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What would you do if your lover was a demon?

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Ban watches his captain interact with the other sins and the princess from behind the bar. He had wanted to grab some more booze and got distracted by the way the sun reflected off the captain's golden locks. He was entranced with the way the strands seemed to give the deadly leader of the Seven Deadly Sins an angelic look. Of course, anyone who knew Meliodas would tell you that behind that blinding smile was a demon of untold power.

And that was the problem. Ban loves Meliodas more than anything. They had fought side by side for years before they were forced to split up and not once had Ban ever had any doubts about the man he had fallen in love with. But...

'The power I saw during his fight was definitely similar to the Red Demon that destroyed the Fairy Kings Forest and yet...It's Meliodas. My captain, the man I trust more than anything.' Ban watches Hawk scold Meliodas for grabbing Elizabeth's breasts again. He snorted quietly to himself, knowing that the captain was just trying to keep them a secret. Not for himself, if Meliodas had it his way everyone and their uncle would know about them, but Ban was cautious. He knew that the other sins wouldn't care (expect Diane but she would get over it) but he fears what others would think. He wanted nothing to harm the shorter male and he knew that cruel words could hurt more than any sword wound. For the captains sake, he asked that their relationship be kept just between them. Meliodas had no problem with that. 'Of course he uses any excuse to try and rile me up. Grabbing the princess's breasts and sticking his head under her skirt just make me laugh.'

He smiles at the laugh Meliodas lets out as Hawk and Diane gang up on him while Elizabeth tries to calm everyone down. Meliodas turns his head to look at Ban, cheeks flushed from all the laughing he has done. Emerald green met crimson red and Meliodas reaches out a hand toward the Sin of Greed. "Come back here Ban and join the party!"

Ban smiles softly before it turns into a smirk. He jumps over the counter, "Sure thing Captain!"

Ban thought about the question that had plagued him for a while as he makes his way back to the man he loves. What would he do if his lover truly was a demon?

Ban sits back down next to the Sin of Wrath who grins up at him and the answer becomes clear. 'He's the same Meliodas no matter what and I'll kill anyone that says otherwise!'