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Love is a binary code (LiaBC)

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Saturday October 30th 2038, 4 PM - 6 PM


“Hi, my name is Lance. I am the android sent by Eden Club.”

Keith Kogane felt his jaw drop to his chest, his face flushing a velvet red. While examining the android in front of him, he quickly tried to regain his composure. Its dim blue eyes were scanning his body up and down, its mouth giving off a confident smirk. The android had one hand placed casually on its hip, the other came up to ruffle through its short maroon hair. The machine wore a standard dark grey android jacket and pants, its model and serial number displayed in white print on the jacket’s right side. On the left, a blue triangle was placed over the location of the biocomponent made to resemble a human heart.  LX700 Keith read. He’d never heard of that model before. Not that he was very experienced with escort androids, or androids in general for that matter. This one, apparently going by the name Lance, was just slightly taller than him with flawless tan skin and plump inviting lips. If this had been a boy on the street, Keith would have stared. But it wasn’t. It was clearly an android, an android meant to fulfil erotic fantasies. And Keith had most definitely NOT ordered said android to his home.

“You’re Keith Kogane, right?” it spoke again, voice smooth and steady, the smirk still lingering on its lips. “Are you gonna invite me in or are we supposed to stay here looking awkwardly at each other? It’s ok, I don’t judge”, Lance shrugged its shoulders.

“Umm… Who sent you here exactly?” Keith asked, trying not to make his voice tremble. This had quickly turned into a very uncomfortable situation. He swiftly scanned the hallway to see if any of the neighbors had noticed them.

“You did hermoso. I’m here to serve you, remember?” Handsome, serve, this model was clearly specialized in seduction. Keith gulped. He was not going to fall for this sick joke. Someone had to be right around the corner with a camera or something. Could it be Pidge? This certainly seemed like something their twisted mind could come up with. Keith could not help looking down at its lips again. The damn android still wore that adorable smirk, its blinking LED the only thing that separated it from an approximately 20-year-old male. It was Keith’s type all right. Whoever ordered it had hit the nail on the head. However, he was not going to admit that to anyone. He scanned the hallway again, more thoroughly this time.

“There’s no one here, your neighbors are out. It’s just you and me. All alone.” The last part was whispered seductively with a slight Spanish accent. Keith felt a small shiver go down his spine. He wouldn’t really mind being seduced by that voice. No, he had to focus. He shook his head and cleared his throat, locking his eyes on the android’s serial number before speaking:

“I’m sorry, I haven’t ordered y-your s-service.” Keith internally cursed at himself for stuttering. The android looked somewhat amused, chuckling a little before leaning in closer. Keith could feel its simulated breathing hot on his face as it whispered again. “I guess this must be your lucky day then, because I’m rented to this address for the next two hours”. Lance pulled back slightly, eyes sparkling with mischief. “Are you sure no one is in the hallway?” Keith asked, now trembling slightly. “Positive. I am programmed not to lie”. The android then winked at him, clearly amused by his awkwardness. Simulated emotions Keith reminded himself.

Keith stepped in trough the doorway and quickly motioned for the android to follow him. It closed the door after them and leaned up against the wall, quickly scanning the area around it before settling its cobalt eyes on Keith once again. “Ummm… Y-you stay here. I’m just gonna make a quick phone call” he managed to stutter before leaving the hallway and entering the kitchen. As he picked up his phone from the kitchen counter he heard Lance’s voice calling out to him “Don’t make me wait for too long, pretty boy!” He felt his face turn all shades of red again.

The first number he dialed was Pidge’s. They picked up after three rings, their voice coated thick with sleep even though it was four in the afternoon. “Whaddaya want?” they muttered annoyed, yawning into the microphone. Keith felt himself getting more and more fired up by the second. He was incredibly annoyed by that feigned tone of ignorance coming from his younger friend. “You know damn well what I want!” he yelled. “What the fuck has gotten into your sick mind for you to send a god damn sex android to my house?? It’s the middle of the day, anyone could have seen it!” The only thing he could hear on the other end was some sort of sick cackle and a thumping noise indicating that Pidge had fallen out of their bed. “AHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAHAA!” The little gremlin sounded like they were about to die from laughter. “IT’S NOT FUNNY!” Keith screamed at them, feeling his face turn hot and his palms sweaty. “Get it to leave, please!”

It was silent on the other end for a couple of seconds, probably because Pidge was taking their time to sit back up on the bed. Then the chuckling started again. At the same time, a voice called from the hallway “Ouch, that was hurtful Keith! I thought you liked me!” Aaaand he was blushing again. Couldn’t that damn thing just shut up?

“OMG you weren’t joking!” the chuckling continued to rise in volume.  “Of course I wasn’t! Now get it to leave!”

“Sorry dude, this is not my doing. I really wish it was, but it isn’t.”

“What do you mean?” Keith yelled, his stress intensifying. “Who else would come up with such a sick joke?” He tried to think of someone other than Pidge capable of having such twisted sense of humor but came up empty handed. “I am flattered, I really am. But someone else has to take the credit for this one.”

“But no one else could possibly be this evil and disgusting. It has to be you!” Keith felt himself grasping at straws. Surely it had to be Pidge. The little evil scumbag was just playing games with him. “In all seriousness, it wasn’t me. I swear.” Keith sighed in defeat. Pidge was an asshole all right, but they never would have lied to him.

“Then why is it here?”

“Beats me. Maybe someone actually tried to be nice to you?”

“But who could possibly think this would be an appropriate thing to do?”

“I think we both know the answer to that question.”

Keith groaned audibly, his left hand palming his face. “Oh my god, you mean it’s Shiro? I told him I was stressed out the other day and THIS is how he responds??” He could hear Pidge trying to stay serious at the other end of the phone and failing miserably. Soon their laugh plummeted through the speakers again, followed by another thump. They really needed to learn how to balance better. “I’m sorry Keith, this is just so fucking hilarious!” The sound of them taking a deep breath and regaining their composure could be heard through the speakers. “But yeah, I agree. This has to be the work of Takashi Dense dad Shirogane.”

Keith groaned again. “Why did I have to be cursed with such an imbecile of a brother?” He took a deep breath, preparing himself for what had to be done. Confronting his brother with this would not be fun. But first, he had to take care of the gremlin. “Please promise me you won’t tell anyone.” Pidge snickered on the other end. “My silence is never for free, Kogane, you know that.”

“I will buy you the new Zelda VR-game you wanted. Just please, keep quiet!”

“I knew I could count on you! I want the code by next Friday.”

“Fine... Talk to you later.” Keith sighed in defeat.

“Have fun with your present!”

“PIDGE!” but the teen had already hung up on him. They were probably rolling on the floor laughing right now. I guess I can’t blame them for reacting that way, this is pretty fucked up. Keith started pacing back and forth in the kitchen pulling on his hair and groaning. He completely missed the sound of footsteps from the hallway, and practically jumped from astonishment at the voice coming from the other side of the room.

“You sound tense, lindo. Want me to loosen you up a bit?” Keith turned around. There was that trademark smirk again. How was it even possible to have such pearly white teeth? Because it isn’t human Keith reminded himself. It is a machine designed to be appealing. Designed for my pleasure. The thought did not do much to calm his growing arousal and embarrassment. He opted for ignoring it this time, and quickly unlocked his phone to dial Shiro’s number. While it rang, he felt a pair of strong hands settling on his shoulders, slowly kneading his tense muscles. Lance hummed a soft melody, and Keith felt his body melt into the touch. His tension started fading away. “Does that feel good?” a soft voice murmured into his ear, as one of the hands started rubbing his back in circular motions. “Yes” Keith felt his heartbeat steadily rising. But this time it was different. He was filled with anticipation. The android clearly knew what it was doing.

“Hello little brother” he jumped at the voice coming through at the other end of the line, the memory of calling someone already wiped from his mind. He barely registered what Shiro was saying, his body leaning into the touch of the LX700. His touch felt so good. It, its touch he reminded himself. This was just a machine, after all.

“Did you get my present?” The question snapped Keith back to reality. He quickly straightened himself, pulling his body away from Lance’s touch. “Hey!” the android called out, seemingly surprised. Its circular LED flashed yellow for a split second, before going back to its original blue color. It cocked its head slightly, looking at him with (simulated, Keith muttered under his breath) worry in its eyes. “You ok?”

“I’m fine!” Keith breathed, sending Lance a reassuring smile. Then he placed the phone by his ear again, finally answering his brother (“Keith?” had been uttered from said phone several times during the quick exchange).

“Yes, hi Shiro!”

“Good, it’s you! I thought I heard someone else.” Keith had to hold back a sigh of frustration. How did his brother manage to be this dense?

“Of course you heard someone else! You sent me a fucking sex robot, remember?? What’s up with that anyway?” He heard a light cough on the other end of the line before Shiro answered him. By now he had started to absentmindedly pace the room again, shoving the Lance android out into the hallway to get more space. It raised its hands in slight protest, but otherwise did nothing to stop him.

“Yeah, right! With you being so stressed out with all your college projects and everything, I figured you’d might need some help to relax. You know, clear your mind.”

“And your idea of fixing that is by sending me a sex toy???” Keith didn’t notice his voice raising to a high pitch. His pacing intensified, and he started absentmindedly biting his thumb, drawing blood.

Suddenly he felt that muscular hand on his shoulder again. He looked up at Lance who just smiled fondly at him, motioning for him turn around so he could massage his shoulders. I guess it wouldn’t hurt he thought, and let his body relax once more. He opened his mouth to speak again, this time in a softer voice. He should try not to be too mad at Shiro. He had obviously done this in an effort to make him feel better, no matter how awkward of a gesture it was.

“I’m sorry I raised my voice at you. I just… This is a pretty strange gift to give. Especially to your brother. And I feel really weirded out by you thinking that I would enjoy having sex with a robot.”

“It IS weird isn’t it? I really should have listened to Matt and just ordered you some pizza. But I figured this would be good for you. I know you haven’t had a boyfriend in a while, and well, I thought this might cheer you up. I read the other day that one out of every three college students are lonely…” Shiro continued to ramble, and Keith was sure his older brother was blushing right now, probably running his hand through his hair. Shiro always had the best of intentions, but why did he have to be so awkward? Well, at least Keith knew whom he had picked up that skill from.

“Whether or not I have sex shouldn’t really be something you concern yourself with, you know? And even if I wanted that, I would much prefer to go out to a club and find someone…” he looked over his shoulder at Lance’s LED “…well, more human. Robots don’t really do much for me.” Lance pressed a soft kiss to the nape of his neck, as if to say that he (It, Keith cursed internally) accepted the challenge this statement had come with. Keith had to fight back a moan. “A-and besides. Several people fuck these machines every single day. The thought of a middle-aged sweaty man’s fluids being all over this thing is really not that appealing.”

“I’m a prototype model. Only one of its kind. Straight out of the factory. I’ve never been used before. You’ll be my first.” the answer came in a seductive whisper as soon as the last word of his sentence had fallen from his lips, followed by another kiss to his exposed neck. Keith felt himself growing hard at this. Embarrassingly hard. He let out a small whine. Luckily, Shiro didn’t seem to have heard this exchange.

“Don’t worry. I asked them to send you a new one.” The android continued with its assault on Keith’s neck, and he found it increasingly harder to focus. But he would never in his right mind admit to his brother that he wanted to have sex with this robot.

“I still think it’s kinda weird. I’ll have it sent back to the club. Thanks anyway, I can pay you back if you want.” He felt the kisses stop as Lance stepped back, turned and started walking towards the hallway. What was that about? He thought.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll send you that pizza later to make it up to you, sorry.”

“It’s ok. Thank you, Shiro. Talk to you later.”

“Bye Keith, I love you.”

“Love you too.” he hung up and placed his phone on the kitchen counter again before following the Lance android into the hallway. Once he was there, he cleared his throat to get its attention.

“Ahem” Lance turned its head, its ocean eyes piercing through Keith’s purple. “Where are you going?” he asked, suddenly feeling uncertain. If he did this, there really was no turning back. He would become a freak. The kind of man his friends would laugh at. But its skin seemed so soft, its lips so inviting. Designed for my pleasure he thought again, his erection straining in his pants. Keith gulped.

“I am heading back to the factory, you said you wanted to return me, remember?” Lance stated matter-of-factly. It turned around again, walking towards the front door with determined steps. Keith’s body acted before his mind could stop him. He forcefully grabbed Lance’s arm, pulling it back so its rear was flush against his chest. “Wait. Don’t leave yet.”

The android freed itself from his grasp and turned to face him. Its eyes scanned him with an unmasked fascination. “Your actions confuse me, Keith. First, you want me to go. Now you say you want me to stay. But my presence is clearly making you uncomfortable. Are all humans this indecisive?”

“I-I didn’t say I want to do anything. I just don’t see the point in you leaving when I’ve paid for your time.” Keith rambled on, trying to justify his past actions to himself. You cannot do this he told himself determinedly. This is a robot, how much of a freak are you?

Lance leaned in closer, his hand coming up to grab Keith’s shirt by the collar. Lowering his voice, he brought out that husky whisper again. “Well, I don’t see the point in me staying here unless I do my job.” Keith felt a hand ghost over the outside of his jeans, brushing against his covered member. He shivered. Another whimper escaped his slightly parted lips. Oh, Lord Jesus I want him so bad. Lance cupped his chin in its left hand, tilting it upwards before hovering his lips over Keith’s, just barely avoiding their touch. Keith felt his face heat up again, his heartbeat ringing through his ears. The LED on its forehead flashed repeatedly as it scanned every inch of Keith’s face. His eyes, his ebon skin, the tiny freckles lightly dusted across his nose. Keith almost felt vulnerable being observed up close like this. He tried to speak, but his words were stuck in his throat. So beautiful. He lifted his hand to comb through Lance’s hair. So soft. Their gazes met once more, before Keith’s eyes quickly flitted down to Lance’s lips. I bet they are soft too. Lance smirked, its eyes never leaving Keith’s.

“This boils down to two options. One, I leave here before you waste any more of my time. Or two, we use this remaining hour to have some fun. If not, I will have been paid in advance for nothing. It’s your choice babe”. All these nicknames made Keith’s knees grow weak. To hell with it!

Keith’s chapped lips smashed against Lance’s plump ones. His first kiss, he thought. Their lips fit together perfectly, tongues wrestling and teeth nibbling at each other’s lips in a seductive dance. Lance easily won the fight for dominance, and his tongue continued to plunge into Keith’s mouth, making him spill out obscene noises. While doing this, he lifted Keith’s shirt and started to tug at it. Keith lifted his arms pliantly, and they stopped kissing for a split second to allow the garment to be slipped off him. Keith pulled Lance back in immediately. Desperate to feel its - his - touch. He started tugging at the buttons of his jacket, trying to push them through the hoops. Keith let out a frustrated groan, realizing that he was failing miserably.

The kissing stopped, and a pair of hands came down to remove his from the buttons. “Let me do that for you, sweetheart.” Lance hummed, unbuttoning his jacket with ease, before throwing it aside in one swift motion. It took only a millisecond for Keith’s lips to be back on his. He leaned in eagerly, deepening the kiss. Wanting to feel more of him. More of Lance. His hands roamed under the android’s shirt, feeling the steady beat of his biocomponents. There was a comforting heat seeping out through his body. Like he was pulsing with energy. Keith savored the feeling of that heat against his skin, burning it into his memory.

Soon Lance’s white shirt, along with his jeans, was laying on the floor in a pool next to the boys. Keith couldn’t help looking at the bulge in the android’s underwear. He seemed to be packing a lot. Well, he is a sex robot. It would make sense for him to be… big. Keith gulped, willing his eyes to leave Lance’s bulge.

“Like what you see, sweetie?” Keith felt hands on him once again. Strong hands roaming across his chest, a thumb flicking over his left nipple. He moaned softly and was earned with another flick. “So sensitive” Lance murmured, his lips ghosting along Keith’s collarbone before sucking at the soft, pale skin, covering it in small hickeys. Those lips were like heaven, and Keith wanted nothing more than their undivided attention. The hands started roaming lower on his body, fingers hovering over Keith’s abs, tracing a small trail of black hairs from Keith’s navel down towards his lower abdomen. As the hand ghosted over his clothed sex Keith’s pulse quickened, his chest heaving in anticipation.

Instead of freeing Keith’s member from its confinements, the hands went around his body, cupping his ass. Lips brushed alongside the edge of Keith’s ear, making him shiver. “Jump!” Lance commanded. Keith obliged, wrapping his legs around the android’s waist, feeling himself being lifted of the ground. Lance continued to pay attention to his ear, sucking at the lobe playfully. Keith bit his lower lip and moaned hoarsely, combing his fingers through Lance’s soft brown hair, tugging at it slightly.

Their lips met in another tender kiss, tongues brushing against each other fighting for dominance. “Bedroom?” Lance asked, giving Keith’s ass a light squeeze. “Up the stairs. First door to the left.” A few quick strides later, and Keith was being pushed gently onto the edge of his mattress, lips once again attacking his sensitive neck. “L-lance.” He gasped, feeling a hand playing with the waistband of his jeans.

“I think it is time we got rid of this, don’t you?” Lance didn’t wait for an answer, discarding his boxers without hesitation. Keith felt a hand gripping his already rock-hard member, giving it a few experimental strokes. He was sure that the sounds who left his mouth were ungodly. The feeling of being touched by someone other than himself, he had almost forgotten how much more satisfying that was.

“Someone’s excited.” Lance murmured, his face dipping down between Keith’s legs to study his member in detail. Being this exposed made his cheeks flush red from embarrassment, but the sudden feeling of a warm mouth enveloping the tip of his member made him forget all about it. “Please don’t stop. So good.” He grabbed a fistful of Lance’s hair, helping him bob up and down on his cock. The combination of sucking and licking on his member made him lose his mind. This was by far the best blowjob he had ever received. I guess people order these things for a reason.

He soon felt his cock reach the back of Lance’s throat, and what was there sent him skyrocketing into oblivion. Pulsing vibrations spread throughout his member, filling him with a sensation unlike anything he had ever felt before. “L-lance, I’m close.” He moaned breathlessly, tugging at his hair forcefully to keep himself grounded.

With a loud pop, Lance released Keith’s cock from his mouth, moving up to kiss him softly on his forehead. “Gorgeous.” He whispered, thumb caressing Keith’s cheek fondly. Pulling him in for another kiss, Keith bucked his hips up towards Lance’s, desperate for friction. “So eager. Patience, hermoso. I will take good care of you.” The husky Spanish accent went straight to Keith’s abdomen, making it twitch with excitement. Noticing his partners lack of nudity, Keith propped himself up on one elbow and started tugging at Lance’s briefs. They were swiftly removed, and now it was Keith’s turn to grab a hold and brush his fingers across the others pulsating head. To his surprise, Lance let out a tiny whimper at the touch. Leaning in closer, Keith gave the shaft a tentative lick. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Lance was shivering, his eyes half-lidded, staring at Keith with a lustful gaze. He suddenly felt very pleased with himself, but also quite astounded. He had never heard of androids with actual sexual desires before. Maybe he is just faking it? “You… Can you feel that?” he asked curiously, giving another lick to empathize his question.

“Y-yeah.” Lance’s voice was shaking. “I am equipped with a signal network comparable to a nervous system. Complete with erogenous zones. I didn’t really know what that implied until now. I guess it’s there to make the act more believable.” Keith’s face lit up at this. Lance was able to feel him. He was enjoying himself. Flipping them around, Keith hovered over Lance’s crotch, blowing hot steams of air onto his pulsing member. Once more, he let his tongue flicker across the shaft, swirling it across the head when he came to the top. Lance moaned.

“What are you doing?” Keith looked up. The gaze that met him was a mix between lust and confusion. “What does it look like I’m doing?” he smirked, wrapping a hand around the waiting cock, stroking it tantalizingly slow. Moving his head down again, Keith took the cock in his mouth and started bobbing his head up and down at a slow pace. Soon he felt hands tangling into his hair and heard Lance’s ragged breathing. “This… This isn’t right. I’m the one who’s supposed to pleasure you. You are the customer.”

Keith pauses to look up at him with a lustful gaze, before rolling his tongue over the android’s tip, pressing down on the slit at its head. His reward came in the form of another moan. “Why are you doing this?”

“You like it, don’t you?” Keith was amazed at how seductive his own voice sounded. Lance nodded, opening his mouth to say something more. “Then keep that pretty mouth of yours shut and let me suck your dick.” Lance’s jaw snapped shut and he took a sharp breath, shuddering.

Keith continued his administrations on the member standing at full attention in front of him. He had been completely right – Lance was huge. Lance’s cock felt warm despite its android stature. It pulsed and twitched in time with his movements, just like a human one would. He took it deep over and over, gagging when the head hit the back of his throat. Tears started forming at the corner of his eyes, but he kept going. All the noises coming from Lance’s mouth was worth the small stings of pain.

 “Keith, that feels so good. You look so pretty sucking my cock.” Now it was Keith’s turn to moan at the praise, his cock spasming between his legs. Lance smirked at his reaction, using his newfound leverage to regain control of the situation. “Such a pretty boy. So good for me.”

Keith’s whole body was convulsing, precome leaking from his tip while he sucked down harder. “You like feeling my big cock down your throat? You’re doing such a good job, taking it all in like the good boy you are.” And there he was, coming untouched with a cock down his throat like a 15-year-old virgin, his body shaking, and his lips swollen from stretching around Lance’s thick member. Lance pulled him up and placed him in his lap, giving him a tender kiss. “You did so good. That was amazing.”

“But, but… I wasn’t finished.” Keith started protesting, his hands gripping for Lance’s member desperately. The soft laugh that escaped Lance’s lips as he gripped his wrists and placed them behind his back made Keith’s heart flutter. “As much as I would love for that to continue, we’re getting kinda short on time. And there’s more of you I would really like to explore…” With one hand still holding his wrists, Keith felt another coming down to circle his opening. “Only if you want to, of course.”

He started nodding frantically, already feeling himself growing harder at the thought. “Good. Lie down for me, hermoso.” Obedient as ever, Keith laid down on his back, spreading his legs widely in anticipation for what was to come. Lance leaned over his body, licking his lips. Keith was completely lost in the pool of his ocean blue eyes. Then he felt something cold touch his rim, making him shiver. The digit pushed at his opening before entering slowly, going in all the way to the base and back out. The movement repeated itself a couple of times before Keith felt a strange buzzing sensation that made him let out a cry. It fucking vibrates.

As if this new sensation wasn’t enough, Lance seemed to be getting impatient as well, picking up the pace and thrusting his finger dead on Keith’s prostate. The only thing he managed to do was shiver and whimper as his eyes rolled back into his skull, hands gripping at the sheets so hard they went numb. He felt Lance’s soft lips on his as another finger was added to the mix and had to hold himself back from screaming at the top of his lungs.

While scissoring him open, Lance started whispering words of praise and admiration into his ears, and Keith was falling hard. He is so perfect, I wish I could keep him. No, he had to stop those thoughts before they could fully manifest. This was a robot after all. A machine devoid of emotions. In the end, he is nothing more than a program. A bunch of ones and zeroes. But at least for now, I can pretend.

Keith didn’t notice how his body had gone fully limp and his brows had furrowed from thinking. “What’s wrong, lindo? Do you want me to stop?” The fingers had long since retracted, and Lance looked down on him with concern in his eyes, his LED steadily blinking yellow.

“It’s ok I was just… It’s been a while since the last time I did this.” And it had been, so in that sense he wasn’t really lying to him. Besides, what would he say? Oh, I was just thinking about how hopelessly lost I am in your eyes while you won’t even remember me an hour from now when you are hovering over your next client.

“Don’t worry hermoso. I will make you feel good. It won’t hurt.” A soft kiss was pressed against his forehead, and Keith let his head sink back into the pillow. At least for now, I can pretend. Pretend that he wants me. Pretend that he cares. With this in mind, he closed his eyes again and relaxed when the fingers penetrated his entrance. The scissoring motions resumed, and Keith allowed his mind to switch off. Feeling only pleasure. Only Lance.

“Please Lance, I’m ready.” Keith uttered breathlessly. He felt the fingers slip out of him and let out a slight whimper at the sudden emptiness. Opening his eyes, he was faced with a smirking Lance.

“Please what?” Keith flushed, covering his face with his hands. The next words came out as a whisper.

“Please fuck me.” He felt fingers intertwining with his, pulling his hands aside. Once again, he stood face to face with those porcelain white teeth and sea blue eyes. “I didn’t quite catch that. Say it again.” His voice was so seductive and commanding that Keith’s embarrassment washed away.

“I said… please fuck me.”

Lance motioned for him to turn around, but he shook his head adamantly. “I want to look you in the eyes while you’re inside me.” Keith could see Lance gulping at that, feeling proud to have such an effect on him.

“As you wish.”

Without warning, Keith felt something hard yet slick pushing into him and filling him up. Of course he self-lubricates…

“Nghh… Tight.” He heard Lance mutter while sinking in deeper. Keith let himself get lost in the feeling of being full, whimpering Lance’s name as he bottomed out.

Lance started with a couple of slow thrusts to make Keith used to his length, before speeding up gradually. It didn’t take long before Keith was moaning his name into his neck, digging his nails into Lance’s shoulder blades in a way that most certainly would have led to scratch marks had he been human. His prostate was hit with unbelievable accuracy with every thrust, and Keith felt his orgasm drawing closer.

“You feel so nice and tight around me. So pretty. Taking my cock like you were made for it.” Lance’s praise came out in whispers while the speed and force of his thrusts intensified, pulling Keith’s body closer with every buck of his hips. Keith’s entire body quivered. He felt euphoric.

“I can feel how close you are. Be a good boy and come for me one more time.” Before giving in to oblivion, Keith asked a final question in a shaky voice.

“How about you? Are you going to..?”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll come when you come, lindo.” The statement was followed by a series of hard, precise thrusts to his prostate. Keith relaxed and let his orgasm flush over him like a tidal wave. Sure enough, he felt Lance spill inside of him soon after, filling him up with a slick, gooey liquid.

After pulling out, Lance plopped down on his back next to Keith, and the shorter male curled up against him like a child. Keith hummed contentedly as he felt himself being wrapped up in the android’s arms, listening to the steady drum of his Thirium pump. I could stay here forever.

Their peace was quickly interrupted by a consecutive beeping noise coming from Lance’s armband. Giving Keith a light nudge, he proceeded to sit up in bed, moving to grab his boxer briefs from the floor. Keith, still sleepy and in afterglow, tugged at his shoulders while muttering “Come back down Laaance, I want to cuddle.”

“Sorry, hermoso. No can do. I have to leave for my next appointment now.” The bubble of ignorance and bliss that had comforted Keith during the last hour popped in an instant, leaving him hurt and perplexed. This is it. He is leaving. What will I do now?

“Please don’t go… I want you to stay.” Keith knew how pathetic he sounded, but right now, the thought of Lance in bed with someone else made his insides twist and turn in the most excruciating way.

“I can’t just stay here because you want me to… I have a job to do, you know. Someone else is eagerly awaiting my arrival.” The last part he said with a humorous twinkle in his eye, but this quickly disappeared when he saw the expression of hurt written across Keith’s face.

Lance knelt down next to him and pulled him close. “Hey, don’t be sad, cariño. To tell you the truth, I am really warming up to you. It feels strange to leave when you tell me to stay, but in the end following my program is all I can do.”

A feather-light kiss was planted on his cheek, leaving him immobilized as Lance walked towards the bedroom door. In the doorway, he turned to give him a soft smile.

“This was nice. I really do hope you book me again.” He didn’t answer.

“Goodbye, Keith. Take care.”

Wait, don’t go!

Keith had yet to move when the bedroom door closed behind him.