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How Wrong You Are

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Kakashi felt feverish, like he did every heat, but the battle had made him truly flushed.

Every other jounin in the field – dead or alive, Konoha or Mist – was an alpha with the exception of a few stray betas on each side. There were no other omegas in the corpse-strewn forest besides Kakashi: the harsh reality of being an elite shinobi meant dreams crushed when first presenting as an omega, a life of being kept in the village, being overly protected and set aside to be mated.

Every Konoha omega experienced it… except Kakashi.

Turning his head upward, he promptly made eye contact – his real black eye and his spinning red Sharingan – with a Mist jounin trying to get the drop on him. The other man literally shuddered mid-air as Kakashi’s heat-heightened omega scent suddenly hit him and then shuddered again when Kakashi slammed his tanto sword straight through his sternum.

Kakashi wiped his weapon free of blood on the dead Mist jounin’s shoulder, glancing around to assess the situation and see who else was left standing. Somewhere far behind Kakashi could feel the chakra and smell the faint scent of Maito Gai, one of the most restrained alphas that Kakashi had ever met. He was frankly relieved that his friend was nowhere near him, because Kakashi wasn’t willing to end the hour without relief, and he hated being rejected by Gai, which happened practically every heat, especially when they were out on the battlefield together.

He killed another two Mist jounin, both terribly unremarkable men who he’d felt literally no interest in, before he caught the very alluring scent of one flame-red-haired enemy nin. The man was flinging wild sprays of kunai from his oversized cloak and excessive dark cloth sleeves as he leapt from tree to tree, simultaneously running away from and towards a single Leaf nin intent on chasing him. As Kakashi purposefully neared him, he watched the Konoha chuunin in pursuit catch a kunai straight in the throat and drop dead in a sudden heap. The enemy nin swung around, sensing Kakashi’s unexpected presence behind him, but he staggered backwards as the dual awareness of Kakashi’s killing intent and omega heat struck him all at once.

The man’s bright sun-orange-colored eyes ripped over Kakashi’s lean muscular form, and he looked absolutely torn between tackling Kakashi, leaping away, and throwing kunai at him.

“Don’t you smell good,” Kakashi said darkly, his father’s tanto gripped in his hand.

The Mist nin looked at the weapon for one sharp moment before he squared his shoulders and started to enact his final decision. But Kakashi was too quick for him – he always found he was much faster in heat – and soon the other man was flat on his back with Kakashi’s hands deeply threaded in his silky red hair and Kakashi’s mask-freed mouth capturing his without mercy. The Mist nin struggled for just a second, his arms coming up to push Kakashi’s shoulders away, but then suddenly he, too, was overcome by primitive lust and his hands instead grabbed Kakashi’s ass, shoving their two bodies together.

Shifting his position rapidly, Kakashi moaned into the Mist’s neck, feeling the man’s abruptly erect cock slide pleasantly and forcefully against his own. The enemy nin tore at Kakashi’s flak jacket with rough calloused hands and shoved it aside before unsuccessfully pulling at Kakashi’s pants. As Kakashi started to sit back up to get things moving along, the Mist jounin spontaneously produced a kunai in hand and instantly cut Kakashi’s belt into two pieces. Although Kakashi rapidly caught his wrist, disarming him, unwilling to let the weapon remain, the enemy nin expressed not a single bit of concern and used his free hand to jerk down Kakashi’s pants and underwear, freeing his fully hard cock into the damp forest air. The red-haired nin hurriedly yanked down his own pants, and Kakashi dropped the Mist jounin’s wrist to take the other man’s cock in his hand, relishing the sweet feel of soft skin on such a hard shaft. The enemy nin groaned incoherently as Kakashi started stroking him, but the man wasn’t too distracted because his own fingers urgently found Kakashi’s cock and ass in an extraordinary show of skill.

“C’mon,” Kakashi suddenly growled, and the Mist nin needed no other encouragement, because he pushed his cock deep into Kakashi without warning. Their moans were quite different: the enemy was nearly hissing at the pained pleasure of their fucking, while Kakashi's was pure unadulterated relief. He quickly slapped the Mist jounin’s hands off his hips and began to fuck himself on the other man’s cock at the vigorous pace and with the brutal force that he wanted. But he admittedly felt quite some surprise when the enemy nin grabbed his erection and began fiercely stroking him in turn.

Kakashi laughed sharply at the sight: the Mist jounin’s huge black sleeves had fallen back, revealing thick straps of kunai around his powerful arms. His endless sharp-edged weapons and pronounced muscles looked insanely obscene and unnatural as he jerked Kakashi off, his black-clad body roughly pushing upwards into him.

But the fucking was good, very good, and he was immensely relieved when he felt the hot pressure pour upwards through him and finally hit that familiar perfect peak. He enjoyed the traitorous sight of conquest as his cum shot across the Mist jounin’s black shirt and tangled portion of his dark cloak. Kakashi’s eyes dually flashed, his Sharingan going wild, as the man underneath him seized up just a few moments later, clutching the fallen leaves on the forest floor.

Soon enough, Kakashi removed himself from the other man. He flatly disregarded the feel of the enemy nin’s cum dampening his pants as he pulled all of his clothes back in order.

The Mist jounin stared up at him, trying to catch his breath, his groin and thighs still exposed.

Looking back over his shoulder, Kakashi partially turned and stated casually, “Well, I knew you would have told me no – again – so I had to make do with what I could find.”

Maito Gai glared back at him. He had a slight cut through one overly thick eyebrow; blood was dripping down his strong cheekbone and chin. He had eyes only for Kakashi, as if the Mist jounin were an invisible figment of someone else’s imagination. Gai’s alpha scent was its familiar blend of agonizingly sweet smoke and pure masculine sweat. Each time Kakashi was in heat he found that his friend’s smell dragged every possible ill-behaved part of Kakashi right into existence.

Kakashi gave him a broad, mischievous smile, having deliberately dropped his mask so he could better kiss the enemy nin and moan contentedly above him. But Gai would have none of it: his black eyes narrowed in displeasure, and Kakashi felt some of his resolve leave him.

“Fine, fine,” Kakashi reluctantly submitted, rolling his eyes –

– before he threw a stolen kunai into the Mist jounin’s throat in the same precise motion that the man had used minutes earlier to kill the Konoha chuunin.

Gai stared down at him as Kakashi approached. He firmly pushed his hand against Gai’s flak jacket and gazed provocatively up at him. “If you ever want to join in, you know you can,” he teased, but there was a rolling dark promise in his voice, and they both heard it all too well.

As he always did when solicited, Gai steadfastly removed Kakashi’s hand and drew up the other man’s mask in nearly the same effortless motion. Kakashi sighed in disappointment before shrugging Gai away and putting his sword aside. After covering up his Sharingan, he pushed his hands deep into his pockets and affected bored detachment to his surroundings.

They walked in tandem through the forest, both silently keeping track of the dead on each side, until they located the other surviving jounin and chuunin of the Konoha defense. Kakashi paid absolutely no attention to the various conversations that erupted when they finally appeared, but he could tell his heat was bothering more than a few of the Konoha alphas who were riding the battlefield high of victory. They could all smell him far too finely with chakra-enhanced senses and Kakashi’s shamelessly radiating omega scent, but he didn’t care enough to rein it in.

As always, Gai stayed resolutely by his side, and no one had the courage to push him aside to proposition Kakashi. Gai answered the very few questions directed at both of them and soon brought Kakashi forward by dragging him by his elbow, wordlessly directing them towards Konoha.

Predictably, a few hundred yards from the village, Gai stopped him and declared in a remarkably tight voice, “Rival, you cannot fuck the enemy.”

Kakashi shrugged, looking away from him. With his stance being totally indifferent and his mask covering nearly three-fourths his face, he knew he was difficult to read, even for Gai, who had known him for years now. He was already feeling the itch again, and Gai’s presence was doing the same irritating thing it always did when he was in heat, especially during or after battle.

Gai’s hands came down on his shoulders, solidly redirecting his attention. “Kakashi, I mean it,” he implored further, so seriously that Kakashi felt a little ashamed, a rarity for him. “What you did was dangerous! He could have killed you while you – while you were –”

Kakashi couldn’t help but be amused by his friend, and he rose both eyebrows, encouraging Gai to complete his sentence. But the huge taijutsu master shook his head, unable to finish his remark, and he gripped Kakashi’s shoulders tighter. “You know that I cannot be with you, but you must not lose yourself in battle as you just did,” Gai warned, his gaze going soft and concerned. Kakashi’s guilt exponentially increased, but then he brought his hands rapidly over Gai’s forearms, forcing the other man to let him go.

Kakashi realized he was being impudent and petulant, but he still found himself snarling back at his surprised friend, anyway, accusing him: “So, you just want me to stay at home to fuck myself with toys? See how quickly I can exhaust myself before I can be useful to Konoha again?” When Gai reached for him, Kakashi expertly dodged his outstretched hand and glowered at him. “You’re selfish. You smell fucking divine, and you’re a selfish fucking prick.”

Gai flushed instantly at the comment, and he stepped backwards, unprepared for the turn in their heated conversation. Facial expression full of anxiety, he stared at Kakashi before his shoulders slumped and he nodded weakly in evident despair. “I do not have an answer for you, rival, but I cannot be with you. You are my friend, and I would hurt you.”

It was the first time that Gai had managed to explain his years of rejection, and Kakashi blinked in confusion, wanting suddenly to open his Sharingan to capture the soft sorrow on his friend’s face. He asked quietly, confused, “What do you mean…?”

Gai’s face went even redder and it looked for a second that he might not respond, but he eventually admitted, “I would not be gentle with you, and I cannot stand the idea of injuring you, even if you – ah –” Gai looked desperately away from Kakashi, terribly embarrassed. “Even if you enjoyed it, I know I would not.” He swallowed in discomfort and looked pitifully back at Kakashi. His gaze, for the first time, showed the very vaguest sense of want, which greatly pleased Kakashi before it made him immeasurably depressed. Gai concluded in a soft tone, “Please do not ask me again.”

“Fine,” Kakashi muttered, ignoring how he sounded like a pissed off adolescent boy. He waved Gai away and started heading towards one of the streams near Konoha. He could actually feel his friend following him, his alpha scent growing protectively stronger. Without turning around, Kakashi asserted cuttingly back at him, “I don’t need you, Gai. Go home. Find someone you don’t know and fuck them senseless.”

He could tell he’d hurt Gai the very moment he made his comment, but he felt twisted and deeply dissatisfied, and it seemed only natural to try and make his only friend feel similarly. Before he even started walking again, Gai’s scent vanished: he had completed a Body Flicker jutsu, an absolute aberration from his usual behavior. Kakashi winced at himself, knowing he’d bit the only hand that cared for him, but he shrugged it off again, resuming his slow stroll to the stream.

When a roaming Konoha jounin appeared, having been attracted by Kakashi’s unbridled omega scent made all the worse by his heat, Kakashi had stared at him so ruthlessly that the other man had flung both hands up in defeat and vanished, too. He rolled his eyes at the idiocy of alphas. But, then again, Kakashi knew too many sweet-faced, sugar-coated omegas in Konoha who pined away for a mate and spread their legs for whatever alpha could make them the sweetest stupidest pledges of love and longing.

He had never done such a thing, not once in his life.

Why help an alpha, anyway? They thought themselves the pinnacle of clever and strong, but honestly, why did they? Because their version of heat made them want to fuck? Because their scent dominated space in a flooding, full sensory, intimidating fashion? Because society privileged people who wanted to fuck others?

Kakashi shrugged off the questions. He had many different ways of dealing with alphas, which ranged from killing them to maiming them to using them to letting them think he was being used. He’d never been remotely near anyone he could sense was a possible mate. But Kakashi didn’t know if he really believed that everyone – or anyone – had true mates. He certainly recognized that heats and ruts were real, that alphas loved fucking and omegas loved getting fucked, but the whole idea of soul-bonding and mating for life seemed dumbly romantic. It was the sort of dreamy ideal promised to omegas when alphas just wanted to pound them unconscious.

He navigated his way to the stream on old instinct. He liked the little fish that swam in the water, although that was far too sentimental to admit to anyone. Now, his heat swamping him again, Kakashi was thinking very keenly about getting in the water and using his hands to get off before he returned to Konoha. Inside the village, he could find some lower-ranked alpha who happened to be in rut and use him until the man wore out – and then find another alpha and repeat until this heat finally, thankfully, finished.

Kakashi was more than a little surprised to see someone else at the stream – and even more so to see that the person was Umino Iruka, one of Konoha’s better teachers at the Academy. The other man noticed him after a moment and waved him over, smiling widely. “Kakashi-san!” Iruka called out, patting the spot beside him. “Please join me.”

Although it took a small jump to clear the stream, Kakashi did, if only because he was curious about Iruka’s presence outside the village. He must have known about the Mist assault and yet he was very much outside Konoha, sitting peacefully at the shallow water’s edge.

Iruka was omega, like Kakashi. He took incredible care when he went into heat, disappearing into his ward-blocked apartment at regular intervals. He was all soft curves and sweet brown hair and dark fluttering eyes – the perfect omega. He perpetually stayed in the village. He was a born caretaker, teaching children, tending scratched knees and snotty noses, feeding alley cats, helping old ladies cross streets, all that stupid nonsense that defined omega behavior.

Iruka made feel Kakashi like it was a huge mistake that he had first presented years ago as an omega. He knew too well that many people still assumed he was an alpha: it had been incorrectly written time and time again in enemy documents that he was an alpha. He couldn’t count how many times people expressed ridiculous shock when they found out that not only was Kakashi an omega but that he didn’t hide away during his heats.

Settling beside Iruka, Kakashi remembered the Third Hokage once scolding him, bluntly telling him, “Someone could take advantage of you, you could be raped,” which had caused an unfortunate sequence of events that had ended with a number of ANBU restraining Kakashi from further harming Hiruzen, who had definitely not appreciated being clocked in the face.

“No wounds from the battle?” Iruka correctly guessed, looking sideways at Kakashi.

Kakashi glanced down at himself. He did have blood splattered across various parts of his uniform, and he knew his cum and that of the dead Mist jounin had dried inside his pants. There had been more than a few attempts on his life in the last hour, but most of those were hampered by moronic alpha jounin who couldn’t commit to killing a delicious-smelling omega. They were all dead twenty miles behind him now. But, instead of saying any of that, Kakashi shook his head negatively and claimed carelessly, “I managed to survive without a scratch.”

Iruka leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and examining Kakashi better. He had that single strange scar crossing his face, but most of his brown skin remained clear without a mark. Like any good omega, really, Kakashi thought. Hidden away in Konoha, kept secret and protected, letting the alphas do all the dirty work for him.

Kakashi internally rolled his eyes as Iruka noted amiably, watching Kakashi’s irritated expression, “But you’re in heat, huh? Not afraid of going out in battle like that?”

“I can get fucked outside the village, too,” Kakashi instantly replied, his self-defense swinging upwards like an earth barrier jutsu. Iruka’s thin brown eyebrows went high at his antagonistic attitude, but Kakashi felt vulnerable by admitting anything, and so he lashed out snidely, glaring at Iruka sitting beside him, “You just stay inside with toys, like all the other omegas.”

Iruka blinked and replied slowly, “No, I don’t, actually.”

Kakashi’s single-eyed gaze sharpened on the other man. He knew Iruka certainly did stay inside during his heats: Kakashi kept rather meticulous track of the tumultuous hormonal horrors going on throughout the village, and Iruka had a very strict pattern that he kept ritualistically.

So, why lie now? Because he thought Kakashi didn’t know about his schedule?

Kakashi asserted with an annoyed glare, “You go inside every heat. Don’t pretend otherwise.”

Iruka looked at him quite blankly before a small, distant smile came over his face. He deliberately glanced up and down Kakashi’s form, taking in the blood and disheveled nature of his uniform. Then he leaned back, resting his weight on his palms, spreading his legs in front of him.

Voice impossibly casual, Iruka finally conceded, “Well, I go inside every rut, that’s true.”

Kakashi stared at him anew. He could barely believe his ears. Why fucking lie about being omega! It wasn’t something that could seriously be done! Between the outrageous heats – and fuck, Kakashi was feeling it badly now, his body temperature escalating, his cock rousing in fury – and the way that alphas studied him with predatory eyes, there was absolutely no way to deny being omega, everyone registered it, even the poor damn betas caught in the middle.

“You’re not an alpha,” Kakashi said flatly.

Keeping his eyes on Kakashi, Iruka mused aloud, “Oh, no?”

Kakashi growled, suddenly taking off his flak jacket and rolling up his sleeves. “No, Iruka-sensei,” he sneered, aggravation making his tone thick and insulting. “You don’t smell like an alpha at all. You’re not responding to me at all. And I am in the dead fucking middle of a heat – which I know you’ve been through, too, so don’t play stupid games.”

Iruka watched him remove his jacket with aloof interest and tolerated the insults without the slightest bit of resistance. When Kakashi licked his lips while glowering at him, Iruka finally replied, his voice casual and simply informative, “I don’t smell like an alpha because I’m on scent-suppressants.”

Kakashi ran his eyes over the other man suspiciously. “That’s not a thing. Alphas don’t take scent-suppressants. Why would they?”

Iruka smiled softly and glanced away to study the stream. After a moment, Kakashi determinedly followed his gaze and realized that Iruka had found the little fish that so interested Kakashi when he visited the water. He was so transfixed by the delicate white fish that he nearly startled as Iruka suddenly spoke again, his tone clear but despondent, “The world responds differently to alphas and omegas; I don’t appreciate that discrimination. There’s expectations on how alphas are supposed to behave, and I’m not interested in being boxed in.”

Kakashi stared at him, feeling suddenly exposed.

He was immensely skeptical of the story that Iruka was weaving so perfectly in explanation of his not-omega existence. He had seen Iruka around the village for years and had felt absolutely no interest in the other man. Iruka had not once smelled like an alpha; he had never seemed flustered in the face of Kakashi’s heat or that of any other omega. He wasn’t even responding now, when Kakashi was crawling out of his skin, wanting to be fucked!

Because Iruka was an omega. This was all a cruel joke. “I don’t believe you,” Kakashi finally accused, feeling sulky and cornered. He wanted to go into the water and fuck himself with his fingers and jerk off and float downstream, not bother with the absurd fantasy of a delusional omega, who was the very stereotypical model of their kind.

Iruka glanced back at Kakashi, smiling more widely at him. “No?” he responded, and Kakashi actually did roll his eyes at the other man then. Looking rather amused, Iruka posed his next question easily, “So if I lowered my chakra control and you got the remnants of my alpha scent, you might believe me, huh?”

Kakashi stood up, brushing the dirt off his pants. “Sure, Iruka-sensei,” he agreed off-handedly. He would walk upstream some and take care of himself there. Get the fuck away from this deceptive excuse for a ---

He suddenly doubled over, intense arousal punching him hard in the gut. His vision swam all sorts of pretty impossible colors, and he grabbed at his face, instinctively trying to cover his Sharingan but found it wasn’t open at all. He stumbled forward before trying to correct his stance and realized with increasing alarm that his barely erect cock had become so hard that his pants looked like he was containing a steel pole behind straining cloth.

The scent became clearer to him after the first second passed and then even more strikingly pronounced over the next few moments. It was dizzying, disorienting: while there were some soft distant floral notes, much of the alpha scent was heavy rolling metal, like too much blood spilled in battle or molten metal being forged into weaponry.

And unbelievably – it was all emanating from Iruka.

Kakashi barely could focus on the teacher’s face, but he managed to get just a glimpse of Iruka’s expression, which looked quite smug but also rather strangely sad.

Then, as fast as the alpha scent had crushed the life out of the site by the stream, Iruka pulled it all back in, and the other man suddenly had his hand on Kakashi’s shoulder, his face by Kakashi’s, his mouth near Kakashi’s ear, “I told you the truth. Now, don’t hurt yourself out here.”

Before Kakashi could really register what was happening, Iruka’s warm breath brushed the length of his neck, and the other man was laughing softly against the bare delicate skin under his earlobe. His words were dark flawless promise: “You don’t even know what I would do to you.”

Kakashi stiffened completely as Iruka’s hand perilously slid up the front of his clothed throat and his tongue licked so very lightly over the curve of Kakashi’s ear. His whisper was pure, sinister heat: “You have such low standards for alphas, I’d hate for you to see how wrong you are.”

Then Iruka disappeared in a puff of jutsu smoke, and Kakashi staggered straight into the stream, not pausing a second to pull off his clothes. He went head-first in the water, wanting and needing the cold water to drench his burning face. When he got off his pants and started to touch himself, all he could think of was the impossible chuunin-sensei and his damn promises and his outrageous, wondrous scent still lingering deep within Kakashi’s senses.