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at least we were electrified

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“Maybe if you stopped acting like a spoilt little girl for once we could get something done around here!” Quinn snapped, standing toe to toe with Rachel.


She forgot why they were fighting. It happened to often that it didn’t even matter what it was about, it was the same motions every time. Office door locked, they’d tear each other down, cruel words hurdled at close range. Now, right on cue, Rachel’s eyes filled with tears.


“I am not!” She said, her voice ringing through the room.


“Please, you even sound like a petulant child,” Said Quinn. She walked away to sit in the middle of the couch, taking a sip of whiskey.


“Quinn that’s not fair!” Rachel’s face had gone flush as she angrily swiped at her eyes.


“Then what, Rachel, what do you want?” Quinn leaned back on the couch, “You want me to be your work mommy and make everything better?”


In three long strides, Rachel crossed the room and was in Quinn’s lap, straddling her hips. She cupped Quinn’s face in both her hands, leaning down to kiss her with all the anger and passion and ferocity that Rachel had been holding in.


After recovering from her surprise, Quinn kissed her back, lips parting in surrender to Rachel’s onslaught of tongue and teeth. Rachel rocked against her. Their bodies were flush with only the flimsy fabric of Quinn’s blouse and Rachel’s dirty T-shirt separating them.


It felt right to kiss Rachel, to be kissed by Rachel, more acutely. It felt right to have her in her lap, to feel her weight on top of Quinn. Her free hand went to rest on Rachel’s waist.


When Rachel broke the kiss off, she was panting, meeting Quinn’s gaze with her lost girl eyes, wild with desire. Quinn smiled, taking another sip of her whiskey. She could get used to this.


Shrugging off her sweatshirt, Rachel took the glass from Quinn, finishing off the drink before setting it on the table beside the couch. Quinn grabbed the hem of Rachel’s T-shirt but Rachel pushed her hands away, reaching for the top button of Quinn’s blouse instead. Quinn let her unfasten her shirt, running her knuckles gently along Rachel’s cheek. Her words seemed to have ignited something in Rachel and she wanted to see it run its course.


Rachel finished with Quinn’s shirt, leaning in to kiss her throat as Quinn tilted her head to give her better access. There was the soft warmth of Rachel’s mouth, then embarrassingly loud moan of pleasure escaped Quinn’s lips as the sharp sting of Rachel’s teeth met Quinn’s tender flesh. She felt Rachel smile against her skin. Then Rachel repeated the action again and again, leaving a trail of red welts in her wake.


Quinn’s breathing grew heavy, heat pooling in her stomach. Between kisses, Rachel fumbled with the button of Quinn’s pants.


“I always thought you seemed like a freak, Goldie,” Quinn teased, voice shaking slightly, “But I didn’t realize you’d bring your mommy issues into it.”


Rachel slid her hand down the front of Quinn’s pants, the buttons finally free. She lifted her head just enough to press a kiss just below Quinn’s ear before whispering, “Are you into it? Do you want me to call you mommy while I fuck you with my fingers?”


Quinn’s mouth dropped open with a gasp as Rachel slid two digits into her slick core. She thought she’d had the upper hand but she’d been greatly mistaken. She was pinned to the couch, at the total mercy for Rachel’s touch.


Rachel rocked her whole body as her fingers moved in and out of Quinn. First two, then three once she’d found a steady pace. Her thumb trailed across Quinn’s clit every time she she rose and sank down into her arms.


Quinn gripped Rachel’s shirt. She twisted the soft fabric in her hands as she pulled Rachel close. She wanted to feel Rachel’s skin on hers, but Rachel was staying dressed as she finger ducked Quinn. Stretching her head up, Quinn messily kissed the corner of Rachel’s mouth, throwing any pretense of resilience aside as she felt an orgasm build. If this was a battle of wills, she was loosing.


The smallest whimper sounded in the back of Quinn’s throat when Rachel’s pulled on her hair. She pulled her head back, giving her easy access to where the bruises she’s left easier we’re forming. While her hands were rough, fingers curling, trusting against Quinn’s fluttering walls, her mouth left feather light kisses on the bruises.


Rachel ,” Quinn moaned, “I- I-“


In her last shred of her dignity, Quinn cut herself off.


“What is it mommy?” Rachel asked, smiling devilishly, “You gonna come?”


“Yes,” Quinn whispered, “R-Rachel- !”


With a gasp and a cry, Quinn’s orgasm flooded through her. Her vision went starry for a moment as her limbs turned to jelly, her world dissolving to Rachel’s weight on top of her, Rachel inside her, Rachel’s hot breath on her skin.


She blinked. Rachel was still in her lap, now sucking Quinn’s one juices off her fingers, looking like the cat that caught the canary.


“If I have a mommy kink,” Rachel said getting up, “Then I’m not the only one.”