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Filled to the Rim

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The Alpha penis gag was wide and long, choking and gagging him alternately where it filled his mouth, as Castiel jerked in his restraints. His arms were tied behind the chair and ropes were tied just behind the bends of his knees in such a way that his legs were lifted, spread and unable to close.

Castiel whimpered at the sight of the Alphas surrounding him, greedy and lustful expressions on their faces, as they took in his naked, fucked out form.

His cunt and aching asshole were loose, both leaking copious amounts of Alpha come after thorough use, and completely exposed to the eyes feasting upon him. The scent of sex, slick and Alpha arousal was thick in the air.

“Where’s the basket?”

Castiel trembled as they carried something into the bedroom as he tried and failed repeatedly to close his legs or free himself from the tight, restrictive bindings. “Ohhh let’s try both holes. See how many we can get inside of it.”

He couldn’t see what they were talking about until one of the Alphas reached into the basket and pulled out a shiny red apple. Castiel’s ass clenched at the thought of what they wanted to do with that apple.

“Ass or cunt first?”


“Leave the cunt empty…we’ll see how many we can fit in there later.”

There was a round of agreement as they moved forward and an apple was pushed against his exposed, slack asshole. He cried into his gag as the apple was forced past his swollen, sloppy rim and pushed into his ass.

It burned and ached as he clenched on reflex, trying to push it back out, but an Alpha was already there with another apple. They forced four of them into his ass, each apple pushing against the one already nestled inside of his protesting body, as tears spilled down his cheeks and humiliation burned in his gut.

“Look how hungry that ass still is…” the tone was full of appreciation as Castiel turned his head, unable to look at the Alphas crowding closer, as another apple was pushed in. His asshole was stretched wide and his inner muscles rhythmically flexed as another pushed in.

“When we’re done I want another shot at that cunt.”

“We’ll all get one.” One of the Alphas waved him off, “That’s why we’re using its ass instead of its cunt.”

Castiel tried again and again to close his legs, to push the apples back out, but the Alphas kept him in place and continued pushing more fruit inside of him. Slowly but surely he could see the way his belly was starting to bulge and he could feel the heavy, painful feeling of having foreign objects pushed inside, as the Alphas pressed their hands against his belly and added more.

“Look at its stomach.”

“Fuck…this is so fucking hot.”

His face was hot, his muscles were trembling and twitching, all the while his sobs were muffled by the Alpha penis gag still firmly locked inside of his mouth. The knot on the gag filled his mouth painfully.

“Can’t believe how many its taking.”

“It can take more.”

No he couldn’t. Castiel tried to tell them but the words were muffled and the Alphas didn’t care. He was there for their pleasure, for their fun and entertainment. That’s what they’d said when he’d found himself snatched off the street on his way home from school.

What’s worse was that no one would consider this a crime. An unmated Omega was fair game to any Alpha. He knew it was likely the Alphas would elect to keep him and there was nothing he could do against it.

Castiel lost track of time, lost to pain and humiliation, as they teased his clit and added apples to his ass. His flat stomach was swollen with apples, his hole occasionally spasming, before they finally stopped.

“Bring in a mirror.”

He stared blankly up at the ceiling, moaning and sobbing at the feeling of the apples deep inside of him, until a hand titled his head and Castiel took in his reflection. Between his legs he could see an apple just inside his ass, the shiny red winking at him in the lit bedroom, and a glance at his face showed flushed, wet cheeks and glassy red eyes.

Castiel could barely look at the obscene bulge of his stomach that indicated just how full they had managed to fill him with apples.

“Push that apple in deeper.” One of them spoke up and another stepped forward to gleefully do just that. Castiel jerked as a strong hand pushed and pushed the apples deeper, “Now get the big plug we bought for this.”

A thick, wide plug that was bigger than any of the apples was brought over and shown to him before it was pushed in. Castiel bit viciously into the gag in his mouth, howling at the sensation, as it settled into place to trap the apples inside of him. They did something and he felt something on it expand. A hand tugged on it and Castiel howled into his gag when the expanded plug stayed firmly trapped in his ass.

"'s locked into place. That thing won't be coming out until we want it to."

“You’ll be a good bitch and keep those apples safe, won’t you?” a hand patted his cheek. Castiel tried jerking away.

“Move over.” The Alpha from earlier said as he reached into his pants and freed a monstrous cock that Castiel had already taken once. He yanked harder at his restraints, shaking his head in protest, as the Alpha pressed up against his sloppy cunt. “Fuck…bet this is going to be even better now.”

It pushed against him and moved deeper, his ass clenching and aching, until everything went black.

Castiel moaned lowly as he came around, head fuzzy and body protesting, before he registered the feeling of a thick cock pounding swiftly into his cunt. It sounded wet, dirty and wrong, as Castiel moaned a protest. The way the Alpha slammed against him had the plug driving deeper into him and sending jolts of pain racing through him.

“Knot it.”

“Fuck that cunt full.”

“Harder! What kind of Alpha fucks like that?”

He tugged weakly at his restraints, inner muscles greedily fluttering and trying to catch the Alpha’s growing knot, as the hands gripping him tightened and the pace picked up so the Alpha was repeatedly slamming into him.

The loud sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the room. Castiel’s stomach churned at the sound and the wrecked, pleasured moans of the Alpha roughly fucking him. He could see lust, pleasure and satisfaction filling the Alpha’s flushed face as he started to push up against Castiel, grinding forward, until he rutted his knot inside.

It swelled up and Castiel’s body tensed, trembling violently, as the Alpha managed to wring an orgasm out of him. Slick flooded his ruined passage as his muscles greedily milked the Alpha’s knot and his ass tightened down on reflex.

His body was torn between pleasure and pain, horrible pain.

Castiel went slack, eyes hooded and dazed, as the Alpha rocked against him and moaned each time he came until his knot slipped free.

He could only lie there limply when they untied him, hauled him off the chair and guided him up onto the bed. A spreader bar was secured between his knees so his legs were spread wide to the point of pain and his wrists were tied behind his back.

It hurt horribly but the Alpha’s didn’t seem to care.

One moved up behind him, settling between his spread knees, to push into his ruined cunt. Fingers dug into his hips when the Alpha immediately started to brutally thrust into him, pounding roughly into his cunt.

Castiel whimpered into his gag, face smashed to the mattress that smelt of stale sex, when the Alpha changed his angle so he was slamming up against Castiel apple stuffed and plugged ass.

They took him over and over and over until he was wrung out, exhausted and limp, with tears on his cheeks and pain zinging through his body. He could only moan and cry out as they used him, filling him with even more come, until the last one’s knot slipped from his slack cunt. 

The backs of his thighs were wet with come and slick.

“Plug it up.”

Castiel moaned when one of the Alphas climbed onto the bed where his ass was still raised high, still full of apples and plugged, with yet another large plug. It pushed against his messy cunt, pushed in and settled in place. Like the other plug this one also seemed to expand and lock into place. An Alpha tugging on it proved his guess right.

He was left bound, gagged, plugged and stuffed full of apples in the center of the filthy come covered bed.

“We’ll play with it later.”

The Alphas left the room, laughing and commenting on the fun they’d enjoyed, before the lights turned off and the door was locked behind them. He was left alone in the dark, trembling and used, as the sound of a TV turning out and loud voices echoed down the hallway.