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Kassandra’s arms/hands. Any girl.


The storm swelled water pushed the ship around roughly, the wind whipping through the sails. The crew yelled instructions to each other over the roar of the storm and water crashing against the sides of the ship. They were nearly through the worst of it but Kassandra knew by this point not to let her guard down. She commanded to bring the sails in and have the rowers concentrate their strength on pushing them forward. She glanced to the side where Aspasia was crouched down, gripping the rail for dear life. She wobbled over to her as fast as she could.

“Aspasia! You should be below deck!” She shouted, gripping the rail herself and trying to shield the woman as best she could from the rain.

“I am fine! Just concentrate on getting us out of this fucking storm.” Aspasia shouted back, looking up with determination. “I am the least of your worries right now!” Kassandra regarded her for a moment with a frown.

“I would feel better -”

“Captain!” Barnabas interrupted her with a worried shout. Kassandra turned as she heard the loud crack of splintering wood and watched as part of one of the main masts splintered off and began to fall down toward the two of them. Time seemed to slow as she stepped closer to Aspasia and raised her arms and braced her legs against the deck. She let out a loud shout of pain as she caught the heavy fallen section of beam and strained to hold it. It was still partially connected to the mast and she struggled to hold it upright. She felt her arms straining and blood was mixing with water running down from her hands - the splintered wood cutting into her hands. Aspasia looked up from under her arms and gasped as a flash of lighting illuminated the sight. Kassandras face was screwed up in pain, her arms bulging with the effort. She quickly scurried out from underneath and glanced around.

“Someone hurry up and help her!” She yelled at the crew who were all still a little stunned. As they snapped to action Kassandra dropped to one knee, her arms shaking. A few of the crew members ran up and helped lift the beam off as Barnabas commanded the rest of them to maintain speed out of the storm. As the others gently laid the beam down Aspasia ran over to Kassandra who slumped against the rail staring at her bleeding shaking hands. She looked up as Aspasia crouched in front of her and relief washed over her face.

“Are you okay?” She said, her voice giving away her sheer exhaustion.

“I’m fine, we need to get you out of this rain!” Aspasia said, concern heavy in her voice. Kassandra nodded and tried to push herself up but failed, yelping in pain. Aspasia gently wrapped her arm over her shoulder.

“Someone help me get her below deck!” She called out and Odessa quickly hurried over. They used an arm over each shoulder to carry Kassandra down below deck.

“Is she -” Odessa asked worriedly as they lowered her onto a thatched bed.

“She will be okay.” Asapsia interrupted. “Thank you, but I think you will be more help up top.” Odessa nodded and glanced at Kassandras torn hands before running back up. Kassandra stared wearily at them.

“I think I ruined them.” She said, her tone almost deadpan. Her muscles ached more than they ever had, no matter how much she had put her body through before. Aspasia crouched and gently took the misthios hands in hers, turning them over to look at the palms. She dabbed at them with a cloth, trying to keep her face neutral. “Are they ruined?” Kassandra asked, her voice shaking slightly. Aspasia smiled kindly while grabbing the linen wrap next to her.

“You will hold your spear again, do not despair.” She said, and began wrapping the straps gently around her hands. Kassandra watched, her heart still racing from the adrenaline and pain. Aspasia held them for a moment after she had finished wrapping them. “You risked everything to save me.” She murmured quietly.

“Well i was also saving the ship from getting a hole busted in it as well, don’t forget.” Kassandra said smugly. Aspasia frowned slightly.

“Of course. It wasn’t just for me.” She hastily said, her face flushing slightly and she made to stand up. Kassandra quickly raised her bandaged hands to Aspasia’s face and tilted her face up to look at her. Kassandras face softened into a smile at the hurt look.

“Of course it was for you.” She reassured, her thumb caressing Asapsia still damp cheek. Aspasia placed her hands gently on top of Kassandras. She lent forward and lightly pressed her lips against the misthios, leaning her forehead against the other womans. Her hands caressed down Kassandras forearms, feeling the tenseness of her muscles. She pressed her lips harder against Kassandra’s, gripping onto her arms. Kassandra kissed her back, moving her tender hands gently down to place on Apasias hips. Neither of them noticed the rough swaying of the ship settling. Aspasia broke the kiss and lent back just slightly to take in the Kassandras face. Her eyes both intense and soft watching Aspasia with curiosity. Aspasia shook her head with a somewhat frustrated laugh.

“You aren’t supposed to be like this.” She followed up with as Kassandra frowned. Aspasia quickly kissed her again, running her hands up and down her arms. “That is a compliment Misthios.” She reassured. Kassandra watched her a moment, trying to figure out what she could mean, distracted by the throbbing of her hands and the ache of her muscles. Aspasias gentle pressure on her arms helped and she let her head fall forward onto the other woman’s chest, exhaustion taking over.

“Stay with me.” She murmured, feeling pathetic. Aspasia stroked her hair and smiled.

“Of course.” She responded and kissed the misthios head.




I like the idea of Kassandra getting hurt and Aspasia fretting over her about it, not a major injury or anything. Maybe just got bruised and what not and when Kassandra starts shutting Aspasia up with a kiss. Bonus points if Myrrine walks in on the kiss lol

Can you write a jealous Aspasia? 


Kassandra knew it was a dangerous mission but accepted it anyway. She wanted to help the little old lady and if that meant risking herself then she would do it. The drachmae glinting on the table also helped motivate her as a little extra incentive. 

“I require three of the black and two of the red.” Were the instructions given and Kassandra clenched her jaw and nodded, staring at the thickly growing rose bushes in front of her. The black roses were in the middle of the field, the red surrounding them. She looked down at her bare legs and sighed.

“I suppose there is no point putting it off.” She said through gritted teeth and glanced back at the old woman who waved happily at her. She started walking through the bushes, careful not to squish any of them and felt the sharp stings of multiple thorns splitting her skin. She knew they would barely leave a scar but it was an unpleasant feeling. Blood dribbled down her legs and pooled in her boots making her slip slightly in them. She finally made it to the black ones and picked them and grabbed two of the surrounding red ones. She waded back, her legs really stinging by this point and handed them to the woman, accepting the drachmae in return.

“Do you mind it I take one or two of the red roses?” She asked the woman, who nodded happily, humming. Kassandra grabbed two red roses and set off back toward her mothers current house, grimacing as she slipped around in her boots. She soon reached the house and headed toward her room, holding the flowers by her side. As she ascended the stairs Aspasia appeared at the top and Kassandra tried to quickly hide the flowers behind her back but as she moved so suddenly her foot slipped on a small amount of blood she had dribbled and very ungracefully face planted the stairs. 

“Kassandra?” Asapsia called out as she watched the misthios seemingly just collapse in front of her. She could see rivers of blood running down the womans legs and the blood dribbling out of her nose. “Kassandra you are injured! Quickly! We must get your wounds attended to!” She hurried down and helped Kassandra up. The misthios tried to argue but was too busy pinching her nose to stem the flow.

“I am fine Aspasia. It is just a little nosebleed.” She said nasally. Aspasia ignored her and helped her into her room and onto the edge of her bed.

“What happened to you?” She asked - grabbing a bowl with water and rags. “You look like you are lucky to have gotten away!” Aspasias voice was high and full of worry and she crouched down and took Kassandras boots off, gasping as some blood dribbled out. She began to wipe the blood away frowning slightly. “So many wounds. What were you doing?” Kassandra - still pinching her nose despite the bleeding having stopped - held out the slightly crumpled roses.

“I was gardening.” She said sheepishly. “I had to fetch some roses from a rose field for a woman -” Aspasia stopped wiping and glared up at Kassandra.

“You did this to yourself for a woman?” She said incredulously before standing up and crossing her arms. Kassandra looked at her slightly guilty. “You tore yourself up just to impress a woman. I know you like your women Kassandra but look at the damage you have done to yourself!” Aspasia exclaimed before continuing to clean her legs, shaking her head while she did it. “Just to impress another woman. Why you want want to chase someone who requires you to be injured just to impress her…” She grumbled, and Kassandra winced slightly at the pressure she put on the wounds. She couldn’t help but think Aspasia at this point was more jealous than worried.

“It isn’t that bad. They are only light scratches, you don’t need to worry.” She explained, plucking a petal off the rose. “She wanted the flowers for her daughter who is sick and bed bound. The black ones are her favourite.” Kassandra put the roses down and grabbed Aspasias hand with one of hers and lifted her chin with the other. “I was not trying to impress anyone.” She assured her and Aspasia narrowed her eyes slightly.

“Okay, but i must fix these wounds.” She protested, glancing down at them. Kassandra let out a small laugh. 

“They are fine. I will be fine.” She said humorously. “But it is cute to see you worry so much about me.” She teased. Aspasia opened her mouth to retaliate but Kassandra took the opportunity to swoop in for a kiss, easing the woman up off the floor to stand over her. 

“I know you are trying to distract me” Asapsia murmured through the kiss, her hands on either side of the misthios face. Kassandra smiled into the kisses.

“Is it working?” She replied and pulled Aspasia onto her lap. 

“Kassandra! I saw the trail of blood leading up here! Are you oka-” Both women jerked apart, Aspasia stumbling back slightly tipping the water bowl.



Both women called out at the same time. Myrrine stood with her mouth slightly agape at the sight - before Kassandra stood up, her hands in the air.

“I can explain everything!”