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A Simple Day-off

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Sundays were the only days both Gide and Oda were able to relax. Both their jobs required them to be on call for most of the week, but Sundays were the time for both of them to rest.

Oda woke up to the smell of burnt toast and a lack of Gide on his bed. Even though he was sleepy, he figured out what happened. He put on one of Gide’s shirts and went to the bathroom to freshen up. He followed the trail of the burning smell and found Gide in the kitchen, trying his best to salvage the black pieces of bread while fanning the smoke away from the toaster. Oda was distracted by something else; the sight of Gide completely naked, save for an apron.

“What are you trying to do?” Oda asked, trying to keep a straight face. Gide stood up stiffly.

“Oh, you’re awake?” Gide said, trying to cover up the toast.

“Yeah, I smelled something burning.”

“Perhaps it was me?” Gide shot a flirtatious grin at Oda.

“André , I can see the toast behind you.” Oda said flatly.

Gide sighed, taking the toast from behind his back. “I was trying to make breakfast for you. You haven’t had it for the past few days.”

“Even though you don’t know how to operate the toaster?”

“It just has too many buttons!”

Oda only hummed, “And what’s with the clothes?”

“Oh I just wanted to dress up the part of a good provider.”

“You’ve been watching domestic porn again haven’t you?”

The lack of response from Gide proved his point. Oda asked, “What kind of roleplay was it? Husband and wife?”

“Yeah…” Gide replied. He knew this was a rather odd fantasy to have, a soldier from birth dreaming for a life without bloodshed. But after meeting Oda, he saw that he had a chance of redemption; a chance at a civilian life.

He expected Oda to laugh at his request. Even though he had been with him for three months now, he knew this was a weird thing to do. But he knew that Oda was the only other person who could understand him.

“Oh, it seems that you have my meal ready.” Oda said as he got to his knees. Gide was confused, until Oda put his head under the apron. The realisation hit Gide, and he went along with it.

“Enjoy the meal!” Gide sang, trying not to giggle from how cheesy this all felt. He felt Oda’s mouth envelop his dick with warmth. He tried to hold his head in place through the fabric, feeling Oda’s head bob up and down. Gide’s cock hardened in Oda’s mouth, his insides feeling warm and twisting into knots. They coiled tighter and tighter until finally he orgasmed, gripping Oda’s head in place. Oda stayed still before moving away, cum dripping slightly from his lips.

“Thank you for the meal,” he said, trying to wipe away the cum. Gide chuckled a little. He was glad that Oda went full on with porn dialogues.

“Now honey, will you warm something up for me?” Oda asked, his voice quivering a bit, he was trying his best not to laugh, and so far he was succeeding.

Oda turned Gide around and tried to finger his ass, only to find something already there. He looked down and saw that Gide’s entrance was closed with a buttplug. Trying to sound angry, Oda asked, “What is this?”
“A buttplug?”

“And why do you have this in you?”

“You weren’t around, so I felt lonely.”

Oda felt a little sad, he had been quite busy the past few days, working at the orphanage. The children were all sick and needed extra hands to take care of them. He had forgotten how Gide would have felt coming home to an empty bed. Gide’s job as a secretary was also quite taxing mentally, he needed the company.

“Don’t worry dear, you don’t need this now.” Oda wanted to fuck him right then and there, however, he knew better than that. He wasn’t going to be some animal, not when Gide was around.

He went to the bedroom and took the nearly empty bottle of lube. It had gotten more use during the beginning of the relationship, but they’d forgot about it as they’d gotten busier with work. They satisfied themselves with their hands, usually.

Gide was slumped against the counter, with his hips jutted out waiting for Oda. He sighed in pleasure when he felt the buttplug being removed and replaced with fingers. Gide loved how accurate Oda could be with his fingers, wasting no time to stimulate his prostate. Oda quickly removed his fingers after making sure Gide was lubed, then thrusted his dick in roughly, just the way Gide wanted. Gide knew that even if Oda took time with the foreplay, he didn’t waste time getting down and dirty, and he could appreciate that.

Oda held Gide’s hips roughly, spurred on by his lover’s moans. The low scratchy voice made his heart beat faster, inching him closer and closer to the edge. He tried to wait for Gide to cum, but he climaxed first. He leaned over to rest his head on Gide’s shoulder.

“Thank you, Saku...” Gide breathed out.

“No problem,” Oda sighed as he kissed his ear. “Your smile is really cute y’know?”

“Even for an ex-soldier who has seen death multiple times?” Gide grinned.

“Most definitely for an ex-soldier who has seen death multiple times.”

“Hey Saku, can I ask for another favour?”

“What is it?”

“Could you fucking move? My back is hurting.”

“Oh…” Oda pulled back, watching as cum dripped from Gide’s ass.

“I’m going to take a shower, care to join me?” Gide said, ignoring the cum and walking to the bathroom.

“I don’t see why not.” Oda shrugged, noting the mess he needed to clean. It was worth it though, to see his boyfriend smile like that. Oda was glad that Gide was happy at his heartfelt words, and decided to look up more ways to express himself after the shower.