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    Rain dripped heavily on the windshield of the car louder than the heavy metal music playing inside. Connor had both hands on the wheel, which was unusual as one was usually resting on his boyfriend's thigh. He leaned forward, squinting to see the road.

    "Jare, are you sure we're heading the right way?" He asked, tapping impatiently.

    "Definitely." Jared shook his head. "We took the right exit, google maps said so." He frowned down at his phone. "Wait, it's not reloading. Come on, damn service-"

    "I'm pretty sure I've seen that weird stump before." Connor frowned, scrunching his face up.


    "Yes I have! I told you it looked like a person laying down!" Connor protested.

    "Actually you said it looked a dead person." Jared corrected, smirking.

     "The point is, we've been here before." Connor groaned, banging his hand on the wheel. "We've got to stop somewhere, I can see a thing in this rain."

     Thunder roared overhead as if the sky agreed.

    "But, but," Jared's bottom lip stuck out. "There's no where to stop, what if there's a murderer?"

    Connor rolled his eyes, "Don't think your boyfriend could save you?" He teased.

     "No, not really." Jared admitted, smirking.

      "Wait, there's a house here." Connor slowed the car down and pulled into a long driveway.

Jared's mouth fell agape as he stared at the house, or rather, mansion really. "It looks like it's haunted!"

Connor had to admit, it did. The house stood three stories tall, it's once bright green paint now dull and peeling off in large strips. The front porch was splintered in multiple places and the shingles were scattered around the lawn, where after they had fallen off no one had bothered to fix them.

Connor almost would've said that no one lived there if there wasn't a light on in the top floor of the house.

He parked the car and turned to Jared, who was looking even more freaked out.

"Scared?" Connor mocked, knowing this would get Jared up and out of the car.

Jared's eyes narrowed, "I'm not scared."

Connor cocked an eyebrow and crossed his arms, "Oh yeah? Prove it."

Just like that, Jared was swinging the car door open, stepping out into the rain and stomping through the mud up to the house. Connor quickly hurried to follow him, making sure to grab his satchel from the backseat.

"Jared, hold up-"

But he was already ringing the doorbell, giving Connor a smug look from a distance away.

"Who's scared now!" Jared called. Connor gave him a dirty look before falling, his boot had gotten stuck in the thick mud. He pulled and his foot came completely out of his shoe. He cussed under his breath as he attempted to pry it out.

Jared's face fell and he started to head towards Connor, when behind him the door swung open. He jumped, quickly turning to face the person in the doorway.

A boy scowled at him, squinting down suspiciously at Jared. His hair was a dark brown and slicked back. Jared could've thought he had looked quite distinguished, but his lack of a smile made him more horrifying. He seemed older than him, but not by too much. To top it off, he was about a foot taller than Jared.

Jared's eyes widened as he stood there in shock. "Uh, er, we're-"

     "Kinda lost." Connor had gotten his boot unstuck and now stood behind Jared. Jared looked up at him to see he was soaked from the rain, and his clothes were covered in mud.

     The boy seemed to relax a bit, he glanced around outside. "You're late." He said, taking them by the wrist and dragging them inside.

     "Late?" Jared questioned, struggling to keep up with the boy's long strides.

     "For the dinner party, we started an hour ago." The boy frowned at them. "We'll have to get you both a change of clothes, Mr. Scarlett and Professor Plum."

     Connor and Jared exchanged a look.

     "Uh, like clue?" Jared scrunched his face up, confused.

     "Mr. Scarlett, this is no time for games." The boy scorned, tugging them into a room.

     Before he knew it, Jared was dressed in a slimming white tuxedo with a deep red trim. He had a sparkly red tie to match, and his hair had been slicked back.

    "How do I look?" He giggled to Connor, who was dressed in a similar black tux with a purple bow tie.

    "Absolutely stunning, however," Connor dropped his voice. "I don't think we should be here."

    Jared looked up at him, "It's not like we didn't try to stop him. Besides, I'm kinda worried about what happens if we tell them we're not Mr. Scarlett and Professor Plum."

     "Good point." Connor nodded, he turned as the boy entered the room again, a jeweled cane in his hand.

    "For you." The boy handed Connor the cane.  Connor gladly accepted it. "Now you're both ready, we can head downstairs."

     "What's your name again?" Connor asked the boy.

    The boy seemed to have expected this question, for he nodded. "Why of course, I'm Mr.Boddy." He smiled. "Rude of me to not introduce myself being the host."

    They followed Mr.Boddy down the hall to a long set of stairs descending down to a basement.

     Jared and Connor entered a makeshift dining room. A table had been set up and four other people sat around it, each in just as elaborate clothing as Jared and Connor. They all looked out of place in the dusty and moldy basement.

    "I would like to announce the arrival of Mr.Scarlett and Professor Plum." Mr. Boddy tilted his upwards as if he was speaking to the ceiling.

    "Oh, that's wonderful!" A girl in purple cheered, pushing up her large circular glasses.

    "This is Ms. Peacock." Mr.Boddy introduced the girl. She smiled.

    "Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Now, I'm rather eager to get this started, I want to know why I was sent that letter." She frowned.

    "All will make sense in due time, Ms.Peacock." Mr. Boddy assured her.

    "No, she's right. I want to know what is happening!" The girl in a short yellow dress stood up and banged her fists on the table.

    "Colonel Mustard, please take a seat. I'm just going to serve dinner and we'll get everything sorted out, don't worry." Mr. Boddy told her, and promptly left to supposedly serve dinner.

    "I just don't understand why we're here." The Colonel sat down and crossed her arms.

    "So how does someone your age become a Colonel?" Jared teased, trying to lighten the heavy mood that hung in the air.

    "I'm not, it's the dumb alias he gave me." She glared at him. Jared glanced at the boy that had not been introduced yet. He was pale and wore a white suit quite similar to Jared's.

    "Let me guess, you're Mr. White?" Jared chuckled. Somehow the boy seemed to get even paler.

    "Uh, yes, actually." He scratched the back of his neck.

    Jared gave a small chuckle and was glad when Ms.Peacock spoke up. "So, you all received letters too I'm guessing?" She pulled her invitation out of her pocket. "About... unsavory things?"

    Uncomfortable silence settled in the room. Jared was starting to wish they hadn't pulled over.

    With a loud clank, the door to the basement burst open as Mr.Boddy came back down, carrying a large tray. He gracefully went around the table, setting down bowls of chowder. When he set one down in front of Jared, he noticed a red envelope on his plate. Beside him, he saw Connor had a purple one. Everyone else at the table lacked this strange letter of sorts.

    Carefully, Jared lifted the letter from its spot and opened it, pulling out a dark red parchment.

    Dear Jared Kleinman,

    What the hell? How did he know his name?

    Jared continued to read the letter, feeling sicker and sicker by the second. By the end, he didn't feel like touching the food at all.

    How the hell did they find out? He had hidden it so well!

    Jared looked over at Connor, who was still looking at his letter and holding the exact same expression as Jared.

    Connor couldn't find out about what was in his letter.

    He'd kill someone to prevent it.