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Sweethearts Abound

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Izuku poured over the documents on his desk, constantly brushing his hair out of his eyes. He'd need to get it cut again soon. It was getting too long. He heard the door to his study open and there was a short list of people who would be so presumptuous to come into the king's study unannounced without so much as a knock.

"Good evening, Kacchan."

"It's morning dumbass."

Izuku turned towards the window and saw the first rays of sunlight. So it was. Had he really been working all night? It felt like only a couple of hours had passed since he'd started working.

"Good morning, Kacchan", Izuku corrected, giving his husband a tired smile.

"Good morning. Now get your ass to bed."

"I will in a minute. I just want to reach a good stopping point-"

"That's what you said when he told you to break for dinner, and again to break for bed, and again to break late into the night", Katsuki stomped over to his desk. "Now are you gonna come quietly or are you gonna make me wake up Ochaco because I sure as hell am not going to drag your fat ass to bed."

Izuku sighed and stood. The moment he did, he realized just how tired his limbs were. He entertained the thought of waking his wife so that she could float him to bed. But he'd rather not disturb her in this early hour. He trudged to bed, Katsuki close to his side but not touching him. Anyone else might have supported their king but this was Katsuki's way of punishing him for pulling an all-nighter.

He did however, help Izuku undress and put on some clothes more fitting for sleep when they got to his room. He wasn't totally heartless. Katsuki led Izuku to the bed. Or rather Shouto's bed. Because it was Shouto's room. Katsuki made sure Izuku got in on Shouto's left side. It was naturally warm and like sleeping under a soft ray of sun.

Katsuki knew from experience that anyone would have a hard time pulling away to get out of bed. As he expected, Izuku cuddled right up to him. Shouto just barely shifted in Izuku's direction but stayed asleep. Katsuki left them like that and went back to his room. A few hours later, the rest of the castle began to awaken, as it was closer to a more reasonable hour.

Tenya and Momo were usually the first to rise. Since they usually got up at the same time, they started their morning together with a light jog around the palace grounds. Shouto and Katsuki were the next to rise. Shouto would normally get right into his morning routine when he awoke but he noticed the new addition to his bed.

He had no way of knowing just when Izuku got into bed with him, but Shouto wasn't looking to awaken him any time soon regardless. So today was a special occasion where he stayed in bed past waking. Out of them all, Ochaco was the last to rise most mornings but she was no slouch. She still got up in time to meet everyone in the dining hall for breakfast and get started with her day.

Katsuki had told them that Shouto and Izuku would be absent and it didn't need explaining why. They had all seen Izuku up in his study late the previous night. They decided to let him sleep as much as he wanted today. Not just because it would be good for him but because tomorrow was special.

It was the beginning of the Harvest Festival.