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I Have Some Bad (Dad) Habits

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Taehyung is old enough to really not care about this anymore. Besides, he acknowledges that his father was an absolute dick bag and his mother deserves to move on, deserves way better than what he had. So if this Jeon Jeongguk man really does make her happy, Taehyung won’t mind. And maybe the added plus is that apparently, this man that Taehyung didn’t even know his mother is dating, is actually quite well off. No, he definitely has no complaints.


So as he stands beside his mother as ‘maid of honour’, parallel to who’s soon to be his step-sister, discreetly eyeing his soon to be step-dad while the couple recites their vows… Taehyung keeps quiet. The smile on his lips during the reception is genuine as well, voice calm as he awkwardly starts to make small talk with Namjoo, Jeongguk’s only daughter. They’re more similar than what he could’ve anticipated.


As both their parents get a bit wine drunk and giggly, touchy in ways that make Taehyung a bit embarrassed, they talk about life before this wedding. Taehyung learns that they’ve both been unplanned, a product of teenage recklessness— though Namjoo admits to never seeing her biological mother, she’s okay with that. It might sound inconsiderate to prefer being left from the get go, but Taehyung personally thinks having to deal with his “father” until a certain age had been taxing. Maybe it would've been better to be left, just him and his Mother.


Their parents are quite young compared to most, especially since both of them are quite… old. With Taehyung being seventeen and Namjoo being eighteen. It almost seems funny how the ages are close, and it makes the illusion that this family started like this, makes the situation seem normal. A normal love or arrangement. No creepy old guys and intimidating step siblings who are already working. It feels nice, great, even.


So Taehyung doesn’t care, and Taehyung can get used to it in a bit. The setup is good, the people seem good, his mother is happy, and Namjoo is nice. It’s about as perfect as it can get, already way better than his previous experience with a ‘complete family’. As he idly watches his mom giggle and kiss Jeongguk’s neck, Taehyung thinks he can be happy with this too.



The house they move into is big and so obviously spent on. Just a glance and Taehyung just knows that this house has to be planned out by an architect of skill, and furnished impressively by an interior designer. It feels like he stepped into one of those houses he sees in the magazines he half-heartedly reads while he waits for his mom’s manicure and pedicure to be done.


Though he’s in awe, he keeps quiet as to not embarrass himself. Namjoo and Jeongguk are behind him, assisting in moving in their things. He really can’t afford to look like a starstruck idiot. Gulping at how expensive everything looks, Taehyung makes an extra effort in making sure he walks in a perfectly straight trajectory, lest he bumps into something and breaks a thousand dollar vase or something of that sort.


Multiple trips are made to collect all the things— and about eighty percent of it were his mom’s anyways. They’re all neatly separated on two stacks for both himself and his mom. Jeongguk suggests a short break even if no one is actually tired, insisting that he bought food earlier. Taehyung never turns down the offer for food, never will.


As they sit on the table, children on one side and parents on the other, conversation finally starts to properly take place— and fuck. Taehyung has never actually talked to Jeongguk for more than ten seconds. Sweating just a tad, Taehyung keeps his head down and slowly finishes his chicken wing.


“— I actually renovated a bit, before I proposed. I wanted Taehyung to like it here.” The mention of his name makes Taehyung snap his head up, like a deer caught in headlights. He bets he looks ridiculous to the eyes of Jeongguk, who he just had to get eye contact with while in the middle of biting down on his chicken.


Taehyung is greeted by round eyes hidden behind the glare of light reflecting along the surface of round glasses, a soft, almost sheepish smile on the older man’s lips. Oh. Is he supposed to say something?


Quickly, Taehyung sets down his chicken and clears his throat. “A-Ah, Jeongguk-ssi, you didn’t have to. I would’ve been grateful with anything,” he says slowly, trying to chose words that won’t be offensive or obnoxious. Taehyung doesn’t want to ruin something for his mom just because he’s an idiot.


But the older man just chuckles and waves a hand like it’s nothing. “I just expanded the spare room for your comfort. I felt like it would be too small for a guy your age.” A small beat of silence is spent with Jeongguk plainly looking at him, and Taehyung thinks his heart stopped. Fuck, is he being judged? But a small smile shows on the man’s features instead, gentle and seemingly real. “And Hosook loves you very much, and I love everything she loves.”


It’s a bit cheesy and the loving way Jeongguk looks back at his mother is so sweet it’s makes him want to gag. And he almost does, but saves himself by sharing a look with Namjoo, who is beside him. Well. At least Jeongguk isn’t a bad guy—


“Oh, and Taehyung-ah. You can just call me Jeongguk. Or hyung, if you’d feel more comfortable with it. I know you’re probably never going to call me dad since you’re grown and all, so even hyung will be fine with me, or my name. I hope you’ll grow comfortable with me soon. I’d hate to have Hosook regret this if we can’t get along nicely.”


Another smile is given in Taehyung’s direction, toothy and welcoming. It probably won’t be hard to be more comfortable with Jeongguk. The man looked nice, and in no way looks intimidating despite being rich. Maybe it’s the teeth?  



They had to leave soon for a honeymoon, but before that, his mom said they’d only go once they’ve settled in. Taehyung has long since made the spare room his (and it’s ridiculously spacious and luxurious that he almost cried on the spot— the bed was so fucking big that Taehyung rejoices at the thought of not having to cramp his legs while trying to fit into a single bed). It was really unnecessary for Jeongguk to supply such things for a step-son he hadn’t formally met ’til about a month before the wedding, but Taehyung really can’t find it in himself to protest or complain.


Not only that, but it seems that Jeongguk really was serious in trying to win his trust over. In just a month, Taehyung thinks all his net value had been given back tenfold in the form of gifts— and all of that for absolutely no reason.


The first had been a suggested trip by his own mother. “I’m going to have ladies’ night with Namjoo to bond with her and be closer. I feel that it’s right. She’s such a sweet girl,” his mother had cooed. “So I told Gguk-ah to take you out for boys’ night too. And, yes, I know you’re old and boys usually don’t like emotional connection as much— my parenting book told me that, I think. But wait. I had a point. I was going to say something… oh , yeah! Please do it for me? I’m also doing this for you. Jeongguk’s a sweet guy. Nothing like your… your father . I know your childhood wasn’t the best out there so I hope you can maybe live a bit, get a nice father figure and maybe get a bit of childhood back? I’m happy, so I want you to be happy too,” she had said, so Taehyung couldn’t and wouldn’t resist.


It’s how he found himself in the passenger seat of a matte black Audi, on the way to the nearest mall because he didn’t know what other ‘hang out place’ to say when he was asked. In the next hours Taehyung finds himself geeking over video games with a man nineteen years his senior, and later finds himself coming home with both a PS4 and an Xbox, already a couple games purchased as well.


Fuck. Taehyung really can’t be mad. He’s never had any games before, always staying over a friend’s, borrowing. His childhood is reclaimed twice over. He definitely is okay with Jeongguk. Not really a dad aura kind of guy, but he’s chill and almost like an older friend. So it might be natural when he ends the day with a heartfelt “thank you, Jeongguk hyung.” The smile and head pat he gets from his step-dad makes Taehyung know his mother would be happy— he’s happy too. Who wouldn’t be?


(Plus, when Jeongguk smiles or looks happy, it’s kinda contagious. Nice to look at. Taehyung has no problems with this situation at all).



Taehyung makes good effort into making sure he’s all nice and friendly with Jeongguk. Not that it’s hard seeing as the man is always either at work or busy with his mother, but still. Taehyung makes sure to make small talk and whatnot.


He’s living a very comfortable life as it is. Clothes have piled up where Namjoo keeps dragging him to go to the mall and shop (and Jeongguk had graciously gave him the same credit card Namjoo has, this Gold MasterCard thing that Taehyung is for sure the limit per month is something he can’t even scratch). He doesn’t have to do chores because people come and go in the household to do everything. Taehyung is doing nothing but lounge around while waiting for school.


And that’s probably all he’s going to do while both his mother and Jeongguk are gone.


“Okay, so I know you’re both capable of surviving without us for two weeks or so. You’re teenagers now, not kids, but I’ve asked a worker to stay here fully for the weeks we won’t be here just in case. You both have enough money in your cards and I left some cash in each of your current accounts for extra measure as well. But if anything happens, call immediately, okay?”


That’s probably the most ‘dad-like’ he’s heard Jeongguk in his time here. Sure, he’s heard ‘business Jeongguk’ quite a number of times, but this is about as fatherly as it gets. Blinking, Taehyung keeps focused on Jeongguk’s face, notably the scrunched up brows and ridiculously worried looking eyes behind the round glasses he always wears.


Yah, dad, don’t do that with your face. You’ll get wrinkles and then Hosook unnie would get tired of you and leave” Namjoo teases, obviously comfortable with joking around with her dad. “And I don’t want that since she’s better company than you.”


Jeongguk only rolls his eyes, but Taehyung can sense the pure fondness in it. “I’m so sorry I can’t paint nails, but you’re ignoring my efforts of learning makeup with you via YouTube when you were 15,” the older jokes back, and the pair share a laugh.


“Taehyungie—“ Said male just laughs and waves his mother off with a smile. “It’s okay mom. I don’t need the pep talk and whatnot. ’S fine, you know. Just don’t get sunburnt, ma.” As a reward he’s given a giggle and a tight hug along with a sloppy, exaggerated kiss on the cheek.


From the corner of his vision, he thinks Jeongguk kisses Namjoo on the forehead despite the younger being taller. His mother moves to give Namjoo the same hug, and he shares a look with Jeongguk, just wordless stares.


It’s a bit awkward and Taehyung knows it’s probably because Jeongguk doesn’t know what to say or do to him. Understandable. But Taehyung ends up staring back anyways, and he wonders how his mother snagged someone who could date anyone he wanted even without the money. Taehyung isn’t dense and isn’t above himself to admit that Jeongguk is quite handsome and young looking— for someone nearing forty, he looks around someone just starting their mid twenties or so.


Inside the own confinements of his brain, Taehyung hums in a bit of awe, but more of an admiration. He hopes he stays that young looking even after he hits his thirties.


The younger is snapped out of his trance when a hand hesitantly ruffles his hair. “You too, Taehyung. I know you’re more than capable of keeping yourself alright. Same rules and extras I said to Namjoo apply to you too. Be safe and stuff, yeah? Call me or your mom if you have an emergency.”


It’s not something Taehyung’s already heard Jeongguk say to his step-sister, so he sort of just… zones out, perhaps. He’s looking at Jeongguk but not in an entirely focused way, a bit surprised that he is, in fact, being treated like a son, with all the ‘be safe and call if you need anything’ protocol. It’s new.


“Ah, well, it’s not like we’re going to throw huge parties and trash the house while you’re both gone. Me and noona are kinda geeks and Namjoo has more books than friends.” That earns him a loud laugh, and again, it makes the older man look and sound so youthful that it’s hard to believe that he’s nearing his forties. Damn lucky gene pool. Or maybe he owes it all to expensive skin care products.


“Yeah. I know. Don’t have too much fun being geeks then. And don’t forget to eat and drink—“


“Okay that’s enough words, Jeon Jeongguk. We’re going to be late for our flight. Stop babying Taehyung so much, he’s grown. I don’t see you giving Namjoo the food and drinks talk.”


“But that’s because Taehyung is a teenage boy obsessed with videogames. He’s more prone to forgetting—“


“And whose fault is that? Who bought him all the game consoles in the first place?” Hosook gets no answer aside from a sigh. Taehyung grins wordlessly as he watches the pair bicker. “That’s what I thought. Now let’s go. Stay safe kids! Don’t call during night time because no one will answer!” Both kids groan.



There are tears running down his mother’s face, being delicately dried with small dabs from her handkerchief. Taehyung feels a bit awkward while patting her back. “Ma. ‘M just going to college. I’ll be back during breaks.” All he gets is a tearful hic.


“But why did you have to go to America for that? You could’ve stayed here,” his mother replies, voice wet with tears. This would be the first time that she’d have to be separated from her one and only sun, her little honey bear sunshine. She has all rights to be crying and Taehyung understands that — still doesn’t erase the awkward feeling he's going through, though. So he just continues to pat his mother’s back, sympathetic but also a bit eager to leave the nest for the first time since he popped out of the womb.


“You shouldn’t worry too much, Ma. Namjoo noona will be with me and she already spent a year there! And it’s not like I want to leave you, like I know you might be thinking, but I wanna explore, you know? Jeongguk hyung is kind enough to allow me to do that and I really don’t wanna waste it.”


Some more sniffling, sobs, and a wet patch of shirt later, Jeongguk gets Hosook calm enough to detach her from her son, still emotional as the driver helps load their things to the trunk of the car. He pats his wife’s back while watching with a hint of sadness as well. Namjoo is leaving as well and he also hates that, but even Taehyung has grown on him too, despite the arguably short amount of time spent together. The kid was just too nice and overall good to be with.


The kids walk back towards the doorway after the packing is done, just for some last goodbyes. Both are immediately taken into a very tight hug by a still teary Hosook, and both groan from the surprising strength. Taehyung thinks it a hug that pieced back the few places where he cracked just a bit.


“Okay, so I already sent your other things to the condo. It should arrive a day or two after you’ve settled in. If it doesn’t, just tell me, and I’ll contact the carrier. And Namjoo, I expect you to guide Taehyung and take care of him while he still needs it. Help him feel at home there and help him with his English too,” Jeongguk lists off, voice just a lilt softer than usual. “He’s your— your brother and it’s always scary being somewhere new, so be a comfort for him, okay? Not that I doubt it. I know you both get along well. But you know. Just a reminder for you.”


Leaning in close, Jeongguk kisses Namjoo on the forehead like he always does, before turning to Taehyung. “And you, Taehyung-ah. I hope you’ll like it there. I know you’ll do great with the course you chose, bud. Being a freshman is hard and starting out is hard, but I believe in you.” They share a handshake, and Hosook is tucked by Jeongguk’s side once more, drying tears up with a handkerchief.


And then they’re off.



A lot has happened in the next year and Taehyung actually found it a struggle to come home for breaks during his first year. Now Namjoo, of course, has been a huge help in settling in. But there are things Taehyung can’t ask her for help with, doesn’t want to ask her for help with because he wants to grow too.


So yeah. It does end up with him unable to go home for break at all, and a very angry mother, but it’s fine. It was worth it. He just set up Skype and made up for it by talking his ass off. Taehyung took extra classes with the language and it was something Jeongguk was very happy to spend for— but it’s something Taehyung doesn’t quite want frequently either. He likes how Jeongguk is so supportive and would spoil him like his own, but Taehyung has been raised by his mother in a way that’ll always make him believe in working hard.


Taehyung only lets Jeongguk pay for his language classes and once he feels fine— it became all up to him. He finds a job at a nearby flower shop and garden. It’s not a fabulous job, nor is it one that requires too much academic skill. Taehyung just carries around pots of plants, sometimes soil or fertiliser, and pretty much calls it a day. But it pays generously. All of it goes to savings because… well, everything else is paid for. Even his and Namjoo’s groceries. It’s honestly insane and Taehyung sometimes wonders what Jeongguk’s net worth is, how much he earns daily.


From his savings, Taehyung spends it for various things like art materials, a camera, and even a saxophone. Just things to hone his talents and to do his hobbies. The penthouse condo is ridiculously spacious even if he tends to stay a bit closer with Namjoo at times, always never able to fully shake off his feelings of homesickness.


But Taehyung’s adjusted well now. So he comes home for Christmas break with Namjoo and his mom is elated— though Jeongguk seems to be nowhere, unfortunately stuck in a business trip all the way in Canada. It’s fine though, they spend quite some time chatting with him on the phone. (The video call on going while the iPad is placed on the table was ridiculous).


After, various breaks from school were available, but Taehyung didn’t go home frequently and neither did Namjoo. It seems that even his Mom took trips to Canada since Jeongguk has to stay for almost a year, monitoring the new addition to their buildings for a bit after it finishes in construction. After that, Jeongguk’s older brother would continue and work would resume as normal for him, back in Korea.


Maybe Taehyung is a little bit excited for that. For a fact, he knows Jeongguk would bring souvenirs and that’s always something he likes. And, well, he kinda misses the man, even if they aren’t exactly blood related, or awfully close. Jeongguk was good company and even played a bit of video games with him, if he had spare time— though it seems like he finds it a bit hard to play the newer games, Taehyung still takes it since he plays better than Namjoo.


Thankfully, Jeongguk says he’d be home around the same time as their summer, and that the whole family will be going to Maldives for a vacation. Taehyung loves the beach, loves vacations, and loves the thought of maybe getting a few casual flings.  


Taehyung is excited for summer break, excited for the bonding he hasn’t really experienced… ever, and he just turned twenty. It might be sad but he believes in the saying of “better late than never”.



Summer finally rolls around and their flight is booked literally the day after school officially ends. Of course, they wouldn’t go to Maldives immediately since they’d be tired as fuck, but that doesn’t mean Taehyung isn’t excited. Maybe he’s kinda annoying Namjoo from how much he’s bouncing in line for check-in. Or maybe Namjoo is just amused by how childishly hyped he’s acting over a family vacation.


“Calm down, Tae, it’s just Maldives. Just beach and stuff. Plus, we'll stay in Seoul for four days before we leave,” Namjoo says, watching Taehyung fidget around while they queue.


Taehyung only hums. “I can’t calm down. I’ve never had a family vacation. Was broke-ish before and dad was a dick so even if I did, it wouldn’t be a fun one. This is like, part of my bucket list. Let me live.”


Hours on air that are spent watching movies and sleeping, on cycle, pass by before the step-siblings finally arrive home. Their parents aren’t there to greet them in the airport, but the usual car and driver do. It’s just a few minute drive before the car rolls through the automated gates of the house Taehyung has learned to call home.


The sound of wheels turning as both Taehyung and Namjoo drag their luggage inside the house echoes, and so does the clicking of heels as Hosook rushes down the stairs. They’re barely in the living room before arms engulf them, followed by another pair. “Oh you’re finally here. I’ve missed you both,” Hosook grins, lightly patting their cheeks.


“I haven’t seen you both in person for quite awhile, huh?” Chuckling, Jeongguk steps in to give both the kids a brief hug… and Taehyung finds himself staring, blinking a bit. Jeongguk hasn’t changed much in that year. Maybe a bit paler because of the climate difference, but he’s still… the same. Taehyung finds himself continuing to stare.


Has Jeongguk really always looked like this? Taehyung finds it hard to believe. Maybe it’s because it’s his first time seeing the man with his hair slicked back, forehead on show. And wow. That’s handsome. Taehyung would’ve tapped that— wait. What the fuck.


“Well, Dad, that’s kinda your fault for being gone for a year,” Namjoo teases, but hugs her Dad tightly in contrast. Taehyung continues to stare at Namjoo and Jeongguk. What the fuck is with him, really?


Sighing, he grabs Namjoo’s luggage. “I’ll put this in your room, noona. And I’ll go change. ‘M kinda tired but I’m also hungry.”


“Perfect! I actually cooked your favourite just for you, Taehyungie. I haven’t cooked for you in such a long time.” Taehyung is suddenly not all that tired as he carries their luggages up the stairs, excited enough to ignore the fact that he just thought his step-dad is attractive in a way he shouldn’t. He’ll probably forget in a while anyways. It’s all good… it’s all good.



It’s not all good. Like a fucking idiot, Taehyung ended up trying to stare at Jeongguk discreetly. Not good. Definitely not good to be thinking about your step-dad like that. He needs to vent this out before it spirals into absolute shit.


Taehyung checks the time to see if Jimin would be awake still, his best friend from America, born and raised. Thinking about it makes Taehyung snort at himself (their first meeting had been embarrassing since Taehyung tried to speak to Jimin in Korean, but the Korean-American wasn’t actually fluent in speaking and couldn’t reply to him in the end, though he understood).



u awake?

lmao ik u r why did I even ask


best bro

Tae wtf its like ass o clock here and you know that


but u replied anyways lol


best bro

Well fuck you

This better be important then??


stop actin like u were sleeping or busy

ik u were prolly just jackin it or smth


my stepdad is hot

did I ever tell u that?

but like not dilf material kind???

hes kinda a twink

his eyes kinda cute

also i think im bigger than him

im into that


best bro

Taehyung wtf are you drunk?

Taehyung wishes he were drunk, honestly. But sadly it isn’t the truth.

man i WISH i were lol

but im not so i have no one to blame but myself


best bro

I cant believe you right now

But listen

I might sound crazy but theres only one way

You gotta fuck your dad

Like you know

Satisfy the craving

Taehyung chokes on his spit. He knew Jimin liked to fuck around a lot. Heck, they fucked around a few times too. And every time he asked for some sort of advice regarding possible crushes or thinking anyone is hot… Jimin’s first advice is to fuck them. But Taehyung didn’t think Jimin would say the same regarding his fucking step-dad .


jimin what the fuck are you insane???


best bro


You said you thought he was cute

And that he kinda looked like a twink to you

You said you were into that


yeah but hes married to my fucking mother what the fuck


best bro

I dunno man

Fuck him once then yeet away?

Honestly I don’t know either

Ive never heard about anyone wanting to fuck their step-dad

You cant google this bc all you’ll get is bad incest porn where the step-dad fucks their daughter

You’re on your own

But id still love you even if you fuck your step-dad you know I don’t judge

Or if you don’t and get sad about it id blow you when you get back and let you call me by his name


thanks for nothing I hate you

you just made this worse


best bro

Awww I love you too

Bros before hoes


hes my stepdad, not a hoe


best bro

Hey who said being a dad makes you less of a hoe?

Anyone can be a hoe :/

Send me details if you do end up doing something spicy hahaha


whatever you asshat go to sleep



Jeongguk caught on. Taehyung kept staring at him and like most, like a fight or flight response, he stares back— and maybe that wasn’t the best of ideas. It’s only been a few years since he’s first met his step-son and it’s almost as if he sent Taehyung off for school and came back home with a different Taehyung. Jeongguk spends the entirety of dinner blinking and wiping his glasses, more than a bit shocked at how well Taehyung matured.


He doesn’t even need to listen to his currently sobbing wife’s emotional distress over her son being a man because… oh boy does Jeongguk know that. Taehyung is definitely a man now.


It’s weird to think about, but maybe Taehyung’s actual father was a big man. Hosook is of average height and petite, so it feels impossible for Taehyung to take after her with his… big everything.


It’s almost too impossible. Jeongguk remembers this sort of tall but gangly kid, features a bit too big on his face. Taehyung looked awkward and very much teen-looking. But in the span of three years, it’s all gone. Jeongguk remembers the broad shoulders and chest, felt how it sort of dwarfed him when he pressed close for a hug. Jeongguk remembers how he’s no longer the same height as him as well.


And Taehyung’s fucking face, god. He’s finally grown into his features and the younger just looks too unreal. It’s almost unfair how hard puberty hit the kid. Yeah. Unfair is the word. Jeongguk is just jealous and all, nothing else. Maybe a bit impressed but that’s all there is to it.


“Is it weird to ask about Taehyung’s dad? I mean I know you have something to do with his face but I don’t see him taking after your height—“ Jeongguk gets hit upside the head, and he rubs the area with a pout.


Hosook huffs, offended just a bit. But she does get what Jeongguk’s point is. In fact, it’s part of the reason she got all emotional. “Well… his father, I would admit, was handsome. Tall, broad, kinda model-like, I suppose. But that’s exactly why he left. I was more of a fling and apparently I wasn’t pretty enough to stand by him when he becomes a, quote unquote, international model. Now I don’t know where he is or what he’s doing but I guess it’s good for Tae that he followed the good-looking route of his dad— without being an absolute cunt.”


Humming, Jeongguk starts to change out of his suit, ready to call it a night. “Alright. That’s good for Taehyungie. But he left and probably failed to be an ‘international model’,” Jeongguk air quotes with a snort, “since you never heard of him. Maybe Taehyung can actually do that though. He has the looks, definitely. But enough about all that. No more other handsome men that isn’t me—“


Jeongguk gets hit by a pillow. “No. Go to sleep. You have to attend a board meeting by eight in the morning tomorrow.”


“I didn’t even say anything!”



Taehyung runs up to the shoreline like a kid, box-like grin plastered on his face. He’s the first one on the sand since the bridge from the private, floating resort they actually stay at is quite long, but he’s excited so he ran. Namjoo is a close second, but is much more reserved with her pacing.


When the siblings finally reach the sandy part of the island, Taehyung pouts at Namjoo’s get up. It’s just simple beach shorts just a few inches above the knee and a sports bra underneath a muscle tee. “Eh. You’re not wearing a bikini. Lame,” Taehyung whines.


Namjoo only shrugs. “I’m not going to tuck, fuck off. I’m gonna swim. It’ll just be inconvenient for me to tuck.” That only gets her more whining, along with Taehyung waving around his iPhone.


“But your outfit isn’t Instagram worthy! You have to flex on all these hoes! Everyone does that when they go to Maldives! You know, pull off a Nikita and film an MV or something!”


“Taehyung. I came here to catch crabs.”


Huffing, Taehyung opens his camera app anyways. “Well that’s lame. But pose. The skyline behind you is pretty. This’ll do, I guess.” Namjoo poses like she always does, and Taehyung snaps multiple shots diligently like he has been used to as the main photographer of Namjoo’s Instagram photos. “And please don’t catch crabs . I’ve heard they’re very itchy—“


“Not that kind of crab, you dumbass!”


“Hey, hey what’s about these crabs?” The sound of Jeongguk’s voice makes the step-siblings shut up immediately. Deer caught in headlights, they both fix their posture.


Namjoo elbows Taehyung, and Taehyung does it back. It’s comical to see a twenty and twenty-one year old bicker like a bunch of kids, but the parents are just confused. Hosook especially, who further tucks herself beside Jeongguk. “Namjoo wants to catch crabs but isn’t that animal cruelty?”


Indignant, Namjoo flicks Taehyung on the back of his head. “I plan to set them back out to the waters right after. I just find them really cute, okay?”


“Ah, well, that’s enough of crab talk. Why don’t we all go for a swim first? The water looks lovely,” Hosook sighs in appreciation, looking over the clear blue waters. The resort they’re in is a private one, with not much guests due to its price and reservation. It’s not isolated since there should be at least a hundred or less scattered around the big island, but that’s just it— less than a hundred in such a big area makes it feel practically empty, and the guests aren’t particularly noisy either. It feels so serene, so peaceful.


There’s also no one to listen on or peek. Privacy at it’s finest.


Everyone nods in agreement and slowly walk their way to the waters, where the waves lightly hit the sand. Taehyung stays at the back with Namjoo while their parents lead the way, Hosook cooing over the beauty of it— while Taehyung ends up appreciating the beauty of something else.


Of course, Taehyung knows that Jeongguk is visually attractive. But it’s just now that he gets to see that it extends to parts that aren’t just his face. Taehyung finds himself staring at the firm curve of the older man’s ass through the flattering fit of his swim shorts. Shamelessly. With his whole family around him.


Namjoo peaks at him and frowns at the distant look in her brother’s eyes. “Hello? Earth to Tae? Don’t space out in the beach. There’s so much risk to that, like burning your eyes from salt water, or choking on it in the event that you fall, or stepping on a rock, or god forbid, a sea urchin.”


The rant from Namjoo snaps Taehyung out of it, and he grins lazily. “Sea urchins are fine. You just have to piss on my foot or something. ’S all good.” Taehyung cackles as Namjoo makes a face and walks a bit faster, water sloshing loudly while she does so.


Like every good family, they end up playing around and splashing each other despite having no kids. Technically, Taehyung started it and everyone rode along with him— but maybe it was just an excuse for him to see what Jeongguk looks like wet. And Taehyung feels weird about why he wanted to do that, but he already did it so. What can he do? His step-dad is soaking in salt water now.


And maybe it’s something he likes a bit too much.


Jeongguk is young, and it’s impressive how fit he is for someone so close to forty. Taking into account his age and occupation, Jeongguk is just too good looking. He isn’t the broadest, sure, but he’s slim and toned, traces of what once probably were washboard abs still visible. Compared to most wrinkling, bear bellied dads in their late thirties or mid-forties, Jeongguk looks like he could pass as bachelor in his mid-twenties.


His twink theory is confirmed. Taehyung needs to tell Jimin.  



“Eomma! C’mon let’s go. I heard the spa area is really nice! I want to leave these men and go relax,” Namjoo says excitedly, dragging Hosook out of the water— not that she really needs too since Hosook loves the idea of going to the spa.


Laughing, she finds her flip flops from where they left them on the sand. “Alright. Ladies' night it is. Let’s leave the distasteful men behind,” she jokes, to the pretend offence of the said men walking behind them.


Jeongguk sighs dramatically. “Wow. Thanks. All these insults but I’m going to remind you who’s account is connected to your credit and debit cards.” That only gets him an uncaring cackle from Namjoo and a giggle from Hosook, who gives him a quick peck on the cheek.


“Ow, Gguk, you know we love you but you’re the worst spa buddy since you can’t stay still for long, and you don’t like the smell of aroma therapy oil. But Taehyung will keep you company, I’m sure. Or not. Depends on you. But for now,” Hosook reaches out and pats Jeongguk’s cheeks twice, “me and Namu are going to the spa until late. Gotta get that full-package deal. Scrub off my wrinkles,” she laughs.


Grinning, Taehyung gives his mother an over exaggerated kiss on the cheek. “Aish, Eomma, what wrinkles? But nonetheless, go relax and enjoy. You deserve it after years of dealing with me.”


Taehyung waves dramatically as the women walk off to get their well deserved rest and relaxation. Then, he slings a casual arm over Jeongguk’s shoulders. “Hey, Appa , let’s go to that bar thing nearby. Aside from alcohol I heard they served really good skewers.”


It’s probably a spur of the moment thing, or a genuine show of trust and love— Taehyung just called Jeongguk Appa. For a step-dad, that’s a huge sentiment, especially since Taehyung is quite old and doesn’t have to, really.


It’s hard not to smile a bit while nodding, and Jeongguk is absolutely grinning. “Sounds great. I love lamb skewers. Let’s go.”


It’s not much talking after that, both men choosing to stay in a comfortable silence as Taehyung walks towards the outside bar-resto of the resort. It’s mostly filled with other men and a few women as well, some eating, but mostly chatting over a beer or two. It’s a very calm atmosphere despite the noise of the chattering, merely white noise.


Jeongguk is guiltily staring at Taehyung for the better part of their time in the waters. He’s very… shocked . Taehyung aged well— too well, in fact. He’s seen Taehyung when he just moved, of course, but that Taehyung seems to be nowhere in sight.


The scrawny, awkwardly lanky build is gone, replaced with a much more solid, broad build. Though not as toned and still endearingly soft in the stomach, Taehyung’s arms are pretty, and if Jeongguk remembers a short phone call correctly, it might be because of the part time job he had in a flower shop and garden. That, or university basketball.


Taehyung proves that he doesn’t need bulk to look attractive, his features are more than enough to seal the deal. His height is definitely an asset as well. Jeongguk has caught more than a few stares of other— usually female —tourists sneak a peek at Taehyung and he really doesn’t blame them.


He’s doing it too—


Wait. Fuck. He shouldn’t.


Shaking his head, Jeongguk tries to clear his mind as they sit on a small table meant for two, but when he looks up he’s only greeted by the same face that’s been haunting the dormant, neglected side of himself he hasn’t talked about since Namjoo was born.


“So, do you want beer? Or are you too classy for that?” Taehyung’s question snaps Jeongguk out of his slightly panicked daze.


The older man is left to blink a bit, thinking. “I like beer just fine. I think I actually need one right now,” Jeongguk sighs, “or two…”


Chuckling, Taehyung calls over a waiter and orders two bottles of whatever beer they had available. Judging by the other customers, it’s probably Bud Light. Then, he orders a platter of skewers, and by luck, they have lamb. The waiter scurries off immediately after the order is finalised with nothing more or less.


There’s a silence that’s oddly tense this time around. Taehyung knows exactly why. Or maybe he’s getting ahead of himself and assuming, but Taehyung always trusts his gut feeling. Grinning, he rests his chin over his palm, and waves a hand over Jeongguk’s dazed face.


“Aw. You’re not looking at me anymore.” The moment those words leave Taehyung’s lips, Jeongguk tenses. “What’s different now? Is it the lighting?” Taehyung’s tone is teasing but it’s enough to have Jeongguk sweating, deathly silent.


When he gets no reply, Taehyung pouts and leans back on his chair. “That’s unfair, since I’m still looking at you like I was this morning. I think you look even prettier under moonlight… Appa .”


“Taehyung, stop it,” Jeongguk attempts to say in that typical “dad” tone, but he’s pretty sure his cheeks ruin the effect for it. That, and the fact that Taehyung is twenty years old. “Someone might overhear and that’s not something that sounds… okay.”


Dismissively, Taehyung waves a hand. “I doubt any of these whites understand a lick of Korean. No one aside from Eomma and Namjoo will understand… and they won’t be here until late at night.”


There’s a lilt in Taehyung’s voice that sounds like an insinuation, and Jeongguk hates the chills that run up his skin. Jeongguk opens his mouth to speak but the waiter saves him by laying down their drinks and a platter of freshly roasted skewers.


Taehyung pouts again, obviously a bit displeased, but also a tad relieved. He doesn’t really know what’s driving him to do this either. He knows it’s, well, bad , illegal in some countries, yes… questionably immoral— the list goes on for reason on why he should not be doing this.


But he isn’t an idiot. He felt those eyes on him, even caught it a few times himself since the staring had been mutual. Taehyung knows what kind of look that was. Not a simple glance, or a look of concern. There’s no way he could’ve thought that up because even now, Jeongguk is doing it— staring at him with eyes that are a bit hooded, appraising.


And maybe Jimin’s wild advice has affected him too much. Maybe he’s suddenly a thrill seeker. Or maybe he simply thinks his step-dad is hot as fuck— and when he thinks of the last reason, a sudden flash of his Mom’s face comes to view… but he mentally waves it away. Not now (or maybe, ever).


“C’mon. I know what you’re thinking. ‘M thinking it too. We can go now, get on with it while no one’s in the villa, and forget about it after,” Taehyung makes sure to drop his voice an octave or two, practically crooning.


Jeongguk scoffs and looks away, grabbing his drink and downing the whole bottle in one go. He sighs, shakes his head, and asks for a waiter to just wrap the skewers and charge the bill on their villa number. He grabs the packed food, Taehyung’s wrist, and brisk walks out of the place.


Once a safe distance away with no nearby people, Jeongguk leans close to whisper-hiss. “Listen, Taehyung, I may be deprived of this for years, and I’m sorry for having to take on these frustrations out on you. It’s inappropriate for me to have done that and I’m sorry if it made you think you have to do thi—“


Unimpressed by the rambling, Taehyung reaches out to lace his fingers with Jeongguk’s. It does well with shutting the older man up. “Hm, what’s that? Deprived of what, exactly? What could have you so frustrated that I’d be an outlet for you?”


Laughing non-comically, Jeongguk shakes his head and adjust the glasses perched on his nose. “You see, kid , I didn’t really plan Namjoo. I was— am still, bi, and actually have a bigger preference to men. But when you have a kid and a mother who doesn’t want to be part of that kid’s life, you’re gonna be more focused on them than dick,” he snorts and rolls his eyes, “and after college I was also thrown in to a life of paperwork, stocks, and flying around. No time. Then, I got married because I wanted that, you know? A formal family on paper. So yeah, I’m sad to say you are my fucking type but that doesn’t mean—“


“Think of it as a favour, then.” Grinning, Taehyung pulls the slightly shorter man closer, said grin only widening at the realisation of this slight height gap. “I get you a quick fix, you get over that deprivation, we don’t talk about it ever, and call it a day.”


“And what makes you think that’ll work? Why do you think I can’t just hire an escort for this? When that’s arguably more accepted than… whatever you’re trying to say.”


Taehyung clicks his tongue and shakes his head. “Well, see, escorts have their own rules. They could say they won’t do it in our ensured, private villa. They could rat you out to someone for some more bank— you’re quite known for your family name. They could be someone that’s not your type. Someone who’s voice annoys you. Possibilities are endless. But with me… it’s pretty obvious you find me attractive. You said it yourself that I’m your type. Plus.”


Smirking, Taehyung leads Jeongguk’s hand over his crotch, transferring his grip to the other’s wrist to keep it there. “I have this. Saying no would just be an idiot move.”


Jeongguk hates how he completely freezes up, wide eyed. He’s too scared to actually move but just the feel of it… it has him biting down on his lip, eyes glazing over unknowingly. There’s nothing Jeongguk can do but stay still, hand twitching, eyes downcast to where he’s touching.


While Taehyung knows he should feel bad about pulling out his most effective bribe … he really isn’t. This has plagued his mind and Jimin is probably onto something when he said to just quench the thirst and move on with it. Taehyung knows what he wants and it seems that the older man does too.


“C’mon. I’ll give it to you any way you want. No need to keep up pretences of being responsible, or pretending like you’re all authoritative. You can let go,” Taehyung croons, slowly letting go of Jeongguk’s wrist and watching it drop to the man’s side.


There’s an embarrassed flush to Jeongguk’s face when he does finally look Taehyung in the eye, but his eyes are burning with something else. “Not a word.” And that’s the only answer Taehyung gets before Jeongguk is storming off— in the direction of their villa. The younger grins, devious.


No one can really ever say no.


They walk in silence, an obvious tension in the air that doesn’t dissipate even when they step inside the shelter of privacy. No. The tension only permeates into something more cloying as Jeongguk crowds Taehyung against the door of the younger’s room.


There’s a moment of hesitation in Jeongguk’s part, the rational side of him taking in all the things wrong with this— how Taehyung is literally almost half his age, how Taehyung is his step-son, how he’d be cheating on his wife, and how pathetic he is for succumbing to such an immoral act, just for cock.


But Taehyung doesn’t let Jeongguk lament for any longer, pulling the other man closer by the waist, lips pressed together in a kiss that a shocked Jeongguk finds himself unable to reciprocate just yet. But wide eyes soon flutter shut, arms moving to loosely sling over Taehyung’s shoulders, head tilting to the side as his conscience becomes pleasantly blank.


Jeongguk doesn’t want to think about those consequences right now. He’s denied himself for so long that the moment he’s given a taste of what he’s been craving, missing, for so long, he’s gone. Easily, without even trying, Taehyung has him melting. The younger doesn’t even have to do much before Jeongguk is easily letting him in, parting his lips and eagerly accepting his tongue in a way that just screams desperate .


It’s not something Jeongguk can help when he’s pressed against Taehyung. After his last sexual encounters being with a woman, their petite frames and soft bodies, Jeongguk is easily swayed by the feel of another man against him. Taehyung feels big, tall and broad with hands that easily encompass his waist, making Jeongguk feel smaller. It’s so hot and Jeongguk really, really fucking missed this.


Quickly, Jeongguk turns pliant, and Taehyung’s cock twitches in interest. Maybe he underestimated how much Jeongguk deprived himself of all these years, and what exactly. It’s shocking to see such a successful man like Jeongguk be this weak for a fuck.


Hands trail down and slip beneath the waistband of Jeongguk’s board shorts, each palm resting over an asscheek and squeezing. The older makes a soft noise, breathing it into the kiss as Taehyung continues to feel him up. Jeongguk’s ass obviously isn’t the biggest, but it’s firm and perky, toned with just a bit of softness for it to jiggle when it’s pounded— the best type of ass, really.


Taehyung pulls back, eyes already a bit hazy from his own want. Maybe he is kinda sick, getting off to things like this, but what can he do? Nothing. He can’t do anything when the sight that greets him is an even further gone stepdad whose cheeks are adorably flushed. “You’re so cute… could just eat you up,” Taehyung coos, before his eyes grow hooded. “And maybe I will. Get on the bed, hyung .”


The way Taehyung stresses the honorific makes Jeongguk nervous and a little hot all over, so he stumbles onto the bed obediently. Even when he shouldn’t. He knows that normally, he should’ve put his foot down and stopped whatever this is they’re doing. Or less normally, he would’ve went against what Taehyung said and tried to control the flow.


But Jeongguk isn’t normal, apparently, and neither is Taehyung.


“Good boy,” Taehyung grins, “now strip for me while I get the lube, okay? When I come back I expect everything you’re wearing to be gone.”


Jeongguk’s face grows hot and he splutters, eyes wide and following Taehyung’s back as his figure retreats. Clumsy hands pry off his swim shorts and briefs, bearing his whole body to the cool air of the room. His cock is already hard, embarrassingly. It’s all because of that stupid little endearment.


Good boy … Jeongguk still remembers the first and last time he was called that before Taehyung came. It was from an older man during his senior year in high school— the last fling he had before he knocked up a girl in the first year of college and had Namjoo. His name was Kim Seokjin and he was a junior in college back when they had each other as an FWB.


Seokjin was handsome with features just the right balance of sharp and soft, a broad chest, and wide shoulders. Pretty but cunning, maybe even mean . Or at least in bed, he was. Jeongguk remembers that Seokjin was as teasing as he was dominant and at that time Jeongguk was nothing more but a spoiled little brat who was used to getting everything he wanted on the spot.


Seokjin was the embodiment of what Jeongguk liked most in men… and Taehyung has quite the similarities with his unforgotten high school fuckbuddy. Jeongguk hopes that Taehyung is similar in bed as well— maybe even better. Jeongguk needs it. His own thoughts cause Jeongguk’s skin to flush down to his neck and the tips of his ears, cock hard and as pink as his cheeks.


With an impeccable timing, Taehyung comes back inside the room, locking the door behind him. The younger man tosses the bottle of lube and a condom packet onto the bed, the items landing just a skewed way beside Jeongguk.


“Aw, you’re hard already. It’s cute how pink you are, Daddy .” Taehyung’s chuckle is condescending, mocking everything that word stands for. A smirk slowly graces his lips as hooded eyes watch Jeongguk’s skin flush a bit more, round eyes trying to glare daggers at him.


“Shut— Shut up!” Though the intentions were to make him shut his mouth, Taehyung can’t help but snicker, grin mischievous. It’s cute that his stepdad tries, really, but it’s obvious that he wants it.


Taehyung makes his way towards the bed, eyes slowly travelling down Jeongguk’s bare skin, from the toned chest down to the slim waist, until his eyes reach Jeongguk’s cock, already hard, curving upwards. Jeongguk is just so fucking pretty that it’s hard to believe he’s already a married man with kids, and the way he looks now isn’t what one would picture when you say ‘high ranking business man’.


No, Jeongguk just looks so fuckable right now. What are the odds that Taehyung’s preference in men just had to be his stepfather?


Huffing to himself, the younger moves towards the edge of the bed, where Jeongguk is seated. Hands appreciatively splay over Jeongguk’s thighs, slowly caressing their way downwards as Taehyung kneels between the older man’s legs. “Your cock is so pretty— you’re waxed too,” he hums, dragging Jeongguk closer to the edge of the bed by the grip he has on his legs. “In fact, you’re hairless all over, fuck .” Taehyung’s eyes are wide as he squeezes at Jeongguk’s thick thighs, taking in everything from a very close view.


Suddenly embarrassed and shy, Jeongguk looks away, hands balled into the sheets as he tries to wiggle away just a bit. He’s never liked hair. Jeongguk had always waxed himself or shaved, liking it better when his skin is soft to the touch, a better fit to the soft floral scents of his perfume.


“Quit spewing nonsense, Taehyung. Get to the point or I’m leaving —“


“Oh, you are? That’s fine. I can pick someone else by the shore at this time and I’ll be fine. But you? You can’t go out there to find someone who’ll fuck you. You’d be risking too much as both a married man and a Jeon. I know you must be tired of using your hand, hyung . Plus… don’t act like you don’t enjoy being embarrassed, humiliated, even? You get so flustered and your pretty cock twitches every time I say something.”


Jeongguk splutters air, speechless, but the heat in his face just doubles, and he shuts his mouth in defeat. “F-Fine. Just don’t… don’t tease. ‘M so pent up. Please .” His voice grows softer over time, mouth familiar with those words, but he hasn’t uttered them in so long.


But Taehyung hears. Taehyung hears and his eyes sheen over with something different. “There we go. So cute of you to ask nicely,” he coos, leaning in closer until he’s eye level with Jeongguk’s cock. “Now look at me, okay? I don’t want you to look at anything else but me… so you’ll remember my face next time Mom goes down on you.”


“Taehyung! Don’t say shit like—“ Whatever it is Jeongguk was supposed to say is cut off by his own gasp as Taehyung presses a kiss to the tip of his cock before wrapping his soft lips around it and slowly sinking down. Jeongguk’s lips keep parted, breath caught as Taehyung slowly takes him in. Their eyes stay locked with Taehyung looking up at Jeongguk, eyes smug when he takes the older man’s cock down to the hilt, nose pressed up against the other’s smooth, soft skin.


It’s ironic, but Jeongguk is the one that chokes at the sight, chest already starting to heave. Taehyung doesn’t give him the chance to compose himself before he’s letting soft moans bubble out of his throat, watching with hooded eyes as Taehyung hollows his cheeks and bobs his head. It’s lewd, lewd and wet, definitely the wettest blowjob Jeongguk has ever been given. The obscene sounds bounce off the room, and Jeongguk’s ears flush. There’s drool dripping down onto his balls, slowly making its way to his ass. It’s so messy .


To prevent himself from fidgeting, Jeongguk fists the sheets on either side of himself. His eyes are glazed over, doll-like lips parted to give way to soft, airy moans. Taehyung thinks he’s so, so pretty like this, so pretty when he looks debauched— Taehyung can’t wait ’til he’s completely wrecked and fucked to deliriousness. He bets that Jeongguk would look beautiful .


Leisurely, Taehyung continues to suck Jeongguk off, humming at how Jeongguk’s cock is a perfect fit, making the man above him curse shakily, hips bucking up. Though Taehyung’s gag reflex has been schooled to something next to nonexistent, the fact that it’s done so sudden makes him splutter. Slowly, he pulls off from Jeongguk’s cock, grinning at how wet he’s made it, glistening with his spit.


Then he brings a hand down on it, harsh . The pained mewl he gets from Jeongguk makes him grin just a slight bit more.


“Poor baby, can’t even hold himself not to move,” Taehyung teases, shifting Jeongguk further up the bed and gently pushing the older man backwards, until he’s on his back, soft brown hair spread under him like a halo. “So sensitive that he had to move. How cute. Would’ve let you fuck my mouth, Daddy , but I know you don’t want to cum from your cock.”


Jeongguk whines and Taehyung just chuckles. “No? Doesn’t a desperate slut like you want to cum from their ass?” A dry finger hovers over Jeongguk’s puckered hole, smooth and hairless just like the rest of him. Taehyung rubs the pad of his finger over it, and he’s briefly entranced by how pretty Jeongguk looks while spread out.


Taehyung thinks that this kind of view is what suits Jeongguk the most. Not the responsible business man who runs the family company along with his older brother, not the responsible and loving husband and father, no— what suits Jeongguk best is when he’s on his back, flushed and panting, cock hard and dripping from the need to get fucked.


Please , I— I need it. Want your cock inside, Tae,” Jeongguk admits softly, looking away, unable to face Taehyung directly. Those eyes would just push him further down into the haze, and Taehyung’s voice is already too much to deal with. He feels pathetic like this, laid out to ogle, skin flushed and hot all over. Jeongguk is pathetic, breaking a bunch of laws and morals over his desperation to get fucked.


Beautiful is what Taehyung thinks he is however, voice sweet and smooth like honey, body perfect— toned and defined where it’s sexy, soft and thick where it’s amazing to grab and squeeze. Jeongguk doesn’t look all that older when he’s like this, doesn’t look like he’s someone Taehyung should hold respect for. Like this, Jeongguk looks like his slut. And Taehyung loves that.


Thinking that his stepdad looked like a twink was one thing, but to actually see and experience him be a bonafide submissive little bitch? Taehyung didn’t expect that at all, but he loves this. How many people can say that they’ve fucked their pretty, millionaire stepdad into submission? Not a fucking lot, surely.


Pleased, Taehyung grabs the lube and tosses it to Jeongguk, leaning back as he watches the older man’s features warp into an adorable confusion. “Then show me how much you want it. Loosen yourself up for me, baby. Show me how much you want this cock.” Along with his words, Taehyung finally pulls down his swim shorts, just enough to slip his cock out, waistband tucked just a bit under his balls.


Jeongguk’s mouth waters. He cupped it a feel a while ago, sure, but feeling it is different from seeing it. Fuck . Taehyung is hung . Long and ridiculously thick, Jeongguk thinks that this is the biggest cock he’s ever seen outside of porn. And that’s a feat, considering that Seokjin was well endowed as well. But Taehyung is just… fuck . Jeongguk can’t wait until that’s inside of him. It’s as if all his worries about morals have dissipated completely.


A shaky hand reaches for the bottle of lube, Jeongguk’s breath going out of rhythm from both his lust and nerves. He’s movements look almost hesitant when he rolls over to his stomach, back arched prettily while he raises his ass in the air, all for Taehyung to ogle at. Without much grace, Jeongguk spills a more than generous amount of lube onto his fingers, smearing it onto his rim.


Soft, barely audible noises freely fall out of Jeongguk’s mouth as he touches himself, humming as he sinks a first finger into himself. It’s been a while since he’s touched himself there, and it’s a feeling he’s missed a lot. In his impatience to feel more, Jeongguk quickly forces a second finger inside, gasping at the slight burn of the stretch. God, he’s really fucking missed this.


The pace Jeongguk starts with is slow at first, spreading his fingers so that he can feel even more of a stretch, loving the familiar burn of being stretched open. His fingers feel nice right now but he knows Taehyung’s cock will feel much better, spread him open so much wider— and that’s when Jeongguk starts to fuck himself with a much more erratic pace, moans becoming more frequent, fucked out of his own mouth at every flick of his fingers.


Though the angle puts a strain on his wrist and arm, Jeongguk can’t bring himself to care or stop to fix himself, groaning as he slips a third finger inside, lips parted in a silent keen. His chest heaves as he pants and continues to open himself up for the younger man’s cock. The angle isn’t favourable at all and Jeongguk can’t seem to find his prostate like this, but even just the friction of his fingers, the feeling of something fucking into his tight walls— that’s enough to have himself desperately sucking them in over and over.


Taehyung can’t help but pump his cock while he watches, throat going dry from just how hot Jeongguk looks like that, deranged from desperation and need. Jeongguk looked almost frenzied as he fingered himself open, barely giving himself time to breathe before he’s slipping another one inside his ass, making the most wanton noises over a bit of a stretch. Jeongguk is such a fucking cockslut, and Taehyung can’t keep his eyes off of the show being shamelessly handed to him.


Moans and pants saturate the room in its filth, high and broken as Jeongguk gives Taehyung a show. Taehyung capitalises on what’s in front of him until his own ache is too much to bear. He grips Jeongguk’s wrist and slowly pulls the other’s fingers out, giggling when Jeongguk whines at the loss, hole fluttering around nothing. “So fucking needy,” he coos, “it’s okay though. I’ll give you something even better, hyung .”


There goes the taunting again, an edge to Taehyung’s voice that makes Jeongguk feel molten all over, a melding of arousal and humiliation. Jeongguk wants to retaliate, maybe defend himself and his crumbling idea of self-respect, but he isn’t given the chance to, no. Not when Taehyung starts to line his cock against his hole.


Jeongguk fights down an embarrassing noise, but the fluttering of his rim is enough of a give away to his desperation. The wiggle of his hips is another obvious sign, like he wants nothing more than to have Taehyung inside him already— and that’s the actual truth.


Then, slowly but oh so fucking surely, Taehyung starts to push in. Jeongguk’s lips part, knees locking up at the intrusion. The ache is familiar, one that he knows promises something better, an ache he misses. Taehyung is deliciously thick too, his girth already enough to have Jeongguk’s rim feeling sore even if they have barely even started yet and Taehyung is only half way inside.


When Taehyung finally bottoms out, Jeongguk’s eyes roll back just a bit, biting down on a depraved, wanton moan. With the position they’re in, Taehyung can’t see the absolute bliss and contentment on Jeongguk’s face and it’s probably for the best. Jeongguk knows Taehyung would probably hold it against him.


But Taehyung doesn’t need to see. Jeongguk’s body language, how vocal he is— that’s all he really needs. It doesn’t take a genius to know that his stepdad is sort of a cockslut, or maybe just a size queen. It’s a pity how he wasn’t able to indulge himself for such a long time. Though it doesn’t really matter now because Taehyung will make up for all the dickings the older man missed out on— in fact, he’d make sure no one would ever compare.


“You’re so tight. Nothing been up your pretty little hole for long?” Taehyung only gets a shy nod as a reply, and he smirks, pulling back just a bit before thrusting forward once more. This time, he gets a reply in the form of a sweet, breathy gasp. “How considerate of you to keep this hole nice and tight for me, daddy .” The title makes Jeongguk whine in distaste, brows furrowing, and Taehyung snickers.


The younger starts to move, slow and sensual— like he isn’t fucking rushing even when both of them don’t know when Namjoo and Hosook are going to come back. Taehyung fucks into Jeongguk hard and deep, making sure that Jeongguk can feel every inch of his cock. The roll of his hips, the drag of it, specifically paced that way to emphasise his girth because he knows that his step dad is a little cockslut, and Taehyung wants to make his head spin.


Jeongguk doesn’t disappoint Taehyung’s assumptions, filthy, airy moans easily falling past parted lips every time Taehyung’s hips come in contact with the soft curve of his ass. Shaky hands grab at a nearby pillow and gracelessly holds onto it, muffling his noises, but it’s next to useless. Taehyung fucks out all these embarrassing noises out of him, makes him clench around his cock whenever he starts to pull back. Jeongguk feels almost drunk with how good it feels to have Taehyung’s cock inside of him.


With a bit of hesitance, Jeongguk lifts his head away from the soaked surface of his pillow, glasses skewed and fogged up from the humid air. It’s warm and it smells of something so obviously of sex that he fears having to air it out— and then he’s hit by a burst of reason. He shouldn’t even be fucking (or shouldn’t be getting fucked by) his stepson.


“Tae— Taehyung, fu-fuck, we shouldn’t,” Taehyung snaps his hips suddenly, making Jeongguk choke on his own stumbled words, “we shouldn’t be doing this. This is wrong. I-I, I shouldn’t—“


“But I know you don’t want me to stop, daddy . The way you suck me in so perfectly, how you’re so tight around me— it’s like your hole doesn’t want me to leave,” Taehyung croons, pace picking up just to have Jeongguk shut up, just to fuck the older man dumb enough to have both of them satisfied without having to think about the stupid little— dangerous— consequences. “You’re so warm… you feel like a girl with how much lube you used too. I’d fuck your cunt for hours if I could, daddy .”


Daddy is used all too mockingly, all too condescendingly, while reminding Jeongguk of just how wrong this all is. And that’s exactly why Taehyung does it. To rub in how weak Jeongguk’s resolve is. To mock how someone older could be so easy. To remind him that this is wrong on a lot of fucking levels and yet Jeongguk isn’t physically stopping him aside from pathetic, whimpered attempts.


Because Jeongguk truthfully doesn’t want it to stop. Taehyung feels so fucking good, fucking him in ways he’s always craved, always wanted. The title of daddy doesn’t bother him in the ways they should be— it isn’t bothering him because of what Taehyung thinks he’s trying to convey. It’s bothering Jeongguk because he simply doesn’t like it.


“D-Don’t call me that,” Jeongguk tries to glare, but with how dazed he looks, he barely looks threatening at all. “I don’t— it’s not, it’s not what I want.” Taehyung doesn’t reply, only fucking into him harder, deeper. He feels amazing, carving a space deep inside Jeongguk, just for him to fit into. Jeongguk feels hot all over, even in his fucking guts. After that, Jeongguk isn’t able to choke out much more half-hearted protests.


Taehyung groans and tightens his grip on Jeongguk’s slim waist, peering down and appreciating how the dip of Jeongguk’s waist naturally leads him to his perky little ass. It’s impossible to resist— he ends up trailing his hands down, using his thumbs to push Jeongguk’s asscheeks to the side, and fuck . Taehyung chuckles breathlessly and slaps a hand down on Jeongguk’s ass, more playful than anything, but Jeongguk still keens. That in itself makes Taehyung finalise his realisation.


“Oh, you don’t like it? Why? Would you rather be called baby? Maybe even bunny? You’re so cute, hyung.”


Said man smothers himself with the pillow he was clutching onto, trying to keep his pathetic moans to himself— but Taehyung knows. Taehyung can see right through him. Could see how he had lusted over him at the beach just hours ago, could see how depraved he is, and right now, Taehyung knows about how he likes being called baby.


But it’s not like Jeongguk could resist that want either. Taehyung is broader and even if he’s considerably softer, his body could shield over his own. Taehyung makes him feel small. Just his hands on his waist make him feel absolutely tiny, like someone delicate and that’s exactly what Jeongguk craves. He had already been submissive before, but after all the piled up responsibilities that gave him no choice but to take control… He just wants someone to care for him, make him feel safe by simply being bigger.


A hand tangles in Jeongguk’s hair, pulling his head back and arching him taut. “Don’t hide, baby . Your noises are so cute. Let me hear how good I make you feel, let me hear just how good I fuck you.”   


Broken moans spill unbidden from Jeongguk’s lips. He struggles to hold himself up in that position, the ache in his back making him tremble, but Taehyung seems determined in holding him up like that, hands roughly tugging him back up by the hair every time he starts to slip down. Jeongguk is tense all over, spine bowed and toes curled almost constantly.


Taehyung groans softly and continues to fuck into Jeongguk in a merciless manner, determined to give Jeongguk everything he wants. He’s never been a bad lay and he’s always leaving with blown little minds, leaving with people who wouldn’t ever be satisfied by anything or anyone else. Taehyung wants to fucking own him completely, break Jeongguk until he’s the only one who could piece him back together. It might be fucked up, might be disgusting of him to do such a thing to a man married to his mother— but Taehyung was never used to getting what he wants until Jeongguk came along and spoiled him. Now he wants Jeongguk and he knows for sure Jeongguk would give himself up.


“Tae— Taehyung,” Jeongguk babbles, too deranged to attempt and string a coherent thought. His eyes are shining with unshed tears, drool running down his chin now that he no longer has a pillow to stain. He looks just as wrecked and fucked out as he feels. Taehyung is fucking him so good that he’s left with no other choice than to clench around the cock that’s fucking him open, stretching him wide it burns, fucking him so deep that he thinks his insides are being jostled. Jeongguk’s brain has essentially turned into a useless mush.


Jeongguk doesn’t think he’s ever been fucked this good. “Tae— I-I, ‘m guh… gonna—“


Suddenly, Jeongguk slumps forward and Taehyung lets him settle, torso completely pressed against the mattress while Taehyung keeps his ass up, continuing to fuck him without falter. Jeongguk’s whole body trembles, eyes rolling back slightly as he cums with a silent scream. His body jerks at every spurt of cum, soft gasps coming after.


It feels endless, Jeongguk’s orgasm, as Taehyung continues to thrust into him, though his pace becomes erratic. Jeongguk continues to tremble from the overstimulation, skin buzzing with sensitivity while Taehyung uses his body to reach his own peak.


Taehyung cums inside the condom with a low groan, head tipped back and eyes fluttered shut. His hips stutter and his cock throbs and god— he wishes he could cum inside, see Jeongguk’s hole gape while dripping his cum. Maybe some other time, Taehyung thinks to himself, tiredly grinning as he pulls out and flops to the available space next to a motionless, panting Jeongguk.


Taking the condom off and tying it, Taehyung opts to just keep it nearby instead of throwing it to the direction of the trash bin, missing, forgetting about it and having his mom find it later, then having unnecessary drama about Jeongguk having an affair with a woman when it was really only him.


The silence that takes over is surprisingly not as awkward as one would expect, but there is still a lingering tension. Taehyung decides to ignore it.


When Taehyung decides that his breath has finally evened out and his heart isn’t beating as fast, he stands up sluggishly and stretches, groaning when a satisfying crack sounds through the room. He grabs a hand towel on the way to the bathroom, pisses, then wets the towel, naked as fuck and not giving a single shit just yet.


The younger man rolls Jeongguk to his front and Jeongguk groans in distaste, body still feeling like lead. “Yah quit whining. You’re covered in your own spunk and sweat,” Taehyung grumbles, wiping off the drying cum on Jeongguk’s abs while shamelessly trying to feel them up as well. What can Taehyung say? He’s kinda a master in multitasking.


“Come on. We have to get dressed and ask for room service or whatever. They have to change the sheets or else we’re gonna be in deep, deep shit. So fucking deep Anna can’t even sing about it—“




“Shh. Less questions more dressing,” Taehyung chides, grabbing the condom he left laying on the bed and… walking towards the bathroom to flush it down the toilet. Confused but having no choice, Jeongguk grumbles and stumbles towards the wardrobe, grabbing a simple shirt and obligatory dad cargo shorts most people seem to own despite it being ugly as fuck.


Taehyung rushes to pull up his shorts from before, making a quick trip to his own room to grab the first shirt his hands come in contact with. He slips the oversized D.Va shirt over himself as he walks back out, only to find a very disoriented looking Jeongguk with messed up hair standing in the middle of the villa living room like a fool. “C’mon let’s go, hyung. They have to change the sheets and spray aerosol or whatever before Eomma and noona come back.” Jeongguk flinches at the mention of them but walks— or really, more like limps —beside Taehyung on the way out, still a bit lightheaded.


Fuck. His stepson’s dick game is amazing. Along with his actual dick. It shouldn’t be information Jeongguk should know, but now that he does, he doesn’t know what to do with it.



They continue on like nothing happened because they both have common sense and logic, thankfully. Taehyung goes on and greets Hosook and Namjoo with his usual enthusiasm, looking not a hair out of the ordinary with his smile and easy jokes and laughter with his stepsister, not even with his own mother. Jeongguk would almost be offended if it weren’t for the better.


Though in Taehyung’s eyes, there’s a bit of guilt there, just barely seen. A slight sheepish tinge to his smiles and a barely there resistance to his goodnight kisses. Taehyung might be reckless in the moment but he still thinks about what happens after, and god did he do something pretty fucked up. And that’s just great, considering that Taehyung had done a bunch of questionable things in the US.


When everyone finally settles into their own rooms, tucked in the safety of their own beds for the duration of this vacation, Taehyung stares into the black space of the ceiling. Holy fucking shit. He has to tell Jimin. Taehyung grabs his phone so fast he thinks he might’ve sprained something in the process.


Jimin holy shit i fucked him


best bro

who tf???

ur literally in an inland with prolly lots of hot foreigners or smth

i need more than just a holy shit i fucked him???


Maybe if you’d let me fuckin finish


best bro

aight fine



I fucked my stepdad


best bro

fuck man holy shit

you done did it now

i cant believe you actually did it??


You’re literally the one who told me i should just fuck him

Why are you freaking about it now


best bro

im not freaking out because you did it

im freaking out because he let you do it holy shit man

i knew your dick game was bomb but

not this bomb

bomb enough to fuck a dad

a hot dad with money too

a dad thats your stepdad

a dad thats married to you own mOTHER HOLY SHIFSBHF

At this point, Taehyung no longer gets what Jimin is raving on about as it seems like even his best friend’s mind is a mess in trying to process the gravity of what Taehyung just did. Or who he just did, really.

Yeah it was hot

He likes being called baby lmao

I was right he’s a twink

But also a sub

Also his body is fckin hot i wish id stay that hot looking at uh

Age 38??? 39?

Man, jimin u should’ve seen

Whinier and needier than yoongi


best bro


no way

yoongi was literally the twinkiest twink on campus

clingy and needy, kinda a pillow princess but I let him be bc he was cute

no way your stepdad could surpass THAT


Trust me he just did

Aside from maybe his body

Can we call him a twunk?

I just realised that no one can out twink yoongi body wise

But yeah at least yoongi was kinda feisty

I heard him tryna like

Boss you around at first

He lasted 3 minutes with the act at least

My stepdad just gave up after trying for like 30 secs

I think he was either a cockslut or a size queen in his prime

Or both we don’t judge here dicks are nice


best bro



I know, i know

But it’s almost 2am here

Text u some time chim

Love ya


best bro

love you too u fatherfucker lmfao



“Ah, I’m really sorry Sookie, apparently something came up in the main branch and they need my consultation,” Jeongguk says sheepishly, rubbing his nape. His wife pouts but doesn’t seem all that upset since she understands. Jeongguk feels twice as guilty, however, and it isn’t just because he can’t go shopping with Hosook and Namjoo.


Hosook only shakes her head and presses a sloppy, exaggerated kiss on Jeongguk’s cheek, Namjoo fake-gagging in the background. “It’s fine. At least it isn’t an actual meeting that’ll keep you until eleven at night or something. It’s just a call so I’m confident that you won’t be stressed. After all, you are supposed to be on vacation.” Hosook eyes Jeongguk with obvious concern, knowing how much work comes with the field of business— but her concern just makes Jeongguk want to sink to the very core of this earth and maybe melt himself from the heat, never to be whole and living ever again.


In a panicked state of sudden mortification, Jeongguk grabs Hosook and hugs her tightly. “Thanks. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow, love. Promise.”


When Jeongguk finally lets go, Hosook only shoots him a bright, heart shaped smile and sends him a flying kiss while Namjoo drags her outside. “Alright. We’ll be back in a bit, honey bun. Tell Taehyungie to eat when he wakes up!”


Jeongguk’s face pales. Oh god. He’s alone in this huge villa with Taehyung, the stepson who’s dick has been up his ass. Fuck that. Whatever. He’ll pretend Taehyung isn’t even in the room. He won’t even remind him to eat when he wakes up because Taehyung is a completely functioning human adult male who can determine whether or not he needs to eat. Yeah. Jeongguk has important business to do regarding the laws of capitalism and shitty stocks graphs. He can’t be bothered with the thought of dick right now.


Hurriedly, Jeongguk brisk walks towards his room and closes the door behind him, pulling out his laptop and phone, setting them onto the desk near the window and pulling open the curtains for some natural lighting. No distractions.


He boots his laptop up and goes over his emails on his phone while he waits. The moment he sees the emails sent to him regarding the current issues their company is facing, Jeongguk curses, brow twitching— and immediately, thoughts of Taehyung are pushed far away from his mind.


“I leave for a few days,” Jeongguk mumbles.



Taehyung wakes up alone and bored. He looks at the living room and finds no one and no noise. It’s eerily empty and he pouts to himself. It’s just sad being left alone like this and no one bothered to wake him up. Granted, he does sleep like the dead if he has no plans of waking up early initially, but still.


After showering and dressing up decently, Taehyung makes his way to the hotel’s restaurant, making sure to grab his card and his phone on the way out. He texts his mom and texts Namjoo, whining about being left alone, only to be sent a picture of them both outside, carrying bags of what Taehyung thinks are clothes. Or maybe they’re shoes. Point is that he gets that he’s being left alone while they go shopping. How rude. Taehyung wanted to get something new from the Gucci store too.


It’s because of that picture that Taehyung slowly eats is steak, stabbing at it pointlessly a couple of times. He ends up eating for more hours than necessary, ordering too much dessert and not even finishing half of them before he leaves the restaurant two hours after he originally came in. Maybe he is kinda dramatic. That, or his brain subconsciously registers that he’ll be bored if he went back inside the villa early because no one is there.


Either way, one way or another, Taehyung has to go back in. Though he could go outside and swim on his own or flirt with random strangers for fun, Taehyung isn’t in the mood for it. He’d rather take pictures really, but his camera is back inside his room. Which is why he’s forced to go back. Fuck his lack of foresight.  


Sighing theatrically at the empty space, Taehyung steps inside and lets his footsteps echo. He even starts to have a soliloquy but when he passes by the master bedroom, he hears something. So Taehyung stops.


What the fuck? Is there a robber or something? In the middle of Maldives? In their literal seven star accommodation? Where the villa they’re in is literally floating on water? Fuck, he has to defend the twenty thousand dollar Rolex he knows Jeongguk has in there.


Slowly, Taehyung opens the door just enough for him to peek through the gaps. No broken windows. Huh. Intrigued, Taehyung slightly pushes the door further, peers in further as well and— oh. That’s Jeongguk. On the desk, furiously typing on his laptop with his face pulled into a frustrated furrow, one that makes him look closer to his age rather than his youthful, idol worthy face.


Why is he working?


It was at that moment that Taehyung decides to ditch his camera. He just thought of something even better to do.


With way too much confidence in the bullshit he just plans to execute, Taehyung strides inside the room and locks the door behind him, grinning when Jeongguk’s head snaps up at him in a confused, slightly annoyed manner. Taehyung isn’t deterred at all.


“Oh. Right. I forgot that you were here. Did you eat yet? Your mom would scold me if you told her that I didn’t feed you,” Jeongguk says nonchalantly, eyes rapidly scanning over various little numbers and words Taehyung can’t make out or understand. Ah, business. So Jeongguk is working.


Taehyung fakes a pout and stands closer, probably being bothersome to the working man, but Taehyung is bored and he knows by experience that his stepdad is the most fun person to play with. “Yeah I ate already. Wasn’t nice you know? I thought you all left me. Not nice at all. And to think Dad didn’t even wake me up.”


Jeongguk tenses up immediately, like Taehyung expects. The younger man acts some more. “And now he’s doing work when we’re all supposed to be on vacation . I was looking forward to… bond some more with you. Eomma and Noona are already so close… I’d like to try too.” Taehyung leaning forward, draping his arms over Jeongguk’s shoulders, chest pressed against the back of the chair. His words and actions are absolutely no help in making Jeongguk relax.


Hands frozen over his keyboard and eyes glued to the screen without actually focusing on the contents on it, Jeongguk gulps. “Quit it, Taehyung. We both know we’ve already surpassed the type of closeness they have,” Jeongguk hisses bitterly, though his face flames at the memory of yesterday. Fuck this.


From behind him, Taehyung clicks his tongue and sets his phone onto the edge of the desk, settling on Jeongguk’s side. Jeongguk didn’t know what to expect from Taehyung at this point— but being manhandled until he’s sitting on Taehyung’s lap was definitely something he couldn’t have anticipated at all.


The older of the two splutters, face red from what could be embarrassment or anger. Maybe even both. “Taehyung seriously what the fuck are you still trying to do?! You can’t just—“


“Shhh. Weren’t you supposed to be working? I’m a cuddly person you know? And I don’t want to be alone. I won’t bother you,” Taehyung says innocently. Jeongguk doesn’t believe his tone at all. Even when Taehyung rests his cheek against his back, arms wrapped around his waist, Jeongguk knows Taehyung is definitely up to something. It’s not like Taehyung is trying hard to conceal his intentions either. “‘M just gonna sit here and hug you because I’ve been deprived of fatherly cuddles and you’re also very warm. I won’t bother you, I swear. Just finish your work, Dad .”


It’s better when Taehyung is obvious, because it gives Jeongguk the perfect opportunity to tell him off, to forcefully drag him away. Jeongguk could always do that and Taehyung would stop. He’s questionable with his morals at this point, but he’d never force Jeongguk. And that’s what makes it better when his intentions are obvious. It gives Jeongguk a clear opportunity to think things through and push him away— but the older man hasn’t. Taehyung doesn’t think he really will. Now that Jeongguk has had a taste of what he’s been craving for so long, it’s obvious that he’d want more of it once again.


When Jeongguk doesn’t say or do anything and just continues to work, Taehyung grins against the elder’s shirt. He lets the click-clack sound of Jeongguk’s typing lull him for a bit, until Jeongguk finally stops tensing and just sinks against him like he’s part of the chair originally. The older man seems to be genuinely invested in his task, so Taehyung gives a leeway for him to do something productive.


Over time, Jeongguk actually seems to block out Taehyung’s presence entirely despite being seated on his lap. It goes according to Taehyung’s little plan and the younger man can’t stop himself from grinning when he starts to slip a hand under Jeongguk’s loose house shirt. He keeps his touches tame and barely there, keeping Jeongguk from suspecting too much, keeping Jeongguk from breaking his solid focus.


By the time Jeongguk scans over the ridiculous outliers in the graph he’s been sent, Taehyung slips his thumb under the waistband of Jeongguk’s boxers— and that’s where the perfect work bubble is popped. “Taehyung.” Said man hums and draws circles over Jeongguk’s hip bone. “Taehyung—“


Suddenly the large, warm hands are parted from his skin and are instead hiking him upwards, and… oh fuck. Now, with Jeongguk’s ass perfectly aligned with Taehyung’s crotch, the older of the two freezes. The hands return to where they were before, but arguably, they come back with a much more obvious intention.


“I told you, keep working,” Taehyung murmurs, breath tickling Jeongguk’s skin. Then it clicks that this might be a game. A game he shouldn’t be playing, a game Taehyung isn’t supposed to ask him to play. And yet here they both are.


It would be so easy to tell Taehyung off right now. Jeongguk could get up, scold Taehyung with all seriousness, walk out, avoid contact, and go on without anymore guilt eating up at him alive… but Jeongguk can’t find it in himself to fucking do it and it should bother him more. It should fucking disgust him now that it’s twelve in the afternoon, the sun is bright and there’s work files in front of him. Jeongguk’s head his clear. No excuse for his weak resolve.


But when he fidgets, he feels Taehyung’s cock twitch, and belatedly, Jeongguk realises that Taehyung is starting to get hard. Taehyung already feels big like this, thick in ways that make it hard for Jeongguk to resist grinding back against.


Wait fuck.


“I can’t work like this and we shouldn’t even be doing this. I’m literally your stepdad. I’m almost two decades older than you. I’m married to your mother .” Jeongguk sounds more panicked than he is stern. He’s about as hard to read as a book for babies printed in font size 56.


“You’re right. You can’t work when I’m too handsy, right? But I like touching you. I know you like it when I touch you too, hyung,” Taehyung purrs, completely ignoring about 98% of what Jeongguk just said. “And there’s no one aside from you here and I’m so bored…”


Taehyung whines like a petulant child, pouting against Jeongguk’s nape the moment he slides off Jeongguk’s boxers and underwear. Jeongguk gasps and turns around to glare at Taehyung with flushed cheeks, ready to scold him from the looks of it— but the lecture doesn’t come. Because Taehyung, clever boy that he is, traces a finger over Jeongguk’s soft cock, teasing. He rolls his hips up and he feels Jeongguk’s cock twitch. Taehyung smirks.


Reaching downwards to the lowest drawer in the desk, Taehyung pulls out the bottle of lube they used the night before. He had thrown it in there in a lazy sort of “cleanup”. Who knew it would come in handy for a second use?


Jeongguk looks scandalised, wide eyed from behind his glasses. It’s cute and it makes Taehyung giggle, dripping a bit of the lube onto Jeongguk’s cock before he starts to stroke it in earnest. Jeongguk’s legs jerk up from where they’re spread over Taehyung’s thighs.


It’s not like Jeongguk could stop the way his body reacts, but for sure he’ll try to contradict it with his words. Once was already bad, no way should he let a second time slip. “S-Stop. We’re not supposed to—I shouldn’t be a-allowing this,” Jeongguk stutters breathlessly, cock already more than half hard in Taehyung’s palm.


“Stop talking about ‘should’s’,” Taehyung croons, “talk about what you want. If you say you don’t want this because you really don’t, I’ll stop.” Humming, Taehyung shifts Jeongguk around until the older is leaning forward, weight pressed against the desk. The natural curve his back arches to take on the shift is enough to expose his hole, still puffy from the abuse it took last night. Taehyung preens, ridiculously proud of it.


With the hand he used to jerk Jeongguk off, Taehyung traces slick fingers over Jeongguk’s rim, but doesn’t push them in. He needs an answer. “So tell me if you really want me to stop, hyung. And I’ll leave you right away.”


Silence. No words, just Jeongguk shifting his hips slightly. Taehyung’s whole face breaks out into a satisfied grin. Slowly, Taehyung pushes a finger in, appreciating how it goes in fairly easy. He takes some Time just testing the give of Jeongguk’s walls before he’s slipping in another finger, and this time, Jeongguk exhales shakily.


Taehyung starts to thrust his fingers, just shallow little movements that are only meant to have Jeongguk squirming for more. He leans down, kisses a spot on Jeongguk’s clothed back before he starts to scissor his fingers, stretching Jeongguk out for his second day streak— Jimin would flip.


It’s then that Jeongguk starts to let out soft little breaths, adorable in ways that is rare for a man of his status. It makes Taehyung’s cock throb. Impatience leads the younger to slip in a third finger, and he revels in the squeaked out little gasp from Jeongguk’s lips. The older man tenses around his digits for a short while, hole fluttering around his fingers, but it quickly melts away.


Soft little moans start to fall out from Jeongguk’s mouth, airy and light, sweet like his voice. They only increase in frequency when Taehyung starts to earnestly finger-fuck him— a filthy but pleasant melody. Taehyung’s fingers are just perfect. They reach deep inside Jeongguk, grazing against his prostate over and over, and Jeongguk knows his own fingers could never compare.


Jeongguk’s eyes start to water— he’s always been a bit more sensitive, a bit more receptive to anal stimulation —and the contents on the screen of his laptop start to blur, along with his sense of responsibility. Just when he thinks he’s about to start whining for more, Taehyung stops. Jeongguk has to do everything in his power not to wail in protest.


Sure hands bring him back up, however, and soon Jeongguk finds himself slowly being seated on Taehyung’s cock. His mouth falls open as he’s slowly guided down, moaning low and drawn out. Jeongguk’s eyes roll back a bit when he’s finally seated on Taehyung’s thighs once more, the younger man’s cock buried so deep inside him that Jeongguk’s scared he might actually fucking break. Taehyung just feels so much deeper like this, and it’s driving Jeongguk mad.


Even without moving, Jeongguk’s legs start to tremble, and Taehyung coos, petting Jeongguk’s waist from beneath his shirt. “Hm. I think I’m done being handsy, hyung. You can go back to work now.” The way he says it is cheery and too upbeat, like he doesn’t have his dick up Jeongguk’s ass, like he isn’t asking him to work while said dick is up said ass.


Spluttering, Jeongguk turns his head to look back at the younger, eyes clearly reflecting his disbelief. “Whu… What ?”


Chuckling, Taehyung leans back some more on the chair, like he’s getting comfortable for a nice long sit. Maybe he is. Depends. “You can’t work when I get too handsy, but you need to work. So I just made sure I won’t get handsy for a while, so I won’t bother you.” He bats his infuriatingly long eyelashes innocently. Prick .


Lips parted in shock, Jeongguk probably looks like a goldfish with extremely flushed cheeks. His stomach is twisting on in itself, his ass keeps clenching around Taehyung’s cock, and his mind is still glazed over. Jeongguk wants to get fucked, wants to cum, wants to get this over with— he doesn’t want to fucking work with a cock— a huge one at that, so there’s no possible way he’d ever forget that it’s there —up his ass, stuffing him full.


But he tries. He tries because Taehyung is looking at him like it’s a challenge, and Jeongguk has always been stupidly competitive. It’s why he’s even doing this dumb job on a filed vacation leave— because he wants to prove that he’s better.


So he works. Or tries to. Every line, Jeongguk has to read at least five times before he’s sure of what it means, and every word is typed out in slow, meticulous taps of his fingers. It’s not that he’s not able to work like this, it’s just… hard. Jeongguk finds himself distracted by much more pressing things in the literal sense.


It seems that his pacing is too slow, however, because his phone starts ringing, snapping Jeongguk out of his daze. Behind him, Taehyung starts to shift as well, grabbing the backs of Jeongguk’s knees and placing them over the arms of the chair. Hissing, Jeongguk glares back at Taehyung for the open position he’s put in, but Taehyung makes sure he keeps it.


“Answer it, hyung.” It almost seems like an order.


Hesitantly, Jeongguk picks up the phone and accepts the call. “Hello?” Oh fuck that. It’s his fucking secretary. The same one who failed to pass these documents on their own accord, so he’s the one filling in the things ‘I wasn’t sure of, sorry, Sir’ . Jeongguk is visibly pissed. He’s about to start having a well justifiable fit, but he’s cut off again.


Taehyung plants his feet to the floor for leverage, gripping and spreading Jeongguk’s ass with each hand— and starts to fuck up into the other. It’s not as fast of a pace as he likes, but he has to be mindful of the noise. The point was to have a thrill, not to actually get caught. If Jeongguk knows that or not, Taehyung doesn’t tell.


Gritting his teeth and shutting his eyes, Jeongguk listens to the stream of more bullshit that his secretary narrates. It’s like the whole fucking establishment is useless without his jurisdiction and it’s getting annoying. Jeongguk hates being in the position where all the decisions have to go through him before they’re brought to the president and carried out. “Listen, Solhyun, I’m already on this o-one ca— one case,” Jeongguk clears his throat to stop a moan, “I’m not about to do another one in one day. I’m on a filed, approved vacation. I-I don’t care if the marketing department are… aren’t allowed to pass proposals without—“


Like the unpredictable little shit Taehyung strives to be, he stands, moving Jeongguk with him. The new position makes Jeongguk lean on his elbows against the free space of the desk. Taehyung, on the other hand, has moved his hands from Jeongguk’s ass to Jeongguk’s hips, pulling Jeongguk back every time he thrusts forward. Jeongguk chokes on a moan, right with his assistant on the phone.


‘Sir are you alright?’


“Do you think? Of c-course I’m, ah , not alright. I think ‘m having a hh— headache because of all this.” Despite his best efforts to keep his voice steady, Taehyung is starting to fuck him faster, harder, and it’s impossible for Jeongguk to do so. Hopefully his assistant just buys the alibi and labels him as sick. “I woh— won’t get anything done on phone,” he sighs shakily, “we’ll get somewhere faster w-when… when I finish typing up the documents. I’ll just email it by later. Don’t, fu — don’t bother calling me again today.”


Hurriedly, Jeongguk ends the call and pants in between breathy little moans. “Fuck you, I could’ve been, could’ve been found out,” he hisses, voice wavering. His heart is beating fast, all because of adrenaline and thrill. He hates how he loved it, hates how he loves this .


The younger only chuckles, reaching forward to carefully push Jeongguk’s laptop further to the side— then flips Jeongguk onto his back, spread out against the desk. Taehyung hooks a leg over his shoulder, the other being pushed up and aside. He fucks Jeongguk deeper, low moans slipping past parted lips as he peers down at the sight before him. Jeongguk looks cute like this, with his glasses askew and slipping off just a bit, with nothing but his shirt on while he’s being fucked on the desk he was previously doing work on.


“That was hot, hyung. The way you told her off,” Taehyung grunts, “it’s cute how you don’t want to do the same to me though. You love it, don’t you, hyung? When I fuck you? Love it when you’re stuffed with my cock?” Jeongguk doesn’t answer, just tilts his head away from Taehyung, flushed down to his neck. Taehyung giggles, breathless. “Right, right. Forgot you liked it better when I called you baby— or good boy, was it?”


Faintly, Jeongguk mutters something along the lines of ‘shut up’, soft and barely decipherable behind all his whines.


Jeongguk’s phone starts to ring again.


With a frustrated sob, Jeongguk reaches for it blindly, probably to end the call, but Taehyung stops moving, hips pressed against Jeongguk’s ass, but he’s infuriatingly still. The caller ID reads “Honey” and the background is a photo of his mom. Taehyung feels his own heart stop, so he’s risking himself too when he says, “be a good boy and answer that for me, alright, hyung?”


Wide eyed, Jeongguk glances at the caller ID and gulps, close to tears. “I can’t— You know we fucking sh-shouldn’t.”


“Just— Just do it. She’ll worry more if you don’t answer,” Taehyung replied through grit teeth, hands twitching from where they’ve gripped around Jeongguk’s thighs.


‘Jagiya, that took a while! Sorry if I bothered you while working!’


“N-No it’s fine, I was just, hng , I was just finished.” Jeongguk curses how faint his voice sounds, ruined and unstable. He prays to whatever it is up there that Hosook won’t question—


‘Oh sweets what’s wrong? You sound weird. Are you sick? Do you want me to pick up some medicine from the store?’


Just as Jeongguk was about to reply, Taehyung starts fucking moving again, just slow but deeper strokes that have Jeongguk gasping, fingers shaking around his own phone. What the fuck? Is Taehyung crazy?! Jeongguk glares at Taehyung and mouths a ‘what the fuck are you doing?’  


“N-No. I’m not sick just,” Taehyung snaps his hips and Jeongguk groans, the sound tapering off into a moan when the younger man slowly pulls back, the drag of his thick cock so good—


‘What was that? Are you sure you’re alright? I swear if it’s because of overwork again—‘


Panicking, Jeongguk tries to think of an alibi, but he finds himself a bit blank. Taehyung starts to pick back his pace from before, and Jeongguk is barely able to catch himself from moaning directly into his phone. “A-Ah, promise. It’s just— stretching. ‘M stretching. Guh— good yoga, you know? Good for… for b-bones.”


Taehyung pulls out and drags him down just a bit, so that part of his ass his off the table, other hand sliding down to splay over his stomach, close to where his cock is leaking precum onto his abs. Jeongguk yelps when Taehyung suddenly enters him again, hole accepting his cock greedily.


‘That must be some hard yoga…’


“Yup! Hard. S-So hard. It feels good though— the stretch,” Jeongguk babbles, and he’s not really sure what he’s really talking about anymore. “‘M fine. Promise. We can even go for yoga tomorrow. Y-Yeah just us, love.” He winces through the petname, finding it hard to say when he’s being fucked by his stepson, the biological son of his wife.


‘Okay then. Before I go though, is Taehyung awake? Where is he? Has he eaten already?’


Blinking out the tears, Jeongguk glances at Taehyung, biting his lip when the younger man winks at him, hips unrelenting. “Yeah he’s eaten. He’s uhm, he’s d-deep… diving! Yep, he’s uhm. Diving. Deep. He’s not in here.”


‘Oh, I see. At least he’s up and about. Okay I’ll leave you to your destressing yoga. See you in a bit, love.’


The call finally ends and Jeongguk sobs wetly, a few tears already rolling down his cheeks. Taehyung’s pace turns monstrous after the call is dropped, fucking Jeongguk like he’s trying to break him. He keeps his grip firm enough to the point of bruising to prevent Jeongguk from sliding up too much, panting shakily. “F-Fuck. So tight. Take me in so good. Could fuck you all the time— want to fucking own this ass, baby.”


Taehyung actually fucking growls , and it’s so hot that Jeongguk whimpers at the possessive sound. His heart pounds in his chest, cock throbbing and hole convulsing— then before he could even voice it out he’s cumming, cumming all over his stomach and even his shirt, cumming with broken chants of Taehyung’s name, cumming with all of his pride thrown out the window.


A handful of thrusts later and Taehyung follows suit, cumming in spurts inside Jeongguk’s ass. The feeling is amazing, and Jeongguk would be ashamed about liking cum inside of him if he had any semblance of dignity left.


When Taehyung pulls out, he immediately drops to his knees and eats his cum out of Jeongguk’s ass. The latter whines, sensitive, but wiggles closer for more. There’s no redemption from here on out… but Jeongguk is too fucked out to heed.



Jeongguk knows he’s past the point of saving when he finds himself outside at two in the morning with his legs hooked over broad shoulders, body practically bent in half as he’s being drilled into. He can hear the faint crashing of waves and the light of the moon reflects nicely on Taehyung’s silver hair. His hands scratch and grip on Taehyung’s thighs as he’s fucked out in the open, just across a glass sliding door that’s slightly ajar.


Jeongguk knows he’s past any sort of rational ability when he leans forward to pull Taehyung into a sloppy kiss that’s more tongue and spit than lips. It’s one of the only ways he can keep himself quiet enough to not wake the entirely of the nearby villas, it feels.


Looking down at Jeongguk, Taehyung knows he’s way past saving too. He’s played with something for too long and now he’s grown attached. When he looks down at those teary doe eyes, when he listens to those honeyed moans and sweet mewls, he feels a strong surge of want that’s even worse than before.


Jimin was wrong. Fucking Jeongguk once didn’t quench his fucking thirst, it’s worsened it. Now he can’t bring himself to fucking stop, and now Jeongguk doesn’t have it in himself to make him. It’s their lust and greed working into something akin to an addiction. The heat of their bodies and the flame of it— maybe this is what hell would feel like. Taehyung thinks he’d gladly let the flames consume him for this.


Head lolling to the side, Jeongguk’s hazy eyes peer to the glass doors, the curtains behind it fluttering as the wind slips inside and messes with it. His heart beats a mile a minute, the blood rush making him feel light. It’s too much to take. Taehyung is too much for him— too fucking good, too fucking irresistible that when Jeongguk looks back at the door, he sees eyes. It’s Hosook standing there, wide eyed and silent. Jeongguk doesn’t even move, doesn’t even startle. He just grins like a fool, eyes rolling back as he cums with a pathetic cry.


He’s fucked in more ways than just one, fucked more than just by Taehyung’s cock.