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Intimate Encounters

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Whis chuckled to himself at the spectacle being performed before him. He was just spending the day with a new friend, when he was suddenly approached by the very stout prince of all Saiyajins. He demanded to be brought to Lord Beerus, as he was apparently significantly stronger than the last time they had a match. Whis didn’t understand the rush, as the God of Destruction didn’t normally show mercy to his targets; Vegeta should really use his time wisely. However, the fire he saw burning in those ebony orbs reminded him of a certain God of Destruction.

It didn’t surprise Whis in the least when the prince asked to be trained after finding out his history with Lord Beerus. It was bold, however that flame stirred something within him he had only ever felt for one other person. Angels and gods are born with soulmates. It is that particular partner that an angel then trains to take their rightful place as a god. There has never been a recording of an angel with more than one soulmate, but Whis was willing to be that test subject if it meant kindling that fire.

So here he was, being waited on by royalty a second time. The prince was struggling with the dish he was attempting to prepare and kept crushing all of the eggs. Whis held a delicate hand over his mouth in respect to the amount of effort being put into his meal. However, he could see that this meal was not going to be “Earth’s finest,” as Vegeta had so eloquently put it. It was amazing, the lengths Vegeta would go to for more power. Whis couldn’t help wondering in what other aspects of his life was he as greedy for power?

In his daydreaming, Whis had missed where the sudden cup of piping hot goodness had come from. Vegeta was staring at him expectantly, almost childlike in his anticipation. Once he’d taken a bite of the cup of noodles, Whis knew he would be taking home a new soulmate. There was nothing better in the entire universe - to his knowledge. With this incentive, he was sure Lord Beerus would not complain about the company. So Whis accepted Vegeta’s request to train him and prepared him a place to stay.

The first week of training was strictly business, Whis not wanting to insult the prince by giving the perception he only invited Vegeta for his services. No. Whis had encountered many candidates who wished to challenge this God of Destruction, yet none were as longsuffering for the simple feat of a win as Vegeta. Another full-blooded Saiyajin came to mind with that thought, and Whis had to retract that statement. There was someone else, but something about the prince was different. Perhaps it was the thirst for dominance that likened Vegeta to Lord Beerus, in his eyes. Who knew?

But, as the week was far spent and Vegeta became accustomed to life in the realm of the gods, Whis deduced he could make his move. By this time, Lord Beerus was well into his food-induced catnap and Vegeta was cleaning up the table the lord had feasted upon. Seeing the well-sculpted bum of a warrior bent over the table, as the owner scrubbed vigorously, gave Whis a wonderful idea. He wanted to be as forward as possible about his intentions, without being too crass. And this method would confirm his own suspicions about Vegeta.

A warm presence loomed just above the Saiyajin wiping up some spilled milk, causing him to instinctively stiffen up.

“Let me help you with that,” Whis’ velvety voice tickled his ear, as a large blue hand covered his own. “Your arms must be sore after balancing those anvil with the tips of your fingers.”

Vegeta slapped the hand away and just barely caught himself from reflexively backing into the form standing just behind him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” He growled out.

A teasing smirk pulled at Whis’ lips and he planted his palm flat on the table, successfully gluing the front of his torso against Vegeta’s backside. “Surely you didn’t believe the gods and their angels to be celibate beings, hn?”

Vegeta’s elbow made a swooshing sound as it whirled through the air. His breathing was heavy as he tried to restrain the scream in his throat. The last thing he wanted to do was awaken the sleeping god. However, he wasn’t about to let this creep get away with such arrogance! Whis was levitating a few paces away, gazing at the volatile prince. Vegeta kept a defensive stance should the angel make any sudden movements.

“I’m not looking down on you, Vegeta, nor do I mean to insinuate any ulterior motives for you being here. As I’ve told you, I will train you to obtain the same power of a god.” Whis tilted his head with a smile. “Believe it or not, this is just another form of training. Can you remain level-headed and in control even through a challenge?”

“Do you really think I’m that gullible?” Vegeta hissed, squeezing his hands into tighter fists. He would not stand to be mocked.

“It is only an offer. Not all training is painful or torturous.” He apparated his staff into his hand turned his back to Vegeta. “If you ever wish to try it out, just say the word.”


Whis waited patiently for his Saiyajin counterpart to ponder over this novel idea, however he had no idea how resilient the young warrior could be. It has been several weeks since that conversation and curiosity hadn’t even led Vegeta to ask not one question regarding the topic. The angel began to wonder if his presumptions about Vegeta was wrong. He could have sworn the prince would accept the training to see if it truly improved his abilities.

Whis had not been lying when he admitted the reasons for such a method. Lord Beerus had given up on mastering this technique, as he only wanted to be pleasured in the end. It’s why the god’s fuse is so short. But with Vegeta, he could definitely see the warrior benefitting from this type of training. Vegeta’s physical techniques were very controlled, down to the very last exhale that signals the end of a battle. His mental stability, on the other hand, was one that Whis desired to strengthen - even more so than what has been witnessed over the years. Vegeta has great willpower over his thoughts and actions, except when his suppressed emotions finally erupt.

It was truly beautiful to watch the man lose control over the earth woman, Bulma, after Lord Beerus had laid a hand upon her beautiful face. If he could learn to harness all of that emotional turmoil into raw unbridled energy, it would be the most breathtaking sight. Of course, Whis did not wish to cause his apprentice sorrow, so controlling a similarly powerful emotion, like peak arousal, would have to suffice.

The day was far spent, and Vegeta had just finished mowing the terrain of the entire planet. He was stretching in preparation for their routine training regimen, however Whis decided he was done waiting for Vegeta to make the next move.

“I think we should try a new form of training today.” He declared, gazing down at the pretzeled Saiyajin.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow, inquiring for an elaboration on what he meant. Whis gingerly removed his cloak, unzipping the turtleneck and drooped his shoulders, allowing the material to fall off his shoulders.

“Perhaps you’ve thought about my offer and wish to engage?” Whis questioned, with a hopeful lilt in his tone.

Vegeta gave him a hard look, elbows still pressed to the ground as he sat in a straddle.. “Sorry, but I think you’ve forgotten I have a wife whom I’m contentedly living my days out with.”

Whis hid a smile behind his hand. “I’m never one to betray a good friend. Bulma has been made aware of the circumstances, saying, and I quote, ‘good, maybe then he’ll gain some confidence back.’”

Remembering the last time he’d shared a bed with his wife. It had left her bedridden for a day and a half. She’d said she was ready for another round a week later, but Vegeta didn’t think her frail body had yet to recover. Of course, Bulma being Bulma would overanalyze his actions as fear of losing control a second time. He was beginning to regret not fucking the woman’s brains out before setting off. A long sigh escaped him, as he laid his forehead on the ground. A few beats passing before he decided to respond.

“If I don’t feel any different after this ‘training,’ I’m castrating your dick and offering it up as a sacrifice to Lord Beerus.” Vegeta threatened without lifting his head.

“If this doesn’t work, you have my permission to try.” Whis replied, cheekily.