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The Kids Are Alright

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The watchtower is quite this time of night, everyone usually heads home around this time, to relax from the day of paroling, intergalactic threats, evil masterminds hatching nefarious plans. But, someone has to have monitor duty. And that's Roy Harper. Superhero identity: Red Arrow.

Roy's been a Leaguer for years now. He made the mantle of the Red Arrow with this team, his saw his best friend return when they thought he'd never come back. He brings his daughter, Lian Harper, here for practice, or just for fun, ever so often.
Man, that's really when him and his friends stopped feeling like kids. They're Justice Leaguers now. Dick joined the league later as Batman, after Bruce seemingly 'died' during the almost end of everything fighting Darkseid. Wally.... Was and had been the flash, he'd taken on the mantle of his mentor the fastest, ages before everyone else was on the league. Garth became Tempest, and Roy remembers teasing him about him finally getting out of those shorts. Sure Roy would be soaking wet by the end of the it. But it was always worth it.

This is what makes monitor duty bearable. The trips that Roy takes in his head down memory lane.

So he’s sitting there, looking at a few dozen screens, the lights warming his face as he rubs his eyes and put his hands through his long red hair. He’s been wanting to cut it for weeks now, but Lian likes it too much.

He arches his back, stretching his arms and letting out a long yawn.
“Hmmmm, let’s see what we got.” He yawns to himself .

Screen one: nothing
Screen two: nothing

Screens three through twenty seven? You guessed it, nothing.

“Need some company?” A voice in the dark asks. Roy turned around to see Dick Grayson, in the cape with the cowl down, holding two bottles of water. Roy smirked as he saw his buddy. With a raise of his arm he motioned him to stand by his chair. Dick threw the bottle of water up in the air as he walked. Roy reached for it without even looking up. And Dick yawned as he opened his.

"Quiet night, huh?" He said as he looked at the screens with Roy. Still nothing.

"Yeeeep." Roy sighed as he stretched again.
"hows Lian?" Dick wondered.
"The usual." Roy responded. "Damian?" He added to his comment. Damian and Dick had grown so close over the years, what with Bruce's 'death' for that almost two years. Dick chuckled as he drank some more water.

"Damian's doing okay. I've been meaning to give him the offer since Tuesday, but me and Kory have been a bit busy. Space stuff, you know how it goes." Dick told him as they continued to watch the screens together.

"Dude, you know i'm hardly in space these days. Or ever. Aside from y'know, right now."

"You should come with me and Kory next time. Couldn't hurt to try something new"

"No thanks bud, my idea of a vacation is watching Disney movies with Lian while eating take out."


"shut up dude." Roy groaned as he rolled his eyes. "Y'know we got to focus right? super important monitor duty and stuff. We could see evil masterminds' plans hatch at anytime." The mock seriousness was not lost on Dick.

"Uh huh, quaking in my bat-boots."

"I miss the pixie boots."

"You're gonna get covered in water if you bring those up again."

They laughed a bit at the thought of Dick Grayson, a grown man, going back in the Robin tights before changing the subject to something a little more important.

"So... Did Lian take it?" Dick asked. Roy looked at him like the answer was obvious, because it was.

"She's been bouncing off the walls ever since last Saturday. Who else took it so far?"

"Wally talked to Irey yesterday."

"Wait! let me guess! She.... Took the offer because that kid has been hinting she wants to join since before she was even a actual teenager."

"I mean, do we count 13 year olds?"

"Not the point, continue."
"So, Irey and Lian are in. Garth is gonna ask Kaldur tomorrow. I'll ask, and then probably convince Damian tomorrow. And I think it'd be a good idea to bring in Superboy too."
"Jon? Sounds like you wanna give your little brother an headache and a life time supply to ibuprofen."
"Hey, he's gotta learn to play nice and make friends sometime."

"Well, seems the new Ti- what the?" Roy started but was caught off by something on the monitor. The Royal Flush Gang. Of course. They seemed to be kidnapping the mayor of Blud-Haven. Also known as a usual Friday night.

"Oh come on! The one time I have a buddy for monitor duty I gotta deal with those clowns."
"Only one of them is a clown, there's a jester." Dick added. Messing with Roy is a favored pastime to him, especially when he's annoyed.
"You know you could just call it in?" He asked.
"Nah.... I need to stretch my legs. Up for some brave and the bold, pixie boots?"
Roy got up from his chair and picked up the quiver that's been leaning against the chair the whole night. Dick grabbed the cowl from behind his neck and flipped it over to cover his face. Roy stared at him for a second, its always like a switch being flipped when he's under that thing. He smiled a bit. And Dick noticed and smiled too.

"Whats up?"
"Nothing just, never thought i'd see the day."
"Oh my god, is that the great Roy Harper being sentimental?"
"Shut up and come on, Brave and the Bold, remember?"
"Yep. Time to go take care of business."

And they went, two boys who had become men, doing what their fathers had done before them. There's a long beeping noise as the two are beamed off the tower. And another beeping of Roy's phone left on the desk of the monitors. It brightened as a notification showed on the screen.

"Hey dad! Are you busy? Did uncle Dick ask Damian if he was gonna join? Because i'm so excited to see him!"

"We're gonna be Teen Titans!!!"