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Were different (but still good)

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It was supposed to be a normal parent teacher conference, granted this was a hero school so there was going to be differences but not too many. So Shouta Aizawa thinks he can be forgiving when his student’s aunt walked in. She looked nothing like Denki Kaminari who was all spiky blonde hair and gold eyes. No River Kaminari had long curly black hair and too green blue eyes, the only thing in common was possibly the way they acted.


Shouta had only met her once before, when he had gone to tell her about the dorms as he never felt the need to before but now that the kids were all settled in he had asked the guardians to come in. This was so they could ask any questions they wanted, if they had come up with anything, and talk about their kids grades.


It was it was a normal thing they did every year even with the dorms being here so Shouta thought it would go as it usually did. He should have known that it wouldn’t have when she walked in three minutes before the appointment started.


When he had first met the woman he had concluded that she was a nervous single mother, she had never stopped moving the whole time he was there and had stayed silent. She was moving again now too, tapping her fingers or foot, eyes looking at everything she could before focusing on him before repeating. It annoyed Shouta but thankfully the meeting moved quickly.


She hadn’t asked any questions about the dorms but asked about the younger Kaminari’s grades. At the end she asked if she could see him before leaving. Since Kaminari would no doubt be getting out of his last class for the day he said yes and walked with her. The women walked next to him silently and Shouta decided to look at her a little bit closer.


She was tall, taller than her nephew standing about 182 cm and walked like she was expected to be attacked. It made him wonder if maybe she had been apart of a bad relationship. He pushed that thought away as they came to the class room and opened the door just as the bell rang. Shouta looked around the room and was about to call out the Kaminari when he was beaten to it.


“lígo fotismó that’s no way to talk to a woman.”


Shouta didn’t know what langue the woman's nickname came from but it didn’t matter to him as he saw how Kaminari jolt and smile as he saw his aunt. It was almost funny to watch the young blonde hair boy jump and run to his aunt.

Most of the class jumped when Kaminari had turned and run at the woman that was standing in the doorway with Aizawa-sensei. The cry of ‘Aunty’ from Kaminari surprised them as the two looked almost nothing a like. It was of course Bakugo that said what they all were thinking.


“What the hell Pikachu!”


He ignored the sigh and warning from both Aizawa-sensei and Present Mic as he looked at the two Kaminaris. The younger one had his arms around the older one with his head resting on her shoulder. The black haired woman also had her arms around the younger, one on his back the other being on his head. They looked happy together, the happiest Kaminari looked now that they thought of it.


Kaminari pulled back but kept one of his arms around the woman. He smiled real big as he said, “Class this is my aunt. Aunt River this is my class.”


The class looked between the two as they all said variuse hello’s. Iida walked up and bowed to her as he said, “Greetings Mrs. Kaminari. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Tenya Iida the class president.”


The woman smiled a bit. “Hello to you Mr. Iida, but please call me River.”