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“Those bound by superficial rules who do not use their pawns to the utmost are fools.”


“Viscount Druit has sent a letter for you to attend the ball at his estate in two weeks. Should I reply back that you will be attending?”




“I’ll take that as a no, my lord,” Yoongi replies to the silence, his hands swiftly reaching over the desk and grabbing the unimportant letters to dispose of. “Hoseok will be in shortly to give you your afternoon tea.”


The silence lingers in the air as Yoongi makes his way towards the doors leading out of the study.




A smug smile tugs at Yoongi’s lips before he schools his expression, turning around to face his beloved. His young master. The soul he will consume when the time comes.


Jeon Jungkook.


“You think you can walk away from me without giving me a kiss?”


A spoiled brat of an Earl that would kill thousands just to stay afloat.


“Forgive me, my lord. My mind was elsewhere for a short moment,” Yoongi replies with a kind smile. A smile that can fool anybody except the people residing in this manor. He takes long strides as he makes his way over to the young lord, a smile threatening to appear on his face as he sees the slight excitement in Jungkook’s eyes.


His hand reaches out lightly to turn Jungkook’s head, angling him so that their lips are centimeters apart. It takes Yoongi’s breath away each time. Jungkook’s beautiful blue eyes staring up at him as the demon contract seal sits perfectly on his right one.


Jungkook leans forward as he initiates the kiss, his patience running thin. The twenty-year-old boy nibbles away at Yoongi’s lips, his favorite pastime is drawing reactions out of the older men around the manor.


It might just be a kiss for Jungkook, but for Yoongi, it’s intoxicating. Kissing and sex are the closest he can get to tasting the boy’s soul, and it’s oh so delicious. The human’s very essence is like a drug to the thousand-year-old demon, never before has he tasted a soul this wonderful.


Jungkook pulls away, a smug smile on his lips. “Find the others and let them know I’m feeling a little needy today. You know what that means.”


A matching smile tugs at Yoongi’s lips as he leans away and straightens his suit overcoat. “I will have Jimin prepare the bed young master. I’ll also make sure Taehyung is in the house and the dirt from the garden is washed off him.”


An annoyed expression crosses Jungkook’s face. “Yes make sure to do that. He got the bed all dirty last time.”


Yoongi turns to walk towards the doors again. “Well, we all got the bed dirty last time, but I understand what you are saying.”


The sound of the door closing echoes in the quiet room as Jungkook leans back in his chair to stare at the ceiling, the intricate pattern catching his eye as he ignores the stacks of paper on his desk.


Being an Earl at the age of 20 isn’t the easiest thing. Most people have several more years to prepare for the title and a previous successor, such as a father, to teach them how to handle the title responsibly.


Jungkook has neither of those things.


Orphaned at the age of 18, Jungkook was handed the title of Earl Jeon very suddenly. On top of all that, his father was the Queen’s Guard Dog, so that title was passed to him as well. Anything that was larger than what the police could handle, Jungkook was passed the case. The Queen of England particularly loved giving him cases that were especially morbid, and in order to get to the bottom of the investigation, he needed to use unethical means.


The Aristocrat of Evil was whispered throughout England more so than his actual name.


A giggle broke Jungkook out of his thoughts as his eyes drift towards the window to follow the noise. Taehyung, the gardener, is laughing as Yoongi chases after him through the garden surrounded by roses and their thorns, no doubt trying to get Taehyung into the manor to clean up for tonight.


His staff was another aspect that people loved to talk about. How perfect they were at their jobs no matter what came their way. How perfect looking they were, truly handsome. Almost godlike.


But they are the complete opposite.


The three butlers of the estate, Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok are demons from hell. The chef Seokjin, maid Jimin, and gardener Taehyung are grim reapers. Harvesters of souls.


And they are all sleeping together.


Now that doesn’t sound very godlike to him.


“My lord, I have your afternoon tea. It’s your favorite, Earl Grey,” a voice calls out to him through the door.




Orange hair is what he sees first, followed by a blinding smile, Hoseok pushing the door open farther to allow the cart to roll in. “I’ve been informed that you wish to be babied tonight, my lord. Oh you know how much we love nights like these,” Hoseok practically sings as he twirls the cart around the room in a dance, stopping right in front of his desk. The demon never fails to bring a smile to his face.


“The Queen is sending some stressful cases my way and on top of that, I found out someone is smuggling money out of the top company branch in Italy. I need to destress tonight and I trust you all to make that happen,” he explains as a cup of tea is placed in front of him.


“I’m sorry to hear about that, baby. You need us to do anything and we will do it without hesitation,” Hoseok says with a frown as he reaches over and pets Jungkook’s hair. “Try to relax for now until dinner. After dinner, we will move our activities to the bedroom.”


Jungkook practically pouts as the hand leaves his head and Hoseok rolls the cart out of the room, boredom kicking in as he sips slowly on his tea.


He glances down at the numbers before him on the pages, the results basically screaming at him that someone is smuggling money out of his Italian branch of the toy company. Jungkook wants to scoff at the audacity. Nobody steals from a Jeon and gets away with it.


But, there was a time when that could have easily happened without anyone knowing.


Two years ago on the night of his parent’s deaths.


Jungkook was a loved child. He never stepped out of line and he was perfect at everything he did. His parents would flaunt him off at every social gathering, much to his dismay. Parties are not a thing Jungkook enjoys, but he has to attend to maintain his image.


The workers around the estate loved his as well. He was the kindest child and always treated people with respect regardless of social status.


He lived a happy life.


And then that day came.


They said they were killed in the fire. An accident that could happen to anyone.


But Jungkook knew better.


His parents were murdered in their very home and then the murderers set the estate on fire to cover their tracks. His obsessive investigations so far have led him to this truth. He just needs to find out who exactly these murderers are.


Luckily, or unluckily, Jungkook was not at home the day the manor was set ablaze. He was in the city doing some shopping, his parents giving him an allowance to spend that day since it was just recently his birthday.


When he returned home, he sat in silence as he watched the blaze slowly start to die off, the screams of the dead ringing in his ears as he watched his happy life completely ripped from his grasp. Taken away in a mere second.


The police tried to console him, saying they would try their best to get figure out what started the fire. Jungkook knew they wouldn’t. The man best suited for the job was currently unavailable since he was burnt to a crisp earlier that morning.


His aunt from the city came, crying on his shoulder, getting her salty tears all over his clothes as he sat in the same position on the ground staring at the shell of his house. People were moving all around. Reporters came to describe the scene in detail so it could be in the next paper for the whole country to know.


He wasn’t sad. He wasn’t angry.


He was… empty.


It’s as if life had no meaning anymore. He was stuck here while his parents got to move on. They left him to deal with these people on his own.


His aunt took him in after that day. He got to live with her in the city as she moved on from the fire and the deaths. She moved on and continued her job as a doctor, rejoining society as she left him alone during the day to his thoughts.


His thoughts that were slowly becoming darker and darker as the days went on.


He truly had no purpose here anymore. He felt nothing. He loved nothing. He cared about absolutely nothing.


So why live in a sea of nothing when you could just end it all?


The noose fit his neck perfectly, the feeling of the rope giving this a sense of realness. That it was actually happening. The chair tipping backwards and his feet swaying in the air brought a sense of calmness to him. A feeling of coming home.


The silence was beautiful. It was euphoric. It was…. not silent.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing here?” a voice from above him spoke. Or below him? He couldn’t really tell because of the haziness in his mind.


“Come now Seokjin. You think we would actually let you reapers take him?” a different voice replied, low pitched with a mocking tone to it.


“As far as I’m concerned, he was never tethered to a demon at all. His soul belongs to us and we plan on reuniting this family thank you very much.”


A scoff could be heard right by his ear, only now realizing that a hand is carding through his hair carefully. “All six of us in this room, regardless of reaper or demon status, can tell that this boy has an infinite source of power flowing through him. Would be a shame for him to die so quickly don’t you agree? He’ll be able to accomplish a lot of things in this life, but he can't do them dead.”


“Shut your damn mouth Hoseok. You’re only pretending to care because you want to eat his soul yourself,” a higher pitched voice sounded out, a bratty ring to it.


“As if you’re any better sweetheart? You reapers want to reap his soul for the glory. A soul this powerful definitely gives you the upper hand on a lot of your coworkers does it not?”


Trying to make sense of their conversation, Jungkook finally realized that in fact, no he wasn’t dead. He was very much alive and he was laying on the floor. With a groan, he slowly opened his eyes to reveal a confusing scene before him.


On one end of his bedroom stood three men, each dressed in suits of varying colors with black glasses resting on their faces. In the center stood a taller man, his face godlike. To his right stood a taller man, a big grin on his face. To his left stood a shorter man, his suit a little more feminine than the rest and a pout on his lips no doubt from the argument that just took place. The most frightening thing about them was their inhuman green and yellow eyes that stared back at him.


On the end closest to himself stood three different men dressed in all black. Well, two of them stood while the other had Jungkook’s head in his lap, the hand that was running through his hair pausing at Jungkook’s movements. There was a taller man, his legs fitting the black suit he was wearing nicely, a cute dimple on display as he smiled down at him. A shorter man stood next to him, the noose that was wrapped around Jungkook’s neck now swinging in his hands like a child’s toy. He glanced upwards to look at the man who was cradling him. The man had a soft orange hair color and he looked down at Jungkook with a blinding smile. All three of them had bright red eyes. The color of blood.


Wow. I’m really gay.


“Ah, I see you’re awake Jungkook. So nice of you to finally join us!” the man from across the room with the boxy smile greeted him happily.


“Who are-” he started to ask but he let out a cough, his voice hoarse. “Who are you?”


The taller man with the red eyes walked up, blocking Jungkook’s view from the men with the yellow and green eyes. “This is going to sound very strange to hear and perhaps you won't believe us, but we aren’t exactly what you would call humans.”


Jungkook tilted his head up at them in confusion. Before he could even speak the the godlike one with the yellow and green eyes pushed his way forward, elbowing the red eyed man out of the way.


“Let me explain fully and then you can ask questions after. I’m Seokjin. The other two wearing glasses are Jimin and Taehyung. We are reapers who collect the souls of the dead. We go through their records of life and deem if they are worthy to live or die. And if they die, we decide if they get sent to heaven or hell. We are seen as the middleman, and contrary to popular belief, we run our organization very business-like and there are thousands of us across the globe. Those three red-eyed bastards are the demons Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok. Don’t fall for their tricks because they pray on the weak-willed in an attempt to form a contract with them. They do whatever you say, but once they help you accomplish your goal, they eat your soul and you’re never able to go to heaven or hell. You reside within them forever.”


Jungkook just stared up at the man in shock, his body springing upward in an attempt to get away from the demon holding him. He crawled over to his bed and turned his back to it so that he was facing all six of them and they couldn’t sneak up from behind.


“That, that still doesn’t explain why you’re here in my room,” he stuttered slightly.


“Well, I’ll tell you why we came,” Yoongi sighed while sitting down in an old chair across the room. “We came because we’ve been watching you for a while now, sensing your power festering deep within you. It would be such a waste to just let you leave this earth. Don’t you want to get revenge at all? Killing yourself would mean they won. That they succeeded in the end. It’s a shame that you don’t see how much fun it would be to take them down piece by piece until you are the only one left standing. The king on the chessboard with your enemies eliminated.”


Jimin made his way over to Jungkook slowly, stopping a couple feet from him. “And we came because we wanted to help ease you into the afterlife. To help end your pain and to finally give you peace. Granted, what they said earlier was true. The fact that you are such a powerful soul would help us move up in the ranks of reapers, but our main concern is you.”


Jungkook’s gaze flickered between the six of them, studying them closely as the gears in his head started to turn. He never thought it was even a possibility to seek revenge on those who murdered his parents. He had the money left over from his parents and a letter from the Queen saying the position of guard dog was his if he chose to accept it, but he knew for a fact he would be murdered by the same people because he didn’t have the protection.


“Well, obviously I’m not dying so what are you all doing here still?”


Namjoon stepped forward, a devilish glint in his red eyes. “You want revenge and we want your soul. Let’s make a deal Jungkookie. We help you take down those who murdered your parents, hell, we’ll even stay with you after that until you are done with us. In exchange, we’ll devour your soul at the very end of it all.”


“How do you make a contra---”


“And this is exactly why we aren’t leaving yet. If word finds out we were stopped from reaping his soul by some demons we’ll be the laughing stock of the reapers,” Seokjin buts in, not exactly liking where the conversation is going.


Hoseok saunters up to the reaper, running a hand up his waist and draping an arm over his shoulder. “Come on now Seokjinnie. You know there is nothing you can do if Jungkook accepts our contract. But you know what be even more fun? If you three joined as well.”


“What?” A collective exclamation could be heard throughout the room.


Hoseok turned to look at his fellow demons. “I don’t know about you guys, but these reapers are giving me a boner just by looking at them. Our deal would be a little more fun with an additional three more highly attractive people in it don’t you think? And isn’t it a little more thrilling when a competition is involved?”


He glanced back towards the reapers as he continued on. “And wouldn’t it look amazing if you three came out victorious in the end? Contrary to popular belief, if you joined the contract, the boy’s soul doesn’t automatically end up inside a demon. The soul would belong to whoever got to him first when he died.”


A silence fell over the room and the six thought about his words. Jungkook just stared at all of them, wondering if he would even want that to begin with.


Slowly, as if they could read each other’s minds, the six looked up. Each with a mischievous smile on their face as they made eye contact with each other. Their eyes soon drifted towards Jungkook, a glint in them almost as if it was predators stalking a prey.


Well fuck.


Jungkook chuckles at the memory. He no longer feels sadness or intense anger over what happened. Time is an excellent healer. Nevertheless, he still wants to feel the satisfaction of destroying the ones that murdered his family.


Setting his teacup down, Jungkook stands up and heads to his room to change into something more “fitting” for tonight. Sex was never on the original contract, but it just happened so naturally that they went with it. All seven of them had sex together in their free time, but the demons and reapers were drawn to Jungkook over the others. His powerful soul making them want to taste and touch at all times.


He opens his dresser, lace lingerie of all colors sitting perfectly inside. The sight brings a giggle to Jungkook’s lips as he runs his fingers over the fabric, deciding what would look best for tonight. His hand pauses, hoving over his favorite set. A black lace babydoll that compliments his skin perfectly and makes him feel gorgeous.


This one.


Screw dinner. Jungkook thinks as he strips himself of his clothes and shimmies the lace up his body. They can eat me for all I care.


He drapes himself over the silk of his bed, the lace and silk feeling heavenly on his skin as he props himself up teasingly while facing the door.


“This is an order. Come to the bedroom now. I want my dessert before dinner,” Jungkook commands into the air, his contract seal on his eye shining brightly as the command carries over the bond to the others throughout the house. Not having even to wait a full minute, the door flies open as the six push their way into the room with hungry eyes.


They flock towards him like moths drawn to a flame, unable to turn away as they drink in the image of him laying perfectly on the bed just for them.


The six of them surround the bed as he lays in the center, the black lace of his babydoll lingerie contrasting with his skin beautifully. Their eyes roam him skin, drinking him in with a hunger. They won’t treat him roughly though. Tonight is all about Jungkook. Tonight they will make him feel safe and loved even if just for a few hours.


“Well, what are you waiting for?” Jungkook asks, his head tilted to the side in fake curiosity.


Namjoon moves first, his body moving to hover over Jungkook’s waist. “Nothing baby. Nothing at all.”


And they didn’t wait.


They didn’t falter.


They loved.


“We have no need for the past, we only need the present and the future.”