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Pennywise X OC " Do You Promise?"

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Would you believe me, if I told you I saw him once?
I was 12 years old and sitting at the front of my porch, it was raining.
My parents…were fighting and I couldn’t stand it…


“Our daughter needs, Blainelly needs you but you’re never around!”
“That is not fair Melissa I work 24 hours a day every day! Do not act like I don’t care for my own dau-”
Clang. The metal screen shut behind her with a heavy bang.
Her bare feet slapping against hollow wood.  
Rain drowned out the shouting and yelling until there was nothing left but a serene sound.
Drip. Drip. Drip.
A red balloon pushed past the open wheat fields, her eyes followed it cautiously.
That’s strange? Why is a balloon all the way out here?
There are no parks around here?
The balloon was almost mesmerising, it’s cheerful red colour a stark comparison to the fields of wheat, which seemed to go on for miles endlessly and the gloomy rain.
It floated gently, surviving the battering of the rain on it’s rubbery surface but not for long as the balloon started to lower heading towards the spiky grass.
It’s going to pop!
A hand...

She squinted against the pouring of the rain but was certain.
A gloved…white hand was holding the Balloon.
“ Is someone there?”

“Is someone out in the rain?”
The balloon started to float gently upwards revealing the being behind it.
A clown...

Wearing a really strange outfit, ruffles seem to luxuriously cover every joining of the outfit.
It was almost like he had been swallowed whole by white frilly ruffles, buried from head to toe in them it was hard to tell the difference between the clown and his clothing.
But it was his smile that was the most unsettling.
A red ragged looking smile that exaggerated past his normal lips, and teeth…it might have been my imagination...but at the time we were studying biology in school and…humans don’t have that many teeth.
She backed away slightly her shoulder slamming into the frame of the door.
“Where are you going Blainely? Don’t you want this balloon?”
His voice would have sounded funny if he hadn’t been standing in the front of her house…
To you or me this wouldn’t have looked strange…but the thing about a farmstead is…you’re completely alone for miles…without any roads nearby.
“I do…”
His smile seemed to take up more than half of his face.
“ Then why don’t you come over and join me?”
Her feet squeaked against the wood as she hesitated.
“Mom said…I shouldn’t speak to strangers.”
She blinked and he seemed much closer than he was before, standing suddenly at the steps of her porch, rain seemed to drip off his face…
“But I am not a stranger Blainely, I am Pennywise…the dancing clown. Come closer…and I will give you this balloon.”
The balloon seemed to almost dance in the wind.
“Get the balloon Blainley.”
“Do you promise?”
His eyes seem to flash a pale yellow, she wasn’t sure if it was a trick of the light.
“I promise.” Came his strange voice a slight lisp to it.
Her feet clacked against the wooden stairs.
The rain soaked her blonde locks plastering them to her face as her hand cautiously reached for the balloon.
Just a little further!
Her hand stretching out desperately towards the soft faint glow that the red balloon seemed to give off, almost teasing her the closer she got the further away it seemed.
The world came tumbling down; gravity seemed to shift...”Ahh!”

Soft…it feels…soft and the smell…
She breathed in softly.
Freshly buttered popcorn and cotton candy.
 Her vision adjusted in the rain as she took in the soft velvety feel of the ruffles pressed against her cheek.
Her hands digging into the plushness…
A whisper pressed against her ear.


A memory flashed to her.
“Blainely Prescot! No sleeping in my class! Since you seem so relaxed answer this question! At what temperature does the human body shut down?”
“I-I don’t know...”
The ruler hit the table.
“Pay attention in my class, detention after school I want you to write out thirty lines saying exactly ‘ The human body shuts down around 35.0  Celsius and I Blainely Prescot will pay attention in class more.
Too cold… he isn’t even shivering...don’t…humans usually feel warm?
A piercing pain slammed into the side of her shoulder making tears well at the side of her eyes.  
It swelled at her shoulder.
Her eye’s met his, rows and rows of sharp teeth extended outwards as his mouth horribly disfigured seemed to crack out of place extending impossibly large.
“You...promised” Came her soft voice.
The world started to become impossibly dark.
A feather light touch seemed to brush against her as she was lifted off her feet.
Darkness…so cold and dark and the tickle of something soft against her forehead “I did promise.” A high pitched laugh fading against her ear.