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One Step at a Time

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I don't own any content in this fictional story

Sonny was sitting in a dark corner of a bar alone. Every few seconds he would check his phone, but it was late and Amanda probably wouldn't answer him. He had messaged her asking if she wanted to meet and talk because he felt he had to clear the air. Sonny wasn't angry that she was pregnant. Maybe a little disappointed that that probably meant a hold on whatever their relationship was moving towards. But Sonny was mostly excited and really wanted to encourage Rollins to keep the baby because he would be more than happy to help out, but he also wanted her to know that he was there for her either way.

But now it was around 9:30 and he didn't want to be a bother, so Sonny had already drank enough to make him tipsy, and now he was nursing some cocktail that the bartender had recommended.

Carisi picked up his phone once more and texted Rollins:

Hey, sorry for bugging you earlier. Guess I was being stupid anyway. I'm bout to head home, goodnight.

Carisi sent the message, not expecting, but hoping for a reply. He set his phone down and decided to watch all the people at the bar. There was a group of girls in the other corner. Almost all of them were drunk. There was a group of guys and a couple of woman crossed to the bar watching some type of sports game, and then on the other side of the bar were the people sitting alone.

Carisi was zoned out and didn't notice a tall man walk towards him.

"Hey." The man gently got Sonny's attention, and set two drinks down on the table. "I'm Greg." He held out his hand to Sonny who shook it. "You looked lonely thought I'd join ya."

"Sonny." He smiled and took a sip of his drink. "I was supposed to meet with a friend but she couldn't make it…" He trailed off.

"That's unfortunate for you, maybe not for me though." The guy looked at Sonny and winked.

Sonny studied the man. He must have been 6'6 and had auburn hair and green eyes. He was built, not like a bodybuilder, but like someone that goes to the gym regularly and had light olive skin. His hair was slightly over grown and would sometimes flop in his eyes, but he'd run a hand through it and the hair would stay in place.

"Oh- I'm not-" Sonny stumbles on his words. "I've got someone I'm interested in, but thank you."

"Oh of course!" Greg smiled, sitting down. "The friend you were supposed to meet up with. That must be her."

"Yeah, actually." Sonny took a big gulp of the drink and finished it.

"Here." Greg passed one of the glasses to Sonny, who immediately took a sip. "Wanna talk about it?"

"Not really, but she keeps sending mixed signals. Like we went on a business trip and one night we went to the bar. We got in a bar fight and when we got to her motel room we almost kissed. Then in the mornin' I see the bartender walk outta her room. And now she's pregnant, and she told the rest of the squad, but not me. I figured it out and asked her."

"The squad?" The man asked, leaning forward.

"Yeah I'm a detective, SVU." Sonny took another big sip of his drink.

"There's no way. Lemme see a badge." Greg smirked at Sonny, who immediately reached for his coat pocket.

"See…" Sonny clumsily threw his badge on the table. "Detective Sonny Carisi!" His words were slurring. "'N 'm also a lawyer." Sonny leaned back and almost fell out of the chair.

Greg reached over to grab Sonny who pushed back.

"'m gonna stay here. Okay?"

"Come on Sonny, let's get you out of here." Greg put Carisi's arm over his shoulder and helped him stand. He then grabbed the badge and threw some money on the table.

"How about we take this elsewhere, Detective?"