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KR x FE: Awaken the Chains

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Wolf Bite (I)|The Pack Grows

"So what do you think?" Robin asked Wataru. He had to admit, it did look quite quaint. His room was somewhere in the east wing of the castle and it even doubled as his workshop. Weirdly enough, it even felt like his workshop back home. All the tools he needed where neatly placed inside cabinets, a long wooden table stood in the middle of the room and his bed was at the end of the room sitting across a desk. There was a window that overlooked the courtyard. Wataru peered out of it, and he had a clear view of Frederick training the soldiers.

"Is that where you guys train?" He asked Robin. Robin stood next to him and looked out to, getting a good sight of Frederick berating a soldier who had plopped on the ground. "I suppose, I've only been here for one afternoon. That is where the barracks is located, though." He told him.

"Well, enough of that." Robin said, he patted Wataru's shoulder and went to the door. "I need to go, Chrom wants us to head somewhere soon. He'll need me, apparently."

"To where?" Wataru asked.

"Up north, to a place called Regna Ferox. Exalt Emmeryn wants to gain their support to help strengthen the defenses here." He replied.

"Good luck." Wataru said to him. Robin nodded and waved goodbye.

When he was sure no one was nearby or watching, Wataru peered out the window and said, "You can go in now." Kivat flew in the room, he scanned the room and whistled. "Quite cozy." He said. Wataru plopped on his bed, exhausted from all the past events. "So, now what?" Kivat asked. Wataru stared at the ceiling with his hands under his head. "Guess we just wait for clues for the others." He said to him. "We won't investigate for ourselves?" Kivat asked, resting on the foot of the bed. "Not when we might be busy here. We probably could go out occasionally but I still have a duty here."

"I doubt those Shepherds are as destructive as they say." Kivat told him.

As if on cue, Wataru heard shouting coming from outside his window. He looked out, a woman with pink hair, a wing-styled hairpin, and a skirt was skirmishing in front of some group with a variety of musical instruments. There was a drum on the ground, and right through the center of it was a spear. A man was shouting at the woman while the other band members stood there. "Okay, I take that back." Kivat said.

Things could've gone better for Stahl. Sure, he was late for the march because of Vaike, he had barely finished his meal, and here he was fighting the undead but his life could've been much worse. At least he wasn't fighting them directly, Robin had assign Chrom and Frederick on that duty. He was assign to guard a Pegasus knight who had no steed. She also seemed a bit down, she was looking intently at the ground. "Everything alright, Sumia?" He asked her. She carried her head up and nodded. "Nothing too bad, Stahl, it's just…" she trailed off and twiddled her thumbs. That's when Stahl remembered what happened to her yesterday. "Oh, are you still down about what happened with the composer?"

"You still remember that?" She asked in dismay.

"Well, I mean it was my fault. I was the one training you, Sumia."

"No, it wasn't, it was me and my clumsiness. I just wish that composer didn't throw that much of a hissy fit. I swear it feels like he's spewing venom."

Stahl only nodded in understanding. The Royal Orchestra had been playing themselves to the bone ever since the new one was hired. They didn't even find the Shepherds much of a nuisance, the only thing they seem to complain about was him. If he didn't make such great music, Stahl would be sure Exalt Emmeryn would've fired him by now.

He got off his horse and lead her to the river. "Are you sure you should be letting her drink right now?" Sumia asked. "Can't let her run dehydrated, can we? Besides if I'm going through this without my meal, at least she won't." He told her. "At least you got your horse." Sumia said, she bent over and started plucking off the petals on a flower. Stahl immediately knew what was wrong with her. "Oh, it's your Pegasus, isn't it?" Sumia nodded. "I mean, I know she isn't dead, but it still sucks not being able to fly."

"Well, the Eastern Palace did say they needed more Pegasi there. The reports said there have been sightings of more Plegian soldiers there." Stahl said. "Yeah, what's up with that?" Sumia wondered. "I don't know, maybe they're-" Stahl stopped midway. Something had caught his eye.

He unsheathed his sword from its scabbard and turned to Sumia. "Stay close." he told her. Sumia tilted her head,but then she saw what he was looking at. From afar, there was pikeman and an archer, but they didn't look like they came from Ylisse; they literally adiated a dark aura. "Risen." she whispered. Stahl nodded and backed slowly. He took the lead of his horse and guided her carefully away from the river. The two took each step with care, minding every rock they stepped on. Until Sumia slipped on a big one. She fell flat on her back, her armor clanking against the rocs. "Oh, Pegasus dung!" she cursed. "Sumia!" Stahl quickly went to recover her but an arrow was shot near his foot. The Risen Archer had fired, and the two were charging towards them.

Stahl quickly got Sumia on her feet and guided her to his horse. "Sumia, you go, I'll hold them off." he told her. "But Stahl-"

"Just go, I'll catch up!" Stahl prepared his sword, despite his weapon's weakness to the opponent's weapon, he had to fight. He charged at the Risen and swung his sword. The pikema blocked it with its lance and the archer prepared another shot. It fired, while it did miss Stahl, the arrow caught him off guard causing him to slip on his feet. He fell into the shallow water and his sword was knocked off of him. "Stahl!" Sumia shouted. Acting quickly, Stahl crawled to his sword as the Pikeman rushed to him. It raised its lance athis back as Stahl tried to reach for his weapon.

Sumia closed her eyes in fear, but then she felt the wind brush off her hair. Something fast, she thought. While Stahl feared for his life, something else attacked the pikeman. With a leap, the figure kicked the pikeman in its face causing it to stagger. Stahl looked up, he saw a man in a disheveled suit with a spear on his back. He had to be in his late to mid-forties since the wrinkles in his eyes were noticeable. He looked at Stahl as if what just happened before didn't faze him. "Need a hand?" he said, his voice quite deep. He reached out his hand which Stahl promptly took. "Thanks." Stahl told him.

The two Risen moaned at them, and Stahl and the man prepared themselves. The ma took the spear from his back and looked a Stahl. "I don't suppose you have a weapon I can use? I'm not familiar with a spear." he told him. Stahl nodded and traded his sword for the man's spear. "I'm not that good with them either, but I've had practiced."

"Good. You seem capable enough, anyway." The man said.

"Thank you. Can I have a name, sir?" Stahl asked.

"Jiro." he supplied.

"Stahl. Nice to meet you, Sir Jiro."

"Just Jiro is fine."

Stahl nodded and the two ran towards the Risen. Jiro went straight for the archer, sending it a flurry of sword slashes. Stahl was impressed, he never seen people swing their sword that fast save for Chrom. Stahl attacked the pikeman blow for blow, deflecting each stab from it. Stahl quickly swung his spear upward, deflecting the pikeman's thrust. Stahl thrusted his spear right through the pikeman's face. Stahl was glad these things didn't spew out any guts or something like that, he already lost enough of his meal as he did before.

Jiro kept attacking the archer with no sign of letting up. With one final strike, he slashed across the archer's chest and it staggered back. Simultaneously, the two Risen dropped there weapons. With a splash into the water, the two dissolved into purple dust and smoke. Stahl approached Jiro and offered back the spear. "No, you can keep that. I'm terrible with weapons like that." Jiro said. He offered Stahl's sword back which he promptly took back.

"Stahl!" There was shouting from afar. Turning around, Stahl found the new guy Robin and Chrom running towards them. "Stahl, what happened here?" Robin asked. "We got attacked by some Risen but this man came in just in time to help." Stahl gestured to Jiro. "Risen?" Jiro asked, "Is that what you call those things?" Robin nodded. "Who might you be, sir? He asked. "Jiro. Just Jiro." He replied. "Thank you for your help earlier." Sumia told him. Jiro narrowed his eyes causing Sumia to squirmish a bit. "Is something the matter?" She asked. "That hairpin," Jiro pointed towards the one Sumia was wearing, "Do you ride a winged horse?" Sumia nodded. "Yes, but not right now." She said. "Come with me."

Jiro gestured to the forest and went in. The others promptly followed him. He lead towards a small clearing with a pond. Sitting nearby it was a Pegasus. Its leg was wrapped around a small cloth that was stained red. "A Pegasus?" Chrom commented. He approached the Pegasus, but it reared its legs and whinnied. "Woah! Down, girl!" He cried. "Captain, wait!" Sumia yelled. She approached the Pegasus and patted its snout. "Shh, easy now." She said in a small, gentle voice. Robin looked at the sight and smiled. "I'm impressed, you were able to calm it down so quickly." Sumia, though, shook her head. "It's nothing, really. I just have a way with animals."

Sumia turned to Jiro and asked, "How did she end up like this?" Jiro approached the Pegasus and ran his hand on its neck. "I was fighting those Risen nearby a herd of Pegasi. They flew away in fear as I was fighting but an arrow meant for me shot this one instead." He gestured towards the leg and continued, "I followed it and wrapped its wound with my handkerchief. I figured you have experience with these animals since one if the Risen was riding one and had the same armor are you."

"That was really kind of you." Sumia said.

"Well, it was the least I can do for it."

"It's a 'her' by the way; the Pegasus is a girl."

"Of course," Jiro smiled and patted the Pegasus's snout, "It's the least I can do for her."

"Captain," Sumia turned towards Chrom, "You should go ahead, I'll head back to Ylisse to treat her wounds."

"We can wait for you if you want " Chrom said.

"No need for that, the safety of the Halidom goes first." She told him. Chrom and Robin nodded, then Robin spoke up, "You should be accompanied by someone, the Risen might attack you. Who wants to volunteer?" He turned towards the current Shepherds. It was Stahl who raised his hand. "I'll do it, it's not that far from Ylisse so I can probably grab a snack while I'm there." He said. Robin raised an eyebrow and turned to Chrom, "Does he always think about food?" He asked. "Like I said, he's one of the Shepherds' finest so it's not much of a problem." Chrom said. Stahl scratched the back of his head while Sumia chuckled softly.

"Very well, Stahl will go with Sumia. We're two members short, though." Robin said. Robin pondered his thoughts with his hand on his chin. He turned his head towards Jiro and smiled. "Excuse me, sir, but are you in any service at the moment?" He asked. "Yes, I plan on looking for them after this." Jiro replied. "Well, maybe you would like to look for them while your with us?" Jiro narrowed his eyes at Robin. Something about that look made Stahl a but uneasy, it was like a predator studying his prey. "It's only until Sumia and Stahl can return or you find who you need. We'll need the extra help." Robin told Jiro. "Are you sure you want someone like me in your fold? A complete stranger?" He asked, but Chrom shook his head and stepped forward. "Robin, himself, is a complete stranger and yet I can trust him enough to join us. I believe I can trust you." He said, but Jiro scoffed at what the prince said and turned his head to the pond. "You should be more careful who you let in your pack. After all," he then turned back to them, "There's always a wolf in sheep's clothing."

The atmosphere felt heavy. Somehow Jiro's words made the area around them colder than the Winter's Festival. If Frederick were around, he probably spared no hesitation to point his spear at Jiro. Yet somehow, it was Robin who didn't feel that cold air. "Then that means I can trust you." He said. Everyone else turned to him in disbelief. "If you were a traitor, I doubt you would say something like that. Honestly it sounds like a warning. Not a sound strategy." Stahl expected Jiro to scoff again, but instead he smirked. "A smart strategist would do that in order to have his prey think they're on the their side." He told Robin. "And a smarter strategist would know that would put the other team on edge in case of a betrayal. They'd be prepared in case of such event." Jiro chuckled softly and approached Robin. "I did something like that to an old friend of mine. It was to see how much he trusted me with what he asked." He told him. "What was it?" Robin asked. "To take care of his son." Jiro answered.

"How much did he trust you?" Robin asked.

"Just as much as you."

Jiro extended his hand in open palm. Robin promptly shook it and suddenly the atmosphere wasn't as cold.

Everyone breathed out a sigh of relief. Sumia assisted the Pegasus back on her feet with Stahl's assistance. "We'll head back to Ylisse now. You go on ahead, Captain." She told Chrom. They nodded, and he, Robin, and Jiro parted ways with the two.

The three were soon back with the others. Frederick was surprised to see another new member so soon. He was suspicious of him, more so than Robin or Wataru. He blamed it on a gut feeling. Jiro was glad that Robin was able to convince him to lay off of him. It didn't hurt that Jiro, himself, can give him a glare that could give Frederick a run for his money.

Jiro had learned the militia's name was the Shepherds, and he had silently regretted his choice of words from before. It was only temporary, at least. Not until he can find Wataru. He was given a sword and some leather armor to wear. Jiro lived for years, and he couldn't help but feel a bit of nostalgia. Ah, those years of running around in Europe and hunting down criminals for their life energy. It was easy to find back then, but when the Wolfmen had dwindled in numbers, it meant more than eating life energy to survive. That was how they and the other surviving races found out they could just survive out of regular food alone. Of course that didn't stop their hunger for life.

Jiro spat at himself for remembering such a time. Remembering the times where he was that willing to kill to survive left a bad taste in his mouth. He supposed it was Wataru's and Otoya's good nature that changed him. Maybe it was also because he had a bigger purpose in life.

Jiro headed out back into the field, the Shepherds were preparing to leave in carriages. The Stahl person and the pink-haired woman were gone. He could see Robin and Chrom from afar talking to Frederick. Jiro had learned from him that Chrom was the prince of this land and what his job was. Jiro could at least find himself somewhere in Frederick. He hoped the two of them won't have to get dirty. He didn't want to make friends, but making enemies wasn't exactly ideal.

Chrom and Robin had stopped talking and turned to the rest of the Shepherds. "Everyone, listen up!" Chrom yelled, "We're done resting here. Let's head to Regna Ferox immediately." Everyone nodded, and soon people went to their positions. Some got on their horses, some decided to follow along on foot, and Jiro opted for the carriage. Robin had assigned him to guard the gear for them which were in the convoy. He climbed in and sat next to some weapons. The carriage started to move and off they went.

Jiro then noticed there was something very unique in the convoy. It was a large suit or armor, and someone was in it. The man had a short hair and a very blank expression on his face. "Were you assigned to guard the convoy as well?" Jiro asked. The man looked around him, and then pointed to himself. "Yes, I'm talking to you." Jiro said flatly. "Oh, sorry. No one always notices I'm around so I'm used to being ignored." The man replied. Jiro suddenly felt the atmosphere turn a bit awkward, though the man said it so matter-of-factly Jiro wasn't sure if he should apologize. Deciding not to dwell on that topic, Jiro continued talking. "What's your name?" he asked. "Kellam. I'm a Knight for the Shepherds." he replied.

"My name's Jiro."
"Yeah, I heard. New guy, right?" Kellam asked.

"Just got here today."

"Well, welcome, I suppose." Kellam said. Clearly he wasn't much of a talker, much like Jiro, though. But Jiro can tell he was formidable fighter. Mostly because of the shield he had with him.

Jiro peered out of the convoy he could see Robin and Chrom from afar in their horses. Jiro was glad Robin was clever enough about the "wolf in sheep's clothing" thing. Though something still bothered Jiro. He can tell this militia was a cheerful group, one he wouldn't mind at all. His wolflike senses, though, couldn't help but feel unedge. When he first met them, it was like something else was watching over them, and even within them. Something sinister. And somehow, he felt that wolf was too near the prince.

"And here's the new violins with new lacquer." Wataru watched as the guard handed over the violins to the orchestra. The composer scanned it, looked at it in every detail. And then he scoffed. "What kind of lacquer is this, exactly?" he asked. Wataru didn't want to answer that, the last thing he wants is for people to know what ingredients he used. "You think this kind of color is the color of something as royal as the Lowell family? Look at this," he turned to his orchestra, "do you think this spells royalty to you?" They didn't reply. He scoffed at them. "Seriously, all of you should learn about quality in looks of your instruments." He turned to Wataru and promptly gave him the violin. "Your the new repairman, right? Do a better job on the gloss!" he shoved the violin on Wataru so hard, he felt the wind leave him slightly. This guy had some strength in him.

"You don't get to decide that." a voice yelled. Someone else came to the yard, a lady in armor with her hair neatly tied to a bun and a mole under her left eye. She took the violin and examined it. "This will do nicely, I believe this will please the Exalt." she told Wataru. "Why do you get to decide that?" the composer asked, his voice rising slightly. "I'm the Exalt's retainer, and assigned to check on the instruments. And I say, in her honor," she gestured to all the instruments, "these look fine."

"I'm the composer!" he yelled, "I should get a say in this!"

"C'mon, sir," a member groaned, "they look fine! No one's gonna give a damn on how they look, they're listening to us play." The composer didn't listen, He glared at him and started spat insults. "You're no one to talk, you're an incompetent drummer, why should you say anything?" The drummer glared at him and Wataru notice a grit in the teeth. He started to stomp towards the composer, but the Exalt's retainer stopped him before anything. "Enough!" she shouted. "I'll hold you both down. Take the damn instruments now!" both sides relented and didn't say another word. The orchestra took the instruments and soon left into the palace.

All but the composer and another man, though, left. The other man with neck length light hair approached Wataru with a warm smile. Some parts of his hair stuck out from the side. "Don't let him get to you." he told him, "He's never satisfied with anything." Wataru smiled back, "It's okay. Not the most evil person I've met." he said. The man chuckled, "Man, you must've seen some messed up people then if there was anyone worse than him." Wataru couldn't help but give him a sly smile. "You have no idea." he mumbled. The man laughed and offered his hand, "I'm Paris." he said. Wataru shook it, "I'm Wataru. It's nice to meet you, Paris." Paris smiled brightly and nodded to him. Paris left back in the palace.

Wataru began to walk back to his quarters, when he saw the gates open. The g\man in green armor returned along with a pink-haired woman with a winged horse. Wataru was surprised to see it, especially up close. Wataru recognizd the woman as the one from yesterday who got yelled at by the composer. The woman noticed said composer who was still grumbling in the courtyard. He noticed her too, and the woman hid behind her hand and kept walking. The man looked at her, but he didn't do anything. In fact, he didn't react at all. He just looked at her and left to the palace. Something about the way he reacted, or didn't, made Wataru feel a bit uneasy. He didn't know why. Shaking that feeling off, he went his way to his quarters.

Sumia and Stahl stood under the stables in the Palace of Ylisse. Sumia groomed the mane of the pegasus with a brush while Stahl ate a bowl of chowder. They chatted about random things, current events, new books, dessert recipes, just two soldiers just being friends. What the two didn't know, however, was there was an on looker. A slong, slender, armored tail slithered across the stables. It snaked its way towards the two, avoiding the legs of the horses and pegasi.

"Stahl," Sumia called, "Can you give me an apple over there? I'm going to feed her." Stahl nodded. He placed the now empty bowl on the fence and turned around. He walk towards the sack of apples while Sumia continued grooming the pegasus with her back turned. The tail made it towards its target. It snaked upwards into the air, its stinger ready.


Kivat woke up from his nap. He heard a whirring sound coming from somewhere in the room. He yawned, but he quickly shook his head. Now was not the time to be sleepy! He flew towards the case of Bloody Rose and listened into it closely. Sure enough, it was coming from in there.

Wataru stopped in his tracks. He heard the whirring sound like they were directly on his ear. His eyes shot open, and immediately started running.

He found himself in the stables. It was open-ended, probably for the horses and pegasi. He scanned the stables, but at first didn't see anything out of the ordinary. That's when he looked down. It was long, slender and covered in armor. He followed it with his eyes and saw the pink-haired woman standing there. A stinger was in the air facing towards her back.

His eyes shot open, he followed the tail back and saw it went somewhere behind the stable. He ran quickly towards the back, and the tail lead towards a tall human-like monster. Its body was covered in stained glass-like patterns, it had beady eyes that also looked like stained glass, its back had spikes from the side that were in a bend, and its hands were pinsirs.

It noticed Wataru and groaned. Acting quickly, Wataru bashed the Fangire with his shoulder. It staggered back, his tail retracting to his body. Wataru waited for a moment. No screams, no cries, no horses neighing. The woman must've be safe. The Fangire growled, and then charged at Wataru. He tried to grab him with his pinsir, but Wataru blocked it with his hands and punched him back. The Fangire unleashed its tail again and it lunged towards Wataru. He dodged each strike before it could land a hit. He got upm, but the tail stood menacingly at him.

That's when he heard wings flapping. Wataru saw Kivat dash towards the Fangire in yellow streaks, each bash staggering it a bit. With one more push, he knocked him on the ground. Kivat flew towards Wataru as the Fangire stood back up. "Wataru," he said, "It's a scorpion." Wataru nodded. "That's a new one." he remarked. "Let's go." Wataru said. Kivat flew into his hand and opened his mouth.



In a sheen of silver, Wataru transformed into Kiva. He charged at the Fangire in a barrage of punches, sending him back and back the castle walls. The Scorpion Fangire deflected one punch and strike him with its pinsir. Kiva staggered back, but he send in another punch. The Scorpion opened its pinsir and grabbed hold of his arm. Kiva tried to punch the pinsir with his other hand, but the armor was to thick; it wouldn't budge! With all of its strength, the Scorpion dragged Kiva and started to spin. He started to go faster, and faster, and faster, until Kiva's feet were losing their hold of the ground and Kiva was losing his lunch. It let go of him, but he launched him towards a wall. In a loud thud, Kiva left a mark on the wall. He hoped that didn't call any attention from the guards.

Kiva slid on the wall and rolled on the ground. He tried to get up, but he had to quickly dodge the incoming strike from the Scorpion's stinger. He dodgerolled in time from the last strike, and quickly got back up. The Fangire and him circled each other, with the the tail slithering with its owner. Kiva had to think fast, he couldn't keep dodging attacks from him, and his fist fighting won't do much. What could he do?

Kiva glanced at his chained boot, he then remembered a technique his brother taught him. He hadn't done that much training with it, attacks from rogue Fangires were quite rare, but he had to try it. He kept circling the Fangire, waiting for his chance. Finally, the Fangire launched its tail at him. Kiva planted his foot firmly on the ground, he waited for the stinger to get close. He waited, and waited, and waited.

It was a few feet away, now was his chance! With all his strength, he swung his foot for a roundhouse kick. It wasn't a normal one, though. Large, glowing, red chains radiating a bloodier red aura materialized in the direction of his kick. It deflected the strike perfectly! The Scorpion launched its stinger again, but Kiva was able to deflect it again with his chains. If he ever makes it back home, Wataru would have to thank Taiga for that technique.

Kiva went on the offensive, he charged at the Fangire and sent a flurry of punches. Despite its seemingly thick hide, the Fangire couldn't resist each punch. Kiva attacked it with another kick, materializing his Demon Chains for more power. That sent the Fangire down rolling on the ground.

Kiva planted his foot on the ground and mustered all his energy onto his foot. A Wake Up would finish it, but he didn't want to alarm the entire kingdom with the blood moon. With his boot fully charged, Kiva leaped into the air. He stretched his foot out, a blood red aura radiating around it. The Scorpion got back up, and started running away from the Rider's finisher. Kiva neared his foot to the Fangire as the red energy grew brighter, and brighter, and-



He didn't know what it was, but something had struck his leg. Kiva fell flat on the floor, his leg in a slight burning pain. The Fangire stopped running and gazed onto Kiva. With a snarl, it leaped to the air and fled behind the castle walls. "Wait!" Kiva yelled. He tried to get up, but his leg wouldn't let him. The pain on it caused him to fall back on the ground. He rubbed the area where he felt the shot to soothe the pain. He noticed something about the area. It was wet. Something wet had hit him. He inspected his fingers which were coated in the substance on his leg. They were wet, and it was definitely water that hit him.

That was weird, too weird. He didn't know any kind of weapon that needed water to strike, much less one that was so powerful! Kivat left his position, and Kiva reverted back into Wataru. Whatever was that before, he had to deal with it later. The Fangire was gone so no use in chasing that thing.

Wataru walked back to the stables. The man and woman were still there unharmed. He gave out a sigh of relief. He continued walking, then the two noticed him. "Oh, hey!" The man called out. "You're the new guy in the staff right? The instrument repairman?" He asked, and Wataru nodded. "Cool, I'm Stahl." He said. "Sumia." The woman said. "I'm Wataru."

"Nice to meet you. We work for the Shepherds." Stahl said. "I know, I've seen you two around." Wataru said, then he turned to Sumia. He recognized the outfit she was wearing. "Are you a Pegasus knight?" He asked. "Why, yes. My Pegasus is at the Eastern Palace right now, though, with the other knights." She said. Wataru felt like it couldn't hurt to strike a conversation. "Do you know someone named C-"

He didn't finish, his leg gave out. He stumbled down and rubbed his thigh. He front his teeth in pain. Whatever had hit him before, it was stupidly strong. Stahl and Sumia rushed towards him. Stahl helped him up and Sumia inspected his leg. "There's an injury, it's bleeding." She said. "I think I got it from repairing the instruments." Wataru said to them. He wasn't sure if it was a sound lie, but that seemed to satisfy them. "Let's get you to the infirmary." Stahl said.

They carried him to a cleric where she waved her staff over his leg as light radiated from it. The wound closed and the blood had dried out. Wataru was amazed, this world's magic was nothing he had ever seen. "That should do it." The cleric told him. "I'll apply some bandages to soothe the pain further. Try not to do anything drastic with that leg of yours. Whatever you was insane, almost couldn't do anything on that injury." She said. The cleric went to a shelf and brought some rolls of cloth.

"Oh, Sumia." A voice said. All heads turned towards the door of the infirmary. The lady who yelled at the composer was there along with Exalt Emmeryn. "Oh, Phila. Nice to see you." Sumia said. "Why are you here?" Phila asked. "There was a Pegasus we found that was injured so I came back here to treat it." Phila nodded, that must've satisfied her. "Sir Wataru?" Emmeryn called. He waved nervously. "Did you get injured?" She asked. "From repairing, happens all the time." He assured.

"That's weird…" Phila said, "You looked fine when I saw you earlier." Sumia and Stahl turned towards him. "Uh…" Wataru trailed, trying to think of an excuse. Thinking back, Wataru realize this is the most he had ever lied or made excuses. "He must've held off the injury." The cleric said said as she mindlessly rummaged through the shelves. "It was bleeding quite a bit and I'm guessing he held it off until it was too much." The cleric took out a bottle and poured the contents of it onto the cloth. She wrapped the cloth around Wataru's injury.

"All to do your job?" Emmeryn asked. "Kinda." Wataru shrugged. "I'm impressed by your dedication but please try not to do any drastic measures." Emmeryn said. "Wouldn't be the first time." Wataru mumbled. He was glad the cleric was quick to assume his injury, he didn't know what to do if they got suspicious.

Everyone started to chat mindlessly. The air was nice and calm, but Wataru couldn't help but shake off this feeling of unease. Sure, the people around him are nice and didn't look like they had bad intentions…

But that was how a lot of Fangires acted with him. They could make a disguise and pretend to be human and hunt behind the scenes. All those smiles and small bits of laughter he's seeing…

"I'll be going now." Wataru said. He waved everyone goodbye and headed back to his quarters. In the halls, Kivat flew down from the shadows of the ceiling to talk to his friend. "Kivat," Wataru said, "the castle's got Fangires in here." Kivat nodded as he listened. "We have to remain vigilant. Keep our heads up. I can't allow anything bad to happen to anyone here who's innocent." His voice was flat, like he was reading from a report, but there was still a hint of emotion in there. There was a hint of conviction in him. "So we're gonna keep everyone safe behind the scenes as much as we can, huh?" Kivat said. "Like the old days." He added. Wataru chuckled, without turning to him, with fire in his eyes, he told Kivat, "That's the job of a Kamen Rider after all."