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Perfectly mistaken

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Jungkook scowls, his face a mask of concentration as he carefully re-lines the spell circle once again. It's the fifth failure that evening and he still has no damn clue what he's doing wrong. He draws in a deep breath and holds it, making sure his hands don’t shake so he won’t end up with a pathetically wobbly line again.


Actually, he has no idea what he'd been thinking when he signed up to be a mage. He thought it would be cool to learn magic then. But with how difficult, actually, it is to learn how to be a proper mage, he kind of regrets it right now.


Brushing his fringe impatiently out of his eyes, he finally etches in the last line and sighs in relief when the rune glows faintly.


Jungkook stands back and rolls up the sleeves of his stupid black cloak that makes him look like a member of some shady cult, reaching for a ritual dagger and makes a careful cut across his palm, only wincing the slightest bit as his blood beads along the edge of the blade. He lets the red drops splash onto the lines. The circle immediately lights up with a violent red light and Jungkook begins to chant as he siphons his magic into it.


A flash of brightly burning light suddenly fills the room. It seems he has finally uttered the right words to appease the arcane forces that he's so desperate to make a deal with. Like a strike of silent lightning, the white flash fades as quickly as it had arrived, leaving behind a thick, purple smoke that floods the room and billows in circles all around him.


The magical runes drawn in the ground are humming with a fiery glow that slowly flickers out. The runes he'd so painstakingly etched along the lines of the circle have faded away along with the flashes of light, as the runes spell out each specific detail in the binding contract that Jungkook had just signed with his blood.


A figure is left standing in the center of the circle. Its silhouette in the cloud of smoke looks truly demonic; a set of horns curved around its head, wings stretched out with a long sharp tail at its side.


But now that the smoke is starting to fade, the hellish beast he expected to see is looking a lot less and less intimidating. What's left standing there really doesn't seem much like an all-powerful monster. All of its demonic features are mounted to its short boyishly small frame. It's much smaller than Jungkook and it peers up at him with a pale face, pink cheeks and wide eyes that seem to sparkle like they are made of precious emeralds.


The demon has a small, pink lips that looks like a petal of a flower, its hair is of platinum blond color that blends so well with its porcelain skin— and the color of which, surprisingly, matches its all-black outfit. Or lack thereof, as the only things that the demon is wearing are: a black, leather collar; a pair of black tight shorts that hugs its curves and a set of black fishnet stocking held up by garters attached to the shorts. Nothing about it is intimidating, and had it not been for the tail on its backside and horns curling around its head, it wouldn't have even looked monstrous.


If anything, the small demon is... adorable.


And gorgeous.


"You're the one who summoned me?" the demon asks, sounding almost as if he's offended, and Jungkook is surprised to hear that deep, scratchy voice coming from its tiny body, proving a fact that it's a male.


For a long moment, Jungkook only stares at the short horned, pretty creature, absolutely gob smacked and looking like he had been run over by a behemoth. Or several herds of behemoths. He reaches up to rub at his exhausted eyes, and then peeks back at the scene, half hoping that it's just his imagination, and that he would be once again staring at an empty circle and be forced to start again.


At least that way, it meant that he could actually try again.


But when Jungkook's eyes land on the obviously occupied circle, the small demon only glares back at him impatiently, waiting for him to answer. Jungkook is suddenly hit with the urge to sink to the floor and cry into his hands. He had put everything he had into perfecting this spell; the familiar binding ceremony was a one-shot sort of deal. By forcefully contracting with a guardian, he would be offering up his own life force to sustain it and in return, is bound to serve him in until he dies.


But the demon in front of him looks so delicate and fragile and not at all like the powerful, vicious familiar he'd desperately wanted. For Hecate's sake, does this demon even have some muscles in his lithe body? How the hell is he supposed to go up against demons and hell beasts with this… this small boy in a BDSM-themed Halloween’s Eve costume?


Jungkook almost has to blink back tears at the thought of his only chance at proving himself as a semi-capable mage, had just went up in smoke.


"You’re not a dragon,” Jungkook says almost accusingly, his voice laced with a resentful disappointment.


"A dragon!?" the small demon gasps and pouts, crossing his arms.


Could this mortal really have been the right blend of magically gifted and stupidity to have summoned up a demon instead of a dragon? the demon thinks.


"Don't be silly, I'm no dumb, dirty, dragon," the demon honestly sounds offended. "Clearly," he says in a showing display while tracing its hand down its pale bare chest, showing off the kind of flawless curves that no dragon could ever have.


"My name is Yoongi, and I am your incubus. A demon of insurmountable powers, not some lousy little dragon," the demon, Yoongi, sighs at the very thought. "But shouldn't you know all this? You're the one who made the contract..."


“An... incubus?” Jungkook repeats dumbly as he stares at the creature with wide eyes, as if he's slowly re-evaluating him again. That's when he starts to fret... but he's just drawing a complete and utter blank and--


What the hell is an incubus?


Jungkook desperately racks his brain for an answer but he comes up with nothing. Maybe he shouldn’t have skipped so many lectures. He abruptly spins on his heel and marches back over to his desk, leaving the creature to stare at his back in indignity.


Frantically, Jungkook seizes his spell book and starts flipping through it, oblivious to the creature's increasing ire. When he finally lands on a dog-eared page with the words “familiar bonding” emblazoned over a runic circle, he stares at it intently. Then, Jungkook groans and gives into the urge to cover his face with his hands.


He had drawn the fucking pentacle in reverse.


“Damnit, I really messed up,” Jungkook bemoans. “I wanted a guardian, not a … whatever you are," he peeks out from his fingers. "Uh, sorry," .


Even though the tiny, bat-like wings on the incubus' back don't look like they could carry his full weight, somehow they keep the incubus floating effortlessly. Bewildered by his Master's strange reaction, Yoongi flies over to Jungkook with a look of confusion on his face. Yoongi comes right up behind him, reading the young mage's remedial spell book from over his shoulder.


But hearing his new master confesses to ignorantly signing a demonic contract by mistake makes the demon freeze up. His wings tense, dropping him gracefully to his feet.


"You can't be serious!" the demon snaps.


Yoongi shoves his way in front of Jungkook just so he can glare up into his face as he hisses, "What kind of clueless mortal does it take to accidentally summon up a demon like me?! Well unfortunately for you, your stupidity does not void our contract. It's sealed in your blood, and only when your heart stops beating with that blood will this bound be broken," and then he lets out the most depressed sounding sigh with the realization that he's destined to serve this idiot for the rest of his mortal life.


Yoongi hopes for his new master's lifespan to be a short one so he can get his freedom back quickly.


"So then, I better be exactly what you wanted."


Jungkook could have cried from frustration. This is so far from what he wanted, so fucking ridiculous. He had spent months researching and perfecting his spell, pulling all nighters for days on end for a chance to contract with the most powerful guardian that he could find.


But instead of the almighty dragon, all he got is some little demon that looks like in his early teens.


And isn't demon-summoning considered black magic?


Fuck. He could really get into trouble for this.


As per rules, it's fine to summon a lower class demon to take care of minor things like looking for lost objects, but actually binding one to you magically? That's a different story. A familiar shares everything with you; their wisdom, their skills, and most importantly, their magic.


Jungkook's shoulders slump even further at the realization.


How exactly is he supposed to explain this to the headmaster?


Jungkook takes a deep gulp of air and screams into his hands, ignoring the look of alarm from the incubus at the sight of his new master's apparent mental instability. The young mage-in-training had probably made the most impressive blunder in the history of the world - one that is utterly irreversible. He can feel it etched into his blood, feel the shackles of their covenant singing in his veins. It's almost enough to make him want to cry again; he really is an idiot.


An idiot of epic fucking proportions.


Jungkook pulls his hands away from his face to glare resentfully at the source of all his misery. But when his cognac colored eyes land on that small, forlorn figure he stops glaring shortly, feeling something like shame wrenching his gut.


If it's this awful for him, how much worse is it for the little creature? The demon hadn't asked to be forcefully dragged from wherever he'd been and practically enslaved to a mortal; one that doesn't even want him in the first place. He suddenly feels himself stir in sympathy. As an orphan himself, he knows how awful it is to feel unwanted; to feel unneeded.


Jungkook lets out a long, drawn out sigh. He needs to man up and take responsibility for his fuck up.


The young mage reaches up and unbuttons his outer robe, shrugs off the garment, leaving him in a thin, sleeveless white tunic that is cinched at the waist and he advances towards the creature with strong, purposeful strides. Beneath the shapeless mage robes, the hapless summoner is all long slender limbs and lightly tanned skin with surprisingly toned muscles for someone who should have by all means been a 'young, squishy mage'-- which is what he was, before he decided to hit off the gym and got addicted to it.


The demon watches as the young mage approaches, wetting his lips in anticipation, eager eyes glisten pridefully. Had his master really been so quick to accept that the incubus is exactly what he truly wanted? Well, Yoongi is so flattered that he almost blushes. He praises himself for seducing yet another mortal, not that stealing a heart is much of a challenge for an incubus like him, what with his enchanting charisma and demonically perfect looks.


Bright emerald eyes flicker over the tight curves of the young mage's taut body. Jungkook may have been incomprehensibly stupid, but damn. With the way the mage's standing over him right now, the incubus' own stature barely reaching the mage's mid-neck, Yoongi thinks that the young mage is irresistibly sexy.


And he wants to have a taste of him.


However, all Jungkook does is drape his cloak over his bare shoulders. The demon's wings depress down to fold under the fabric as he's warmly wrapped in an over-sized robe.


The confusing gesture left Yoongi absolutely speechless.


What did he do wrong? Why is his master not pleased with his current form? The demon wonders how could that be possible. An incubus like him is never summoned by name, but by the inner desires of their conjurer. So why does this contract holder wants him covered, instead of on display or being used as he is supposed to be?


Yoongi doesn't understand.


Somehow not noticing the flabbergasted expression on the demon's face, Jungkook speaks sheepishly, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to summon you. But since it looks like we'll be stuck together for a while, we should probably try to get along. I'm Jungkook, by the way. It's nice to meet you... Uh." Jungkook frowns as he tried to remember what the incubus had said when he introduced itself. But he hadn't exactly been paying that much attention since his life had been flipped upside down.


So Jungkook hazards a guess.




"Yoongi!" the incubus shrieks, hitting an ear piercing tone at his peak. "I told you my name is Yoongi! And nothing about this is nice! In all of the nine circles of hell I have never heard of anything so stupid!"


How could Yoongi have any respect for a master too clueless to draw a star facing the right direction? Even now Jungkook has a dumb expression plastered on his face. Yoongi hates it and he definitely hates him. It doesn't matter how sexy his master is; it doesn't make up for his advance-level stupidity.


The demon lets out a whimper as he contemplates to himself what did he do to deserve this kind of humiliation. Yoongi doubts a demon of his reputation would ever live down being accidentally bound to some amateur, when great and powerful warlocks have struggled to cast this spell.


After a long drawn out sigh, Yoongi looks back up into his master's face, with a bitter grin spread across his own. "If you don't want to be stuck with me then I would be happy to spare us the misery and just tear your heart out right now." It must have been so unsettling to see the adorable smile on his face, all gummy and wide, through such a cold violent threat. "See, then our nonsense contract will be broken, and we'll both be free of your embarrassing mistake."


At (Boogie) Yoongi's vicious tirade, a put-upon scowl stretches across Jungkook's face and his cheeks flame at having his embarrassing, regretful mistake rubbed onto his face. Well, in this case, it's more like having the demon hold him down and club him over the head with it, repeatedly. He already said he was sorry, for Hecate's sake! He knows he messed up but Yoongi didn't have to go as far as calling him stupid and threatening his life. He might not be good at academics, just like Jimin, his rival, but still.


And at the demon's threat, Jungkook clenches his teeth hard enough to hear them creak and reined in the urge to descend into a shouting match with his new familiar.


It isn't the demon's fault that he got dragged out from hell by force. So Jungkook supposes, the demon has the right to be angry, even if he's an absolute asshole about it.


The mage counts backwards from ten, but aborts halfway through to start over from thirty.


But no matter how he wraps his head around it, it also just isn't fair to him. Not only had he lost his only chance to bond with a powerful dragon, he now had to put up with a weak-looking demon with an attitude problem? Do demons even grow? Would he still be stuck looking like a teenager thirty years from now-- if he even made it that far, a voice rings through his head.


"Look," Jungkook tries again, trying to sound reasonable and failing miserably, his hair-trigger temper rising to match the incubus'. "I don't like this any more than you do, okay?!"


And then the air around them suddenly crackles as Jungkook's magic thrums with agitation underneath his skin. One of the ceramic jars that had been stacked haphazardly on the work area abruptly shatters, making the both of them jump as it scatters mountain ash all over the ground. The collar around Jungkook's neck grows hot in warning and the mage tenses, visibly sucking in a pained breath as he starts to take deep breaths to calm himself down.


"Shit," Jungkook says empathically, running a tense hand through his sweat-dampened fringe and making a little face when he realizes how grimy he had gotten.


"Sorry. My control isn't all that great." Jungkook gives Yoongi a small, self-deprecating smile, once he calms down. "Anyway, I can't let you kill me yet, there's still a lot of stuff I need to do. But I'm not gonna force you to stay with me, so maybe I can find a way to get you back home instead?"


Did this mortal really believe that he could simply return his soul-bound demon? Yoongi scowls sourly at such an absurd concept. His demonic superiors are not in the kind of business that offers refunds.


The incubus is offended that his master would even consider it. He crosses his arms and huffs. The only way his master can send him back to hell is, if Yoongi drags him down there first.


The only thing that stops Yoongi from doing that though, is the fear of going back to hell and finding a new contract holder. It's bothersome than this.


The demon glances at the young mage. His master had already proven himself to be inexperienced and incompetent. But, so far, as what Yoongi could make out, the idiot mage seems harmless, just a little unstable with his magic. And he's hot, Yoongi adds, probably his only redeeming quality.


It's an interesting combination that seems to inspire the incubus to come up with all kinds of fun ways he could take advantage of the situation. Yoongi notes that since his master is painfully and utterly stupid, he must just be naturally gifted with magic. It's the only thing that could explain how a pitiful mortal like him could cast such a powerful spell by mistake.


Which means, the mage should have plenty of delicious energy for the gluttonous little incubus to feed off.


Manipulating beautiful mortals, like Jungkook, is exactly the kind of fun Yoongi lives for. So instead of snapping back at his master like his instinct wants him to do, Yoongi feigns a few tears, his widened eyes sparkle with a false sense of defeat.


"You really don't want me?" Yoongi whimpers and sniffles dramatically, "B-but Master... I have no home."


At the sight of the incubus tearing up, Jungkook looks like he's been clubbed over the head again, his cognac eyes taking on an almost haunted look. The incubus' adorable face is twisted with anguish as he hastily wipes his tears and the young mage feels like he's the biggest scum on the earth for making the adorable demon cry.


Jungkook is at complete loss, his head spinning in confusion at Yoongi's dizzyingly abrupt mood swings. For a moment, all Jungkook could do is to wring his hands uncertainly; he had rarely ever had to deal with crying people, and certainly not demons for this matter. With his bad-temper and tendency to destroy things when he's angry, people tend to avoid him like the plague.


In the wake of his remembered loneliness, Jungkook feels increasingly worse about how his baffling mistake has ripped the incubus his freedom.


He thinks of a ways to make it up to the incubus somehow.


"H-Hey..." Jungkook says, with something akin to panic coloring his voice but the demon only turns away and cries harder, his slim shoulders trembling. The naive, trusting boy never could have imagined he's dealing with a master manipulator and that Yoongi is actually barely holding back peels of sadistic laughter at the dumbfounded look on the mage's face.


With a lack of a better option, Jungkook crouches down next to the demon and gingerly wraps his arms around his small, slender form, half-expecting him to flip out and claw his eyes out or something.


And Hecate, he is tiny. Did they never feed him, wherever he was from? What do demons eat, by the way?


The incubus is very soft and warm and nice to hold and his blond locks are smoother than any silk-- which Jungkook discovers as he absentmindedly cards his finger on his hair, a gesture he had acquire from one of the matrons from his orphanage doing it to him when he was a child. It's almost like he's holding a giant teddy bear with a self-generating heat source.


"Don't cry!" Jungkook exclaims, sounding almost on the verge of tears himself at being unexpectedly saddled with the responsibility of taking care of another living creature. Just the idea of it is... frightening.


"You can stay with me as long as you want if you don't have anywhere else to go," Jungkook suggests with soft, caressing voice.


"R-really? Ah-Are you s-sure!?" the incubus splutters in between sniffing. He throws his arms around Jungkook and hides his face on the crook of the mage's face, along with all his secret sinister intentions.


"But you said I was a mistake," Yoongi sobs from the comfort being snuggled into his chest, relishing in the feeling of Jungkook's gentle petting that Yoongi selfishly tries to draw out for as long as possible with a fake fit of tears.


Yoongi squeezes tight and shifts his head and rests it into Jungkook's broad chest. Listening to the sound of the young mage's delicate mortal heart beating is a reminder of just how easy it is for a manipulative demon like him to break it.


The incubus looks up at the young mage with tear stained cheeks and wide sparkling, emerald eyes. "I have nothing else but you, Master. To know that you don't really want me... it hurts."


There's something so fulfilling about tugging on a mortal's heart strings. The other boy looks so upset by all of these crocodile tears he believes himself to be the cause of, when in actuality, Yoongi could cry on command; and really, he's just putting on a show so he could watch his master's stupid pitiful look. For his own entertainment, of course.


Jungkook definitely isn't tearing up as he curses himself for being a horrible, insensitive, idiot, always-screwing-up-everything, mage. Definitely not. The dampness at the corner of his eyes is obviously due to the lights being too bright. Right.


So what if Yoongi isn't the guardian he's hoping to get? The familiar bond is a bond of trust and devotion; it's a pledge of allegiance that both parties carry together until death. You couldn't exactly send your familiar back and ask for a fucking refund, even if it's so far from his preferences.


Yoongi is his now. That meant it is his duty to look after him and take care of him.


If Jungkook's going to be honest with himself, the thought of having someone just for him, who would never betray him and would never leave him, fill his chest with an unfamiliar warmth. Jungkook remembers reading that as the bond grows stronger, the summoner and the familiar would be able to share almost everything, magical reserves, thoughts and feelings. Some even share their lifespans to each other, though he isn't exactly sure how that would work.


At the demon's gut-wrenching words, Jungkook's arms tighten around his small form. The incubus looks even more forlorn and pitiful, drowning in his cloak.


"I'm so sorry," Jungkook cries into the incubus' shoulder. "I don't have anyone else either." He dimly wonders what kind of life the small demon had before he summoned him; he didn't even have proper clothes on, for Hecate's sake!


And he seems starved for affection if the way he moans happily and pressed up against him is any indication, slender fingers digging into the fabric of his undershirt. Although Jungkook isn't very good at displaying affection—a thing his friends had even reprimanded him about—he certainly wouldn't mind giving him more hugs in the future if the demon's going to be this happy about it.


The fabricated frown on Yoongi's face curves into a devious smirk as he peeks at his master whose tears are rolling down on his stupid face.


The sadistic little incubus believes that toying with mortal's emotions is a game that provides endless fun; one Yoongi considers himself an expert at; master even. As the young mage buries his shameful face into his shoulder and squeezes him close, the incubus sighs with satisfaction, knowing he's the one who emerges as the victor of this round.


"It's so sad that we were both all alone," Yoongi whimpers, wiping away his crocodile tears. "But,"


Yoongi grins widely, then he continues with his charade of cuteness, "You have me now!" cheers the small demon. He suddenly shoves himself away from Jungkook and throws his arms up into the air. "All of me. However you want me." Yoongi says and lets the robe drape over his shoulders. And then he subtly tweaks his torso and the robe finally falls to his feet.


Yoongi feels more uncomfortable wrapped in that silly fabric than he does posing half-naked wearing nothing but socks and shorts.


As he looks down at himself, the incubus can't understand why his new master wouldn't want him on display, wouldn't want to stare at him with lust-driven eyes, and wouldn't want to touch him, when he's made to be admired.


Yoongi leans in towards Jungkook so that he could take a moment to appreciate his new pet. The incubus swings his hips seductively, accentuating each curve on his small shapely frame. Behind him is his tail wagging like an excited puppy.


"I am yours now, my Master, completely at your command."


This is one thing Yoongi is not lying about. He's magically bound to his Master, forced to serve by their blood-sealed demonic contact.


"For the rest of your little mortal life!" the incubus cheers blissfully. Because after seeing how easily manipulated he is, Yoongi knows for sure that this idiot mage’s life would be very short.


Jungkook blinks dumbly at how quickly the incubus had gone from weeping to wiggling like a cheerful puppy. But he supposes it's a good thing. Maybe all demons are like that. He'd much rather not have to deal with crying people, or demons.


Also, the young mage is quite confused at what the demon had said earlier. What exactly did he mean by "however he wanted him?" Is there more than one way or something? Jungkook thinks he had made it clear that the little demon is welcome. Jungkook resists the urge to groan. He doesn't know a thing about taking care of a pet, let alone a person, a fucking demon. His numerous dead goldfishes could attest to that. All he knows are the basic concepts: you keep them fed and watered, play with them, and hopes for the best.


At least... That's how he thinks it works when it comes to taking care of a pet. In this case, he doesn't think it can be applied to the demon in front of him.


The demon is not his pet.


Nor is he a friend either. 


Maybe it's better if Jungkook can work on the latter, put his poor social skills in befriending someone into test, see if it's still effective as oppose to popular belief.


A little flush rises up into the mage's cheeks at being called 'Master'; it's a little embarrassing. He'd never intended to be anyone's master. What he longs for is a partnership, a strong bond with someone; someone who can share his joys and sorrows.


"You don't have to call me that," Jungkook says, shifting uncomfortably. He doesn't want to give the incubus the wrong idea.


"My name's not 'Master'. It's Jungkook."


"Okay," the incubus smiles, his gum on display and Jungkook's heart may have skip a little bit at the sight. "Master Jungkook."


And all Jungkook can do is sigh in exasperation.


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Jungkook and his new familiar eye each other across the room with varying degrees of discomfort and skepticism-- disdain in Yoongi's case. The young mage feels himself shiver just looking at the incubus in his tiny little shorts that barely functioned as clothing and decides that he'll get him some proper clothes later. He picks up the discarded robe off the ground and balls it up with half a mind. He then looks around the room and sighs.


So much for making a good impression.


The study looks like it had gone through a brutal war, with books and spell ingredients strewn all over the place, not to mention the dark stain spreading out from the shattered jar by his desk. Jungkook had spent the past three days holed up in his study, working and reworking the most complicated spell he'd ever attempted to do. He, probably, should be more grateful that the spell worked out the way it did since a botched familiar summoning could lead to horrible ramifications. He had read some of the horrendous accounts before, an example of which, involving a hapless summoner accidentally half-fusing himself with a spider-like creature and yikes, he's glad, that kind of thing didn't happen to him.


If he's going to be honest to himself, being stuck with a bratty little demon is a hundred times better than accidentally making himself into a human-cryptid hybrid.


But Jungkook's not sure though if it's still better, once his headmaster finds out all about this mess.


It's like an unwritten rule that the wrath of the most powerful mage alive is one of the few things that should never, ever, ever be underestimated under any circumstances.


Hell hath no fury like Kim Namjoon when he's angry.


Perhaps that's an overexaggeration on Jungkook's part-- Namjoon's wrath, that is. The powerful mage rarely gets angry, let alone annoyed, what with his seemingly infinite patience; and when he does get angry, most of the time, the reason is something akin to the safety and benefit of others being jeopardized, rather than meaningless, provocative insults aim at him.


Also, Jungkook has a close relationship with the powerful mage. Namjoon, though strict, treats Jungkook like his precious brother; is always concern about his well-being--the usual how are you's from the runes and occassional popping out of thin-air that always makes the young mage scream like a little girl when the powerful mage does it under the excuse that he just wants to see if the young mage is still alive and well, are anything to go by that.


And now that he thinks about it, maybe Namjoon already knows?


Fuck, he's utterly doomed.


He'll deal with the powerful mage later.


For now, cleaning this post-war mess and himself is of priority.


Jungkook is starting to feel uncomfortably sticky in his sweat-soaked garment and what he really wants right now is a nice hot bath but his skin tingles as his magic hums agitatedly beneath its surface, begging to be used after being suppressed for so long.


It's always like this. And he should've gotten used to this already but the young mage still considers it as distractingly bothersome.


Jungkook takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, his magic slowly eases back into his core while he's doing so.


With a yet again, exasperated sigh, the young mage tosses his robe haphazardly onto the couch and starts to shimmy himself out of the thin, linen tunic. It isn't until he's halfway out of his tunic that he feels a strange, prickly hot sensation, something akin to a laser, aim at his bare torso. Jungkook lowers down the hem of the tunic pulled over his head to check if Yoongi's still there-- and he is. He catches the incubus staring intently at him as if he's trying to bore holes into his body.


The young mage feels embarrassed all of a sudden even though they're both guys since it looks like he's giving the incubus a strip show of some sorts.


Jungkook puts his tunic on again much to the incubus' displeasure.


Catching an eyeful of Jungkook's well-defined torso; veritable atlas of ridges and muscle leading to a tapered waist which is indeed a glimpse of temptation for the incubus, Yoongi nearly pounces on the young mage then and there, barely restraining himself.


"I'm going to go take a bath," the young mage says, giving the incubus a slightly, sheepish look. "Uh. You can make yourself comfortable. And you can look around if you want? Since you're gonna be living here now? Sorry, it's a little messy..."


"Oh. Okay," Yoongi mutters as he watches his master saunter away from him without so much as a second thought. The incubus nearly whines when it becomes frustratingly clear that his master has no intention of inviting him to play in the bath.


Well, that's unfortunate, but Yoongi supposes that he has plenty of time anyway to make his master at his mercy.


But still, Yoongi is still confused. Utterly confused. He knows that his master never had the intention to summon an incubus like him in the first place. Or even a demon for that matter. The idiot mage doesn't even know what an incubus is, for Lucifer's sake.


But the fact that the young mage somehow still managed to summon him means his master should've had some repressed sexual desires; some cravings he's ever so desperately trying to hide, as the small demon has yet to meet a mortal that doesn't have those.


And Jungkook is certainly not an exception.


So why wouldn't he let this desires on full display? And why wouldn't he want to share his desires with someone as beautiful and beguiling like him?


He'll gladly take his master's desire with open arms. And open legs, most importantly.


No one can ever resist him. Normally, without so much as a glance from him, mortals are always at his mercy.


Yoongi bites down on his lips as feelings of discombobulation and perturbance start to flood over him.


Is he not desirable enough in the eyes of the young mage?


That is, after all; what the incubus believes to be the only reason for his existence. Being denied by the beautiful boy who summoned him, left him unfulfilled in what he considers to be his only purpose.


So, he's unneeded, then?


Before self-pitying thoughts completely consume Yoongi, a thought suddenly strikes the incubus that makes his face light up with hop.


What if his Master is a virgin?!  Maybe he's just too shy to ask for his incubus' company?


Oh, how cute! Yoongi squeals to himself at the comforting thought. Call it denial if you must. But Yoongi would much rather tell himself his master is an innocent virgin, needing to be corrupted, than just a guy who simply has no attraction to him.




In the adjourning bathroom, Jungkook rakes a hand through his tousled hair and sighs deeply. If he's going to be totally honest with himself, his retreat is more of a way to hide from his new, daunting responsibilities, than any overwhelming desire to get clean. Though maybe a bath will help him clear his head and work out exactly what he's going to do about this whole mess.


He absentmindedly shrugs off the remainder of his clothes, leaving them in a sad pile on the ground and starts to generate water, flicking the spell over to the tub. A swirl of water materializes over it and falls into the tub, splashing messily since he'd once again made too much of it and the water overflows. With a groan, Jungkook shoots a blast of heat at the water to compensate, vaporizing the excess liquid and filling the bathroom with a thick cloak of steam.


The young mage gingerly dips a finger in the water and yanks it out with a yelp when it burns and resentfully throws in an ice spell and tries again. This time, he's relieved to find it no longer scalding. It's just a bit colder than lukewarm but he really isn’t about to chance another heat spell because it's exhausting to use magic.


Finally, Jungkook slips into the bath with an exhausted sigh, tensed muscles finally relaxing after three straight nights of failed summonings-- and he isn’t even sure if he could count his final effort a success. His hands hover uncertainly around the collar around his neck for a second but he decides not to remove it and instead went to retrieve a bottle of his sweet-smelling shampoo and applies a liberal amount to his hair, working it through the strands furiously.


The rhythmic motions of his own fingers are doing wonders to relax him and he sighs happily, sinks deeper into the waters. He will have to come with some excuse for what a demon's doing here-- after he figures out how he's going to explain to Namjoon about why he'd skipped class for three whole days while doing an unsanctioned ritual that could have leveled the entire school.


On a second thought, maybe he should keep that part to himself? Figuring out what to do with Yoongi is his number one priority right now. He’ll have to get him fed, get him clothes, and clear out a proper place to sleep. There already isn’t a lot of room in his dorm, having been mostly converted to a study with most of the floor space taken up by shelves and his workshop. He himself ended up sleeping in his couch or in the little cot in the corner anyway. It's convenient than trying to unload the piles of junk on top of his actual bed.


Jungkook groans and sinks beneath the water's surface, blowing out a stream of resentful bubbles. The worst part is that he really has no one to blame but himself.




The demon is left unsupervised by an incompetent master who's too busy struggling to even prepare a bath for himself. What hope does he have of caring for a supposedly dangerous, powerful demonic beast like him? The incubus doesn't even want to think about how poorly prepared this poor dumb boy is. Instead he nervously glances around the small cramped room that Jungkook insisted he now call his home.




The room is a filthy mess and the scent smells like someone had died in it. Whatever it is, it's probably rotting away under one of the many scattered piles of books. Even with walls of shelves stacked high there isn't enough space for all the young mage's magical supplies. His things are strewn onto any free surface in the dorm room. His desk, a set of overfilled dressers, and even the floor.


There's junk everywhere!


Yoongi gasps in horror when he finally sees what had become of his master's bed. It looks more like a dragon's hoard. The bed is overloaded with books, the mage's school notes, discarded scrolls, dirty robes, a few mismatched pieces of armor and the succubus notices that there's even a huge battle staff buried in the pile.


Well it's no wonder his master hadn't put him to use yet. They don't even have a place to do it, for Lucifer's sake.


Tiny wings carry the demon over to the desk where he drops himself into the seat. He blows away some of the soot that had been spilled earlier by Jungkook's little outburst of excessive innate magic. It seems his master has the kind of volatile magic that made Yoongi's mouth water just thinking about it. But since the incubus obviously isn't getting a taste of it anytime soon, he has to do something to take his mind off the temptation that is his master's supposed virginity.


Yoongi picks up one of Jungkook's spell-books, leaning back to the chair as he skims through a few pages. Yoongi's remaining faith for his stupid master fades with each passing page. The spells are all bland and nothing but white magic. Completely boring stuff to a powerful demon like him. But according to the notes that are hastily scribbled all throughout the margins of the spell-book, his master fails to even comprehend the basics.


The more he reads of his master's study notes, the more Yoongi feels someone is playing a sick prank on him. There's no way that the mage powerful enough to bind himself to a demon like him is the same boy who looked at an ingredient list, circled the word 'cattails' and wrote 'from a plant NOT an animal'.


Yoongi's face burns with second-hand embarrassment as he wonders if his master had noted this from firsthand experience.


He can't endure another word Jungkook had written anymore. He carelessly tosses the book to the ground to join the rest of the trash on the floor. This kind of lame white magic bores Yoongi to tears. He sincerely hopes that's not what his contract holder is studying.


If his master is truly that dull and boring, then Yoongi decides he has no choice but to corrupt the purity of the young mage's heart. Or tear it out of his chest. Either way, Yoongi refuses to serve such an unworthy master.


Lucky for Jungkook, he has a good-looking face and well-built physique that Yoongi admits he's weak to. The young mage is without a doubt one of the most attractive men that Yoongi has been bound to. And since Jungkook's tiny trash-filled room and mounds of remedial spell-books do little to entertain the incubus, he decides that he'll just take a peek on his master who's in the bath.


Yoongi slips into the bathroom door slowly. He finds his master massaging his soapy mess of hair while his eyes are closed tight. The incubus smirks. Good.


Jungkook is too occupied with his self-care to notice the demon creeping into the room. Giving him time to admire the sparkling suds of bubbly soap dripping down his bare naked chest, Yoongi's eyes follow their trail as they slip down his master's defined muscles before hitting the water's surface.


With an inhuman kind of stealth, Yoongi is suddenly at the side of the tub. His giggles break the silence amd he says, "You look hot."


Yoongi certainly isn't pertaining to Jungkook's body temperature as the water he's currently bathing in is barely lukewarm. Too bad for the young mage, there are only a few bubbles left to hide his naked torso as Yoongi leans in close and asks teasingly, smirk on his face, "Want me to join you in your bath?"


Jungkook jumps in surprise and yelps when Yoongi unexpectedly appears at his side, and the bar of soap he's holding, slips through his fingers and hits the water with a loud splash.


“What, what?! How…? Since when did you get in here?!” Jungkook demands, unconsciously drawing his knees up to his chest with a flustered blush on his face, like a maiden protecting her virtue.


The young mage has a slightly bewildered look on his face at what Yoongi said earlier. He looks hot? But he's actually starting to shiver from his poorly heated bath water. He has no idea what Yoongi is referring to. Maybe it's a cultural difference?! He's supposedly a demon after all.


Jungkook decides to give him the benefit of a doubt even as he stares at his un-appealingly cold bath water with a look of perplexity. “Uh, I'm not really hot. The water's kinda cold for my liking?” he says haltingly, looking a bit like a deer caught in up in an oncoming energy blast.


“And uh... it’s too cramped for two people in here. And the water’s already cold. So, um," Jungkook sinks further into the water and racks his brain for a way to kick the little demon out politely. “I can heat up another bath for you instead?” He feels a little embarrassed, having been raised rather modestly so sharing a bath with others is an awkward thing for him; he had never even been to a public bathhouse in his entire nineteen years of life.


If he's living alone, he wouldn’t have had a problem wandering around less than fully dressed, but with Yoongi, someone who is practically a complete stranger, an adorable and at the same time, gorgeous stranger at that; it's a little different.


Though Yoongi may look young and cute, that is just a manipulative act he uses to lure poor pathetic mortals to their blissful deaths. With the amount of blood that stains his hands, there's nothing innocent about him. Yoongi is a sex demon that had existed for hundreds of years before meeting Jungkook, and would continue to exist for hundreds more long even after his mortal master had died. But before Jungkook's inevitable death will separate them, the incubus intends on proving to him that there's nothing a sweet little virgin like Jungkook could do to corrupt a demon like Yoongi.


"Don't be silly," Yoongi hushes the young mage as he leans back, letting his wings carry his weight. "There is more than enough room here." The fishnet stockings he wears are held up with little garter belts that Yoongi has to undo before he could pull off his shorts. He tosses them to the side and quickly slips out of his shorts right after, leaving the incubus standing there, showing off his bare legs; which are thin but shapely, just like his hips. The only thing left barely covering his groins is the tight black panties with scalloped hem.


Jungkook tries to avoid his gaze at the incubus' panties.


"We'll just have to snuggle up real close," Yoongi smiles, his sharp fangs peaking out of his grin as he looks down at his master who looks adorable with a face burning in embarrassment, especially when the last few bath bubbles have betrayed Jungkook and left him completely exposed to Yoongi's lustful gaze.


"Oh and don't worry about the heat. We can just make our own," the incubus says as he touches the waistband to strip himself free of his panties.


Jungkook lets out a mortified little squeak as the demon starts to strip. Well, he might have bathed together with the other orphans back when he was five but now that he's already nineteen years old, it's entirely inappropriate! And Yoongi, while young-looking enough, he actually isn't young enough for Jungkook to feel comfortable enough about sharing a tub with. Especially with the way he's staring at him like a dog staring at a succulent piece of steak. The demon kind of looks like he wants to bite him.


The young mage suddenly feels frightened when a thought crosses his mind. What exactly does Yoongi eat?! He really hopes it isn't human flesh. How exactly is he supposed to feed a man-eating demon? Would he have to go grave digging? Smuggle up body parts from the laboratories? Or he'll have to kill... he doesn't even want to think about it.


"I-I don't think that's a good idea--" Jungkook stammers, squeezing his knees together self-consciously. "Uh. I still haven't really gotten the hang of making non-offensive heating spells. I might end up boiling us alive."


His eyes dart around the small cramped bathroom for something to help him as the demon is now down to the tiniest piece of underwear he'd ever seen. It must be really hot, wherever he's from.


A head-strong sense of fearlessness comes along with being immortal. So not even the threat of a slow and painful death seems to discourage the little demon from his perverted goal of stealing his master's virginity. As shameless as he is, Yoongi smirks while he slips off the last shred of fabric on his body. The demon's sharply pointed tail wraps around his body and teasingly hides his groins behind the spade-shaped tip.


Aside from the collar around his neck, the demon is completely naked. And so hungry for his master. It's no wonder Jungkook thought Yoongi looks ready to bite. Because he is.


His wings pick him up and let Yoongi hover over the tub. Slowly he sets himself down into his master's lap. Or at least that is his plan, but as soon as Yoongi gets close enough to feel the warmth of the young mage's body, Jungkook desperately tries to squirm away.


The incubus pouts at his master's reaction, can't understand why the young mage is acting so horrified, seeing his gorgeous naked glory.


Jungkook splatters water all over the floor in a desperate attempt to get as far away from the naked demon as possible. But all he accomplished is making Yoongi's exposed curves glisten with the soapy water he'd splashed everywhere. He moves in slowly, trying to calm the panic that the uninvited closeness of the pushy demon has inspired.


"Just relax," Yoongi calmly says, his voice low, as he cups his master's face with his palms and forces the young mage to look up at him and lock eyes. Mind control is one of Yoongi's favorite tricks. This will not be the first time he has to use his demonic magic to lull a mortal into a false sense of comfort before sinking his teeth into them. And Jungkook is so close, Yoongi can practically taste him.


The whites in Yoongi's eyes radiate with a pale glow that seems to intensify with each word he speaks. "Stop struggling. Put your arms around me. And pull me in close enough to feel my warmth."


Yoongi may be the subservient one, but he expects no less than perfect compliance from a mortal affected by his mind-control skills.


"Don't worry, Master. You will enjoy this."


Trapped against the ceramic with the demon pressing in uncomfortably close, and naked at that, Jungkook is starting to feel more than a little claustrophobic. Yoongi's delicate features and seemingly harmless words have completely put him off his guard but the wicked expression that's stretching across his face is starting to remind Jungkook that the adorable demon in front of him is supposed to be from hell.


Demons are not generally known for being all sunshine and daisies.


When Yoongi grabs his face, Jungkook begins to freak out in earnest; he's seriously starting to think that Yoongi is going to eat him. "Hey! What are you doing?!" he demands indignantly, frightened, and makes the mistake of looking up into the incubus' luminous emerald eyes.


Jungkook's hit by a sudden wave of lethargy, a pleasant fog overtaking his thoughts as the knots of tension in his body slowly unwind themselves. He feels so incredibly comfortable, with the warm bath water lapping gently against his skin and Yoongi's soft hands cradling his cheeks. His cognac colored eyes glaze over in a hazy pleasure and his body starts to grow pliant, lulled by Yoongi's sweetly whispering demands.


Why is he struggling so hard? Can't he see that Yoongi meant no harm? And doesn't he feel so relaxed after attempting such a difficult summoning?


Jungkook lets out a breathless little moan and the demon takes his chance to press in closer, trailing his greedy hands along his master's smooth flesh. Jungkook can't see much harm in obeying the next demand and he slides his arms around Yoongi's slender waist and draws him in until their bare chests are flush against each other.


The mage looks so cute and obedient, with his eyes full of unquestioning trust and his wet brown locks plastered to his neck. All of Jungkook's initial unwillingness earlier have faded away along with the bubbles in his bathtub. Yoongi doesn't care if it's all magically-induced; he has every intention of taking advantage of the young mage's subdued state.


Yoongi's sneaky fingers slip below the water’s surface, slowly mapping out every curve on his new master's beautiful body. One of his hands wanders back up Jungkook's side, dragging his pointed nails across his damp skin, leaving long red marks in its trail. He gently traces his fingers across the collar strapped around his master's throat. Yoongi finds it very strange, because to him wearing a collar is a sign of subservience.


But why does a stupid mage like him wear one?


Soon enough, Yoongi gets his answer. Jungkook is almost radiating with a youthful abundance of uncontrolled magical energy. And being this close to him meant Yoongi can practically taste it, feel it even. The incubus mouth waters as he remembers the mess his master had made earlier. That jar had been broken by a bolt of magic that was inspired purely by magical energy fueled by his emotions. Jungkook is overflowing with that exact kind of untamed magical energy that an incubus like Yoongi thrives off of.


To Jungkook, Yoongi's skin feels hot and almost feverish and he smells like brimstone and something sweet and musky. The demon's sharp-toothed mouth has latched onto his collarbone, biting down hard, and he's sliding a knee between his legs.


Jungkook's cloudy cognac eyes snap back to clarity and he lets out a strangled shout, unconsciously letting loose an uncontrolled blast of magic that slams the little incubus into the wall hard enough to make tiny spider-web cracks across the ceramic tiles. Jungkook immediately looks so horrified at his loss of control and quickly rushes over to check up on his familiar.


"Oh, shit! Yoongi!" the young mage exclaims, leaning over to the demon and hastily checking his fluffy head for bumps. "I'm sorry."


When it looks like the demon's fine, a dark scowl spreads across Jungkook's face. Even he isn't that stupid enough to not realize what Yoongi had tried to pull. "Don't try that again," he says and the air around them grows cold and heavy, and he looks almost menacing, Yoongi almost shudders.


But it only passes for a brief moment and Jungkook's back to looking flushed and embarrassed when he realizes they're both still naked. "I'm... I'm going to go get dressed," he mutters as he starts to beat a hasty retreat.


Yoongi whimpers in confusion. Only being able to get a tiny taste of his master leaves him feeling sickeningly unfulfilled. The incubus looks completely flustered as Jungkook makes his stern threat earlier before turning his back to him and walks away. He isn't sure what hurt more, the throbbing pain in his spinning head or the humiliation of being rejected.


Yoongi thought for sure he could get away with using his manipulative powers of mind-control to put the little virgin at ease. But after getting unexpectedly struck by bolt of his master's magic, Yoongi fears that there will be a lot more of this kind of torturous teasing in his future.


Overwhelmed with frustration, Yoongi throws his face into his palms and lets out a muffled yelp, in which he curses his stupid sexy master for being so carelessly cruel. The arcane forces must have definitely made a huge mistake for allowing a clueless kid like Jungkook to have a familiar; especially one with special kind of needs as Yoongi.


The neglected demon takes a long deep breath before pulling himself to his feet. As mad as he is about the aching bump on the backside of his head, Yoongi realizes this is exactly why his master is wearing an enchanted collar-- a magical limiter.


A magical limiter is supposed to keep reckless magisters like Jungkook in check. Yoongi rubs his head, feeling particularly spiteful that his manipulative magic doesn't seem to work this time.


With a snap of his fingers the demon is dry and magically re-dressed in his outfit from before. He catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror hung crookedly over the bathroom sink and huffs.


It really is incomprehensible to think that anyone can resist him.


Chapter Text



Back in the study, Jungkook makes a clumsy beeline to his over-stuffed dressers, stumbling and cursing when he snags his bare foot on a discarded boot. Hastily, he yanks open the wardrobe and grabs the first shirt and pair of pants that he can reach and yanks them on. 


The sleeveless white top turns out to be a bit too small for him (but his outfit choices are limited since he hadn't done a laundry in weeks) and ends just at his midriff. It looks like he may have accidentally grab his combat gear instead, since his trousers are in protective black leathers with long slits cut along the sides for movement. Feeling just a bit too underdressed for his liking--with an unconfirmed flesh eating demon in his bathroom to booth--Jungkook pulls on his white mage robes, which hang just below his knees and has way too many zippers, buckles and jams his feet into the discarded boots.


Once he's fully dressed, Jungkook heaves a deep sigh, absently reaching up to fiddle with his collar that had grown uncomfortably hot from his outburst. He'll have to get a new one made soon, if what happened with Yoongi is any indication. His eyes dart back to the bathroom door in trepidation, but when the incubus shows no signs of tearing out after him, his shoulders slump in relief.


As far as unmitigated disasters went, that could have gone a lot worse, Jungkook consoles himself. At the very least he hadn't gone berserk and almost killed someone again like what happened to his previous roommate.


But now that the panic had died down and his thoughts and feelings are his own again, guilt weighs heavily in the pit of his stomach at how he had lost control and hurt his familiar; the very boy that he's now responsible for protecting. Jungkook heaves another long, frustrated sigh at how poorly things are already going for them.




Yoongi is hurt, and not from the bump on his head. Rejection is not something an incubus takes well. But no matter how much he wanted to scream at his stupid senseless contract holder, if he does, then he'll just be much less likely to get fed.


It becomes clear to Yoongi that he needs a different approach to charm the pathetic virgin he's accidentally bound to.


"M-Master?" Yoongi squeaks from the doorway of the bathroom. He clings to himself and hugs his nearly naked form comfortingly.


As if on cue, the incubus’ eyes begin to sparkle with glistening tears, one of which trickles down his rosy cheek as he sniffles over-dramatically and whimpers, "I don't understand!" He barely gets the words out before breaking into a hysterically sobbing, hiding the phony tears behind his palms. "Why would you want to hurt me? I'm just so hungry!"


At the sight of the little demon's (false, but what his master doesn't know can't hurt him) tears, Jungkook looks stricken, shame gnawing at his insides like a ravenous parasite. The teary-eyed demon clearly doesn't seem to even realize that he had done anything wrong, likely only acting on the instinct to feed. If anything, this further cemented in his mind the incorrect belief that Yoongi is a very young, impulsive teen that Jungkook is now responsible for looking after.


Jungkook cautiously approaches the incubus again, ignoring how logic is shrieking for him to get the hell away from the demon that had been more than happy to take a bite out of him less than ten minutes ago. But at this point, he's willing to give Yoongi the benefit of a doubt; he'd been so desperate for a familiar, and while it had some unintended results, Jungkook owes it to them both to try to make this work.


They don't really have a choice.


He can work with a flesh eating demon. Probably. Although it's a little disturbing for someone so small and cute being like that, Jungkook figures that a lot of other mages have familiars that are not averse to a bite of human flesh every now and then. He might have had to deal with that issue too, had he succeeded in summoning an actual dragon familiar.


(Meanwhile, Logic throws up its hands in disgust and abandons the dumb mage to his fate.)


Jungkook steels his nerves and wraps his arms around the demon, hugging him to his chest. "I'm sorry," he apologizes again. "I didn't mean to smack you around like that. I just..." Jungkook pauses trying to fish around for the right words. 'I didn't sign up to be your brunch' rolls around in his head but he dismisses that as being too insensitive so he says instead, "I don't think we should be taking baths together, okay?"


Jungkook brushes his hands across Yoongi’s fluffy blond hair and winces a bit in sympathy when he feels a rather sizable bump, inwardly wilting a bit when he realizes just how fragile Yoongi’s petite body seems to be. On one hand he feels absolutely rotten for being a goddamn abuser. But on the other, he starts to feel despair; how is he supposed to fight monsters in the field now when his familiar is so frail?


"I'm sorry," the young mage repeats again, his hands lighting up in a soothing white glow, pressing them against Yoongi’s injury and chants a basic healing spell. But with his overabundance of magical energy, the cure's potency is magnified several times over to the point that it could have gotten rid of a bloody, gaping wound, let alone a little bruise.


An airy gasp, almost like a moan, escapes Yoongi’s lips as the feeling of his master's magic floods over him. He squeezes himself tightly into Jungkook’s chest, getting as close as he can snuggle without stabbing the boy with his sharp horns. The warmth of the mage's white magic fills every inch of his body. It fades to a lingering tingling sensation and makes Yoongi feel so relaxed, he practically melts into his master's arms.


Although it's nowhere near as fulfilling as a proper feeding, Yoongi feels that stealing any kind of energy is pleasurable. If Jungkook had bothered to do his homework he'd know that an incubus needs to feed off sexual energy in order to sustain themselves. Vampiristic demons like Yoongi also enjoys siphoning off magical power. They love to manipulate emotions and influence feelings powerful enough to absorb the strength of. That's exactly why Yoongi’s tears are fabricated; they're designed to influence potent emotional energy. Yoongi would have settled for some self-pitying feelings from his master and maybe a few tears, but he never expects to be overwhelmed with the delicious taste of his new contract holder’s raw magical power.


"I'm so sorry. I scared you," Yoongi sniffles, burying his face into his master's chest. "I'm just so eager to please you."


That's one of the few truthful things he's said. As Yoongi is bound to this boy--whether he liked it or not--he depends on Jungkook to be his primary source of food. And being that his new master keeps insisting their bound is just an accident, Yoongi is still a little worried that his master's just a too pathetic virgin, scared of him.


Or worse...what if he's just too straight?!


"Please, Master," the demon pleads with a tearful whimper. "Tell me what it is you want from me."


Jungkook isn't quite sure how Yoongi thought munching on his bones would equate to pleasing him but he applied the same strategy he used for when he encountered a bit of magical theory that he just couldn't wrap his head around; by ignoring it, hoping it wouldn't be tested later.


Jungkook heaves another deep sigh while he lets his hand rest on Yoongi’s fluffy blond hair.


The question puts him on the spot; like it's an exam he didn't study for... again. Jungkook acknowledged that, as a mage, he had a lot of room for improvement. He just isn't suited for the intricacies that are paramount when it comes to studying his art.


Theories are dreadfully dull and confusing and the only things he really have going for him is a ridiculously overstuffed magical core. He would have been so much happier as a knight or a paladin and spend his days riding around and slaying monsters, rather than memorizing formulas  All he really wanted to do was to go out and smack things around with a pointy stick.


But that dream died in its infancy when he lost control for the first time and flattened the orphanage he had lived in. And then came the hooded magisters, spouting some nonsense about prodigies and mandatory enrollment, persuading him and the next thing he knew, he's stuck with a bunch of nerds and a collar around his neck.


He had read that a member of the arcane forces could be contracted with in exchange for a steady supply of mana. Although very few magisters could be bothered to deal with the constant mana drain, Jungkook saw the ritual as his chance to be free of this stupid, restrictive collar. He had desperately hoped for an ancient, powerful familiar who could temper him and guide him, and could handle the strain of his stupidly vast reserves. According to his Astromancy professor--who's one of the few that he actually liked, even if he's always hanging around with his grumpy Chronomancy professor--Jungkook would need contract with at least an A-class Familiar, to avoid having his new partner implode on him.


That was a cheery thought.


Jungkook had had his heart set on appealing to a Three-Headed Dragon, the rarest and most powerful type of dragon, because if he's going to pursue a pipe dream, he might as well go after the biggest freaking pipe there is.


Instead, he got Yoongi. Adorable, tiny, probably flesh eating Yoongi who looks about as likely to go on a monster-slaying expedition as Jungkook could go perform ballet in front of millions of people. Meaning, it's hopeless.


Maybe, it isn't entirely fair to judge Yoongi by his looks, but Jungkook would rather play it safe than have to go down in history as the only mage stupid enough to implode his own familiar. Jungkook heaves another sigh and clamps down tightly on his magic, trying to ignore how it bubbles under his skin in agitation.


The young mage absently gives Yoongi another pet on his hair before he pulls back, uncomfortable with prolonged skin contact. He still hasn't answered the question. What did he want from the demon? He hopes to still salvage the situation and make the partnership work somehow. He must have summoned Yoongi for a reason, right? So he should at least try to get to know him and his abilities better.


A shrill bell rings through the dorm, signaling that he's missing class for the fourth straight day but Jungkook had gotten so used to ignoring it that he doesn't even jump. He gives the little demon a helpless shrug. To be completely honest; he has no fucking clue what he's going to do with him.


"I was looking for a battle partner," Jungkook admits sheepishly, rubbing the back of his damp hair in discomfort. "But I was expecting a dragon and not you. So. Uh," he trails off to rack his brains again for something to say but he's saved from further floundering by a sharp rap on his door.


"Hey," an irritated voice growls. "Get your useless ass to class before I drag you out by your stupid coconut hair. Don't think I won't!"


Almost as quickly as Jungkook has pushed away from his embrace, Yoongi is back clinging to his master. The sound of the door being cracked open makes the incubus squeak. Realizing that being caught by Jungkook’s school-mate is an inconvenience, Yoongi cloaks his horrifically-demonic and nearly-naked form behind a shroud of illusion magic.


He peaks out from behind his master's back, now appearing as someone who could easily be mistaken as a kid from Jungkook’s class. His demonic features are magically concealed, leaving Yoongi looking so much cute and innocent than ever before. His new clothing mimics the design of one of the school robes he'd seen discarded on the bed earlier when Yoongi is poking around his dorm room, except, he'd conjured the robes up shorter than necessary, just a little below the knee, showing off his slender legs.


Just because the incubus had the power to do so; the illusion weak-minded mortals would see when looking at him, is that of an androgynous boy. The last thing Yoongi wants is to get his brand new master executed for getting caught being some kind of hedonistic sodomite. Best they think he's screwing around with some cute boy, than the reality of summoning up an evil sex demon.


Jungkook is torn between panicking and getting indignant at the newcomer, making fun of his hair.


“Stuff it, pipsqueak!” Jungkook shouts and without paying the boy clinging to his arm any mind, the mage hurriedly rushes forward, leaning his weight against the door to stop it from opening any further. His mind is a whirl as he now struggled with the very real possibility that he's going to get caught. “And go away! I’m busy.”


And the worst part is that it's fucking Park Jimin who's standing superciliously on the other side of that door.


Suspicious slitted, amber eyes glare at him through the narrow wedge. “Busy trying to do what, exactly?” Jimin sneers. “Doing the world a favor by drowning yourself in the toilet?”


“Just fuck off!” Jungkook exclaims eloquently, but there's a thread of desperation creeping up into his voice as the demon’s grip on his arm tightens. He could have cried from frustration; why couldn’t he get a demon familiar with enough sense to figure out that he should have made himself fucking scarce?!


Jimin scowls at him instead. “I would love to ‘fuck off’,” he says and Jungkook can hear the air quotes as he did. “But for some reason, Tae cares whether you actually live... or die pathetically like the mutt that you are.”


“Well, good for him,” Jungkook mutters resentfully, feeling a pit dropping into his stomach at the mention of the other boy. His throat tightens as unpleasant memories wells up in his head and he tries to force the door shut but stupid Park Jimin has the audacity to wedge his foot in the gap.


“What are you hiding in there?” Jimin demands, his eyes narrowing like a predator about to dig its talons into its prey’s soft underbelly. Then, without warning, he pushes the door hard enough to send it smacking into Jungkook’s face, making the latter let go with a yelp.


While Jungkook is swearing and nursing the bruise on his forehead, the short, pink haired man has swept into the room, his long coat trailing behind him as he looks around the place with a scowl. His eyes narrow further when he sees the remains of Jungkook’s failed summoning circle etched into the floorboards and he whirls around furiously.


“What. Is. This?” Jimin demands, glaring daggers at the mage. Then his eyes finally alight on Jungkook’s companion, that's still clutching at his arm and staring up at him with large, liquid emerald eyes.


"...What?" Jimin repeats again, but sounding only half as angry as confusion seeps into his voice.


"Excuse you," the incubus says in a deep, gruffy voice at the moment Jimin first makes an eye contact with him. And perhaps that's what gives the pink haired boy the biggest shock. Not so much that coconut-for-brains is skipping class to fool around, but he's actually fooling around.


Yoongi stands with his hands on his hips and doesn't hesitate to get right up into Jimin's face. "Just who do you think you are, butting in here, uninvited?" he spits.


His wide emerald eyes lock on to the amber sparkle in Jimin's, as the demon tries to read the latter's mind. By doing that, Yoongi learns that this mage is a little older and a lot wiser than the novice he's bound to. Jimin is powerful but he keeps his magic reserved. Unlike Jungkook, his skills are properly sharpened to a point where Yoongi fears probing too deep into his private thoughts, as it will alert any good mage and end up giving away Yoongi’s secret.


Yoongi's eyes narrow to a glare as he snaps, "Get out!" From what little he'd learned from scanning the boy’s brain, Yoongi found out that Jimin doesn't like his master, and ergo, Yoongi automatically does not like him. A pity since judging by the energy that radiated off him, Yoongi surmises that he would probably like the way the pink haired boy tastes. A real pity.


Jungkook thinks he's going to have a heart attack. What the hell is Yoongi thinking? He's actually drawing attention to himself, instead of running for the fucking hills! This is Park Jimin, a talented mage. Unlike Jungkook’s crappy white mage class, specializing in healing and buffing magic, the pipsqueak asshole works on the front lines in battles and he probably eats little demons like Yoongi for breakfast.


But to his utter bafflement, instead of turning Yoongi into a smear on the ground at the sight of his clearly demonic horns, Jimin just settles for looking vaguely shocked.


On the other hand, Jimin jaw drops furiously as he tries to wrap his brain around the sheer impossibility of the younger, clumsier mage actually having associates outside their school. He doesn't count himself since he's hardly anything as 'friends' with the reckless boy. But something about the pretty boy Jungkook's with, sets him on edge. Despite his small stature--though they're almost the same height, the pretty boy only a few centimeters shorter than him, but Jimin's not gonna admit that--there's an undercurrent of something he doesn’t like filling the room, though it's hard to identify what that might be.


Jimin eyes the boy somewhat critically, noting the slightly modified uniform. The boy doesn't look familiar even though he wears one of their school uniforms; but it isn't like he cares enough about Jungkook to know who he hangs out with.


Jimin stands on his ground, consciously letting a bit of his magic leak into the room. Unlike Jungkook’s wild, untamed aura, Jimin's is carefully controlled and honed to intent precision. “You’re the one who doesn’t belong here,” he says to Yoongi, quiet and dangerously for a moment, looking much more like he's the fearsome demon of the two. But the moment passes and he scowls at them instead and turns dramatically on his heel. “Whatever. It’s your damn funeral. I’ll just let Tae know you haven’t died yet.” He then stalks out from the room, the word ‘unfortunately’ is unspoken but obvious from his tone.


Jungkook watches him go, stunned into speechlessness before he finally finds his voice. “You don’t need to tell Taehyung shit!" he shouts after his retreating figure. “I don’t need his mothering.” Then he rounds on Yoongi, cognac eyes wide with confusion and suspicion as the incubus merely wags his tail innocently.


“What the fuck was that?!”


"I don't know, but he was a total asshole!" Yoongi huffs, completely oblivious to the real question. As far as Yoongi knew, his master was caught up in the same illusionary spell that tricked Jimin into thinking the hellish beast was just an innocent boy.


The demon is starting to piece together the circumstances of the new life he's forced to live. He had come to accept that Jungkook is stupid magically incompetent (and that's why he had to go to school and study, right?) but what he now realizes is that this incompetency made his Master a social outcast. Yoongi dared not to dig deep enough into Jimin's brain to found out exactly what, but something awful must have happened between those two boys, and it left a huge emotional rift.


But what Yoongi really wants to know is who Taehyung is. Just the way his master says the name, replaces Jimin's lingering magical static with emotional tension that an incubus like Yoongi is inherently sensitive to. Whoever he is, he influences overwhelming feelings in his master and it leaves Yoongi feeling even hungrier than before this whole intrusion began.


"I'm just glad we're alone again."


Jungkook just gapes at the incubus in an outraged confusion, unable to even begin to explain what he finds so utterly wrong with this picture. There's no way in hell that Park Jimin would have backed off like that. The pipsqueak asshole obviously saw the summoning circle, even though it was obviously flawed, and when he saw Yoongi’s form, there was no way in hell that a four-year old couldn’t put the pieces together, let alone someone as eagle-eyed as Jimin is.


Wordlessly, Jungkook stalks over to where Yoongi is and reaches out, grabbing ahold of Yoongi’s still wagging tail, yanking on it almost harshly and ignoring the indignant little yelp that the incubus makes.


“What the fuck,” Jungkook repeats, tugging roughly on it again for emphasis, “...was that?! He just walks right out? He's a fucking demon slayer and he fucking walked out even after he saw your freaking tail?! What the hell did you do?!” Jungkook is filled with confusing mix of relief and bewilderment, that he completely forgets to be gentle. Or rein in his magic, which is now lashing out randomly with no channel to direct it, making the walls shudder and his jars rattle.


Each violent yank at his tail sends sharp bolts of pain right up Yoongi's spine, his master's carelessness once again leaves him sore. And not in a fun way, so its no surprise the incubus i upset. He hisses like a wild beast, baring his fangs. Maybe, if he tears Jungkook’s spine out, he'll understand how it feels to have someone tug on your tail. The amount of willpower the demon has, to not shove the other boy to the ground and share some of the pain is truly commendable.


Yoongi jerks his tail free from his master's abusive grip, and clings to it protectively. Then, something dawns onto him.


How does Jungkook even able to grab his tail to begin with?


It should have been magically concealed behind the power of Yoongi’s demonic magic. If he hears correctly--and for his sake, he really hoped he didn't--that short, pink haired boy who'd burst in just moments ago is some kind of demon slayer, and even with his experience, Yoongi managed to hide his horns and tail from his vision. But when the little incubus gazes up into the panicked confusion that fills Jungkook’s eyes, he gets an unsettling feeling that his master can somehow see right through his illusion spells.


Well, this will make his contract more challenging…


On the plus side of Yoongi’s enslavement, his new master is practically radiating with magic, Yoongi is close enough to, he can almost taste it. The air crackles with raw energy and once again results in something breaking. Yoongi's just glad it's not directed at him this time.

"He saw only what I wanted him to. And obviously it worked, didn't it?!" Yoongi barks back at Jungkook. "So why are you freaking out at me?" but he bites his tongue after that. Sure there are other things Yoongi wants to shout like 'touch me like that again and I'll tear your arm off' but unless Yoongi wants to be the target of his master's untamed magical outburst, he knows he shouldn't provoke the young mage.


There's something more important weighing on the incubus. "If that jerk is really a demon slayer then I should be the one freaking out." Yoongi is still clinging to his tail protectively. "So next time he bothers us..." he speaks so calm, with a sweetness that makes what comes next, completely unexpected, " distract him, and I'll come up from behind and... bam!" Yoongi suddenly squeaks and points at one of the ingredient jars that filled Jungkook’s bookshelf. It instantly explodes in a flurry of glass shards and some kind pink powdered dust. Messy, but Yoongi figures since his master is doing it, he's allowed to, right? "I'll blow his head off. And then, problem solved," he says, beaming.


Jungkook's obviously not happy, looking just as perplexed as before as he mulls over Yoongi’s words. "Made him see only what you wanted him to see?" he repeats to himself. After a beat, he frowns as the light of comprehension finally dawns on his face. Yoongi uncharitably thinks that he's witnessing a miracle. "You can make illusions...?"


If it's possible, Jungkook’s heart sinks even further. Illusions are the weakest class of magic there is. Half the time they don't even work if the target's will is too strong... or if they have no imagination.


That almost completely dashes whatever hopes Jungkook has of getting to be a front line fighter any time soon. White mages are usually relegated to the back row, or stuck in the infirmary. Unless they have a powerful familiar, they can kiss their chances at ever seeing live combat goodbye. Well, not that Jungkook has been counting on the little demon for that anyway.


Jungkook is now utterly curious as to who or what Jimin thinks he's seeing when he looks at the demon, though he isn't really sure if he really wants to know. He doesn't even notice or care that Yoongi had engaged in wanton destruction of more of his stuff; it will not be very sporting if he does. Though it's probably because he's far too used to the sound of jars shattering to pay it any mind. All his important possessions are behind a shatterproof ward.


But Yoongi’s vicious little plan to deal with Jimin does catch his attention. Jungkook's face twists into a resentful scowl as he rubs at his still-smarting forehead from where Jimin smacks the door into. "Stupid Jimin," he mutters with a surprising amount of bloodlust but it carries an undercurrent of guilt. "If he hates me so much then why the fuck does he keep bothering me?" Then his mood does a complete one-eighty and Yoongi begins to wonder if his stupid master is actually brain damaged.


Jungkook suddenly cracks an incredibly adorable grin and reaches out to ruffle Yoongi’s hair affectionately.


The young mage beams at the incubus almost sweetly, something in his heart warming up to see the little demon behave almost protectively over him. It's a very rare feeling. At one point it's something that Taehyung has done to him. But those memories have soured now, tainted by what had happened between them. Despite the fact that Yoongi’s mere presence opens up a whole can of flesh-eating worms, Jungkook is grateful for his company.


"Jimin is an S-class mage," Jungkook explains, shaking with mirth at the thought of cute, tiny Yoongi trying to go against someone as monstrous as Park Jimin, despite them having almost the same height. "He has enough firepower to flatten a small army by himself. As much as I think he's a smug, stuck up asshole who would look better without his face, I doubt we can take him on." Of course, it's impossible. A white mage and an illusionist going against a One-Man-Army? Jungkook almost snorts at the idea.


Especially not, since it will make Taehyung upset and despite everything, that alone is something he can't stand.


"Awww!" Yoongi whines in protest, pouting like a child, his little wings match his frown, drooping expressively in disappointment. The incubus just sighs, his eyes darting around the cluttered floor for a long while. He contemplates what it means to be bound to someone who attends the same school as people who proclaim their pride in the extinction of his species. Regardless of what his master's shallow opinion of Yoongi’s skills, the demon will certainly rank as an 'S-class', or even above that, if Yoongi cares about some silly mortal-made scale. The demon refuses to let Park Jimin or his rank intimidate him.


Dismissing even the possibility of a demonslayer getting the best of him, Yoongi shakes his head and then throws himself into his master's arms unexpectedly. With a misleadingly sweet tone, Yoongi leans into his ear and hauntingly whispers, "Don't worry. We will kill him while he's sleeping. He'll never see it coming." And then, he pushes away from Jungkook, giggling unsettlingly. "But that's for later," he says with his eyes wandering up the body of the boy standing before him. Those slits on the thighs of his leather pants catches Yoongi’s attention and fills him with temptation.


"Now, we should pick up where we left off." Yoongi licks his lips, but he imagines licking that teasing bit of exposed skin his master's showing off, in a vain effort to appease the hunger that knotted up his stomach.


Poor oblivious Jungkook should have done his homework before summoning up the forces of eternal darkness. Maybe then, he would have understood what Yoongi meant when he says, "You're going to feed me, aren't you?"


But unfortunately, he does not and consequently has no idea what the incubus is referring to. Jungkook gives Yoongi an awkward little pat, feeling just the tiniest bit uneasy at how gleeful and serious he sounded about murdering Park Jimin in his bed. It doesn't seem very sporting; Jungkook much prefers a fight on even grounds. But he dismisses it as mostly harmless venting.


"Well, maybe if you hid when you were supposed to, you wouldn't have to worry about Park fucking Jimin," Jungkook mutters uncharitably under his breath in a way that Yoongi probably isn't meant to hear. He's still a little resentful from the conniption fit he almost had when he saw Yoongi march up to approach one of the deadliest demon hunters their academy had ever produced.


But this brings Jungkook to his latest problem. What exactly is he going to feed him? He's still operating under the incorrect assumption that Yoongi feeds on human flesh. Maybe he can convince the demon to substitute that with animal meat for now?


"Wait," Jungkook hastily says. "Stay right here while I go get something." At the unconscious command, an invisible force wraps around the incubus, compelling him to remain in place as his scatterbrained master disappears through a set of doors that Yoongi hadn't even notice due to a small mountain of stacked crates that obscure the exit.


This leaves Yoongi with nothing to do but take a closer look at his new filthy home. Upon second glance, the place is really not as small as it looks. If they get rid of Jungkook’s piles of junk, that is. There's literally a massive pile of stuff that looks like it belongs in a scrap heap lying next to his work table along with the jars-- jars of unidentified spell ingredients. There's even a jar of something that looks like a bunch of furry tails that makes him shudder in disgust.


Jungkook's only gone for a couple minutes but the impatient incubus is ready to jump him and rip his slutty clothes off.


But then he finds himself staring dumbfoundedly at his hands where Jungkook had shoved a plate into them. The dish looks like it's been hastily washed as it's still slightly damp, but what's more alarming is the giant slab of pink ham sitting in the middle of it, with a fork stabbed into its side.


A culinary genius, Jungkook obviously is not.


Yoongi turns to yell or something but his stupid master is already hastily gathering his school supplies.


"Sorry!" Jungkook calls out guiltily as he crams his books into a satchel. "This is all I have for now. I didn't realize I forgot to restock. I'll sneak something back for you from the cafeteria when I get back... Just... Uh. Make yourself comfortable. I'll be back by noon."


This is insulting. Yoongi looks down at the chunk of gamey meat with disgust. If he wants to eat mortal food, he'll just have to conjure himself up with something tasty, like a sugary cupcake or maybe something sweet he can suck on, like a lollipop, not a piece of filthy pig. He grabs it by the fork and flings it towards his master as the latter obliviously rushes out the door, slamming it shut behind him, and the slab smacks into it. Yoongi’s supposed breakfast lands on the floor, leaving a gross mess behind. But he doesn't care about cleaning that up. It doesn't matter because his master's disgusting room already looks like a dirty dragon hoard.


The pissed off demon throws the plate across the room and doesn't even wince when it shatters against the wall. He growls bitterly about his master rejecting him once again, this time even completely ditching him. Yoongi stomps his feet, throwing a tantrum as he wonders just how can his new master be so naive enough to think that the sex demon is asking for a plate of human food?


Jungkook should have known that the only kind of sustenance a demon needs, comes from the energy they steal from mortal souls. But Yoongi remembers that Jungkook doesn't even understand what an incubus even is.


Is Jungkook not going to school and studying this kind of stuff? Shouldn't this be covered in demonology 101 for the mage-in-training? What awful education is he getting in this stupid school? Yoongi huffs and flies over to the boy's desk, starts skimming through the book that Jungkook had last opened. As Yoongi flips through the heavy bound book, he can't help but notice that the mage had scribbled on some of the pages. The demon squints, tries to make sense of his master's messy notes.


Random things are crossed out, sometimes entire sections. There are absent-minded doodles in the margins alongside senseless memos like 'don’t try again' 'this didn't work', 'smells really bad' 'made no sense??? re-read later'.


Eventually, Yoongi flips across a page that happens to cover the exact subject matter Jungkook desperately needs a lesson on, only to find out that Jungkook had cross the whole thing out.


'Don't study - Not tested' is scribbled next to the section about incubus.


In a fit of blinding rage, the little demon tears the damn page right out of the book. Clearly it doesn't matter to his master, he thinks as he carelessly tosses the book to the floor. Yoongi magically incinerates the single page he's left holding in his hand and brushes the ashes away with a scowl spread across his face.


Yoongi kneels down to examine the sloppy summoning circle, still occasionally flickering with magical sparks that linger from Yoongi’s arrival. It's clear that his master's way over his head; Jungkook has no idea how to handle the evil force he'd accidentally invited into his life.


And in that moment, Yoongi feels a rare shred of empathy for the clueless boy.


Lust, gluttony, wrath, greed, envy, sloth and pride. These are the emotions, demons are renowned for representing. But empathy is completely unusual, especially when it's empathy for some dumb mortal.


But something about this mortal reminds Yoongi of himself. Well, unlike Jungkook, when Yoongi had summoned up dark demonic forces all those years ago, he, at least, had intended to.


And just as Jungkook had amateurishly drawn out a summoning circle, despite having no experience, guidance, or even an understanding of the fundamentals, Yoongi had done just the same. And even though Yoongi, with the naivety of his mortal youth, had intended to call up a creature from hell, he certainly didn't get what he was expecting, and he suffered miserably for it.


At that moment, Yoongi sees fate leading Jungkook down that very same path.



Chapter Text



Meanwhile, while Yoongi is busy hating the joke the cosmos is making of his life, Jungkook is rushing through the halls, his bookbag slung haphazardly over a shoulder. The people in the halls shoot him dirty looks and give him a wide berth, none of them wanting to be the first he barrels into.


Jungkook rounds the corner sharply, and then he hops onto the elevator, the glowing green disc--which serves as their elevator--slowly descending down into the north tower’s lower levels. He taps his foot impatiently, and either he doesn't notice or pretend not to see the way the other students on the disc, slowly backing away from him, staring at him like he's a ticking bomb. When the disc approaches his destination, he leaps right off, even though there's still about two stories left to go.


As the others let out collective shouts of horror, Jungkook lands nimbly on the marble floors, tucking himself into a roll to soften the impact as he continues to run.


And at last, Jungkook makes it to his classroom and barrels through the doors, breathing hard. “Sorry, I’m late,” he mumbles as about a hundred pairs of eyes swivel disapprovingly into his direction.


The professor scowls at him, his moustache twitching angrily as he opens his mouth to reprimand him, but Jungkook has already plopped himself into a chair at the very back of the lecture hall. The professor turns red with fury but swallows it down and waves angrily at the board as the complex algorithms shimmer and rearrange themselves.


Jungkook pulls his textbook and study notes out, dropping them hastily onto his desk but his eyes are already beginning to glaze over in boredom and incomprehension. Somewhere near the front, a boy with lilac hair turns around, trying to catch his eye but Jungkook pretends to be engrossed in his textbook.


The young mage sighs and wonders why he even bother to show up. Aside from the painfully boring classes, he doesn't want to see Namjoon. Or the lilac haired boy a few seats away from him. Not yet. But at least, this gives him some time away from Yoongi so he can sort out his thoughts about what to do. Absently, another doodle starts to take form right on top of his pages which looks like a little fluffball with horns and wings.


Then something smacks him in the face and Jungkook scowls at the offending paper airplane that is lying innocuously on his desk and shoots a glare up at the boy in the front row who is now staring meaningfully at him with his big, shiny eyes. Jungkook gives in and unravels the note, lest the other boy starts pelting him with more paper.


Are you okay?


Jungkook hastily scrawls back, I’m fine, and magically sends it flying back into the back of the other boy's head before trying to actually make an attempt to concentrate, but another airplane smacks him between his eyes.


You were gone for three days.


Jungkook can literally feel the disapproval bleeding through the words. He angrily scribbles back, You’re not my keeper. Then there's a pause and Jungkook feels a pinprick of guilt hitting him and he looks back over to the front, just in time to catch the next plane before it hits him in the eye.


Can we talk? Please?


A lump rises up in Jungkook’s throat and he finally lets himself meet the lilac haired’s eyes and his shoulders suddenly slump. All thoughts of the lecture or even of what he's going to do about Yoongi are suddenly chased from his mind as he scribbles a single word in the paper.






Back at the dorms, the little incubus is not content with sitting around and waiting for his master to come home. It's no fun.


There's practically nothing interesting in the young mage's messy room, and all Yoongi really wants anyways is to play with his new master. Yoongi simply can't wait a moment longer so he decides to go out, looking for Jungkook.


Yoongi wanders through the hallways of Jungkook’s prestigious magic academy, cloaked in the same illusion Park Jimin, the demonslayer, had been tricked by. The only ones who pay him any notice seems to be more concerned with the immodesty of his slender, milky legs being exposed as he's only wearing short shorts underneath the short robes, than anything else. Yoongi doesn't mind the attention, especially when it comes from cute mages.


Jungkook’s stupid accident is turning out to be quite the opportunity for the little demon. Everywhere he looks there are young beautiful mortals overflowing with magical energy, and radiating with a blissful innocence Yoongi can't wait to destroy.


The demon wanders aimlessly through the school's corridors. But Yoongi is just following his instincts. Having his soul magically bound to his Master's means he can inherently sense the other boy, like an invisible leash that keeps him bound to his contract holder. Following that feeling does not steer Yoongi in the wrong direction. Down the hall in the distance, Yoongi catches the sight of Jungkook.


There's no mistaking his master's coconut, brown hair, doe eyes and clueless expression, even from afar. He's standing around against the wall of the busy hallway, looking awkward as always, and a bit flustered.


Yoongi rushes to Jungkook's side and suddenly clings onto his arm. With how silently sneaky Yoongi has been, to Jungkook it will seem that the demon has just appeared out of thin air. Making it all the more unsettling when Yoongi cheers joyfully.


"Master, I missed you!"




After class, Jungkook had debated running away before Taehyung could catch up to him but he decided against it when he imagined the hurt flashing through those large, brown eyes and his stomach clenched in response. Instead, he drags his feet, ignoring the look of menace his professor shoots him on his way out, and he lingers out by the door, keeping his eyes averted when the other boy joins him.


“Jungkook…” the lilac haired says softly, with a hint of uncertainty creeping into his voice, like he's fishing around for the right words. “Jungkook,” he repeats in a deeper voice and Jungkook feels his insides clench at the almost painful nostalgia that the other boy’s deep, velvety voice brings, surging back.


"You look… tired.”


And Jungkook is, a little. He had almost forgotten the long sleepless nights that he had spent pouring over his ritual to summon a familiar, only for the result to turn out way different from his expectations. His shoulders slump slightly and he finally meets the other boy’s eyes. “I’m fine, Taehyung,” he repeats, swallowing convulsively as his eyes start to prickle. “But you should stay away from me.”


Taehyung’s forehead creases and he opens his mouth to retort, taking a step forward. “Jungkook, stop. This had gone on long enough.”


“No," Jungkook says, shrinking back. “You're the one who should stop. You know what happened that time… that time you-- What the--” He's abruptly cut off when a pair of arms suddenly seizes him around his waist. Jungkook is utterly dumbfounded when he looks down to see a familiar fluffy blond head buried into his chest. “Yoongi?!”


"You look upset," the demon gasps, who appears to Taehyung to be nothing more than a very clingy cleric guy.


Yoongi stands up on the tips of his toes and leans in to whisper into Jungkook's ear, "Let's go back to your room and I'll make you feel better," he giggles and tugs on Jungkook's biceps teasingly. Only then does the incubus notices the lilac haired boy standing there staring at them blankly, in shock.


Yoongi can practically feel the tension between the two of them about to snap. His master has a mess of emotional energies swirling around inside him, so much that it makes Yoongi extremely hungry. He squeezes tighter down onto Jungkook's arm. Yoongi’s jagged little nails dig down on the boys wrist as he tugs on Jungkook again, pulling him a step further away from his comrade, who Yoongi imagines from the look of him, is another jerk like the demonslayer he just met earlier.


"Come on," Yoongi demands possessively, making it sound more like Jungkook is his servant.


Jungkook winces a little at the grip on his arm. “Yoongi, hang on. Let go.” His mind's awash with confusion and turmoil at being so close to Taehyung again and now Yoongi is here and he doesn't know what to think anymore. His magic bubbles uncomfortably, his eyes dart from Taehyung to Yoongi and his heart leaps up into his throat at the fear at the possibility that whatever Yoongi did to Jimin won't work on Taehyung. And then he would have to deal with the fallout.


Taehyung looks utterly confused at the strange guy who suddenly comes out of nowhere, latching himself onto the white mage with a tenacious ferocity. "Jungkook?” he asks uncertainly, his frown deepening at the way Jungkook makes no move to throw the guy off, even with how uncomfortable he looks. "Who is this?”


Jungkook’s jaw works wordlessly as he tries to work out what to say. “Taehyung, it’s not what it looks like," he says plaintively, staring at the other boy with pleading eyes.


"This?" Yoongi huffs, gesturing to himself with a scowl on his face. His over-playing outrage continues, "This just so happens to be his boyfriend. So, you," he says, glaring at the lilac haired boy. "Piss off."


By the end of his rant, Yoongi is almost hissing so it's deeply unsettling to see how fast his expression turns to a sweet smile as he looks back up to Jungkook who just sighs deeply.


"Having to deal with this..." Yoongi shoots one icy glare towards Taehyung before finishing with a soft caressing touch to the side of Jungkook’s weary face, "'s no wonder you look so upset."


Jungkook flinches back from Yoongi’s touch, his eyes wide with confusion and it's enough to make Taehyung’s protective hackles rise.


Taehyung quickly closes the gap between them, shooting Jungkook a protective look when he sees how stressed this 'Yoongi's' sudden appearance makes him.


Jungkook had already been high strung since earlier at having to have this conversation with him, but whatever slight progress Taehyung had made had quickly been dashed at Yoongi's appearance.


“Boyfriend?” Taehyung repeats dubiously. “Is this true, Jungkook?” The faintly veiled horror in his eyes doesn’t lend any credence to that claim, if anything Jungkook looks like he is preparing to bolt.


Jungkook’s jaw works soundlessly, looking completely overwhelmed. Then the air suddenly crackles in warning as electricity arcs up his skin, giving Yoongi a nasty little jolt and Jungkook looks even more horrified. He immediately shoves Yoongi away from him and shoots Taehyung a pained look. “This is… this is a bad idea,” he mumbles, backing away. “Taehyung... D-don’t look for me anymore. Please.”


And with that, Jungkook turns on his heels and runs, leaving the demon and the lilac haired boy behind.


Poor Yoongi is left standing there, feeling confused and looking as clueless as his master usually does. The magical discharge still tingles under his skin and has his little hairs standing on end. If Yoongi isn't a demon with magical hardenized skin, that burst of energy may have actually hurt.


But what's far more painful is hearing that his master is more concerned with this stupid Taehyung kid, than his familiar. Yoongi hadn't exactly pieced together the details of the Jungkook and Taehyung's relationship but whatever's going on between them, Yoongi hates it.


Jealousy strikes Yoongi as quickly as that electric bolt from Jungkook had and the look of shock in his face at the realization suddenly twists into disgust as he finds himself alone with the boy that stirred up so many feelings in his master.


Yoongi stands there, shooting a deadly glare towards Taehyung. He sounds so spiteful as he spits out, "You heard him, right? Stay away from us because he's mine now." The demon is almost giving away his sharpened fangs for Taehyung to see, barely concealed behind his illusion magic.


If anything, this only makes Taehyung more hostile and he glares with a quiet sort of menace at Yoongi, easily towering over the little incubus. A dark aura springs to life around him, his eyes taking on a faint, violet glow.


“Jungkook doesn’t belong to anyone,” Taehyung snarls, clenching his hands into fists. “He’s not a possession. And I don’t think you deserve to be around him if you don’t understand that.” Something isn’t sitting right with the other, the lilac haired boy’s instincts as a hunter are screaming at him.

This ‘Yoongi’ who came out of nowhere; he's convinced he had never seen anyone like him in the campus before until today. And Jungkook looked more than uneasy earlier; he looked frightened almost, though Taehyung doesn't dismiss the idea that maybe a part of that could have been attributed to him losing control of his innate magic. But still. A small part of him had also bristled at seeing this Yoongi digging his nails into Jungkook’s arm as he tried to order him around.


Taehyung takes a step forward. “Who exactly are you?”


The demon is lacking all sense of self-preservation as he chooses to continue this confrontation instead of running off while he has the chance. Yoongi takes a step forward as well, looking up to meet Taehyung’s judgmental gaze.


Their eyes lock and in that moment, the whites in Yoongi’s eyes illuminate a dim glow. Yoongi’s manipulating powers extends farther than just his sugary-sweet looks. He's capable of messing with the minds of mortals and often would do so just for fun.


But Taehyung has a dangerous aura that Yoongi has no intention of playing around with. Yoongi can feel the lilac haired boy’s suspicions growing so he limits his magic to spells that are only quick and subtle. He uses his demonic powers to corrupt a select few memories highlighted in Taehyung’s short life, forcing innocent memories of himself right into the boy's brain. Now, as far as Taehyung can remember, Yoongi is Jungkook’s younger classmate, having the incubus' face artificially inserted into the background of a handful key memories.


"Taehyung. You know who I am." Yoongi seals his spell with those words and blinks away the lingering glow in his wide emerald eyes. "And you're the one who doesn't deserve him. You never did."


Taehyung blinks, breaking the eye contact, but the damage is already done. He winces slightly, a hand reaching for his temples as the new flood of edited memories assaults his brain. Suddenly, he can remember seeing the boy from somewhere, but he still can't shake the feeling that there's something off about the boy, the feeling still lingering in the air. The smaller boy feels like smoke, his magic intangibly sliding off of him whenever he tries to reach out to get a grasp of it.


Taehyung's reservations aside, had Yoongi been a perfectly normal boy, he still wouldn’t have wanted him anywhere near Jungkook, especially with the possessive, vicious look in his bright emerald, feline eyes-- one that suits his face much more than the false, simpering one he had given Jungkook earlier. The seemingly innocent-looking boy in front of him reeks of deceit and Taehyung hates it.


“I don’t know you,” Taehyung resolutely says. He believes that a handful of memories is hardly enough to know a person. "And I never said I deserved him. Jungkook and I… That’s our business and you have no right to intrude on that.”


With those parting words, Taehyung strides right past Yoongi to signal that the conversation between them has ended and he trudges down the corridor, opposite to the one that Jungkook had fled onto. He wants to go after Jungkook, but he respects his wishes because he knows he needs some space.


Anything to do with his master is now Yoongi’s self-proclaimed business. Especially when it has to do with his love life. Or lack thereof, it seems.


When using his magic, Yoongi is overly cautious. The demon didn't spare any more time than necessary skimming through Taehyung's memories, but he's able to pick up enough information to make sense of their relationship. He saw clear images of the two young men living together, sharing a dorm room, being happy together.


Seeing those memories, it disgusts the demon to no end.


Whatever pitiful little love affair Jungkook and Taehyung had before, Yoongi ensures to himself that it will stay dead and buried.


Yoongi huffs at Taehyung’s retreating back. "This is your only warning. Just stay away from us!" he shouts, desperate to get the last word. But the coward doesn't stop, he doesn't even look back. Yoongi stomps his foot against the ground and finds himself unable to do anything but growl to himself about how much he despises Jungkook’s stupid lilac haired schoolmate.


After Taehyung disappears from his sight, Yoongi hastily begins to trace his master's path to track him down.


Too bad for poor Jungkook, there's no way he can hide from the incubus, since they're magically bound by the contract.

Chapter Text



Jungkook sits listlessly, letting his legs dangle thousands of feet above the ground, perched precariously on top of one of the academy's balconies in the North Tower. He heaves a sigh, closing his eyes as he lets the wind buffet his hair and clothes. The quietness does wonders to clear his mind since he wants to be away from the noise and the clutter for a while.


Belatedly, he realizes that it isn't the best idea to leave Yoongi by himself with Taehyung; after all, the lilac haired boy is Jimin’s partner with a reputation as fearsome as the reputation Jimin may have had. Phantom Knight may not be as flashy as the moniker Jimin has-- the One Man Army, but Taehyung is definitely no slouch, in fact, he's the one who can shoot monsters precisely, more often than not possessing a keen, strategic mind. Jimin, on the other hand, often grows impatient and prefers the strategy of 'shower them with meteors until they get killed'.


Taehyung's familiar also helped solidified his reputation. The Black Dragon, a mutant dragon said to be even more powerful than the rarest dragon species. Taehyung had received his blessing as part of his right as a member of one of the front line fighters. It was what inspired Jungkook to attempt the familiar ritual on his own, and why he had wanted to contract with the Three-Headed Dragon.


It was a way to feel closer to Taehyung. Had the ritual succeeded that morning, perhaps he would have been with Taehyung at this very moment.


But Yoongi should be fine, Jungkook reasons. Taehyung had never been anything but gentle and kind to him, and he knows, the lilac haired is never the type to hurt anyone, unprovoked. If anything, the way he reacted even after what Jungkook did to him made it clear just how great his capacity for forgiveness actually was. That is, as long as Yoongi won't do anything stupid, like pissing him off on purpose.


Well, to be fair, Taehyung and Jungkook also had some truly vicious fights, which Jungkook tended to escalate and then Taehyung would hit back just as hard as he'd got. It's one of these fights that had led to Jungkook’s self-imposed exile.


Jungkook feels almost sick with worry and dread, his magic agitatedly rolling off his skin in waves, the limiter around his neck almost overheating in its attempt to keep it all under control.


It's this scene that Yoongi intrudes on when he triumphantly makes it to the top of the tower.


Yoongi hadn't even made it to a quarter of the way up the tower when he decided to give up on his mortal disguise and starts using his wings again. He'd very much rather take his chances and deal with any mortals who're unfortunate enough to see him, than to take another fucking step up the endless flight of stairs.


When he reaches the top, undetected by any school kids, and at least this way he isn't completely out of breath when he goes to cheer, "Master!"


Yet something about the scene he stumbles upon, makes Yoongi’s chest feel tight. The demon wonders what purpose his master has, coming to the top of this barren tower to begin with. But seeing Jungkook sitting there on the ledge, looking down at the lethal drop below his feet, it makes Yoongi feel a little uneasy.


"What's wrong?"


Maybe it's the thought of the young mage contemplating to end his mortal life that has Yoongi’s stomach all twisted up. But the little demon dismisses the idea, noting that the only thing he should be upset about will be missing the opportunity of taking his master's life for him, not because of the miserable aura hanging around his master. Probably.


Jungkook yelps at having his musings suddenly interrupted, by one of the last people he expects or wants to see right now, no less. “Y-Yoongi?!” he exclaims, clutching at his chest in shock. “H-how did you find me?!”


Only Taehyung had ever known where to look for him whenever he ran away to sulk. It sends a small twinge of pain to know that Taehyung wouldn’t be looking for him anymore.


His poor, clueless master doesn't seem to even understand the basics of how demonic contracts worked. Their souls are bound together, outlined by a document signed by blood, which means that Yoongi will always be able to sense Jungkook, wherever he is, as long as his little, mortal heart keeps beating.


But this time, Jungkook’s unending ignorance just makes Yoongi giggle. "You can't escape me, silly." Yoongi’s wings flutter behind him as he squeezes himself extra close to his master, placing his hand on the crown of Jungkook’s head, in some vain effort to confort him. "You're stuck with me now. Forever."


Jungkook recoils, withdrawing his hand to his chest so fast it almost gives Yoongi a whiplash. The little demon's about to take offense but Jungkook’s eyes are lit with self-loathing guilt when he realizes that he had lost control and took it out on Yoongi, yet again. He was just too self-absorbed, too wrapped up in thinking about Taehyung that he hadn't even bothered to check if Yoongi was okay; Jungkook had given him a nasty jolt earlier-- which was enough to send more than one hapless classmate to the infirmary back when he was still allowed to spar.


He can't understand why Yoongi would still willingly seek him out, even after how utterly shitty contractor he, himself's proving to be.


"You... you shouldn't touch me right now," Jungkook warns, drawing his arms to wrap around his sides, feeling volatile like a half-finished set of runes being forcefully activated.


"But that's my job." And when he said that, Yoongi realizes that Jungkook doesn't even understand his innuendos. As usual. His stupid master hadn't even properly studied even the basics of demonology, so where's the hope in him comprehending what an incubus is for.


But it isn't fair. Jungkook is brimming with the kind of energy that makes Yoongi’s mouth water, and even now, the boy is bubbling with the untamed magical energy that Yoongi had twice been assaulted with. But being a demon that feeds off energy--and admittedly a bit of a masochist, though he's still on the sadistic side-- Yoongi really doesn't mind.


The demon suddenly pounces on Jungkook’s back, and without any warning, he wraps his arms around his master's narrow waist and forcibly cuddles up to him. He rests his head against Jungkook’s back, and squeezes the young mage closer to him. Being so close to such a radiantly powerful young mage, and not being able to sink his teeth into him, is such a tease, but none of Yoongi’s sufferings can be heard in the soft lulling voice he's used to say. "Please don't worry, Master."


"Just because that Taehyung guy wants nothing to do with you..." In what Yoongi saw in memories of Jungkook’s classmate, what he says isn't even closer from the truth. But the incubus loves manipulating mortals, especially the ones he has to call his master. More importantly, he loves breaking hearts. "...doesn't mean that's how I feel too."


'Taehyung wants nothing to do with you.'


At those words, Jungkook’s breath catches on his throat, doubt and worry and regret flickering in his eyes. Logically, he knows Taehyung still hadn't given up on him, and sometimes, that's all that got him through the day. That Taehyung still cared for him on some level. But Jungkook’s insides writhe at the thought that maybe this time he'd pushed him away too far. After all, Taehyung didn't come after him this time.


Maybe he was getting sick of chasing after him and trying to clean up his mess.


"Did he... did he say that to you?" The words slip out from his mouth before Jungkook can take it back, hates how pathetic and vulnerable they sound.


Jungkook is a very tactile person but it's been so long since he has touched another person, besides Yoongi, for fear of accidentally hurting them with his magical outbursts, like what he'd just demonstrated to the incubus earlier. But his familiar doesn't look any worse off than usual and it starts to give him a faint hope that demons are hardier than they look.


With a deep sigh, Jungkook consciously tries to stop worrying over Taehyung. It isn't fair to Yoongi who's here for him, who doesn't care about the stupid contract, neither of them particularly wanted. If Yoongi is making an effort, then he should have to as well. Jungkook turns around, and brings his arms up to wrap around Yoongi, returning the demon's hug. Holding his small warm body is much more comforting than he anticipated, making him feel like he's cuddling a living teddy bear.


There's a magical aura around his master that Yoongi is able to feel. And like degassing a magnetic field, his touch absorbs all that excess energy that Jungkook’s early outburst had inspired. Being in such a close embrace with his master gives Yoongi a real taste of what he's been craving, and even if it's barely a trickle of his magical energy, the little demon thinks it's absolutely delicious. But he was selfish and wanted more. The only thing stopping him from sinking his teeth into his master, sucking his magical energy out of him, is the memory of how Jungkook reacted the last time he had tried to do just that. Even though the demon has wings, he doesn't want to repeat that while perched on top of the edge of a tall tower.


Jungkook can feel himself slowly calming down. After a long while, he pulls back, looking much more in control of himself. "Thanks, Yoongi," he says sincerely, with a sweet, bashful smile on his face and he impulsively leans forward to plant a small kiss on the top of the demon's fluffy hair, just between his horns.


Yoongi's about to further deceive the easily manipulated young mage into thinking Taehyung hates him, but what Jungkook said, completely catches him off guard. The kiss leaves the incubus feeling flushed, stumbling over his words. "T-Thanks? For what?" he asks, sounding so confused.


This is not the typical treatment the little incubus was given. But then again, Jungkook is not the typical kind of master he had had.


"...I should be the one thanking you, my Master. You're the reason I exist in this world now."


Jungkook pats Yoongi's head again, the demon seemingly finding the motion eerily comforting, a little similar to how certain people calm down when they stroke or cuddle up with a cat.


"I dunno... Just, thanks," Jungkook says with an embarrassed little shrug, having difficulties putting into words exactly what he is thankful for. He supposes, he's thanking Yoongi for being there for him and finding him, when he hadn't asked to be found. Jungkook tends to mope and think himself into circles when he's left alone and sometimes, he would end up doing something reckless and stupid--like summoning up a demon, for example. He wants to thank Yoongi for actually wanting to stick around, even after seeing how bad tempered and volatile he is. Even though, his magic had lashed out wildly at Yoongi twice now, the demon seems to have no reservations in touching him, still. Even Taehyung had been wary of touching his skin directly- and with a good reason too, considering how he had sent a group of their classmates into intensive care when they'd tried to gang up on him, stupidly startling him by grabbing his mouth from behind.


Suddenly, Jungkook feels a wave of affection for the cuddly little incubus as he ruffles his fluffy blond hair. He finally takes the time to take a good look at his new familiar, taking in his adorable face and horns and wings and flicking tail, idly wondering just what kind of demon an incubus is.


Having very little concept of personal space himself, Jungkook's curious hands roam over Yoongi’s head, lightly petting his curly horns in fascination. They're surprisingly smooth, but pulsing with something warm and magical, unlike the coolness he'd expected from his experience with petting goats and sheep on the farms. He, then, moves his hands to touch his wings, carefully running his fingers along the gentle folds of where his baby-soft skin turned smooth and leathery.


Yoongi ends up tightly squeezed into his master's warm embrace as the latter slowly examines his demonic features. The gentle fingers that trace over the length of his horns set the demon's cheeks on fire with a bright blush. He practically melts into Jungkook’s arms. Yoongi takes a deep breath of his master's sweet scent, his master smells like the bubbly soap from their bath earlier.


The poor attention-starved incubus has to bite down on his bottom lip to stop himself from moaning with the touch of his master's hands sliding down his back. Yoongi’s wings are very sensitive and delicate, yet he doesn't hesitate to relax and submit to his master's exploration. Yoongi’s previous masters were the only people who he ever let get this intimate with him. Everyone else he'd been with was just a prey, and wouldn't live tell about how they got this close to him.


Though, something about Jungkook’s innocence makes him feel especially trustworthy.


Jungkook’s textbook has a whole section on demon anatomy that Jungkook obviously didn't read, but Yoongi doesn't mind being the subject of his master's experimentation. He only hopes it will lead the little virgin down the path of using Yoongi for any other anatomy experiments, the curious young boy can come up with.


The very thought of that gets Yoongi hot, and being the needy incubus that he is, he can't resist any longer. Jungkook is just lucky that he noticed Yoongi's current state, before the sneaky incubus tries to sink his teeth into him again.


Jungkook's so wrapped with his exploration on the demon's features, that he doesn't realize his new familiar's face is now flushed with bright red, panting and trying his best to rub up against him. Jungkook frowns in alarm and draws his hands back to cup Yoongi's burning cheeks.


"Yoongi?! Are you okay?!"


"More than okay," Yoongi says, his voice low and sultry, every word dripping with lust. "You can touch me however you want, Master. I'm yours to play with."


It seems like those aren't the magic words to unlock his master's more carnal desires like Yoongi had hoped when Jungkook’s brows knit with confusion, and he draws his hands away.


The young mage's face also turns bright red, but not exactly for the same reasons Yoongi hopes. "S-sorry," he mumbles, tucking his hands behind his back as if he can't understand what had come over him to touch Yoongi like that. He had treated the demob like an animal in a petting zoo, and not like the intelligent, sentient being, Yoongi obviously is. Jungkook, himself, would also hate to be touched and prodded at, like some kind of oddity to be investigated.


Looking back on his actions, Jungkook unconsciously treated Yoongi more like a pet than a person. And with how red Yoongi had gotten, Jungkook figures, he had made him uncomfortable but the demon's just being too kind to chastise him.


"I'm sorry," Jungkook repeats again, ducking his head. "You don't need to call me 'Master'. Just Jungkook’s fine. And you're my familiar; not my servant or my toy or whatever. I want us to be partners."


Jungkook longs to have someone he can trust and rely on, someone powerful that he can't hurt accidentally, someone to ease his loneliness.


Giving Yoongi’s head one last pat because he just can't seem to resist the fluffiness of his hair, Jungkook straightens up himself with a shy grin. "Maybe I'll ditch the rest of classes and then we can spend the rest of the day getting to know each other better?"


Yoongi stands there, staring up at Jungkook with confused wide, emerald eyes. He tilts his head to the side as he tries to comprehend the strange request, but none of what Jungkook had said makes any sense. The little demon had fulfilled countless contracts throughout his long immortal life. It was his summoners; like Jungkook, who wrote out the conditions of his servitude. And being that he's a sex demon-- a toy was a disturbingly accurate description of the way Yoongi was often treated by his summoners.




Never had Yoongi been called as someone's partner. He isn't sure what to say, or why it makes him feel so fluttery inside.


Yoongi gasps when he hears his master's plans to sneak away from classes, to hopefully mess around with him. The incubus is attention starved, he tries not to make it too obvious as he swoons, "We can do whatever you desire, but that sure sounds like a lot of fun to me," and his tail's wagging behind his back excitedly, just like a dog being offered a treat.


Jungkook beams at the demon, looking delighted that Yoongi looks just as eager to follow through on his suggestion. "That's great," he cheers, carelessly pushing off the windowsill to go back inside the tower as he holds out a gloved hand for the little incubus to take. "Why don't we go somewhere more private? There's this place out in the woods where no one else really goes. Then, we can be as loud as we want."


As Yoongi nearly melts at the idea that his master is finally, finally going to take him out to his hidden love nest and engage in loud activities with him, Jungkook is busy planning out something entirely different.


Because to the young mage, there really is only one way to really get to know another person: fighting them in a duel.


From what little Jungkook remembers from Demonology 101, almost all the demons have some kind of offensive capability. He can't wait to find out what Yoongi’s is. He's sure that by fighting together, they can achieve the comfortable partnership he dreams of.


After all, the first time he and Taehyung met, they had ended up in a fistfight that landed them both in the infirmary for a week.


Eager for some intimate time with his new master, Yoongi takes his hand, his mind wandering away with him, thinking about all the things Jungkook is planning to do to him that will make him scream.


"And you're sure you won't get in trouble for skipping class to fool around with me?" Yoongi giggles, and leans in close. He looks up at Jungkook with wide, green eyes that sparkle like precious emeralds, hiding the perverted thoughts behind them.


How lucky for Yoongi that Jungkook messed up his summoning circle. Because it's rare for Yoongi to end up with a young, hot and innocent masters like him. And even if Jungkook had not intended to contract a demon, the young mage is obviously powerful enough to. Yoongi thinks about the different fun ways he can do to suck all that power right out of him.


Jungkook makes a bit of a face, thinking back to his terrible attendance record. One more can't make it much worse, not after missing most of the semester. “Nah, it’ll be fine,” he says, somewhat dismissively. “And besides, it’s not every day I get a new familiar,” he says sheepishly. He's about to start climbing back down the tower when a stray thought suddenly strikes him as he peers down at Yoongi critically, particularly noting his curled horns and eagerly swishing tail.


Jungkook isn’t sure how exactly Yoongi had managed to get all the way up the tower without being spotted, but he's not about to try to stretch his luck. Forgetting all about asking for permission, he suddenly scoops Yoongi up into his arms and hops up onto the windowsill.


“It’ll be faster if we take a shortcut,” Jungkook says, not noticing the alarm on Yoongi’s face. “I don’t want to risk anyone catching us since this place is technically off limits.”


Before Yoongi can even protest, Jungkook pushes off the ledge, causing them to plummet towards the ground.



Chapter Text



Jungkook lets out an exhilarated laugh as the wind rushes his hair and doesn’t seem to notice the horrified look on his familiar’s face as the little demon tries to struggle out of his hold with his wings flapping agitatedly. Luckily for him, moments before they hit the ground, Jungkook aimed a small, sharp burst of air element which slammed against the ground, propelling them back up into the air and slowing their momentum until Jungkook could land safely on the ground with Yoongi still tucked securely in his arms. The mage grins at the incubus, looking just a little windswept but none the worse for wear from performing a stunt that even the most experienced wind mages would never dare to.


“It’s just this way,” Jungkook says, plopping Yoongi back on the ground, giving his hand an insistent tug, eager to be away from the tower and at the promise to finally get to use his magic for once.


Yoongi’s fluffy little head is still spinning. Why would a mortal be so reckless with their flimsy body?! At least if Yoongi had gotten splattered all over the place from that stupid stunt, he'd have ended up back in Hell in one piece. And Jungkook would still be a stain on the ground.


The poor demon doesn’t even have a chance to collect his thoughts before his master drags him off like he’s a dog on a short leash. And he kind of does look like one, with his tail wagging behind him as they trail off into the woods together.


They wander down the deep forested path. Eventually, it opens up to a clearing highlighted in the late fall colors. The opening looks like it was formed in the scar of a magical blast that must have happened a few years ago since the lighter foliage had already started to grow back in. Even a few small tree sprouts had sprung up in the field, although they look particularly pathetic and bare in the last season. There are scattered gashes cut into the ground from the recent battle that had taken place out there, and the far corner of the clearing is nothing but a muddy pond filled with thick murky water.


Yoongi crosses his arms, furrows his eyebrows and pouts.


He isn't impressed. Is this really the place his master wants to lose his virginity at? Sure, they can be as loud as they want out here, but honestly, Yoongi had pictured something more romantic, or at least, aesthetically pleasing. Like a beautiful flowery meadow or maybe alongside a small peaceful creek. But Yoongi knows that anything his master wants, he will let him have. Even if he wants it in a gross field, filled with discarded trash, some well-used ranged targets, and the crumbling stone walls of what was probably once some kind of tower, at least it seems to have less junk in it than Jungkook’s dirty dorm room.


Jungkook shoots him a quick grin and to Yoongi’s disappointment, drops his hand and eagerly bounds across the clearing while nimbly avoiding the debris on the ground with long, practiced strides. Then, he shrugs off his white robes and tosses them over to hang haphazardly on a gnarled set of branches off by the wayside, leaving him in only his midriff-baring tank, his arm bracers, and the tight leather trousers that Yoongi decides he absolutely hates.


Jungkook rotates his broad shoulders up and back, and pulls his arms tight above his head to stretch out his spine, his torso curving so beautifully, it has the incubus swallowing hard. His sinfully tiny shirt rises up as he stretches, exposing another delicious inch of his toned torso.


"Alright, Yoongi! Come at me however you want! I wanna see what you can do," Jungkook calls out, abruptly adopting a battle stance with his fists up in the air and then the forest is suddenly filled with enough static, which makes every hair on Yoongi’s head stand on end and waves of electricity arch over the mage's skin.


At that moment, Yoongi realizes that Jungkook’s definition of 'getting to know each other' is painfully different from his own. As Jungkook watches him expectantly, Yoongi comes to the conclusion that his master is a meat-headed idiot, who seems to be incapable of thinking with his other head. Not that the mage is good at thinking with his head, but still.


The incubus was expecting that the trip out into the forest would end up in him and his young beautiful master, doing the deed. Instead, Jungkook seems more focused on becoming his familiar’s target practice.


Did this stupid white mage really believe he'd be able to survive a demon's full force? Yoongi laughs to himself under his breath. He can clearly picture the bloody mess he'll make out of his Master if he truly does show him 'what he can do'. At this point, though, he thinks that Jungkook deserves it for being such a tease and getting his hopes up.


Jungkook’s bright, cognac eyes sparkle in the midday sun as they follow Yoongi. The demon cautiously paces around Jungkook and asks tauntingly, "So this is really how you want to play?"


Yoongi hopes this is just his master's type of foreplay. A weird one. He had seen weirder than this before, though.


"Are you sure? I...I don't want to hurt you." It sounds so sweet and sincere, but that’s a blatant lie. Actually, mostly everything that come out of Yoongi’s mouth are. "I may look cute and fuzzy..." he says as his eyes meet his master's stare.


A devious smirk spreads across Yoongi’s face, but before Jungkook has the chance to figure out why the demon’s suddenly smiling, Yoongi seemingly vanishes.


In a flash, Yoongi’s at Jungkook’s backside, his fingers pressed against his exposed midriff. Both hands are at either side of Jungkook’s bare stomach and in this position Yoongi can feel the tingling charge of the boys radiant magical energy, as well as the sharp breath Jungkook draws out as Yoongi whispers in his ear, smirking, "...but I am a demon, after all."


Yoongi’s nails clench down into Jungkook’s delicate skin. All the electric energy buzzing through the air from his master's overpowered core feel too good to resist, and with the blood that’s drawn, the incubus is able to siphon some of it off. Yoongi violently rakes his nails across Jungkook’s sides, leaving behind bloody trails down his back.


Yoongi feels himself surge with energy as he jumps back, away from his master. His hands crackle with magical energy that is, just moments ago at the Jungkook’s fingertips. Manipulating people is almost as much fun as manipulating magic. Yoongi spins the electrical charge of magic into an orb between his two hands, enjoying the way it sparkles with the burning bright glow from the heat and power of an untamed swirling mass of magic.


Exactly as ordered, Yoongi attacks, sending the volatile ball of electricity flying towards his master; assaulting him with the very same energy Yoongi had just stolen from him.


Jungkook yelps when Yoongi suddenly moves, much faster than he had expected him to be, and slips right under his guard, digging his nails into his sides. The demon’s gone before Jungkook can even think to retaliate, and then he’s diving out of the way, feeling the static and the wood shards scrape his skin when the tree behind him explodes. Despite the blood leaking from his skin and another crackling bolt aimed at his face, Jungkook laughs in delight, feeling extraordinarily glad that his familiar is actually much stronger than he looks.


From what Jungkook noted, Yoongi had seemed to be some sort of illusionist, or at least had a way of messing with people's perceptions which was the only explanation for both Jimin and Taehyung to blow past the fact that he had wings and horns and a tail. But if that last attack was an illusion, it’s the best Jungkook had ever seen, for it had perfectly replicated every detail, from the sudden scorching blast of heat to smell of ozone in the air. And what’s more interesting is that he could unmistakably feel his own magical signature in that bolt. To his surprise, the excess energy that always bubble violently under his skin is suddenly gone and with it, the steady burn from the choker around his neck.


Is Yoongi some kind of vampire?


That would explain the whole biting thing. Jungkook inwardly slumps in relief. A bloodsucker is probably much easier to handle than a demon with an appetite for human flesh. Nothing a couple of blood pills wouldn't take care of, anyway.


For the first time, Jungkook finally feels optimistic about this partnership.


But he still has several deadly bolts to contend with. For all Yoongi said about not wanting to hurt him, he’s being quite cavalier about lobbing those sizzling balls of death at him.


The young mage automatically slips into a cool, analytical mindset that Yoongi wouldn't have believed he’s capable off. Within seconds before the attack hit, he reaches, grasping onto the surrounding earth element and pulls, encasing himself in a protective dome that has the charges dissipating harmlessly against the shell and sinking into the ground. Then the dome bursts apart, showering Yoongi with bits of stone and dirt. However, another burst of wind element launches Jungkook backwards into the air until he lands a relatively safe distance away, smirking almost cockily with the claw marks on his torso already healing up.


"Is that the best you've got, Yoongi?" Jungkook teases in a good-natured kind of way, actually relaxing his stance. He doesn’t have any intention of going on the offensive; the point of the exercise is just to familiarize themselves with each other's techniques.


His master looks so pleased with him, despite having just tried to melt his face off with a burning ball of electrical magic. Well, if it’s destruction his master wants, Yoongi is happy to give him that.


"Of course not,” Yoongi says with an overconfident grin across his face. Using what is left of the static energy he'd siphoned off, Yoongi mounts his next attack. The power crackles at his fingertips but this time instead of aiming directly for Jungkook, he sends the ball of energy shooting straight into the clouds. Waves of electrical force spark through the atmosphere, quickly tainting the light overhead cloud coverage and turning them into heavy storm clouds.


The sky continues to darken as the little demon makes a circular gesture with his hand, still in control of the magic that’s starting to stir up a powerful storm. There isn't a single drop of rain that falls from the unnaturally formed clouds, but loud bursts of thunder begin to rumble from overhead.


"This is your magic I'm using, Master. So I suppose this is the best you've got." The arrogance in Yoongi’s voice is quickly drowned out by another deafening crack of thunder. With one quick swipe of his hand, a thick bolt of burning blue lightning headed for the ground, aims straight for Jungkook.


Jungkook watches with amazement at seeing how deftly Yoongi had made use of what little magic he had siphoned off of him; his spells are non-verbal and perfectly controlled, with not one bit of wasted energy. To be able to take control of and shape something as far away as the clouds, takes an inordinate amount of control; Jungkook himself had trouble consciously maintaining any sort of spell beyond 200 meters - not that he couldn't get around it by pumping enough magic into his spells until they were virtually self-sustaining.


This spell is definitely at least B-rank, just from the sheer concentration of magical energy, easily ten times stronger than the blue bolts Yoongi was throwing around earlier. Considering how much the storm cloud's natural charges seem to amplify the attack, Jungkook’s beginner's earthen shield will be obliterated within seconds.


But that is fine; Jungkook isn’t so good (he really sucks, actually) at defensive spells anyway. It really isn't his style. After all, he believes that the best defense is a good offense.


Hands sparkling with the same blue lightning, Jungkook lets out a fierce cry, responding back to Yoongi’s attack with a tremendous burst of raw magical power, and the two bolts collide midair with a deafening explosion, sending massive shockwaves rippling through the clearing, tearing the trees straight from their roots, and knocking Jungkook clean off his feet.


The white mage crashes through several old oak trees before finally tumbling to the ground in a bruised, motionless heap.


But before Yoongi can start to fret that his stupid, reckless master had killed himself during a friendly spar and Yoongi never even got to taste him, Jungkook groans and pushes himself to his feet. His clothing is in tatters and seems to be clinging to his body by sheer force of will. He has angry electrical burns in the form of lightning-patterned scars all over his arms where he’d been far too close to the discharge to get out unharmed.


But Jungkook has never looked more delighted, despite how close he had actually come to being killed, seemingly unbothered by sheer scale of destruction that the two had created within the span of minutes. If the training ground looked like a mess before, now it’s just a disaster, with almost all of the nearby trees upended, including the pathetic little sprouts that had been valiantly trying to grow in.


"That’s incredible, Yoongi!" Jungkook cheers and then he suddenly has his arms wrap around the little incubus' body in an enthusiastic hug, lifting him clean off the ground as he spins him around. "How come you never told me you were so good?!"


Yoongi giggles and cheers blissfully alongside Jungkook, wrapping his arms around his master's shoulders and hugging him close. "Well to be honest that was just for fun. I wasn't really being serious..."


Jungkook gently lowers the little demon back to the ground, and there’s suddenly a look of concern on his face


"But maybe I shouldn't demonstrate my full power on you,” Yoongi says, his smile downturns as his delicate little fingers trace up the burn marks across his master's arm. "Let's save it for something you actually want dead," and with that thought, the demon’s back to smiling so brightly again. "Ooh, like maybe that stupid demon hunter!” he says with a swing of his hips and a playfully excited wag of his sharply pointed tail.


Jungkook only laughs and ruffles Yoongi’s hair, feeling a wave of affectionate for the little demon. "Don't worry, I can take a beating," he consoles, carefully flexing a hand and wincing a little when the skin stretches uncomfortably, but not enough to take away his mobility. "I should have some burn salve at home. If not, I can always mix some up."


Jungkook laces his fingers above his head, stretching his back out with a series of satisfying cracks. He sighs happily, his magic humming contentedly for once, instead of trying to crawl out from his skin. His muscles feel pleasantly sore and he’s briefly surprised at how lethargic he’s gotten before he remembered he hadn't actually slept for three days. Stifling a yawn, he automatically reaches out to grasp Yoongi’s wrist to lead him back to the school.


"Is it okay if we spar some more later?" Jungkook remembers to ask, absently brushing a stray twig from Yoongi’s hair. "We could probably use another bath. Or something to eat."


The incubus grabs a hold of the young mage’s hand tightly. Yoongi leans in close, carefully avoiding the burns he had accidentally caused. Yoongi had no intention of actually killing his poor, dumb, master. Not yet anyways. So maybe sparring isn't such a good idea. But he smiles and humors Jungkook, anyways. "How about next time, I'll be the one on the defensive." Yoongi says, chuckling. Despite not looking it, Yoongi is far less fragile than his master. But the demon had learned to not brag about his immortality, as his contract holders had a bad habit of taking advantage of it. It’s so much more fun for them to discover that little quirk of his all on their own.


"A bath sounds nice. Just don't freak out again,“ Yoongi mutters that last part under his breath before cheerfully continuing, "But if you want to feed me, that would be even better,” he smirks, like the mischievous little demon he truly is, his voice uncharacteristically deeper and sticky than usual.


Jungkook’s cheeks take on a pink tint hearing Yoongi's voice, the incubus didn't speak as cheery as he usually does. “I wasn’t freaking out,” he mumbles, recalling how he did, in fact, freak out and sent the poor little demon flying into a wall. He makes a mental note to himself, if he could repair the cracks later. “You just surprised me.”


All goodwill aside, Jungkook isn’t about to forget that Yoongi had also been trying to use some kind of hypnosis on him so he could try to eat him. He dearly hopes that it’s just a phase.


Stupid Jimin will never let him live it down if he finds out that Jungkook is eaten by his own familiar. Such a thing isn’t exactly unheard of . Jungkook makes a mental note to do some extra reading, especially on incubi. He wants to get a better idea of just what he’s getting into with Yoongi who’s clearly much more than he first appeared to be.


Jungkook stifles another yawn and absently scoops up Yoongi, carrying him in his arms so the demon wouldn’t have to keep beating his tiny wings. “I think I have some more ham back home,” he mutters to himself.


The demon looks so content to be held like a cute baby in his master's strong arms, until Jungkook dares to make a dinner suggestion. "Ugh!" Yoongi whines, like an actual baby. The very thought of being forced to eat a single bite of that revolting swine meat makes his stomach turn. "I don't want that kind of food,” he says in a huff.


Jungkook would know all this if he studied. But perhaps, it’s better for Yoongi’s sake that he didn't. The page he'd ripped out of Jungkook’s textbook spells it out pretty clearly. The incubus is much more interested in eating Jungkook for dinner.


Jungkook blinks down at him in bewilderment, like he has no idea why Yoongi is so vehemently against it. “What do you want to eat, then?” he asks, tilting his head cautiously. Did Yoongi have a problem with meat? Or was it just because it wasn’t… human flesh?


Jungkook opens his mouth to ask but abruptly closes it again when he suddenly feels a bunch of high-level auras approach from the direction of the castle. “Ah, shit,” he swears with a loud groan as he breaks off into a run with Yoongi securely in his arms, darting along the shadows in the trees. “It looks like we’re gonna get some company!”


Technically the forest is off-limits, particularly to a low-class student like himself. Jungkook almost wants to hit himself; what are they thinking, tossing around such showy magic?


Of course, someone’s going to notice.

Chapter Text



"What the hell!?" Yoongi clings to his master as he, for some bizarre reason, takes a sudden leap off the dirt path and starts racing along the forest edge. Whatever is coming down the path ahead of them, Jungkook desperately wants to avoid it. He tries to lose them by slipping deeper into the forest, but it must have been the noise he makes as he hustles through the layers of discolored leaves littering the forest that gives their position away. Yoongi can see from behind them that there’s a group of kids in uniforms following them.


Similar to Jungkook’s, their outfits are just a different color and a little fancier. Why is his master so worried about his classmates? Yoongi hopes it isn't because Jungkook is worrying about getting caught with the demon. The demon can take care of himself just fine.


Unfortunately, it seems Yoongi can’t say the same for Jungkook. After barely recovering from an upheaved root tripping him, Jungkook then stumbles right over a fallen trunk of rotting wood. Yoongi shrieks and jumps out of Jungkook’s arms, fluttering his wings in panic, so at the very least he didn't go crashing to the ground like his poor master did.


The decaying fall forest has little cover to hide behind and the other kids are hot on their tail. Yoongi scrambles to help Jungkook to his feet, but he feels the young mage’s sense of panic when they heard the angry shouts from the group that is quickly closing in.


The way Yoongi’s illusion magic is perceived can vary for each different person. Relying on it to trick an entire group of high powered mortals is way too risky. Good thing, Yoongi has many other tricks Jungkook has yet to learn.


With a subtle snap of his fingers, Yoongi appears to have vanished from sight. But Jungkook may have been too pre-occupied to notice what really had happened, having to also deal with the barrage of threats from the party of kids that are steadily closing in on him.


Jungkook almost wants to cry, his clumsiness has chosen the absolute worst possible time to act up; not that Jungkook is usually graceful in using his legs or anything, but he still prides himself on being decently dexterous. He would display a stunning lack of coordination occasionally which baffled Taehyung whenever he caught him in those situations; at how utterly he failed at remaining on his own two feet.


Jungkook hastily draws himself up but it’s already too late and the Securities are upon them; one of the elite groups in charge of maintaining the peace and order at the Academia. Privately, Jungkook thinks they’re just all stuck-up, rule-obsessed dicks, who enjoy lording their power over unsuspecting students and generally making asses of themselves.


"There you are, you little rat," the douchebag with the sunglasses sneers. "We were wondering what kind of filth would be brazen enough to use unsanctioned magic during class hours and knowing full well that this area is off limits!" Badge number 69 (Jungkook never bothered to learn his name) advances threateningly as his lackeys start to surround him.


Jungkook, on the other hand, is looking frantically around for Yoongi. He briefly recalls how the little demon had been thrown out of his arms when he tripped earlier but the demon’s, still, should have been in sight. But maybe he’s better off not here, Jungkook concludes. Demon summoning is definitely a violation of the school rules. A grave one at that.


The white mage in training turns his attention back to the Securities, inflecting an irritated scowl. Taehyung comes here all the damn time but these assholes never bother him. The fucking blatant discrimination. But then again Taehyung is one of the Hunters and messing with a Hunter is like winning an all-expenses paid trip to getting your ass kicked.


"I was just leaving anyway," Jungkook growls, bristling like an angry cat and starts to stalk off, only for a barrier to spring up in front of him, blocking his path off.


"Not so fast," asshole 69 sneers. "I think you could use some disciplining.


Jungkook stares at the asshole in incredulity. Did this asshat really have to do this? Now?! When Jungkook is exhausted and hungry and was almost deep fried with lightning and one short hungry demon familiar?


Jungkook decides, he’s going to make him eat those stupid sunglasses. That asshole 69 dude.


Yoongi sits back, watching the scene unfold with a morbid sense of excitement. His master is, in fact, very powerful; Yoongi himself had felt it firsthand. He just doesn’t know how to properly utilize and use his magical energy. But so are these security bullies, and there are three of them. The demon smirks, hopefully wishing to see some bloodshed.


Yoongi finds himself at the spot where he can enjoy the show thoroughly; somewhere close enough to get splattered with any blood spilled, but still somehow, remaining completely unnoticed. Now, if he only has a caramel popcorn and sweet soda then it’ll be perfect. He can conjure mortal food with an ease, but he’s still using the invisibility technique and he can’t use two abilities at the same time. At least, not with his current state.


Had the group of thick-skulled teenagers not been so unobservant, they would have clearly seen Yoongi sitting there in his shape-shifted form, right in plain sight. But luckily for the demon, they seem to lack brain cells. Much more so than his stupid master.


With a magical barrier at Jungkook’s back, and three thugs circling in on him, Yoongi assumes the fun is about to begin. The largest of the boys draws a weapon from behind his back and takes another step closer. In his grasp is a short metal staff, which on its own isn't very intimidating. But even Yoongi’s eyes widen the moment the rod makes contact with the Security guard's gloved hand and a bright burst of sparks spill out from the magically charged weapon.


From the look on Jungkook’s face, it seems he'd experience being on the wrong side of this kind of a weapon before. With a cocky grin, one of the Security members taunts, "Don't make this any harder than it has to—" but he abruptly pauses, his grin turns to a perplexed frown as all eyes are drawn to the source of an unexpected sound.




Another shrill meow catches the boys off their guard and they momentarily stall the entire fight, which is quite a feat for a domesticated beast that stands no more than a few inches off the forest floor from them. Confusion is plastered across every face as the tiny creature standing behind them lets out another yelp. The strange little beast has a long coat that shimmers with the breeze, showing off the unnatural hue it has for a cat. Its fur is almost glowing white and its eyes are wide and a familiar color of sparkling green. It even has a ribbon tied around its neck pulled into a cute bow. Clearly, it’s someone's pet, which makes the security flunkies next stunt all the more appalling.


One of the Securities draws back on his staff and shouts, "Get outta here ya pest!" And with no regard for the animal’s fragile life, he takes a swipe with the enchanted weapon. It strikes the ground with a fiery flash of powerful electric sparks that threaten to roast the little creature alive. The cat makes an ear piercing shriek, having just narrowly avoided a messy execution. And without waiting for the asshole to take another swing, the cat bolts off into the forest like a white blur.


"Too bad you won't get away that easily." huffs the smallest of the bunch as he turns his attention to Jungkook, looking especially smug for being the kind of coward who'd try (and fail) to kill a defenseless animal.


Jungkook is absolutely disgusted at their utter disregard for the sanctity of life. He feels his blood boil. His fingers twitch and spark with a need to give these cowardly bullies a taste of their own medicine. Suddenly, the white mage wonders how much they’ll like having their eyeballs electrocuted out of their eye sockets.


"Pick on someone your own size," Jungkook growls, bringing his fists up. He can't understand why the headmaster, Namjoon, allow these brutish bastards to run amok, terrifying the lower classes with their thinly veiled excuses of 'enforcing the rules'. Maybe, Namjoon is deceived by these assholes. Or maybe he turns a blind eye to them under the assumption that them, bullying students does not posit any real danger or whatsoever. 


The Securities look briefly incensed at Jungkook’s show of defiance but then smirks spread across their unattractive features when they note just how battered and exhausted Jungkook already look.


"Well. We were going to let you off easy," the tallest one sneers, making a show of raking his eyes down Jungkook’s clearly worn-out body that is barely covered by his tattered clothing. "But now, it looks like we're gonna do this the hard way."


As if following an unspoken signal, the other two goons dash forward with their identical weapons drawn, aiming the electrified rods at Jungkook’s face.


Jungkook weaves under them, kicking them out with a blast of wind element that topples them over, but they swiftly recover by springing backwards. Jungkook does the same to try to get some distance because those rods hurt like a bitch, but the third one is already charging forward. The white mage has to bring his arms up to block and his boots slam into his forearms and sends him flying backwards into a tree.


The other two quickly recover and shoot forward again. This time, they spin their batons and forked tongues of electricity shoots out, carving an erratic path through the air. Jungkook curses loudly as he rolls out of the way just in time to hear the sickening crack and smell the burning air when a thousand year oak tree splinters behind him. Jungkook growls and pours his unstable energy into the ground and it rises up in waves of sharp spikes that narrowly missed impaling the two bastards, but it scores an angry gash on the third one’s leg which has him yelping and hitting the ground.


Furious at being pushed into a corner, Jungkook’s hand shoots up to the limiter around his neck. His excess reserves have dwindled into almost nothing after three nights of attempted summoning and a voracious little incubus trying his best to snack on him.


The moment his hands touched the cold, metallic material around his neck, Jungkook is suddenly bombarded with visions of towering flames and smoke and the sound of Taehyung screaming in his ears and he freezes.


That moment of hesitation costs him and then he realizes that the three of them manage to surround him in a triangular formation.


Asshole 69 grins sadistically while the other injured security scowls with murder in his beady eyes and then webs of electricity suddenly shoots out from their pointed batons from all directions. Jungkook finds himself with nowhere to run.


A tortured scream is wrangled out of Jungkook’s lips as the web burns an angry red welts into his fragile skin, his magic furiously exploding from his core and ripping the foreign magic off of him, with the backlash slamming into his three attackers, making them careen backwards.


Exhausted, Jungkook falls to his knees, his ears ringing as his core works to stabilize itself. But to his dismay, the Securities are not as shaken as he had hoped; their enchanted armor seems to have protected them from the worst of the backlash and now, they’re sowly pulling themselves to their feet.


The type of mortal despicable enough to hurt a cute animal or target someone innocent like Yoongi’s dear sweet master, is exactly the kind of mortal the little demon preys on. It gives him an extra spark of satisfaction to know his victims deserve everything they get.


Yoongi loves putting mortals through these types of tests. Throughout the time, countless mortals had passed by that very same glowing white cat and heard its shrill cries. Those with soft hearts would coddle the kitten, feed it with scraps, sometimes Yoongi even ended up getting adopted into a warm home. He may be a demon but he’s not a stranger to compassion and empathy, demons also have these emotions. Demons can feel emotions. Completely unknown to those mortals, their simple acts of compassion spare them from a horrible fate.


Anyone who would take a swing at a defenseless animal (especially one as cute as Yoongi’s fluffy cat form) surely deserved every bit of suffering they got. Yoongi didn't have a single shred of mercy for those with heavy jaded hearts. For him, these type of people were ruthless and cruel people. Exactly like these security brutes.


They failed their test. And having bared witness to the brutal, magically charged, beating they had just given his master, Yoongi is ready to tear the three assholes’ throats out.


Jungkook is on his knees with the three of them looking down at him, weapons drawn, with smirks across each and every one of their faces.


From behind Jungkook comes a sound that melts the smug looks right off their stupid faces instantly. In that moment, Yoongi is certain that the trio are all praying that it's still just an annoying little cat making those growling sounds. But what steps out of the shadows of the forest is definitely not a kitten. Not even close. Yoongi has shifted into a completely different kind of beast. One that looks like it came straight out of an insane nightmare.


It lets out a snarling roar that has the Securities trembling. With a fearful maw of jagged sharp teeth, it looks as intimidating as it sounds. The giant cat lumbering towards them is totally surreal. Its fur is an unnaturally radiant yellowish-white and its fur striped with black like a tiger. It has a piercing emerald eyes and a set of massive fangs that hang below its jaw with a closed mouth.


The beast archs its back, readying itself to pounce, making all the strange wounds across its body all the more noticeable. It looks almost like a patchwork doll, as if someone had cut the tiger to pieces for fun, just to sow it back together.


With another heartstopping roar, Yoongi leaps right over the top of Jungkook’s head. Razor sharp claws fully extended and poised for one of the Security scums' flesh. The pathetic boys are so tough when picking on a little kitty cat, Yoongi truly enjoys seeing how quickly that changes when facing a five-hundred pound tiger.


Jungkook braces himself, expecting to feel the stinging bite of the Securities' weapons. But the men only shrieks and falls back like terrified, squalling rabbits. Before confusion can set in, a frightening growl rings out from behind him and then, a truly nightmarish creature is sailing overhead, the bullies are screaming and cowering as it descends on them in a flurry of fangs and claws.


Far too dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events, Jungkook just sits on his knees and watches in befuddlement as the Securities try to hit the creature with every dirty tactic they have, but the demonic tiger seems to shrug off the electric attacks, retaliating an attack with razor sharp claws. Then one of Jungkook’s former attackers (the one with the bleeding leg) stumbles and falls, and the demented creature shrieks and leaps on him, sinking its massive teeth through his armor and into the soft flesh of his abdomen. The other two swiftly abandon their comrade to his gruesome end, ignoring the his garbled cries for mercy.


The sight of the blood bubbling out of the man's gaping wound finally spurs Jungkook out of his trance. He pulls imself to his feet because if this keeps up, this asshole will die and although Jungkook has no qualms in sending him into intensive care for being such an awful human being, he doesn't want him dead.


It will look really, really bad if they find him out here with a mangled corpse, considering his personal history. Jungkook's certain that those two cowards will definitely try to pin the blame on him, their words winning against his.


Stifling a groan, Jungkook laments the fact that all he wanted was to get some exercise and then a bath. What is he supposed to do with the demented hell beast? He certainly never studied this shit before.


"Let him go!" Jungkook calls out and a globe of fire forms in his palm, preparing to incinerate the beast but the flame wisps into a smoke when the beast actually does what Jungkook commanded. With great reluctance, the beast unhooks its teeth from the whimpering man's abdomen, tilting its head almost insolently at the mage in a surprisingly human expression.


'Are you fucking serious?' the beast seems to be asking him and Jungkook ignores it in favor of cautiously approaching the wounded man.


"Stay," Jungkook warns sternly, though he's actually inwardly freaking out at how he's treating a demented killer tiger like it's a puppy. As Jungkook makes his way to the Security, the creature doesn't do much more than sit on its haunches and growl lightly at him, flicking his tail irritatedly. Jungkook glances at it in confusion, there's something oddly familiar about the behavior of the beast.


Jungkook kneels down beside the man, noting his pallor skin and the cold sweat dotting his brow.


"N-no... S-stop... please!" the man gasps as his eyes dart about wildly like a wounded animal.


"Shut the fuck up," Jungkook scowls irritatedly as he spreads his palms over the wound. "I can't believe I'm wasting my energy on an asshole like you," he mumbles irritatingly. The white mage's hands glow white, flooding the man's gash with raw healing magic, not even bothering with a spell (mostly because he's no good at memorizing incantations). As a result, the effects are much rougher and the man shrieks in pain as his flesh and organs forcefully knit back together.


The Security stares up at Jungkook in shock and wonder, with a trace of what eerily looks like a reverence leaking into his beady eyes. "You... you healed me!" he exclaims.


But Jungkook only scowls harder as his cognac eyes darken at the asshole's abrupt change in attitude. Without warning, Jungkook balls up his fists and punches him in the face hard enough to crack his visor and slam his head back into the ground hard enough to send him back into unconsciousness. "I said, shut up!" he tells the asshole's limp body resentfully.


But now, Jungkook has other things to deal with. Like finding Yoongi and dealing with a killer tiger.


Lucky for Jungkook, that will be a lot easier than he expected. His familiar is sitting there with fresh blood still dripping from the fangs in its mouth, tail wagging impatiently. From the look on Jungkook’s face however, he's too oblivious to piece it all together.


Yoongi huffs in disgust at the missed opportunity for a well-deserved bloody death. Being bound by magic, all he can do is sit there and watch. His master not only saved the pieces of turd's lives, but he wasted his precious magic healing one of them. It's a little compensation to see Jungkook punch his lights out, though. At least now, they're alone, the other two boys have long since left their companion to die, from what they probably imagine was a horribly gruesome mauling.


Jungkook stands up and his cognac, doe eyes meet with Yoongi’s emerald ones. Usually making eye contact with a blood lusting beast would be a fatal mistake. The Tiger instinctively licks its blood stained lips and flashes its set of saw-like teeth.


Without warning, the huge beast springs forward, looking as if it's about to tear into Jungkook next. The white mage crashes to the ground, pinned under the Tiger's weight. But the expected pain of having a massive cat crushing him is seemingly non-existent. Yoongi’s Tiger form feels more like a giant stuffed animal than a ferocious beast. And that sentiment is sealed when Yoongi opens his jaw, and instead of ripping into his helpless master's throat, he playfully licks his face.


Jungkook blinks up at the massive creature in absolute befuddlement. Did the killer tiger whose jaws are still dripping with blood actually lick him?! At a complete loss of what to do, Jungkook finds himself reaching up and cautiously patting the thing on its face and Jungkook almost wonders if he'd been knocked unconscious and is now stuck in a strange, absurd dream. Its fur feels oddly soft to the touch and somehow, the texture is almost familiar.


In fact, there are a lot of things that felt familiar about it. It doesn’t look like any creature Jungkook had ever seen in his books. Jungkook feels like he recognizes it, recognizes that playful but slightly menacing glint in its eyes.


But now isn’t the time for that. He needs to figure out where Yoongi went. And maybe see if he can find that poor little cat that had ran away in fear. Jungkook tries to sit up but the tiger just puts its paws on his chest to keep him in place.


“Hey, come on. Cut it out,” Jungkook says, shoving at its head a little when the creature refuses to cease its relentless licking. He can’t help but let a giggle escape his lips when its rough tongue starts to caress a ticklish spot on his neck.


Jungkook is pinned beneath Yoongi who has no intention of stopping. Not while his master is looking so adorable. Yoongi runs his tongue straight up Jungkook’s bare chest that is still bruised and sweaty from battle. The Tiger's prickly tongue leaves Jungkook all tingly at everywhere it touches.


When Jungkook tries to squirm away, Yoongi extends out his sharp claws just for a moment as his paws pull the boy in closer. He continues to eagerly lick Jungkook as if he's cleaning a fellow cat. His tongue wanders a bit too low for Jungkook’s comfort, tasting the leather from his teasingly tight pants.


Yoongi can barely resist the urge to sink his teeth into Jungkook’s exposed skin. That may be something he can get away with in his cute little demon form, but it will probably only take one good bite from a blood thirsty Tiger to break his poor mortal master.


So instead, Yoongi clamps his mouth shut before he decides to get a mouthful of Jungkook’s flesh. He opts to just nuzzle his big fluffy cheeks against his master's chest like the over-sized kitten that he is. It almost sounds as if the nightmarish beast is purring.


Having very little idea of how close he had come to being mauled by a hungry demon, the naive white mage only shoves lightly at its muzzle as he tries to wiggle away. “Seriously, stop...” he says in between breathless little giggles, wincing when the beast covers his face and chest with its drool that is starting to make him feel uncomfortably sticky. Rather than a tiger-beast, it's almost like an over-enthusiastic puppy and Jungkook feels his wariness drain away.


The beast just ignores him and continues to nuzzle and rub against him but Jungkook really doesn't have time for this. He needs to find Yoongi and get out of here before any more Security forces come. Or worse, if those assholes end up calling the Hunters… it will not end well for any of them. Jungkook tries to push the creature off one more time.


“C’mon, let me up, Yoongi!” he whines. And then he stops, looking wide-eyed and confused, staring intently into the tiger’s green eyes.


Why did he call this demonic creature Yoongi?


With a gleeful yelp, the beast rolls off of Jungkook and flops onto the ground. He paws demandingly at the other boy, pulling himself in to cuddle close. Yoongi pushes his fuzzy cat muzzle up against Jungkook, lovingly snuggling into his neck right before shifting back into his normal form. The beast's bright white fur is suddenly replaced with a head of fluffy blond hair. His arms are wrapped around Jungkook and Yoongi’s soft warm skin is suddenly pressed tightly against Jungkook’s barely clothed body.


The incubus can't hold back and has to get one last taste. This time with a much softer and more pleasant little feeling than having a monstrous cat do it, Yoongi runs his tongue up Jungkook’s cheek and quickly pulls away before Jungkook has even a chance to react.


"I'm sorry," Yoongi pleads, but his giggling seems to say otherwise. "I couldn't resist! You just taste so good~" he swoons, staring up at Jungkook with the very same bright green eyes that Jungkook had seen in his Tiger form.


“Yoongi!” Jungkook yelps when the creature suddenly disappears, leaving his wayward familiar in its place. He's flooded with relief at seeing the demon whole and unharmed, so glad that Yoongi hadn’t tried to interfere and got hurt. Also, if he got involved earlier, the Securities would have seen through the true nature of their bond and what Yoongi was, and gotten the Hunters involved too.


Jungkook wants to throw his arms around the tiny demon’s body and hug him and reprimand him for scaring him. But what comes out of his mouth instead is a shocked accusation, “You licked me!”


His mind is still reeling at how the creature is Yoongi all along and he finally realizes what he'd noticed earlier; there"s a thin current of energy humming between their bodies, a bond, a channel of energy gently trickling from Jungkook’s core over to Yoongi’s. And now that he can feel it, he can't believe how he had missed it before. He chastises himself for having been so wrapped up in his own troubles that he had been completely ignoring it. Through the bond, he can feel how inextricably linked they are, can feel their covenant singing in his blood, etched into his very bones.


And it makes Jungkook feel less alone.


But of course, this also comes with another whole slew of problems, like the fact that Yoongi is, in fact, dangerous and nearly mauled another student to death. Jungkook lightly huffs, he's too tired to deal with that now so he wraps his arms around Yoongi anyway and sighs into his neck.


"Mmmm?" Yoongi runs his finger across the slobbery streak mark that goes straight down Jungkook’s chest, giggling unapologetically along the way.


Yoongi lets out a soft moan when Jungkook snuggles close. They lay there for a moment, enjoying the comforting warmth of their soul-bound aura's being so close. Just how they are meant to be. Despite having had this day start off with signing an 'accidental' contract with a childish moron, it's looking to have a really good ending. Maybe their 'get to know each other' time in the forest is really going to end in Yoongi getting his master's virginity at the end of the day?


Yoongi can only hope he's right about Jungkook just being into weird foreplay.


"I'm glad they didn't hurt you... too badly." Yoongi says with a sneaky grin while one of his hands wanders down Jungkook’s exposed curves at a teasingly slow pace.


Jungkook jumps and squirms away from the embrace, shooting Yoongi with an exasperated look. He is sore and tired and slobbery now (the last part is entirely Yoongi’s fault too) and how is he supposed to relax if Yoongi keeps touching him in weird places? He's extremely ticklish!


"Yoongi, stop," Jungkook whines, his face turning red involuntarily, brushing his skin off to get rid of the phantom tingles. "It tickles!"


And Jungkook still couldn't believe that Yoongi had licked him all over; he feels like such a sticky mess, covered in sweat and dirt and now demonic tiger drool. Jungkook is in desperate need of another bath; he realizes with a bit of trepidation that it might even have to be a cold one since he doesn't know if he can trust himself with a heating spell at the moment. Anything requiring delicate precision is a little beyond him.


The sun looks like it's about to set, peeking lower and lower through the branches and casting long, gnarled shadows over their bodies. Jungkook doesn't want to stick around for much longer because the forest comes alive at night and he's so completely done with fighting for the day.


"Come on," Jungkook says, climbing to his feet and offering the little incubus a hand up. "Let's go home first and get cleaned up. Before we run into anymore assholes."


Yoongi eagerly grabs hold of his hand and pulls himself to his feet. The demon latches on to his master's arm. But he looks rather concerned as he mumbles, "Yeah but..." and he glances over to the Security guard's unconscious body. “What about him?"


"It wouldn't be fair if something else got to eat him..." Yoongi huffs, sounding far less concerned about the other boy's life and more annoyed that he isn't the one ending his life.


Jungkook tilts his head consideringly, letting out a pensive hum. “I guess you’re right,” he mumbles. “It would be a waste of energy to heal him if we leave him to die.” With a put upon sigh, Jungkook grabs a nearby stick and starts scratching symbols into the dirt around him, finishing off the circle with an irritated jab. Jungkook carelessly tosses the stick over his shoulder and spins on his heel to leave when the circle starts to glow softly.


Jungkook gives the little incubus a conspiratory grin and reaches out to ruffle his adorably fluffy blond hair, somehow feeling more content than he had in month.

Chapter Text



It’s been four days since Jungkook and Yoongi become magically bound to each other unanticipatedly. It’s four days full of risky spars that always result in Jungkook covered with bruises and haphazard, ragged scratches running along his skin, and a few broken bones. Yoongi’s always coming out of the battle, unscathed, however.


But despite all of that, Jungkook doesn’t know what an incubus is, still.


The white mage contemplated about it in a rather thorough manner though. He did try to seek out for it, but he couldn’t find an information about the incubus in his notes, so he just threw his hands in defeat, concluding that it doesn’t really matter as long as he knows that Yoongi isn’t a little weakling demon that he had previously thought. Besides, Jungkook likes surprises. He likes to satiate his curiosity by discovering things on his own without relying to written treatises.


By the time the boys make it back to Jungkook’s dorm room after another round of sparring, Yoongi has nearly forgotten about the mess that is waiting there for them.


It's always like this. Yoongi did to try clean up the thrashed place once, only to end up in the state it was before again a few hours later after Jungkook's done with his magical experiments that always lead into failures upon failures. The demon didn't know how his Master could manage to do that, but frankly, he reckoned that his attempts were going to be futile no matter how many times he scrub the floor squeaky clean or rearrange the bookshelves in a neat manner, so he eventually gave up cleaning Jungkook's mess. Jungkook didn't seem to mind living in this filthiness anyway, always reasoning that his place is at least, still "inhabitable", which makes the demon’s blood boils.


But still, Yoongi can't get used to the stench of his hoard, and he can smell it now, the moment the door cracks open. Yoongi recoils overdramatically and sighs in disgust, "Your home is always worse than a filthy dragon hoard." How can Jungkook deny it when the obvious evidence is right there - the mage forcefully shoving the door and all the crap piled behind it just to get it to open all the way?


"Ewww..." Yoongi mutters after stepping on something squishy and wet that he can't identify. With that, the incubus decides to start flapping his tiny wings softly and hover above all the trash on the ground. Yoongi has no idea what other gross surprises are waiting for him and really, he doesn't want to find out.


Yoongi doesn't bother waiting for Jungkook to even take off his boots before he starts to nag, "Why does it smell so funny? What did you do again?"


The judgmental little demon is glancing around the room, searching for the source of the stench, but to no avail because there's junk everywhere. Overstuffed bookshelves climb up the walls and the books spill out onto the floor, which are barely visible beneath the layer of clothing and discarded papers. Yoongi wonders how many times Jungkook got lost his homework in this mess, considering his desk is a total disaster.


But Jungkook’s bed is without a doubt the most disappointing part of Yoongi’s new living situation. The reason why he's sleeping from inn to inn instead of Jungkook's bed for almost three days now because how can they even have any fun, let alone sleep, with a pile of useless junk stacked on the bed?


"I really don't know how can you even sleep there."


Jungkook flushes deeply, wincing as he takes in the sight of his room. Now that he really looks at it… it really does look like a mess, doesn’t it? He's about to kick off his boots but another look at the wound on his leg makes him decide not to. He self-consciously tries to straighten up some of the mess by shuffling papers around on his deck but only succeeds in knocking over a pile of books, feeling the judging weight of his new familiar’s stare at his back. This makes him finally realize just how long since he has the motivation to properly clean out his room; lately he has been too tired and stressed to do much about the accumulation of filth in his tiny room. Always promising himself that he’d pick up something later, tossing his clothes on the floor because he hadn’t wanted to spend an extra couple of minutes to sort out his laundry basket. It's not surprising that Yoongi is so unhappy to be his familiar.


“I...” Jungkook vaguely mumbles something embarrassedly that is too muffled for Yoongi to even make out the first time. When Yoongi shoots him an unimpressed look, he repeats himself grudgingly. “There was an accident with a baby manticore sometime ago I think I might have forgotten to throw it out. But uh… I can’t find it anymore.”


"How do you lose something like that and how come I never knew of it and found it when I decided to clean this place? Ugh!" Yoongi’s spits, feeling insulted by his Master's apparent apathy towards his disgusting room. Frustrated, he turns away and mumbles to himself, "Well it's not the grossest thing I've ever seen..." he sighs loud enough for Jungkook to hear before he continues to grumble, "...but I'm sure as hell not going to clean up this junk again."


Yoongi’s wings carry him over to the bed that he's so unimpressed with. He stands on the cleanest corner of it, on a small mound of clothing. His vision slowly roams across the room with his eyes wide in horror, as he imagines where exactly a rotting manticore corpse could be hiding.


On second thought, Yoongi doesn't want to find out. The demanding little demon crosses his arms in protest and huffs, "This place is really disgusting. You might as well let a gross dragon live here. It may feel at home in this hoard of yours than I could ever feel!"


Jungkook instinctively bristles a little like he wants to argue... but realizes he really can't. He's always been a little messy but never to this extent. Lately he'd been too tired and spent to really care. Taehyung had always scolded him about it and kept him in line whenever he felt his side of the room was starting to look too much like a disaster.


With Taehyung gone... well, there really isn't anyone else to remind him to shape up.


"It's not that bad," Jungkook protests halfheartedly, but both of them know that it really is. "I can get it clean in a couple of hours," he claims but his own voice sounds dubious even to himself.


"You always say that bullshit everytime and look where that got you," Yoongi snarls, rolling his eyes. "Nothing."


Jungkook ignores the little demon as he begrudgingly stalks over to the bed and huffily starts to yank books and clothing off of it even though he really has nowhere else to put them. His shelves are all completely full and his chairs are already overflowing with his stuff. He spies a stack of books that are slightly less precarious-looking so he tosses them over to join the pile.


Well if Yoongi were a dragon then maybe he wouldn't have a problem with his 'dragon hoard', Jungkook resentfully thinks. He has to count to 10 to avoid blurting that out because it will probably ruin all the progress they have managed to get.


"Maybe I can get rid of some stuff...?" Jungkook suggests hesitantly. He has lived like this for so long that the smell no longer bothers him. Maybe Yoongi’s nose is just oversensitive?


As annoying it is for Jungkook hearing Yoongi complain about the state of his room, the young mage can't help himself but feel a little happy to have someone to nag at him again.


Even if it's a blood-sucking demon.


At first, it's kind of funny watching Jungkook scurry back and forth desperately trying to clear off the bed but Yoongi quickly realizes that all Jungkook's doing is shuffling the mess from one pile to the next. Yoongi sinks down and sits on the corner of the bed and sighs. There's really no hope for his master.


The young mage hasn't even tended to his own wounds yet. There are painful looking bruises scattered across his body and burn marks spread up his arms from their spar earlier. The young mage decided to clean (if you could even call it that) at Yoongi’s demand, instead of taking off the rags he’s still wearing first.


Yoongi slightly quirks his lips up, an idea suddenly surging to the perverse mind of his.


"Listen..." the demon says, but what really catches Jungkook’s attention is Yoongi touching him. Jungkook pauses, and their eyes meet while Yoongi’s soft fingers trace lightly near the mage’s wounds. "You should go clean yourself off first."


For a moment there, it actually looks like the little demon is concerned for Jungkook’s well-being. Yoongi has no regard for his contract holders, especially one this adorably dumb. So instead he smirks and adds, "And if you ask nicely and promise to give me a treat, I'll even help you clean up this mess."


Yoongi sort of regrets the last few words that left his mouth. The thought of clearing out all Jungkook’s trash is dreadful. But imagining the treat he'd get afterwards sure helps him dispel that negative thought immediately.


Jungkook blinks at Yoongi in surprise before looking down at himself, finally remembering that he’s been injured; the sting of his wounds has faded into a dull ache which had been easily ignored until now. He’s also covered in dirt that's probably making his room even messier, not to mention how itchy his scabbing cuts are starting to get. He feels heat rise into his cheeks at the oversight and then, he gives Yoongi a sheepish look. The young mage may have been covered in blood and dirt, but the demon doesn't look so picture perfect either; he still has dried blood around his mouth that he hasn't even bothered wiping off.


"I guess we can both use a bath," Jungkook mumbles a little self consciously, sighing. He isn't looking forward to trying to heat water element again. Yoongi probably wouldn't be happy if Jungkook ends up boiling him alive.


But aren't demons supposed to be hardier, anyway? And they're supposed to be living in an excruciatingly hot place with fiery flames everywhere... right?


Well, there’s no use standing around and pondering over it; Jungkook believes in being proactive in all matters except cleaning his room and doing homework like most boys his age (except Taehyung but he’s a bit of a freak). Jungkook sighs and shrugs off his ruined shirt and tosses it at his overflowing trash can. There’s no use tracking even more dirt into the bathroom if it means he has to clean it up.


As an afterthought, Jungkook starts to peel off his trousers but his sweat makes the leather cling to his legs so getting them off is a bit tricky and he decides to leave them on for now, realizing with a blush that he had forgotten to put on any underwear this morning because he didn’t have any clean underwear anymore since he forgot to do his laundry and he didn’t want to wear the dirty ones again. In spite of himself being unequivocally messy, Jungkook has still regards for his personal hygiene.


To be perfectly honest with himself, Jungkook really isn't all that great at cleaning up either. He can really use a hand, even if Yoongi’s offering his help on a conditional basis. But by now, he learns enough to be slightly wary of what Yoongi considered a treat, recalling how cheerfully he almost fired that Security guy to death a few days ago. "What kind of treat?" he asks with a healthy dose of suspicion lacing his question.


It’s so funny to him knowing that Jungkook doesn’t even realize he himself is the treat Yoongi wants. The little demon’s eyes slowly roam up the other boy’s half-naked body, feeling a bit disappointed that those teasingly tight pants are perfectly undamaged and still intact to Jungkook’s body.


The young mage is dirty and still sticky with sweat. He’s wounded and scarred yet for some reason, Jungkook seems to care more about taking a bath with Yoongi than healing himself. And that just seems to make him all the more irresistibly tempting to the little incubus.


"I want something sweet and delicious," Yoongi replies with a smirk. He leans in close, pressing his hands up against the mage’s bare chest as he stares up at his Master and asks, "You do know what demons eat, right? Surely you can't be that clueless and I’m sure you’ve already done your research." Yoongi giggles. "And no. A gross piece of pig meat is not the answer.


Well, that isn't ominous in the slightest, at least for Jungkook. He didn’t research at all so it’s to be expected that he knows little to nothing in regards to the dietary habits of demons. Demonology is his least favorite subject. What’s the point in learning it if he could never become a demon hunter?


Only a miniscule fraction of people ever had any sort of demon encounter and learning anything that didn't have anything to do with killing or subduing a demon was a waste of time in Jungkook’s book - an attitude shared by practically everyone at the academy. Demons are creatures of darkness and evil. The people at the Academia are there to learn how to kill demons, not how to care for one and keep them happy.


Jungkook is beginning to regret slacking off on his studies a little.


But what does Yoongi actually eat, then? 'Demon feeding habits vary by species,' Jungkook remembers one of his professors droning. Some eat animal meat; others prefer the taste of human flesh or blood.


Jungkook suspected it’s blood, but he’s been so eager to snack on that Security guy, it made him think that Yoongi is a flesh eater. It makes the young mage feel a little unsettled and he doesn't want to feel that way towards his own familiar. But could he just come out and ask him point blank about what he eats? Would it be considered offensive? Yoongi had been so angry when Jungkook first summoned him without a clue of what he was getting into. Maybe it's better to just nod along and break his own personal rules and go look it up later?


But with the way Yoongi’s beaming up at him so sweetly with his tail swaying behind him, Jungkook finds it really difficult to reconcile this adorable creature with what he knows about other mindless, rampaging demons. Jungkook sighs inwardly. He’ll still try to make this work; with his condition, he isn't too concerned about needing to defend himself from Yoongi. He looks just so innocent and adorable, how bad could he be?


Jungkook makes a noncommittal noise and pats Yoongi on the head again. "I'll get you something else after," he promises sheepishly, realizing that meant neither of them have eaten yet. Their impromptu spar derailed his lunch plans. "Lemme go heat up some water first."


Jungkook then extricates himself and heads towards the bathroom, only vaguely aware of the pout that flits across the little demon's cherubic face.


Yoongi is left alone, in the middle of the mess he'd just agreed to clean. He crosses his arms and huffs in frustration, turning to look at the disgusting excuse for a bed with a scowl. A swipe of his hand sends a torrent of magical energy whipping across the bed, dragging every piece of junk off along with it. Yoongi really doesn't care where it all ended up as long as it’s out of his way. Which is why most of it is sent flying across the room carelessly.


What is left behind is only slightly worst. Yoongi doubts Jungkook had ever changed his sheets. The now-cleared-of-the-mess bed doesn't look very comfortable to sleep in at all. After being buried under all those dirty clothes, Yoongi is sure it wouldn't smell very good. He shakes his head, refusing to live like this. Jungkook should be ashamed considering he’s literally from Hell and honestly, the living conditions there are nicer than this dirty dorm room.


Yoongi closes his eyes and imagines a perfect bed with silky soft sheets that are so warm, he could melt in them. A pile of fluffy pillows lining the head of the bed and beautiful drapes that shrouded the whole thing with a really romantic atmosphere. That is exactly what Yoongi wants. He doesn’t like to waste his magical power for something trivial as this but it looks like the demon has no choice. He snaps his finger and there are blindingly bright sparkles of magical energy suddenly crackling around the bed. As it fades, the bedspread Yoongi has conjured up is revealed. It looks so much more comfortable than the dirty stale sheets Jungkook had before.


But Yoongi stops himself from diving into the big fluffy bed and testing it out, since his Master is right, he’s dirty too. He really should go join Jungkook in the bath. And hopefully this time, he wouldn't get his head smashed against the wall again.




Jungkook almost slips on the bathroom floor because he had forgotten that it’s still covered in water from the morning's disastrous bath. The cracked wall - caused by Yoongi slamming into when he had his magical outburst - that he didn’t even bother fixing, glares at him accusingly. Jungkook sighs and half heartedly places his palm against the rock to see if he could channel elemental magic into the stone to smooth over the cracks (repairmen fees ain't cheap!) but he’s half expecting it to splinter it even further.


To his surprise, the spiderweb cracks almost entirely disappear, only leaving a few jagged scratches and Jungkook stares at his hand in wonder. Trying again, he concentrates hard and aims a combination blast of water and heat element at the tub. He’s even more shocked when it doesn't immediately overflow and scald his fingers when he tentatively dips them in. It’s still a little too hot to his liking but Jungkook’s so shocked at how easily he had controlled his magic.


Jungkook’s nearly in tears. Which must have presented an incredibly strange picture to the incubus trailing in behind him but he’s too bewildered and happy to care.


Yoongi stands at the doorway, wondering why Jungkook’s so worked up over warm water. He tilts his head and gazes at him curiously. For a while he watches in silence as his silly Master celebrates his victory over the bathtub.


But of course, Yoongi can't hold back a laugh so he asks, " am I invited this time?"


Jungkook is in far too good a mood to let anything get him down, even if Yoongi’s sudden laugh makes him jump a little. Instead, he’s wracking his brains, trying to figure out just what had happened to improve his control by such a margin today. Just earlier, while sparring with Yoongi, he could barely control his offensive and defensive spells properly.


What exactly had happened?


Jungkook turns to his familiar who’s staring back at him curiously. The answer should have been pretty obvious, Yoongi has something to do with this. Their consecutive spars must have helped drain away his excess energy so he isn't leaking a constant and wasteful flow that would interfere when he tries to cast a simple spell. This is everything Jungkook wants ever since he prepared the familiar ritual.


So pleased and caught up in his discovery, the white mage chuckles in utter delight and crosses the bathroom in two strides, pulling Yoongi up against his chest for an enthusiastic hug that lifts the demon clean off the ground.


"Yoongi, look!" Jungkook exclaims, his cognac eyes lighting up. "I actually did it! And it's all thanks to you!"


It’s clear from the dazed look in his eyes that Yoongi really has no idea what he’s thanking for. Jungkook is too emotional to properly convey with words how happy and grateful he is.


Without really thinking, Jungkook cups the sides of Yoongi’s face and smashes their lips together in a rough and clumsy kiss - the way he had seen his Astromancy and Chronomancy professors do when they thought no one was looking and Taehyung had hastily explained to him that that was what people did with people they like.


And Jungkook definitely likes having Yoongi around now. But he might eat people! A little voice in his head screeches but Jungkook could worry about that later. He almost executed a perfect combination spell!


Yoongi has to admit Jungkook looks exceptionally cute with such a sweet smile on his face. The little demon can't believe someone is smiling like that for him without being manipulated to do so. That is probably why he looks so shocked. When someone puts their lips onto him, it usually isn't to kiss him softly. It's usually full of lust and not like this. He doesn't know what he's feeling right now exactly but there's a burning blush across his cheeks.


Jungkook is unlike anyone who had ever summoned him before. Warlocks that call upon hellish demons usually aren't this cute. And at first, Yoongi thought that fact was going to lead to Jungkook’s death. A really quick and messy one at that. Admittedly, Yoongi had been fighting back the urge to rip out his heart when he called him an "accident".


But the moment their lips touch, Yoongi is sure they both realize how good of an accident this turns out to be. "Wow..." Yoongi swoons after Jungkook pulls out of the kiss, "'re so talented,” he says, thinking more about the warm fluttery feeling Jungkook’s kiss left behind than his actual magical abilities.


Jungkook thinks Yoongi is referring to his newfound control over his magic. He flushes in pleasure, unable to help the swell of pride that makes his chest puff up slightly. At the same time, he’s paradoxically embarrassed to be praised so sincerely and his exuberant grin turns a bit bashful.


But soon his excitement wins over again and he tugs enthusiastically at Yoongi’s hands. Jungkook wants Yoongi to have the first shot at the bath. After all, there’s no way he could have accomplished this on his own. A few days with Yoongi give him more control than he managed in years, more than he’d ever thought he would manage.


Maybe his dreams could actually be achievable with Yoongi by his side?


"C'mon," Jungkook urges impatiently, pulling the Yoongi towards the bath. "You first!"


But Yoongi apparently isn't moving fast enough for his liking when Jungkook ends up lifting him and swinging him over to sit on the side of the tub and starts to pull down his socks.


Jungkook lets out a startled little laugh and tries to bat away Yoongi’s hands as he squirms away. Something that sounds like a squeal erupts from his lips as it turns out that he’s extremely ticklish and Yoongi’s greedy fingers make him giggle uncontrollably.


"Okay, okay, I got it," Jungkook placates with an exasperated eye roll, completely misinterpreting Yoongi’s eagerness to strip him as payback for pulling his socks off without any warning. Yoongi probably doesn't like Jungkook treating him like a kid. "You can undress yourself."


Jungkook turns around to give Yoongi some privacy and starts to undo the laces on his trousers. He figures they might as well share the tub, Yoongi obviously has no qualms with it that day when he tried to take a bath with him. The young mage doesn't know how long his sudden, miraculous control would last him and he would hate it if he couldn't at least enjoy his first successful bath in forever - Taehyung used to take care of stuff like that. He’s more like Jungkook’s mother than he cares to admit.


Plus they’re both boys. It isn't like Yoongi has anything that Jungkook hadn't seen before.


With those optimistic thoughts, Jungkook peels off those impossibly tight leathers and unceremoniously tosses them over at the side, where they fall just a little shy of the overflowing laundry basket and onto the wet floor with a sad little splash instead.


That leaves the young mage standing with his back to Yoongi, completely bare except for that bizarre collar, giving Yoongi a perfect view of his cute, plump butt and toned thighs. Jungkook is too busy taking stock of his injuries to notice Yoongi’s lustful staring. Somehow over the span of four days, Jungkook has gotten so used to the little demon's presence that he's able to completely tune it out.


Besides some bruises and scratches, and the burns, Jungkook figures he’s in pretty good shape.


The mage has perfectly sculpted curves, like he’s a real work of art. The kind of beautiful body that Yoongi would be happy to sit and stare at all day. His eyes are drawn to Jungkook’s irresistible ass. Biting down on his own lip barely helps quell the burning desire to pounce his incredibly hot Master. Even with dirt and battle scars along his body, the young mage still looks so delicious. All Yoongi wants to do is to sink his fangs into what he could only imagine would be the most tender kind of flesh.


Yoongi doesn't waste any time slipping out of his shorts and hopping into the tub. His Master sure did a good job heating up the water. It’s the perfect temperature. But Yoongi still doesn't see why that’s worth all the excitement.


He leans out over the tub, not wanting to take his eyes off of Jungkook for a moment for fear he'll miss the best part of the show. Yoongi’s back arches with his eagerly wagging tail while he waits for his Master to join him.


Jungkook grabs a washcloth, dampening it with another precisely executed spell and starts to run it along his skin, trying to get the worst of the dirt off, as well as try to clean his unattended wounds. For someone studying to be a white mage, he’s awfully cavalier about his own injuries. It wouldn't do if he ruins his perfect bath before he gets to enjoy it and he’s obviously a lot dirtier than Yoongi.


Are demons self-cleaning? It’s like dirt just didn't stick to the little incubus, beside a couple smudges here and there. That’s just... not fair!


Since he doesn't want to bleed into the bathwater, Jungkook runs his hands over his scratches, palms lit with mana as he coaxes his cuts and scratches to close, never once realizing that his familiar finds his acts of self-care so incredibly erotic: Jungkook's long, dexterous fingers running over smooth, slightly tanned skin, tracing the curve of his hips as he dips down to seal the gash on his thigh and winces a little when he prods a particularly tender spot.


The check up only lasts under a minute but Yoongi is pretty sure if he wasn't aroused before, he certainly is now.