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Hades Chaos Addams

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An icy smile spread across an equally icy face, blood red lips curling up.


“Almost here, dear. You are almost here” She said, trailing off into a whisper. Finally looking up from the tarot cards to look at the moon and stars, confirming what she had already read. Moving, she seemed to float as she walked down to get ready to go.



A baby stayed oddly quiet as he watched the small house in Godric’s Hallow around him burn from the odd explosion that had just occurred about 30 minutes earlier. As he was drifting off in his crib the door to his torn up room opened to emit a woman in a tight yet elegant black gown floating in, blood red lips curving into a small smile and eyes sparkling as she saw the young baby fighting to keep his eyes open enough to look at her.


“Sleep little one, you’ll have the time to look at me later.” With that, the small one slipped into a deep sleep. As he slept she took him home, to the Addams mansion on 0001 Cemetary Lane, Westfield, New Jersey.


When he next woke it was in a dark room, a knife clutched in his hand and many heads of black hair in his face. Not knowing what to do, he made a small noise in the back of his throat and clutched the knife tighter in his grip.


“Mon Chere, look he knows his weapon and the importance of silence already.” The lady from the night before said as her onyx eyes slid to the man beside her, his feral grin showing his glee of his new son.


“Tish, that was French!,” he exclaimed as his eyes stayed glued the small bundle in the crib.


“Mother I want to see him,” a small demand came from on the floor before the small girl, around the same age as the young baby, with hair as black as her mother came into view and set in the crib. Without making a sound she automatically went to hold the small boy in the crib, all while saying that he needed her protection but that his small stature would be good for using against enemies and maybe he would be ok in the world so long as she was three feet behind him.


“Wednesday, you know that we will train him and yes you can be his protector but know that we will make sure that if, god forbid, you are not there he can protect himself,” Morticia said while looking at two of her three kids, Pugsley was still asleep in his own crib across the room.

Wednesday nodded, though she seemed to only be half listening because at that moment the little boy opened his eyes, showing striking emerald eyes, they looked to be confused but satisfied and seemed to understand and accept that he would always have this small girl, big to him, near his side.



Hades Chaos Addams dove out of the way of the knife that was aimed at his head, he had annoyed Weds and she had thrown the knife at him in retaliation, he just laughed and tossing the throwing knife back at her.


It was his 11th anniversary of being picked up, October 31st, the night his Mother had picked him up and he became an Addams. Weds was a little jealous that his “rebirthday”, as the Family called it, landed on her second favorite day of the year. Of course, she would never admit that part of her loved the day because it was the day Hades, previously Harry, came to live with them.


Hades floated over to Grandmama to help make breakfast for the family, saying hello to Thing and Lurch on the way. Pugsley had gotten down by now, not before tripping a few of the traps Weds and Hades had set up that morning. He groaned as he fell down the stairs and got up to glare at the swinging mace that swung innocently back and forth before going to blow something up with Uncle Fester.


Hades was smirking as he poisoned his Family’s food. He knew it wouldn’t do anything but add some flavor, as they had all built up an immune system to most poisons over the years after a few pranks and it became something to hopefully save their lives if they were ever poisoned at the dinner table, though that was very bad manners and they were all taught not to poison a guest, even if they deserved it. Not that they had many out of family visitors.


For some odd reason, no one ever seemed to want to come near the house or its occupants. Every might-be friend Hades, Wednesday, or Pugsley ever met ran away screaming when they heard the three’s surname. How rude of them, didn’t they know that to judge someone one's surname alone was quite mean?


Hades and Wednesday were both eleven and there seemed to be an owl problem near their house, it was definitely good that everyone in the house loved a good owl stew on amazingly horrible nights.



Dumbledore was panicking. Not only had his weapon not been at the Dursleys, but all the owls with letters he sent didn't come back. He had used almost all the Hogwarts owls to try to find Harry Potter but now he was reduced to five owls and still no response from the boy. Where were all the owls? And where, for the love of Merlin, was his little weapon, Harry Potter?