-to get out? To g-get out of something t-that would’ve b-been different I-if he dared to open u-up and t-try something new?” 

Lust kicks in at the fullest blast where he no longer, more the rational side tried to not do did the wrong anyways. “... I. I don’t want to hurt you, Tim. I'm only doing this for the best for all of us…" Wrong it was and he was continuing to do the act when moving warm hands to the smaller yet thicker male’s thighs traveling upwards to take off the delicately made with lace undergarment. The man soon hears the common sound to someone weeping as he lets out a hefty sigh upon hearing it and trying his best to console the one crying at his actions that was meant to help not hurt. “... Baby, please don’t cry with me. I know this isn’t what you want but please it be easier if you calm down, okay…” His usual charm appeared to do the trick though for so long before he saw his friend once again with pink, puffy eyes filled with watery tears. An upsetting scene it must’ve been for his once thick-headed stubborn lover beneath that was descending to being a blubbering broken mess that was also, becoming submissive just for them alone even if it was a slow process. 

“Y-yeah...” Toby softly brushes the badly shaking male’s dark locks from his tear stained face, “... We’re only d-doing this to h-help you a-and us...” 

After Brian was able to take off the panties that he saw a pained huff come from the one who twitches say it was a hard task to complete but he had managed previously to dress Tim in that slutty police officer get up. It was just so awful however as the youngest proclaims that the softer male that kept crying didn’t stay in that outfit a moment longer so, he can be able to soak in at the sight and maybe get a few pictures for simple old-fashioned blackmail. Tim’s reaction to the thought of being photographed gave him the look to absolute horror that didn’t last any longer like the silly idea from Toby as his legs were propped up on slumped shoulders. That in turn had the fear in the idea to having the possibility to getting a photo of him in an embarrassing situation disappear from his mind. Dark eyes that remained glossy stares over at his dear old friend that shouldn’t be doing this with him after what had previously been done to him. 

“... Hmph...?” The ball gag was set tight in his mouth so any words that came from his lips were left to be barely heard or even if not understandable to anyone else but him. ‘... I don’t want this you know that?! I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done wrong to you?! I’ll change just for you guys?!’ Something he felt like he was deserved that small moment to try to apologize to the other men that went out their way to teaching him submission. What a bad, almost if he wanted to classify himself as the evilest man alive to be getting this treatment from the ones that was supposed to be acting out of love then hate. Twitchy, spasming twitches came from his legs with the new position that gotten to be quite uncomfortable to bear when he cranes his head to the side. Brian he can barely see was getting undressed to wearing nothing at all and was lining up with his abused entrance that found itself aching to be full. 

“Wow? H-he's actually putty I-in your hands then he is when w-with me?” 

There was resentment in Toby’s voice when speaking of the last session which Brian hated to hear when with a free hand soothingly rubs at the other’s cheek that didn’t have that nasty gash on, “... Well, you did kind of forced him into this I have to admit was a silly outfit and had rough sex with him when he didn’t want it and was yelling for you to stop?” 

“You’re doing t-the same thing too basically and uh, that outfit looked good on h-him by the w-wwway? I thought s-so at least...?” Toby deeply growls, eyes averting dangerously towards the man who said such a thing with an idea clearly twisted yet shaken off that since it would get the other sprawled on death’s doorstep for sure. A thought to doing an unforgivable action that was taking a single slice off of the precious jewel that was the other’s manhood with a pretty nice sharpened knife. It won’t ever grow back as you can’t grow limbs like one of those reptiles or whatever and it be nice to play dress up with the blond in the most girlish dresses then call the one, he cared for a fag for it. Something that deeply horrified the male to the point he was loosening his own grip on Tim’s cuffed arms. The twitching male shivers as he can never do that to Brian and he’s already got his eyes set down for another to be the only bottom in his games to which should be Tim that’s been a perverted asshole for way too long. 

As not one but both partners look for a reason why he’d suddenly dismissively waves a hand in the air indicating for them to continue on, “... S-sorry. Keep going. I w-want to see where t-this goes?” 

Brian appears to not have brought the lame excuse from his love and was about to say bullshit to it yet instead the other saw what he was going to say so he purposely makes Tim’s entrance completely envelop the whole girth of the cock limply staying still having doing nothing. Results to it didn’t disappoint him whatsoever as it more so gave him a hard on himself when witnessing the other two gasping out in shock. The expressions were pure erotic for the proxy to observe while hearing and especially feeling the rhythm coming from the pounding from the bodies doing it. In one particular needy thrust from Brian he saw that it might’ve not been the best plan to be right there having the one getting a harsh fucking placed on his lap but it was too late to move out the way. Although he did like having basically front row seats to the action that should’ve been happening to him still, he can’t find himself complaining on the matter. 

“... Bri…" Tim’s eyes with such heavy bags underneath them rolled to the back of his skull as he tried to mutter something though the ball gag in his mouth made if extremely hard for him. 

“Argh...” The shaggy blonde grunted when peaking past one squinty eye, “...What? Y-you. You gotta try a little harder in communicating with that thing on?” 

“... M-more psss...” 

Actual begs and whines for more was actually coming from Tim of all dang people and it made Toby most of all the one to be beyond eager, “You s-seee that, Brian babe? H-he's really w-wanting it from you a-and soon hopefully the b-both of us?” 

“Yeah, It's amazing, huh...?” A relief it must've been for all the hard work that was built up for many weeks now was finally being paid off. It was like all three men was in a dream like state from then on as time went slow between them awhile the sounds of pleasured groans were emitted and bouncing off the four walls. This couldn’t last on for much longer when Brian finally came and so, shockingly enough the squirming smaller man did too all over his once clean outfit. Once they were done Toby helped the other two get cleaned up in the nearest shower which thankfully for Tim mostly that no one was around to see him leaning up on his blond-haired counterpart with a pained look. Tim was thankful that the endeavor was all done and over with though some side had missed it. 

Change is needed in life even when it may not sound all too good and may possibly be bad. It still has to happen and its only us that can make it affect us in either a positive or negative light  

Change ought to occur for everybody, good or bad it has to happen. Sometimes the changes were tougher than it looks on the outside and it can easily shake people on the inside to their deepest core. People often say to plow through the things troubling within their heads held high even if it was simply just easier to give up then to difficulty work through it. It was how life is afterwards for the three men that slowly but surely tried the best they could to rebuild their broken-down relationship either for the sake of themselves one way or another. They will still have to go past the trails that can continue to either dissolve or actually heal the crumbling relationship that had been set out in display in their very own eyes.

Chapter Text

You’re quite a fucking freak, y’know getting off on other’s misery?  

Wonder why no one here like your lovers likes your retarded ass?  

All you ever going to be is some lonely, heartless weirdo with no one?   

The walk of shame is what many will call it for the shortest man in the group who was pretty much shuffling his way to the nearest bedroom with nothing more than his hands covering his bruised privates. Even then one or another by both his sides swatted his hands away telling him if anyone hopefully god forbid not Sally or Slenderman did see him in this state it was his fault to allowed such an embarrassing thing to happen in the first place. Everyone then and there will see him to what he truly is which was a weak little fat man who has no place in being a man but more a mere bitch with holes to fuck that needs no such things as an easy time or lube. Toby will surely enjoy the humiliation then utter realization to that alone sinking in to the once cocky, big ego having man himself who thought he owed the world nothing with him owning everything at his fingertips. Curious, craving fingertips wanting more than the abuse given currently now knowing had to be held back with hesitation that with one single wrong move be left in broken shambles. 

Once the group of three men in total entered the well crowded bathroom the youngest to them had shoved the dark haired, plumper one to the wall. Nothing like this would have been done correct and more overall wrong in anyone else’s but in his eyes really but a part to himself simply wanted to do it for the hell of it. Soon he hears a surprised whimper leaves the parted lips to the person he had shoved carelessly to the wall where he can roll his eyes at it. Annoyance was creeping back to his head among some other disturbing shit he didn’t dare try to remember again like he failed to do moment ago in the bedroom. That was something he didn’t want to think of as he glances past his shoulders to see Brian looking quickly away from him towards the shower to immediately turn the water on to which he went over to change it from cold to scorching hot. 

“Eh... Toby, I know you can’t feel anything per say but still how about us? We’ll burn if we even put a finger in there?” Brian asked with a raised brow. 

An annoyed huff leaves his lips, “... Eh, I. I know t-that...” Soon he pushes Tim into the shower first as he watches the smaller male hesitantly climb in first which given by the shear hotness to the water came a pained yelp. “... Hey. S-ssshut it. Do y-you want p-p-people to hear you?” Lowly threat was all that the dark-haired man needed to know to suffer in silence can actually bring him more comfort even when going through the tremendous pain alone. If it were to bring enjoyment to his lovers that turned their back on him, he’ll do anything to return the love and respect they once held out for him that turned sour. Toby was merely musing by his elder partner's striking submission look being shown with little to no care as he, himself sat down still fully clothed when watching Tim whom was undressed with the curtain pulled back try to not be overly flushed by the scrutinizing looks peering down at him. On the other hand, Brian had silently slipped away to the furthest corner to the bathroom away from the pair when feeling an urge to fuck his best friend all over again with pretty much no consent but he held back since it was wrong to do when the other needed to relax his body for next use. 

“... U-ugh... T-Tobes...” Whatever Tim was going to say quickly was held back in fear he had broken a ‘rule’ in the other men’s eyes. Right now, the smaller chunkier male couldn’t handle yet another punishment coming from them, mostly Toby with that he attempted to wash away the mess made mostly of come, sweat, tears, blood and overall shame from his body. A gurgled cry left the elder proxy’s lips when having the hot water pour down his still tense body that would take a while before eventually relaxing to it. The water felt like lava on his bruised, hickey covered flesh that tremored upon the contact as he feels a twitchy hand open up a conditioner bottle and dumping a good amount on his head then washing it thoroughly in his dark locks. The shorter male couldn’t help himself from wanting to push towards the hand yet another on his hips had kept him uncomfortably still. 

The window to the bathroom was closed so all the heat coming from the way too hot shower was starting to take a toll on the two proxies that felt it when the only blond between them gave a hefty exhale, “... Toby, whatever you’re doing isn’t necessary right now. He’s behaving quite well for us now and allowed me to take him without complaining or fighting us?” It was an excellent experience even if he may feel the most horrible guilt still eating away at his core that he had taken his partner in such a brutish manner. How he should’ve better handled the issue other than getting his sick fill to being able to dominate the usual top in their relationship who he can tell deep down was scared about it. A painful facial expression came from his soft teddy bear that wanted to be loved then victimized however he couldn’t dare look back at Toby glaring sharp daggers at him whilst roughly scrubbing the shit off the shivering male’s body. Now he was in the sticky situation in the middle of the two where he wanted to support the them without hurting the other horribly in the process as he only wanted a normal relationship with the men. Some serious, necessary help needed to be brought in from someone, anyone really that had a clue in the medical field to know this what they’re doing right now couldn't be deemed the least bit healthy. The topic in his head yet to be discussed was short-lived for the moment when he felt a pair of hands latch onto his sides then travel slowly downwards to his groin before stopping and clamping shut around the area, he loudly yelped in pain over. 

 “... Bri b-baby. This. W-what I’m, well what we’re doing if y-you're kindly be a. A little more helpful I-is the right t-th-thing for him and u-us in general” 

Pale smaller hands were still gripping on his manhood and he couldn’t help to wince over it when moving his own over on top, “Yea, I know. B-but that doesn’t explain why y. Your hands are at my junk squeezing the life out of it?” He curiously and painfully asked the younger who did lighten up a bit when quirking a smile at him. 

“Cause what I s-said you aren’t b-being all that h-helpful right n-now and. And I need that I-in order to tame h-him. I know he ssstill has some fight I-in him, I c-can so fucking see it and that needsss to b-be controlled before I g-get sick of it?" 

Then thank the heavens once over the younger male pulled away once hearing the water to the shower turn off without neither men’s knowledge and having their attention pulled away from one another to Tim.   

“... I d-don't r- re-emember... remember allowing you t-to turn off the shower, d-did I? Did I. I, Brian because I don’t?” An angry scowl washed over Toby’s face with fists clenching tightly as Tim almost trips out the shower when sensing an upcoming issue about to come ahead. 

“N... No, you didn’t bu-" 

“But I-is right. I didn’t allow you t-to turn it off. I w-want to s-s-sssee you b-back in there this instant or e-else?” 

A wrong move was done on Tim’s part as he accidently utters the next words so shamelessly, “... O-or what?” 

The blond was going to step in to stop whatever it was that be coming to his fellow proxy and partner, really, he was going to do something yet Toby beat him to the punch. Literally not in a figurative manner of speaking as the kid more than a full-grown adult as the other was the youngest between them all only being around his twenties made a first swing. A loud penetrating scream was bellowed out from the one inflicted by the punch; it soon was bouncing off the crowded bathroom’s tiled walls as he sees with disturbingly enough awestruck at the scene of bone supposedly cracking under the balled fist. What many say and no matter how fat one maybe they can still feel the pain of being sucker punched in the gut that in turn had made a churning noise when the fist pulled away for a second. It was only done to let the one being punished to breath before a split second later a swift kick came to the fallen man’s side leaving him to screech out another breathless gasp. 

“Next t-time you'll better l-learn your place n-now. Hell, I thought y-you would k-know this b-by fucking now that t-this change I-is going to happen if you l-like itsss o-o-or not...?” 

Everything presumably went ‘normal’ if it can be described as such afterwards as Toby had carelessly dragged the soft man back into the shower once again though this time having the other get on his hands and knees. The inevitable was coming and everyone right in that bathroom knew full on well what its going to be yet like the usual Tim seemed to grow tense over it when straining his eyesight to look past his shoulder. ‘... Toby. Brian. Please, let's not do this, okay? I’m so sorry for whatever I’ve done to you guys, you he-!?’ Whatever he was going to say or more likely a plea then anything else was swiftly interrupted by an especially powerful thrust causing the fat on him to jiggle noticeably so embarrassingly enough. Instead of the once harsh attack set out by him in the form to punches, kicks then his crying intermingled asking for it to stop now presently the only thing heard was the silence with the exceptions to the shower pouring down the two men's bodies and the barely audible whimpers to pained grunts while in the room Brian can’t help himself to simply sit down on the toilet to watch the scene. Toby all the while thought this was all needed to be done for the three men that he had to keep up doing something as awful like this until Tim to be more exact learned his long over due lesson sadly, in a matter of time they heard people wandering outside which meant he had to cut this punishment sadly short until later. 

Chapter Text

Pitch darkness enveloped the three supposed quotes unquote lover’s bedroom where each one of them were sleeping as its was far into the night that no one will be in their right minds to even stay awake. Everyone needed their beauty sleep sometime soon unless they would love to hear the snide comments coming from everyone about how someone must’ve slept on the wrong side of the bed. So very annoying would it be to have to hear it be spoken up on so early in the morning from the people who knew nothing about you and your problems that involved nothing but you. A problem that will keep anyone awake for endless hours at the oddest times in the night especially a twitching young male who with his glossy light caramel brown eyes staring up at the crackling ceiling similar to a deer caught in the headlights. Not too long after that he hears in his left ear deep, heavy breathing to a man painstakingly crawling over to him on the bed. 

‘... Shush... Shush baby boy, I ain’t going to hurt you. Never will I ever... It's just me...’  

Such a familiar voice usually coming to bring the necessary warmth to the sleep deprived male laying in his bed wide awake only brought in unforeseen misery, shame and the cherry on top heartbreak.  

‘... I just came here to tell you something... Something that’s been on my mind for many days on end. Ever since I first laid my eyes upon you and your breathtaking beauty...’  

Big, calloused tanned hands were now gripping harshly on his bony hips where he lets out a silent choked yelp of surprise.  

‘... It's that I. I love you. So very much so... That’s why I’m here in your bedroom in the middle of the night at such an ungodly time. Here, actually here with you in the flesh, Rogers...’  

One quick tug later and he found himself totally bare below the waist; he can feel it once the cold air to the opened window breezes past his thin, pale shivering skin.  

‘... Ssshit . I actually had to climb through your window which is unlocked by the way to do so. I needed to tell you I love no need you...’  

A tired pat came to the other’s stomach as the pleas given in the form to bubbly tears by him were beginning to stream down his puffy red cheeks yet it was gone unnoticed by someone, he used to look up to like a big brother figure.  

‘... You will be mines, no matter how much you say that this is ‘horrible’ or ‘wrong’ or instead do to stop this from happening again. I will mark you as mines. Me only like how I did with him...’  

Yellowish teeth rotting from the jaw to the bone structure pretty much punctured through the weak skin drawing out crimson blood. 

‘... May do it one another way too. Something that no one would ever want you besides me...’  

Then an unbearably hot, really pudgy body in contrast to his younger, well much younger and skinnier now at least unwillingly shivering where felt the other presses itself up to the one; him really whom seemed to be desired for so long it became unhealthy. Soon pointy, jagged and overall sharp nails jabs scrape down at the cold flesh and went to dragging itself down the heaving chest resulting in a startled squeak from the receiver where he wasn’t liking the feeling a single bit. How can someone, anyone be so terrified out their minds be acting that way with a lover yet when a person forces themselves into another’s room it was kind of understandable even if it felt wrong to act in a rude manner. Pleasure needed to be replacing the fear not meant to be there so to have a moment once built up in the twisted one’s mind to total pure bliss is sliding out a long, bumpy, and grossly dry tongue from a surprisingly drooling mouth to disgustingly sliming all over his slender neck down to the groin area. The response given was a screechy moan from his mouth alongside slight humping movements in the air from his body not at all acting like it should be with this awful situation, totally not whatsoever creepy even if sneaking through the window way by the other wasn’t any bit relaxing or good. 

‘... There. There’s actually a reaction, Twitches? You do want this so stop crying with me now? I’m only here to tell you of my love and show it to you, that’s all...?’  

The two bodies were lined up against each other and the inevitable is about to occur to the virgin teen and the well experienced adult man. 

‘... Giving you love here? Don’t you love me? I should know when you’ve been gawking at me from afar like a goddamn freak. I liked the attention from someone new, y’know gives me a thrill to see my other lil ’ baby get so jealous of you...’   A hallow chuckle escapes the tense atmosphere once only holding one’s sobbing and the other’s muffled grunts, ‘... I wanted this to be special between us yet when I saw other people, not me touching you I couldn’t handle it anymore? I need you to be mines before someone else takes you and don’t worry you won’t be alone to take in such a... big task from me...’  

A snort came from the elder and it was revolting disgusting to be laughing about something like this when taking something so special from an innocent, too an extent that was yet easily gullible person that was the teen not even eighteen yet. 

‘... You’ll have so much enjoyable, pleasurable fun together. The both of you guys as he needs to understand that there’s more to me to go around here and you who needs to learn to accept me as your one and only love to give all your lust to? You’ll surely love it...’  

Eventually a hallowing thrust by the older male’s cock enters the tight entrance where muscles in reaction like always when intruding in a rough manner had shakily spasmed in uncontrollable desire. Thin legs were propped up on the slopping broad shoulders to his old work acquittance now turning to be a forced new lover. A lover he never thought be one to him as he had only seen the other like someone supposed to be there in the hard times often placed on his shoulders as a friend. As each thrust went to shatter his beliefs holding onto the once upholding respect had for the elder male, he felt a new feeling bubbling from inside his gut upwards to his head. Then he gave out a millionth mewled moan, smaller hands clasped onto the bigger ones for support and what he never expected genuine yet morbidly twisted love.  

Next thing he knew happened was to mistakenly spew out a word; daddy from his lips that once he realized it, he was half out from it all together due to exhaustion now back to fully meet the older man with wide eyes. It wasn’t a word he ever wanted to mutter yet when he saw the other grinning back down at him with a smug grin, he couldn’t help himself to wanting to die in embarrassment to it all or more pitifully ask for more from his older daddy. Grip on him gotten tighter once that one single thing was said right out in the open as the movements being had moved quicker to sloppier like they were losing time. This right here is what he, no both in the end wanted for so long and when it happened it felt like an entirety to be exaggerating to be honest in wanting another counterpart to fill up its lonely existence when no one else would be there for it.

It would have to be right now or never nor neither one of them can take this back even if it was some huge mistake on both parts as there was a reason to the haste as he can see that the other having more meat on his bones was starting to lose more steam the more time flew past them. Exhaustion was creeping out on them nor neither one would admit to it as they continued to fuck like a bunch of horned up rabbits wanting to keep strong. ‘... I-I. I’m coming. Hope you like my sweet treat, baby boy. You will, baby. I know it...’ Voice so deeply attractive however with a hint to the true colors containing the true babyish, fearful and self-conscious side to the other man. Then when it was about close to escalating to no man’s land were pure ecstasy lived all of this came to a screeching end as the teen startles himself horribly with a short yet ear penetrating scream upon feeling his stomach burst from the seams literally when the other unloaded everything, he got in the form of steaming come. ‘... That was amazing. Can’t wait to do that again...’ Inner parts to his stomach was now plainly visible for anyone to see however the other didn’t even notice his traumatized expression when getting off him. Guts were strewn everywhere on him and on the bed as it was all coated with the sticky clear white substance where he tried to gather it back in even when he couldn’t do such a task so, he was laying there like a broken sex doll. 

In the end he thankfully realizes it was just yet another disturbing nightmare with some lewd elements to it as he made his tired mental self-push it away from his mind to be hidden back inside the darkest shadows to his mind so, as one may say sleep never came easy for Toby Erin Rogers. It never been so for many years now and the lack to the proper sleep was very much common for him to the point he’s gotten used to it when knowing he’ll only fall into an exhausted short-lived slumber lasting a measly two to three hours or less when it got too much for him to bear. Yet on that one fateful night bringing back so many mixed messages to odd memories having the good yet bad feelings and this one holding nothing but emptiness however he just couldn’t simply fall asleep once again from that, no matter how much his mind was asking, more likely pleading in a desperation for it which was starting to get at him. Somehow his body and mind played this petty game of going down to showing every single picture to picture to the past torture every time he dared to close his eyelids for some shut eye will automatically shoot right back open to scan at the stuffy bedroom he’s in for any unwanted intruders. 

No one of course, was inside the four by four gray walls with him beside his lovers sleeping by his side as it was simply a nightmare that nightmarish encounter was for him. Why would anyone even want someone like the he, himself was simply a loyal to an extent which was a follower, mindless proxy to a faceless boss clad in a finely trim suit who was such a rude little shit despising pretty much everyone in existence and any human contact to be general. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, not at all where he had to use shear brute force to get the love, he and as well the two men he’s in such a committed relationship need then the undying anger and anguish. Neither one of the men can live without each other and it was shown by all their monstrous acts to total predator like depravity. When he sees the sleeping body of Tim’s sleeping rater soundly beside him, he wanted to simply hurt the other to better understand the feeling to the pain. A sickening thought to the imagery popping up in his sleepy head wanting to get up from his laid down position to go right on back to doing what he felt was ought to happen with that being mostly to hurt the dark-haired man like mere hours ago. Pain stricken harshly in his heart with the cords rumbling quite shakily to the point to snapping in two right there as the images set on black and white television screens or out in the real world showing shamelessly the ‘perfect’ couple that wasn’t them. 

Chapter Text

An exhausted groan leaves the youngest man’s cracked lips once his eyes were met with the blinding lights to the sun peeking through the small crevices to the dull, ripped up window curtains. Last night’s bone chilling occurrence was purely horrible where for the remainder to it he simply couldn’t drift off to sleep. No matter how many times he attempted to try doing so all he can see in the pitch darkness was the greasy dark matted hair, rotting teeth close to falling out from the very jaw it was in, and the stout body pressed up on his anoxically thin frame. It was not a way he wanted to dream on and how he internally thought about one of his lovers yet there it was doing such sexual things to him. Why would he be thinking such a disgusting image to someone who he was supposed to love with his whole heart.  

“You look pretty exhausted, Toby. Did you get any sleep last night?”  

Brian, thank god it was him who was awake and not Tim since from the traumatic nightmare he didn’t want to even glance that way in the direction to the last sleeping man. Such a sick sensation grew in the pit of his stomach, still sore from last night even when it was only a dreamed up incident. Right now, though he really didn’t to be babied and act like he couldn’t take care of himself as he was a full grown just like them. Even if he was around like a decade younger doesn’t mean he didn’t know anything or have a ton of experience of maturity he knew enough to get around rather well. “... I-I'm fine. Got enough s-sssleep to survive good e-enough, I g-gu-guess s-so, don’t worry a-about me...” He didn’t stare too long before turning his attention over to the window where the other residents were walking in and out from the mansion.  

“Are. Are you sure? It's just that I care about you and I wouldn’t want you going through something by yourself? You can always talk to us... Well, mostly me?” He can only roll his eyes at the constant persistence made by the other in a somewhat weak yet carefully attempt to know better the issues tormenting his head.  

Almost made him want to laugh or worse cry his eyes out, “... S-still there’s nothing w-wrong. Nothing I-is wrong with me”  

Sometimes he needs to be left alone to his own devices to fix up or commonly done tidy up then brush it under the rug. “... Toby. It's not healthy to hide things from us like this. I think that us keeping secrets to how we feel is how we got into this predicament in the first place…?” How much he wanted no desired to knock the living sense into the blonde to say this was the cause to their many awful issues. The blond had no right to say such things with that fashion of ease like he knew everything in the world, he didn’t and it was slowly eating up at the younger’s insides. “... Maybe we can go a different way with this? I no longer think it's really all that healthy to take out our anger out on him or ourselves like this?” Bubbles of the angered wrath was sizzling and then scorching at his sides to where he can actually begin to feel them overheat his body. Once it got too much to contain in his skeletal body, he angrily slaps the hand coming slowly to past his tensed shoulder.  

“I’M FINE?! J-JEEZE FUCKING CRIST, SHUT T-THE FUCK UP?! I. I DON’T NEED YOU AS WELL ACTING UP AGAINST ME, R-RIGHT NOW?! I J-JUST... JUST NEED... Sometimes I need t-t-to think without any w-which o-one of y-you. You guys all o-over... M-my ass...”  

A silly outburst that he knew he shouldn’t have done when he saw the shocked and scared look coming from the other man.  

“... I... I uh, I d-didn't mean t-to. To get angry w-with you, Bri ... I’ve been t-though a s-shit ton, y’know that a-and it's starting to g-get too much for m-me...”  

What he expected was the genuine concern over his personal state of mind, not hostility or just idiotic pity always given to someone so mentally disturbed which gotten him to feel a little more comfortable. Almost enough to have him pretty much close to tearing up in front of the other man, not even caring if it was seen as unmanly to childlike by many others. It was what he hated about himself among his physique that did age up a bit since then had sadly, kept the ‘babyface’ image that many creeps here at the mansion or out in the real world long ago discarded him alike never gave him any respect. Even his lovers were on the same boat as he was far by now the legal age to drink many hard liquors to swallow the harsh past away enjoyed the fact, he was a mere baby to them to be toyed like a pleasured object. However, Brian on the other hand except for those times to annoying teasing understood his pain better than anyone else like Tim never knew on a better level the humiliating pain.  

“... It's fine, I understand so, do you want to still talk about it? I... I don’t mind if you don’t want to...?”  

Finally, after a moment to total still silence brought by the two men Toby finally breaks down and away from his toughened shell of built defiance. “I d-do want to talk about i -it with you... N-not here where he. He c-can hear us” Some part to himself remained to feeling absolutely dirty even if it was a past memory turned nightmare now dissolving into nothing in his head. Next thing neither one man knew was to be taken out by tightly holding hands for dear life and support from their shared bedroom out to the thankfully empty hallway leaving the third male alone. There wasn’t a single damn soul nearby to hear onto the two proxy’s conversation from what Toby can see with his blurry vision already having tiny prickles to watery tears in the corners of his eyes. “... I h-had another nightmare. T-that's why I didn’t sleep all too g-good last night a-and wwww -why I had that out. Outburst o-n you earlier...” Any form to the that came with it needs the support by his lover to tell him it wasn’t real and he wasn’t at fault for any of the issues had between them.  

“Yeah... What about it? You have those all the time?” Similar anger to before appeared back on the brunette’s pale face until it melted off as the next rearranged words escapes the taller, older man’s mouth, “Nothing against you by the way, honestly but I thought you gotten over them by now?”  

“... N-no, No... The nightmare t-this time was so, s-so much worse than any o-other I had as o-of late...?”  

The heavy breathing from the older brotherly figure sneaking up into his room at night rampaged in his head without stop like the shallow, deep thrusts happening inside his too tight entrance.  

“Take your time. We’ve got a while, okay?”  

Calming reassurance was replied in that cool tone as he takes in a deep breath of cold air, “... Its w-was about that night years ago T-Tim and I shared that n-night. O-one where he. He t-took my virginity...”  

An eyebrow was raised by a little uncontrollably so from the shaggy haired blond standing there right by his side almost like he didn’t believe what he was saying was meant to be taken in a bad light.  

“... I thought, well that it was a good time between you guys where both parties here enjoyed themselves?” There was a twinge to the jealously Tim had talked about in the past by the tiny glimmer in the other past submissive male’s eyes. To this very date until now he never knew that Brian would hold such an emotion alongside the hidden resentment laced in his words. “He... He told me he loved it when he came back to our old bedroom down the hall” A hand lazily swings itself off to abandoned bedroom at the very corner where nobody dared touched or took residency in it only ever used when one of them got angry and wanted some time alone from everyone else. Brian often went off to the room the most out of the three when Tim wanted to have all the lewd fun alone with the teen when it wasn’t being given by him. “... You two were getting along somewhat then and right now slightly but that night you didn’t say or do anything about it if you admit now you hated it” They were never getting along really and it was why he was doing this to their relationship from the start to rebuild it.  

“... A-at the time I kind o-o-of did and h-hated it as w-well. Brain though you g-got to understand m-me here? He somehow crawled h-his fat ass amazingly e-enough through m-my window...”  

Even then he was simply amazed by it the time he saw the heavy-set male huff in exhaustion over it yet it wasn’t much for him to forget about anything else happening later on the night.  

“... He s-still done s-so m-ma-many unthinkable things t-to me. Its honesty I-is the only reason w-why I’m doing this to him with other things d-done to us...”  

What’s unthinkable is how Brian done so unscathed for the most part for so many years before he came into the picture yet he didn’t want to better know.  

“... W-what he done was take m-my innocence or the l-last of it away from m-me. Brian, I w-was going through things when I c-came to this mansion with Slendy . I just k-killed my abusive f- fffuck of a dad then set a. A whole neighborhood o-or some shit aflame a few weeks maybe previously ago and h-he. He had the nerve t-to...”  

As he knew it had only exactly been hours ago when that act been bestowed upon him as he grips onto his stomach that wasn’t blown up with guts scattered among him in his shaking hands.  

“... Rape m-me. That n-n-night he done it w-without a thought t-to doing so. I. I o-only ever wanted to show him the. T-the... Way I and I bet you t-too felt that night and so m-many others? He’s been arrogant, k-know it all and ‘goody t-two shoes who does n-no wrong’ f-for so long...”  

It appears the older one between the two was clearly shocked by the not so shocking yet so shocking news given, “He couldn’t have. He. You both told me it. It was consensual at the time and... That this was something you both wanted and what he more so thought should be good for our relationship?”  

“... Yeah, h-he more so enforced it t-to me to keep my mouth shut about it or e-else. He told me t-that no one like y-you or Slendy or anyone e- ellse for t-the matter w-will believe me and t-the boss clearly didn’t and scolded m-me for blaming a ‘g-good’ proxy in all of us like Tim for such a-an act? Like all w-what was given to me w-was my fault and n-now I know it wasn’t a-at all, Brian...”  

Soon a soft creaking noise from the opposite side to the closed bedroom door telling both men adjacent to it to know a certain other proxy who was the very cause to all their pain was now awake from his peaceful slumber. Then if you were to have good hearing alike to the men out in the desolate hallway you can hear the quiet breathing to the one inside the room getting up from the bed with a grunt. As well be there to hear the old wooden floorboards squeak underneath the weight to the pudgy man needing to lose a few off the waist. On the mental list the youngest proxy had was added with some other things desired to be changed swiftly with their revolting partner. Now Toby walks up to the bedroom door to places his hand on the metal door handle and when he was about to open it, he turns to face the other male to say the next chilling utterance;  

“... What I’m d-doing is well deserved, you g-got to understand. T-this is his f-fault...”  

Chapter Text

‘... Everyone will leave you in the end ...’  

‘... This is all caused by your brute, unfeeling hands ...’  

‘... No-one's surprised that someone like you is getting this torment ...’   

It's now been many, many weeks since all of this complicated stuff in wanting to fix an unhealthy relationship had gone down a very terrible road. Which from what’s been happening couldn’t be undone no matter how much the three men often Toby alongside Brian who held more to a conscience in some extent but yet not entirely so then his younger counterpart tried to help strengthen that always failed miserably in the end to their shamed disappointment. Both men taking the dominate role in the relationship was dealing with their own issues for the most part wasn’t doing anything to better their complicated feelings. Tim unfortunately enough with his own problems biting back harshly at his ass in repayment to his past actions had to endure it with the other various torturous experiments and punishments throughout it all without much of a say. Some of it were beyond inhumane leaving the poor sap that was mostly him per say in the most vulnerable and embarrassing positions ever. Not like he should act the least bit surprised nor shocked by it since this was ‘well deserved’ from what he can tell came from his partners during their intimate times shared together. 

To that is what he was doing at this very moment where he was forced onto the bed on his back with legs both spread apart and lifted above almost touching his head in an overly agonizing manner. 

“Tim... Baby... This. This is what you deserve for talking to someone else then Toby or I and back talking to me under your breath in that sort of fashion out there” Hands were pressed up on the back to his legs nearing his ass cheeks however they weren’t roughly squeezed like usual with perverted intentions since this time around they were left untouched thankfully instead been kept on his thighs needed to keep them up, “I didn’t ask to be humiliated in front of them. Those nosy ass busy bodies wanting to know our relationship like it involves them. I no longer what to be seen as merely a tool for you to use then discard like nothing more than trash. Won’t have it anymore. Don’t care if everyone sees who you truly are” 

“... I. I... I’m s-sorry, master....” He panted heavily as he was currently breathless by this predicament, he’s gotten himself into alongside with having previously worked out to the point in desiring to simply pass out right then and there to leave for maybe a dreamily few seconds to leave the abuse behind him. Yet he couldn’t do it as he knew it only give him more torment and it as he wasn’t supposed to be like this; his body wasn’t used to having to be so flexible for his lovers. “... I-it was har...Hard... I h-had to... They were a-asking too many questions a-about the bruises a-and stuff...” Self-image was deemed very important to the right-hand proxy like it was basically a life or death situation on his part so if anyone besides his lovers saw this part to him it be an instant death sentence. Of course, it wouldn’t be such more a public humiliation than anything else that serious however no one ever live him down and that in itself make him close to killing himself to end it. Either it was a way to him being his overly dramatic image playing a hand or just being morbidly real it wasn’t truthfully known as his mind once clouded in the thought to being shamed in front of everyone was swiftly interrupted when he gasps loudly upon feeling something intrusive. Eventually when he gathered enough courage, he shifts his head downwards to see the blond popping in two fingers inside his abused hole turned in a colored array from light pink to a dark purplish red. 

 “What would they say if they caught you like this? Acting like a needy, whorish slut for me, Tim? This isn’t like you, they say, you aren’t meant to be the manor’s fuck toy, aren’t you?”  

A long drawn out groan came past his split lip when feeling the uncomfortableness coming from the two fingers scissoring more so jabbing in him. 

“Yet here you are? Deliciously reacting to me?” 

No, he wasn’t at all ‘deliciously reacting’ to the other man whatsoever, “... Bri... P-please, let’s not d-do this, ‘kay...?” Soon Tim was begging pitifully again like many rimes before and like always was bluntly ignored on deaf ears, “... I'm s-so tired... H-having to work o-out for you guys in this way is so tiresome...” 

“Maybe if you weren’t so badly out of shape here...” Then he felt his sides being rudely pinched at by a free hand from the taller male leaning up above him. 

“... I’ve b-been losing w-weight, haven’t I? Been g-good and behaving just for you guys s-so far...?” 

An annoyed sigh came from the man who rolled his light-colored eyes at him when pulling away the hand poking at the ever so lesser fatter flesh and moving back to keeping the legs propped up in place, “Not a lot, really? There’s still a bit more to go before you’re more ideal for us?” 

Really, Tim was desperately trying to appear like he was changing for his two predatory lovers by portraying even in a weak attempt to be submissive. Smoke wasn’t lingering in his breath anymore as he long ago been made to quit the nasty habit. All for the likes to the ones he loved yet disappointed with his actions, no longer will he ever act such a way towards them with ill intent. It was all hard to do so and a part to him within wanted to yank away the figurative and the physical tight binds too in order to show who’s the true master was however resisted the urge. The results would undeniably not be the best for anyone involved especially his lovers who he never wants to break away their trust even when his basic instincts drilled in his head screams at him to be the top dog. 

“... Fuck man... You’re panting so damn heavy like a bitch dog...?” One hand cupped one of Tim’s more slender cheeks then before and drawing him close to a fierce kiss on the lips, “... Are you our lil’ bitch…?” Then in an instant it was broken off like always which left him high and dry wanting more than what was given to him. What he responded back with was a needy, lusting whimpering groaned mewl as he arches his back forward yet he couldn’t do it so easily with his current position being so badly limited. As well what wasn’t helping it any better, he was wearing something meant for a woman in the nineteenth century or earlier on namely a corset used to make one’s own waist smaller and hourglass like an unrealistic doll. On him though in his opinion made himself looked quite ridiculously stupid every time he was made to wear it alongside the other womanly products such as lacy panties, make up and anything to the sort in making him appear more girlish then a man. There were surely confused expressions given to him by the other residents even Jane asked him how he’s able to do his own make up so flawlessly without fail. Another thing beside that which was undeniably embarrassing to hear was the sly, dirty comments under the breath to the manor’s local perverts including Toby and sometimes Brian who if he felt comfortably in doing do mostly making him then at the end to it, he would disgustingly cry in the closest bathroom available upon getting a chance to escape when washing the smut off his face, “... Toby would’ve loved to see this for the most part. How you’re acting a little bit like we want would’ve been such a turn on for him and I”  

What a sight that would be to even imagine. Toby getting all pent up with sexual frustrations. Soon all is unleashed when Tim from learnt practice turn around onto his stomach. On his hands and knees with ass up in the air waiting for whoever man to come ahead and take him. Take him as if he was some slut wanting to be ‘bred’ and full to the absolute brim of both their seeds. Teeth grazing against his bruised up, battered skin already full of previous marks and hickeys from old to slightly newer ranging from the various array of colors. 

“He’ll be back soon enough from that stupid assignment boss gave him. When he does come back you will need to be dolled up for him, got it?” 

All the while there were fingers remaining within his tight hole still prodding at his inner muscles gotten him to barely pay close attention until the other noticed this and jabbed harshly at his sweet spot. 

“Got it? He and I would love it if not only are you all prettied up for us but as well get yourself ready to put on with a nice little show too?” 

Quickly Tim nodded in response to what was being asked more so ordered, “... Y-yeah, Bri-Master... I. I’ll make sure t-to be obedient a-and put up a nice show for you guys...” 

Now with the conversation coming to a swift end, thank the high heavens for that even if it was a little bitterly done as the dark-haired male felt way too overwhelmed by it to think in a proper manner. Especially when the other man was currently fingering him with his legs up laid up on the shoulders spreading, simply stretching out his hole. A gasp came here to there when he felt them speed up in pace with himself flinging his arms with one hand going over to grip tightly at the shaggy hair to his partner. The other arm slinking down the man’s back towards the firm ass cheek where he then squeezed in rhythm to tugging roughly at the dirty blond hair. Response back to it were a surprised, squeaky moan from Brian whom bucks his hips along the pinch and pull motions then right afterwards to getting himself together an immediate open fisted punch to Tim’s face to that both didn’t expect to happen. The one in question who thrown the hit nudges on back from the subdued beast known as Tim upon realizing what had been done. 

Glossy angered yet fearful light eyes stare down with whatever hatred had before at him where he had moved into a comfortable position, “... Fuck... Man, I. I didn’t mean to ugh, I’m so- just don’t do that shit again unless I asked for it or whatever...” 

The thing that got him the most was the expression given back from the other man’s face appears to have actually enjoyed the hair pulling or the ass grabbing though tried to scold him in retaliation about how he utterly despised it. It now was noticeable that although the blond looks to be enjoying the mean spirted teasing was still the same submissive Brian underneath what was a tough, no nonsense façade. Ye with the little bit to the information there within Tim can see there’s still the same old Brain there wanting to be a weak sub for him and him alone. “Y-yes, sir...” Yet he meekly replied with a soft crack in his voice when pushing himself up and off the bed though stayed close to the man, not to appear in any shape, way or form that he’s misbehaving in front of his master. Silence came with the exceptions to their heavy pants once everything had settled back down again in the tense room to a somewhat peaceful aura, he was subjected back to his punishment for embarrassing his master in public by almost outing the changes to the relationship to a curious smiling killer and eyeless medic cannibal. 

Chapter Text

A repetitive routine it became for Tim as once he’s gotten way too many lewd, overly sexualized comments from the manor’s residents alongside with his lovers it was hard to stay strong from it. The constant nipping at the back of his neck, breathing heavily down his spine leaving him to grow tense that beside the usual uncomfortable awkwardness coming with it there was a point it had gotten too much to bear. Like at this very moment for example, he would soon make a plan and go on with it then thankfully was able to do so when scurrying his way to the nearest, open bathroom. Once to the point of action he knows he’s able to get away from the touchy-feely hands, prying eyes and nasty words he went ahead to entering the cool, tiled room then the first thing, he did was to wash away the caked make-up from his face. Why he was wearing so much was obviously for the superficial preferences to his lovers wanting to see it on him to observe how much of a pretty doll they had in their iron clad hold.  

‘… Where you’re going, baby boy...?’ Brian would say to him beforehand in a way meant to be a little comforting to more if the other was even trying to be concerned yet now Tim can see the how statem ent only shown dominance and an overwhelmingly sense from wanting control over him, ‘... Do be quick. Toby be back soon and there’s still that show for us, right ? Wouldn't want to further disappoint us ….’ A few moments to him shyly arguing to the blond saying he will be fine alone for a good half hour or so and that he mostly wanted to use the restroom to tidy up, that’s all. Sure, Tim wouldn’t want to even do such a thing; disappoint either or lover and the mere thought to further upset them in the slightest so much anymore that he made sure he’s got some free time on his hands which wasn’t a lot have to put it all back on together for later on in the night he would share when back with the two men. It didn’t matter to him anymore if he worn the beauty products in front of others not his lovers, maybe, still he was bothered by the comments and leering eyes glaring down at him. There were reasons why he wears it and it was to hide the injuries underneath from showing to the naked eye . An eye or really non there was to be precisely was getting curious to why he’s acting so skittish around people.  

“Hey, mask man? Whatcha doing? Heard from a few you came here to ‘pretty yourself up’ in the bathroom?”  

Then in the process to cleaning his face showing his true colors. There were bruises and scars littering his flesh. What he didn’t know was to be noticed by an infamous killer leaning against the door frame seeing it with his own very eyes. A look was given and it was one shown to be that of slight worry then the usual smug look known to him yet it was there on his pale white face due to the old carvings. It made the proxy feel a bit taken aback by it when pushing himself from the sink draining the watery foundation.  

“... N-nothing, Jeff. Just... Just doing something...” Tim replies softly, not knowing how to really explain himself to the other man, “... I’ll be out in a quick second if y-you. You need to use the bathroom...”  

“Yeah... See that you started to wear make-up? Yet as hot as it is, heh this. This though isn’t like you, man?” Murderous, brazen killer walks up with hands swinging loosely by his sides when gawking with a vague interest in the bruises. The proxy kept moving backwards until hitting his back against the wall. Where the wall pressed up on him as he instantly looks away from the raven-haired male with his distinguished Cheshire smile. “I know who you are and there’s been ridiculously set rumors out there lately about you and the two other proxies? Saying you’re became nothing then a bitch with holes to fuck? Something that isn’t like you anymore and now entirely another person? Though now it isn’t much rumors but the truth from what I’m seeing?” So deep and gravely was that voice speaking and Tim can’t help to feel vulnerable over it. “... There’s a lot of people worried about you guys. Ej won’t stop hounding my back with telling me there’s something wrong” Sweat as dripping down his forehead when trying in any way to slink away however a hand hit the wall beside his head stopping him in place.  

“... Please, n-not right now, okay? I. I nor Hoodie or Toby don’t need to be getting all up in your businesses with Ej so, please leave me alone? There’s no reason f-for this and we’re doing nothing wrong...” Shaking hands began to tremor even worse when trying to push the other away from him where he could actually see himself calling out for help in Brian who's awaiting in the bedroom for him, “... Now if you may allow me, I have to get going before I get myself in more trouble...”  

A dull blue eye twitches by only a little and Tim was very much waiting for that punch clocked at his jaw or something for so shamelessly commenting about the killer’s relationship with the eyeless cannibal. Yet nothing had gone done as the proxy merely stares over at the taller man shifting closer to him where he feels the long black hair tickling his face. “It may not be none of my, his or anyone else's business but you know what since you said that now it is” Then the hand keeping him there in the cramped bathroom with the smiling murderer held firmly at his wrist. Eventually he sees his small sized body dragged out from the bathroom towards not his room but over to the clinic area in the basement he like everyone knows for the smiling eyeless pair to stay the most in for more ‘alone time’. It didn’t bother him about anyone’s relationship with one another yet if one of his partners, Brian for right now with Toby out for a while sees this, he will unfortunately blow his lid for everyone passing by to see, “But here we can’t have you hurt of any kind, right now when you’re meant to be Slender’s right hand man here. Come on the boss ain’t happy as it is with you and your failures? Hell, I’m fucking surprised you aren’t on many assignments lately now?” Moments past before the taller, gruff man finally hits his destination of the clinic where it appears the cannibal with empty eye sockets were already waiting for his lover’s return, no surprise whatsoever in seeing Tim there with the killer.    

“I see, Jeff...” The cannibal said coolly, tone not wavering in the slightest and had a n echoing feeling to i t, hands clasped together with fingers wrapped around one another. Tim always felt unsettled by it yet knew even with the known meat eater wouldn’t do such a thing against him. “...That you brought him here to my clinic. Thank you. It's so nice to see you here again, Masky ” Grey skin fading off to a pair of black colored hands went over to the proxy’s face with no permission at all given as he proceeds to touching then examines the areas handling the most inflicted pain. As the hands grazes past his face it left him to excruciatingly wince with past memories flashing before his eyes, “This worries me greatly. The way you’re now acting more subdued then your usual cocky, asshole and self-entitled self is now worrisome to not only myself and Jeff” From that the killer scoffs and mouths ‘like I really cared about the guy’ or some shit like it as the medic only continued on, “... Everyone else too and the boss although not one to show such ‘weak’ emotions from what he said needs you at tip top shape which at the moment being, he says you sadly, aren’t meeting up to expectations. It's been that way; he says for some time now telling me to check up on you?” Those sharply pointed hands to the medic unknowingly touches him similarly to how his lovers were to touch him in rare times of devotion and love then hatred abuse. A way where Tim wanted to melt into the touch, allow it to devour him in what he was lacking yet with that he desired to overpower the man feeling him up so carelessly without even dare to acknowledge his hand’s doing getting the proxy all pent up, “Does this, what I’m doing to you from where I touch you? Hurt?”  

“No... It doesn’t”  

A click to the tongue was made when the barely annoyed cannibal, “I may not have eyes to see like the rest but I can even tell from my other senses that you are?”  

“... It’s just that... I shouldn’t be here, that’s what. He. They know I’m here. I. I feel like they know…”  

Then a scoff came from the killer leaning up on the wall with arms crossed over his chest, “Oh please, Mask man? Hoodie from what I’ve seen is in your guy’s bedroom and that twitching nut case is out? So, do cut with the bullshit and tell us at least what the fuck is wrong with you or else”  

“Please, Masky ... I know often you’re a secretive person in all but hey, we’re here with you? You can talk to us about anything and if you’re still not to it. It’s a rule that if you’re n ot up to par for the boss we can always force it out of you? ” Eyeless Jack in a swoop interrupts the threat given by the other man as ever still calm without a sense to much urgency, “It won’t be ideal to do such an act from what I know can tell be traumatizing to someone in need like you, I know this and you understand it from past experiences, yes I presume when the boss doesn’t get his way?”  

Slenderman wasn’t someone that enjoys being played with and or have someone below him like his proxies not being up to his far out of reach expectations. The proxy often wearing an effeminate mask knew it multiple times he dared to test his lucks. Luck from what he was told was already treading on very thin ice. Never had he been on the exact good side to the faceless being yet this where he was now wasn’t good to his prestige character. “... Okay... I. I’ll talk a-about it, alright with you guys only b-but. But you can’t tell anyone. Not Hoody or Toby, okay. Please...?” He sighs in exasperation though his breath was out of breath from the walk to the clinic due to the rib clenching corset he has on, dark eyes of his with heavy bags stares down at his inwards turned feet and his hands were becoming clammy displaying his nervous tendencies to the two men waiting for his explanation to his issues.  

Chapter Text

‘... Should I really tell them this? Its. Its none of their business what’s going on between my lovers and I...?’ Tim thought to himself when staring all over the clinic then to stare in pure awkwardness filling the room with the other men looking forward to him spilling everything, ‘... However, I really need to tell someone or I’m going to be subjected to so much worse than what’s already given to me as it is...?’  

What could even be so much worse than the stuff he’s already being receiving for many weeks on end that anyone with a saner mind then his would’ve already long ago ran off. A plan to simply run off to somewhere, anywhere really, he didn’t mind where that be at least a bit safer then at the mansion where nothing is safe, soon when he’s gone no one can be there in his nearby vicinity would be able to hurt them any longer than necessary and it had to be a place so far, far off in the distance. Always had that been Tim’s long kept dreams too far to reach to be in a secured home where neither the faceless eldritch nor his lovers be there to terrorize him any further. Although there is still a problem in the works with that dream as he never wanted to ever let his lovers out of his sight and or more so his reach for more than a millisecond. He knew it wasn’t the right way to think to the two men like that as they weren’t his toys but more humans with thoughts and emotions but it was hard or someone such as him to understand it with ease.  

‘... Never mind that but what would they think about you knowing that you’re nothing then a weak, insignificant fool who’s good at nothing...?’  

All to that was going on in his head was interrupted by Jack looking eager to know all on him and his troubling issues, “Mind telling me if you comfortable though how all this started? If you can. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable with us?”  

The eyeless cannibal although producing a monotone voice sending Tim the worst imaginable mixed feelings had him still feel the little bit of strength inside regained back in his body to speak up;  

“... It. It all started when I was doing our dirty laundry in the room where we do our laundry, mostly Hoodie and Toby’s to be exactly..."  

He took a moment to deeply inhale then exhale where he clenches tightly at the leather cushions to a seat he’s been nudged over to sit, “‘ Ey continue on. Don’t got all day to hear your sob story here to why your relationship is currently going to shit? Got things to do here with Jacky here, don’t I?”  

“Not right now, Jeff so please do be patient and I may allow something to happen between us later on” Jack nonchalantly waves the killer to simply back off before staring blankly at the proxy where he motions him to go on.  

“... I. I made such a mess out of their clothes, really, I did. I know they knew I. I didn’t mean to be all rough on them? All I wanted was some release, y’know that right guys? That type of release...?”  

Both men slowly nodded in understanding to what the right-hand proxy meant although the cannibal made a slight disgusted look. That in itself melts away as quickly as it came when his interest grew to new levels and he wanted to know more. More about a relationship that he knew from merely observing from afar in silence has grown rather turbulent when days came past and went past. It gotten such an odd abomination like him who knew little about human interactions with another thing he knew nothing on were relationships that was more than simply platonic. So, lifeless and empty eye sockets widen a bit in awaiting over to the proxy and what he may say who was sitting right in front of him as he props his head down on his hands that was moved to be stilled on his lap.  

“Keep going. It’s all fine. Nothing horrible is going to happen to you if you say something. This may in all help you guys and your relationship for the better?”  

“Or for the worse? Who really knows until you say something, mask man?” A rough, out of the blue really hit across the back to the killer’s head was made by the cannibal as no one except for the man who done that expected it, “Ow, what the fuck was that for, douchebag?!”  

“What you’re saying isn’t helping Masky share his current self-issues and relationship problems, is it? No, it really isn’t so if I’m using this statement correctly shut up if you may?”  

The proxy deeply huffs, already annoyed to most of all regretting every single decision made lately like so, in coming here to the clinic in the first place. Yet he couldn’t step back from it nor the entire situation at hand which was caused by his hands to be all honest when slouching a bit in his seat. It took him a while to speak up a with a bit to the two men’s prodding, he eventually regained his courage to speak up. “... All I wanted was the release, that’s all. All I needed from them; love of my life partners to the very fucking end until we die here were all I need was some sort of relaxation when I’ve been so currently stressed out lately from work being piled up on me. Slender doesn’t go easy on me, not at all in the slightest, everyone knows that and so shouldn’t they...?” Never ever has the Slenderman been easy on him more so now when being constantly told he’s letting himself carelessly to be exact let himself go. “... Yet here I am. Shamefully here wearing this shit and acting a certain feminine way for their simple minds to easily comprehend and feel ‘love’ from me when I thought I was giving them all my love? I’m trying to be a better partner like they said b-but. But it's so hard to do so when I’m given nothing but awful abuse?! D-do... Do I really need this right now? No, I really don’t...” Shaking hands clamped hard and firmly in his hair where he wanted to tug out the follicles from his scalp yet knew better.  

“Do... Do try to calm down, alright, Masky . If you keep yelling at this rate it's going to be known by everyone and I know you wouldn’t want anyone to know about this”  

Such a while before the proxy finds himself calming down where he takes deep breathes in then out slowly as he stares with droopy eyes at the human eating medic. “Alright. I’m calming down see...?” Yet another sigh past his lips now turned into a thinly formed frown when he simply began to scratch his arm in order to feel something else the building of anxiety and fear. It wasn’t helping whenever he felt a painful sting in his arm from the constant scratching to his jagged, broken nails on the flesh covered up by horribly wrapped bandages, “... Before I went to the laundry room, I forced myself onto them as I always done in the past in order to feel the love? Something I always felt like I never gotten from anyone until I got them. I. I felt like I wasn’t getting enough of that from them even when they constantly told me always with meek voices beforehand and during that moment meant to be special, I kept thinking it wasn’t true and it was all lies spilling out from their lips…?” As a boyfriend Tim always felt inadequate compared to them whom was in his spiteful, vengeful eyes were perfection set to real life in human forms. So, he had his reasons why he endlessly eats until he was sick to his bloated, obese gut, why he had a cynical attitude unused to any form of change given and lastly why he was so fang abusive towards his lovers. “... That’s why I’m like this. All I feel when compared to everyone else besides them is nothing but a fat, mentally sick, gay freak. They deserve much better then I and what I do to them for sick fun, they do truthfully but no, I can’t let them go. I feel like I own them and that I owe them so much more then I’m giving. I thought I enjoyed what I was giving to them yet now I’m conflicted...” Once he had gotten a taste of his own, twisted up, monstrous medicine weeks ago it was an uphill battle to his emotions in wanting to know what was right or wrong.   

The killer interjects afterwards where he saw his cannibal friend or whatever he calls the other man but the proxy didn’t per say care looking slightly concerned , “... But wouldn’t Slender dick need to know about this though? If you guys are getting out of hand to a point its dangerous for everyone involved then he wouldn’t want that working underneath him? It would look bad; he often says in his opinion with that annoying ass, nagging, bitchy voice of his?”  

Now Tim on the verge to having a meltdown right then and there in the clinic as he surely, look like some made man wearing girl clothing wouldn’t help it nor his feelings any better, “Y-yeah?! You... You can’t tell the boss about this or he’ll surely be even more disappointed in me not being able to control my own issues or the ones lesser then me!?”  

Masky , calm down once again” Eyeless Jack stood up with cool hands holding with firmness on the proxy’s shoulders as the murderer stood behind to make sure nothing will happen out of line. “From what I’m hearing which doesn’t seem to be the entire story I can tell already it's not good? It's not even healthy for you guys to be doing this or even be together in such a horrendous manner?”  

Before long a fourth voice came and everyone else stood completely still in silence upon hearing it behind them. Tim knew who it belonged to as he simply shrinks into himself as far apart from the conversation now interrupted with the upcoming scolding where he can feel the shame seeping back into his now tensed up body. “... Hm. Neat. It's nice to see you telling our business to other people, Tim? You know better as t his here isn’t anyone else’s problem beside only being ours. Yours mostly. So, it's just awful how it had to come to this. I didn’t want it to come to this, really I don’t but you had to make sure to drag yet more people into it...” In a swift manner a metal bad came swinging past and immediately hitting he smiling killer first then a thump to the fallen man gotten the cannibal to feverishly look around in a blind daze. A warm breath hits his neck, not making him feel better when he saw next the cannibal’s head was the next person to be hit by the baseball bat and then slumped on the floor emitting suffering clicker noises. “... Why must you do his to us? How come you play the victim card with us now? I should’ve known Toby had a point in doing this with you? You never ever learn from your mistakes, do you? I guess it's only best if I taught you another one about consequences and since you brought friends its all the more fun...?”  Unconsciousness came quickly from the bat coming into contact with his skull as he drops into the awaiting arms to his blond-haired lover, “... So much fun, Tim. You don’t even know...” The ‘comfort’ in that hugging hold wouldn’t last long once he felt his body hit the floor with a slamming thud and after that his vision completely cuts off.  

Chapter Text

‘... Now you can be more than what everyone thinks you as ...’  

‘... Look at all the fun that’s going to be had now since you. You of all people have the upper hand ...’  

‘... Only ever time where you’re able to take the dominating role then to simply be looking on as a mere bystander or submissive puppet ...’    

Once everyone except one was knocked out by the strong force from the metal baseball bat which was now carelessly dropped off to the floor below. Why anyone would do this was so beyond anyone simple minded to even comprehend even more for the guy in question who was the one to have done such a thing to two other people that weren’t his lover. But there were some ‘logical’ reasonings to doing this so as he lifts one man; the killer who was much heavier than anyone else so, it was far easier if he simply took care of him first whilst his doubts previously melt off? Soon later on afterwards to be more exact a few long moments later he drags the eyeless one over and when over to a pipe above his head used the fuzzy handcuffs. Like he’s done before with the permeant smiling man beforehand, he cuffs the limp gray hands and props them around the pipe so no one had the rare chance to escape from his silent wrath. Along that he didn’t bother though doing the same thing with his sleeping lover who was once badly disobeying him to only come back in a horrible, disgraced form to bite the dark haired male hard in the ass. 

It left the often hoodie clad man completely o ut of breath who was often play ing second fiddle to his lover’s childish downright to morbid disgusting antics, “... Shit... Fuck, I. I didn’t expect this to happen at all but hey, I finally get some fun? Shoulda heeded Toby’s words much earlier on about this shit...?” The youngest said often to him enough times that it began to be a persistent statement ringing in the blonde's head on a repeat.  

‘... Change is needed to improve our relationship. It's going to come one way or another. But it w on’t be too much longer until they wake? Go get the stuff from upstairs...’  

“Maybe I should? What’s the harm in some foreplay and shit like it?” A tired grunt came when for a good ten minutes gathered everything mostly the sex toys and Toby’s single hatchet left behind. Everything was now in his hands and he was not going to turn back now since well, he simply couldn’t when doing the actions done. It wouldn’t end all that good if he did do so where the three were to wake and tell their faceless boss about his misdoings then to how the relationship had between him with his partners were going downhill. The boss wouldn’t allow them to be together anymore or even worse off let any which one of the proxies to even come out of it even alive which may seem worse. His fault it would be truthfully yet no matter as it was going to ever be Tim’s who was now t ightly t ied up in a creaky wooden chair.  

‘... Three people, three actually god damn people now under your reigns, Brian...’  

Oh, how hard the man felt downstairs in his most private areas upon knowing that not, he, himself will be playing the submissive role but the three men below him.  

“... Fuck... Wish Toby was here right now to see this but I like it the way it is? How beautiful wouldn’t it be to have him join or better just watch me and what I can do? Me actually being the top dog and having such soon pleading puppies wanting release from only me...?”  

There eventually to his utter delight, he hears the pained groans leaving the two resident s whose hands were attached above to the pipes and his beloved’s lips that began to squirm in their binds. In some time, not too much longer will the two that shouldn’t have been meant in t he first place t o be snoop ing their noses in other people’s business be awake to see in quick, horrified realization they’re handcuffed above their heads to the pipes. Then he’ll be able to see the pleasant show unfold for his very own eyes to which didn’t bother him too much, maybe barely so, if it were to be a forced, half assed one then something actually genuine. Neither or be too bothersome as always pleasure will take the main stage and everything else along those lines will occur by nature’s force. It would only mean there be more work on his point to get everyone involved then hopefully entrapped with ecstasy in such an activity. Soon enough he was to listen on carefully to a soft voice startled by its sudden constrictions;  

“... B- Bri ... Brian... W- wha ... What’s happening... Why. Why c-can't I move?”  

He turns slowly yet the hand whipping forward did not and immediately in one rushed slap gotten all the frenzied talking to the other man to stop in its tracks, “Shut up. You dragged not only yourself but them as well in this so, you don’t even deserve to speak and question”  

There to his amusement his two other sleeping beauties though nothing can be compared in the slightest to the ones he truly loves groggily woke up.  

“...F-fuck?! Fuck... Shit... What the hell...?!” Then Jeff was the second to be startled , tugging on his binds with no success in getting himself free.  

It wouldn’t help the killer at all when hearing his cannibal by the side to him weakly and nervously clicking noises heard in his line of hearing, “... I. I c-can't see... What’s g-going on...?”  

“Here let me explain what’s going on for you...” A cold voice spoke up which silenced everyone else in the clinic area left defenseless to their attacker’s still hands, “... If there’s something or more so someone to blame then do so to Masky here...” The non-shakings hands unlike his captives' pats rather hard on the dark-haired proxy’s shoulder and in return gotten a surprised oof noise, “...Now simply since you all know too much, I have to be the one to handle it? I completely despise having to do anything with someone who aren’t either my lovers yet I don’t mind opening our little romantic whatever it is with you guys? Though don’t expect too much afterwards this little punishment given or anything else from it?”  

“... P-please... We. We were only trying to help him... He looked like he was in so much pain... I. I only wanted to know the whys to it...?” Jack questions yet didn’t get what he wanted when receiving a punch directly at his jaw leaving him in a more dazed state.  

“... Hey?! What the fuck man!? He... We were only trying to help here you shit he-?!” The gag used for Tim weeks prior were shoved then buckled in this time for the mouthy raven, “Hmph...?!?”  

The box filled to the brim of personal sexual items were kicked over in the middle to the room separating the handcuffed men from the two proxies as Brain continues on a bit angrier now then the last response, “Now shut the fuck up, all of you. There is of course, the whys in all this but it has nothing to do with you guys. It didn’t however with your nosy noses snooping into another person’s shit so, there’s got to be something done so, no one of your likes do this shit with us”  

“... B-Brian... Brian... Oh, p-please let's not do this ssshit n-now with them...”  

What the usual stern, no nonsense, and over all almost sometimes cruel proxy goes to mumbling up his words Brian lets out a low chuckle . That and how the other possibly knew what may be going down between all of them was trying in all his pitiful attempts to stop it from happening to more unwilling victims . Cool hands were moved over to Tim’s soft, still slightly pudgy stomach feeling him up where the shortest male shivers upon contact then arches his back forward to experience more of it. “No matter what you try to say or do to stop this. Everything here what you think is going to occur is going to happen. This all was caused by your big mouth that I'm going to use to its fullest extent” One goes ahead with fingers prying open the proxy’s lips and soon enough wets itself in the water drool before pulling out with a saliva trail left behind . “And they right there. Ones you had to drag them in here because of your sick fantasies. They’re going to endure the same treatment as you” Slick was causing the blonde's fingers to stick with one another as he slowly moves back to the two residents giving him now a full mixture of emotions .  

“What... What are you doing, Hoodie? This isn’t like y-Ah... Please stop?!”  

The eyeless cannibal was quite vocal especially so when Brian had rudely tugged the pants of the trembling male’s legs to then pop his fingers unwillingly inside the other’s tight entrance.  

“... You’ll like this though I can easily tell this is your first time, Ej ? Huh, I’m not too surprised by it with you? But I am that Jeffery here didn’t try to get in to your virgin ass? Here I am though to make sure you know what it feels like?”  

It like the killers wouldn’t be too tight any longer when he’s done with them as he kept pumping and scissoring his fingers. Even if the cannibal’s tight hole loosened up enough for something else the hooded clad man knew it would still feel all the same to the one, he’s inflicting forced fantasies onto another that would never ever enjoy such emotions. Someone like Jack here not shockingly enough began to wither then panting heavily saying to stop this was someone who never will enjoy anything romantic or express the same feelings the killer had for him. This endeavor won’t help the man eater’s view on it and that was what the blond man driving home; how he would literally go out of his way if it needs to be to kill everyone's sex drives one way or another to keep Tim for himself and Toby. Enough information was secretly gathered from ways back telling him the hidden, shamed sexualities to the two men below him always hidden back from the view to other nosy people who thinks something out the norm like feeling feelings towards one own’s gender down to feeling nothing at all is instantly where he was going to use it against them.  

“... Argh... Getss of…!?!”  

To see someone so close to the murdering killer being violated gotten him to tug roughly at the handcuffs. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, Mr. Mouthy” How can Brian not when hearing the clanking to metal hitting against metal where he pushes the man’s back onto the wall. “You’ll be getting the same treatment as he? Don’t act like a bitch through it yet from you, Jeff the infamous killer I simply enjoy it, wouldn’t I?” Crystal blue eyes stare back with a lot more venom this time then with the cannibal who shown nothing but oblivious fear. Brian pulls his fingers out from the shivering male’s entrance which he didn’t like too much but he’ll go back but now he was tempted to see the killer being a flushed mess for him. “Come on... I know you like this. What I’m giving you what no one else like your friend is willing to give to you? Just say it?” Luring the raven close was a simple tug from his hand drawing them close to a kiss and in return with a smug grin, he saw the man he’s locking mouth with try to break it. It was going to be sure fun breaking the two men’s minds and bodies as he wraps one arm around the cannibal’s waist to keep the other from making too much noise to alert another bystander to plain on ruining his enjoyment.  

Chapter Text

When that arm wrapped around the eyeless male’s waist a surprised, clueless yelp came from him. How else was he supposed to react to it when feeling the arm’s grip tighten once the other man heard the noise expressing shock from it? In response to that a chuckle came from the blond by it when seeing the anger boiling up to the very lid to the raven who was seeing this happen to a so-called friend. Just the way the killer was reacting was simply breath taking and from it, there needed to be more than the wrath seeping through the pores. Soon enough one arm not slinked around the cannibal had traveled downwards to tug down the boxers worn by the two men.  

It was getting him hard enough to not be able to suppress the deep, needy growl leaving his lips when feeling the heat radiating off the two male’s bodies. This was going to be fun, really it was even when he’s only one expressing such giddiness. A giddy aura a child would have when receiving something truly amazing from their parents like a new toy. Yet this won’t be some old simply toy but something more adult and perverse which the proxy absolutely adored that he was in control over another person. Harder, his cock was getting stiff and hard to the point it was getting painful to keep it bounder underneath his jeans were the sensitive flesh rubs irritably against the fabric.  

Soon he sets himself free where it was an instant relief for him but not so much for the ones staring down at his holy appendage in fear. A telling expression that told them all something was to happen whether they like it or not. It won’t be too much longer until he shifts his arm away from the cannibal’s waist over to pry open the mouth holding within sharp teeth and a grotesque, sickly split tongue. “Oh , how you tease me with that tongue of yours, Ej . I’ll sure use it to its fullest potential Brian purrs in the man’s ear which gotten amusingly a tense shiver from the receiver when popping in his fingers into the mouth . Then whereas the cannibal didn’t know what to do the killer on the other hand knew full on well what was the point to it, “Go on. Suck on them” An order was taken obediently began to suck as his hard on got stiffer in his free hand rubbing slowly at the flesh .  

“... P-please, c’mon Brian?! Don’t d-do this?! I’m begging of y-you...?!”  

The fat, bubbly, crystal looking tears streaming down Tim’s beet red face told it all, “Tim... Cool your jets, will you? I’m still going to do this if you like it or not?” Although Brian in question could care less about it when glaring sharp daggers at the dark-haired male.  

“... But... But you c-can't d-d-do?! Do this to t-them?! So, please l-let's do something e-else?! I ? ! I’ll d-do whatever you w-want...?!”  

How ridiculously pathetic Tim must've looked right at this moment when appearing to be some fat ass baby wearing some stupid shit on his body and face . His face to be in particular was now a complete mess due to his tears staining up his makeup once looking spectacular was in a total disarray . A disgusting mess he was and Brian was really soaking it in when turning around with the two bystanders forced to be by his side . The often shut off, stubborn, and overall ass hole proxy knew what was going to happen as he began to ear up all over again when the imagery pops up in his head . It shouldn’t have happened but to be all honest, he really wanted to talk to someone who’ll listen to him, not his lovers who shrug it off like it was nothing and have their way with him .  

“... C-can... Can we just leave them be? You c-can just, y’know threaten them to not t-tell anyone about this and b-be on our merry w-way...?”  

The blond shrugs as he looked kind of silly himself when holding his little not so little manhood in his hand while having his fingers to the other in the cannibal’s mouth who somehow impressively didn’t bite down, “And do something like that be absolutely hazardous, Tim? If I let them free right now, they will tell the boss about this? Then... Then the boss will separate us and never let us be together ever... Do you, Tim, do you want that? I know you do...” A deep, threatening growl past his lips when thinking it was all Tim wanted which was an end to their relationship . Why would Tim even want to separate them for anyway yet maybe it was so for some sick game. The two of them, Brian and Toby or whoever else the right-hand proxy played around with behind their backs was simply put a toy to him. Nothing but toys to him they all were and Brian couldn’t help to feel his face turn red itself not from embarrassment however some parts to it was that but more this now was so full on determined wrath. “... You do... Absolutely sickening, really. Now I must do this. All you’ve done is to hurt us, not help. All we tried to do was hep but no... Not anymore. I’m going to show you a world of fucking hurt?!” He screeches for a moment before struggling to keep himself together and when he does, heavy breathing, shaking in all he moves his attention back to the men.  

Tim looked stuck in the heart from the outburst and practically slumps down in the seat, dark eyes casted down to the floor where he felt absolutely disgusted in himself and how he appears to his lovers.  

“... Hngh Ssstouchss him a-a... Hurtsss yousss?!?!”  

As like forever the killer was going to be a little protective jackass to the people, he cares for being the man eater right here squirming about which told everyone he didn’t want to be here right now. Although it can be annoying at best it was admirable to the proxy to watch how someone unlike his own egotistical, potbellied partner can care so deeply about his lover and how they were close to being defiled by him. Then he reaches down to grip the cannibal’s cock to do the defiling upon in a rush rubs up and down until it was hard and from the tip was spurting out small doses of come. Once he saw that happening a thumb slides over to the tip as he smirks in front of the angered killer. It was going to be feeling amazing for him and horrendously traumatic so for the three other men as he moves his hand over from having a firm grip on Ej’s manhood down towards a puckering, tight hole .  

Once the cannibal’s face scrunches up from the finger popping in the tight muscles, Brian leaned close as he can without losing his grip on the other man, “You like this, don’t you? No matter what you say or do that tells you aren’t one for sexual things your body is reacting differently?” A sly grin appears on his face when making sure to hold nothing back but the pent lust and desire with boiling emotion of wrath had for his dark-haired counterpart. It wasn’t like he despises the other man but hell, he had every fucking reason to do so when Tim all-knowing is able to grates his nerves. “Oh, how you two are going to enjoy the shit I’m giving you while here, Tim is going to watch like the big, fat pervert he is... God. I do wonder how he’s fairing not being able to touch us, only watch the scene of us getting hot and needy?” Then he hears the pained, distraught whimper came from his partner who kept a submissive outwardly appearance to him which if the other was lucky be given maybe a sweet little reward. Most likely not since what gotten him using these men as simple, non-thinking play toys didn’t deserve anything but distaste. “... It won’t be me, sadly too much though this is getting me really, really needy too but I think this is a moment shared between you guys, right?” His hands first moved the killer’s gag then gone over to move behind the men’s heads and soon slammed them face first towards one another in a forced, open mouthed kiss.  

The two gasped for the air lacking in between the kiss but Brian didn’t pull them away just yet when watching with complete awestruck. How they although not known to be this affectionate to each other, only ever since Ej saw them as close friends while Jeff on the other hand wanted more but given the friend zoned type of deal. It was truly amazing to see them fighting for dominance somewhat while as well, more likely if he wasn’t so horny see it was only for any form of air to be given by the heavy pants given by them. As they did so he went ahead to glance behind his shoulder to watch Tim appear so tense and shivering like the big, whiny, needy baby he was not being given his toy. Chair that the lazy ass lump sat on began to squeak loudly underneath when Tim shifted in its uncomfortable hold with the rope rubbing irritatingly at his soft flesh.  

“... B-Br-Brian...” Pained mewl came from Tim who was arching his back and from the looks to it someone else was getting enjoyment yet to be satisfied in the right hand’s pants, “... C-Can we... We please o-oh a. A. Ah s-shit, not do t-this? I p-p-promise to be g- goood  for y-you this t-time , I s-swear...”  

The blond merely shrugs his shoulders back before deciding to give into the man with a response, “Tim... Oh, naïve, dim witted, self-centered, and over all lackluster in all aspect's lover Tim. What I’m doing is a punishment, yes for you and now them. I know you’ll get ‘better’ in time however this got to be done so, you can learn from your mistakes and nod do them again. This is you though and I nor Toby be surprised if you do this sort of shit once again to us” Hands once at the back to the men’s heads pried apart them from the kiss that left them to give out a whine of almost disappointment from both men.  

“... Brian...” Eyeless Jack this time and it was such a nice relief to hear that calming voice then the muffled cries of anger from Jeff and the ones to pity and shame from his lover bound to the chair.  

“Yes? What is it?” He decided to play nice even if a little bit when doing an act so horrible to mere bystanders.  

“... Please, as he says w-we. We won’t tell the boss... if. If you’re that worried about your relationship yet... Yet maybe I-instead you should, y’know get counseling for you three to help with this um... Toxic relationship you have for each other?” Taking a few sessions of counseling may help whatever issues they are dealt with that effects their relationship turned to downright nasty unbeknownst to their rose-tinted glasses thinking everything was fine.  

 An eyebrow was raised with Brian n thought over it when seeing Tim automatically nod his head in a quick manner to agreement seeing that would be much better than all this set out in front of him, “...Sounds like a tempting offer to be all honest, huh Tim?” Decision was made and Brian saw the relaxation come over his soft, little partner over it, “But before we get thinking if we want to do so or not let's not allow this golden opportunity go to waste?” There it was again where Tim looks back at him with fearful eyes screaming silently with them to say this wasn’t how it was supposed to end. Then he lines up the men; one behind the other as he can see that they were as equally terrified by what was to come as the smile on his face turned into a devilish grin when slamming them together, “... So much fun will be had…" A musical of petrified screams filled with pain and horror when he made the rushed move of forced penetration to the virgin cannibal by his friendly, smiley ‘friend’.