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Titans Lost

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Roy Harper feeling a little off about his life? Not exactly the most uncommon occurrence, but things have felt different the past few months. The problem was he had no idea what exactly was wrong with it. He just felt something was off. Not just in what he was doing then, but what he was doing for years. It was like all of a sudden, something clicked within him, and he felt a sudden emptiness, a sudden feeling that he just didn’t live his life right.

The Titans had been disbanded for some time, even though he didn’t understand Dick’s decision. Maybe that was when things started to spiral down. Ever since they got back together, he felt more at ease in a way. The fact that they all forgot each other changed his life completely. He wouldn’t be the man he was without them, and after forgetting them for so long, spending time with people he usually wouldn’t be around, he was just glad things finally felt normal again… until they didn’t.

It was almost like the universe was working against them, somehow. They’d just gotten together again, but there was no time for them to be each other- from the Manhattan thing Lilith found out about (whatever that was), to Deathstroke, to Troia, to Brain and Mallah, to the Justice League, it seemed like everything just kept coming after them… until they ultimately to break off because of it.

But Roy’s feeling of unease all started a few weeks ago. Their first reunion after the break up was pretty odd placed, but it was where Roy started feeling off. It was in Central City, in the middle of the Flash War (and Roy thought his mentor fight was intense). The skies were brewing with lightning all over, and Roy was called over by Dick to help. He was met there by Dick and Donna. Things weren’t as tense anymore, but time didn’t heal everything. He didn’t even get a chance to properly talk to them because of the chaos that was happening around everyone.

When Wally broke the barrier, the entire place went crazy with his white lightning. Roy was hit by some of it. Nothing extreme, but it was while Wally was running around. It was almost like a scratch, but Roy felt something. He looked around at the people around him, and he felt different about them- Superman and Batman didn’t feel as distant anymore, it felt he’d spent time with them. He looked over at Cyborg, and it was even on a bigger scale with him. He looked at him as a close friend, before looking over at Hal Jordan, someone who he only knew as a friend of Ollie in his life, but now he suddenly felt like he was family.

He didn’t know how to explain it. It was a weird feeling, suddenly feeling closer to all these people he barely knew, but it felt natural. He still wanted answers though, because no matter what he felt, this wasn’t something natural. This doesn’t happen to people. When Wally stopped, he mentioned something about finding an ‘Irey’ and ‘Jai’. Roy asked about them, and Wally gave him a look-- but that was when Zoom showed up before he could answer.

That was all almost a month ago, and now… things somehow got even stranger. The air was cool as the sun setting. He’d been sitting far for the past few hours, watching everyone’s faces and listening to everyone’s words, from Donna to Ollie. It was one of the hardest things he’d ever had to do-- he just wanted to tell them he was there. To tell them he was okay, and to hopefully try to get things back to the way they used to be. But he knew he couldn’t do that. There were bigger things at stake, and he was going to try his best to get things back to the way they really used to be.

When everyone was gone, he walked down. He could barely look at his own grave, knowing full well he was right there, and he was alive and well. He sighed, and walked over to the edge of the cliff, taking his cap off as he watched the sun set.

He heard some footsteps behind him, knowing full well exactly who it was. “I’m sorry we had to do it this way,” Wally said as he approached him, standing next to him as he looked to the distance as well.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Roy replied. “People actually died at Sanctuary… but everyone’s too busy mourning us instead. That’s… that’s all kinds of fucked up, West. We shouldn’t be doing this. Not like this.”

Wally sighed, knowing full well Roy was right. “It is fucked up… but so is… the universe… more than usual I mean. There’s something wrong, Roy, and I don’t know why, but you’re the only one who believes me on this. You know we have to do this. It’s not too late to back out if you don’t want to.”

Roy looked down. He’d already been thinking about this ever since the massacre happened. He looked over at Wally and nodded. “Let’s get to work.”

He threw his cap over the cliff as the two redheads turned back and walked away.