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The Ill Monado Boy (original)

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A/N: I decided I also wanted to cross post the original "The Ill Monado Boy" over from Most notes I made on that one will be in this one too. Well here's another fanfic! Enjoy! I own nothing other than the plot.  

They could hear light coughing, it took them a moment to realize who it was, it was Shulk. 

For the past few days things have seemed off about him, his movements with the Monado have been sluggish, slower to react to danger. Each of his friends kept asking if he was OK, but Shulk kept claiming he was fine, just tired. His friends didn't believe him. 

While traveling to Valak Mountain the night approached, Shulk had fallen asleep first. Reyn, Dunban, Sharla, Riki and Melia were talking. 

"Something's up with Shulk. He's my best friend I know when he's hiding something" Said Reyn 

"You might be right Reyn, he does seem a bit off, he would never slack off when it comes to the Monado." Replied Dunban 

"He's been trying to reassure us, but he looks exhausted, I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with him as well. " Commented Sharla 

"Maybe he's sick?" Added Melia 

"Shulk sick?" Questioned Riki 

"Maybe, but sick with what?" Asked Dunban 

"I don't know, but I think for the time being we should let him rest. He probably really needs it." Commented Melia 

"We'll try again tomorrow." Said Dunban "I think it's time we should get some rest as well, good night." 

The following morning everybody but Shulk woke up early. 

"Should we let him sleep a little longer" Asked Melia 

"I think so." Replied Sharla. So the five of them decided to wait until Shulk got up on his own. 

About an hour had passed before Shulk had woken. 

"Sorry I slept in again guys. You should've woken me." Said Shulk. 

"No it's OK Shulk, we all need a little extra sleep sometimes." Replied Reyn. Reyn patted Shulk on the back, he noticed heat radiating off of Shulk's body, it almost caused Shulk to go into a coughing fit as well. 

Shulk slowly packed up his equipment. He let out a few more light coughs. His friends could hear them, they shot each other concerning looks. 

"Is everyone ready to go?" Asked Shulk, trying to hold back a cough. 

"Shulk, shouldn't you eat something before we continue to Valek Mountain? Asked Dunban. 

"No I'm fine. I'm not hungry anyway." Shulk was telling the truth, he hadn't been hungry for quite some time now. 

"But Shulk it will be quite sometime before we stop again. Are you sure?" Asked Dunban 

"Yes Dunban I'm sure." Replied Shulk "Now let's get going." 

More concerned looks crossed Shulk's friends faces. But the six of them continued to Valak Mountain anyway. 

A/N: I hope you like my first Xenoblade Chronicles fanfic!