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They say it's what you make (I say it's up to fate)

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They drove in near silence, barely speaking. The quiet was not bred of anger or any intention to ignore, but rather because of the serious, solemn mood that had come over them both, the moment they made their way to Quinn’s parents’ garage and packed its backseat and trunk full of all the possessions Quinn had deemed possibly needed for their future, wherever that might be. Santana had not argued Quinn moving behind the wheel; with all the bodies in the road, she didn’t want to be the one to have to try to navigate. It was more than enough to keep an eye out for any moving undead that might come across them.

Quinn drove slowly, much more slowly than Santana was comfortable with. She was unable to keep herself from continually looking over her shoulder, almost certain that she would discover that something, formerly a someone, was clinging to the back bumper of the car, pulling its way on top of the car in preparation to break through the windows. She didn’t say anything though, not wanting to break the tentative not quite calm between herself and Quinn, the strange semi understanding that had formed. She and Quinn were together now, a package deal; that was all that was important in her world, but in what way, Santana still was unsure. She knew only that she loved Quinn, that she needed her, and if that meant keeping her mouth shut for the moment when all she wanted was to let her anxieties tumble free, then she would do it.

Still, she sucked in her breath sharply when Quinn narrowly missed hitting a body stretched across the road, and she bit down on her inner cheeks to keep from snapping at her. She caught Quinn’s eyes flit in her direction, and when Quinn’s hand crept across the dashboard, taking Santana’s hand in hers and squeezing, Santana knew that the other girl, too, was feeling more than she wanted to show. Holding Quinn’s hand, Santana tried to relax back against the seat, to concentrate instead on the steady pulse against the thin skin of Quinn’s wrist as she slowly rubbed her thumb over her pale blue veins.

Leaving the fragile perceived safety of Quinn’s home and heading out into something totally unknown was terrifying, but remaining alone without her was worse.