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The Difficult Life as a Wizard

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Doodles of Astroia, Draco, and Scorpius Malfoy

It was June 29th, three days after Hogwarts’ summer break had started. In Wiltshire, there sat an old mansion known as “The Malfoy Manor”. It was an ancient building that was passed down through many generations. Currently, it belonged to Draco’s family, which was only him and his son, Scorpius. This building had much greenery and nature surrounding it, all of which was well taken care of. It was quite a chore to water and cut all of the plants, so most families who lived here would have the house-elf do this. But when Astoria--Draco’s wife and Scorpius’ mother--was still alive, she did not want house-elves. “I can’t stand seeing them punish themselves!” she would explain. Even now that Astoria was dead, he still wanted to keep his wife’s wish. So Draco had to do lots of research on spells and potions he could use to make the process go quicker. Currently, he was using a form of the spell “aguamenti” that would shoot out more water than average to water many plants at once.

Now, let’s move on from the exterior and look at the interior. Specifically, the library. It’s about the same size as the one in Hogwarts, except a bit smaller. There are so many bookshelves, featuring mostly old books, but there were some new ones that Draco and Scorpius had added. Some of the more recent additions were the“Muggle Mysteries” book series by Drefan Richards (starting with “The First Edition of Muggle Mysteries: The Internet” and ending with “The Eleventh Edition of Muggle Mysteries: Traditions”). Between some of the bookshelves was a giant window, with it’s green and silver drapes parted and the window open. The drapes moved with the light breeze that flowed through the room. And there, under that window, was a fireplace with a couch and table in front of it.

A sixteen year boy laid in this couch. He was oddly short for his age, and he had many freckles spread across his face that he got from his mother. His blond hair was so light that it was almost white, and his eyes were brown like his mother’s. The boy’s name was, of course, Scorpius. And he was reading, as he loved to do. The book he read was titled, “Albus Dumbledore: A Biography by Quiller Reid”. Even though it was a biography, it was actually rather interesting. He had been reading it for an hour now and he wasn’t going to stop until he received Albus’ letter that he had been waiting for.

Scorpius really wished he could talk to his best friend more often. Albus suggested to get a phone, but Scorpius was pretty sure there was some sort of enchantment that made technology not work inside the Manor. He even checked with his father to make sure, and he confirmed his suspicions. Then they decided that they could visit each other, but Harry did not want the two hanging out everyday. Yes, he was fine with them visiting every once in awhile, just not everyday like the best friends wanted. They kinda expected it, really. In other words, for now they have to stick with letters.

“Scorpius, you have another letter from Albus!” Draco called, running to the library. Once he got there, he handed the letter to his son.

“Oh, thank you!” Scorpius sat his book down and began happily opening the letter.
“...and you also have one from Rose,” Draco continued, looking a little confused. Scorpius grabbed the letter and stared at it.

Rose: the girl Scorpius claimed to have a crush on but never really did. Maybe she would make a nice friend, yes, but he definitely wasn’t interested in her romantically. He faked his attraction to her so Albus would not realize Scorpius liked him. The reason why he chose Rose of all people was because he knew it would be impossible to ever get with her. So, if Albus did like him back (which Scorpius heavily doubted), Scorpius would not be in a relationship with anybody. But, if Albus doesn’t love him, Albus wouldn’t get suspicious because he would think Scorpius loves Rose. He thought it was a good plan.

Scorpius began to read Albus’ letter.


You’re probably going to get this with a letter from Rose. She told me she’s going to send an apology letter, but I think it’s something else. Yeah, I think she fancies you back.

Scorpius’ heart stopped. He was confused and shocked. What do I do? What does Albus think of this? Do I tell her the truth or go with it? Is she faking it too? Maybe Albus is just joking around. Hopefully it’s that, but it’s hard to tell… He shook his head and tried to push these thoughts away and continue reading the letter.

Anyway, Dad said we can go to London July 1st at 1:30 pm.

Scorpius had told Albus he had never been to a muggle town before, which lead to Albus asking if he could show Scorpius one. Scorpius, excited to see a muggle town in real life, of course said yes. They decided to go to London, since it was the one Scorpius heard the most about when it came to Muggle Studies.

You know how muggles dress nowadays, right?  I don’t take Muggle Studies, so I don’t know what the class goes over. And let’s be honest, I think muggles are going to get suspicious if they see a teenager wearing a black cloak around. Just try to look… normal? We don’t want you to get odd looks from anyone or arrested. I don’t think either are all that good.
If you need to, you can borrow some clothes from me; I don’t mind. Also, is there any muggle place you want to go in particular? Or do you just want to go wherever? I don’t mind where we go, personally.


At first, Scorpius smiled, but he then looked at Rose’s letter. He didn’t want to read it. Although, curiosity plagued him and he began to open the letter with his letter opener. He cut under the wax seal, which had the her first initial in cursive stamped in the center, and lifted up the envelope flap. He picked up the piece of parchment and read.

Dear Scorpius,

I never thought I’d admit this, but I told Hugo what I’m about to tell you and that was a mistake, so now we’re here. It may seem like I hate you, but that’s just to cover how I really feel about you. The reason why I’ve felt so compelled to cover it is because I’m a Granger-Weasley, and you’re a Malfoy. We’re supposed to hate each other. We’re not supposed to feel the way we feel.

But, you know what? I don’t care anymore! I love you Scorpius. I’m sorry for treating you the way I did. Really, I am. If you want, we can go on a date. Maybe we can figure something out.



Scorpius felt sick. What do I tell her? Should I tell her the truth? He didn’t want to break Rose’s heart, but if he dated her they would be in a fake, toxic relationship. It would end very quickly and terribly. There was no good option he could think of. None. If there was a good option, it must’ve not been obvious. He tapped his finger on his legs and looked at his blank parchment, ink, and favorite quill on the table in front of him. He only had one paper because he thought he was going to write one letter, but turns out he was going to write two. He had a good idea of what to write to Albus, but I think it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t know what to write to Rose.

“Hey, Dad?” Scorpius said. “Albus and I are going to London on July 1st. Specifically, at 1:30 pm.” He smiled; remembering that cheered up Scorpius greatly, and almost made him forget about Rose. “Is that okay?”

“Of course,” Draco lifted his head, looking happy for a moment before his face changed into more of a troubled look. “Although…” He shook his head, “never mind.”

Scorpius was puzzled on what his father was about to say, but he then realized something. It would be just him there, and would be rather lonely. Astoria wasn’t here to give him company anymore when Scorpius wasn’t around, and he didn’t have many friends either because Pansy couldn’t handle being in the friend zone any longer and she has hated Draco ever since he started dating Astroia, Crabbe was dead, and his friendship ended with Goyle soon after the war. He could only imagine what it was like for him during Scorpius’ third year. Even now, Draco was still grief-stricken by his wife’s death. Scorpius wanted it to be just him and Albus, but now he was torn between letting his dad come and having the closest thing he’ll get to a date with Albus.

Scorpius sighed and made a small smile, “You can come.”

“No, no. It’s fine,” his father replied. “It should be just you and Albus,” Draco explained. "You two are very close, I can't tell. I wouldn't want to get in the way."

"Oh, um, thanks?" Scorpius wasn't quite sure what he meant by that. His only guess was that he suspected Scorpius' love for Albus, but he doubted that. He was glad, though, that his dad wouldn't be coming. "But... What do you mean by 'very close'?"

"What do you think?" He grinned and got off the couch. "Anyway, I'm off to prepare dinner. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.”

“Then I guess I’ll be in my room for now.” Scorpius grabbed his writing supplies and Albus’ and Rose’s letters, and he started to head up the stairs with his dad.

Once they got up the small staircase, Draco turned to the left hallway while Scorpius continued to walk forwards. His room was the closest to the library (well, to be more accurate, it was the closest that wasn’t already in use when he moved rooms) because of how often he would go there. His room was a fairly decent size and it was very cozy. The walls were painted light green and there was a slytherin banner hanging over his bed, which had a light green blanket and the two white pillows had silver polka dots. On his bed, there laid his cat, which was a flame point Ragdoll named Leo, while Scorpius’ owl, Ellington, was standing on her perch sleeping. There were 2 book cases which had Scorpius favorite books inside and a desk between them. Once he sat down on the chair at his desk and set his writing supplies down, Leo turned his head toward Scorpius and let out a small meow and ran to his owner’s chair.

“Did you miss me?” Scorpius baby talked, petting Leo. “Here, I’ll get you some treats but then I got to write.”


Some time had passed. Scorpius fed his cat and finished his letter to Albus. As for Rose’s letter, he had down a sentence and a half. Not bad, considering he got a bad case of writer’s block when writing to her. While in the middle of Albus’ letter, Leo eventually hopped onto Scorpius’ lap and he gladly pet his purring cat. And Leo didn’t move, he just sat on his lap for the whole time. This isn’t really much of a surprise, though. The cat loved to lay on Scorpius or just be really close to him in general. Since he was a Ragdoll, Scorpius could easily move him, but he chose not to. I mean, Leo wasn’t bothering him, so there was no good reason to move him.

There was a knock on the bedroom door (which greatly alarmed Leo who was falling asleep) before Draco opened it. “Dinner’s ready!” he announced, before walking back to the dining room.

“Coming!” Scorpius said excitedly. He picked up Leo gently, and sat him on the bed. He then ran out of his room toward the kitchen, trying to catch up to his father.

Now, Draco is not an amazing cook (in the grand spectrum of things, that is), but he really isn’t all that bad either. In fact, he is fairly good. Astoria was a little better than him, but when she was alive they took turns cooking because Scorpius loved both of their cooking equally.

Astoria’s favorite thing to cook were pastries because of her sweet tooth, but she could cook other things too that weren’t for dessert. Such as different types of pasta (spaghetti was her favorite food), random muggle recipes she thought looked good, and whatever she felt like at the moment. She’s was very open minded, and loved trying new things. As for Draco, the types of things were cooked were rather random and you never knew what you were gonna get next, but somehow always tasted good. Today, Draco had decided to cook steak, with the option of something of your choice on the side.

The family use to eat at the table together, but after Astoria’s death, they decided not to because of how awkward it was. She could start up conversation, but not Scorpius and Draco. If they did sit at the table together during dinner time there would just be an awkward silence the entire time. Draco wanted to spare his son from that. As Scorpius grabbed his food, his dad did decide say something though.

“If there’s anything you want to tell me, please let me know.”