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It was an early morning in the BBC Studios, Kevin Turvey had arrived for work but he wasn’t in a good mood


The studios were getting redecorated so he ended up getting lost 


While his co-stars were chatting away in the staff room he had his hands folded frowning under his cup of tea.


Then his production assistant rushed in


“Mr Turvey, Mr Turvey your new room is just upstairs from this floor also you left your script in the staff room  here you go”


They then gave him his script and directed him into the lift and up to the next room


Kevin was surprised usually his production people were bossy and angry with him, he smiled and simply said “Thank you” cheerfully in his high pitched Redditch dialect


After filming was done and the rest of the crew were leaving, the production assistant was still there

the production assistant shyly walked over to Kevin as he was packing up 


“Kevin?” they asked 


Kevin  tilted his head “Yes?”


The production assistant asked, “I’m having a picnic this afternoon, would you like to join me?”

Kevin usually didn’t go to events like that so he jumped at the opportunity 


soon they were relaxing in the park eating happily

"Kevin would you like a sandwich?"


Kevin took the sandwich slice "Yes, and would you like this roast potato"


the Production assistant nodded "I would thank you"


Kevin Turvey then ended up having a great time.

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A new patient had been admitted into Dentonvale.


They were quite quiet compared to the other patients who were happily chanting the town’s anthem


Cosmo and Nation would visit and give the patient their treatments but the new patient would not interact much with them as they were quite shy, they’d simply nod, smile or frown and move on other times they'd overthink.


(short story 1: Rest Home Ricky greets the new patient)


It was coming up to night time and another visitor had walked into the patient’s room...

They recognized him, he was one of the members of staff but usually, he’d be with the others or with his wife Nurse Ansalong.

He had a light blue shirt with a small grey bowtie with light blue stripes, he looked quite young compared to Nation and Cosmo who had been running the business for years since the deal with Farley Flavours.

 He was carrying a tray containing a medicine cup, biscuits and tea

 “Room Service!” he jokingly sang in his American accent 


The patient awoke from their bed as they twitched their wide eyes “Hello?, have I seen you before?”

 He set the tray on the nightstand and grinned cheerfully “Yes, I’m Rest Home Ricky a Transylvanian to make sure you feel right at home in Dentonvale! and that you have a good night's rest”

 The patient then recognized who he was as they blinked their eyelids and nodded


“Oh yeah, your nurse Anaslong’s boyfriend”


Ricky blushed for a second




the patient was intrigued, "are you like the other Transylvanians like Cosmo and Nation or are you different?"


"I'm still young compared to Cosmo and Nation, they've been working here for years and I only recently joined...Now can you drink this medicine?" he said as he held the medicine cup


the patient picked up the medicine cup and started to drink it, a few sips at a time although there were some points where the aftertaste was unavoidable which made them squint their eyes they felt a dry feeling in their throat as their stomach was about to bring the cola paracetamol concoction back up.


Ricky patted their back lightly to make the aftertaste process easier 


the patient eventually drunk all the medicine as they picked up the biscuit that was on the tray, offering the biscuit to Ricky

Ricky hunched his shoulders up with a small smile " No thank you, I'm good I already"

the patient cut him off "Eat Nurse Anaslong's ass daily?"

Ricky burst out laughing, "not regularly but it is a hobby"

The patient crunched and devoured the biscuit as Ricky left the room, locking the door.

only to be interrupted by Nurse Ansalong grinning widely at him

"What were you and the patient talking about?" she asked innocently 

"Nothing!" Ricky said as he blushed and pecked her on the cheek.


(Short story 2: Injections)

Times had passed and the patient had gotten more open and interacted more, it was also revealed that the patient wasn't fond of syringes.

the patient swayed on the hospital bed trying to dodge where Ansalong was aiming the shot

“No thanks Nurse Ansalong I’m fine”


Ansalong simply grinned cheerfully as she kept trying to aim the injection,

“Don’t worry, it’s just a small shot, to help settle you down”


the patient shook slightly, adjusting their facial expression still trying to get out of it

“B-but can’t you just give me an Oral one instead” (Authors note: Oral means an injection into the mouth)


Ansalong chuckled,

“Aha! For some medicines but not this one”


Nurse Ansalong then pressed the needle into the patient's arm

The sting was like the sting from a bee


She then held the patient's hand lightly as Ricky prepared to administer the next injection

the patient looked at him

“Ow!” how long will this last?


Ricky gave an innocent smile

“The Pain? It will be gone before you know it, it’s to help settle you down

Ricky then injected the shot

after the patient rested for a while, unfortunately, they noticed that shots weren't just for sedation but for medication too

the patient tried to get out of it again

“No Thanks I’m fine”


Ricky frowned as he looked at the syringe he was preparing 

“You are not fine, now hold still you need your medicine”


while he wasn't looking, the patient used this opportunity to try and escape

 they made their way out of the room and ran along the corridors 

Ansalong popped her head out of the storeroom "Where did the patient go"

only to see a very tired and surprised Ricky running along the hallways "GET THE RESTRAINTS!"


Ansalong was confused "The Restraints for what?"

Ricky shouted, "for the patient, they ran off and Quick! before Cosmo and Nation notice"


Ansalong nodded as she went looking for medical restraints 


as the patient got close to where the lifts were they could overhear crowds of people singing the Denton USA anthem, this made them cringe as they quietly walked back inside the room they were in before,


while Ricky was looking, he went back inside to get his keys when....he saw the patient, it was almost like they hadn't run off at all.


Ricky had on a confusing facial expression but he quickly changed it to a smile when Ansalong walked in with leg restraints  "I found the restraints"  ....with Nation behind her   "Restraints? what would you need restraints for? you know there's no running in the corridors"

Ricky tried to think of an excuse "The restraints are for the patient, it's for a treatment they need and sorry for running in the corridor I panicked it won't happen again"

"Good!" Nation simply exclaimed before she shut the door


"What are these?" the patient asked confused as Ansalong started to wrap the restraints

"They're restraints, they are to prevent you from running off again"


you simply let them administer the shot this time, 

there the patient sat on the examination bed, as Ricky lightly rolled up their sleeves 

while Ansalong took out the small syringe and injected the medicine

 the restraints felt tight, but that hurt less compared to the sharp stinging sensation that had struck the patient's arm,

Ansalong put the syringe away and lightly cleaned the injection site with a tissue

the sting hurt like hell


Ansalong turned to the patient "and your done, no more injections needed today"

the patient was now crying, they did not like crying in public 

after the sting had worn off they sat up as Ricky held out his hands as he gave them a small hug 

"There, There, we know it's not a nice feeling, the medicine is to settle you, we'll eventually get round to using orals but you need to be sedated, we're only trying to help you recover"


the patient had then fallen asleep as Ricky held them up 

soon it was bedtime again as Ansalong made the blanket as Ricky placed the patient back into bed.


"Goodnight,"  he and Ansalong said,


the door was closed

Ansalong turned to him giggling "so that's why they call you rest home Ricky"


Ricky giggled back and shrugged his shoulder "Aww stop it" 

Ansalong lept up and kissed him

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You were in that world again, you had listened to songs that gave you binaural sensations like the old Bowie tracks,1970s alternative and Japanese synthpop.

You had off days, sure you still studied and continued your life in "the main universe" but you felt like visiting the alternate worlds for a change.

However one of the rules of lucid dreaming was to not lucid dream while in a low mood you knew this because it would sometimes influence your intrusive thoughts if you did that too much.

You also felt a lot of regrets, before getting into punk, old British sitcoms and theatre you were at times problematic, you'd assume things about people, follow manipulators who did the same thing and also got bullied back in your middle/secondary school years

You thought that everything you did then was bad when that wasn't true, there were some good memories, the bad just overshadowed the good, you thought that you should apologise to everyone from then even if they were toxic themselves and even if you no longer had connections with those people 

While in that portal world you were having a nightmare, you were standing in the playground of your old secondary school when those people were nearby, they acted all nice but something felt off,you still acted nice back to them but then you remembered they mocked your sexuality back then and they would often spread gossip about you they were acting like you were their best pals when that was far from the truth.

Back in the real reality, you back then were at times alone,you had some mates,but they weren't often around, and some of the ones you stuck with back then had ended up being toxic and thrown out of your life, you smiled and laughed nervously at them when on the inside you wanted it to stop, you were overthinking again, you felt trapped......


You wanted to go back to the unrelated fantastical lucid dreams where you couldn't think about past events or environments like this,


until after a flicker of light could be seen from your eyelashes, you were suddenly back somewhere, in the alternate universe, it looked like you were in a backstage dressing room place of sorts with a similar face.

In this dressing room, you could see a man, this man was one of your favourite comedy actors, and you recognized him from some of the shows and films you liked, which you would sometimes watch to distract yourself from overthinking flashbacks like the one you experienced in the nightmare.

 he had semi-short light blonde hair and blue eyes, speaking in a British accent,

there you sat in the dressing room as he stood behind you reassuringly patting your forehead softly  "you can't apologise to everyone, even if you did some people would still be mean to you,

he then held you close cuddling you 

"You've said you don't want to think about drama anymore but when you excessively overthink you purposely throw yourself in those dreams back in those harmful environments when you feel guilty, it's not healthy, yes you had flaws but we all do, it's what makes us human,change is a constant of life,some things are regrets but if other regrets weren't made you wouldn't be who you are today Y/N"


you realized he had made a good point,


he continued,


"those twats are no longer in your life and if you want to completely live your amazing life you have to be free,and there's the future on the horizon if you focus on your current positive environment,focus on your skills and knowledge,and surround yourself with people who love you Y/N the future will be bright and it's waiting for you 


you talked with him some more, until he waved goodbye, transforming back into his 60-year-old self, gliding on a cloud back to the afterlife.


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You were visiting another world, the 1980s world, despite this sometimes you'd bring modern inventions from your own universe and give them to your pals from that world.

you arrived in Bristol and gave them some gifts, Neil got some tarot cards, Mike got a smartphone, Vyvyan got a gaming console and Rick got a Guitar Hero set.

every day since then if Rick wasn't typing, writing or arguing with Vyvyan he would be aggressively strumming his guitar hero controller.

after a few intrusive lucid dreams, you were back to your positive lucid dreams, you walked in and for once Rick put the controller down, he had just completed a level and he was making his usual snorting giggle to himself.

Vyvyan was on the sofa having a nap, while Mike and Neil were busy doing their thing, he turned around smiling innocently at you, you looked up surprised.

usually, when you'd have the "The Young Ones" daydreams they were quite silent or the dialogue would be blocked out by the music you were listening to.

The exception would be when the music waves would pick up the voice waves in between.

You would make the first move but this time you let Rick make the first move first, he snuck up behind you with his noodle fingers and started tickling you,

It had been years since you ever felt the sensation of tickling and even in the dream universe, you would be the person tickling the other, not here though.

you burst out laughing, you were a bit startled but you didn't mind you liked being tickled "Uh...why are you tickling me?"  he shrugged and said "because you needed cheering up"

you said, "yeah but..."  he then continued tickling you "GOTCHA!" he yelled you shouted back cheerfully "OH IM GONNA" 

Rick and you then chased each other around the room until you crashed on the sofa feeling completely hysterical, this woke Vyvyan up but he had a babycham bottle next to him so he wasn't angry, he held his bottle up high and smiled at you two,

then, later on, you and Rick danced to the Human League, Gorillaz, Bowie amongst other vinyls he had, 

you had a blast, it was so fun, you didn't care that he was fictional and from another universe, you just wanted to make the most of the time you had with him.

Anytime you were having those the young one's universe visits you knew that you would be thinking of him (and Vyvyan) and he would be thinking of you.

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You were visiting that universe again, People in that world were shopping left, right and centre, for Christmas there were sales around every corner but you didn't care about that side of it.

to the corner of your eye you could see a Santa display, the Santa sitting in his wonderland esque chair had semi-long grey hair with a matching beard it was covered by his hat and Santa beard, you had seen him take photos with the people he'd talk to,he'd ask them what they would like for Christmas.


, while on his break he was chuckling to himself, in a beige sweater as he drank his tea,


he had a few muffins in a small container on his lap as he bit into them delicately....he spotted you,


just as he finished his last muffin he gave a little wave,


you quietly walked up to him,


he swallowed his muffin and smiled 

"Hello, what would you like for Christmas?"


you inhaled, "I'd like quite a few things but I don't feel like talking about them"


he folded his hands

"Then what would you like to talk about?"


you said,

"I would like someone very special in my life to pay a visit to not just me, but to all the people that he cares about,2018 was a mixed year, of drama, new experiences and regrets

"I could ask for all the riches in the world but that's not me, I'd like you to visit home once more reuniting with the people you adore, maybe inviting them for tea,you bring joy to everyone young and old, alive or not,I'll never forget you,you know that you revolting, wonderful,pan-global phenomenon of a twat"

he processed the information and cried cheerful tears of joy  "Well, being dead can be miserably lonely at times you see, I'll deliver that wish Y/N, what you want for Christmas is freedom for me"


he picked up his smartphone, while you sat on his lap, he adjusted his camera application as it went snap,


these were rare photos, you could only access them in your dreams, it was you and him together, after looking at it you squealed like an excited teen,


you got off his lap and waved to him as you continued your shopping back in the real world the portal made everything feel like nothing. was Christmas eve, in the distance with your binaural headphones on you could see a sleigh riding along the hill, as laughter could be heard from the trees

you could was him he was sitting in his sleigh chanting with his reindeer, you thought you wouldn't catch a late great lord of misrule paying a visit on this time of year

you went to sleep, later in the Christmas evening you could see him, he was wearing a fluffy navy blue coloured hoodie and his hair was as grey as the snow, what world were you going to be shown?, in the lucid dream universe he flew up some cloudy stairs up to what looked like his other world home,he probably felt alone

as you walked up you could see a glimpse of his Santa disguise, when you averted your eyes, he had the table set, and he had quite a few guests some of which you wished you had met

David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Stan Lee, Stephen Hillenburg, Pete Ritchens, Sid Vicious etc.


you danced and jived through the night, some pranks did give you a bit of a fright, you helped yourself to a feast, getting to interact with those legends was a massive treat

you learned that he granted your wish and he visited those who missed him the most

he sent a one-off ghost text to Ade's phone saying "Merry Christmas Ade you old git",

he sent messages to his daughters and son "Merry Christmas Rose, Bonnie and Sid, I wish you well, on the fate of your positive future only time will tell, I hope that you've found boyfriends or girlfriends that love you very much, kind regards, Good luck and Christmas wishes xoxoxo Dad"

 and a very special message for Barbara,

the party then came to an end,you were taken back home to your bedroom,it was almost time for him to go back to the afterlife and ascend 

he smiled at you and gave you a big cuddly bear hug before he had to leave this was quite a beautiful anarchic Christmas indeed.


it was boxing day, where you had paper and material to throw or give away but then you could see an invisible envelope by your nightstand 

you opened it and there was a wholesome message by the lord of misrule talking about his wonderful stay

the dream archive was where you stored your card, you cherished it 

"Oh what a bastard!

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(Kick up the Sneezes)  (Kevin Turvey)

you arrived at the BBC studios, to start production work, but something was off, the weather was quite cold and you didn't have a scarf 

 you carried on working but between your camera work loud sneezes were overheard "Sorry, take two" you'd say, then you sneezed again and again"

the producer said, "Y/N I don't believe you're well enough to work today"

"What are you talking about?" you shouted to let out a loud sneeze, your head drowsy as your throat felt dry

the producer said, "that's exactly what I meant"

you stood up rubbing your nose, while the other cast members looked before going back to what they were doing 

you walked back to the staff room, to relax until the planned episode had been filmed and aired 

it was the afternoon, you were sitting in the staff room, stuffing your face with sandwiches, ignoring the snot running down your face and your groans feeling like you were a disgrace when you heard the door creak,you saw a familiar face walk in,he was one of the cast members,he had a patterned black and white shirt over a blue and red anorak,he took it off as he sat next to you on the sofa 

"Hey,Y/N how are you?" he said in his high pitched Redditch dialect

"I'm miserable and sick" you responded bluntly

" I hear lemons are good when your sick" he said

he walked over to the counter and prepared some tea, as well as a small lemon cake, he placed the lemon cake on a plate and brought it over to the coffee table,

 "a Lemon a day keeps Kevin Turvey away," he said, while he snorted a giggle and wiped your nose with a tissue 

you chuckled "shut up!" before regaining your composure "Thank you" you then sipped the tea and ate the cake while Going Underground by The Jam played on the radio nearby,

you moved the saucer of leftover lemon cake aside "How about you try some lemons?"

Kevin grinned "Well I've never investigated that before"  he then took a big bite into a slice of lemon that was falling out of one of the cakes, he stuck out his tongue in disgust screaming, you smirked at him "I thought that made you less sick" Kevin tried spitting it out as he ran out the staff room cringing "Yeah, well now I'm the one sick thanks for that" you erupted into laughter

he laughed back, he then did a trick with his ear (flipping his ear over only for it to pop back into place), "If I'm that good at healing people I could be a doctor" you scoffed "I don't think I'd trust you with time travel" he scoffed back "Why?, there would be lots of cool things, places and people to investigate"


(Throat aches and Nightime Flashbacks) (Rest home Ricky) (TRIGGER WARNING: References to Mental Health)

it was one of those times, ever since you got admitted into Denton, you'd occasionally get to leave but other times you were stuck there, under observation while sat in your room looking at your laptop,your laptop was more productive at times than you were,they were limitless, while you had limitations,you would overindulge,you would question your empathy and sympathy for people,you would overthink intensely resulting in some compulsive behaviour and stomach pain,that's why you were sometimes in Dentonvale

it was where you were safe, unlike the unhelpful counsellers of the past you had been to, the people of Dentonvale did care for their patients, after the whole Farley Flavours drama, Nation and Cosmo just stole the money to improve their business

you sat, listening to music, you liked the melodies and lyrics, but the overthinking still lurked, you tried to dream to escape it but instead you encountered intrusive thoughts, flashbacks and you were arguing with yourself, this gave you a headache and pains in your stomach, you undid your headphones and picked aggressively at your ear and lips,you felt sweaty, confused and it didn't stop by the time someone had visited your room, half of your right ear was bleeding and your lips were dryer than your throat. 

you kept mumbling "make it stop, it's just telling me lies, but because the lies are sometimes true it makes it hard to tell if it's true or not, I'm a horrible person, why can't I naturally feel emotion sometimes,why do I do this to myself,why is my mind never satisified,I've moved on from my past why does my mind always play the worst parts of my memory film reel,I'm nothing,I say I will stop overthinking but I don't do I? do I?"


you blinked you didn't know one of the staff would overhear the rambling 

"Oh! sorry I," you paused staring as your body lightly shook

Rest home Ricky walked over "What's wrong Y/N"

you quietly mumbled "I feel like I'm living a lie, I should be grateful about the life I have and I try to be honest, but each time I think I'm improving I have an episode or a moment of intrusive voices putting words into my mouth,I have low empathy sometimes that must mean I'm an emotionless mess with no morals right?,I've moved on from the past, but the film reels of then keep playing at the worst times, I'm such a rude, ungrateful person,"

he tried to help settle you, he lightly rested his hands on your shoulders while he reassured you 

"your not living a lie, your brain is just mean to you sometimes, everyone has their weak moments,your intrusive thoughts don't define you, even if you can't physically show feelings,you still show them emotionally and your emotions are still valid, as long as you know your morals and that they don't harm you or others, that's fine"'

you sniffled "but...the memories,I know it's not relevant but they keep reappearing"

he rubbed calming circles on your back "it's ok I'm here, all of that is in the past now, don't let the paranoid voices get to you, your a smart, considerate, determined person"

he paused "Now how do you feel?"

you looked up "a bit stressed, but I can get through it, you've helped calm me down a bit I still have a bit of a pain in my stomach and head though

he observed "I see, I also see your ear is bleeding a bit, that might've resulted from your compulsive behaviour hang on I'll be right back" he walked off and came back with a small bowl of water, some tissues, ointment creams and some medicine 

he dipped the tissue into the water and moved it around the areas of the ear that were bleeding, he used the other tissues to dry your eyes and nose, he rubbed some lip balm over your lips and dissolved some tablets into an easy to consume soft drink concoction,you picked up the drink and sipped it slowly, later he brought in some pasta "Just eat what you can" he said as he waved before leaving the room, you scooped up the pasta pieces with your spoon and ate most of them up before you dozed off to sleep.


(Food Poisoning) (Rick,The Young Ones)

one of those weekends, where you'd order take away, either the order was wrong, or that you've had food poisoning

it was the day after you were a wreck, taking up space on the sofa like a tired cat, you could feel the sweat through your dressing gown,you had eaten a few things,but still felt horrifically sick, slumped on your pillow  

Vyvyan had went out,Mike was being Mike and Neil was busy gardening,Rick ran downstairs only to see what you were up to

he looked up at you "How do you feel Y/N?"

you groaned "not good,I think I've been poisoned" you felt like you were going to vomit again

he gasped melodramatically "POISONED!, by what? Edwina Currie's eggs, Jamie Oliver's salads...Neil's lentils?"

you shook your head "Nah none of that, I ordered take away but they might've overcooked it and I ate too much of it, ugh"

he sat down next to you "Have you seen a doctor about this?"

you bulged your eyes out "I haven't been to a GP in ages what are you on about?"

he wasn't happy he slapped his hands together "Alright, that's it your going to a doctor"

you tried to make an excuse "no need Rick, no need I'm fine it's not that bad"

bubbling noises could be heard from your stomach

he got his coat and hat and fidgeted about for his keys "I don't want to hear it, you are seeing a doctor" 

you coldly joked "that's Vyvyan's car, how do I know if you can even drive?"

he ran inside Vyvyan's car, and turned on the engine, and smirked 

he drove Vyvyan's car to the closest walk-in clinic there was,medicine was prescribed and then they were back home

you watched some tv, you browsed social media, but you forgot to take the medicine, luckily later on Rick reminded you

and while you were there on the sofa covered in a blanket, feeling  like your mouth was a rubbish bin, he was there to cuddle you, until you eventually got better, the next day he didn't bother Vyvyan he was too busy making sure you were alright,you kinda liked the attention and he kinda liked that someone was taking his advice for once and Vyvyan liked that Rick was more quiet than usual. 


(Nurse Richie) (Richie Rich) (TRIGGER WARNING: References to disgusting medical procedures that sound gross when described)

it was mid Spring,a stomach bug had been going round,Catflap caught it,Richie caught you caught it

a production person had met up richie and catflap in the 2000s,they became showbiz pals instantly

they hated getting sick, as they clutched onto their stomach leaning back their pillow wasn't comfy as they felt slouched

Catflap decided to change the pillow for them,as Richie Rich had walked back in looking at you to see if their pal was getting any better

the local GP was full up,so when he came back he was in an unhappy mood "stupid Doctors,oh well we can treat you here, I've never played that role before" he smirked before prancing off to his room and arriving back in a nurse costume

"I'm in hell" their pal joked as they leaned back into their position on the sofa, Richie frolicked about "so I diagnose you with....a stomach infection" as he messed about with a clipboard and pen, Catflap scoffed "it's a virus Richie, common colds don't make you vomit excessively"

Richie was disgusted slightly "Uhh, well that must not feel nice at all, my treatment shall be a cup of tea"

Catflap laughed, "a cup of tea?, would you prescribe someone with the bubonic plague a cup of tea?"

Richie grinned "YES, I would, have you watched casualty before?"

Catflap cringed as Richie prepared a cup of tea he messed up with the first cup so let catflap drink that, while he handed the second good cup to their pal"

he can gave them medicine as he overdramatically posed next to them, still in costume, looking with a random bag of first aid equipment he had found in the basement as he tried applying every remedy he could find

their showbiz pal realized it felt nice,they kinda liked how he was doting on you even if it was a bit over the top, with Catflap being the assistant 

when he posed in an animated way when giving your temperature,Filthy Ralph arrived "What are you queens up to,reenacting some Japanese cartoon?" Edward Catflap paused, pulled up his suspenders a bit "Now,Ralph that's a bit offensive of you,the japanese make great television" 

 Richie Rich looked over "exactly Eddie, they created some of the best game shows of our modern time and their cartoons are brilliant"

Filthy Ralph nodded "Oh,alright then,I thought you meant the type of Japanese cartoons I like"

Edward Catflap looked at the audience "Oooer-that's a bit rude....and then back at Richie

"Filthy nobody cares about the lewd ones that you watch and we're not roleplaying, we're trying to look after our friend here since he's caught a nasty stomach bug Richie is just exaggerating since he's never played a medical role before and he has no medical licence to be a real one"

Richie Rich gasped, "Eddie how dare you,I learned First Aid when I did sociology for my GCSE's surely that counts right?"

Edward Catflap stumbled over his words in his response "Richie, looking up diseases, symptoms and treatments on the internet on Web MD does not make you a qualified doctor"

Richie Rich cried out "But then how are we going to care for our friend, it's better than being on a stupid waiting list and I'm a nurse, not a doctor, you don't get many male nurses, what a shame it's such a noble profession"

he then peered over at their showbiz pal who was still miserably sick "How do you feel Y/N" they looked over and horrifically coughed "I feel like a rubbish bin" he doted, "Oh Y/N your not a rubbish bin,a bin is a place for trash,and you are not trash,you are an icon your stomach just hates you at the moment, Eddie have we got any temperatures" 

Filthy Ralph tried to shoo the paparazzi and camera crews away, so it was just Filthy, Rich, Catflap and their showbiz pal on the sofa 

they were a bit taken aback but understood as Richie held the temperature under their armpit for a long while before it made a beeping noise

Eddie then closed up the curtains as he administered the temperature 

it was still moderately high, the more time went the more medicine you took, you felt a bit but not completely better

Filthy Ralph had gone home

as their showbiz pal rested for a while

"uuuugh, I hate this, my head is throbbing and I feel like rubbish"

 Catflap was in his room reading, while Richie Rich was just prancing about the room, watching tv, making soups and doing the chores catflap would usually do.

they still hadn't fully recovered yet,  aching on the sofa in agony

"Richie!" they called

Richie RIch dashed up to the sofa  


"I feel gross"

Richie Rich scoffed "You are not gross, the stomach bug might make you feel gross, but your not gross," "what seems to be the matter?"

"I'm getting unpleasant sensations like I'm about to throw up but it's not vomiting, it's something worse"

Richie  peered at their face, trying to figure what was wrong "is it in your mouth or?"

they bluntly stated "it's in my ass"

Richie was surprised at the reaction, he looked up the symptoms online and had learnt of the disgusting treatment needed, he wasn't completely sure so he asked Catflap

"Eddie what is that,is it something to do with coffee?"

Catflap explained, "it involves giving the bum a bit of watering"

Richie walked back up to them "Well we might have to prepare an enema"

they were a bit surprised but went along with it as you sarcastically responded, "Oh great but be careful"

Richie and Catflap then delicately prepared for administering the treatment, it felt strange and made them both cringe a bit but eventually, it was forgotten about and their pal was well again.

As they curled up on the sofa with them.

Chapter Text

(The Young Ones,Rick) (Modern AU!)

He awakes from his bed
Arm wrestling his alarm clock until he descends
Taking a little walk
Scrubbing and cleaning each cell and bone on his skin
Questioning the world he’s living in
He scrambles through his wardrobe until he finds his outfit
A sweater that says his name in Japanese text
With dark dungarees decorated in a mathematical grid
Tying his pigtails back
it was in fashion then
He squeaks downstairs to the kitchen, eating a bowl of corn flakes
Overhearing something erupt, Oh! It was Vyvyan that was abrupt
He finishes his breakfast,as he packs his university satchel
The colour shades are nauseatingly pastel
He walks up to his university, starting to study
In the past, he would’ve overthought about peer popularity
He sits alone, typing away while his synthpop music choice droned
Scratching his head, thinking about philosophy, existentialism and death
He felt out of place like an old toy taking up room space
He sat and fumbled with his pencil as his attitude got more cynical
Seeing other people with comrades however he had nobody on this day
At least it wasn’t like when he would get carried away
Lost and cross, until he heard a gunshot
Squirt as water soaked his attire
The prank was a backfire,Vyvyan was standing behind the tree
On his knees hiding his water gun behind him so he couldn’t see
This caused a squabble and chase but it was fun
Knowing he still had his best mate

Rest home Ricky (Shock Treatment)
In the background not often making a sound
Yet in a busy place like Denton, he would be working all around
Not a con artist like Cosmo but not a manipulator like Nation
He just kept carrying on his role even in the Farley Flavours situation
Not a doctor or a surgeon he was a nurse like his girlfriend
A profession not often seen to be done by people like him
Helping to manage broken minds, detecting and treating symptom signs
Clad in just a teal shirt,jeans and bowtie
Why doesn’t he talk more?
We don’t know why
Jabbing syringes into necks, sewing up bodies as a medic
Organizing pill bottles and medical instruments
Making new patients feel welcome
after all Nothing bad happens in Denton

Chapter Text

Another day another venture into the Lucid Dreaming realm


Nothing too serious the week had gone well


You had enjoyed the usual scenarios you’d dream about

Dancing about at his university parties or walking lots of dogs

 You remembered getting interested in his work like it was yesterday when really it was 2 years ago even though you had seen some of the work he did before that since he was in kids shows and adverts you’d watch back in the day you just didn’t know his name yet


When you were finishing watching some of his videography, you felt more connected


As you watched and listened to each recorded or written interview and flicked through the pages of his book


You realised something, you and he were quite similar, while you did feel inspired by his work and life to improve your own life, there were some aspects you shared with him that you couldn’t get out of your head


You liked classic cinema and ABBA, you liked true crime, you were both feminists, you were both heavily interested in theatre, comedy and “the arts”


Some of your pals even said on multiple occasions that you even looked like him at times


Replicating his facial expression with the snarling frown, scrunching your nose with a snorting laugh and your mermaid-length hair flowing with each photo you’d snap of yourself


You were in love, but it was a different type of love, Yes you adored him with every fibre and cell of your being, but not in a romantic way, while he was physically quite an attractive bloke at the time, his heart was already taken, you understood that and supported that,


But this connection was more spiritual and philosophical, through the magic of mysticism you were able to “get connected” not just with him but with yourself, the connection made you realise a lot about yourself,it felt like when you’d perform or write something while expressing it you’d release some of his charismatic energy,your voice tone was close in tone to his and you had your own legacy to start on while carrying his on into the 21st century though fun and poetry


Sometimes the visits were just musical meditation sessions other times you’d see yourself get transported back into the 1980s on the set of The Young Ones, his old stand up shows and his university parties

Other times...the dreams were more wholesome and relaxing


You had finally figured it out, he was a mentor of sorts in your eyes, you decided and declared he was your spiritual grandpa


The man to cheer you on before an exam, to make you feel at home whether it was him or one of his many dimensional clones


Letting you rest on his sofa underneath the Little Richard poster

his grey hair flowing behind his silly looking sweaters, while his sarcastic remarks would make you erupt into laughter 


Offering tea and treats, being able to give you advice and to listen to you vent when your ranting about the negatives of life


With a cuddle or hug, you quite liked this platonic spiritual love

Even though he wasn’t related by blood


Reassuringly patting your head, whether it was him or one of his many characters like the hyperactive leprechaun-like Drop dead Fred.


Reminiscing about his good old days, but also remember to let you have some space when feeling dazed


He sat next to you on his sofa while you rambled about the week

From the minor annoyances to the brief time you were horrifically sick


With some anecdotes, you didn’t know what to say, feeling mildly stressed and unsure of your ways

Only for him to lightly pat your head and offer a teacup saying “you can do this Y/N, you're an amazing, smart, person it will be ok”


After a few biscuits, cries and laughs, the clock had struck midnight, you were supposed to be sleeping at this time wasn’t that right? you packed your bag as you awaited the goodbyes from your spiritual grandad


“It was lovely to have you around, having someone to talk to regularly in this world removes my frown, don’t worry your smart, kind and loving to people you have good future potential but when it’s too much and you occasionally feel upset or uptight, give me a call I’ll make sure your alright"


Chapter Text


Red is the colour of
fire, blood, anger, 
love and passion
You’d think of that 
when you’d see him
a summertime sweetheart, 
when he would walk 
to the nearest bowie gig
Overdramatically posing with a rose 
or downing a coke can in a single swig

When he’d hear fascists being disruptive,
it would make his blood boil, 
you could metaphorically see flames rise 
from his head like a fiery hell 
when he’d yell at the morons to shut up 

Orange is the brighter brother of red, 
replacing the anger with cheer instead
He’d think of that when he’d see you
gleaming like a bright candle 
Pretending your mick jagger 
curling your tongue while jiving
to the groovy music 
a retro 70s colour 
of cheesy rock bands and wonder 
while you watch him 
electrify the stage 
speeding like the roadrunner

Yellow is the colour of joy, happiness, confidence and positivity
You’d think of that when you’d see him
His banana looking pair of dungarees 
shining like the sun while having fun
His light blonde hair had a yellow look in photographs 
whether he was himself or in one of his acts, 
sitting at the restaurant table, 
impressing his mates 
with his ear trick,
flipping it in and out, 
before returning to set, 
with each line, he’d cheerfully shout

Green is the colour of Logic, Health, Growth and Nature
You’d think of that when you’d see him
One of his character outfits 
making him resemble a leprechaun
Sitting in the grass, chasing a cast member for a scene
Spilling paint, the distribution had to wait, it was a flop? Oh great

Blue is the colour of Trust, Calmness and Peace
He’d think of that when he’d see you
his reflection sparkling like the ocean’s stream
While you’d hold the camera while he’d play 
his problematic political character role
Flickering your teal eyes,
wait you were never there, and now he had died
When you’d fret 
only to search the galaxies 
for daydreams, you’d never forget

Purple is the colour of Luxury, Nobility, mystery and magic
You’d think of that when you’d see him
The lilac potions he’d throw into an alcohol brew
The indigo of his dressing gown,
ignoring others when feeling down,
people who didn’t know his offstage self
Could only just see a tragic clown

Pink is the colour of love and sex on the Pride flags,
You’d think of that when you’d see him
Thinking of the next slapstick, hidden subtext or knob gag
Whether he’s being the straight man or getting dolled up in drag
He’s had awards, west end shows and a doctorate not to brag
Playing villains, drama queens or morons 
who could never get a shag

Black is the colour of Death, Power and mystery
He’d think of that when he’d see you
Looking gothic 
or whatever alternative style you’ve picked
University parties of 
drunkenly rehearsed 
plays and music
All those years of reckless behaviour 
and taking the mick
Resulted in him 
being horrifically sick,
His drama and energy 
falling apart
Just like 
his failing heart
When you visit or reboot 
the spiritual holograms
The world feels less bland
the younger form 
or the grumbling chill angel
Mysterious and grand
Relaxing on his cloud
Even if he’s not as 
overdramatic or loud

White is the colour of Purity, Hope and Innocence
Flapping his wings 
while Freddie Mercury sings
Bringing enlightenment into 
whatever the future brings
You feel a weirdly nice aroma 
around the magical home
Wherever that spirit romes, 
you’ve visited an otherworldly zone
Hearing a familiar voice, 
you’ve met your iconic idol of choice
He’s more settled but still energetic, 
he greets you pleasantly
With a hug, offering life advice,
reminding you that it will be alright
Through conversing, you see heavenly lights
This stargazing experience, 
he makes you feel fantastic
With each lucid dream trip, 
learning from his charisma and wit
Thank You Rik~

Chapter Text

(Mod Makeover) (Kevin Turvey)

you arrived at the BBC studios, to start production on a Top of the Pops Mod Night,

However, you didn’t have much *Mod* clothing, you weren’t born in the 60s but you did admire the styles and aesthetics of then, this was one of the few times you were in the audience and not behind the camera,you had a tea break before dashing off to the dressing room,surprisingly your working partner Kevin Turvey was there,he would usually be on comedy sketches or talk shows, not Top of the Pops of all things

“What are you doing here?” you asked him, he was in a green hoodie with a beige sweater and white shirt behind it with long jeans and Chelsea boots...while you were just in a black shirt,leggings and slip-on because when you did drama summer schemes you usually had to dress like that.


He chuckled as he undid his cigarette “I like Top of the Pops, I referenced it in one of my sketches, what about you?”


You sighed moving your head to the beat of the music coming from across the hall from the studio room doors “I quite like Mod, I like the big hair and glasses, the sweaters and jackets, the badges and Vespa bikes, however, I wasn’t around during that time so I wouldn’t know where to start with the get up”


Kevin Turvey smiled innocently, “I could help you, I’m quite into the Mod subculture, I could help find you a Mod themed look that would suit you”


You smirked before rolling your eyes, “Kevin, I appreciate the offer, but you're not going to be my stylist, I appreciate the offer though”


Kevin Turvey gazed at your plain outfit, “but Mod isn’t about dressing like your on a BBC4 Documentary, Mod is about being new, inventive and stylish, being a rebel while still looking groovy”


You realised it would be nice to see how you’d look in the Mod style you groaned, “Fine, you can style me”


Kevin snorted a laugh “Ok!, let’s give you some modification, the rehearsals aren’t until later anyway, we’ve got time,”


He grabbed your hand as you dashed along the corridors into Kevin’s dressing room in his part of the building.


He unzipped his hoodie and wrapped a tape measure down his neck, thinking he’s the new Alexander McQueen or Versace, he got out some magazine clippings for you to glance at,


He got out a glittery light brown sweater to put over your shirt, he allowed you to borrow one of his long pairs of jeans and his spare Chelsea boots, you were starting to look quite *Mod*.


Kevin looked at the reflection of you in the mirror, you were starting to match that aesthetic, but your hair looked more hippie Woodstock than it did Carnaby Street chic.


“Would you like your hair done?” he asked politely


He shrugged “I’m not sure if I look like Pete Townshend”


Kevin said, “you don’t have to look like Pete Townshend, what other singer do you like?”


You exclaimed “I have many favourite artists….but I love David Bowie”


Kevin’s eyes twinkled as if he had just seen the cosmos “Bowie? I like your taste, he was once a mod too you know, he was apart of society against cruelty to men with long hair during that time”


Once Kevin came back with some photos of 60s era bowie, you browsed at them for a while, he smiled “you look a bit like David Bowie you know?”


You chuckled “I do not, but sure go ahead paint me like an Andy Warhol painting”


He then got to work, he got out some scissors, snipping the locks to make your hair slightly shorter, twisting the hair straighteners and curling irons like a fork twirling a pasta piece.


Before the erupting sound of the blow-dryer came on, as the look was close to complete


He retrieved a dark coloured scarf, hat and emerald toned coat from his wardrobe as he slipped it over you.


Glancing at the bowie photo and then at you he loved the look you were projecting

You had the resemblance of Pete Shelley and Twiggy combined,


“Now you're all gabbed up for the Mod Night,” he remarked cheerfully


“Thank you, Kevin,” you said,


“Your welcome!” he answered back as you ran off to the studio room where filming had begun, The Jam were on performing while you and Kevin had a groovy time.


(Denton Barber and Salon service) (Rest home Ricky)

Denton was quite a place for makeovers, ever since Janet Majors had on her Little Black Dress and half of the town’s population looked like space-themed fast-food employees. You had recently moved there a few years ago, you tried to avoid the *Dentonvale* aspect, but your times before moving there weren’t the best, however when you would visit Dentonvale it wasn’t that bad of a place.

It was a bit dull at times,but you weren’t always waiting for a non existent appointment,the staff were nice,you disagreed with the Farley Flavours drama but that was only really to improve the business,Farley Flavours had gone out of business, while Dentonvale’s popularity was booming,Cosmo and Nation were actually quite nice people,so were Ansalong and Ricky,you’d occasionally see Janet and Brad but they weren’t a couple anymore, in a way Dentonvale was like your second home, considering Cosmo’s interest in fashion he had expanded the business to offer personal care, spa treatments, as well as hair and beauty related services.


The front of the building looked like something out of a 1970s Sci-Fi movie, decorated with the old pop art of illustrations to showcase the services being offered.


Some rooms looked like the Denton hospital labs other rooms were as pastel pink as the staff room was.


You had booked an appointment to see what it was like, you had a love/hate relationship with makeup and your hair despite looking beautiful was often tangled and hard to brush, you used some facial scrubs but in the past, it would cause some sensory discomfort.


Nation sat at her desk typing away, while you waiting for your name to be called,




You walked up you went along the corridors until you saw Cosmo, Ansalong and Rest Home Ricky awaiting you,


Much like their hospital rooms, there was a table you had to sit on,


Cosmo winked as he held up his magnifying glass “What seems to be the problem? Y/N”


You explained what was up,


“Ah! I see, so you love makeup but you were unsure about it because of your past negative experiences, understandable makeup carries unhealthy chemicals but if used moderately it’s ok, I can see your eyelashes are dusty sometimes, but plucking the dust out with your nails will only just spread more germs,


Ansalong then said, “as for your hair what would you like done?”


You nodded at Cosmo’s response as you said “my hair is usually semi-long, but I wouldn’t mind if it was shorter, it’s tangled often and sometimes hard to brush, I get the odd trim but it’s not that much, sometimes it gets tangled up in my headphones”


Ansalong grinned, “Oh well we can fix that for you, would you like just a dry trim, trim and suction or a shave, trim and suction?"


You were surprised at the number of options “um a trim and suction I guess?"

Ansalong said, “Oakey Dokey”


Rest Home Ricky asked, “you say it gets tangled, would you say you pull out your hair or that it causes sensory discomfort?


You answered, “I don’t pull out my hair much, the only times I do are times when it’s a mess, but I do have a habit of itching the back area


Rest Home Ricky nodded “We’ll see how it goes, let us know if at any point something feels painful or odd, Denton is the home of happiness and we want to make sure your makeover makes you happy


“Hopefully it will,” you said


you sat down in the salon chair as Ricky flung on a salon cape over you while you wondered what this makeover would entail,

Cosmo whipped out a comb and started to detangle your hair, while Ansalong added some spray,

then after that Ricky brushed your hair before it was time to snip it,

Ansalong said, “Now, for a trim and suction, we're going to trim and blowdry while we brush and then we'll use our centralized suction system to clear out the just cut hairs"

she then asked one of the others "Cosmo, could you prepare the HairVac device please"

 You raised an eyebrow as you could see a small dark vacuum device on the floor next to the dressing table you were sat at,

“a vacuum?” 

Cosmo added on, “the vacuum attachment is used to clean up the just cut hair and ends that have been snipped, and then the final blow out is to give one final once over, nothing to worry about, they use these devices in barbers and the vibrations are at a cool, low-pressure setting"

 You nodded and allowed them to continue,

Cosmo installed and switched on the hair vacuum system, 

 Ansalong took the brush from Ricky and continued brushing your hair as Ricky picked up a blowdryer and dried your hair with the cooled heat as Ansalong pulled it back with the brush, Ricky then got some scissors out of a drawer and grasped them in his hands while he gave the front, back and sides of your head a bit of a trim,

as he clipped and snipped the locks, Ansalong put the brush down and got out the vacuum attachment device, it was a small but clean simple device with a nozzle attached, as she switched it on and held up the nozzle starting to clear out some of the just cut hairs, it felt strange,it gave off an unfamiliar sensation, as you could feel the heavy nozzle sucking up the loose hairs.

she held onto the vacuum as she moved it around as Ricky finished the trim,

this was a strange treatment to have as you could hear the loud noises of the device as your hair was stroked with it.

Ricky then took the vacuum device from Ansalong, he gave the hair one final once over moving the nozzle along with the hair delicately getting rid of the debris.

he said, looking down at you as he engulfed the hair with the device

"the sound takes a bit of getting used to, but this won't take long, I'm just sweeping off the remaining pieces of hair while also thoroughly cleaning it out "

the heat absorbed each strand and lock letting out a warm gust of air, as he moved it around, lightly absorbing the debris,

To look in the mirror and see you having your hair vacuumed and cleaned out like that of a dog at a grooming salon having their matted fur looked at, this procedure was odd.

But it didn't take too much time, the warm feeling was quite nice, you noticed that while when Ansalong used the device it felt heavy, strange and rough but when Ricky was handling the device it felt softer, lighter and more gentle.


Ansalong held the hair back as Ricky moved the device around smoothly, lightly brushing and absorbing off any bits of hair that had been left behind.

he eventually finished hoovering as he put the attachment back and switched the device off,

Ansalong took off the cape while Ricky gave you a mirror

"You're done now, What do you think?" they asked as they handed you a mirror

you said, "Wow! I look amazing, it's not too short but not too long either I am the spitting image of (insert the name of your idol here)

Ansalong cheered, "We're happy that your happy, you're still as beautiful as ever"


afterwards, they lightly cleaned some dust off your eyelashes and added lip balm to your lips 

Ansalong picked up the lip balm as she lightly rotated it around your lips, adding a few skin creams on your face, Cosmo rubbed them in while Ricky took a small cold face cloth and delicately wiped the dust off your eyelashes,

you felt refreshed, yeah it involved some odd procedures but it worked in the end, you knew Denton was the place for a good makeover.


(Killer Queen Sleepover) (Filthy, Rich and Catflap)

It was the late afternoon, Catflap had a hangover and was trying to take some water to soothe it, Filthy Ralph was having a smoke and Richie Rich was bored until he saw your bike enter his driveway.

he grinned a wide smile as he dashed over to the door to let you in

"Ah! Hello Y/N didn't expect you to pay us a visit, what are you doing at this time of night"

you shrugged soaked by the rain "I just felt like visiting you today, I felt a bit alone, so I thought I'd pop round"

he scrunched up his nose and smiled cheerfully as he hugged you "Awww~ that's so nice of you, well you won't be alone with me about, let's have a sleepover"

he pranced about the house like a gleeful fawn in a forest, a drowsy catflap awoke from his hangover nap, distracted 

"What are you on about, Richie? and who's in our house is it another journo or one of those internet stalkers?"

Richie cheerfully corrected him "No Eddie, we're having a sleepover night and it's not a journo or a stalker it's our showbiz friend Y/N"  he then pointed to you making finger gun gestures 


Catflap yawned and remembered who you were "Oh it's you, nice to see you again"


Richie felt hyper "Now let's think of all the fun games we're gonna play, Truth or Dare, Makeovers, Netflix and Pin the Tail on the clown


Catflap blinked "if think you mean pin the tail on the donkey?"


Richie gasped melodramatically "Catflap how dare you, they are selfish,  twats who care only about money and their legions of  followers

Catflap moved his eyebrow "so they're like you but worse?"


Richie gave Catflap a small quick slap "Eddie, back then I was young, I was stupid, I did whatever the grown-ups said, I'm older now and more the tail on the clown is different,you take photos of problematic internet personalities only to stick them to a painted canvas and then try to pin the donkey tail on them"


Catflap looked at the camera "Wow, that was an interesting change of character development"


for the rest of the day you were covering Richie's face with makeup while after that you sat on his sofa blanket while he painted your toenails, it was relaxing,


Richie hunched his shoulders up "Next we're going to Netflix and chill"


you spat out the crisp crumb in your mouth, while Catflap burst out laughing "Richie do you know what that means?"


Richie was unsure "hmmm?"


Catflap said, it means shagging, you want to shag Y/N


Richie shouted "I DO NOT, I just want to watch Netflix shows with them"


Catflap frowned "choose your words carefully next time"


next, you and Richie were curled up on the sofa watching a RuPaul All-stars marathon 


halfway through he was shading the judges  "Michelle Visage shut up you cunt,(insert drag queen here)tried their best, stop being so mean to them, some of them are young and new to the drag scene"

near the end, Catflap interrupted again, "Didn't you once get a gig to judge at a RuPaul event"

Richie nodded "Yes I didn't like it one bit, I liked presenting but on the inside, I just wanted to snatch the wig from his pointy little head"

Catflap stared, "Why were you so angry that day, what "problematic thing" did he do that made you so pissed?"

Richie whispered to Catflap what Ru had done that upset him,

Catflap nodded in agreement "perfectly understandable reason working in showbiz makes you know who's great and who's an ignorant git"

 you nodded in agreement, after a few more rounds of Netflix, you felt bored, so you got out your phone and looked at Queen compilations and Freddie mercury interviews while Richie made himself a cup of tea


then he noticed what you were looking at,  he felt quite jovial "Oooooh you like Queen, amazing I adore Freddie mercury, he was such a majestic legend,

you ignored him


he then got an idea he dashed off to his bedroom and arrived back with a box of wigs, costumes, jewellery and a few microphones"

"I know we'll play Queen"

Catflap finished his cigarette "playing Queen?, isn't that what the people in the Bohemian Rhapsody film did?"

Richie was hyper again as he put on a black fringe wig and put on his pyjama top like it was a glam rock top holding the microphone in his hand   "Yes Eddie, but this is roleplay, I'm playing the majestic, elegant, electric Freddie and you can play Roger Taylor the drummer"

Catflap smirked, "does that mean I get to attack you with a guitar?"

Richie tried to quietly reply with "No" but he ended up screaming while getting chased by Catflap menacingly grasping a guitar hero controller in his hand 

you eventually ended up re-creating the Killer Queen music video it was fun apart from Richie's bad singing and then you all sung Bohemian Rhapsody together....badly



Chapter Text

Those days


Remember those times, dancing with drag queens and glam rockers, sipping wine while looking divine


You were more into the popular synth music scene but you had known them before from their appearances on Top of the Pops and the local radio


You frequented a few clubs and got to know some people with famous jobs


It was like any other bash at the club, you’d jive, you’d drink, you’d dance

You never thought you’d see him of all people but there he was on the platform showing a prance.


His ken doll looking attire and hair locks reminded you he was not just a regular club goer but a legend of rock


He shook his shoulders and legs about to the beat after starting a conversation he asked you if you’d like something to eat


You feasted on some chicken before it was time to go, you didn’t go to your place you wanted to see what it was like at his residence


 Garden Lodge it was called, leaves and flowers so bright you could ignore the cloudy fog


He walked as you entered in,off to the kitchen you could see a litter of kittens


Learning that this interesting man treated his cats like his children


You overheard an Irish bloke walking downstairs, he made you feel welcome and at home there


He and the main dude had a thing for each other, that visit showcased a lot of love, cheer and laughter


You met at a few other events, but they weren’t that recurrent touring the world could take up years but when you’d think of the times you spent with him it would make you grin


He taught you theatre,culture and opera, the latter not really being your taste but you liked that operatic collab he did which became quite popular


The last night you reunited was on the set of one of his last videos, where his style appeared that of a more gothic sort of fellow with one of his bandmates' heads being covered by a kettle


He giggled and smirked like before but little did you know that would be the final day you saw him anymore.


His body was not the supersonic sheild it was before, weaker than a snail, his skin felt frail like glass, the medication did barely anything as he was not healing,


Losing balance, his mind feeling like a dissociative trance,it was overtaking him,it wasn’t caught early, so he just kept getting sickly,the lungs not feeling very steady, like the symptoms of a severe cold if they didn’t stop, with the flu additions that wouldn’t leave even when injected with a medicine shot


The aches and exhaustion made him lose his tune, it was autoimmune

After making through 11 horrendous months his body had enough

Like a light with a dead bulb, he was switched off


It took time for you to get over the grief, but after watching the tribute concert you felt a bit of comfort


The world still felt more empty without their mercury


Knowing he would not be on earth again for an eternity


Even with astral lucid dreaming, he could only be viewed via a hologram into the galaxies

there he was in blue pyjamas, his hair greying a bit due to age, but still the same Freddie he always was, you couldn't believe your eyes


“Why are you crying, Darling?”


You sniffled “because you're not here anymore”


“Darling I’m not gone, I just no longer have a place on this planet, it was my bad health that caused it”


You nodded trying to hold back the tears, “I know, but the world just feels so bland without you brightening our lives up with your larger than life personality”


“Grief is hard dear, I know that before I got the viral autoimmune disease some of my ex-lovers had it, but you still have the memories when I was feeling like nothingness I still wanted to make art to amaze the masses”


“B-but the research is better now you could’ve made it”


“I know, but you can’t change the past, not many people were as educated then about the disease’s effects and because it wasn’t caught early the more I ignored it the more severe my symptoms would get”

“Then what are you now?”


“A ghost, an angel, a Beelzebub, one of the spiritual creatures, you can’t see these invisible wings, I prefer to glide instead, I and Jim are still together, always and forever, with Deliah, Goliath and my entire cat and kitty family


“I am a spirit I collect energies, I occasionally visit earth anyway, I can’t be seen though, being on earth now is like always wearing an invisible cloak, not always being able to clearly see humans interact and joke,


“I sightsee for cats, I wonder for Brian and Roger overhearing them having chats, taking photos of this future, the timeframe your living in even if you can’t physically see me”


“Yeah, thanks Freddie, thanks for everything, the music, the garden lodge nights, I will always think of you when I look into the light”


He smiled as he shook your hand politely and kissed your cheek “It’s ok Darling, I’ve always been here dear, now go and enjoy that beautiful future you have there ”


You awoke from your dream,you realised your laptop was asleep,you clicked it on and the final audio line of “These were the days of the Lives was shown “I still love you” as Freddie smiled at the camera in the black and white coloured set disappearing into the distance


It reminded you of your necromantical experience but the connection was probably just a nice concidence.

Chapter Text

Alan B'stard (Adam AU!):

Adam was Alan's successor, he inherited a lot from his old man, his wit, his luscious good looks, his charm and his lack of luck with love

technically he had a whole demon possession thing with his dad's soul at times controlling him, Adam didn't really talk about politics much, he cared more about music, memes, photography and other things 

he had recently found out you had become quite run down, you were sneezing constantly and just felt miserable he decided to pay you a visit,

he tapped at the door, as you waddled over you opened it,

"Morning Y/N, just thought I'd stop by for a visit"

"Well there's not much to see," you remarked as you stood in your sweaty dressing gown, about to sneeze again

Adam raised his eyebrow quietly responding in a similar way his late dad would've "Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear"

you yawned once back on the sofa, 

he clasped his hands "You're not feeling well are you?"

you nodded as grabbed another bunch of tissues

while curled up in your sofa watching whatever Netflix on demand show interested you

Adam was washing your dishes and cleaning your apartment,

you turned your head for a second "Oi! what are you doing?"

he grinned "I'm looking after you"

you scoffed "I'm not a baby"

he winked "you're my baby"

he then wrapped his arms around  you 

once you eventually got better you listened to Queen records and went out eating somewhere.


Drop Dead Fred:

He was here, there and everywhere, a jolly green giant living in your imagination, as you got older you didn't think of him as much but you would occasionally visit each other through the realms.

this time though you weren't well, you had a whopper of a headache and stomachache, your mouth felt like washing detergent as you coughed excessively.

then a puff of smoke flashed behind your bedroom door,

as you saw your imaginary friend, Drop Dead Fred walk quietly inside as he had on a green nurse uniform and hat instead of his usual suit.

 "Morning Y/N,"

you groaned in response, "Morning"

he turned his head at you "I hear you're not feeling well"

you let out a loud cough while nodding

he smiled softly "let's make you feel better"

Drop Dead Fred dashed off downstairs only to reappear again in a puff of smoke holding a hot water bottle, medicine and other things

He rested the hot water bottle, over your stomach, provided some cookies in case you were hungry and some paracetamol 

he took out the spoon and poured the medicine as he attempted to aim the spoon at your mouth, you resisted as you didn't trust him of all people with medicine, but like that scene in Nanny McPhee, he shoved the medicine down and you felt a bit better after a while,

 after you had taken the rest of your medicine, you appeared to be on the road to recovery, Fred picked up some of the biscuits and offered them, you then ate each one in a single bite 

you then watched some tv with him as you chuckled to yourself "Thank you for helping me" Fred grinned and said "They don't call me Nurse Drop Dead Fred for nothing" "I can't play with you when you're ill, have some rest and we can mess around like usual tomorrow"


"I'd like that," you said as you then ate more biscuits.





Richie and Eddie usually wouldn't have neighbours over, but you were the exception

sometimes you'd play Cards against humanity together, other times you'd see each other at the Lamb and Flag, they seemed like nice blokes despite their moronic moments.

However this time you weren't feeling too good,

you stumbled inside their flat "Hey, Rich, Edman how are you?"

you then collapsed onto their sofa

Eddie got up before you fell "uh hello?"

you coughed giving the thumbs up 

Richie and Eddie looked concerned as they saw their pal crashed on their sofa, feeling shaky, nauseous and hazy

"Was it something they've eaten?" Eddie shrugged as he waddled over to the fridge to get himself a drink, while Richie had just now noticed what was going on 

Richie ran up to you unsure as he felt your forehead "Are you feeling alright?"

you had a bit of a coughing fit as Richie's hands felt ice cold as he had just finished washing the dishes 

"No, I've caught something, I'm not sure what it's some sort of infection"

Eddie hiccuped as he downed his beer  "an Infection, I BEG YOUR PARDON"

Richie pelted a frying pan at Eddie's face, "Not that type of infection Eddie, a viral infection"

you sneezed, Eddie then realized what was up"So old mucker you're not feeling great?"

you shook your head as you held in another sneeze, Eddie looked away so he didn't catch it

Richie observed what was going on as he went on over to the cupboard "Hang on I think I've got paracetamol in here", he took out the pills and dissolved them in a soft drink as he brought the concoction over the coffee table.

you picked up the drink "Thanks Richie"  as you started drinking the medicine, 

 Richie and Eddie then talked amongst themselves while you finished 

Richie then walked over to feel your forehead again "Feeling any better?"

you yawned, "Yeah, I'm a bit tired though", he asked "would you like a blanket?", you simply nodded

Richie went into the storeroom to look for a fresh blanket and brought it back downstairs to pull it over 

you felt relaxed under the blanket as you slept, Eddie, however, was mocking Richie for how unusually nice he was being, Eddie made silly gestures "Oh would you like a blanket Richie, would you like me to get your bottle too?" he then laughed stupidly irritating Richie who responded  "Shut up you bastard"

they ended up chasing each other, arguing and then eating as it was time for tea, they just had a tv dinner to save time.

Richie was threatening to attack Eddie with a frying pan again only for you to awaken into a fit of laughter,

Richie quickly slammed the pan into Eddie's head before he walked up to the sofa you were resting on 

"Someones better, you feeling ok mate?" 

you nodded 

for the rest of the day now you were well again, you had some of the tv dinners with Richie and Eddie, even in between their squabbles, they were delightful neighbours to have, between your chuckles you mumbled: "you two are cute together, are you sure you're, not a couple?"


Richie and Eddie dropped their jaws, blushing at each other, Eddie didn't know what to say "Uhhhhh", Richie grinned and said, "Oh Yes, we signed a marriage forum and everything, we've been together since the 90s"


Eddie said, "No you didn't, I made you sign that I thought it was the debt we owed that one time and I thought you were closeted about your sexuality Mr Not Strictly heterosexual Richie


Richie covered Eddie's mouth, so you couldn't hear what he had said, he laughed "Aha!,Good Old Eddie, Joking around, as usual, he doesn't like telling people we're a couple"

Eddie was about to choke on his food but Richie was too busy reminiscing  

"Richie, you stupid git, I'm dying over here"

Richie turned his head "Eddie? what is going on?"

you mumbled "I think he's choking on something"

Richie clapped his hands together "right" 

he did some back blows and the Heimlich manoeuvre

eventually, Eddie had stopped choking 

just as Eddie had spat out the food his eyes had locked onto Richie, who was standing behind him smiling

he then delivered a kiss, Eddie actually didn't mind it   he cheerfully I said "I hate you"

Richie grinned back "I hate you too Eddie"

Chapter Text

It was a dark, quiet night in London

Not many people were around and you were on your way home

But something wasn’t right, just as you were making your way onto the street

You could see a dark blue shadowy figure with a cartoonish looking face giving off a ghostly sort of vibe, it screeched a high pitched screech “hahahaha mortal you're trapped

As it grabbed you by the arm, making you cornered


You gulped you had never experienced something like this before, the evil creature then covered your mouth as you could feel smoke rising from its nose as it felt you were being hypnotised


“Get the hell away from me” you yelled as the creature made your voice unheard,


The smoke made you feel like you were hallucinating

“Foul human, a foolish meaningless creature, nothing to contribute to the world, your nothing but food to me, another lost soul to feast on,your pathetic, worthless and should die”


While you knew these were lies, they wouldn’t escape your mind, as you had heard these words before it was like a combination of all the insults you had been called throughout the years”


“Leave Me Alone,I’m not worthless,your worthless” you screamed


But nobody could hear you,


“Nobody would care,Nobody would know, you nasty being,you will never escape,you will be stuck in this eternity of sorrow, there’s no point just die”


It literally felt like all your darkest thoughts had been personified into this horrible creature, it was like something out of a film, but this was real, was this a supernatural or extraterrestrial experience


You couldn’t scream,you wouldn’t be heard anyway, you felt like this was it this was how it would end


...but then out of nowhere a flash of light could be seen from nearby


You saw someone,you couldn’t fully see his face,just a shadow but then it was like his silhouette dazzled before your eyes


He stood in a battle stance,holding a moon shaped wand,as he grasped it, he had short strawberry blonde hair in a fringe, he was quite a beautiful man,he had on some casual clothes a black shirt and jeans but as he spun the wand he suddenly glided and transformed into a battle uniform, it was similar to outfits out of those anime cartoons, he had on a star choker, bow,sailor looking shirt and skirt, gloves,lace knee-length socks and long boots with star assets at the top


“How dare you feed on people’s fears, insecurities and bad memories”


He yelled as he got up and started to fight the creature”


You, unfortunately, were kind of being trapped and interrogated by the creature


He got into another battle stance “I'm the pretty suited sailor guardian of love, kindness and surrealism Sailor Moon ! Otherwise known as the one and only Rik Mayall in this universe and In the name of the moon , I will punish you!) (so piss off you bastard)


He grinned as he spun his wand


You could see magical energy rising from the wand as he struck the creature with it


For someone so pathetic and hateful, why do you waste time hurting others, haven’t you got anything else to do,well you feed on that and lost souls,using their fears against them, I’d say that’s very nasty of you so do me and the innocent soul a favour and PISS OFF!”


The piss off part of the insult was loud,very loud, so loud the creature grasped onto their ears to hide the vibrations it was giving off


“Make it stop,Make it stop, you think your so funny” the creature groaned as it started to melt like a popsicle stick


Rik smirked and winked “Of Course, I’m one of the funniest people in the universe”


The creature then melted and turned into some glass crystal shards


Rik kicked the shards into the abyss as he clapped his hands together before he grabbed hold of you as he went from gliding to flying


he and you were then back on the ground, but he was still hugging you, he then stopped hugging you,you kinda liked the hug though, it felt nice, he was soft like a teddy bear and it was sweet of him to fight off the creature for you


“Are you alright?” he asked smiling concerned as he tilted his head


You nodded, “that was a shock, it was like that creature was using all my fears,bad memories and insecurities against me”


He looked at the sky


“That’s what they do, their mood controlled death insects, they are corrupt creatures that will harm anyone and the universe if not eradicated”


You were still a bit taken aback about it


“That’s awful,thanks for helping though…”


You moved your head to the side and timidly asked


“Are you really….the Rik Mayall?”


He smirked cheerfully “the one and only”


“And your welcome, anything to help one of my people”


You smiled back


He then said, “Remember that everything the creature told you, is meaningless don’t listen to cunts like them, your a wonderful individual and you were made with a meaning, if you don’t know it now you’ll know in the future, be free,live a good life”


He smiled as you gave him one final hug before he transformed back into his usual self as you both walked back home.

Chapter Text

(The Young Ones):

The sun shone through your room as you tossed and turned from your bed,you rolled around in your bed, for a while,you felt sweaty and half awake,you could overhear pan's rattling,furniture crashing and music being blasted downstairs,you could hear vague yelling and muttering from your roommates,you slept in for a while longer,until you could hear some squeaky creaks from outside your door, when you awoke you could vaguely see a tall androgynous man in front of you, with a brown fringe and pigtails wearing a dark purple dressing gown covering his stripy pyjamas.

he walked along your room, he scoffed and then peered down at your sleepy face, he lightly felt your forehead,

Rick quickly changed his frown to a cheerful grin 

"Wakey-Wakey" he cheerfully greeted

you yawned and then scratched your neck a bit before sitting up 

"Good Morning Rick,"

he let out a snorting laugh as he moved the blanket away

"Ready to start the day?"

you nodded as you got out of bed and he walked with you outside into the hallway

only to dash downstairs into the kitchen where Neil and Vyvyan were sitting at the table about to have breakfast


(Shock Treatment):

 Your room was padded like a mattress, you couldn't see the sun, you had a small bed, nightstand and desk of some belongings but not much else, there was a small window which was blinded,you tossed and turned from your small hospital bed, you felt cosy in your room even if it was a bit small, however, because you enjoyed your sleep you hadn't had noticed that it was the morning, until you could overhear some rattling and clinking...

keys were adjusting as a young male nurse flung open the door, he had on a light blue shirt with a small grey bowtie with light blue stripes, he undid the window blinds and then walked over to your bedside.

"Good Morning Y/N"

his soft-sounding British accent echoed through your ears, you liked him, you usually weren't a fan of doctors and nurses, but the staff at Dentonvale were different, well sort of, Cosmo and Nation, the bosses of the establishment were stern and would bicker often,but Rest home Ricky and his sweetheart Nurse Ansalong were more calm and kind.

you twitched your eyes slightly as you were now awake  "Morning Rest home Ricky"


he grinned cheerfully "Now that's what my colleagues call me, but you just call me Ricky"


you understood and said "Ok! Ricky, what're the plans for today?"


Ricky got out a checklist on his phone and explained "Well first we're going to get you some breakfast, your going to have a wash and brush your teeth and then you can choose to either relax in your room or go to the re-creation room to talk to other patients or to just have fun, play video games, go on the internet, watch tv, that kinda thing, Ansalong will give you a check-up and that'll be it"


you shivered "and what if I need injections?"


Ricky said, "It depends, I'll see if we have any oral syringes left that have no needles, I could get you the medicine in pill form which I'll dissolve in a drink for you, but we'll see what Ansalong says,"



 (Filthy, Rich and Catflap)

you were a showbiz pal having stayed the night at Richie Rich's house, Catflap was gardening outside while having a smoke and you were indoors just slumped over the sofa sleeping under a blanket

only to be awoken by the ear-screeching sound of Richie pranching about the room, singing "So Long, Far well" from the musical The Sound of Music,you tried to stay asleep but Richie was way too loud not to notice, he cheered as jovial as a cheerleader but you wouldn't move from your sofa, Richie then dragged Catflap inside with a megaphone.


Now! you were awoken as you stumbled off the sofa

Richie gasped "Catflap how dare you!, I asked you to awake them not to scare them"

Catflap scoffed "I'm your minder I do whatever I'm told to do"

Richie helped hold your hand as you stepped back up  "Sorry about that Y/N,I have the tendency to sing musical showtunes early in the morning,"

he then smirked and clasped his hands together "Now! Catflap what's for breakfast?"

Catflap sighed "How should I know? I don't cook"

Richie was a bit fed up "Look Eddie I'm not asking for Gordon Ramsay levels of food making but a pancake or two would be nice"

Chapter Text

*Wheels on the bus*

There was a new student at Class K-12 and they had just stepped into the bus ready for the first day of hell.

They walked in with their lacy frilled blue uniform with a heart stitched on the front, they found a seat and looked out the window, listening to music on their phone as the other students started to arrive,

A few seats behind two boys were sitting, a punk boy with a dyed orange trihawk and the other boy had a strawberry blonde fringe with pigtails at the back tied in bows,

They tilted their heads slightly and peeked over, the punk boy said, “Who’s the new person?” in his gravelly nasally voice, the boy in the pigtails simply shrugged as he glanced at you

“I don’t know”, the boy in the trihawk noticed his pal glancing at you, the pigtailed boy blushed as he didn’t notice that he had been stared at, the punk boy smirked at his pal as he stared back 

“You like them don’t you?”,   his pal was suddenly flustered and  embarrassed “I do not!”

Across the aisle there was another boy, a short but smartly dressed gentleman with a sliced back black haircut and sunglasses who was making love to one of the girls, he had his hand up her skirt and she had her hand down his pants 

In between singing and almost passing a cliff, some smoke could be seen but it wasn’t from outside it was from the tall long-haired boy at the back, who was smoking some weed, he ended up passing some joints around to whoever wanted them

 *The Principle*

You were sent to the principal's office, some fight happened and you were accidentally dragged into it, as you walked in you could see the two boys from before, the punk boy was eating a tin of baked beans and the boy in the pigtails was reading a novel, 


“Oh hey I remember you, what are you in for?”

The punk boy put down his spoon and said “I’m Vyvyan and in here for a fight, I caused with this twat”

The pigtailed boy scoffed as he put his novel down  “and I’m Rick and I’m here for the same ruddy reason”

You asked them a question, “This place is so weird, it’s like Matilda, I mean there’s puppet humiliation shows, class fights and outdated ideas, what is up with this place

Vyvyan swallowed his baked beans and said “It’s Prison that’s what it is and we’re his little guinea pigs”, Rick interrupted “medication is given to the students you know, it’s brainwashing its authoritarianism, the cruel bastards” 


You were shocked as you gasped, “Does this so-called principal now what the hell is going on!”

Vyvyan and Rick looked up and started to sing 

“Sneaky, greedy, money-seeking”  the punk 

Always peeping, fucking creeping

Got it on the down-low

So you think you're always squeaky

What if I had told your mother

Her son was a cruel motherfucker, huh-ah?


The boy in the pigtails sung the next few lines 


“When you come and hurt us just so you can get your money

Forced to follow the leader who's being possessed by demons!”


I've tried to make you listen, but you won't, it's your way, right?

Killing kids all day and night, prescription pills and online fights

Shooting at the angels while claiming you're the good guy

All you want is cash and hype

“Fuck our dreams and that's not right”


The principal

Oh, where's the principle?

Oh, where's the principle?

Oh, where's the principle?

Oh, where's the principle?

Oh, where's the principle?


Complicated, overrated

You're fixated and elated

By the separation in this place that you've created

Fuck all of your rules and guidelines

You shouldn't even be on the sidelines


Can't you see that we're all hurtin'?

If you're not teaching, we're not learnin'

Excuse me, how much are you earnin'?


I've tried to make you listen, but you won't, it's your way, right?

Killing kids all day and night, prescription pills and online fights

Shooting at the angels while claiming you're the good guy

All you want is cash and hype

Fuck our dreams and that's not right


The principal

Oh, where's the principle?

Oh, where's the principle?

Oh, where's the principle?

Oh, where's the principle?

Oh, where's the principle?


You don't know the pain that you are causing

Yeah, your actions hurt, so do your words

The more you try to fuck us over

We will be there yelling at your front door


I'm trying to make you listen, but you won't, it's your way, right?


 *Nurses Office*

In class, you  spaced out, collapsed and it felt like you were a porcelain doll that had broken into pieces, you were then in a stretcher being rolled around the infirmary, you could see a doctor with a bald head and some glasses, he grinned as he said “Hello, I’m Cosmo McKinnley and this is my sister Nation”, then a nurse with curly ginger hair appeared next to him she said, “I’m Nation McKinnley”


You found this a bit unsettling, the bald guy sounded like a villain from a comic book and nation wasn’t that different,  

Then two other nurses appeared, one was a tall woman with brown hair tied back in a ponytail, she seemed very jovial as she leapt along the room,the other nurse was a young man, He had on a light blue shirt, trousers and  a small grey bowtie with light blue stripes over his neck, he had a strawberry blonde fringe.


Cosmo gestured to the two nurses and said “and this is Nurse Ansalong and Rest Home Ricky”


Nation said, “We hope you enjoy your stay at Dentonvale, now let’s get the root of the problem” “you appear to be feeling in despair, some medicine shall do just the ticket”


Ansalong pranced over with a syringe in hand, you resisted and shivered as she walked closer

 “Ahahaha! No nopety nope, I’m not getting an injection today, not happening, Nah, it’s a no my dude”


Rest home Ricky followed Ansalong while he held a small bottle of medicine, “aha! Injections aren’t pleasant, here’s something to help numb the pain” he took out a small spoon, and poured some of the numbing medicine onto it and delivered it into your mouth, just as you swallowed one of the spoonfuls, Ansalong had injected you, it hurt a lot,

as you yelped and screamed "ah that hurts!",  Rest Home Ricky continued pouring the medicine as he was reassuring you "I know, this numbing solution is going to soothe that", after you had swallowed the rest of the numbing medicine, Rest Home Ricky administered the next jab,

you looked unsure as you saw him squeeze the syringe while he held it in his hand,  "R-Ricky what are you doing with that?",   Rest Home Ricky put on an innocent smile and said "It's your last shot for today, don't worry, this won't take long" he then lightly pressed the syringe into your arm and lightly cleaned the injection site with some tissue.

you paused as you processed some mild pain in your arm, unlike the first shot it wasn't as painful...

once you had started to settle,Ansalong and Ricky disposed of the needles as Rest Home Ricky walked back up to you "How do you feel?" 

you mumbled "I'm ok,I'm shaking a bit and I feel very tired"


Ricky said, "That's a side effect of the medicine, looks like someone needs a nap"

Ricky and Nurse Ansalong grabbed onto the stretcher and brought it into another part of the Nurses Office,you were taken off the stretcher and placed into a hospital bed


you snuggled under the covers, as you started to sleep until the next day when you awoken by Ansalong and Rest Home Ricky, who had prepared breakfast.


you didn’t mind being in Denton, it was quieter than the rest of K-12 and sometimes it was nice to talk to the nurses.

Chapter Text

you were visiting the realms once again, 

the new college week was going well and you were wondering what Rik was up to.

he would play old Fleetwood Mac and Queen records on his record player, he worked as a dog walker part-time and he'd sometimes tag along with David Bowie at local pubs, he, Bowie and some other spirits like Freddie Mercury, George Michael and Pete Burns would chill together,afterlife looked like a big seaside, other times a big city.

The visits were fun, whether they involved you just relaxing on his sofa while he played old rock and blues records, as you had some biscuits and tea as he would sit next to you asking you about your day or telling some detailed anecdote about his past.....or if the visits involved tagging along while he, David, George, Pete and Freddie were hanging out or having one of their gossip discussions,Freddie and George would sometimes give sassy remarks,David and Rik would be quite chill...unless a past controversy was brought up and Pete would be the voice of reason.


sometimes the conversations were funny such as the time he had learnt that Freddie Mercury wasn't good at looking after plants even though his own house was called Garden Lodge.

he was talking about when his pal Tim Curry had made a garden for him, but he was so busy with his Queen tour he forgot the most basic thing about looking after plants.....watering them

Freddie finished his conversation, "he said "Did you water it?" and I was like "Water it dear", the rest of the spirits were either cringing or laughing their asses off, Freddie was confused "What?, What is it?"  Rik stopped laughing and got his head off the table "Freddie, watering is one of the most basic essentials you need for looking after a garden"   

after the rest of the spirits had finished laughing, Rik offered to help teach Freddie how to properly look after plants,

Rik walked around Freddie's new garden as Freddie was still a bit confused "so you water it?"  and rik said, "Yes, the plants, the flowers, everything!"


he thought for a while about what plant Freddie could use to practice gardening with, "you see Freddie what you need is a cactus plant, they’re small and easy to water"  Freddie responded with "aren’t those the plants you see in western films" Rik simply cringed internally "yes"

he liked walking dogs part-time,he owned a few dogs as well,always petting them,cuddling them and giving them treats at meal time "

"Dinner time!" *he called for his dogs*   *his dogs ran up as he laughed before pouring some dog food into the bowls*



other times....they were quite sad once they were talking about death, the causes of it and the dates that they had died.


He burst into tears near the end of the conversation, he really missed being alive,he felt like he didn’t expect it to happen,he felt really sad about it.


Pete tried to keep the conversation calm, Bowie was just kinda neutral about it, Freddie was a bit unhappy and George was just quiet for most of it.  After that Rik would stay indoors drinking and reading old photo albums, he rarely got visitors but then the more he spent time with the other spirits he felt slightly less lonely than before.

he enjoyed having visitors around whether it was just you or you and the other spirits,