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Weird is the new charming

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When Yoongi was a little kid his mother bought him a book that explained simple chemistry experiments for children and he loved it. It was back then when he found his passion for science, for the need to know why life around him is the way it is and how it works. Chemistry fascinated him the most, still does but why – god, why he started studying it is beyond him.

It must have been his enthusiasm which left him somewhere in the middle of his first year at university when he couldn’t tell the difference between night and day because of how many assignments he had to do, how many hours he had to spend at the lab to experiment, document and analyze every small thing he did. It got lost in heaps of textbooks, late night library visits and a total loss of free time.

And even in his third year as a chemistry student, he is still very much overwhelmed at times – especially now. Especially when he’s despairing over the assignment he’s been brooding over for the past two weeks which is worth thirty percent of his grade this semester and where the last task is still missing. He should have gotten used to spending more than half his life in the deepest parts of the library now but he still, is very much not. He has to turn this in tomorrow morning and it’s already nearing midnight, he forgot his headphones meaning that he heard every other stupid student in the last hours he spent here and he hasn’t made any fucking progress.

Nothing. The last task remains as hard as before, as unsolvable as the first time he looked at it. Yoongi wants to fucking riot. He knows – he fucking knows the answer lies before him in the form of two opened textbooks and five open tabs on his laptop but somehow he still couldn’t figure out what the hell he has to do in order to solve the last problem.

He’s going to die. Drop out and become a stripper – or more like a prostitute because he can’t dance for shit.

A tired groan leaves his lips and he drops his head on the table, forehead crinkling the pages of one of the textbooks. The smell of paper enters his nose. Yoongi knows, he feels it in his fingertips, that he’s just a breath away from a complete meltdown. He’s talking crying, yelling, throwing things and everything else until he's finally accepted his fate and either drops out or just takes the bad grade. No outcome feels appealing at the moment.

The final push, the thing that finally tips his fucking patience and sanity is the sudden, loud sound of slurping coming from the next aisle of bookshelves. He’s going to kill them. He’s going to kill whoever has been on the other side of the fucking bookshelf and gotten the loudest freaking blowjob he’s ever heard. Another slurp and Yoongi is up on his feet. That’s it. That’s fucking it. The last motherfucking straw.

He stomps around the huge bookshelf, ready to give those two indecent people a piece of his motherfucking mind. Like, how about you don’t suck someone off in the freaking university library?! Who the hell does that? Assholes. Motherfucking assholes and Yoongi is about to start yelling the second he rounds the corner but what he sees is not what he expected.

Not at all.

“Yo, what the fuck – “ Yoongi’s eyes catch on the round table in the middle of the corridor between the two shelves. There’s only one person at the table, a guy and he’s most definitely not getting a blowjob at the moment. In the last two years, Yoongi has seen so many weird things going down in the library, people have been disrespecting the rules from the start but never – never has he seen someone bring in a whole motherfucking meal.

“Are you fucking serious? This is a library and some people would like to fucking concentrate here!” He hisses at the guy who momentarily stops to slurp his freaking noodles to look up at him and wow. Okay, Yoongi is very angry but also very fucking gay and the fact that this guy is drop-dead gorgeous would play a bigger role if he wouldn’t be so pissed off at the moment.

“Sorry – You also want some?” And holy moly, Yoongi is sure the universe is out to get him, to fuck him over in every possible aspect. He never meets a hot guy, a hot guy who seems to be like 90% of the whole package already: Face the most symmetric he has ever seen and a voice like a young god. But no amount of attractiveness could excuse the slurping which has bothered him for the last half hour – who even takes so long to eat noodles?

“Do I want – Do I look like I want some fucking noodles?!” Yoongi whisper-yells and he almost – almost snags the container of food from right under the other males nose to dump the remains of noodles over his head. “I fucking want to pass advanced chemistry!”

The other male – presumably younger than him – starts talking with his mouth full, there’s one noodle clinging to his chin and Yoongi should be disgusted, he really should be disgusted but it somehow makes the other guy a little cuter and Yoongi wants to punch him or himself. Either is fine. “Take it from someone who just blew the last of this month’s money on food – chemistry sucks ass and you should stop worrying so much about everything,” The guy smiles – mouth a rectangular shape, “Just live your life in peace.”

Well, it’s nice to hear that some people have stopped giving a fuck about anything but sadly Yoongi is not one of those lucky people. He still needs to graduate and he needs to freaking ace this assignment because his grades have been dropping in chemistry and he can’t afford to retake this semester. “Listen, some people might not give a shit about anything but I need this fucking A,” He hisses, his hand clenches around the papers he has somehow brought with him from the other aisle – don’t ask him why though. “You don’t even get how much I need this A and if you won’t stop eating so fucking loud I’ll never finish this. You do know I could report you, right? There’s a no food policy in here.”

“Look,” The guy quickly swallows the last of his noodles in his mouth and sits up straight in his seat. Okay, he’s got broad shoulders, shoulders for miles and he’s probably towering over Yoongi if he would be standing. That shouldn’t be as hot as it makes him feel. Anyway – at least the threat seemed to somehow make the other actually a little afraid of what the scrawny, sleep-deprived zombie in front of him could do to him. “I have an idea. You’re cute but also kind of look like you’ve been dragged through hell and back so I’ll help you and you won’t snitch on me. Deal?”

Yoongi can’t help but bark out a laugh. “What are you even? A freshman? What’s your major?”

“Philosophy.” Now, he’s laughing so hard that he has to clutch his hurting stomach. The other can’t be serious. It must be a fucking joke because who in his right mind would think they would be able to know the answer to a question of a fucking advanced chemistry class when they’re a mere philosophy major? Yoongi can’t believe the other. He's not disrespecting other majors but there's a huge ass difference between advance science and talking about the meaning of life. “And you think you can help me with advanced chemistry? Do you even know the difference between organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry?”

What he doesn’t expect to receive is the dramatic eye roll of the other because the obviously taller man gets up and snatches the worksheet out of his hands. Before Yoongi could even protest the other has left his trash behind and has walked around the shelf to make himself comfortable in the seat Yoongi had been occupying for the last hours or so and has started skimming over the opened textbooks and worksheets scattered over the table.

Yoongi settles down opposite of him, fingers drumming on the wooden table as he watches how the other’s eyes are jumping from page to page, line to line until they stop and he’s staring right at him. Those brown eyes have something in them – something that makes Yoongi’s heart stutter for a second before he’s able to get out a mockingly, “Giving up?”

The other male just rolls his eyes again before holding out his hand. “Do you have a pen on you?”

“Did you only come here to eat noodles?” Yoongi asks with a raised eyebrow as he hands over his pen – he has half the mind to be embarrassed about the marks his teeth left behind at the top. He chews on his pencils when he’s nervous- fucking sue him. But he forgets all about it when the other male starts furiously scribbling down answers on the bottom of his last worksheet.

“What the fuck…?” Yoongi mumbles, eyes following the quick movement of the other’s hand as it seems to fly over the paper. It takes not more than a few minutes when the other shoves the paper towards him with a smug expression on his face. Yoongi can’t fucking believe him – he scans the answers quickly and his eyes grow wider with every word he reads, with every formula he sees because how the fuck did that literal child just solve the question he’s been despairing over for the last week or so?

“I did university chemistry during high school,” The other male answers the silent question, “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Just a tip.”

“So… you’re a genius studying philosophy?” Yoongi slowly asks as he starts gathering his textbooks. He still can’t believe that this guy – who looks like he just graduated high school yesterday – just solved his freaking assignment like it was nothing. Just from reading all the material Yoongi has shoved into his brain for the last days but still couldn’t figure out the answer to the last question.

“Is that a problem?” The taller asks, stretching his arms up over his head as a loud burp falls from his lips. “I’m double majoring, actually. Philosophy and math. I’m working towards my Ph.D. in philosophy – started a junior study in high school.”

Yoongi can’t believe that this guy is supposed to be a literal genius. Like, Yoongi should be used to being in the close vicinity of extremely smart people, his best friend is Kim Namjoon, after all. But the difference is that Namjoon actually looks like a genius and always speaks like one whereas this guy looks more like the type of person you would have found smoking weed behind the bleachers in high school. “So you’re like an actual genius?” He asks, just to clarify it.

“More or less,” The other says nonchalantly and takes another container of noodles out of nowhere, “Do you want noodles now?” He’s holding the container towards him, a new pair of chopsticks in his other hand and Yoongi should decline. He should finally go home and catch up on the sleep he has missed the past weeks but well, it’s already past twelve anyway. No harm in staying up a little later now.

“I… actually, yes. I haven’t eaten since – possibly last Friday,” Yoongi chuckles, gratefully taking the chopsticks and container and once the smell hits his nose his stomach growls. He has really not eaten enough in the last week – possible weeks. He tends to get like that when he’s stressed. And is there actually a time when a student is not stressed?

“Was that a smile? A smile from Mr. Grumpy?” The other male laughs and throws his head back, running his hands through his hair. Yoongi feels himself blush, quickly stuffing his mouth with noodles so he could blame the color of his cheeks on the heat of the food.

“You could also just call me by my name,” He mumbles through the noodles in his mouth, “It’s Min Yoongi.”

The male smiles at him, reaching out and offering him his hand to shake. “Kim Taehyung, nice to meet you.”

Yoongi should have known from the second he took that hand that he would somehow see more and more of the other male.


Well, Yoongi lived in the dorms for quite some time so he should be used to seeing weird things going down in bathrooms. From having to awkwardly shower in the stall next to a couple which very obviously didn’t care that they weren’t alone to walking in on a guy who was shaving his fucking balls over the sinks – Yoongi believes he’s seen it all. But the universe begs to differ and slaps him in the face with a practically naked Kim Taehyung standing in the bathroom of the freaking Diner Yoongi and his friends frequent every Wednesday evening.

“I guess it’s fate,” Taehyung smiles at him and he doesn’t even seem weirded out by the fact that he’s almost completely naked – totally inappropriate even though he’s in a bathroom. “We meet again under rather weird circumstances.”

Yoongi just stares at him long and hard, for a very long minute that feels more like a whole eternity. He hasn’t seen the other male since that time they ate noodles together in the library. Neither of them gave the other their number and they parted with friendly smiles but without a word. Yoongi expected to run into him on campus but not… not like this. Definitely not like this, in his favorite rundown Diner when he has to piss so freaking bad. “What… what are you doing?”

It’s really a funny and weird picture. Taehyung is standing in front of one of the urinals, right hand probably preoccupied holding and hiding his dick from view while his left hand is gesturing wildly around while he tries to explain his situation. He’s completely undressed safe for the very short and very fucking tight brief he wears which are pulled down enough to let him piss. His hips are turned away from Yoongi so he doesn’t see his dick but is instead confronted with the other’s very pretty and pathetically hidden ass. The other’s pants seemed to be completely pooled around his ankles but Yoongi doesn’t spot a shirt.

“I swear, it’s not something perverted!” Taehyung hurries to explain and Yoongi tries very hard to imagine this as something not-perverted. “The stalls are literally the grossest thing in the whole world and it was rather that or partially undressing out here,” The other explains, eyes flicking towards the stalls behind him and okay. Yoongi can understand that part. He never set a foot in these stalls and yes, this might be his favorite Diner but it’s not like he has the means to look for a better one. It's atrocious how many possible diseases you could get just from touching the door of one of the stalls. Taehyung sighs and looks down at the cloth pooling around his ankles, “Ah, the perks of jumpsuits.”

“Okay…” Yoongi says slowly and backs away towards the door again. There’s no way he’s going to piss with a naked (almost naked) Taehyung in the same room. The urge is gone already, anyway. Like his piss sensed Taehyung and said, no, not today, not here, not like this. “See you around… Taehyung.”

“Wait!” The other calls out just as Yoongi is about to turn around and he quickly drops his gaze to the floor as Taehyung almost comes after him. He doesn’t want to get flashed accidentally – or would he? “Do you want a coffee after you’ve – uh – finished here?”

“I don’t – “ Yoongi stops himself from declining and looks up at Taehyung. The prettiest fucking human being he has ever seen and he finds himself agreeing. “Why not?”


The next time Yoongi encounters Taehyung he is minding his own business. He really is. He’s got his earphones on full volume, head nodding along to the beat of one of his favorite rappers as he walks through the hallway of the university. Sunlight is streaming through the windows and it’s surprisingly warm for the 31st of October. Yoongi hates the fact that he has class today, on Halloween of all days. He already witnessed three pranks in his first class and has seen more costumed people than he did as a kid in his hometown in Daegu.

The students never learn – there is nothing in the rules saying they're not allowed to dress up for Halloween but a few are testing their boundaries every year again. From dressing so horrifyingly that it almost sends a few people into cardiac arrest to claiming a flimsy piece of clothing barely covering the most important parts is a costume. Yoongi would actually appreciate it if the university would ban costuming during the day.

He sighs, sidestepping a group of girls when there’s suddenly a hand on his shoulder, squeezing tightly and almost pulling him to the ground. “Jesus fucking Christ – Taehyung?!” He yells surprised. His belongings spilled to the floor from the shock, his earphones dangling from around his neck as he stares at Taehyung with shock written all over his face. The younger is wearing what seems to be a – a sexy cat costume? It’s definitely not meant to be worn by him but Yoongi would lie if he said the younger doesn’t look very – uhm, sexy. A sexy cat indeed.

Taehyung is smiling down at him, whiskers drawn on his cheeks, eyes rimmed dark with make-up. The top of the costume runs tight around his upper body, barely concealing his chest and the tight pants are so short that Yoongi wouldn’t be surprised if half of the other’s ass was visible under the frilly skirt which seems to be even shorter than the excuse of pants. There are dark, triangular cat ears on his head but what surprises Yoongi the most is the bike the other is sitting on. Why the fuck is he on a fucking bike dressed like a sexy cat in the middle of the hallway of the science building? There has to be some rule against this. “What the hell are you doing?” Yoongi asks slowly, forcing his eyes up to look the younger in the face and not at – other parts.

“Resisting authority! Anarchy!” Taehyung yells triumphantly, blows him a kiss and takes off again. Yoongi watches as the younger drives through the crowd of students, loudly ringing the neon green bell on his bike to get everyone out of his way.

He’s staring for a good second or two until there’s another loud voice shouting from the other side of the hallway. “Kim Taehyung – get your butt off the bike this instant!” Yoongi watches with a weird sense of fascination as his chemistry professor who looks like he had never done any kind of sport in his whole life tries to catch up to Taehyung who’s just laughing loudly, pumping his fist in the air and yelling, “Vive la révolution!”

Seriously, Yoongi can’t believe he feels attracted and actually seems to like someone so fucking crazy. Well, at least it seems like his next class is going to start late because there’s no way his professor will catch Taehyung in the next five minutes.

Sometimes you have to appreciate the little things in life and sometimes those little things are Kim Taehyung, dressed as a sexy cat and riding a bike through the hallways of the university. Yoongi might actually be falling for the weirdest guy in the whole world and he isn't even affronted by that.


“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Taehyung jokes and even has the audacity to pose right in the middle of the cinema waiting area. How Yoongi manages to fall into this weird friendship (hopefully possible relationship because this could count as a date?) with Taehyung is beyond him but he’s more than glad he did. Maybe there’s this small problem of him really, really liking the younger male but that’s okay. Yoongi crushes all the time on people he finds pretty but somehow, somehow Taehyung is still a tiny exemption because he’s actually more than just a pretty face and sometimes it almost drives Yoongi insane.

He has already waited for twenty minutes for any sign of the younger. They’re supposed to watch some new comedy that came out which is not really what Yoongi would have chosen but if it’s what Taehyung wants then he’ll get it. Especially after he attacks him with his adorable puppy dog eyes.

That doesn’t explain why Taehyung looks like he does though. Definitely not and Yoongi is not going to play along with the younger and pretend he doesn’t see anything different on him. “I could swear – yesterday, that yesterday – that you didn’t look pregnant yesterday,” He wonders out loud, a smile threatening to break out on his face.

“Are you calling me fat?!” Taehyung yells scandalized, one hand grasping his shirt over his heart as he stares at Yoongi like he just murdered his whole family. The younger’s sudden exclamation drew the attention of a few people around them and Yoongi rushes to pull Taehyung to the side of the room. He doesn’t need anyone giving him shit about fat shaming Taehyung when he knows the younger has stuffed shit under his shirt.

“Seriously?” He hisses, accusingly pointing at the round stomach that hides under the oversized sweater Taehyung wears. The younger looks smugly at him, one hand rubbing over the bulge under his sweater. “What do you have under your shirt?”

“Uhm, my belly?” He replies, innocently but the glint in the other’s eyes tells Yoongi something different. Not like he already knows that there has to be something because yesterday Taehyung looked as thin as always and it’s impossible to gain such an amount of weight overnight.

“Tae…” He warns lowly and Taehyung groans, pulling him closer to hiss through his teeth, gaze flickering around to make sure no one is listening in on their conversation. “My belly and like two kilos of sweets for the movie – like hell I’m paying so much money for a fucking bag of popcorn. Do I look like a millionaire or something?”

Yoongi couldn’t help the laughter that spills over his lips, only encouraged by the pout forming on Taehyung’s face as he stares at him until the other finally regains his composure again. Which took a little while. Yoongi just can’t believe it – he can’t believe what kind of person Kim Taehyung is. “You live dangerous – always doing things you’re not supposed to do,” He chuckles, wiping nonexistent tears from his eyes for the sake of Drama™.

“But it makes you like me more, right?” Taehyung wiggles his ridiculous attractive eyebrows and smirks at him. And even though there has been a joking undertone to his words Yoongi couldn’t help but blush at them, a smile taking over his face as he avoids eye contact, afraid that Taehyung would be able to see just how much he likes him just by looking into his eyes. Like there might be a big fat sign over his head that said in bright bold letters I want Kim Taehyung to raw me and oh, yes I might be in fucking love with him! Signed, Min Yoongi, your neighborhood awkward dumbass.

“Just don’t go into labor right here,” The elder chuckles awkwardly before a real laugh leaves his lips as he spots something peeking out from under Taehyung’s sweater. “I think I can see the head of a – oh, congratulations, it’s a licorice package.”

“Psst!” Taehyung frantically tucks the package under his shirt again, how he manages to keep all things secure down there remains a mystery to Yoongi. “This will remain our little secret – now come on.” The younger grabs his hand and pulls him along to the right cinema hall.

There are butterflies exploding in Yoongi’s stomach at the feel of the other’s hand around his own and oh my god, he’s such a fucking loser. Completely gone for the most oblivious person in the whole world. (And strangely getting his dick wet because Taehyung is holding his hand. WHat is he? A fucking teenager?)


Somehow Yoongi should already be getting used to catching Taehyung in the most ridiculous situations but this might be one of the worst – or best, depends on your point of view. It might be the weirdest thing he saw him do but at the same time, he would never let him live this moment down.

“Didn’t we talk about doing things you’re not exactly supposed to do?” He asks with a smile and wishes a second later that he would have recorded this because the moment he reveals his presence in the room frightens Taehyung so bad that he stumbles to the ground while shrieking so loud that the elder is surprised his ears are still working.

“Do you have like a fifth sense to tell when I do something stupid?” The younger hisses through his teeth, hand grabbing at his shirt where is heart must definitely beat a mile per second. Yoongi takes one good look at him, it kind of reminds him about the time he caught the younger almost naked in the bathroom with the only exception that he’s wearing a shirt this time but no underwear. Yoongi could see his pants and the patterned boxers pooling around the other’s ankles as he sits with his naked ass in front of one of the big as fuck printer in the back of the library.

“Looks like it,” Yoongi shrugs and casually opens the printer next to the younger to start copying his papers. “Why are you printing your ass? In the library? Do you want to get caught?” This time he’s really excited to hear the other’s explanation because like, there’s not really a logical one.

“I’m just broke – not like I could sit on my nonexistent printer at home,” Taehyung says exasperated and well, he still doesn’t make a move to cover his crotch in any other way than his hands that he keeps in front of it. Yoongi’s gaze drops to the bunch of pictures that are scattered around the printer, pictures full of nothing but Taehyung’s ass cheeks. “I’m pretty sure they have cameras around here, filming this exact area,” Yoongi drawls, bathing in the scandalized gasp escaping Taehyung’s lips as the younger scrambles to look around for any possible cameras. “You probably gave the security guard a show.”

“No way!” Taehyung looks so embarrassed, red color flooding his cheeks as he hurries to stand up and yanks his pants up again. “Are you sure?! Oh my god…”

“Chill, I’m not sure,” Yoongi laughs, basking in the other’s embarrassment. “I don’t know if there are any cameras but maybe we should leave now.” Taehyung nods quickly, buckling up his belt and ready to bolt out of the door when Yoongi’s voice halts him in his steps.

“Don’t forget your ass pics,” He yells after him, bending down to pick a few of the printed pictures up. His eyes roam over them and he can’t help but start to laugh again. There’s a constellation of four freckles on his left butt cheek, they look suspiciously like the star constellation of cancer. “What do you even wanna do with them?”

Taehyung shrugs, taking a few pictures from Yoongi’s hands. “I don’t know… hang them up in my apartment – around campus? S’not like someone will recognize my ass just like that.”

“Are you sure?” The elder asks, tapping on the freckles. “Because these freckles right here look like they could be recognizable.”

“Don’t stare!” The younger gasps scandalized, trying to snatch the pictures away from the other. Yoongi just laughs and follows him out of the library. Trust fucking Kim Taehyung to have a fucking star sign on his fucking ass. Fucking adorable.

Yoongi is fucking gone for him.


Yoongi is fidgeting, nothing new when being confronted with Kim Taehyung but he’s not fidgeting because the other just did something extremely adorable or extremely hot. No, he’s fidgeting because he did something very, very stupid. His teeth are digging in his bottom lip and he glances over his shoulder towards the bed where the fucking root of the whole anxiety currently residing in his chest lies. Why the fuck did Taehyung even gave that fucking demon thing to him in the first place? Oh right, because he’s the nicest fucking being in the whole universe and Yoongi is just a fuck-up who can’t even do laundry and doesn’t deserve the other.

It has become a routine for them to hang out at each other places, so Yoongi knows the second he hears steps in the hallway that the younger is about to arrive. He takes a deep breath, he can do this. It’s technically not his fault but the fault of his washing machine – yeah, that could work. A very convincing argument.

“I hope you have snacks hidden in your cave because I’m starving!” Taehyung complains the second he gets the door open. Yoongi immediately stiffens at his sight. How is the other able to make him fall for him harder every time he sees him? That’s just fucking unfair. Just like the fact that the younger dyed his hair last week and looks absolutely godlike with the blond strands falling perfectly over his forehead. It’s a nightmare! An attractive one but still a fucking nightmare.

He needs to get over with this, there’s no point in delaying the end of their friendship. A sigh leaves his lips as he thinks about it. Who will he daydream about now? The greasy guy sitting next to him during chemistry? He thinks the fuck not. But Taehyung has always emphasized how much he cares for his clothes and especially that stupid pullover he lent Yoongi. This is embarrassing. So fucking embarrassing and Yoongi wishes the ground would open up and swallow him whole. “Tae… I – uhm – I have something to tell you but you have to promise me that you won’t be mad, okay?”

“Like I could be mad at you,” Taehyung laughs. At least he still laughs. Soon there won’t be any more laughter, Yoongi thinks bitterly, eyeing the pullover again.

“Okay… so – this is really hard,” He takes a deep breath, gaze literally anywhere but on the younger male. His heart is beating in his throat, hands clammy and he feels like he’s going to pass out. God fucking damn it, he should get a fucking grip – He’s not about to confess a murder or worse; His feelings. He has no reason to get so worked up about this, everyone does something stupid once in a while. “I don’t really know how to say this...” He trails off.

When he glances up he doesn’t see the expression he expected on the other’s face. Taehyung’s eyes seem to fucking shine and the smile he tries to hide is fucking obvious. He looks a little like a puppy with a promise of getting a treat in a second, the only thing missing is the wagging tail. “What is it, Yoon?” He eagerly asks, stepping closer to him. “Are you telling me you’re secretly in love with me?”

“What!?”Like what the fuck?! Yoongi is secretly in love with him but that is definitely not what he wants to tell him. Hell, he never wants to tell –

“Because I might be secretly in love with you,” Taehyung interrupts him and wait. Wait a fucking second?! What the actual fuck?!


Yoongi is more than sure that his ears must play a trick on him or maybe he was so nervous to talk to the younger that he fainted and is dreaming or hallucinating now. All of that sounds more plausible than what just left the younger’s mouth. There’s just no way that someone like Taehyung would love – “I love you,” Taehyung interrupts him again and Yoongi just blanks.

He straight up blanks. This is definitely not a trick played by his ears. He subtly pinches himself and no, this is not a dream either. This is very much real and he’s about to kiss the hell out of Taehyung when he remembers what he actually wanted to confess and his mood plummets again. Bye, bye very possible relationship with Taehyung because of Yoongi’s inability to know what the washing symbols sewed into the other’s pullover meant.

“Okay – uhm – keep that thought,” Yoongi chokes out, taking a step back to let himself breathe a little. (Literally – Being surrounded by Taehyung’s cologne doesn’t really helps him to keep a clear mind.) He winces at the way the younger’s smile dims just a little bit so he hurries to explain everything to him as soon as possible. “You remember the pullover you lent me?” He asks, biting his lip again – only that he notices the younger’s gaze on the motion this time. A faint blush starts to appear on his neck, creeping up over his cheeks and up to his ears.

“My favorite cashmere pullover?” Taehyung wants to clarify and his whole mood suddenly shifts. The smile is replaced by a suspicious look and Yoongi bites the inside of his cheek until he tastes iron. Taehyung knows exactly how to look scary.

“Yes, that one… so like, I thought it’s laundry – how hard can it be? But like, I don’t think you will be able to wear that pullover again,” He rushes to say everything in one sentence, stumbling over the words and it takes Taehyung a second to figure out what he just said but when he does he doesn’t look amused. Not at all.

“Are you… serious, right now?”


The next few seconds are filled with the most tension Yoongi has ever witnessed. When he dares to open one of his eyes again to peek at the other, Taehyung looks like he’s about to explode. There’s fire in his eyes and he raises an accusing finger to bore it right into the elder’s chest. “Forget about the confession – How could I love a monster like you?!” He screeches. “Where is my baby?!”

“It’s a pullover!” Yoongi yells back – wrong fucking thing to say.

“It’s fucking cashmere!” Taehyung gasps, clutching his heart like Yoongi just insulted his whole existence. “Do you know how expensive that was?! You can’t just wash cashmere!”

“Well, how was I supposed to know?!” He argues – it’s not like those things come with a fucking instruction board. (They actually do but Yoongi doesn’t understand all those weird symbols printed on the tag. Like, how was he supposed to even know things like that existed until after the accident happened?! He has always just tossed everything in the washing machine – maybe not reds and whites but the rest? Laundry is laundry, right? Well, apparently not.)

“Common fucking sense?!”

“Seems like I lack it,” Yoongi huffs, crossing his arms in front of his chest, “Especially after considering that I fell for someone like you!”

Taehyung has already opened his mouth to retort something when he suddenly freezes up midmovement. His wide eyes turn towards Yoongi and he slowly relaxes, a disbelieving expression on his face as he whispers, “Wait a motherfucking second – you…. Fell for me?”

“So what if?” There’s no real point in denying it anymore. He said it. A huff leaves his lips and he’s about to talk about the fucking pullover – which could only fit his dog anymore – again when there are suddenly hands on his shoulders, pulling him forwards and before he even realizes what’s going on there’s a mouth on his own.

Taehyung kisses a lot like he does everything else in life. He kisses a little too much but that’s okay. There’s a lot of enthusiasm in the movement of his lips, an almost overwhelming urge to get as close to Yoongi as possible and the elder doesn’t even know how to react at first. The hands on his shoulders have moved, one has found its place buried in the shorter hairs at the back of his neck, slightly tugging while the other is squeezing his hip tightly. His own hands have found their way to Taehyung’s shoulder, holding on tightly to have something anchoring him.

It’s like the younger wants to devour him and Yoongi would willingly let him. He would let him do anything to him. Absolutely anything if he kisses him like that again. When the other’s tongue brushes against his bottom lip he immediately lets his mouth fall open with a high pitched whine. Taehyung seems to take that as his cue to lean back and disconnect their lips.

He’s smirking down at him, thumb stroking over the sliver of exposed skin on Yoongi’s hipbone while the other is still tugging at his hair, tilting his head back so they could look each other right in the eye. Yoongi really doesn’t have a choice to look anywhere else. Taehyung looks so fucking hot. Too fucking hot for his own good with his kiss-swollen lips, red and slick with spit. Eyes glowing feral and a light blush on his cheeks and that fucking smirk – Yoongi is going to combust.

His eyes flutter shut again when Taehyung leans closer, his own lips puckering a little on instinct but the touch never comes. Instead, he feels the younger’s breath hitting his jaw, lips brushing over his sensitive skin, going higher and higher up his neck. Yoongi can’t suppress the whole body shiver or the small whine leaving his lips – He’s been always sensitive at his neck, okay? His hands clench in the other’s shirt as his breath hits Yoongi’s ear.

“You still owe me a new cashmere pullover…” Taehyung whispers right in his ear before pulling away with a giggle, outright laughing at the bewildered expression on Yoongi’s face. The elder needs a second to come down from the featherlike neck kisses before he even realizes what’s going on. His own lips twitch up in a smile as he pulls out his wallet to check how much money he has inside.

“I have like three thousand won – I can offer noodles?” He chuckles, waving the money in front of the other’s face.

“Only if we eat them in the library,” Taehyung smirks, ducking out of the way and avoiding Yoongi’s poorly aimed punch to the shoulder.

“You live a dangerous life,” Yoongi shakes his head.

“You love a dangerous man.”

“More like a toddler in a full-grown body but I take it.”

He doesn’t hear what Taehyung says next because he’s pressing his lips against the others. He will never get fucking tired of kissing the weird but somehow perfectly charming Taehyung.

Yoongi sent the shrunken pullover back home and his older brother keeps him updated about the adventures of his little dog who's now wearing the cashmere garment. Taehyung thinks it's adorable.

Yoongi thinks the other is the most adorable thing in the whole world.