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“They say that a lost crew will fly ever higher, gaining wings of their own, not just the ones on their jackets,” Viktoriya said quietly as they turned from the memorial stone.

Alexandra looked up into the bright blue sky, tracking the arc of a contrail, the initial sharpness fading as it grew fuzzy and half-dissipated in the distance. She looked back down and smiled at Viktoriya, slipping her own hand into her warm and soft hand.

They walked in companionable silence around the gardens, letting their feet take them wherever. Time together was an oasis between long flights, jet-lag, and the smell of jet fuel.

Back in the hotel, Alexandra lounged in a chair as Viktoriya showered. Steam wafted from the bathroom as Alexandra watched through the open door, grinning every time she got a peek of Viktoriya's body. Finally, the water was turned off and a fluffy white towel covered her up as she emerged.

Viktoriya smouldered as she walked over, like a model on a catwalk, stopping to stand in front of Alexandra.

“You know what, Sasha? I've always wanted to go into the cockpit when you're all strapped into your harness, then straddle you, kiss you everywhere, drive you wild,” Viktoriya said as she leaned forward.

Alexandra laughed and slipped a finger up Viktoriya's thigh. “That's against the regulations. Most unprofessional.”

“You're no fun,” Viktoriya sighed melodramatically. “Never mind, I have an excellent imagination. I can just picture you in your uniform, all spit and polished. The straps just so,” she drew her hands down Alexandra's shoulders, coming to rest upon her breasts.

Alexandra kept her hand on Viktoriya's thigh, drawing her closer with the other. Viktoriya straddled her and gazed into her eyes, before kissing along her neck and up her jaw.

Alexandra tilted her head back, rolling her neck in bliss. She got a grip on the towel and slowly pulled it away from Viktoriya's slender body, the other hand slipping further between her legs.

Viktoriya tenderly moved Alexandra's head back to face her. “I want you to watch every move I make, I want to see forever in your eyes. I want to hear you gasp my name.”

Alexandra nuzzled her cheek against Viktoriya's hand and looked deep into her eyes. “You are light and life. You give me wings, Vika. Fly with me.”