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The Great Shipping War of Destiny Islands

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A/N: Soo… Every chapter in this one is going to be short. And, involve some sort of plot by the characters trying to get Sora either with Kairi or with Riku. I'm open to suggestions, although I already have a few ideas

Published: 10/27/2018

Warnings: None

Drums of War

If there was one thing that was commonplace on Destiny Islands, it was the familiar sight of Percy Jackson and Jason Grace locked in the middle of a screaming match. It was practically their favorite hobby, and one they were gladly partaking in now.

All things considered, the fact that Percy could get someone as calm as collected as Jason to start yelling as pretty impressive. Complete and utter proof that Percy was the ultimate annoyance, no questions asked.

And, the current object of their argument?


Young love.

Oh, but not their own , of course. No. No, don't be silly.

What were they fighting about, you may ask?


Which 'Ship was better.

Oh dear lord have mercy on our souls.



"You're a moron if you think SoKai is a thing!"

"Idiots. You're both wrong. RiKai."

As one, Percy and Jason turned to look at Prompto incredulously. Prompto hummed to himself happily, ignoring the pair of them as he sat cross legged alongside Leo, the pair of them both working on mini robots, of all things.

Deciding the boy was an idiot and that he had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, Percy and Jason simultaneously decided to ignore him and went right back to their argument.

"I'm telling you! Sora and Riku have the hots for each other! That little brat is planning to get his grubby little paws all over our innocent little Sora!" Percy mimed, hands curling into claws, eyes narrowed into slits.

Jason crossed his arms, snorted, and rolled his eyes.

"Our Sora is too pure for him. That's why he's going to end up with Kairi, mark my words. There both pure and good for each other." Jason claimed.

Now it was Percy's turn to roll his eyes.

"Pleaseee. Yeah right. They're more like besties than anything else. RIku's the one Sora's got passion with." Percy countered.

"Passion isn't everything. He and Kairi have a genuine connection." Jason snapped.

"He and Riku literally complete each other's sentences at time, so ha!" Percy pointed out brutally.

"He and Kairi can do the same thing! It doesn't mean anything because Sora bonds with literally everyone!" Jason argued.

Percy blinked.

"Did… Did you just accuse our adorable little cousin of being a slut?"

Jason looked horrified, then offended.

"No! I did not- you are impossible!"

"You're the one who said he bonds with everyone!"

"That's not what I meant, and you know it, you-"

"Boys, boys. You're both wrong."

Percy and Jason blinked, turning away. Unconsciously, they'd grabbed each other by the collar, ready to start swinging… As usual. As one, they stared at Tidus, who was leaning upside down from the couch, grinning at them, blond strands falling down.

"It isn't SoKai or SoRiku. Or RiKai." Tidus scrunched his nose at all the pairings, looking thoroughly disgusted by the thought of any one of them.

"Oh yeah?" Percy asked, arms crossing, head tilted up. "Then what is it then, wise guy?"

Tidus grinned.


Percy and Jason looked at him incredulously.

"NO WAY!" they both shouted.

Tidus grinned.

"Yeah? Wanna bet? I bet I can get all three of them together." the blond claimed.

Percy scoffed.

"Yeah right. Riku's the jealous type. He ain't sharing."

Jason bristled.

"Kairi's a good girl, and Sora's a good boy. You're both wrong." Jason sniffed.

"Soooo all I'm hearing is you two idiots not realizing I'm right." Tidus singed.

Percy and Jason covered their ears. Tidus, among his many skills, had a terrible singing voice. Not surprising, with a laugh like that.

Then, glaring, Percy curled his fists.

"Oh yeah? I bet I can get Sora and Riku together!" Percy proclaimed, then looked slightly terrified at what he just said.

Not to be outdone, Jason continued.

"I bet I can get Sora and Kairi together!"

The three teenagers glared at each other. Then, together, they nodded.

And so it was that the Great Shipping War of Destiny Islands(™) had finally begun.