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This started out as a oneshot in my Drarry oneshot collection, but the more I wrote, the more I realized that I was writing a full-on fanfiction.  This inspired by Haylor (Harry Styles and Taylor Swift). There are limited references and neither celebrity is mentioned by name, but basically, I love Haylor's relationship and the timeline and I thought, "What if I applied it to Drarry?" so here we are. If you don't like either of them and cannot stand to read something that is based off of them, then that's fine, but if you leave rude comments or say anything untrue about Taylor or Harry, I will hex you.

This is also on my Wattpad profile (andistone) and I will upload there first. I'll post chapters here about a week after they've been on Wattpad.

Character Index (still a work in progress):

[HP characters- celebrity they resemble]


Harry Potter- Harry Styles

Draco Malfoy- Taylor Swift


Hermione Granger- Ed Sheeran

Neville Longbottom- Niall Horan

Dean Thomas- Zayn Malik

Seamus Finnigan- Liam Payne

Ron Weasley- Louis Tomlinson

Pansy Parkinson- Selena Gomez

Blaise Zambini- Justin Bieber  

MINOR CHARACTERS (in order of appearance):

Lavender Brown- Katy Perry

Luna Lovegood- Jocelyn Vena

Parvati PatilDemi Lovato

Katie Bell- Ashley Tisdale

Romilda Vane- Emma Ostilly

Cho Chang- Kendall Jenner