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The One Where "Shinsou" Goes Back In Time

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Being a pro-hero was all Hitoshi ever wanted. He wasn’t prepared to be ambushed by villains on the way home from a junk food run for his husband and their friends though. It was supposed to be quick. Just to the gas station and back. He only needed chips and sodas. Now he was in the middle of a battle with villains in his civilian clothes. He could have at the least been wearing his eye cover, but no. He was caught pretty off guard seeing as they were on his bad side and the men were silent. He was attentive enough to realize they were there before he was hit. The man had jumped at him and made quite a loud noise whilst lifting off which caused Hitoshi to turn towards the man and he as given enough time and gifted with fast enough reflexes to block the man’s attack he wasn’t gifted with knowing these assholes quirks though and he couldn’t get a word in before he was suddenly no longer in the dark alley at night. The next thing he knew he was rolling on the floor of a brightly lit field. It wasn’t brightly lit because it had powerful lights but because it was suddenly day. He rolled into a ready stance after being suddenly thrust into the light. He looked around and not only realized his position but also the people around him that are also in a ready stance. They were ready to fight, but he wouldn’t fight them. He knew he would lose to his heroes. He slowly straightened out and slowly moved his hand into his pocket.

“Don’t worry I am just getting my ID.” He could tell that this was during his time at UA because Aizawa clearly had a scar under his eye, but his dad obviously didn’t recognize him with his blind eye. So he figured he was either in late 1st year or anytime during 2nd year. He removed his hero identification and tossed towards the teachers. Aizawa cautiously approached the ID and looked at it. He read it carefully.

“You expect me to believe this identification?” He asked him with a slight snort.

“Honestly?” he asked looking into his father’s eyes, “You should know your son when you see him. I believe it was a time quirk. Whoever the user has their hands on gets sent back. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

“Why would it send you here?” Aizawa asks as he tosses Hitoshi’s ID back at him. Unfortunately, his father had thrown just out of range of his right eye and he would have needed his left eye to see the toss. So he got hit with his ID.

“I don’t really know. I was only on a junk run and then I was attacked.” Aizawa shook his head.

“I’m just really having a hard time believing-”

“I know I would too, sir, but I’m here now and I don’t really have anywhere else to go.” Aizawa waved off the others and approached Hitoshi.

"So are you really Hitoshi?" Looking into his eyes trying to tell if the next thing he says is a lie.

"Yeah, it's me."

"What happened to you?"

"Had a lab accident with Mei during third year. I lost one of my eyes and she lost most of her hearing."

"How does that even happen?"

"It was really my fault I should have been wearing eye protection even though we were just passing through. Some faulty gear that was in there for repairs blew up when Mei accidentally bumped the table it was on. The blast shot her ears and a piece of shrapnel got lodged in my eye. I wouldn't change a thing though. It gives me character and an edge factor over the villains that don't religiously keep up with underground hero sightings. If people don't know what it came from it makes me seem kind of cool. But, because I wouldn't change it so let's keep that fact on the down low."

"Yeah. No a problem. So what do you do now?"

"I don't really know. I vaguely remember class 1-A talking about how cool I am in the future, but I didn't know that I actually went back in time. So I think class 1-A finds me or something."

"Well if that's what you remember. Should we even try to keep this a secret?" Aizawa asks gesturing in his general direction.

"I think as long as I don't bump into myself I'm going to be okay."

"Well at the least let us get you to the principal." He turns and walks away from Hitoshi toward the other pros that were still eyeing him warily. Hitoshi picks up his ID and tucks it safely back in his pocket he follows him. As he walks by the rest of the teachers he tries to smile politely, but he always was nervous around other pros. Whether it was when he was in school or when he became a pro. He never really knew what to do with eyes on him and if he was with a well-known pro there were bound to be a lot of eyes on him. It was one of the reasons why he was always very wary when around his other dad. Even when he had his hair down and was wearing something normal he still caught a lot of eyes because it is kind of hard to miss him. Hitoshi loved his other dad more than anything because he always made sure Hitoshi feel comfortable in any situation. There were times when he just couldn't speak but he could always sign a conversation with his dad. When he passed "Present Mic" Hitoshi signed him a hello and was on his way. Present Mic and Yamada Hizashi were two very different people. Not everyone knew that, but Hitoshi knew. Present Mic was a fearless and very media present hero, but Yamada Hizashi was a very tired, very overworked father who barely ever got to see his children. It wasn't like Hitoshi or Eri minded that he was never there and Hizashi knew that they didn't mind it, but he still wished that he could be there more often. Later in life, Hitoshi and Hizashi worked together on many cases, but it wasn't the same. Hizashi had finally had enough when one-day everything was the same old same old and the next he was being told to clear a whole week in May because his son was getting married. He didn't even know he was dating and now he is getting married. His radio shows are more spread than every night. He doesn't do as many interviews and commercials as he once did. He doesn't promote as many products as he once did. He is a lot more happy and well rested now that he has time to sleep and talk to his family. But right now, Hitoshi could feel the eyes on him. He hid his left hand blocking the ring from view as he still didn't have enough confidence to even let the colorful gems glint in the light. He wasn't ashamed of the ring because he loved it and the husband that came with it, but he didn't have the confidence to proudly state he was married to the Number 2 Pro Hero Demolition, or Katsuki to Hitoshi. When they got to principal Nedzu's office he took his hand out of his pocket and looked at the ring. Aizawa looked over at him and the ring.

"That's a nice ring you got there." Hitoshi looked back up at him.

"Oh, thank you."

"You don't wear rings now and it's on your left hand, so who came with it?"

"Promise you won't laugh?" He asked.

"Oh, you know how I am laughing my ass off at every minute thing," Aizawa replied while looking at Hitoshi with a blank face. Hitoshi looked back down at the ring and let out a sigh.

"Yeah, I know."

"So who did this ring come with?" He asked picking up Hitoshi's hand and closely examining it. "It really is a lovely ring."

"Bakugou Katsuki." Hitoshi plainly stated while looking down at the ring with his dad. "I can't ever seem to keep my eyes off of it. It just reminds me of him."

"Tell me about it."


"The ring, tell me about it."

"Oh uh, the style is called infinity, it is set with purple alexandrite, red tourmaline, and diamonds. The metal is tungsten carbide, and I'm beginning to think that you didn't want me to tell you what the ring was made of." Aizawa slightly shrugged his shoulders.

"I was kind of referring to the story of how you got it and about the person that gave it to you, but if you want to go into specifics about the make I can ask what the gem cut is." Hitoshi puts his face into his hands and groaned.

"Today has been very long." He stated whilst rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes. "For me, it was just about to end too. Now it is like mid-day."

"Actually school hasn't even started yet." Aizawa corrected and Hitoshi let out another pained cry.

"I can't sleep though Katsuki and I have been waiting for each other to sleep and if I fall asleep and throw off my sleep schedule Katsuki can and will kill me." Aizawa laughed at this and Hitoshi gave him a pointed glare.

"Sorry, sorry. It's just the Hitoshi has many different opinions on sleep and Katsuki."

"The Bakugou's are an acquired taste to be completely honest. You already know how Mitsuki can be."

"Yeah. Does she get any better?" Aizawa asked showing some genuine concern for his future son in law he supposes. Hitoshi looks off into the distance sadly.

"A lot happens between now and where I am." He says with a soft voice. "I finally understand how you felt when I kept declining your offers of help."

"Oh, you stop declining help at some point?" He asked with some surprise and the other looks at him in his face and closes his eyes and sighs. Hitoshi sat in one of the waiting seats gripped his knees to steady his slightly panicked breathing.

"Yes, fortunately for all of us. I just really didn't know what to do. I know that you were offering obvious help, but I just didn't want to get hurt more. I remember when the school called my foster father in for a parent-teacher meeting. The night he got the call he locked me in that cold and dank basement. I'm sure you can get my DNA from that basement door from how much I scratched at it trying to get out. Then after the meeting, I was forbidden from ever seeing you again because he didn't want me gaining a mind of my own and coming to the conclusion that I can be treated as a human and that I could potentially be happy." Aizawa sat next to him and placed a hand on Hitoshi's arm that was closest to him.

"I didn't know that was why you avoided me in the hallways after that." Hitoshi nodded and sighed.

"Like I said a lot happens from this point to where I am."

"And you think telling me all of this isn't going to change anything."

"I think me telling you all of this is going to give you the calm reaction that you did have when I told you everything. Which trust me I really needed." Nedzu opened his office door and let out one seething Bakugou Katsuki. Hitoshi slightly smiled at the breathless stare that Katsuki had given him when he did notice him. He smiled and signed a quick greeting to the young boy before being motioned into the old principal's office. He smiled at the rat bear mouse person thing, Nedzu. Nedzu was still breathing and kicking, but he was no longer the principal. He had decided to retire only a few months after he and Bakugou got married. These past four years All Might had taken the position of principal as everyone else came to the general consensus that they liked their positions. At first, the position was offered to Present Mic, but since it was during the time he was spending with his family he respectfully declined. After that, there was really nobody else to take the position, but him. All of that has no meaning now as he is sitting in front of Nedzu who was offering him a cup of tea. He waved his hand off in a dismissive gesture that he had picked up from the man that was doing the same thing at his side.

"So who are you and why are you here?" Of course, Nedzu had no idea what was going on. To be frank, neither did Hitoshi or Shouta.

"Oh, well I am Bakugou Hitoshi, technically to you Shinsou Hitoshi. I am here because of some time manipulation quirk I should be here until someone catches him and makes him reverse the effects or until he does it himself." He did his best to sound professional, but on the inside, he was freaking out. There was a weighty pause between the three while Nedzu started at Hitoshi.

"Bakugou...." He slightly trailed off looking out his window.

"That's what you are thinking about?" Aizawa was exasperated, to say the least. A time like this and Nedzu contemplates his son's new last name.

"Well yes, everything else makes some kind of sense. He looks like an older Shinsou, but Bakugou...." Nedzu stares at him and Hitoshi let out a small snort.

"Yes, I am a Bakugou which was very hard to come to terms with, but in the next few years, he grows a lot. He is quite the lovable person now." He replies with a small smile coming to his husband's defense when the other male is unable to.

"Bakugou just left my office for disorderly conduct. So please excuse me if I am having a hard time believing that he procures a husband, much less someone like you." Hitoshi laughs awkwardly and his dad looks over to him.

"Right, well what should we do?"

"Do you remember anything specific from the past?"

"I don't remember meeting future me, but I do remember being told that I am going to end up really awesome. I always did pass that off as Kirishima just being Kirishima, but everyone else agreed with him."

"That honestly could have just been Kirishima being Kirishima, but with everyone agreeing that is something completely different."Hitoshi nodded lightly in agreement. "Well then, I would just be careful of seeing yourself other than that. I guess stay with Aizawa so we know you won't go mysteriously missing." Hitoshi nods and nervously laughs once more. Aizawa smirks and pats his back.

"Then let's get going, Hitoshi." They moved out of the office and made their way to class 2-A's room and which wasn't hard to do because at that time the other Hitoshi wasn't even on campus yet, and the future Hitoshi only knew that because he lived it. Every day his "foster family" let him leave at the last possible second for him to leave and still get to school on time. So he knew that his "other self" probably hadn't even been allowed out of the attic. He knew this because he lived it. When they opened the door to the classroom everyone immediately stopped talking, and Hitoshi would swear on his life that h saw a flash of red hair leaping over desks to get to his seat. Hitoshi walked in after Aizawa and he felt all eyes on him. He could see all the eyes on him they were on his good side anyway. The pair stopped in front of Aizawa's desk and looked out at the students. Aizawa leaned over to him.

"I'm going to try to play this off as intentional." Hitoshi nodded and looked over his friends, minus Mineta what a terrible person, and husband's younger forms. He gets chills every time he thinks about how he has a husband and friends in the top 10, and now looking over these people and thinking about how they don't know what happens it disorienting. He remembers how everything was; Midoriya was so small, Todoroki didn't know how to express his feelings properly, neither did Jirou or Bakugou and at this point in time Kirishima probably still kept up with dying his roots religiously and wanted no one to know that his natural color was black. Everything was so different back then it was hard to think about.

"We have a guest today. Behave." Aizawa looked pointedly at everyone, and let Hitoshi have the floor.

"Uh, hi. I'm MindJack." Everyone was staring at him and he took a deep breath. "It's nice to meet you all." This only got more blank stares. "Alright then, my, uh, civilian name is Bakugou Hitoshi." Every girl in the class leaned forward and a few looks were shot to Katsuki. "Oh, by the way, I'm from the future, I guess." He had everyone's attention after that. All eyes were watching him with distinct interest. "So yeah." Aizawa nodded.

"Does anyone have any questions?" Everyone's hand went up. "No? Okay." Hitoshi put a hand on his father's shoulder.

"I'm okay with answering a few questions." He looked over the sea of hands. "Todoroki." He said pointing to Midoriya. "Oh-wait-shit.I meant Midoriya. Goddamnit." He put his head in his hands "What do you want, Izuku?"

"Uh did you just say Todoroki?" Kaminari said. Hitoshi pointed at him.

"Shut. Midoriya what was your question?" He says looking back over to Midoriya, he is really going to have to get used to calling him Midoriya, not Todoroki. It was hard enough to change from calling him Midoriya to Todoroki the first time and just when he finally gets the hang of it he goes back in time. Izuku had always said that it was okay that he called him Midoriya instead of Todoroki, but Hitoshi knew that Deku fought hard for the right to be called by his husband's name because he fought the same fight.

"Did you just call me Todoroki?" Hitoshi stares at him for a whole minute.

"....No? Next question, Mina."

"So Bakugou?"

"Nevermind. We aren't doing this right now." Aizawa laughed lightly and shook his head.

"You can sit over there." He pointed to his desk chair that never seemed to get any use. Hitoshi nodded and carefully took a seat. He watched as Aizawa "taught" homeroom and then effortlessly glided into the next class which he had with them. During breaks, the self-proclaimed Bakusquad crowded around him and pestered him for answers about their futures. He honestly did his best to not reveal any answers and luckily before he completely caved Katsuki came in and saved him which wouldn't be the first time that that had happened. The others had backed down, but they did not leave. They watched as Hitoshi and Katsuki stared at each other.

"So Bakugou?" Katsuki asked to which Hitoshi nodded. Katsuki purses his lips and nods. "I guess I have some thinking to do."

"I don't think you do. I think you already know." He answered softly.