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Murky Memories

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“Safety is 30% Common sense; 80% Compliance and the rest is good luck.”

– Barry Spud


Musutafu Police Station, March 21XX

“My friend has been missing for over a month now. How can your men just sit here and do nothing!?” “Now, Imai-san, we’ve been working our hardest to locate your friend, its just that there are many others things going on in Musutafu. We can assure you-”

A pair of pale hands slammed the table, large amethyst eyes glaring into the detective's brown ones. The girl, Hotaru Imai was just an angry fifteen years old looking for her dear companion. Hotaru gave the man one last glare before turning away and walking out the station. ‘Useless pigs don’t know what they doing. Mikan, I just want you to be safe’ The girl thought as she made her way to her apartment. It was a short walk, she was only 10 minutes from the police and several hero offices. Hotaru let her bag drop as she picked up the hologram device from her dining table. She fiddled with it before it played the familiar video with the principal: :


“Ah, Congratulations Hotaru Imai on your acceptance to Yuuei’s Support Course! Not only were we impressed with your high scores on the written exam but your work portfolio has piqued the interest of many companies and would like to fund you..”


Hotaru let the white noise after play out as she peered into her fridge. The choices were bleak. ‘I don’t have enough for curry and I’m not going back outside’ She closed it with a sigh. She could survive another day without a hot meal. Knock Knock. She looked at her clock. It’s 8 pm, and her associates know better to outright knock on her door. Hotaru walked to her door and peeked at the peephole.

“Imai-san! Are you home?”

It was the older boy again. She had helped him get back into Yuuei, at a price. She opened the door just a crack. He was only a little taller than her, blonde spiky hair and blue eyes that gave her a weird feeling in her stomach.

“What are you doing at a young woman’s house so late at night?”

The boy’s face flushed. ‘Is he serious right now?’

“I was wondering if you were hungry, I was just in the neighborhood and all and had an extra serving of crab-”

Hotaru’s eyes sparkled with sudden interest. Also, her stomach whined at her, hunger finally taking over her senses. ‘It’s scary how much this kid has taken his role seriously’.

“Fine. Come in and stay awhile. It’s not on me if your parole officer catches you after your curfew, Uzumaki-kun.”

Kamino Ward, March 21XX

Toga flayed the man’s face, letting the blood soak her uniform. The unsuspecting man had piqued her interest for a couple of hours. Now she was bored. ‘I wonder what Princess is going right now. She better not be cheating on me! ’ She licked the man’s skinned face, playing with the muscle tissue underneath. Her phone buzzed to life.

“Mou, guess we’re gonna have to cut this date short, sweetie. I’ve got errands to run”

Ame No Kisaki, March 21XX

“Yukihara-san! You have such good aim! Could you, uh give me pointers? “ A tall blue-haired girl asked, face flushed. Yukihara inwardly rolled her hazel eyes. ‘ If Miyamae-san was honest with herself I would gladly reciprocate her feelings

“Sure Kanako-chan! I’d love to help you” Yukihara steadied the girl’s hand, pressing herself against Kanako’s back. The taller teen shivered at her touch. ‘Fucking pervert is ridiculous with her shenanigans. She gave Kanako another fake smile, raising her voice to make it sound even cuter.

“And now pull back and”- THUNK - “You’re a natural Kanako-chan! Are you sure you didn’t have another reason for calling me?” Yukihara rested her head on Kanako’s shoulders. She watched with glee as Kanako visibly swallowed. ‘She’s such a cute girl though if she wasn’t so shallow as well. I should shoot my shot either way’ She let go of Kanako’s hands and let her arms encircle the blue-haired girl’s waist. She let her straight brunette locks fall onto her face. Kanako shook again, her face reddening the more Yukihara held on.


“Y-Yes Yuki-”

She squeezed.

“We’re past that now, aren’t we Kanako?”

“S-Sure if you say so, Mikan-san”

Mikan gave her a devilish grin.

“Let’s go on a date this Saturday.”

Kanako’s nose spurted so much blood that day.