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KR x FE: Awaken the Chains

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Transform (I)|The Blood Moon

The group, now identified as The Shepherds, walked through a very dense forest past Southtown. Wataru may have been a Kamen Rider, but he was no athlete without Kivat. He was glad Robin let him ride with him, though he had trouble trying to adjust himself in the ride. "You don't ride horses where you're from?" Chrom had asked. "Not me, but others do. I have a different way of getting around." He said. "What would that be?" Wataru stayed silent. "It would be hard to explain, I'd rather not." He didn't know how to begin telling them how a monster possessed his motorcycle, let alone what a motorcycle is.

After trecking for what seemed like forever, the group stopped at a clearing upon Lissa's insistence who was done with travelling; Wataru even heard she might've swallowed a bug. Chrom and Frederick left to find food while Wataru, Lissa, and Robin stayed to set up camp. After a while Chrom and Frederick came back, with an entire dead bear as the group's dinner. "What do you guys think? Good for dinner I'd say." Chrom said, and in cue Wataru felt his stomach clench and left to a nearby tree where gross sounds could be heard behind it. "Guess you're not used to these things, are you, Wataru?"

Wataru ended up eating the bear meat with his new companions, albeit begrudgingly. He hated the taste, but after losing his lunch earlier he knew he had no choice. He took each bite as quickly as he could, "I thought you didn't like bear meat." Chrom noticed. "I don't," Wataru took in another bite as hard as he could, "I'm trying to finish this as fast as I could."

"At least you're trying, Wataru." Lissa lamented, "I think I'm gonna pass on the bear. Gods, who eats bear?! We're meddling with the food chain, right, Robin?" He didn't reply, he took each bite of his meat like he was in an all-you-can-eat buffet. "I think he's enjoying himself." Wataru cringed. "That's to be expected, his standards for food wouldn't be high if he doesn't remember any taste to begin with." He added. "I guess..." Lissa remarked, "It smells like old boots!"

"I think boots smell better." Wataru said.

"Agreed!" Lissa chuckled, though it was killed quickly from the smell. "Just eat it, you two, meat is meat." Chrom said sternly. "Yeah, well, why isn't Frederick eating anything?" Lissa retorted, causing Frederick to tense up. "Oh, well, I had a big lunch. Yes, that's right!" He told them, earning an eye roll from both Wataru and Lissa. The Rider had to admit, despite the strange new world and food that would only make a lion happy, it was nice to be with some comforting company like them.

When Wataru opened his eyes from slumber, he wasn't in the forest with the Shepherds, instead he stood on a stone ground with greenery all around. The place was misty and it was kind of hard to breathe for him. Probably the most notable feature was the stone column that lied ahead. Sitting in front of it was a woman with green hair tied in a ponytail; something about her captured Wataru, so he went over to her. Upon closer inspection, he noticed the woman had pointy ears.

"I know you are here." She said in a very posch voice. Wataru pointed at himself, though the woman didn't reply. "I can't see you," she told him, "but I can sense you, Wataru Kurenai." She knew him, but how, and how much does she know? "You are Masked Rider Kiva, though I suppose you prefer the term Kamen Rider since that is your native tongue."

"Who are you?" He mouthed, no sound left his lips for some reason. "I apologize, the spell doesn't seem to be as effective towards foreigners of this world." This world, he wondered. Things started to make more sense now. "Listen," the woman continued, "I don't have much time; a great danger is approaching our world and we need your help. You may be the only hope we have left." Wataru tilted his head, what was said to him may not have been new, but what did it mean? "What's approaching may endanger not only our world or yours, but all the worlds out there." The woman stood up and turned, facing him face to face, from his point of view at least. When he met her gaze, he got the sudden feeling he should kneel, not to her but to something else; it was like someone else, someone more Divine, was here and yet not.

"Please, wake up, Kiva." She said. "Wake up." And again.

"Wake up, wake up, wake up-"

"Wake up, Wataru!" Robin's voice brought him back into reality. He got up and only saw the Tactician and the knight. The smell of smoke filled the air causing him to cover his mouth. Smoke was fuming around the forest and sparks filled the red sky. "Where's Chrom and Lissa?" He asked. "I don't know," Robin replied, "We'll go look for them. Wataru, find somewhere safe and meet us back here." Wataru nodded and went to grab his case.

That was when he heard something. Amidst the crackle of the forest, there was one sound that played distinctively. He looked towards Robin and Frederick who looked unfazed; their only concern seemed to be the fire at hand. He knew what the sound was, but he didn't want like the meaning behind it. He distanced himself from the two as ordered, when he got far enough, he opened the violin case. Inside, Bloody Rose was playing a single note.

Wataru searched the forest frantically; if Bloody Rose was playing again without him, that meant there was Fangire about somewhere. How, though? He wondered. If this was another world then how come there are Fangires here? He recalled the dream he had earlier, the woman told him of a danger that was coming to this world; was this what she meant? He quickly brushed off the thought, there was no way that could've been the case. Most of the Fangire population turned good now that his brother began looking for a new source of energy. Then again, not every Fangire was ecstatic about the change and even staged a rebellion against the king.

He searched for what felt like an eternity, he could hear some faint sword clashing meaning that fight was still going. He decided to turn back, maybe he'll have better luck somewhere el-


A tree fell down directly in front of Wataru! He turned to where the tree fell down from and met a familiar face. It was black and blue and it had coverings that resembled armor somewhat. It held a sword with a stained glass window shape, breathing in and out mist, but its most distinct feature was its horse-like head. "You've got to be kidding me..." Wataru lamented. The figure walked slowly but dauntingly at him as he exhaled more mist, with a deep and craggy voice he said "Kiva..."

The Horse Fangire swung his sword at him, and Wataru was quick to dodge it. He launched his fist towards his head, but the monster remained unfazed. He swatted his hand and returned his own fist to him. "I've gotten better since you last saw me." He said. Wataru wiped the small blood off his lips and stood up, ready to fight. The Fangire laughed at him, "You're nothing without that stupid bat!" He said, but Wataru still stood there ready. Even if without Kivat, it was still his responsibility to fight them.

"Who are you calling a stupid bat?!" A voice yelled. Consecutive yellow streams dashed at the Fangire, finally lunging at him sending him backwards. A familiar golden bat hovered in front of him, looking as smug as ever. "Kivat!" He called. "Wataru! Finally I found you!" The bat replied. He flew towards him and then Wataru asked, "What happened to you?"

"It was really rough! When I woke up I was in a cage and locked up by these twins! They wouldn't let me go and wanted to sell me! Luckily I stole the key and got out while they slept." He explained. Wataru chuckled, so glad he finally found someone he knew. Their reunion was cut short, however, the Fangire got back at his feet, more mist escaping his nose.

Wataru got into stance and glared at the Fangire. "Kivat," he said, "You know the drill." Kivat nodded and flew around him excitedly. "Yeah! Kivat, let's go!" He flew towards his hand and opened his mouth. "BITE!" Wataru placed his finger in and then Kivat closed its jaw. Chains began to wrap around his waist and then turning into a belt with whistles as stained glass looking markings covered his face. "Henshin!" Watatu yelled as he placed Kivat onto the belt. At that moment, a silver sheen covered Wataru, morphing into a shape with armor, boots with a chain, and a batwing shaped visor. Glass shattered from the shape and no longer was Wataru Kurenai standing there, instead was a warrior with a yellow bat visor called Kamen Rider Kiva.

Kiva charged towards the Fangire and launched his fist like last time. This time the Fangire staggered back slightly. He rushed in more punches towards the monster, each blow sending him farther and farther back. Kiva attacked with an uppercut and then grabbed the head of the Horse. He slammed his head on his right knee repeatedly before sending his other fist into his chest, launching the monster into a nearby tree. He rushed in for another punch, but the blow was halted by the Fangires right arm guard. Glass shattered from the guard and they accumulated and merged into another, quite identical sword.

The Fangire swung his sword again at Kiva pushing and changing the tides. He picked up his other sword and walk hauntingly at the Rider, both swords ready. A gulped found its way into Kiva's throat, "That's new..."

Robin jabbed his sword at the risen dead. The monster died in a puff of smoke. He wiped the sweat off his forehead, both from the heat of the fight and the forest. "You okay, Robin?" Lissa asked. Robin was assigned to keep an eye on her as Chrom, Frederick, and the newcomers Sully and Virion handled these monstrosities. Still, that didn't stop the rising dead from coming after them. "Don't push yourself, okay? We still need you." Light emmited from Lissa's staff, closing the wounds and making the pain fade away. "No worries," he assured, "I'll be fine."


A loud crashing sound enacted from the forest. "What was that?" Lissa asked shakingly. "It sounded like it came from the nearby fortress." Robin observed. He got up and grabbed the tome from his coat. "Stay behind me, Lissa." She nodded back, and the two left to the sound.

They found the fortress where they heard the crash, as well as sparks, swords, and grunting. He didn't know how to put it, but whoever was fighting didn't sound too familiar. He needed a safe way to observe, luckily the fortress looked pretty worn out and crumbly. He felt up a wall, looking for any loose bricks. Finally, he felt one of the bricks move ever so slightly. He pushed it further, slipping it out of socket. Lissa did the same, since she wanted a good look too. Though neither were prepared for what lied behind.

A humanoid blue... Horse thing with twin swords was swinging at an armoured man with a yellow bat-like visor. Robin had finally seen it all, forget waking up in a field and fighting the undead, THIS seemed to top it. Lissa finally asked the golden question, "What are those?" She whispered. "I've no idea, definitely not like the dead we fought that's for sure."

The monster swung again, but the man dodged in time to drive his fist to his chest. Sloppy, Robin thought. The moves the man were doing were kind of unprofessional, but he could tell he had a great deal of strength in him. The man rushed in kicking and kicking the monster. The monster retaliated back with jab of its sword and pinning him on the ground. "I told you I got better." It snarled. "It can talk?!" Lissa whimpered, causing a shush from Robin.

"Upgrades aren't the only thing in a fight!" The man said, though the voice sounded posch-like and did not fit him. He head-butted the monster and sent another punch. He got back up and stood ready, as did the monster. Neither moved, just waited for one to strike.


"Shoot!" Lissa whispered, her foot in-between two branches with a broken end. "Lissa!" He hissed. The monster tilted his head as did the man. "An opening!" He cried. Reacting quickly, he jumped over the monster and upon landing he locked his arm. He drove elbow into it causing the sword to be dropped. He kicked him again and grabbed the sword. "Now we're even!" He said. The two were locked into combat, swinging and parrying every sword strike. Finally, the man jabbed his sword into the monsters chest and launched him towards a wall. "Alright," He yelled, "Let's finish this!"

The man took out...Robin didn't know what it was but he got it from his belt. From his end, he couldn't see where he placed the object but as soon as he did a high-pitched somewhat melodic sound came and a golden bat started flying. "Where did that come from?!" Lissa cried again. "Lissa, for gods' sake, pipe it down!" He hissed back. The bat flew around his left leg causing the boot to open into a batwing shape. The man crouched down and growled, as the sky turned blood red, redder than last time, as did the moon and clouds came in.

"Commander?" Sully asked as she looked to the sky. "What is it, Sully?" Chrom replied. "Was the moon always out? And red?" Chrom looked up and saw she was right. The moon was hautingly red and he could've sworn it looked bigger. "My, that's a mystical shade of red." Their new archer, Virion, remarked. "But it's not as mystical as this lovely lady's trance."

"Say that again and you'll be saying it with a boot in your mouth."
"Y-yes, m'lady."

Chrom rolled his eyes as Frederick approached him. "I believe we should look for the others, milord." He told him. Chrom nodded and signaled everyone to get going.

The man raised his left leg with impressive balance as he crouched down, launching himself into the sky. Robin and Lissa looked in awe as he stretched his leg, aiming directly at the monster. It scrambled back up and started running, but it was too slow. The man caught up and planted his leg on its back slamming it towards a wall. The fortress shook, and the monster was planted firmly at a wall that was somehow carved into a strange insignia. It slumped like a rag doll before going out in an explosion, though Robin didn't know how nothing was destroyed. In its place lied a white wisp of light, it flew out into places unknown.

Lissa and Robin looked at each other, and then nodded. They need to look for Chrom.

"It didn't turn into glass." Kiva said, he inspected what was left of the Fangire; a metal box with sparks coming out. In hindsight, he was an idiot not knowing what they were years ago. "They really are 'neo', huh?" Kivat remarked. "Masao fought these, he fought these for so long." He started to recall his son from the future, the same son who pushed them off the UFO and left. If this Fangire was a Neo-Fangire, then is he at the time where they started to form?

Kivat left his position, reverting Kiva into Wataru. "Kivat, I found some people." He told him. "Friends?" He asked. "New ones, not old. I haven't seen anyone we know." Kivat sighed, "Well, figures." He looked far off in the direction where the soul flew off. "Listen, Wataru, I'm going to search for the soul. We need to know where it goes. There's a city surrounded in a wall due north here; Yllistol I believe those twins called it."

"That's where we're going!" Wataru beamed. "Perfect! I'll look for you there." Kivat replied. "I'll see you at Yllistol, my friend." With that, Kivat flew into the sky. Wataru prayed silently he would see him soon.

The fight and fire seemed to have finally died down, Wataru started to search for the Shepherds. He finally found them in a clearing with three new faces and a frazzled Lissa and Robin. "Then he kicked him against a wall and it went kaboom!" Lissa cried. "Who did what, now?" Wataru asked. Everybody turned their heads towards him. "Oh, Wataru, good to see you're unharmed." Chrom said. "Robin and Lissa were just telling us about an encounter with a strange monster."

"Monster?" Wataru asked slowly, though it luckily went over the Shepherds.

"And a strange armored man." Frederick added. "After what's happened here, their story doesn't seem too hard to believe." Wataru nodded nervously as Robin recounted the tale to him, though he already knew the whole story.

"I know what you saw." Then all heads turned towards someone else, a short blue haired man wearing a butterfly like mask; somewhat nostalgic for Wataru. His voice, though, had a hint of femininity. "You know who they are, Marth?" Chrom asked.

"What you two witnessed was a Fangire, a monster different from the ones you've just fought." He told them. "Different how?" Chrom asked. "Smarter, stronger, and leagues tougher. They have a ruler whom they treat with high respect." Marth replied, a hint of hostility in his voice. "Do you know who their leader is?" Robin asked. Marth didn't reply for awhile, almost like he was trying to ignore Robin. "I've never seen him, but I heard some of them mention a name; Kiva, if memory serves me right."

Kiva?! Wataru stiffened, he was so glad Marth was getting more attention than him, he was really looking suspicious. "You think that's their leader, Marth?" Frederick asked. "Just a suspicion, I'm not too sure." He replied.

Marth turned and left, but not before leaving a message, "Listen, this world teeters at the brink of a horrible calamity. What you saw tonight, all of it, was just a prelude. You have been warned."

Wataru was left stunned at his words. Was what he learned true? Is this world really going to have a major crisis? But why were the Fangires here? What do they have to do with this? Are they the threat,or is it something else, something far more sinister? So many questions, yet no answers.

"Hey, kid!" Wataru blinked in surprise as a woman in red armor called him. "Still spacin'? We gotta go. Captain Chrom says you'll be riding with me, no way in hell am I gonna have some philander riding with me."

"You wound me, madam!" The man with...a cravat, Wataru guessed, cried with genuine sadness. "Name's Sully, by the way." She supplied. Wataru nodded and got on her horse.

Despite the many questions he had, Wataru knew he had the answer to the most important question; the reason he's here is because the Fangires are.

Marth trekked through the forest. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, her father was there, Frederick and Aunt Lissa, and of course... him. He may have stood with them innocently, and he was rightfully so, but she knew he wasn't to be taken lightly. Not when she had no idea who was her father's mur-


Marth's body tensed up, she unsheathed her sword and stood in position. There was a rustle in the bushes, and she gripped her sword harder. "Whoa! Hold on there, tiger-butterfly, it's me!" The voice was familiar. Coming out of the bush was a man with very, very messy hair, and clothes that made him look like he came from the slums. Marth calmed herself down, but not by much. "What do you want?" she asked. "Nothing from you, I assure you." He told her. "I just came to check the situation, like you." He looked over the moon, it was still red from a slight aftereffect from Kiva. "Saw your mom?" Marth shook her head. "She's not here yet, she'll probably come later. Like what father said." The man nodded in whistled. "And my dad?" he asked. "Also there, I'm watching him carefully." The man turned to her, and raised his eyebrow. "You still don't trust him?"
"Neither of you, you're both Fangires." The man shook his head.
"That kind of talk had put all kinds of people in wars, y'know. Am I really that hard be trusted?"

He reached out his hand and tried to put his hand on Marth's shoulder, but she retreated quickly with her sword in hand. "Yes." she answered. The man sighed heavily.
"I'm not like the others." he said.
"You almost ate my blood."
"We don't eat blood, it's life force."
"You almost did it."
"It was an accident."

Marth circled him cautiously, but he only look at her questioningly. As fast as wind, she charged in sword swinging. He dodged her attacks, and upon the last swing, he grabbed the sword in his hand. "You know you can't beat me easily, let alone un-transformed." he told her. Marth gritted her teeth, and sheathed her sword back. "I've no time to deal with you. I'm going forward with my plan." She told him. "You know, we could accomplished more if we worked together." he told her, but she didn't reply. Marth head into the darkness of the forest.

"We'll meet again, Luci." The man ran towards the cliff and leaped off the edge. Marth turned her head around, and on cue, the train flew upwards. As it moved, train tracks formed under it and it rode onto the light of blood moon.