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Interloper Interlude

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What could Venom say? Earth, so far, what a let down.

Not only did it and the rest of the team have zero clue what the plan was, now that Riot was... well missing. No idea if they were coming back, did Riot have a backup plan for this? Was Riot even still alive after that shitty escape on that vessel, causing the crash? Was This the plan? There was no way of telling, Riot, as much a dominating team leader as it was... Didn't seem to always make the best decisions. Supposedly, the rest should just continue with the mission, no matter how disorganized that could get.

Were they doomed to fail?

All Venom knew was that they could not afford to stray, they had to find a good flesh suit, lay low, recover, wait for a sign from Riot? If that never came, the mission continued, as stated. Venom could do that. They were after all, personally picked by Riot for this. What a... change that was, for Venom. A few decades ago it would never have ever crossed their mind that they'd be part of something... this big. Historical, even.

The big problem, on the other hand, was the fact that they were imprisoned, by the very organization of humans that seemed to have found them on that asteroid. And now they were... fed humans in a bizarrely steady stream. Were humans this cold, to feed them their own? Why? If anything, it seemed as if though they had a massive interest in the symbiotes... That was, mildly confusing, unsettling. But at least they were fed, and that was a massive advantage. What was a huge disappointment, however... Was how average they were. Humans. There had been an innate feeling that they would be far tastier than this.

After the fourth or fifth human discarded, Venom was starting to think they were being deliberately fed sick, weak humans. Or this was as good as it'd get? The more it dug into the memories and thoughts of its hosts, the more it got the feeling that the first suspicion was the right one. They were malnourished, and they had been for a long time. It was starting to get a picture of what kind of society humans had... At least from these hosts.

There was a familiarity to Venom, that so far, things didn't seem so different here, than where they came from. There were people living comfortably, then there were the unfortunate ones. Invisible. Worthless. Weak.

So weak. Most hardly lasted a day before their bodies failed on Venom, not that it was exactly going easy on them either. A symbiote had to feed, after all.



This body was falling apart, the mind was was damaged, pitiful. It assumed this human was sick. And it had probably been so far before it became another invisible piece in the human system. Homeless was a word that came up a lot, in their memories. Mental illness. Not even the host seemed to understand it too well. 

Now as the human lay dying, tears blurred it's vision, and weak, uneven breaths hitched. Pathetic, really.
It was a human male, as it had come to understand. Humans reproduced binarily. As two, making a third. Seemed unnecessary. Why would a life form really need another on such a level? Seemed like a possible weakness to be exploited... Yet humans seemed to have an innate need for... Intimacy. Physically, emotionally... The chemicals in their heads seemed to respond well to being truly close with someone else.

Then it realized what the human was thinking about, just that. The humans that created it, broodmates, his kin, partners, too. The male had a reaction to that, a chemical released in it's brain, as bare bones as it was at this point of Venom feeding on it... but something was different about this, very different. It was delicious. Memories of good times with his peers. It had tasted this momentarily from other hosts, it was very potent. Unfortunate that it did not understand how to make the host brain produce more of that chemical... It hardly seemed worth the effort to try and seek it out, either, as nutritious as it was.

Through the fuzzy vision of the man, Venom could see figures start to move beyond the clear barrier, glass, that it had tried so hard to break and escape through. That meant exactly what it already knew, that the host did not have long now, and they were preparing a new one.
Dreary. What an existence. But how to escape it? Venom didn't know.

It turned its attention back on the host, realizing that it had so far never communicated with either of its hosts. Except the first one, perhaps, expressing disappointment in how underwhelming the experience was to it, after having failed to even scratch their prison. It couldn't properly bond with any of them, they were too weak, they didn't feel right. It didn't click.

Now, however, there was a... minimal amount of understanding for this powerless thing. And it had something to say, before the man slipped out of consciousness.

{Consider yourself lucky. You'll no longer be a burden and a waste on this planet, and the system around you. Your last purpose was to be fuel for something greater.}

There was no response, although it knew the man had registered its words. It was somewhat disappointing...
Then his heart stopped, and right away, the heat of the body slowly started to seep away, atom by atom. This was no more than an empty shell now.

Venom exited through his open mouth, into the cold, dangerous world outside. It heard a voice in the cell next to this one, calling out in distress, confused. There was the sharp sound of a small electric hatch opening, and in its gelatinous form it turned, slightly disoriented by the bright lights from the ceiling, and saw the same old opening into the next cell that it was used to, now.

It left its former host behind and slithered through the hatch, seeing a skinny, pale woman. She had dark messy hair and her bright eyes widened at the sight of it.

"Wh-what the fuck is that-" her voice cracked with fear, and she backed up against the glass wall, pressing against it when the alien thing began moving towards her. It didn't have all the time in the world, after all... It could only survive for so long in the harshness that was outside a host.
"Ah-stay away from me, no! Go away!" She shrieked, moving into the corner, banging her fists on the glass. "Let me out!! I didn't agree to this- please!!!"

She turned around suddenly when it was almost by her feet, and instinctually raised her bare foot, slamming it down into the oily pulp that was the symbiote, hoping to squash it like a bug.
It was still for a second, and the woman took a shaky breath, before the inky liquid began crawling up her leg, and she screamed again, trying frantically to tear it off, only for it to stick to her hands, moving towards her torso.

Beyond the glass, passive faces watched the struggle, and the inevitable, happen.