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I First Met Him in a Dream..

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⠀A boy squatted at the edge of a pond, his golden eyes entranced by the sight. The water swirled, going in a steady, clockwise whirl. It moved freely, without being coaxed by a man or animal’s will. It wasn't perfectly clear, and it would even splash upon the edges at times, but it was still beautiful. Several rocks and other small debris floated in the pond, threatening to disrupt the flow. Yet the water never stopped moving, it was as if it knew exactly where it had to go.

⠀The boy’s thoughts stopped in an instant as he heard footsteps coming from the gathering of bushes and flowers in front of him. They were loud, and not the least bit cautious; comfortable. He lifted his head to see another boy, who must've been his same age. Around a few centimeters shorter than him, and a lean, yet muscular build. His dark blue eyes were unlike anything he had seen before. What stood out the most, though, were his clothes. He was wearing pure white, which wasn't common for any of the four nations to do. The fire bender took a look down, and saw that he, too, was wearing all white. This definitely struck him as odd, but not quite as odd as the other boys face when he looked back up.

⠀His half lidded eyes and dreamy smile was enough to make the fire bender uncomfortable with uncertainty, and he quickly stood to his feet, not wanting to be the only one close to the ground should this stranger turn out to be a threat.


⠀He stepped through the colorful life with no disregard, easily stomping onto the flowers of red, and blue, and purple. He had no memory of how he got here, but all he knew was that he had to get out. He heard the soft sound of water in the distance, and felt welcomed by it. He quickened his pace until he finally reached a break in the forest. What greeted him was not only an ethereal pond, but an ethereal person.

⠀The white robes against pale skin and dark black hair were beautiful. He could put no effort into hiding his staring gaze. That is, until the sight stood to his feet.

⠀In an instant, all of the water tribe boy’s suspicions came to him, and his soft expression turned hard. His blue eyes sternly pointed towards the boy with furrowed brows, and his hand was grasping the handle of his boomerang. The white clothes prevented him from knowing exactly what nation the stranger came from, but he entertained the possibility of him being fire nation, in other words; a threat.


⠀Both were on guard, yet both were feeling a sense of tranquility, and a force driving them together. Without thought, the footsteps of the two began getting closer to each other. Strong, confident steps of a warrior meeting the quiet, proper steps of a prince.

⠀Just as they were about to collide, the colorful world they were in turned white, and thats how their meeting ceased.

⠀The two of them assumed that was the end of it: just an odd dream of an untouchable character.

⠀However, just as the pond continued to move, so will their fates.