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the key to a healthy relationship is communication

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[6:12 pm]
[group chat 'all the family']

[tall baby has changed star child's name to tiny dolphin]

tiny dolphin: jisung
tiny dolphin: I will murder you.
tiny dolphin: painfully

sweetheart: no
sweetheart: no murdering
sweetheart: that's not healthy
sweetheart: taeyong back me up here pls

dad: i agree

[tall baby has changed dad's name to uncool dad]

uncool dad: y'know what
uncool dad: nevermind
uncool dad: do as you like chenle

sweetheart: NO

uncool dad: why did you only change my name
uncool dad: am i worse than kun???

tiny dolphin: yes

tall baby: yes

i'm the only ten you see: yes

here's Johnald: yes

uncool dad: i mean
uncool dad: that's true
uncool dad: kun's superior to all of us


tiny dolphin: do i have to
tiny dolphin: :c

sweetheart: yes

tiny dolphin: sigh
tiny dolphin: okay dad

[tall baby has changed sweetheart's name to cool dad]

uncool dad: that's fair

[cool dad has changed uncool dad's name to actual angel]

i'm the only ten you see: i think you just broke taeyong
i'm the only ten you see: we were cuddling and now he's frozen

here's Johnald: you were cuddling without me
here's Johnald: :(

Milky Boy: johnny
Milky Boy: shut the fuck up
Milky Boy: you're already cuddling with me

here's Johnald: ,,,,
here's Johnald: yeah but :((
here's Johnald: the four of us could've cuddled
here's Johnald: not just two pairs

Milky Boy: ...
Milky Boy: you were cuddling without us
Milky Boy: :(((

cool dad: i want to cuddle :(

Milky Boy: be right there

here's Johnald: be right there

i'm the only ten you see: be right there

actual angel: be right there

tiny dolphin: be right there

tall baby: be right there

cool dad: oh no
cool dad: what have i gotten myself into

actual angel: love

cool dad: that's fair

[7:02 pm]

rainbow demon: aw i missed the cuddling :(

country boy: i can come cuddle you, hyuck

rainbow demon: on the other hand
rainbow demon: cuddling sucks
rainbow demon: why would i want to do that lmao

country boy: :(

:D : i'll cuddle you mark
:D : uwu

country boy: on the other hand
country boy: cuddling sucks
country boy: why would i want to do that lmao

[:D has changed their name to :(]

rainbow demon: look what you did mark
rainbow demon: i'll cuddle you xuxi

[:( has changed their name to :D]

country boy: wow
country boy: i see how it is

rainbow demon: it's what you deserve
rainbow demon: bitch
rainbow demon: no one upsets xuxi

country boy: sadly yeehaws

actual angel: i've descended from heaven (the cuddle pile) to say that you have been disowned, mark
actual angel: mark lee?
actual angel: now just mark, no lee

country boy: YOU'RE NOT EVEN MY DAD
country boy: WE'RE DATING
country boy: THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS

actual angel: excuse me
actual angel: i am Both

country boy: so you haven't disowned me then
country boy: still my,,,,,, dad, i see

actual angel: f-fuck
actual angel: that's not
actual angel: no
actual angel: not what i meant
actual angel: shut up