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Haunting Hormones: A Hawkins Halloween

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October 31, 1985

A grimy window breathes out the sole source of light amidst the pitch blackness of an old, decrepit house. Inside, nine exhausted teenagers lay scattered about the room, their naked bodies each layered with a glistening mixture of sweat, cum and juices.

This was not a normal Halloween in Hawkins...

"Shit! Shit!" Dustin screamed as the spider web he had just walked into coiled itself around his face, his companions doubling over with laughter at the scene. Stacey, his "friend" (or date, if you asked literally anyone else), was staring right at him, her eyebrows raised and with the faintest hint of a smile on her lips. Realizing his masculinity and sex appeal (not that either were of concern to the girl; not right now, anyway) had just degraded by at least half, the Henderson boy quickly regained himself and cleared his throat.

His attempt to brush off his girlish outburst was met by even more laughter, this time from the whole gang, his date included. Stacey rolled her eyes and smiled at Dustin, who grinned widely from under his Chewbacca mask. Everyone had groaned when he announced his costume a few days earlier, and three of them, namely Mike, Lucas and Max, had threatened him with an unforgivable number of throat punches should he purr too many times while wearing it.

The party continued their way down the road with two of the four couples walking hand in hand. Mike was gawking at El, who offered him a cute smile in response. The pair were dressed as Han Solo and Princess Leia, obviously. Mike's excitement at seeing his girlfriend come to life as his childhood crush had skyrocketed when he saw that she had opted to wear the iconic metal bikini variant underneath her white gown.

Their seemingly innocent affection was a stark contrast to that of Lucas and Max, who were busy undressing each other with their eyes, though not much effort was required on Lucas' part. The couple had chosen what Lucas assumed would be matching devil costumes, though they had proven to be very different in terms of the level of skin exposure. Max had been forced to wear his spare cape in order to cover up her incredibly suggestive outfit. She had already swiped her red tail across his bulge twice already, both times earning a suppressed groan from the teen. She wanted him as pent-up as possible for when they arrived.

At this point, both Lucas and Mike had already accepted the fact that they would be spending the entire night sporting throbbing erections.

A few paces behind the libidinous couple, Will the Wise was ruffling his hands through his long, grey beard. Beside him was a witch in the form of Jennifer Hayes, who was close to becoming the party's seventh official member. Their hands were lingering dangerously close, seemingly unable to decide whether or not they should lock. After some deliberation, they ultimately decided to entwine their fingers, giggling softly to each other as they did. Assisted by their long-standing crushes on each other, they had developed a relationship after only two dates. The couple had only gone so far as quick, shy kisses when they were certain no one was watching. Unbeknown to them, the physical aspect of their relationship was about to take some very interesting turns.

Back at the front, Dustin turned to face the others. "I still can't believe Jancy got us the place all to ourselves!" he exclaimed loudly.

"Will you stop calling them that, already?" Mike groaned from behind, sighing in frustration.

"It was pretty cool of them to do this for us," Lucas piped up.

"Yeah, it's great that we get the place to ourselves, Stalker," Max told him as she rested her head on his shoulder. "Means we have plenty of room to... be alone." She grinned up at him before pressing their lips together. After pulling away, Lucas smirked back at her and simply shook his head in response. Max knew her teasing was getting to him and she couldn't wait to be punished for it.

Their shameless flirtations were overheard by Will and Jen, who both shook their heads in amusement. Will had apologized profusely to his new girlfriend about two things when she had first started hanging out with the party. One was Dustin's constant attempts to attract girls by purring at them; the other was Lucas and Max's habit of casually announcing how much they want to fuck each other, regardless of who was listening. As the blonde girl had already found out, both were in full effect tonight.

Being in their freshman year of high school, all the boys ever seemed to talk about now was sex. It was no secret that Lucas and Max were constantly fucking and, at times, it was pretty obvious that Mike and El were too. The biggest surprise came when Dustin had showed up after failing to meet them after school and proudly announced he'd just had his cock sucked behind the bike shed by one of the sophomore girls. The exact reasoning remains unknown, even to him, though "Dude, she's clearly a slut," was Mike's preferred explanation.

As such, being the only one in the party without any sexual experience meant Will was determined to take things to the next level with Jen, yet at the same time he was afraid he'd end up pushing her too much. He replayed Max's words to Lucas in his head and thought about whether he and Jen would maybe... just maybe... get to enjoy some of their own alone time tonight. His face turned beet red as he felt his cock begin to harden. Thankfully, his robes did a commendable job of hiding the problem.

Will's thoughts were interrupted by Dustin, the only boy in the party who wasn't currently throbbing in his pants.

"Let's do this!" the curly-haired boy shouted as he passed a signpost with a skeletal hand pointing towards their destination - an old, dilapidated building surrounded by a makeshift cemetery, complete with a descending mist.

"Woah, it actually looks like it came straight out of a horror movie!" the redhead marveled.

"Yeah, no shit, Maxine. That's kinda the point," Dustin courageously fired back.

Everyone gasped, half-shocked and half-amused at Dustin's bravery. It was common knowledge within the party that the name "Maxine" is never to be said aloud. It turns out El wasn't the only one who could break bones.

Max grabbed hold of Lucas' trident and waved it menacingly at the boy in the Chewbacca mask. "Call me that again and I'll shove this so far up your ass your feet won't even touch the ground!"

There was another wave of laughter as Dustin cowered at the feisty zoomer's threat, the noise quickly dying out when they reached the entrance to the building.

The party of over-excited teens gazed in awe at the spectacularly spooky decor as they filed into the house. Once inside, they were met by their hosts. Technically they were volunteers, but "hosts" sounded slightly more appealing to them.

One of the hosts extended her arms and put on a theatrical voice. "Greetings! Welcome to the Ha-"

"Oh my god, Nancy! Please shut up!" Mike shouted over the top, before muttering under his breath, "So embarrassing."

"Jeez! Lighten up, Skywalker!" The girl's words earned her an offended gasp from each of the four boys.

"Skywalker? I'm Han Solo!" Wheeler shot back at his sister, who simply shrugged in response.

"So, you guys wanna get started?" Jonathan asked as he stepped forward. He was met by a chorus of "Hell yeah!" and "Let's do it!"

"Alright, so you see this?" he asked as he held up a rusted metal coin. "There's ten of these hidden all around the house. The more coins you find, the bigger the prize."

"What are the prizes?" Dustin asked impatiently.

"You'll see," he told the boy.

"Sounds easy enough, I guess," Will said with confidence.

Jonathan cocked an eyebrow. "It's not as easy as it sounds, bud. They're well hidden and there's a few scares designed to throw you off as well. You're the last group of the day so you can take as long as you want."

"Do we get a map or something?" the blonde-haired girl questioned.

"Yeah, this place is huge!" Henderson goggled.

Nancy grinned. "No map. Where's the fun in that? You're on your own, kids! It's probably a good idea to split up so you're not here all night."

Throughout their conversation, they failed to notice that two of the girls had been discreetly grinding their butts against the bulges that were currently pressed up against them. Lucas and Mike breathed heavily through gritted teeth at their girlfriends' relentless teasing, both boys resisting the urge to take them right then and there.

Max and El smirked at each other when Will suggested they pair off in their respective couples.

"So, we'll start on the first floor and then regroup in half an hour to check our progress?" Dustin relayed the plan of action to the rest of the group.

After each of the boys gave a confirming nod, the four couples excitedly headed off in different directions, all of them completely unaware of the intense teenage hormone-fueled Halloween party that night would soon be turning into...