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Fox Tales: Stories from A Fox and his Hound

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Breaking the news to Naruto had been suitably dramatic...

“B-but... you and him... and he is... Kaka-sensei... maa~ or, or should that be Kaka-nii-san, onii-chan?!”

Luckily, he’d had three days (full of sex, food and more sex) to prepare himself and, he figured, by telling Konoha’s number one knuckle-headed ninja about their mateship and pregnancy (because, seriously, Kurama’s nature-based chakra abilities had a lot of weird, scary uses which, apparently, included baby-detection) soon everyone in the Village would know without them even having to leave their house.

Their home...

“And all of this time you’ve been an omega?! How?! How did I not know?! Ahh~!! Not that it’s a bad thing... dattebayo...”

Chuckling at the blonde’s now blushing, conflicted face, Kakashi merely patted his shoulder before beckoning him in from the window-ledge he’d nearly fallen off of (four times in the past ten minutes; a smidge embarrassing for one of the world’s most powerful shinobi but unsurprising given the circumstances).

“Tch, has he finally settled down? Heh, our kids better not get any of that loudness from your side of the family, gaki” Kurama playfully grumbled from his spot at the kitchen table, his hands and tails dutifully folding freshly washed bedding (they’d gotten through all three of the sets he owned). “And it’s about time you got here, brat, there’s a lot of stuff we’ve got to get done and, as a future uncle, you’re going to be needed around... uh, huh, unless you have a family of your own to tend to, nah?”

Eh?!!” the sixteen year old baulked, his entire head flaming with a blush whilst he pulled at his collar and looked anywhere other than the grinning fox-jin and blinking teacher; “w-what? I... ugh... you...”

“Fucking an omega is pretty spectacular, isn’t it?”

Kurama!!" the (technically) younger males howled in unison, their skilled fingers easily picking up kitchen knick-knacks (and maybe a knife or two) to launch at the (no longer smug) yowling alpha.

“Oww!” he yelped, his body over-turning the table (and upsetting the clean bed-sheets in the process), the vulpine-eared man frowned and tried to drown out their yelling and demands for apologies whilst attempting to focus enough to shun-shin away.

Apparently this would be his life now.

He regretted nothing...