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Kinktober 2018 Stuff

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Arms bound, and tied to the top of the bed, you were unable to move from him. Not that you’d want to. Buried deep between your legs was your oh-so-loving boyfriend, Jean, treating your womanhood like a five star meal, and he was a starved man. His arms were hooked under your legs, locking you in place. His tongue was lapping at your folds so professionally you’d swear he did this daily.

As you were about to hit your end, Jean pulled away and nuzzled his face against your thighs. He placed a few kisses on your thighs before sinking his teeth gently into the soft flesh. His arms continued to stop you from squirming away, causing more struggling. Jean pulled his mouth off of you, placing a kiss on top of the area he bit.

“You are being so good for me, baby girl.” Jean spoke, causing more wetness to flood to your lower region.

You let out a whine, but held back from bucking your hip up towards him. You knew how he played this game. If you didn’t sit still and let him play with you, he’d leave you like this. And that was the last thing you wanted from him right now.

Jean let out a chuckle as he brought his arms from under you, using his left arm to push your leg out of his way. His right arm moved to your core, his slight touch causing you to squirm against it. He slide his fingers against your folds, coating itself in the wetness from it.

Two of his fingers prodded your opening, slowly slipping themselves inside of you. He slowly inched them inside, enjoying the moan and whine you released. Once Jeans fingers were full sheathed inside, he placed a kiss your thigh. Yet, he didn’t move them.

“Be a good girl for me and maybe I’ll let you cum.”