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Jedi of Light

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   Mikado Gonar, one of the few Rodian hosts of Coruscant’s many talk shows, quickly heads after the head of the Jedi Order. His camera crew trails behind them, making sure the holocams get as much of the hall as they can.

   Earlier that week, the Jedi Council had approved the show that Mikado and several other hosts had put on the table. The show, which he and the others call Jedi of Light, would now compose of what goes on inside the Jedi Temple... or what the Order is willing to let the outside world see. They even agreed to the interviews they asks for, with a few acceptations. A Toydarian has to do the interviews, as they can’t be influenced with Force suggestions, and all of their padawans and initiates have to have an adult with them. Mikado and the others immediately accepted the deal.

   Once in a while, one of the occupants of the building would walk by the group, a Jedi with a long braid giving them a strange look. Getting to the end of the hallway they’re in, Mace Windu opens one of the doors, motioning the group inside.

   “This,” the Jedi motions to the room around they walked into, “is the Room of a Thousand Fountains. We come here when we want to mediate alone but still be surrounded by others or, in the case of some of the younglings and padawans, fool around.”

   A smile barely causes Mace’s mouth to curl upward, eyes swiveling to one of the nearby fountains. At least five padawans (at least Mikado thinks that they are padawans) are up to their knees in the large pool of water, the outer layers of their clothes laying on the ground and the layer they’re wearing soaking wet. The two humans in the group have their hair plastered to their heads, droplets of water running down their faces. The fur of the only Wookiee is completely drenched, making the tall being seem skinnier than they are. That last two of the group, one a Rakata and the other a Nautolan, don’t seem to be affected at all. Most likely due to the fact that they’re from some aquatic species.

   As to the state of their appearances? With a simple motion of the Rakata’s hand, a wave of water comes crashing towards the other four. Three of the four scatter, two diving towards the center of the fountain and into what is probably deeper water as the third makes their way towards the other, and the last quickly lifts their hands into the air. With their hands face level and palms facing the wall of water, the Wookiee determinedly stands their ground. Instead of washing over the tall being, the water stops inches in front of the Wookiee’s hands, causing Mikado and some of his crew to gasp in surprise. At the sound, the water drops into the pool, undignified squeals of surprise from the three above water.



   Not long after that, Master Windu agreed to letting them around the temple, though with some reluctance. Mikado leads one of his crew down one of the many hallways, the others making their way through other parts of the Temple. He gives a curious glance to the doors surrounding them, many Jedi children making their way towards the doors.

   “I believe this is one of the places where the children learn things.” He states, eyes going down to the floor. It’s a good thing he did so, as he almost tripped over two of the shortest Jedi he’d ever seen.

   The taller of the two is from a species he’s familiar with, what’s left of the Lannik’s shaved hair in a ponytail at the top of his head. One of his eyes was closed shut from the scar making its way down his face, stopping above his black robes. One of the holo pads in his arms broadcasts some of the history of the planet, Koba, indicating that he’s most likely going to teach a class about it’s history.

   The shorter of the pair is, by what the Rodian would say, the younger and female version of Master Yoda. Auburn hair makes its way down her back and over tan robes, it’s length reaching past her elbows. Long ears twitch with a hint of irritation and something else, seeming to respond to the Lannik's own ears. Much like the older member of her species. she leans against the cane in her hand, nodding along to what the other Jedi master is saying as her eyes flicker to the pair standing next to them.

   “Apologies, Master Jedi.” Mikado says, bowing as best as he can. “I almost didn’t see you there.”

   The shorter gives him a warm smile, waving her free hand to show her forgiveness. The Lannik just gives him and the holocamera man a long look, not giving a response. Mikado tensely gives him a smile, stepping around the pair and heading farther down the hall.