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Alhaqiqat Almakhafiya

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He sat beside the scarlet mech, watching the sky swirl with fire and smoke. It’s been three orbital cycles since Megatron left. Left to search for the Allspark. The mech knew it would be sooner or later he would have to leave Cybertron, and leave behind his mate. Gently, his mate wrapped his arm around his shoulder, holding him closer. He knew it was to comfort them both.

Sighing, Wavelength turned to face his mate, knowing he had to tell him.

Turns out he had the same idea. His mate had turned to face him, a look of defeat in his optics. Wavelength kept his face neutral, but his E.M field was wild, trying to grasp his mates.

"We are goin' to leave Cybertron," his mate admitted, grief in his voice. Wavelength's face softened, and he reached one servo out to place it one his cheek plate. He understood what was trying to be said.

"I understand," Wavelength whispered, knowing what was going on, "We are going to leave Cybertron as well, no doubt to locate him ." They both shuddered, knowing exactly who they were talking about. The area became tense, seeming to prevent any joy from entering. Wavelength opened his mouth to ask something, but then seemed to have thought better about it.

To bad his mate didn't let it go immediately.

"Is everything okay?" he asked, concern gleaming  in his optics, "Do you need help with something?" Wavelength shook his helm, feeling guilty for what he was about to ask.

"Is Bumblebee alright?" he blurted out, the scarlet mech freezing in place. And he didn't blame him, he must have seen the state he was in. Fortunately, his mate only saw him after the torture. Wavelength wasn't so lucky. He was one of the many cybertronians who saw Bumblebee being tortured brutally, Megatron trying to get information out of him. He heard his screams, before he stopped because he was so exhausted from the pain.

He wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. His mate looked ready to purge, and he realized that Bumblebee must have had to go through an extensive amount of surgery. Wavelength tapped his mates shoulder, trying to get his attention.

"Bumblebee lost his voice," he admitted quietly, optics gleaming with sadness. Wavelength stared at him, an alarmed look on his face. Wavelength felt his half processed energon trying to leave his fueling tanks, horrified by what he heard.

Wavelength screeched, "Bumblebee lost his voice?!" His mate nodded sharply, and Wavelength felt sympathy swirling in his spark. "Primus, the mechling has already been tortured by Megatron. Now he lost his voice to that monster?! Slag, he is one tough Autobot. I hope he lives through this." The scarlet mech glanced at him empathetically, understanding what he was thinking. 

“How’s tha lil’ spark?” his mate asked, trying to change the subject. Wavelength smiled softly, stroking his sparkcasing gently. Underneath the smooth alloy, a small spark pulsed in rhythm with his own. His mate grinned, tucking Wavelength’s helm under his chin plate. His own spark pulsed with their sparklings’ and Wavelength’s.

He could listen to both of them forever

He stroked Wavelength’s helm, sending his love and adoration through their sparkbond. He felt Wavelength respond with joy, tightening the embrace around him. But behind the happy facade, they knew. Knew that their sweetspark would grow up knowing nothing but war, knew that no one except one mech and some members of his team knew.

They would have to give them up

Their sweetspark would have to live a life ignorant of the war

This was the price to pay. They would do whatever it takes to protect their sparkling….