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Crimson Wings and Emerald Lightning

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Hawks had not planned on dragging Tokoyami to Hosu for patrol. Hell, he hadn’t planned on even going near Hosu. But with Ingenium’s attack only a week earlier, along with the fact Stain still is evading the Hosu Pros, he knew they needed as many heavy hitters on the ground as possible to find the Hero Killer. He needed to be caught now.

He probably should have left Tokoyami with Steps though. Especially with the sudden Noumu attacks.

“Hawks?” Tokoyami says, drawing Hawks’s attention. He’d been guiding civilians away from Endeavor’s fight, Hawks just about to dive in and give the Flame Hero backup.“I just received an odd message from a classmate. Normally I wouldn’t say anything, but it’s coordinates to somewhere here in Hosu. The vagueness isn’t like Midoriya.”

“You want to check it out?” Hawks asks, just to verify. Midoriya...that name feels familiar for some reason.

“If we could?”

“Sure,” Hawks says, gauging Endeavor’s fight. He could handle it, Hawks decides. Besides, if the message is from another UA student, they may have ended up in danger from the Noumu and need help from that. “Lets go.”

The coordinates aren’t too far away from where they are, but the strange thing is that he’s not seeing any of the Noumu. That chaos is further away, and that’s giving him a bad feeling. Either the kid sent his coordinates by mistake (unlikely based on Tokoyami’s reaction) or he ran into something worse than the Noumu.

Or more properly, someone.

They barge into an alley and it’s the exact sort of scenario he’d been hoping it wouldn’t be. Three UA students and a badly injured (and already down) Pro Hero versus Stain. He easily recognizes Endeavor’s youngest, and what looks like another Ingenium (and must be the youngest Iida son). The third had to be Midoriya.

“Hawks!” the other hero shouts, and Hawks thinks his name is Native? “He has a paralysis Quirk! You need to get these kids out of here! I still can’t move!”

“I’m the Number Three hero. I’m getting all of you out of here,” Hawks says determinedly, keeping a close eye on Stain. “And we’re taking down Stain. As of right now, all of you are under my authority and have my approval to fight to your fullest extent.”

“Don’t let him lick your blood,” Midoriya shouts over to him, dodging an attack from Stain. “He needs to consume blood for the paralysis to trigger, and the length of it depends on blood type. B seems to last the longest, O the shortest!”

“Don’t worry kid. He’s not getting close enough for me to worry,” Hawks boasts. He flings his feathers, and the fight is on.


Stain barely avoids the crimson feathers and doesn’t avoid the youngest Todoroki’s blast of flame. He glares at Hawks, the Winged Hero flying out of his reach, and the other glares back, eyes raptor sharp. The trio he’d initially been fighting are rallying, there’s now a fourth Heroic’s student giving them even more coverage, and he’s got one of the worst Pro Heroes he could have to face in front of him.

The disadvantage of Bloodcurdle is that it relied on him being able to get close enough to draw his opponent’s blood. In an ambush, or a fight against a figure like Ingenium who is a close range fighter, that’s easy enough. But against someone like Hawks, who fought from a distance? That’s an issue. On top of that, his Quirk did not agree with large groups. Not unless he could get a drop on them, or that even in a mob he could still overpower them.

He already hadn’t liked where the fight’s going. Hadn’t liked the risk of the loss of his dream. The Winged Hero’s interference makes him like it even less.

Deku and the younger Iida both were close range fighters, but now knew the secret to his Quirk. Todoroki and Hawks were both distance fighters who could switch. He’s not sure what is up with the birdheaded kid, except for...what the fuck just came out of the kid’s back?! Some type of shadow demon?

“Not so easy when you can’t go after a single person?” Hawks taunts, and feints flinging some more feathers at his right side, manipulating them at the last second to slice through his knee.

Stain refuses to fall, he refuses! He’s not losing to some fake hero like Hawks, a man who’s only in heroics for the spotline, for the praise. He lunges for Iida, the boy’s injuries making him slow, because at least in killing the boy he’s achieved one goal, but…

Feet slam into him, Hawks having dived and then twisted to land feet first, and Hawks kicks him in the face, his own expression twisted in a snarl.

“I’m your opponent Stain. Leave the kids the hell alone .”

But he’s starting to have a very bad feeling about this fight.

A bad feeling for what this means for his dreams, his goals.

(But he can respect the protective fury in Hawks’ golden eyes.)

Hawks grabs a set of cuffs out of his apprehension gear and uses them on an unconscious Stain. Midoriya’s last kick to the villain’s face had knocked him out. He’s tempted to slit the tendons of the man’s other knee, but resists. He doesn’t want to get scolded for using too much force after the fight ended. He’s not that sort of hero anyway. He taps at an app on his phone, alerting the Police to a villain capture, S-Rank. That should get them here quickly enough.

Native lifts Midoriya onto his back, the emerald eyed teen having managed to shatter his leg somehow when he kicked Stain. Makes Hawks more than a little curious about why that keeps happening, since most people with strengthening Quirks seem to have a weird, almost secondary quirk that prevented that.

“So what the hell happened here exactly?” Hawks asks, having the feeling already he knows what it was.

“I was ambushed by Stain and he was about to kill me before Iida’s interference,” Native explains. “As you saw, I was paralyzed for the entire fight.”

“I wanted vengeance for what happened to my brother,” Iida admits, looking ashamed. “And as a result, almost got Midoriya and Todoroki killed. As well as that, I risked you and Tokoyami being injured or killed as well.”

“Kid, as I said earlier, I’m the Number Three Hero,” Hawks says, a bit dryly. “Trust me, Stain wasn’t going to be enough to kill me. According to my Mom I’m a bit too dumb to die anyway.” One day she’d let go the time he tried to jump out the apartment window to test out his wings. Sadly, even though he’s 22 he’s pretty sure that day is still far away. “Midoriya? Todoroki?”

“I was on one of the trains that got attacked by a Noumu with the hero I’m interning with, Gran Torino. I then overheard Manual mentioning Iida had run off and remembered both what happened to his brother and that Stain was in Hosu. I guessed that he’d gone after Stain, remembered from previous reports that Stain generally targeted heroes that were far away from any possible help and away from any other chaos going on. I managed to find Iida, punched Stain to get him off of him since he was about to kill him, and then sent out the message I’m guessing Tokoyami saw and you both responded to,” Midoriya explains.

“I was responding to Midoriya’s message. I almost was too late since I couldn’t quite figure out why he sent coordinates, just that it had to be important,” Todoroki says, following Hawks as he guides the rest of the group towards the street. He uses three feathers to carry Stain so none of the kids had to.

“That’s why I let Hawks know when I saw it. It wasn’t the normal type of message Midoriya would post to the class chat, and since it was coordinates I was worried he’d been injured,” Tokoyami explains.

“And I agreed to listen to Tokoyami since the Noumu were attacking, and Stain was in the area. Either of those situations would be bad, and obviously we managed to get about as bad a possible situation,” Hawks says.

He raises a brow as he sees a short, elderly hero in yellow appear, and barely reacts fast enough to grab him before he kicks Midoriya in the face.

“What the fuck.”

Hawks feels some of the tension in his wings relax at the sight of Endeavor’s sidekicks, and even the brat of an elderly hero. Who is apparently Gran Torino, the hero Midoriya is interning with, and is (admittedly) justifiably annoyed at the kid for running off.

But still...

“If he hadn’t run off, Native and Iida would be dead,” Hawks says bluntly. “Midoriya and Todoroki are likely the only reason Native and Iida survived long enough for me to reach them.” But that doesn’t mean he’s gonna let the kid hang. “They did a great job fighting and all three have bright futures ahead of them.”

“I would be dead for sure if the kids hadn’t interfered,” Native acknowledges.

“The kid broke something again, didn’t he?” Gran Torino asks, looking a bit tired, though oddly fond.

“My leg when I kicked Stain in the face and knocked him out,” Midoriya admits, sounding surprisingly sheepish. Okay how often does this happen, seriously? “I estimated wrong.”

“It was a really nice kick though,” Hawks compliments. The unnerving grin on Stain’s face though when Midoriya had roundhoused him in the face like that worries him a bit. Then again, the bastard is now cuffed in Quirk suppressant cuffs, and still unconscious. He’ll rot in Tartarus, and Midoriya shouldn’t have to worry about Stain ever. None of the kids would.

“Well, all six of us should go to the hospital. Police are on their way, since I hit the alert on my phone once we secured Stain,” Hawks says, smiling slightly. “Everyone but me and Tokoyami are suffering some degree of blood loss, and I’d still like to get a full physical done to make sure there was nothing weird in the alley. Strange things in the air today.” Like all the Noumu.

“What’s going on here?” demands Endeavor, the Flame Hero finally appearing.

“All the Noumu dealt with?” Hawks asks instead of replying to the older hero’s demand.

“Yes,” Endeavor says, eyes narrowing at him. “What are that Stain ?”

“Yup. Just arrested him. Your kid’s good. So are Tokoyami, Midoriya, and Iida,” he says, smiling again. “Very helpful in the takedown. Midoriya kicks well and Todoroki has a good sense of balance when it comes to using his Quirk.” Alright why is Endeavor looking pissy…


He’s probably pissy because he didn’t arrest Stain.

“Why were a bunch of students fighting the Hero Killer?” Endeavor asks, scowling.

“Because…” Hawks trails off, hearing a faint, if familiar sound. Flapping but…


Endeavor had missed a Noumu and it just tore Midoriya off Native’s back.

Hawks doesn’t think, he just reacts.

He’s in the air, he’s yanking a long feather from his wings and makes it sharp, slicing through the Noumu. It’s death flail catches him in the ribs, and he feels something give but that’s fine. He can deal with that easily enough. He snatches Midoriya and holds the kid close, barely avoiding slamming them both into the ground. Midoriya’s grip on his jacket is tight and he’s shaking, and he doesn’t blame the kid because that had to have been fucking terrifying and completely confusing. Because that was targeted, in a way none of the other Noumu attacks Hawks had seen had been and his head needs to slow down, his thoughts need to slow he needs time to think. He’d been fast enough, so fast no one else had even had time to react or had they frozen like he can’t freeze?

Then the killing intent slams into him and how the fuck did Stain get out of his cuffs?!?!

Pathetic ,” he hears the Hero Killer sneer. “You all would have let a kid die? You all claim to be heroes and you froze? Hawks is the only of you so-called Pros who’s reacted the way a hero should be. Midoriya is the only one of the students who acts the way a hero should. You are all pathetic, too pathetic to handle me and…”

Hawks flicks a feather through Stain’s other knee and he really should have done that earlier. The man’s rambling is cut off, and he’s suddenly unconscious again, so what the hell. But he’s done, and Hawks can hear police sirens.

Midoriya is still clutching onto him, but he thinks the teen is also about to pass out.

Fuck, all he wants to do is take a nap, but there’s still so much more to do and he’ll do it.

Because that’s what a hero does.

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“We aren’t covering up the kids involvement,” Hawks repeats, tapping at his phone. He’s had to say it three times already. “We can’t. First of all, no one is going to believe I ditched my intern for a while to fight Stain. Second of all, how do you plan on explaining me just ‘stumbling over’ Stain, and again, ditching my intern?

“Here’s what we say. Native got taken down by a surprise attack, which is true. Iida stumbled across Stain after getting seperated from Manual during the chaos of the Noumu attack. He’s infuriated by the sight of the man who maimed his brother, but does his best to rescue Native, failing in the end due to the vast difference in skill level between him and Stain. Midoriya arrives next, having been separated from Gran Torino. He prevents Iida’s near death, sends out the text message that Todoroki Shoto and I respond to.

“Midoriya and Todoroki try to contain Stain, and while they aren’t quite successful, they do keep everyone alive until I and Tokoyami arrive. From there, they’re under my authority, having already technically received Native’s own to fight against Stain and make full use of their Quirks. Not long after, Stain is down and I arrested him, alerting the police to the capture of an S-level villain, and lead the kids and Native out of the alley. Then the Noumu, and now we’re here,” Hawks says putting his phone down. “Oh, and I would strongly suggest going with that instead of trying to cover you asses. Since I basically just took the choice away from you anyway.”

“Excuse me?” the Police Chief says.

“I was basically reading off the press release my office is delivering to the news now,” Hawks says, smirking slightly. He drops his smirk and shifts his weight slightly as Endeavor opens his mouth.

“We can’t cover this up. Without a doubt, Stain will go to Tartarus, which still allows for outside communication. He has fans. We know this. They’ll send him letters, he’ll probably respond, and if he gives a story that contrasts ours too much, then we’re fucked. Look at the mess Destro’s autobiography caused ten years ago. Five different heroes ended up with egg on their face since he revealed how badly they lied to the public. Hell, three had to retire, and one of them was still in their prime. You really want to go through that again?” Hawks asks, barely resisting the urge to roll his eyes. He stands up instead.

“We’re done here. The story will be all over the place in less than ten minutes. I’m going to go check up on the kids.”

He always gets a bit of a high when he can drag control of the narrative out of the hands of the Heroes Commission and the Police. Normally he doesn’t get the chance to do it, or if he does, he’s got Rumi or Steps or Nets to thank for it (and he think he still owes Nets a case of absinthe for their help during the mess in Osaka). But this time, he got to do it himself.

While normally use of Quirks by students like that would get the kids prosecuted, it would cause way too much of an uproar for any charges to actually get filed. He’d made sure of that when he’d worded the statement he’d sent Steps. Hawks knows he’s right about everything though. The truth (or close enough) would get out, and it would be much more humiliating and dangerous if it got leaked later.

Especially if from Stain. Again, that damn Destro mess….

Steps will have released the statement already. Verified he’s in the hospital due to minor injuries (and really, cracked ribs are pretty minor when it comes down to it). Contacted Tokoyami’s parents, along with UA with the demand that the other kids’ parents get contacted. Probably will have called his Mom. She’s in Kyoto these days, so it’ll take a couple hours for her to get down here.

He may be twenty two, but he’s still her fledgling.

Speaking of fledglings, he really needs to get back to the kids. They needed to know the official ‘story’ so they don’t slip up. It’s like Stain knows the specifics of what Midoriya at least was doing there, and he suspects he’s not going to bother saying Iida’s involvement was due to vengeance. Hopefully.

He’ll need to stop in to Tartarus in the next week or so to chat with the Hero Killer, because his comments just before he passed out are still confusing him.

Like seriously, what the hell did he mean by he acted like a true hero?

Izuku can’t help but shake his head at all three of his classmates (friends?). Tokoyami and Todoroki came to save them. Tokoyami brought one of the most powerful heroes in Japan to do it. But still, Iida’s being ridiculous in not getting his hand fixed properly. Long term it could cause him serious problems.

“Oh great, you’re all awake!” Hawks says, waltzing into the room. The Winged Hero is out of his uniform and wearing a loose tee and sweats and Izuku can’t help but snicker at what his shirt says.


Good to see he’s not the only person who does that.

“So, we’ve got to discuss the cover story,” Hawks says, ignoring Izuku’s snickering and wincing as he sits.

“What cover story,” Todoroki asks, narrowing his eyes.

“The one that actually gives you credit for taking down an S-class villain,” Hawks says, a bit dryly. “The police wanted to cover it up since it’s humiliating for them and the other Pros that they failed where a bunch of First Years were succeeding. And well, legally you guys really shouldn’t have done that but whatever. Public opinion is going to be bad enough already for them when the press release gets out that they won’t do shit. They were going to claim I was alone, which is stupid, since what the hell would I have been doing so far away from the Noumu fights. It also would have implied I ditched my intern in the middle of a battlefield which looks really bad.

“Instead, as the press release I already sent to my agency, Iida came across Native after getting separated from Manual. There’s not a chance in hell we’re letting it get out you were trying to avenge your brother’s injuries. Then Midoriya ended up in a similar situation, separated from Gran Torino, coming across the fight just in time to stop Stain from killing Iida. He, in contrast to Iida thought to call for further back up in the class chat group, which both Todoroki, Tokoyami and I responded to. Todoroki and you held Stain off long enough for Iida to come unfrozen and start fighting back, while Native was still stuck. Then Tokoyami and I arrived and the five of us finished the fight.

“Then we did have the minor mess with that Noumu grabbing Midoriya, but I dealt with that immediately so you were fine.”

“Even though I passed out?”

“Kid you just fought off an S-class villain and then got grabbed by a Noumu. That was a pretty justifiable reaction,” Hawks says, a bit more dryly. “Oh, by the way, I told UA to call your parents except of Endeavor. Because he’s kinda busy being a dick and did you know your older sister is actually your emergency contact?” he asks Todoroki.

Izuku can hear two sets up footsteps outside, coming from opposite directions.



“What the fuck?” Hawks mutters, leaning back as if he’s hoping to see something through the frosted door of the hospital.

Takashiro Kiyome loathes hospitals with a passion, and has since before her husband died, leaving her with a three month old and only enough rent money for another two months. In hindsight, them running off without telling anyone that they planned to elope was a mistake. At the very least they should have told his little sister, who wouldn’t have judged them for having a ‘whoops’.


Somehow Sora had ended up in the hospital again, and all Steps would tell is he got into a fight with a Noumu and an S-class villain, along with four UA students. She’s still a bit amused that one had the last name Midoriya. Hmmm, maybe Inko had a…


“Inko?!?!” Okay she hadn’t been serious with that thought!

Her eyes are huge as she takes in Kei’s little sister. Based on her being in civilian clothes she almost without a doubt is the UA Midoriya’s mother.

“Holy shit,” she says, all but lunging to hug the woman who’d been one of best friends in childhood. “What are you doing here?”

“My son got hurt during his internship,” Inko explains. “Why are you here?”

“Apparently my son rescued you’s during the internship.”


“My son is Hawks,” Kiyome explains. “The Winged Hero. All his sidekick would say is he got hurt rescuing three UA students.”
“Ummm...Mom, what are you doing?” Sora says, popping his head out the door. “And why are you hugging someone I don’t know?”

“Because I know here, and I suspect it’ll be faster to explain inside.”

“Okay,” Sora says with a shrug. He turns his head to the side. “We’re being invaded by moms.”

“Don’t be rude Sora to me or your Aunt,” she scolds.

“Moooom….wait what?!”

“What the fuck…” Hawks whispers. He’d known he had an aunt, his Mom had mentioned it (and that his Grandparents hadn’t approved of his Dad and his Mom’s relationship). But seriously? He’d accidentally rescued his own cousin?!

“Mom, isn’t that something you should have told me?” Izuku asks, and he should definitely use his little cousin’s name and holy shit he has a younger cousin.

“I didn’t know. Though in hindsight I probably should have guessed, with him looking like a male Kiyome,” his Aunt(?!) admits sheepishly.

“Yeah, he got nothing from Kei besides being able to manipulate his feathers,” his Mom says, half petting his head. “And you three are the other students he rescued?”

“I’m Hawks intern and I was following him. Midoriya, Iida, and Todoroki were the ones to originally engage the Hero Killer,” Tokoyami says. “Though Hawks did then have to rescue Midoriya from a Noumu.”

“Wait what?!”

Oh this is going to be a long explanation, Hawks thinks, just as boht Iida parents barge in and a woman around his age with red and white hair, thankfully not followed by Endeavor.

A very long explanation.


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Moon Bunny: Did you see the new charts???

Sora pauses from making his breakfast as he spots the text from Rumi. The new charts? No new rankings were due for months. What the hell had happened?

No. Why?

Moon Bunny: Look!!!!

Sora taps his news app and chokes on his own spit.

Hawks on the Rise! Winged Hero Reaches Number Two!

What the hell?!

Let’s give a round of applause to the new Number Two, the Winged Hero Hawks!

For anyone living under a rock, three days ago the former Number Three caught the villain tormenting the Heroic Community, the Hero Killer Stain. While taking his intern, Tokoyami Fumikage, on patrol in Hosu, the two went to rescue three other UA students and Pro Hero Native from Stain.

According to a statement from Hawks’ office, Native had the simple misfortune of coming across Stain. Iida Tenya, the youngest of the Iida sons prevented his near-death after getting separated from his internship boss, Manual. Unfortunately, much like his older brother the now-retired Hero Ingenium, Iida was taken down, but both his and Native’s deaths were barely halted by the timely actions of Midoriya Izuku, another UA student.

He had the sense to send a message out to his classmates of his coordinates, in hopes that someone would respond and help him extract his classmate and Native.

And two did.

Todoroki Shouto, youngest son of the now-Number Three hero Endeavor got there first. Between the two of them they were able to at least hold Stain off, even if they weren’t quite strong to defeat the villain. Something tells this writer, though, give the duo another couple years and we’d be having a very different story.

Tokoyami Fumikage, intern for our much beloved Winged Hero was the other respondent, and, in contrast to Todoroki, he brought the ultimate backup.


The Winged Hero arrived, and it was all over for the Hero Killer. Stain was taken down and put into custody, and now both the heroic and civilian communities owe a massive ‘Thank You’ to Hawks.

And hey, on top of that, he even managed to spare the time to kill a Noumu.

Holy shit. He’s Number Two.

Holy shit he's higher ranked than Endeavor.

Shouto’s eyes are huge as he takes in the sight of the utterly decimated dojo. He can still smell smoke and molten metal, even though the fires are all out and the training equipment is missing.

“Guess he saw the news,” Fuyumi whispers, looking just as stunned.


“Dad went down in the ranks after Hosu. He’s now Number Three,” Fuyumi explains, guiding him away from the dojo. “Because of Hawks rescuing you guys and arresting Stain, along with then re-rescuing Midoriya and killing that Noumu. Hawks has always had better public approval ratings than Dad, and taking down Stain was enough to boost him above Dad officially.”

Endeavor is Number Three.

Number Three.

Dabi hasn’t been so satisfied in years. But seeing Endeavor taken down a rank?

Oh damn does that feel good.

And the one to do it had been Hawks, the Pro who’d arrested Stain? The Pro Stain had complimented, called a real hero? Stain who’s ideology appealed so much to him, and Stain who’s arrest lead to his father Endeavor losing his rank?

Even better.

He’s even the cousin of the UA student Stain had mentioned. Which apparently had been news to everyone who’d known them, but is still kind of cool. First meeting is the elder kicking someone’s ass for threatening him.

Better than his family at least…

He glances over at his phone thoughtfully and notices a text message. Huh. What does Giran want?

Sora lands a block away from the apartment building, shoving his hands deep into his pockets. His Mom is already there. She’d been texting him incessantly for the past hour, but he’d needed time to calm down. He’s the Number Two hero. Endeavor’s been Number Two for decades, and he just overtook him. He’s only 22.

Sora can’t help but grin. Like, he doesn’t really think he’ll keep it too long (and honestly he doesn't really want it), he’ll drop back to Number Three, but it’ll be nice while it lasts. He tugs down his headphones and slips his glasses up. He doesn’t need either when he’s on the ground.

He rings the buzzer and someone lets him in, and she’s on the ground floor so it’s only a few feet to reach his Aunt’s apartment (and it’s so surreal to have an aunt and cousin when it’s just been him and Mom for so long).

The elderly woman who opens the door is a surprise, as is the hug. Her hair is a very faded green, but her eyes are the same brilliant shade his Aunt and cousin have and holy shit this is she his grandmother? She has to be.

“Somehow I can’t even be surprised Kiyome beat out Kei in terms of how you look,” she says, smiling warmly up at him. “Izuku did the same thing with his father, only really inheriting Inko’s color.”

“Errr…” Sora knows his eyes are huge, and he’s very confused right now.

“I’m your Grandma,” she says, chuckling slightly and guiding him inside. “Inko called us when she found out about you and we rushed over since we wanted to meet our other grandchild. I just feel awful that Kiyome and Kei thought we’d be upset over you.”

That wasn’t what he was expecting after the stories his Mom had told him about both his set of grandparents. That they didn’t get along in the slightest, didn’t like their relationship at all, and would have probably tried to force his Mom to have an abortion.

...Guess not. Or maybe twenty three years had softened them on everything.

His Mom is sitting on a chair that looks like it had been adjusted for her and her wings, and there’s a second one just like it, obviously for him. Izuku is curled up next to Aunt Inko, and his grandparents (and that’s a weird thought, more family) are sitting on another couch. The only person he’d really expect to be there and is missing is Izuku’s Dad.

But based on a quick glance around the room and the utter lack of photos with the man in them...and wow. That is a lot of All Might stuff.

“Fans of All Might?” he asks, taking the seat next to his Mom.

“How many Endeavor toys do you have again?” Mom asks under her breath.

Which. Okay. Fair.

“Yes,” Izuku says, stiffening slightly and that’s kind of a weirdly defensive action to take.

“I didn’t mean anything by it,” Sora says. “Sorry. It’s just a lot more than I was expecting.” And some of it he recognizes as kind of expensive.

“It’s fine,” Inko says, pouring tea for him.

“Now. What have you two been up to for the past twenty three years?” his Grandma asks. “I’m sure it had to be exciting if you made Number Three so young.”

“I’m actually Number Two now,” Sora says, grinning slightly because he still can’t believe it. “After Hosu I went up in the ranks.”

The flash of worry on Izuku’s face makes Sora’s eyes narrow slightly.

What could be worrying him about him rising to Number Two?

Toshinori knows it’s probably wiser to wait until young Midoriya is back at UA to pull him aside, but Mrs. Midoriya had had no issues in the past letting him do so. He’s curious about how a full week with Gran Torino would have gone, as well as a bit nervous. Gran had always been a hard task master, but hopefully young Midoriya would have a bit more control over One for All.

He notices the additional car in front of the apartment building but doesn’t really think much of it. Mrs. Midoriya had told him she rarely gets visitors and he doubts that would change now. He knocks on the door.

Hawks of all people answers.

“Who are you?” he asks, looking a bit suspicious.

“All Might’s secretary, Yagi Toshinori. He asked me to check in on young Midoriya,” Toshinori lies.

Hawks eyes narrow a bit more. He’s never needed to wonder before how strong the senses of the now-Number Two. He’d assumed his eyesight for sure, but what else?

“Oi, Izuku, do you know a Yagi Toshinori?” Hawks shouts over his shoulder.

“Yes!” young Midoriya shouts back. “Let him in.”

Hawks steps out of the way, but Toshinori does not enjoy having Hawks at his back. Not in his weaker form. It’s obvious the other hero is wary of him, and he probably should have texted ahead. Forewarning would have made it easier, or he could have planned on meeting up with Izuku after Hawks and what looks like Hawks’ mother had left. As is, he can tell Hawks is ready to make a move if he makes a false move. The protectiveness is heartwarming if frustrating.

“Umm…” Toshinori looks at both Hawks and his mother.

“Hawks is my cousin,” Izuku explains. “We just found out since our moms lost contact.”

“Your sisters?” Toshinori asks, a bit surprised. Neither woman looks anything alike.

“No. My brother is, or rather was, Hawks father. He and Kiyome eloped and from there we all lost contact with them,” Mrs. Midoriya says.

“It was kind of hard to keep contact when we thought our parents disapproved of mine and Kei’s relationship,” Mrs. Hawks says (Kiyome, how should he refer to her). “You can call me Ms. Takashiro,” she adds, obviously seeing his confusion. “By the way, who did you say you are?”

“Yagi Toshinori, All Might’s secretary. Due to him being busy he asked me to check in on young Midoriya,” Toshinori says.

Both Hawks and Ms. Takashiro narrow their eyes at him, and he does not like that look.

“You’re lying,” Hawks says, feathers bristling slightly, and definitely ready to defend everyone else there. “Want to try that again? This time with the truth?”

Young Midoriya stiffens, and Mrs. Midoriya gives him a confused and somewhat hurt look. Fuck. Both Hawks and his mother’s vision is likely sharp enough to pick up any signs he had been lying. He should have thought about that, but it’s not as if he could have known the two are here…

Well it’s a good thing he hasn’t completely used up his heroic form today.

And he shifts.

...It’s kind of hilarious seeing everyone but young Midoriya’s mouth drop open.


Chapter Text

“So...since obviously Aunt Inko didn’t know about this,” Sora says as All Might(!) deflates(?) , “what else is going on? Because I’m calling bullshit on this being all of it.” Because it’s never something so simple as Yagi Toshinori is really All Might, especially since he just popped up at his Aunt’s apartment and implied he’s visited a number of times. Why would he do that? Does he do that for all his students?

“Same. Also, Izuku, we really need to work on your body language in terms of you trying to lie. You’re twitching a bit too much,” Mom says, her golden eyes flicking over to his cousin.

“Errr…” both All Might and Izuku trade looks, and Sora narrows his eyes at both of them.

“I’m gonna point out again that Sora and I will notice if you lie to us,” says Mom, reaching over to grab his Aunt’s hand. She’s pale and her eyes are huge and teary and Sora is very, very unhappy right now. “Or if you hide anything. Trust me when I say this, long term that’ll just make things worse.”

Izuku and All Might exchange looks again, and All Might starts to explain just what’s going on.

“Two hundred years ago there were two brothers…”



Inko’s hands are shaking slightly. She’s glad Kiyome is holding her one hand, because she’s not entirely sure what she wants to do. All Might had passed on his Quirk to her son, and neither apparently had planned on ever telling her. That the Quirk is so far too strong for Izuku’s body.

“So what you’re telling me is that you gave my cousin a Quirk too strong for him without thinking about the possible side effects,” Sora says flatly, fists clenched as if he’s resisting the urge to do something. “You’re telling us that it didn’t immediately fucking occur to you after the first time he broke his arm that he needed immediate additional training, training he only got because Gran Torino noticed that you were doing such a piss poor job of it. I’m even happier I offered the Aery’s training facilities to him for the rest of Izuku’s week.”


“There’s no ‘umm’ to that,” Inko snaps. She doesn’t think she’s been so angry in years, not since Hisashi claimed he was ‘too busy’ with work to see her and Izuku, and barely remembered to call them. “You didn’t think. Izuku could have been killed from using a Quirk that was too strong for his body, especially during the Sports Festival, or when trying to rescue his friend. If he’d broken a limb when fighting Stain he could have had his throat slit.”

“What do you think would have happened if Tokoyami and I hadn’t been in Hosu? Todoroki didn’t bother telling his father or any other member of Endeavor’s agency that he’d gotten a strange alert from a classmate. The kids could have very easily been killed, as would Native. No other Pros came . If you’d trained Izuku better, trained him to be able to use more of this ‘One for All’ they probably would have been able to take down Stain themselves seeing as they had been holding him off at least. As is, it sounds very much like if Gran Torino hadn’t decided to train Izuku that almost without a doubt the youngest Iida and Native would be dead, and Stain still on the loose because Izuku still wouldn’t have been able to control it enough,,” Sora snaps, knuckles white with how tightly he has them clenched. “You didn’t think this through at all!”

“You don’t get it!” Izuku snaps, his hands as tightly clenched as his cousin’s. “ I was Quirkless . I was constantly told that I couldn’t be a hero, that I’d be nothing at all. Mom being ashamed of how it was supposedly her fault, especially since Dad all but vanished after the diagnosis. I pretty much stopped having friends after I was four and everyone knew I didn’t have a Quirk. No one wanted to be around the Quirkless in case I ‘infected them’. All Might offered me something that I’d never thought I had. Something that let me successful pass UA’s exam, something that finally put me on Kacchan’s level.” Then Izuku stiffens again, and suddenly something makes a horrible amount of sense.

“Katsuki was bullying you,” she says. “ That’s why he stopped coming around. That’s why I barely see Mitsuki even though we’ve been friends since childhood.”

“The teachers didn’t care.” That’s good as admitting it. “I was just the Quirkless kid who’d probably do nothing with his life. It’s not like you noticed though. You didn’t notice I was coming home with bruises and burn marks.” Katsuki had been using his Quirk on Izuku?!

But she does flinch at her son’s accusation because he’s right. She’d thrown herself into work and trying to have the perfect home that she missed the cracks. Kiyome’s hand tightens around her own, and she’s grateful both Kiyome and Sora are here. It’s nice to have Kiyome’s support again.

She hadn’t wanted to think about him being Quirkless. She hadn’t wanted to think about the statistics on how most Quirkless individuals end up committing suicide. And as a result she missed things that could have led to that. With how bad his bullying must have been, it’s nothing short of a miracle nothing worse had ever happened.

“But All Might offered you his Quirk, which you thought would suddenly make things better,” and Sora’s voice is still flat. “You barely had a choice in that Izuku. There was no chance you’d turn down an offer like that, especially since you thought it would lead to your dreams of being a hero. Especially since it would make you more accepted by society, since all people pretty much care about are Quirks. Especially since it was from your hero. There wasn’t a real choice there, it was the only option.”

“Why are you emphasizing how young Midoriya seemingly didn’t have a choice?” All Might asks, and both Kiyome and Sora stiffen.

Inko  suspects she’s not going to like what she hears next.


Fuck, fuck, fuck.

He hasn’t slipped up like that in years. Rumi knew about the situation with the Heroic Commission since she’d overheard a meeting he’d been having with his handler. Steps knew because he’s the highest ranking sidekick, and he suspects Nets knows as well due to that. He tells the other American everything.

“Hawks,” All Might says. “Why do you keep emphasizing if young Midoriya had a choice or not?”  

Fuck it. Might as well since other secrets are coming out.

“When I was six I saved a bunch of people from an accident. I didn’t think, I just reacted. Obviously the police got involved, and due both Quirk usage and my young age the Heroic Commission got involved as well.” Sora closes his eyes. “How do you think they’d react to having access to a child with a ‘perfect Quirk’ for heroics? Mom and I weren’t exactly living well since very few people want to hire a single mother with a young child. We had no contact with my grandparents or Aunt Inko. The Commission offered to pay all our living expenses and my schooling. The only thing I had to do was become a hero, and a hero who basically has a collar around his throat.

“It’s why I could afford to immediately start an agency even though I was only 17. They didn’t want anyone looking too closely and if I signed on as a sidekick somewhere, someone would notice something weird going on. Easier if I just worked alone, and I was more than powerful enough to rise up the ranks rapidly.” He swallows, because it’s been something rolling around the back of his mind all morning. “It’s probably why they redid the rankings so suddenly. It jumps on the good will I earned during Hosu, and the fact Endeavor looked like an idiot during the Stain confrontation. He froze, but I reacted and rescued Izuku. On top of that, I’ve always been much more popular than him, so if there had been a surge in that, and Stain had been an S-class villain...”

It’s been years since Toshinori had been so revolted by the Heroics Commission, and that had been when they tried to blackmail Nighteye into working for them. But they’d go so far as to do this...he shouldn’t be surprised. He really shouldn’t be surprised. He’s always known he has to play politics with the Commission, especially since he’s been so careful to keep his name out of public knowledge, let alone the status of his injuries.

But to basically buy a child? He’d thought there had been lines even they wouldn’t cross. But if they could get a chance to get access to a child like Hawks they would have run with it. If Ms. Takashiro had felt that she had no choice...if she felt like it was the only chance to give her son a better life, she would have taken it.

The Commission would have wanted ‘their hero’ to have as high a rank as quickly as possible. He has seen Hawks fight in the past, though he’s not sure the younger hero is aware of that. He definitely deserves a high rank, and he is incredibly popular. Both he and Endeavor had made rapid rises, but not quite as rapidly as Hawks. He’d broken the Top Ten by the time he was 19.

Both he and Enji had been in their twenties.

Now Hawks is Number Two, and admittedly even without his sudden surge in popularity Toshinori suspects he’ll be keeping the rank for a while. And if they can’t figure out why it seems like All for One is making moves, may have to take his. Enji’s own lack of popularity has always mystified him, mostly because he can’t figure out why the Flame Hero is incapable of not being a jackass.

It’s really not that hard to be nice to children.

“They as good as bought you,” Izuku finally says. “Neither you or Aunt Kiyome had any real choice, since it was either struggling or being given a safety net. That’s why you’re so upset about All Might giving me One for All. Because you’re seeing parallels in what happened to you.”

“No shit,” Hawks mutters. “Yes, that’s most of what’s pissing me off, but it’s also in part due to your doctor. You’re not supposed to diagnosis someone as Quirkless without at least two other doctors signing off on it, and you’re especially not supposed to do it based solely on the toe joint thing. That was proven to be an old wives’ tale years ago.”

“Why do you even know that?” Toshinori can’t help but ask.

“I know someone whose Quirk is that she can register if someone has a Quirk or not and what it is. Riv’s constantly busy since she works as a Quirk Counselor, but I know she’d be willing to check things out if I ask,” Hawks explains. “And I’d also advise you get it looked at to see if you have some sort of transformation Quirk, because, you really, really shouldn’t be able to switch sizes like that.”

“No,” Izuku says, startling him. “ No. It doesn’t mean anything now anyway. I have One for All. What is knowing if I have another Quirk going to do?”

“Well, if you do, that could be what’s making One for All so hard to control,” Ms. Takashiro points out.

“I’ve watched All Might’s fights on TV before. I’m pretty sure we all have. I’ve never seen the weird green lighting that surrounds your body when you have to using One for All on him,” Hawks says thoughtfully. “And I sincerely doubt I’d miss something that noticeable.”

“Izuku, if they’re making the offer…” Mrs. Midoriya says.

“Besides, it’s not like anything else is that weird about the Quirk,” Hawks says.

Toshinori stiffens again and notices that so did young Midoriya.

“Oh my fucking god, seriously?!?!”

“Hey Nets I need a favor. I need Riv to check two people for Quirks and I may need a mindreader who will keep their mouth shut.”

“Sora, I love you dearly, but I’m going to kill you. It’s five in the fucking morning here and I just went to sleep an hour ago. Call me again when it’s a normal hour, like 3pm.”

“...Ooops. Wait that’s like 5am here!”

“You’re the one that needs the favor, not me. And don’t act like you don’t get up around then anyway. I will talk to you in the afternoon, and I want one hell of an explanation for why you not only need Riv but also a mindreader.”

“You’re hardly going to believe it.”

“Try me.”

“So...what do you think about Quirks that can be based on through consumption of the present holder’s DNA?”


“...I’m going to sleep and you better have a full explanation when I wake up.”

Chapter Text

“Okay, explain this to me again,” Nets says, rubbing their temples.

They’re still wearing their gold mask, and Sora thinks that’s making All Might nervous. But they won’t take it off since their identity is private (they wore the damn thing in a bathhouse).  It completely covers their face and can make it hard to read them. He knows that over the past four days the man has probably been regretting allowing him to bring in friends of his, but since he apparently didn’t know anyone with an Analyzing Quirk it had to be Riv. Mandalay of the Wild Wild Pussycats had agreed her to help figure out the Vestiges. At least the Midoriya apartment is private enough that they don’t have to worry about spies.

“Your Quirk can be passed on through consumption of DNA, such as a strand of hair, but it has to be consensual to work. And you passed that on to Izuku, who’s been having control issues ever since he got it, leading to broken arms and legs. That violates how DNA should work you realize? There’s a reason we don’t just randomly inject DNA in people and expect them to gain Quirks.”

“Well it has worked, and since it’s been passed on eight times…” Hawks trails off, and he can just barely see the flat look Nets is giving him through the eye slits of her mask.

“I get that. I’m just saying it logically shouldn’t.”

“The most likely issue here, at least in part, is that One for All is without a doubt nearing Quirk Singularity status. While the majority of the theories concerning Quirk Singularity are garbage, I’d say the problem here is the closest we’ll actually get to it,” Riv says, tilting her head slightly in thought.

“Since the main aspect of the Quirk is stockpiling energy at the end of the day, not the passing on bit, and with all the battles All Might and the other users may have, it’s completely possible that the entire issue is that the Quirk may literally be getting too strong for the human body to handle, at least not without a secondary regeneration Quirk. Which, well, I’ve never heard of someone having such divergent Quirks at once, or at least not remaining human. Those Noumu things have reached US news for the record.”

“Fuck,” Sora says, and that’s really all he can say. Because seriously, what else could he?

“However, Sora does have a good point about the Quirk reacting weirdly to Izuku. All Might doesn’t have the lightning thing and according to what he said, neither did any of All Might's predecessors,” Riv says, standing up. “The Vestiges thing you’ve mentioned also doesn’t make much sense. There’s no reason consciousness of any sort should be getting passed on with the DNA. Well, not unless it was a part of the original stockpile power, or some weird mutation when it merged with the passing on Quirk.”

“So Riv will check for additional Quirks in both of you, and then Mandalay will see if there’s anything odd in how Izuku’s mind is processing information, or if there’s something otherwise wrong,” Nets says, studying both his cousin and All Might.

He can tell Nets’ confidence is unnerving All Might, which really isn’t that surprising. How confident they are while seemingly so young is unnerving at times. They ran the Network now, and had spent most of their childhood preparing to do it. When you had to learn how to at times get both villains and official heroes to knock shit off it kind of destroyed your ability to give a fuck. Or your ability to fear people they logically should.

Then again, having an Erasure type Quirk really helped with that too.

“You ready?” Riv says, walking over to All Might first.

“Yes,” he says, closing his eyes.

Riv shuts her own and grabs his head between her hands.


“No Quirk,” Riv says, a bit surprised. After All Might had described the forms thing she’d really expected to find something. “The fact you can transform must be some really weird side effect of One for All. Could also be the cause of Izuku’s lightning in that case. You definitely don’t have anything else though.”

The man relaxes slightly, which makes her raise an eyebrow. That may be the first time she’s seen someone pleased over being Quirkless. Then again, at his age he probably doesn’t want his life upended, which finding an arguably invisible Quirk could do.

“Alright, you next,” she says, moving in front of Izuku. His mother is sitting next to him, holding his hand (it’s still weird to discover Sora now has a cousin and an aunt).

She places her hands on Izuku’s head and focuses again and…


She blinks and yanks her hands away.

“Mrs. Midoriya, what exactly is your Quirk again? And your husband’s?”

Izuku’s giving her a wide eyed stare and fucking hell, what’s going on here?!

“My Quirk is a minor gravitational Quirk. I can draw small objects to me. My husband had a firebreathing Quirk. Why?”

Riv bites her lower lip, because she’s not entirely sure what to say. Definitely an aspect of what she sensed is gravitational. The thing is, if you find a child with a combination Quirk, like say Endeavor’s youngest son, it would have an aspect of both parents. Not an aspect of one parent and a completely different second half.

“Are you 100% sure your husband had a firebreathing Quirk?” she asks, and she knows everyone is staring at her.

“Riv, what the hell did you sense?” Nets asks, crossing their arms.

“So yeah, here’s the thing. When you get combination Quirks, they’re aspects of the parent’s Quirks. Like, Endeavor’s youngest has that half ice, half fire Quirk. Or, if you don’t get a combination Quirk it’s generally just one parent’s Quirk and every once in a blue moon you get a Quirk that is completely unrelated. But you never get a combination Quirk that only has an aspect of one parent and an aspect of something completely different,” Riv says, chewing on her lower lip.

“Riv, what the hell did you sense ?” Nets repeats.

“Sooooo...any ideas why Izuku’s Quirk is apparently a Copy Quirk that allows him to draw Copies to himself permanently? Because if your husband’s a fire Quirk owner, that really shouldn’t happen.”

Alright, she isn’t even close to surprised by the sudden shouting.

Sora knows his Quirk is a blend of his parents. His Mom’s wings and the ability to harden feathers (which even that then is a combination of his grandparents Quirks, a hardening quirk and a weird form of feathered telekinesis and no, he’d never gotten it either), and a fairly powerful gravity manipulation that only affects his feathers. His Quirk, while powerful, follows the general rules of how Quirks should be.

Neither of Izuku’s do.

He wraps an arm around his cousin pulls him into a half hug, the kid’s face still expressionless after Riv’s revelation. She’s got her arms crossed and is giving All Might a flat look, but she did just agree to let some detective he’s friends with to question her. Apparently he had some truth detecting Quirk. Mandalay had (wisely) pointed out that her Quirk isn’t truly mindreading and if Riv wanted to, she could probably hide the truth anyway. Which, asking that detective to be here in hindsight, would have been smart, so that All Might and Mandalay trusted everything being said.

“You okay?” he asks quietly, voice almost lost under the shouting from everyone else. Even his Aunt is shouting, and that just seems wrong coming from her.

Izuku just shakes his head silently and he’s incredibly pale. Which, well, makes perfect sense. He’s spent over a decade thinking he had no Quirk, and now it turns out not only does he have a Quirk, but the Quirk isn’t making much sense biologically. Even when Quirks jumped generations, they didn’t mix the way his seems to have, and based on what All Might explained a few days ago concerning All for One…

“Hey Auntie?” he says, something just occurring to him, and fuck he hopes he’s wrong. “Do you have any wedding photos, or pictures from when Izuku was a toddler? Things that your husband was in?” He catches All Might’s eye who blanches, seeming to already figure out his train of thought. “All Might, you mentioned knowing exactly what All for One looked like, or at least used to look like. If Izuku’s Dad looks like him, it’s possible that Izuku may be his great-grandson or something.”

Nets just gives him a flat look (and he really will never get how they do that through a mask that covers their entire face) since they both know that’s rarely how Quirks actually work either, but you know what, he’d like to hope. Maybe since All for One was a first generation Quirk user his DNA is a bit different? Maybe would allow a part, and only a part, of his Quirk to skip a generation and merged with his daughter-in-law?

“They’re in my bedroom. I put them away after Hisashi stopped coming home,” Aunt Inko says a bit distractedly. She shuffles off to her room, and Hawks can hear her moving around.

Mandalay is tapping her fingers against her chair, and he feels kind of bad they’re dragging her into their family drama. At least she’d been delighted to meet Izuku and was amused by his unintentional word vomit over the Wild Wild Pussy Cats. She’d been understandably less delighted to meet two American vigilantes, but he’d needed Nets and Riv. Well, he needed Riv and he knows he annoyed Nets enough that they’d tag along no matter what.

He needs to remember to get them two crates of absinthe now.

“Here they are!” Aunt Inko says triumphantly, returning and holding a photo album.

Why the hell is All Might holding a napkin in his hand? Where did that even come from?

His Aunt flicks through the first few pages which are her with another woman whose hair looks like that explosion brat from the Sports Festival. Probably the woman his Aunt at mentioned earlier. Mitsumi or something like that? Then she pauses on a page.

His Aunt is in the arms of a tall man with white hair. She’s in a western style wedding dress, and he’s in a tuxedo. Both of them look incredibly happy to be together in the photo.

All Might, on the other hand, looks horrified and then coughs up blood.

“...He’s All for One, isn’t he? Not a possible grandson” his Mom says flatly, looking at All Might’s reaction.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Izuku says, more than a little faint.

Yeah this is definitely going to be a problem.

His father is a supervillain.

His father is All for One.

“-Zuku. Izuku!” someone’s shouting in his ear and rubbing his back and nothing makes sense and no, no, no, nonononononono. Because what if he’ll end up like him?

“Izuku. Izuku honey, calm down,” his Mom says, and doesn’t she get it? She married a supervillain. She had a child with him. He has every right to be freaking out.

“Young Midoriya. Calm down. You need to calm down,” and that’s All Might and isn’t he disgusted with him? Isn’t he going to tell him to pass on One for All? “Young Midoriya I am not going to take One for All away from you. You are not your father.” Oh, he’d said that out loud.

He can feel his breathing slow, and he realizes its Sora rubbing his back, and that one of his cousin’s crimson wings are wrapped around him. Both his Mom and All Might are crouched in front of him, and Aunt Kiyome, Mandalay, and Sora’s friends are standing on the opposite side of the room, giving him as much space as possible.

“You are not your father. Just because you have his Quirk…”

“Excuse me,” Riv interrupts. “I think in the chaos you didn’t entirely understand what I said. From what you described earlier All for One at its most basic, is a type of take and release Quirk. He can steal a Quirk from someone and either hoard it, give it to someone else, or give it back. That’s not what Izuku’s does. He can pull a copy of a Quirk, in what seems like a weird mutation of Mrs. Midoriya’s and All for One’s Quirks, and hoard it, and with enough training probably use it naturally. But he can’t actually steal a Quirk and he can’t give someone a Quirk.” Riv leans against the wall. “You do not have your father’s Quirk. Is it similar? Yes. But it’s not exactly like his, and ironically enough gives you a good cover story for One for All.”

“He can just claim he Copied All Might’s Quirk and that’s why they’re so similar. It was an accident and how he found out about the Quirk. Izuku decided to primarily use it because it’s a very practical Quirk for heroics,” Sora says, obviously following Riv’s train of thought. “All Might noticed what he did and that’s why he seems to be keeping a closer eye on him than other students at UA, and don’t tell me you’re not,” he says, voice dry again.

All Might winces. ...Huh they are doing a terrible job at keeping it secret aren’t they?

“So what do we do now?” he asks quietly.

“Well, first and foremost we should test exactly how it works,” Nets says, stepping over to him. “Izuku, I want you focus on me and Pull . Don’t focus on anyone else, just me.”

“Nets what are you…”

“Calm down I know what I’m doing. I think,” they adds under their breath.

Izuku looks at the tall, masked person. Sora had introduced them as an old friend who he’d first met after some weird mess in Osaka. Their hand is about a foot away from him and he focuses on it, and he feels something pull and push inside him. Nets gasps slightly, but then there’s almost something...thoughtful in how they shift.

“Riv, come here for a second,” they say, raising their hand.

“Okay?” Riv says, stepping up next to them.

Nets puts their hand against Riv’s cheek.

“Pause,” they order. Riv shudders.

“Fucking hate when you do that... wait, you still have your Quirk.”

“Yes. Unpause. Now Izuku, I want you to touch Riv’s hand and do the same thing I just did. Focus on wanting Riv’s Quirk to be inactive,” Nets orders.

Riv places her hand right in front of him and he puts his hand on top of hers and focuses on the weird feeling in his chest. Then he focuses on the warmth of Riv’s skin and how he doesn’t want her Quirk to be active.

“Pause,” he says clearly, not entirely sure if Nets actually needs to do that or if they just do it out of an old habit.

Riv shudders the same way she did for Nets.

“Can’t feel it anymore than I could with Nets,” she verifies.

“Now focus on wanting her Quirk to be active again,” Nets orders.

“Unpause,” he says, focusing again on nothing but Riv, and the way her Quirk works.

“And I can feel it again,” she says, smiling slightly.

Holy shit. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit .


Chapter Text

“So...can you actually take interns if they don’t have provisional licenses?” Rumi asks, neither having ever really needed to look into it before.

“Yeah, just can’t take them on patrol or let them have access to the files,” Sora says a bit absently, trying to make sure he has all the paperwork. Why was there so much paperwork?

“How well do you think that’ll actually work with that cousin of yours?”

“...I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know how to lockpick or hack a computer.”

“What about the other three?”

“Do you really think an Iida of all people would learn such a ‘dishonorable’ skill? Doubt Endeavor thought to teach Todoroki, if he even knows how to, seeing as they can just melt the lock. Tokoyami...wait, fuck, I taught him the basics during his work study week.”



“...Sora, no.”

“Sora yes. By the way, you still haven’t explained why you’re over here in my agency, watching me do internship paperwork for the past hour, instead of your own, doing mission paperwork.”

He can hear Rumi tapping a foot on the floor. He knows if he points out she’s thumping again he’ll get thumped. But she really only does that when she’s nervous, and he can’t think of what’s making her nervous. The last time she got like this it was due to…

“Rumi, please tell me you don’t have a crush on someone again,” Sora groans. Fuck, the pining had been such a pain in the ass last time, and the other woman had turned out to be straight anyway.

“Listen, you’re now Number Two,” she says, completely ignoring him. “How likely is it that you’d be able to introduce to Todoroki Fuyumi?”

“Pretty likely since she’s apparently the emergency contact for tiniest Todoroki,” Sora says. “Technically nothing to do with me being Number Two. If something happens to him, I need to contact her.”

He still wants to know why it’s the oldest sister whose emergency contact, not Endeavor. He hadn’t really thought much of it during the hospital visit, her being the one to pop up, because Endeavor had probably still been with the Police Chief, or getting his PR people together. But for her to be his emergency contact? That’s kind of strange.

“So, does that mean she might come around here?” Rumi asks, looking a bit hopeful.

“Listen, you useless lesbian , you are not stalking my agency in hopes of flirting with one of my interns’ older sister.”

“But why not~?”



“Be less fucking thirsty.”

“I hope when you get a crush on someone you pine as much as me.”

The Aery.

The agency (or at least main)  run by the youngest hero to make the Top Ten, who’s also apparently his cousin and had decide he, Iida, Todoroki and Tokoyami all are going to be his interns now, even though that’s only supposed to happen after the Hero License Exam. Izuku thinks it’s because Sora wants to keep a closer eye on them since he doesn’t think they have a survival instinct (or at least he, Iida, and Todoroki don’t).

“So we’ll be meeting with Steps first,” Tokoyami says, guiding them inside. Since his work study had been there, he knew it best. Izuku and Gran had stayed down in the training sections after Sora offered it up. “He’s the head sidekick and at times a bit strange, which I assume is because he’s an American.”

“Be a bit less rude you birdbrained brat,” says a tall man with glowing skin. He almost seemed like the exact opposite in appearance to the villainous teleporter from USJ. White light and a solid form rather than shadows held together by a collar. “So which of you is the kiwi? And yes, Hawks is probably going to call you that forever,” he adds.

“Me I think,” Izuku says.

“Okay, that makes a lot more sense with that hair and no wings,” Steps says. “Hawks likes to nickname things, organizations, and people. So there’s about a 99% you’ll all end up with something, and a 99% chance he’ll end up giving you four a team name, for lack of better term.”

“...He’s going to start referring to us as ‘fledglings’, isn’t he?” Tokoyami asks, already resigned to it. He spent a week working with Hawks already, so he’d gotten a taste of how the hero could be.

“Probably,” Steps acknowledges. “So come along baby birds, and I’ll show you around. Obviously, this is the entrance way, which is about as deep as civilians normally go. Midoriya, I understand that Hawks let you and that Gran Torino guy use the private training rooms. I’ll show you guys around those more in depth later, since it’s also where both the locker rooms are and the costume storage areas. Copies of your costumes are gonna get made and kept there. Also, I’ve been asked to pass on that Hastsume Mei is terrifying and I don’t want to know why. I’ve met her mother and I’m just going to assume she’s Tomoko in miniature. For now I’m going to take you up to the offices and lounge areas. The only place I won’t be taking you is the residential floors.”

“Residential floors?” Izuku asks, curious.

“Hawks and his mom live in the upper floors of the Aery. It’s easiest for them. Kiyome does have a place in Kyoto, but she’s completely moved down here since the apartment is renovated. There was an incident involving a rice cooker, don’t ask. There’s also a few guest rooms up there for when heroes who don’t have agencies in the area need a place to stay. It’s kinda dangerous for them to stay at a civilian hotel. He’s ordered a space get converted for you guys too, so if something happens and you need a place to crash, like training going late or a villain attack going on between here and your homes,” Steps explains. “There’s also what I’d best describe as dorms for the rest of us, but most of us live in the area so it’s an easy commute.”

“I’m assuming you’ll take us up there once our space is done?” Iida asks, pushing up his glasses.

“Yeah. But for now, no real point. I really don’t want to invade Hawks and Mama Bird’s privacy either,” Steps says with a shrug.

“Do you really call Aunt Kiyome that?” Izuku asks, a bit incredulous.

“Not to her face, but yeah.”

“Aron, if you think I didn’t know you do that, we need to have a very long chat,” his Aunt says, suddenly appearing behind them.

“Fucking hell, how do you keep doing that?!” Steps yelps, leaping back.

“Because you’re goddamn oblivious and really need to do more vigilance training,” she says dryly. “Seriously, I wasn’t even walking that quietly.”

Izuku hadn’t heard her. A quick glance at the others shows neither had they. Then again, Steps is a Pro, and they’re just students. So maybe he should have? Though even as heroics students shouldn’t they be able to hear a civilian?

“So, showing the fledglings around?” Aunt Kiyome asks, ruffling Izuku’s hair. “Because if so, you’re doing a shit job of it. Not even shown them anything interesting yet!”

“...Please don’t teach them how to lockpick so they can get in the files. Hawks is hoping to avoid that till after the provisional license tests later this year,” Steps says with a sigh.

“Wait, what?” Iida says, shoving his glasses even further up, though they don’t need it.

“Hawks already showed me the basics,” offers Tokoyami. “He felt it was a good bonding experience.”

“It can be. It can also be a good way to get an easily distracted six year old to focus for a few hours,” Aunt Kiyome says, a bit wryly. “Useful when trying to cook or clean.”


“Why did you know how to lockpick?” Izuku asks. Because he knows his Mom, Uncle and Aunt had all grown up in a middle class neighborhood.

“Made it easier to sneak out at night to see your Uncle,” she admits. “Also easier to break into your grandparents house. They had really, really good locks. Kept learning as I got older because I found it kind of fun, and useful. I’ve lost my old apartment keys a lot of times before. Since moving into the Aery obviously I’ve been much more careful.”

“Huh,” Izuku says, putting another mental note down over how weird his Aunt seems to be.

She had been convinced his grandparents would disapprove of her getting pregnant. His grandparents admitted they had disapproved of his Aunt and Uncle’s relationship, but they definitely wouldn’t have disapproved of Sora. They wouldn’t say just why they disapproved either. She’d been silent on what had happened between his Uncle’s death and the Heroic Commission’s actions. Hell, she’d been silent on just how the Heroic Commission had known how to best train Sora. Or what exactly they’d done to them both, just that she hates them.

So there were a lot of weird things about her about her.

“Kiwi, you’re muttering to yourself,” Aunt Kiyome says, a bit dryly. “And I would advise figuring out how to do that more quietly, or it will get used against you in a fight,” she adds softly. “Many supervillains have the unfortunate good sense to wear gear that will amplify or dull senses. Like say, hearing.”

He nods thoughtfully, but also adds it the the pile of weird things about his aunt.

Kiwi, you’re still muttering to yourself.

Hawks bounces on the balls of his feet, waiting in the training room. He knows Steps should be almost done with the tour and bringing the fledglings down here. He knows there’s a 99% chance his Mom had crashed the tour and probably traumatized one of them (probably Iida). He knows he’s about to have fun giving them their first lesson.

Namely, what to do if you have a flying opponent.

It’s not going to be a hard lesson. He needs to get a good sense where Kiwi, tiniest Todoroki and Iida are in their training. Yes, he’d seen them fight during the Stain incident, but it’s not as if he’d been thinking to analyze their fighting styles. He only had that chance with Fumikage. He’d been too busy to watch Izuku and Gran Torino spar, dealing with the aftermath of his press release concerning the events of Hosu.

Practical experience, in his experience, is best experience.

Unless it’s being done to basically torture his Mom because she can’t defend him. Then the person is just being a dick (but the Heroic Commission is full of them). Then they’re just trying to prove to her that there’s nothing she can defend him from.

“Oi, biggest bird brain! Tour’s done, they’re all yours,” Steps says, stepping into the training room. “Sent them to get changed. Oh, and they got meet your mom and she remains suitably terrifying.”

“That’s only when she’s around you,” Hawks lies.

“Sounds fake but okay. Lemme know how training goes,” he says, waving goodbye. “I’m gonna go to the Lux and bother Nets.”

“You’re seriously going to do transcontinental teleportation just to...actually wait, you would,” Hawks sighs. Steps is one of the most powerful teleporters in the world, and very prone to being ridiculous. “This is why I seem to not have any sidekicks who can keep up with me.”

“Well you now have a zoom boy, so that should be fixed soon enough,” Steps says, shifting his weight to one-side and takes a step in that direction, vanishing.

“Where did he go?” Iida asks as the quartet walk into the gym, probably only just seeing Steps leave.

“New York. One of the nice things about being a powerful teleporter is that you’re not bound to sensible distances,” Hawks explains. “Now, your first lesson.” Hawks grins.

“How to deal with opponents that can fly.”


I’m still enjoying school, though I do get frustrated with some of the other classes. Unfortunately, both of my crushes are in my least favorite class, but they are at least a redeemable aspect. I can’t figure out a good way to approach them though, especially since our classrooms aren’t near each other. It’s extremely annoying.

How are you an Papa doing? I saw that one of his fellow MEP’s got arrested for money laundering. And that you and Papa caused another scandal? Don’t reporters have better things to do than follow you both around?

I’m looking forward to your visit in two months. Papa mentioned something in the last phone call that you may be retiring? Why?


Your One and Only Son

Chapter Text

Tenya hadn’t been sure how to react when Hawks had made the offer for himself, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Tokoyami to come and be his interns. Tensei had been excited, as had his parents. Not only was it unusual for non-family agencies to offer internships pre-license exams, it was even more unusual for it to be a member of the Top Ten.

Prior to taking on Tokoyami for work-study, Tenya doesn’t think he’d even heard of the Winged Hero taking on any interns. Now he had four.

Midoriya made sense, with the now-knowledge that the duo were related.

Tokoyami too, since he’d just been Hawks intern.

But himself and Todoroki? They both had family agencies (though Tenya will acknowledge that Todoroki seems to want to deal with his father as little as possible). Neither of their Quirks matched up to Hawks. From what little he’d been able to see, none of the Sidekicks did (though he did spot Pop Step). Then again, Tokoyami’s Quirk didn’t really match up with Hawks’.

...He really hopes the hero hadn’t chosen Tokoyami simply due to his bird head.

Honestly, none of them matched up in terms of Quirks. None of them. So what could it be?

“Because you have no survival instinct and I don’t trust that you’ll magically find it,” Hawks says, startling him out of his thoughts. “Kid, your thoughts are painted on your face, you didn’t say anything,” he adds.

Oh. How embarrassing.

“So...why the immediate flying attack training?” Midoriya asks, fingers twitching like he wants to take out one of his notebooks and write his thoughts down.

“Best way to get a sense of how you fight is to put you in a position where you have to fight something you aren’t used to, at least in my opinion,” Hawks explains. “You guys have already been at UA for a while. All of you were good enough to make it into the final rounds, and two of you made the top three. However, none of the people you faced had flying Quirks.”

“So you decided to test how well we could handle an unexpected type of opponent,” Todoroki says, realization crossing his normal stoic face.

“That and I’m primarily a distance and flying fighter. Was also a bit curious to see how well you could keep up with me,” Hawks says. “The answer, by the way, is that you’ve all got a ways to go. Which, logical. That’s another point of internships; to increase your skill in fighting.”

“What’s some of the other points?” Midoriya asks, something hopeful to his voice.

“Oh don’t give me that look,” Hawks says with a snort. “You guys can’t have access to my files or run patrols until you’ve passed your provincial license exams, which are still five months away. UA’s pretty infamous in having their entire First Year Heroics courses take the exam, though even Shinketsu normally waits until Second.”

“Normally?” Todoroki asks, looking more interested than Tenya thinks he’s ever seen the other.

“Certain First Years, if they’re deemed strong enough are let to do it earlier. I did. Mirko too.”

That’s right, Hawks and Mirko are famous for being the only members of the Top Ten who aren’t UA graduates. Hell, they’re the only in the Top Twenty. Almost all the Top Hundred are either UA or Shinketsu

“What are the exams like?” Midoriya asks.

“I’ll tell you when we get a bit closer,” Hawks promises. “No point worrying about it now. Right now, we need to figure out the best training programs for each of you, basic additional lessons, and, oh. Finding the four of you a goddamn survival instinct.”

“Oh my god, why did I think this was a good idea?” Sora groans, sprawling facedown on Rumi’s couch. “They’re all so dumb.”

“Teenager dumb or actual dumb?” Rumi asks, dropping a beer next to him. “Because aren’t they all in the top ten of their class?”

“Teenager dumb,” Sora says. “Teenager dumb and drama and it’s almost hilarious.”


“There’s...something going on, to say the least,” Sora says. “At least, between Kiwi and Todoroki.”

“Romantic tension, hormones, Romeo and Juliet syndrome, what?”

“I’m pretty sure not Romeo and Juliet syndrome? To the best of my knowledge neither my Aunt or Uncle had any connection to either Todoroki parent? But romantic tension and hormones like crazy. I kept half expecting one to jump the other and just make out,” Sora says with a groan.

“The problem of Iida is he has the biggest stick in the world shoved up his ass. Seriously, it’s just hilariously bad. And it’s even weirder, since I’ve met the oldest Iida brother, and he’s pretty chill. Hell, he married a vigilante!”

“I would hope you met Tensei, you were at his wedding and proceeded to steal one of his sidekicks,” Rumi teases.

“Listen, Pop Step makes much more sense in the Aery and we all know it. Besides, she’d only been a sidekick there for like, a month,” Sora points out. “And anyway, baby Iida is just. So stick up his assy. I can’t even describe it. Like, I thought he’d be a bit less like that after how the Stain shit show went. But it may be lodged even further.” He’ll really need to get the kid to loosen up. Overly rigid heroes don’t last long.

They die.

“Izuku still having shit control over his Quirk isn’t surprising,” especially since he now had to train both One for All and Copy All, along with everything else he's been Copying, “but still frustrating. At least he’s extremely dedicated to getting better.”

“Todoroki on the other hand…” Sora grimaces into the couch cushions, because he has a very, very bad suspicion after interacting with the kid, but long term observation needed to be done first. Accusing the Number Three (and it’s still strange he’s Number Two) of child abuse needs evidence. “Excellent control over his ice side, dramatically less control over his fire side which is weird. You’d think it would be the exact opposite.”

“During the Sports Tournament, wasn’t the only time he used his fire was during his match with Izuku?” Rumi asks, frowning slightly. “Yeah, he didn’t use it against anyone else. I think I heard a rumor that that’s why the first place winner was having such a hissy fit. That tiniest Todoroki didn’t go full out against him.”

“Would make sense. Let’s leave it that Izuku revealed some very unpleasant details about Bakugou to me,” Sora says, grimace deepening. “Like, shit that probably would have either kept him out of or on probation at UA.” He can’t imagine anyone there putting up with someone who’d engaged in fucking suicide baiting.

“What the fuck did that kid do ?” Rumi asks, eyebrows shooting up. “Like, I heard from Best Jeanist that he was an aggressive, wild little shit during his work study, but nothing so bad that UA should have kept him out or on probation.”

You know what, fuck it, he may as well tell Rumi so she doesn’t ever make the mistake of hiring him as an intern or sidekick.

“Suicide baiting and basically tormenting a kid who seemed to be Quirkless.”

“Excuse me?”

“He pretty much bullied and tormented Izuku up till his Quirk came in,” Sora says, finally rolling over to look at her. Definitely too soon to tell her about Copy All. But he will, he needs to give her a heads up or else she’d probably kill him. “Apparently once told him he should jump off a roof and hope he got a Quirk in the next life.”

There is a really cruel irony that Izuku had an invisible Quirk the entire time.

A really cruel one.

“Huh. I was thinking about offering him an internship like you’re doing with your cousin and his friends, but I guess not now. Definitely wouldn’t want someone like that at my agency. I had liked his spirit and thought he’d fit in nicely, but now no.”


“You hate working with people? You’re infamous for that?”

“So? Molding a new generation looks fun.”

“...You think it would impress Todoroki Fuyumi since she’s a teacher, don’t you?”

“Shut up Sora.”

Shoto still isn’t sure how Hawks got away with hiring him on as an intern and removing him from some of his Father’s control. It’s...nice to have another place besides UA to train and get treated like a real person, rather than an extension of his Father’s self. Hawks did insist that he use both sides, but that was more out of a genuine concern that he’d hurt himself some day by being so off balance.

A concern about Shoto himself, not a concern about Shoto’s so-called future.

“You okay kid?” Hawks asks, and it occurs to Shoto that he must have been trying to get his attention for a few minutes now.

“Just thinking,” Shoto says, hoping the hero will leave it at that, and Hawks does, but he also frowns.  

The hero so far hadn’t tried to force anything out of him, but Shoto has felt golden eyes on himself more than he’d like. He’s starting to wonder if Hawks knows what’s going on with his family, or at least has suspicions. Ms. Takashiro watches him too, and her lips get thin a lot, but she’s always kind to him. But things she’s said make him almost certain that she’s guessed and is sure of her guess.

Which. He’s not entirely sure what to do about that.

Ms. Takashiro is more or less untouchable to his Father since she’s the mother of the Number Two hero. Even if Hawks was still Number Three his Father’s hands would have been tied. The Heroic Commission did not react well to that sort of infighting, which is why Shoto suspects his Father has never flat out tried to fight All Might.

Which his Father would have lost and maybe his abuse would have come to light. Maybe Touya would still be alive.

“Shoto? I just said you were up next,” Hawks says, startling Shoto out of his thoughts again. “Pop Step and you. Go.”

He’d discovered very quickly that Leap as a Quirk to fight against is surprisingly hard. Hawks’ training rooms also had very high ceilings, which made perfect sense with his Quirk. So it was easy enough for her to jump higher than he can safely use his fire, or that his ice gets too fragile to use. She could also spring herself against walls, as he found out the hard way, adjusting her trajectory.

So. Occasionally sudden kick or knee to the face.

But still much better than training with his Father.

Much better.


So you definitely won’t be joining Maman and I in Japan when she moves back? I know that your next term as an MEP has just started but...I get it, but I still wish you were coming here with Maman. Couldn’t they just do a special election or something to fill your seat? Or are you worried about who your possible successor could be?

And to answer both your questions, no, they don’t know I like them. They just think I’m a dick. Maybe in hindsight declaring how my class would overtake them was a mistake. Though blasting Bakugou in the face with his own Quirk was still fun. I kind of want to do it again, especially since he’s supposedly bullying Midoriya. Midoriya is one of the boys. The other is the youngest Todoroki.

I hope you guys are enjoying your last couple months together, and I hope that over break Maman and I can come visit you. Or that I can, I really miss you.




Chapter Text

Normally Fuyumi avoids going anywhere near hero agencies that weren’t her Dad’s. It just seemed...easier that way. But Shoto had forgotten his lunch at home, and it’s one of the days he’d spend the entire time at the Aery. So he needed food, or else he’d go from breakfast to dinner without eating.

Or at least that’s what she tells herself.

In truth, her Dad’s foul temper is starting to scare her. He’d never raised a hand to her, not the way he had her brothers (since apparently it was one thing to beat your sons and wife, another to beat your daughter). But she’s starting to get afraid that’s exactly what will happen, that he’ll lose his temper and hit or burn her.

She really doesn’t what to find out what his fire will do against her Quirk.

She steps into the Aery’s main entrance, and it’s a sharp contrast to her Dad’s. His is very traditional, felt very controlled. No space wasted, nothing out of order, and certainly no one hanging out. Very few outsiders allowed in, and his support staff are rarely doing more than crossing through it.

The Aery’s entrance is different.

It’s a lot more modern for one, with a high ceiling. Glass skylights and windows are scattered around, letting in plenty of natural light. Apparently Hawks didn’t view them as a security threat like her Dad would. There seemed to be plenty of civilians talking with sidekicks in random locations, but as she takes a second looks she realizes that many of them are sitting in very specific locations, which makes her suspect this is also where Hawks does a lot of his vetting to make sure concerns that reach him are real concerns, or which need to be dealt with faster.

A receptionist sits in the very middle of the room, able to have an easy line of site everywhere. He has a fairly basic computer, but Fuyumi suspects that there’s more to it than meets the eye. His dark eyes are directly on her, and it makes her feel like an insect being studied. She still walks closer to him.

“Todoroki Fuyumi I presume?” he asks, not even waiting for her to speak. “Hawks gave us pictures of all the members of the Todoroki family in case one of you needed tiniest Todoroki for something important,” he explains. “You in particular since you’re your brother’s emergency contact.”

“Oh,” she says, a bit faintly.

Then she hears a crash and she goes on her tiptoes to see what just happened, even as the secretary turns and sighs.

“How the hell are you the Number Five hero?” he demands, looking at a woman Fuyumi recognizes as Mirko, the Rabbit Hero. “Did you seriously just walk into a wall?”

“Shut up Haruto,” she grumbles, and Fuyumi thinks Mirko is glaring at the secretary. “Why are you here Miss Todoroki?” she asks, smiling in a way that makes Fuyumi blush.

Most people aren’t interested in her due to who her Dad is. Too intimidated.

That is a surprisingly interested smile.

“Shoto left his lunch at home, I came to bring it to him,” she says, holding up a bento for Mirko to see.

“I’ll bring you down to the training rooms so you can give it to him,” Mirko offers, and the secretary (Haruto?) snorts softly. “You know I’m allowed to give people access to the offices and training rooms jackass.”

“Oh, that’s not why I’m laughing at you ma’am,” he says with a smirk. “And you know it.”

“Hawks needs to stop telling you people shit,” she grumbles, walking over to Fuyumi. “Follow me,” she says, taking Fuyumi by the hand and making her squeak softly and look down.


Mirko’s in full uniform, meaning her unitard and thigh high boots. Meaning her very shapely legs are on full display, as is her cute tail.

Fuck being a lesbian is hard some days.

Fumikage had not expected Hawks to keep him on like this. He had expected that he would do his work study week, maybe keep in contact with Hawks, but go back to UA as normal. Not end up helping Hawks rescue Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida, and a Pro Hero from Stain. Not end up getting a real internship offer. One that came much earlier in the year than expected.

He knows he doesn’t have in a sense the same advantages as his fellow interns. Izuku is Hawks’ cousin, and both Iida and Todoroki come from heroic legacies. Yes, Hawks had offered him a work study position, but that had partially been for means other than wanting to train him. It had been in part an information search. But he’d expected Hawks to at best offer a recommendation to other heroes he’d be interested in interning with.

Not keep him on and insinuate that he intended to keep him on as an intern long term, or even as a future sidekick. But it is certainly useful and…

It’s nice to be working and studying someplace that he doesn’t stick out. Outside of his family, he never really got to interact with other people with bird manipulations.

“Tokoyami, ready for your next spar?” Hawks asks, Hikari standing next to him. The light manipulator had been working with him on getting better control over Dark Shadow. She served as a good method of keeping Dark Shadow under control.

“Yes,” he says, standing up and feeling Dark Shadow slip forward.

Hawks flicks the lights off, and Hikari’s hands glow. The dark makes Dark Shadow stronger, but he needs to learn how to better control his Quirk in the dark. If he gets into a fight in the middle of the night, for example, having more control could avoid the issue of Dark Shadow taking him over and going on rampage.

He ignores the sensation of his Quirk sulking. Then the sensation of Dark Shadow feeling the darkness, the minimal light from Hikari’s hands. It surges, and he lets go.

“Let’s see how this goes,” Hikari says, and he can hear her smiling in the dark. “Let’s see how well you’ve learned boys.”

The she moves, and it’s on (he’d never known a fight could be so fun).

Enji scowls at his paperwork, not really seeing it. He knows that the pile in front of him is massive, a result of the constant rescues and apprehensions he’s done in the past two weeks, but it’s still not enough. He’s still Number Three and based on a warning from the Heroic Commission concerning the amount of collateral damage he’s causing, there isn’t a chance in hell he’s reclaiming his position as Number Two any time soon. Especially since Hawks has also been running a number of jobs, along with the good PR’s he gotten between both Hosu and the ‘internships’.

He’s still furious over the Winged Hero offering Shoto an internship.. Brat had made sure to do it in public too, which made it impossible to turn down. Would have brought too much negative PR to his agency, and made a lot of people question why he wouldn’t let Shoto have such a wonderful~ opportunity. Why wouldn’t the now Number Three hero let his son study under the now Number Two?

He really hopes he gets a chance to hit the flying brat in the face. Because he’s causing him a number of problems.

Shoto’s attendance at UA is a necessity. There’d be too much suspicion if all his children didn’t attend UA, and if he’d had Shoto due the Licensing Exam without ever attending any of the country’s Heroics programs, there’d be too many questions. On top of that, his former school is the best in the country, and training against different types of opponents could be useful. There’s a reason the apprentice method of training died out against the schools.

But what Shoto didn’t need is to be interning at an agency other than his own.

Hawks had successfully tied his hands though, and he couldn’t give a good reason for Shoto to not intern. If he suddenly claimed that he’d be doing an internship similar to what Hawks had created people would notice something going on, and may question why he’s suddenly doing it. At least for Hawks, the fact that it was the entire Hosu Quartet which just so happened to include his newly revealed cousin, made it beyond question. Why wouldn’t he want to train the four students he’d just shared such a major victory with?

So he can’t stop this debacle.

On the other hand, he can make it clear what Hawks is and is not allowed to train Shoto in when he has his meeting with the younger hero later this week...

Tenya is not expecting Pop Step to drag him into her office, with the other sidekicks giving him sympathetic looks. He doesn’t really remember anything about Haneyama that would explain those looks. She’s not even a high ranking sidekick.


“Sit down Iida, I’ve got to say a few things to you, and Hawks thought I’d be the best for it. First of all, you need to get that stick out of your ass,” she says bluntly, making Tenya choke and give the older teen a stunned look. “Seriously. The heroes that do best in the profession are not actually the ones who are so stubbornly attached to the rules. If you’re too rigid, you die.”

“But…” Tenya can’t help but give her a confused look. “When I broke the rules and went after Stain I almost got my friends killed.”

“Because you went after Stain for the wrong reasons, and you didn’t bother alerting anyone to what you were up to,” Pop Step says, frowning at him. “Midoriya alerting the class chat is really what saved you in the end. As we’re both well aware, I have no issue with vigilantism. However, when you went after Stain, you went too driven by emotion to think anything through. Explain to me exactly how you thought you, a First Year UA student, would be able to defeat a villain who’s killed or maimed multiple Pros?”

“I…” Tenya flushes. The thing is, when looking back on his actions he knows how foolish he’d been. He’d been no match for Stain, and had realized that too late. He’d be dead if Midoriya hadn’t known him so well, and known he’d go after the Hero Killer. “But I…”

“You’re brother was a successful hero in part because he’s willing to bend the rules. Think about his views on vigilantes for one. If he didn’t see the value in vigilantes, do you really think he’d have married his husband? Offered me a job before Hawks gave me an offer?

“What got him permanently injured like that wasn’t due to him following or not following the rules. It was simply bad luck,” she says, this time a bit more gently. “In a true fight, your brother would have easily won. Stain ambushed him. Stain’s Quirk was unknown, so Tensei didn’t know what to protect himself again. But it was not a matter of following the rules, or making yourself so rigid you’re going to crack.”

“What do you mean by that?” Tenya asks

“The more rigid heroes are much more likely to abide by a black and white view of the world. Villains all evil, heroes all good. That’s not always the case. There are heroes out there who don’t deserve the name, and villains who are more victims of circumstances than anything. Vigilantes live in a gray zone. By law, Quirk usage by a non-hero is illegal. Heroic action by someone without a license is illegal. But in many cases, vigilantes are needed. Heroes can’t be everywhere.”

Pop Step sighs, and Tenya can almost feel her frustration.

“Just...think. The mess with Stain didn’t happen because you broke the rules. The mess with Stain happened because you didn’t think. You didn’t take into account multiple factors that would have made you realize going after Stain alone was a terrible idea. As long as you’re here at the Aery, there are two lessons that we’re going to drill into you.”

Pop Step makes sure she has his full attention.

“How to think things through, and how to understand that the rules aren’t perfect.”

Natsuo grins as he opens a rare email from Shoto. His little brother barely writes to him, so it’s always nice to open his email account, or on even rarer occasions his physical mailbox, and find something from Shoto. He heard from Fuyumi once a week, and thankfully never from their Father. He did wish he heard from Touya. His older brother can’t be dead, he can’t .

His eyebrows shoot up at what he reads. An internship with a hero not Endeavor? Making friends? Seriously he managed to make friends!? That’s much better news than he’d expected when he opened the email. Most of the emails he’d gotten concerned training with their Father and if he saw a cat. Which. Kind of sad. But still nice to have a little bit of contact with his brother.

Wow though. This...this is great . If Shoto is with another hero, and Hawks at that, maybe their Father’s abuse would get out? Hawks right now is ranked higher than Endeavor. Even if he was still only Number Three, if he noticed something and publically accused Endeavor of abusing at least Shoto, there’s not much anyone can do to stop an investigation. Fuyumi had told him about how some old civilian friend of their Father’s had tried to get social services involved, but the Heroic Commission stopped them. But another hero...

Maybe this would be enough.

Maybe he should come back ‘home’ to at least see how Shoto is doing.

Izuku groans as Aunt Kiyome helps him back up. They’ve been doing private training, allowing him to get used to Quirks he’d Copied like Pause, or further training with One for All under the careful eye of Gran Torino (he still isn’t entirely sure how well the conversation about his real Quirk and Dad had gone between his Mom, All Might, and Sora had gone but it had to have gone at least decently since he’s training him). If it was a Quirk he’d Copied from an Aery sidekick, he worked with them to get used to the Quirk, but then allowed to experiment to his heart’s content.

“You need to pay more attention to flying opponents,” she scolds gently. He’d barely avoided a kick to his face from her. “Izuku, I get that you aren’t used to it, but you need to pay more attention to your opponent, and less on musing what Quirks to use. If you had Paused or Side Stepped, that would have meant you avoided me. Instead, you waffle between what Quirks to use.”

“I’m not used to having more than One for All to deal with,” he point out. “It’s still weird remembering I even have other options.”

“We’ll work more on getting you used to that,” his Aunt says, rubbing at her hip. He’d managed to get a blow there earlier, but he hadn’t thought he’d hurt her… “It’s just an old injury aggravated, don’t worry Kiwi,” she says, noticing his look. “You didn’t hurt me.”

How did she hurt her hip? Then again, maybe she’d landed wrong while flying?

“Kiwi, stop analyzing my injuries and focus on training. Now, Steps is going to take over and get you more used to Side Step,” she says, gesturing the head sidekick forward.

“Alright, so as we went over last time, you have to be careful about not over balancing when using the Quirk. If you lean over too far, you’ll fall when you finish teleporting, and that can end really badly in a fight,” Steps lectures, and Izuku listens. “But at the same time, you can’t lean too little. Then the Quirk isn’t even triggered, which is it’s own danger and…”

One serious advantage to Copy All? Getting to learn so much and not have people looking at him oddly for wanting to do so much Quirk analysis. He’s almost filled up his most recent notebook!

“Kiwi, pay attention!”


The fact that Hawks had swiped Shoto away from Endeavor right underneath the flaming asshole’s nose is too good. The news had been covering the new internships for days, gleeful about the Hosu Quartet interning with their ‘savior’. Honestly, it’s probably the only reason why Hawks managed to do it. The media would have complained too much about the Hosu Quartet getting separated.

And hey, at least it’s an interesting Quartet. The son of the Number Third (and he will never not love that), Hawks recently realized cousin, the youngest member of the Iida family, and Hawks’ original intern. Who managed to match the bird aesthetic. None of their skills really matched up, but it would make for an interesting future team.

Better than the ‘team’ he’s on right now. If the League of Villains hadn’t had the connection to Stain that they had…

He shakes his head and goes back to focusing on the information reports Shigaraki had grudgingly given him. Whoever ‘Sensei’ is, the man had power over Shigaraki, including power to order the immature man into letting him see the damn spy reports. Seriously, they were trying to figure out how to make an attack on UA, and he didn’t want people to know what’s going on?

It is weird though how many reports there are in concerns to the Aery. Endeavor’s agency doesn’t come close in terms of reports, and only Mighty Agency beats out the Aery. The increase only started as of Hosu, and Hawks making Number Two, but it’s still strange. He’d managed to sneak a look at the old reports; even back when Endeavor had been Number Two he hadn’t had so many eyes on him.

...How pissed would Endeavor be at the implication that the League of Villains, and whatever the preceding group there was (since those reports go back the better part of a decade, and he really doubts a twelve year old was running a criminal organization) didn’t find him as much of a threat as they do All Might and Hawks? Probably a lot, knowing the flaming dumpster. Never good enough in comparison to All Might, and not even good enough when compared to Hawks.

“Please don’t set the reports on fire Dabi,” Kurogiri says, and huh, he hadn’t even noticed the flames flickering around his fingers. “We need those.”

“Sorry,” Dabi says, pulling back his flames. Not time to burn anything, not something as useful as these papers.

....On the other hand, he is burning Shigaraki’s pants off if he doesn’t stop whining.

Rei smiles as Fuyumi sits down. It’s always nice when her children are able to see her but it’s been so long since she saw Touya or Shoto. Natsuo’s visit had decreased now that he’s in college, but that’s understandable. He had wanted to get as far away from Enji as possible while still being in Japan for school.

“What’s new with you and your brothers?” Rei asks, wondering if this time Fuyumi will give her news on Touya. Then again, she always feels like she’s forgetting something about him. A reason why Fuyumi wouldn’t, couldn’t know.

“Shoto has a new internship! Hawks, the present Number Two hero, offered him an internship, and he’s doing it, along with three other UA students,” Fuyumi says, a smile on her face. “He said he’s really enjoying it, and learning a lot from both Hawks and his various sidekicks.

“Enji’s no longer Number Two? Did something happen to All Might?” Because the only reason Enji would no longer be Number Two is if he’s finally Number One.

“Dad’s Number Three.”


“What do you mean Enji’s Number Three?” Rei asks, certain she’s hearing her daughter wrong.

“So it all started in Hosu while Dad was hunting the Hero Killer Stain…”

Hawks is used to disappointment, but this is one of the worst ones he’s had to deal with. Ever since he was a little kid he’d admired Endeavor. Unlike all the other kids he’d known, unlike most of the people the Heroic Commission, he’d liked Endeavor better than All Might. While he’d been getting suspicious of Endeavor while getting to know Todoroki, he’d still hoped to be wrong.


Shoto’s fingers are clutching tightly on his jacket as they both sit on the floor of the training room, Shoto curled up on his lap, face buried in Hawks’ neck. He’s shaking a bit. He’d asked the kid about some weird and concerning comments Endeavor had made during his meeting with him. About ways he was and was not allowed to train Shoto in, about things he could and could not teach him.

And that’s when it had all slipped out.

Hawks had been trained by the Heroic Committee starting when he was six. The first couple years or so, they were actually pretty gentle with him. Training had grown tougher and tougher as he’d gotten closer and closer to high school, but it was a normal progression. It helped that his Mom assisted in how they could and should train him, which also meant he couldn’t get shoved forward before he was ready.

Shoto hadn’t had that advantage. What he had had is a father who thought it was appropriate to start training him at age four. What he had had is a father who had no issue raising a hand to all three of his sons and his wife. What he had had is a mother incapable of defending him, and apparently had a mental breakdown from Endeavor’s constant abuse which resulted in Shoto’s burn.

Hawks rubs Shoto’s back, the fifteen year old still crying, and begins to plan.

He wonders how happy All Might would be to hear about what Endeavor had done...

Shoto knows he probably should be staring less at Midoriya’s butt less, but he can’t resist. It is a really nice butt and both Tokoyami and Iida need to stop giving him those looks. Yes, it probably is weird, but he deserves something nice and distracting, especially after breaking down on Hawks earlier in the week.

He knows Hawks and Ms. Takashiro are planning something, and he’s not sure he wants to know. He doesn’t really have much faith they can do anything in terms of his Father. Endeavor, even at Number Three is an incredibly powerful political figure. Then again, he’s spotted All Might around the Aery a few times so maybe (but he really isn’t getting his hopes up). All Might politically and socially is much more powerful than Endeavor.

After all, what’s the Number Two (or Three) Hero compared to the Symbol of Peace?

But he doesn’t have that much faith in All Might. Since getting to UA he’s seen that a lot of the hype around the hero is true. However, the man could still be incredibly blind. He didn’t question why he didn’t use his fire side. He didn’t question what caused the burn around his eye. He didn’t question why Touya suddenly vanished, why his Mom is in a mental health hospital.

The only person he knows who’s come close to asking those questions is some old friend of Endeavor’s. According to Fuyumi, the woman had been his original agency manager, but they’d had a massive falling out over his actions in relation to Mom and Touya. She’d tried to get social services involved, but for some reason they hadn’t been allowed to do so. He didn’t know Endeavor could afford to bribe the entire social services department. He also could apparently get the woman’s name wiped from agency history, since he has no clue who she could be based on agency records.

He does like the other story that he’d heard about the woman. That she’d nailed Endeavor in the balls on her way out of his agency. Apparently it had been so unexpected to him he hadn’t bothered defending himself.

“Todoroki, are you okay?” Midoriya asks, and he’s too close (anything closer than ten feet is too close in his opinion, he’s going to blurt out his crush).

“‘M Fine,” he says, feeling grateful he isn’t prone to blushing. “What’s going on?”

“Pairing training,” Hawks says, the hero having entered the gym while he’d been distracted by his thoughts. “You and Kiwi versus Fumikage and Iida.”

Hmm. Two close range fighters, both capable of moving at great speeds in the cases of Midoriya and Iida. Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow could work well as a replacement to his elemental abilities, especially since he’s still getting used to his fire. Hawks, he knows, is seeking out a fire or ice user to hire on at the agency, in part to help him train.

He’s never had someone so dedicated to training him without hurting him.

It's nice.

Aoi looks at the email on her tablet and smiles. It’s always good to get emails from Neito, even if he does always seem to forget that both she and Alec read the emails. He doesn’t need to send them separate ones. But at the same time, it is sweet of him.

She does have to raise a brow at the last names of the boys who have her son’s affection.

The Todoroki family were known to anyone involved in either the political or heroic circles. She had had some...irritating moments with Todoroki Ryu, Endeavor’s father, but that was more due to the old goat not being willing to understand he was irrelevant both politically and heroically.

But Midoriya…

Could he be Inko’s son? If so, it seems like she and her son have similar taste after all.

Eh. She’ll be able to see soon enough. After all, she has missed Inko, and no matter what, it would be nice to see her again.


Chapter Text

The Aery is by far closer to UA than Shiketsu. Inasa gets that in abstract. But still. Hawks is one of their most famous alumni. He’s the highest ranking alumni, with Mirko a close second. And he didn’t take a single Shiketsu intern? His very first intern is a UA student, followed by his next three. He should have at least one Shiketsu intern.

“Yoarashi, you’re going to walk into a wall,” Utsushimi says, the Second Year looking more serious than he’s used to.

He knows she’s nowhere near as ditzy as people think, not after seeing her class rank. Number Three for the entire Second Year Heroics course. Seiji didn’t like her, and thought she’s foolish, but Inasa does wonder at times if it’s not because she’s so carefree, and yet has a higher class ranking than him. He’d heard she’d been offered the chance last year to do her Provisional License exam like all First Years within the Top Five, but had declined. He’d heard it was because no agency had expressed much interest in her, and she didn’t want to waste the time the exam took.

Inasa does wonder if she’s regretting that now as they both walk into the Aery’s main entrance and up to the receptionist. She’d be able to work as a full intern if she had.

“Who are you two?” the receptionist asks, dark eyes sharp. “There aren’t any appointments with Shiketsu students.”

“We know,” Utsushimi says, taking the lead. She’s far better at interacting with people than he is. “However, we were both still hoping to speak with Hawks, or his top sidekick.” It’s so unnerving to hear her so serious. To not hear her use any slang.

“Arrogant little things, aren’t you? To just walk in and request that,” the receptionist says, but he seems more amused than anything. “You do get that this is a Pro’s agency right? For the Number Two Hero? Who’s incredibly busy, between standard heroics work and training his interns?”

Inasa twitches slightly, but it’s apparently noticeable enough for the receptionist to catch it. He now looks even more amused.

“Ah. That’s the issue. Shiketsu students jealous of the attention UA students are getting,” the receptionist says, smiling. “You know what. I’ll call up to Hawks and see if he or Steps are free. Hell, I’ll even be really nice and if they aren’t, call Ms. Takashiro, Hawks’ mother. If you impress her, she’ll make sure you get a spot.”

He glances over at Utsushimi, and her eyes are narrowed just slightly, as if she’s...seeing something?

“You’re Quirk is illusion based,” Utsushimi suddenly says, and what? “There’s a slight haze around your computer. That or you’ve got a really good holograph set up.”

“Impressive,” the receptionist says, giving her a much more interested look, and basically ignoring him. “You’re maybe the...third? Person to notice that in the three years I’ve worked here. And the other two were Ms. Takashiro and Tokoyami, so one of those was very recent. Also yes, my Quirk is an illusion type,” he adds.

“But, like, it’s obvious? No receptionist for a Heroics agency would have such a basic setup for a computer,” says Utsushimi, gesturing at the device in question. “And once you realize that, it it’s not like it’s hard to notice that there’s the slight haze.”

...He had completely missed everything she had noticed.

“Very impressive,” the receptionist says under his breath. “I’m assuming you also have an illusion Quirk?”

“Glamour,” she says, but doesn’t offer any details, and it makes the receptionist smile again.

“Let me call up to Hawks, Steps, and Ms. Takashiro. I imagine at least one will be interested in talking to you two.”


Impressing Haruto is hard. That’s part of why Hawks has him as the front receptionist, since he’s good at weeding out the bullshit. It’s what makes the hint of interest in Haruto’s voice as he called up to him so unusual. Hawks had been doing paperwork and letting Rumi oversee a spar between his interns. She’s pretty much decided she definitely will do an internship program (and got an offer of assistance and a date out of Todoroki Fuyumi).

Maybe she could use these two Shiketsu students as the starters?

As he walks through the doors, he immediately recognizes that they really are Shiketsu students. For one thing, they’d actually come in their school uniforms, rather than street clothes, which made their claims easier to take seriously. Neither are familiar looking, but that’s not a surprise. Shiketsu has never done something like the UA Sports Festival, though he knows there’d been grumblings back when he’d been in school about that.

When he looks at Haruto’s computer screen he almost chokes.

The girl is an illusionist. She noticed the computer illusion. We should take her on.

Of course Haruto would be pleased meeting another illusion Quirk user. He always got gleeful around them, and the girl noticing the computer illusion would definitely impress him. Other illusionists had come through and completely missed it.Then again, most heroes who came through the front door dismissed Haruto immediately, because obviously the receptionist to a major agency isn’t someone of importance, and doesn’t have a license.

Haruto is practically the first line of defense, and he’d had his Heroic License for almost fifteen years before Hawks had hired him. Not really using it, but he had it.

He’d apparently found being a librarian at a minor school more enjoyable.

Anyway. He’d agreed to come work of Hawks, and he’s a great receptionist. Good at noticing talent too, and actually noticing Haze took a lot of talent.

“So, what are you two doing here?” he asks, leaning against Haruto’s desk. “I haven’t gotten any messages from Shiketsu asking me for alumni donations lately, or a heads up that students were coming over.”

“We wanted to discuss your internship program with you,” the girl says. There’s something oddly controlled about her voice, probably trying to contain some sort of verbal tic.

“Why?” Hawks asks, genuinely curious. No one over at Shiketsu had complained to him over him not taking on any Shiketsu interns, but now having four UA.

“As a Shiketsu alumni, we felt you should have Shiketsu interns. Myself and Yoarashi wanted to make our case for you taking us on as interns. Yoarashi is top of his year at Shiketsu, and I’m third in my year.”

“And that makes you think you’re good enough to come intern with me? My present interns have the advantage of me seeing them fight and allowing me to judge their skill level,” he doesn’t need to bring up the survival instinct issue to these two, “but I haven’t done so with you two. Ranks are great, but especially with First years, that really doesn’t mean too much, especially this early in the year. And as it’s this early in the year, he at least doesn’t have a Provisional License,” Hawks adds, gesturing at the sheepish looking boy.

“Give us a chance,” the girl says, and it’s really not a request, it’s a demand, and that’s kind of impressive. She’s faced with the Number Two hero, one of Shiketsu’s most famous alumni, and she’s making demands of him. All while her friend is staying silent, though looks like he wants to blurt something out.

“You know what, why not,” Hawks says with a shrug. It’ll be good for the fledglings to get practice against other people their age, and he’ll probably listen to Haruto about the girl anyway.

“Lets see how you two do.”

The first time Inasa had seen Todoroki Shoto had been just after he’d come in first place for the recommended students, and a half an hour before he’d told Principal Nedzu he was declining the spot at UA. Todoroki’s eyes had been as cold as his father’s, and his expression frigid.

So he had not been expecting to next see him making out with what he thinks is Hawks’ cousin, pinning the smaller teen to the floor, while Mirko plays some card game in the background with Hawks other interns and a strange shadow demon.

“Oh yay, hot boys making out,” Utsushimi says, as if that’s the most important thing about what’s going on.

“Oh thank god I thought they’d never get their shit together,” Hawks says, grinning and relieved. “I thought I was going to have to lock them in a closet together.” He narrows his eyes slightly. “Also, are you three really playing Go Fish while they’re making out? Or should I say four?”

“They’ve been making out for fifteen minutes, we got bored at five, and I had a pack of cards on me,” Mirko says with a shrug. “Great for avoiding having to watch them make out.”

“...You could have told them to stop? And that doesn’t explain Dark Shadow playing?”

“I am not dealing with the possibility of their UST returning,” Mirko says, pointing a finger at Hawks. “And with a ten minute make out session, I feel like the pining. Also Dark Shadow is a blast to play cards with, especially since he keeps giving Tokoyami shit.”

“You of all people can’t say shit about pining. If Fuyumi hadn’t blurted out she wanted a date with you at the end of her first visit here, you’d probably still a) be pining and b) the two of you would be having a bunch of UST like tiniest Todoroki and Kiwi have been having,” Hawks retorts. “Especially since she stops by every couple of days.”

“I know it’s great,” and Inasa can practically see little hearts in her eyes, and hear the other two interns snickering. “Oi, no laughing you two. Just because you don’t have crushes…”

“Tokoyami has a crush on Aoyama,” Todoroki says, no longer kissing the green haired intern, just nuzzling him. He then pulls Midoriya up and sits down with their fellow interns, Midoriya now sitting on his lap.

“The sparkly kid?” Hawks asks. “I get that you have a raven head, but really Fumi?”

“I’m not taking this from a man who flew into a window last week because he got distracted,” Tokoyami says, not looking up from his cards. “Or who apparently spent half his childhood doing that.”

“You know that works better when your Mom hasn’t told me you walked into a glass door in your house repeatedly,” Hawks retorts.

Yes, but we did this as fledglings. You did that last week,” Dark Shadow (?) says, and Inasa can practically see a smirk on the Quirk(?)’s face.

“I refuse even more to take that from someone who choked on an apple yesterday.”

“It was a big apple!”

“You still choked because you ignored Fumi’s offer to cut up the apple.”

“Stop arguing with the Quirk and explain why there are two Shiketsu students here,” Mirko orders, giving both himself and Utsushimi curious looks.

“Well, they’re interested in interning here. So I decided that they should spar with the other interns to give us a sense of how good they are, but I think we have to keep the girl at least because otherwise I’m gonna have to deal with Haruto bitching,” Hawks says, and Inasa barely avoids puffing up in aggravation. Utushimi had passed without doing anything? Hawks glances over at him and shakes his head slightly.

“Kid, in contrast to her you haven’t exactly done anything remarkable since you got here. She’s done all the talking. She’s the one who noticed Haruto’s illusion. You didn’t even give out your name, Quirk or school year to me. She did. I can't say right now I'm all that impressed.”

Inasa flushes, and he almost wishes he was in his hero gear right now. Able to hide his embarrassment in his collar, especially in being scolded in front of a Todoroki. Hawks unfortunately has a point. He hadn’t been impressive, and Utushimi had seemed to have impressed the secretary...

“Please let me prove myself,” he say with a bows, intentionally echoing Utushimi’s words from earlier. “I’m nervous and froze up a bit. Please let show that I could be worthy of an internship.”

Hawks studies him, golden eyes sharp. Then he flicks his gaze to a smiling Mirko.

“Iida. You’re up. You versus Yoarashi.”

“And if you do well enough, you get to be the first intern of my new program,” Mirko adds, putting even more weight to the spar. “So let's see it!”

Camie sits down next to the the present interns (and holy shit she got accepted almost immediately!) on a bench about several feet away, watching Yoarashi get directed by Hawks to a locker room to get changed into gym clothes; Iida had offered his own, the Aery intern the only one similar in size. She’s not entirely surprised that Hawks and Mirko are testing him, even though they’re not testing her. He really did make himself look bad.

It’s a problem she’s noticed at Shiketsu.

Shiketsu is UAs equal, or close enough; there should be an evenish distribution of top heroes between them, but there simply isn’t. The majority of the Top Hundred, let alone the Top Ten, are UA graduates. Of the Shiketsu heroes who are in the Top Hundred, she’s heard grumbling about how they don’t support Shiketsu properly. Represent the school appropriately. 

Mostly because all of them, including Hawks and Mirko, yank the stick shoved up their ass by the school almost immediately. Well, in Hawks case it never lodged properly. Every rumor she’s heard about him basically came down to if he hadn’t been such an excellent student academically and practically, he would have gotten expelled for his irreverent attitude. After following his career for the past two years, she could tell all those rumors are true.

Shiketsu graduates are too stiff, and it's getting them killed or retirement-worthy injuries

“Thinking about something?” Midoriya asks, still perched on Todoroki’s lap.   

“School,” she says. “Like, we’re gonna have to deal with pissy, pissy classmates when Yoarashi and I get these internships.”

“Confident then that he’ll impress us?” Mirko asks, giving her a slight smirk.

“Probably,” says Todoroki, surprising Camie and causing all of them to look at him. “I remember him from the UA recommended test. He came in first, but must have decided against accepting the offer at UA in the end,” Todoroki explains.

“He’s the best Firstie so far,” Camie says. “Big guy looks like he’ll be a good heavy hitter someday, and he’s the least obnoxious newbie. He’s like a puppy, instead of a bitchy cactus.”


“Let’s leave it that I got some really, really annoying yearmates,” Camie says with a slight pout. “And I’m not allowed to Glamour them.”

“Your Quirk?”

“Yup.” Camie smiles, still holding her cards to her chest.

She’d let them know about it once Yoarashi got his spot.

“Okay you two, no debilitating injuries,” Hawks says, startling Camie. She hadn’t noticed Yoarashi come back. “And don’t break the training room again Iida.”

“My apologies, I didn’t think that Reciproburst would affect the wall that badly,” says Iida, getting into a starting position. “But I don’t think that’ll be an issue this time.”

“I hope not,” Hawks says, quietly enough that Camie almost doesn’t hear him.

“Now let’s start! First to three!”

Rumi watches Iida avoid getting caught in the Yoarashi’s wind, the powerful wind Quirk just slightly too slow to catch him. At the same time, the wind is too strong for for Iida to get close, and most of his regular attacks would be cancelled out by the wind.

Both are going to have to get creative if they want to hit the other.

Iida succeeds first, nailing Yoarashi with a a leg swipe, barely managing to get close enough to succeed. Yoarashi had only just been too slow to stop Iida, but now he’s blasting wind and actually hits Iida in the stomach, giving Yoarashi his own point.

Both are reacting well, both adjusting and re-adjusting their strategies as they fight. She’d noticed that at first they’d just tested the waters, like good heroes should do in a fight against an unknown opponent. Rushing headlong in could get a lot of civilians killed, and it’s good to see Iida is losing that instinct, and that Yoarashi doesn’t seem to have it. She’s noticed Izuku’s prone to rushing headlong into it, but he’s good at thinking on his feet, thoughts a mile a minute and able to avoid damaging the people around him (even if no the training room).

Even only a little into this spar she’s getting impressed, and if this is where Yoarashi’s starting, under her he’ll definitely get better. As she’d said to Hawks, she’d like to mentor the new generation, and he’d make for a good start to her program.

Yoarashi then tackles and pins Iida, getting a second point. Both are now grappling, and honestly it’s kinda funny.

Yeah, she thinks she’ll keep him.

Hawks hums to himself, doing the new paperwork so he can have Camie as his intern. Haruto had already claimed her for additional training, and their skills should mesh well. Could also be interesting if in the future she lets Kiwi Copy her Quirk. Good for distracting enemies.

His phone goes off and he grabs it, already knowing what Haruto is going to say

“Hawks? A Yagi Toshinori is here to see you, and I see he’s got an appointment. Just send him up?” Haruto asks.

“Yeah,” says Hawks, putting down his tablet and saving the half done paperwork. He’ll finish once he’s done speaking with Yagi.

The skeletal Number One is again wearing a poorly fitted suit, and Hawks really doesn't get it. There’s plenty of materials out there that would stretch so he could comfortably shift forms. Also, they’re all fucking hideous. Aunt Inko had been muttering something to Mom about trying to get him into something not hideous. Or at least not let Yagi’s terrible style choices infect Izuku.

“Hello,” Yagi says, taking the chair in front of his desk. “What’s going on, all you would say is it was important, but not entirely concerning heroics?”

“Yagi, I’ve got a question for you,” Hawks says, leaning back in his chair.

“Do you know what happened to Endeavor’s wife and oldest son?”

Aoi frowns when she notices the letter on her desk. She knows no one should have been in here, she’d locked the door when she’d gone to bed last night. She doesn’t like leaving her home or work offices unlocked, too many valuable documents inside. Someone getting inside is always a bad sign, especially since she has a guess who it was.

Something’s going on in Japan. New powers, or maybe old powers hiding as new, are starting to move. Be careful and tell your son to be careful. It’ll be dull darling if you get yourself killed, and you’ll be heartbroken if Neito is.

“Alec? I think we have a problem,” Aoi says, turning back out of her home office and toward her husband’s.

Oh yes, any warning from Songstress is always a bad sign.

Chapter Text

“Training is in teams today. Your teams have already been decided. One team will go twice,” Shouta says, eyes flicking over the so-called Hosu Quartet, and ignoring the painful hope on a few other faces.

Faces of their friends that they haven’t spent much time with lately. Unfortunately for them, this training exercise won’t allow for any catch up. Even though All Might had told him about how the kids have been doing, occasionally looking in on their training at the Aery, or even Hawks’ reports, he wants to see first hand how they’re doing. See if Hawks really is doing team building.

Probably, based on rumors he’d heard about the Aery, but he didn’t know for sure.

“Alright, Iida, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Tokoyami versus Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero, and Ashido,” he announces, ignoring Bakugou’s scowl. Oh no, after the recent incident of him throwing a fit over the internships, he’s not letting Bakugou spar with any of the Hosu Quartet. “Stretch, strategize, and then get down to the field. You have ten minutes.”

The blond bomber has not been reacting well to the public attention the Quartet has been getting. Not with all the Op-Ed pieces they’d been getting about them, the comments about how they’d probably reach the Top Ten as fast as Hawks did. No one cared about the Sports Festival results, or if they did make a reference it was to make a snide comparison of Bakugou’s fit on the podium (though he still wants to know who the hell approved of the chains and muzzle) to how friendly or stoic the Hosu Quartet had been in light of their victory over Stain. No one in the media is saying that Bakugou is a student to keep an eye on. Or if they are, it’s not exactly for polite reasons.

It’s really not helped that someone heard comments from Best Jeanist about Bakugou’s own actions during his internship and in a sense his refusal to learn (from Jeanist’s point of view).

On top of that, the reactions of their classmates aren’t helping things. In contrast to the mess at USJ, they’re getting respect, not jealousy. They’d practically taken down an S-Class villain on their own. Even Hawks doing his internship program didn’t seem to bother too many, especially now with the inclusion of a Shiketsu student. It showed he was looking for skill, not flashy actions or events. Hell, even Monoma isn’t complaining, and he’d been expecting it.

Then again, the 1-B copycat had also walked into a tree recently while looking at Todoroki and Midoriya so...May be a different issue there.

If it’s what he thinks it is, Kan owes him money.

But it’s making Bakugou angrier and angrier. No one is considering him as the possible ‘best’ beyond his immediate friends. Midoriya has been so distracted by his internship, getting to know his cousin, and spending time with new friends that he’s been ignoring Bakugou jibes. None of the interns for that matter have been acknowledging Bakugou, and he can tell it’s infuriating him. Acknowledgement, he’s come to realize, is part of what Bakugou craves, and not getting it is something the bomber isn’t used to.

So no need to add fuel to the fire by having him and a team spar against the Quartet and lose.

Izuku realizes immediately the reason behind Aizawa-sensei doing five teams of four rather than four teams of five. Sora hadn’t let anyone but Rumi (who didn’t really count, she sometimes seemed to live there), Gran Torino and All Might into the Aery. Mom, Aunt Kiyome, the sidekicks, or the Americans who also didn’t count.

Aizawa-sensei wanted to see just how much they’ve changed.

So his team would without a doubt be the one having two matches.

Right now it’s against what Izuku would tentatively call Bakugou’s friends. Kirishima for sure, but he sometimes wonders with the other three. He still can’t decide if they’re his friends due to his strength, or if they somehow actually like getting treated like shit by a friend. Because that’s how Bakugou treats his friends; like shit. Just even the fact he calls them ‘extras’.

Honestly, he’s talked  it out with Shoto, Sora, Mom (again), Aunt Kiyome, and Rumi (of all people). About how Bakugou never should have treated him that way, about how no one should have treated him that way. Mom had already been muttering something about a lawsuit against his school district, with both All Might and Sora nodding.

So. That could be interesting.

“I’m assuming you’ve done prior analysis on these four?” Fumikage asks quietly, taking advantage of how his beak makes lip reading impossible. “And already have a plan?”

“I’ve done analysis on all of us and you know it. You’ve read my notes,” Izuku says, a bit dryly. He’d long since shown all the guys and everyone at the Aery and at least the relevant parts to the Americans. He feels like he should he offended by Nets patting him on the head when he’d given them a copy of their analysis, but it had felt more like a vicious glee thing. “The plan has some minor shifts, since I assumed if we had a spar with them, Bakugou would be included, but that’s easy enough to account for.”

He really feels like he should be worried about that. Eh, not actually his problem.

“They’ll use Kirishima to make the first attack. Hope that his hardening and a rushing attack will be at least enough to take us off guard long enough for Ashido and Sero to set up some traps. Kaminari will assume his electricity will be enough to at least slow Dark Shadow down, but it’s nowhere near strong enough.”

“Shoto, make sure none of them can get a proper footing, and make the ice thick enough that Ashido can’t use her acid to melt it fast enough. She’ll focus on that to get the others out, rather than actually attack us at first. Then pull a repeat of the Sports Festival on Sero, it’ll be kinda funny. We’ve all practiced enough fighting on ice that even Tenya going at half or full speed won’t be hampered. Fumikage, overwhelm Kaminari as well as his Pointers, and honestly, just fling him out of the ring. He’ll be fine. Tenya, Reciproburst Ashido away, but be careful of her acid. I’ll deal with Kirishima.

“As an alternative, if they have the sense for Kaminari to start off the attack due to his speed and Pointers, Kirishima will fall back to defend at least Ashido so she can prep acid, since Sero without a doubt is going to try to get off the ground immediately so he can make attacks from above. Still start the fight with icing the ground  Don’t get too close to Ashido, but Tenya, same strategy for dealing with her. But do it fast so she can’t get a Veil up. Shoto and I will overwhelm Kirishima and...actually, you know what.

“Fumikage, distract. Shoto, just freeze them immediately. I’ll just shove them out. Let’s keep things secret for later.”

“Get into the ring. The rules are simply, either incapacitation, or outside the ring. If the fight goes on for more than ten minutes, it’s a tie,” Aizawa-sensei says, startling him slightly. He’d almost forgotten his teacher is here. “Also, next teams are Bakugou, Uraraka, Asui, Hagakure versus Sato, Shoji, Mineta and Ojiro. Start stretching, because no longer how long this fight goes, you have ten minutes.”

Shota watches as the teams get ready, and he does not like the mischievous look that just crossed all four of the Hosu Quartet. He at least thinks that’s mischief on Tokoyami’s face.The other team looks just as wary as they should from that look. It’s probably not going to help them, but they are appropriately wary at least.

“Match start,” Aizawa orders, and feels like facepalming thirty seconds later.

Alright, he doesn’t care if Dark Shadow is actually goddamn terrifying; do not get distracted, allow yourself to get frozen, and then get shoved out of the ring by Midoriya. While Tenya is whistling and doing nothing in the background. Why is Tenya whistling. Just. Why. He's having flashbacks to Tensei being a little shit.

On the other hand, it does give a decent demonstration that their teamwork is at least fairly good. And Midoriya’s ability to strategize in ten minutes. Nothing shown off, so if they needed to use different abilities later, they could without giving any of the other teams a hint of what they’re doing.

Now let’s see how everyone else does.

Izuku showers and changes quickly, Shoto, Tenya, and Fumikage with him the entire time. None of them wanted to be cornered by classmates, especially not by any of the losing team members. They’d gone two for two, and he’s not entirely sure how they’d feel. Angry? Surprised? He has no clue, and he doesn’t want to deal with Bakugou in particular.

It’s only when he’s back in the classroom that Izuku realizes he’s missing his analysis notebook. He’d wanted to take a look on his older notes, add new thoughts in, and compare them. But his notebook is missing. Instead, along with his other, normal things, still in a disarray from an earlier crash into other students, he has a leatherbound notebook.

Izuku opens it, and really?

It’s Monoma’s?

Actually wait. This is really good analysis. It’s all 1-B and people he doesn’t recognize but that’s in another language, not English, and…

Does he have a spare notebook in his bag? No. Damn it. Wait.

“Hey Shoto? Do you still have a blank notebook?”

“Yes. Why?”

“So I just found out Monoma and I swapped notebooks and…”

Itsuka immediately knows something is wrong when Monoma doesn’t taunt the 1-A students walking past them, especially since one is a scowling Bakugou, just focuses on the notebook he’s been reading and muttering over for the past hour. He’s scribbling in another notebook, one of his leatherbound, but it’s not his normal one. She can’t figure out at all what’s going on with him, since she can’t get a good look at the not-his notebook, and she can’t speak French, so she can’t translate his mutterings. It’s unnerving.

As well as the fact that now he isn’t reacting to her poking him repeatedly on the cheek.

Then the bell rings, making her jump and him seemingly come out of the daze of whatever he’s been doing. He shoves his leatherbound notebook into his bag, but leaves the other notebook out, throwing his bag over his shoulder and rushing away from her, notebook in hand, as if he has somewhere important to be. Somewhere that involved the notebook.

...What the hell had just happened?

Neito knows he probably looks weird right now. Speeding through the halls, not calling out to friends, ignoring most 1-A students instead of mocking them. But he needs to catch up to Midoriya before he leaves for his internship. Politeness dictates he should give Midoriya back his notebook. Also, seeing as he doesn’t have *his* notebook, it’s fair to assume Midoriya has his, and he does want that back.

And to maybe see if he could get a date out of him at least, because, wow. Wow. If he didn’t already have a crush on Midoriya, he’d probably fall in love just based on the analysis notebook. It’s as detailed as his are, and to the best of his knowledge Midoriya’s strength Quirk wouldn’t need this. Then again, even doing vague analysis is good for a future or present hero, since knowing your allies’ abilities can change the way a fight can go, and if you’ve analyzed enough similar Quirks, you can generally at least theorize how the villain’s works.

But. Intelligence. Very intelligent. According to Maman that’s what he should seek in a partner. Smarts, over wealth and political power. For all his Papa is political very powerful these days, their wealth is Maman’s, and their initial romance had started at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University. Not exactly an easy school to get into.


Midoriya is just up ahead, Todoroki beside him and oddly Iida and Tokoyami missing. Maybe they’d left something in their classroom? Well, it would make this less embarrassing if he failed (please don’t let him fail).

“Midoriya! Todoroki! I have something of Midoriya’s,” Neito says, throwing his voice a bit rather than shouting. That had been a neat trick to learn from Papa.

“You do have my notebook!” Midoriya says, turning to face him and spotting the notebook in his hand.

“And I’m assuming you have mine?” he asks. “Brown leather? First few sections are in French?”

“That’s what language it was? The only thing I could tell is it wasn’t in English,” Midoriya says, digging into his bag. "That I can read."

“It and Japanese are the two I grew up speaking and writing,” he says with a shrug. “Up until last year I lived between Paris and Brussels, since my Mama’s the Ambassador to France and my Papa is a member of the European Parliament.” He bit his lower lip as he and Midoriya exchanged notebooks, and you know what? Now or never.

“Midoriya, would you be interested in going on a date with me?” Neito asks, and he watches both their jaws drop.

“You know he’s my boyfriend, right?” Todoroki asks, eyes narrowing at him and stepping forward slightly, body language aggressive.

“Well, seeing as I’d also like a date with you, we could just make it a threeway,” Neito says, barely biting the urge to laugh as both turn bright red. If he laughs, they won’t take him seriously, and contrary to what it seems, he does know how to control himself.

Distract with dramatics, don’t let them see what you’re planning.  Good advice from both his parents.

“Excuse me?” they both asks, unintentionally in unison.

“I said, I’d like to go on a date with both of you,” Neito says, and please let this work, please let this work.

“Don’t you hate our entire class?” Midoriya asks. “Seeing as you challenged us all just before the Sports Festival, while claiming 1-B’s superiority?”

“So? I wasn’t actually including you two in that.” Neito shrugs slightly. “Is that a yes or a no?”

“We need to talk,” Todoroki says, not giving him an answer, but grabbing a still baffled Midoriya by the collar, and yanking him just far away that Neito can’t hear them clearly. The conversation seems immediately tense and he’s going to get a no, isn’t he?

He’ll wait and hopefully he’ll get a…

“What did you ask Kiwi and Penguin that made them react like that?” a new voice from right behind him asks, making him jump and turn around.

“A date,” he says, a bit faintly. “I asked them both on a date.”

Hawks is standing right behind him.

Oh god he’s going to die via protective older cousin, isn’t he?

“He hates our entire class,” Shoto hisses, glancing over to where Hawks and Monoma are now speaking, the pro hero having appeared out of nowhere.

“He’s jealous,” Izuku points out. “Think about how much media attention we got after the attack on USJ. All of Japan’s eyes were pretty much on all of us, and no one cared about 1-B. But he hasn’t taunted any of us since Hosu. Or at least, not the four of us. He’s definitely still giving Bakugou shit. But even though the four of us have constantly been in the media, are constantly getting talked about, he’s been polite and not bothered us.”

“So you’re saying we should accept a date from him because he hasn’t been a dick to us?” Shoto asks, not quite believing what he’s hearing from his boyfriend, and then he notices Izuku’s slight blush. “Or do you want a date because you think smart people are hot?” Because that would be like Izuku.



“Listen, it’s one date. We don’t need to accept a second, but we should at least see what happens. Also, I want to pick his mind over some of his notes.”

Shoto bites back a sigh. You know what, why not? He glances to the side where Monoma is standing.

And apparently Hawks still is too, the hero standing a little too close, and looking a little too threatening in relation to Monoma, but to the copycat’s credit, he isn’t budging.

“Sure. Let’s tell him yes and save him from Hawks,” Shoto says, pointing to what’s going on over there.

“Yes, wait, what?

“I think your cousin is contemplating homicide. We may have to actually rescue Monoma before a date can happen.”

Oh god . Let’s go.”

Hawks knows immediately the kid isn’t in 1-A. He’s seen profiles of all the 1-A students, and the blond is not one of them. Based on how old he looks, he’s definitely another First Year, but he can’t figure out what track. Probably Heroics, if he’s even expecting a chance with Kiwi and Penguin. Gen Ed, Management, and Support students wouldn’t be spending enough time near them to know they’re dating, and he has to know if he asked both out.

“Who are you?” he asks, making his presence a bit more threatening, standing a bit closer than he needs to. Doesn’t seem to be discouraging him at all.

“Monoma Neito. I’m in Class 1-B, the other Heroics class,” the student says, spreading his arms, almost as if mocking  his wings. “Why, feeling threatened?” The blond is smirking, and it’s definitely a challenge, but it’s kind of hilarious. Really? Taunting him, who’s not only a Pro-Hero, but the Number Two at that. He has to give the kid credit. That’s pretty ballsy, especially since he can still see a wariness in his body language. 

And oddly enough, the kid just gave him an idea. One that if Kiwi and Penguin decide to go on more dates with him, or even if that fails, he can just pass him over to Rumi. She still needs more interns.

“No. But how would you like an internship?” he asks, just as Izuku and Shoto make it back over, both choking at the question.

“...Wait what!?!?”

Chapter Text

Neito doesn’t think Hawks is being serious at first, not until he gets shoved into the car along with a very confused Iida and Tokoyami, along with Midoriya and Todoroki. Hawks is apparently driving, the car specially modified for his wings. But he’s shoved in what he thinks is only supposed to be for four people, and he’s right between Midoriya and Todoroki. It’s both enjoyable, and making him almost wish he wasn’t wearing his jacket.

Though he does kind of wish neither Iida or Tokoyami weren’t in the car, let alone Hawks driving. Makes any possible flirting impossible. And both Iida and Tokoyami don’t seem exactly comfortable with him in the car.

“Why are you with us? Is Hawks now kidnapping students?” Iida asks, voice a bit teasing and definitely an effort to dig out information.


“You’d do it,” Midoriya says dryly.

“Stop saying true things,” Hawks says, and in the mirror Neito can see Hawks pouting. Which. He gets that Midoriya is Hawks cousin, but he lets the other interns tease him? He knows Hawks is considered a ‘lax’ hero, but that’s more than expected. “Also, he’s here because either I’m getting a sixth intern or Mirko’s getting her second.”

Then again, this is also a man who decided in what was less than five minutes that he was going to offer him an internship so maybe he’s also a bit nuts.

“...What happened in the twenty minutes between us getting in the car and you getting Izuku and Shoto?” Tokoyami asks incredulously, shifting a bit. Neito thinks he looks the most uncomfortable, but it’s hard to tell with a bird head.

“Monoma asked them on a date, then when I decided to intimidate him actually stood his ground. And taunt me back, which Monoma? Be careful what Pro you do that to, since there are plenty that will deck a Hero class student,” he warns.

“If they were that dumb, litigation is a thing,” he points out, a bit amused.

“And how exactly successful do you think a student versus a hero would be?”

“Probably not great, but my parents are also the now former Japanese Ambassador to France, and a Member of the European Parliament. I think it would look very politically bad if I had to sue a hero,” Neito says with a shrug, ignoring the dropped jaws of his fellow yearmates. He’s used to getting that look after basically saying he’ll take advantage of his parents’ political power.

Not like it would be the first time anyway.

“Yeah, it’s generally not a good thing when a civilian politician or their child have to sue a hero, even if the kid is in a hero course,” Hawks acknowledges, giving him a more thoughtful look. “That’s really, really bad press since it can look like a hero trying to pressure the politician.”

“Wait, really?” Todoroki asks, getting a suddenly interested look on his face, which is more than a bit concerning, since Neito is well aware that Todoroki’s father is the Number Three hero. So why would political pressure on a hero be so interesting for him?

“Yep,” Hawks says. “Same issue of heroes in the Top Fifty suing each other. It can look really suspicious. On the other hand, there are other ways of dealing with situations among the Top Fifty,” he adds, seeming to catch Todoroki’s gaze. “Non-litigative ways.”

“And there’s always the threat of civilian political intervention,” Neito says, a bit blandly, earning himself startled looks from everyone in the car. His blue eyes meets Hawks gold gaze. “Again, do you really want to explain what you did to piss a Minister or another high ranking politician?”

He doesn’t know why Hawks had caught Todoroki’s eye. He doesn’t know why the knowledge of the Top Fifty being able to handle issues without suing is even being mentioned.

But he has a very, very bad feeling about that.

“Hawks, why do you have another fledgling?” Kiyome asks, spying a fifth boy.

“Theft,” Fumikage says. “He stole a kid from another class.”

“It’s not theft if he technically followed me,” Hawks says, trying very badly to defend himself.

“You had bait in the form of Izuku and Shoto. He technically only came with us because you had them with you,” Tenya points out. “As well as the lure of the internship.”

“Wait, what’s this about Izuku and Shoto being bait?” Kiyome asks, eyes narrowing slightly.

“Oh, he asked them both out on a date, then decided to stand up to and taunt me when I tried to intimidate him,” Hawks says, giving her the same mischievous grin he’s been giving her since he was two and got into the cookies (and knew he was too cute to get into trouble.) “So I decided the right response was to offer him an internship and take him home with us!”

She loves her son. She really does. But he’s a bit of a dumbass.

“Baby bird, that is not the appropriate response,” she says with a sigh. “I’m assuming you have more than the lack of survival instinct that comes with asking out Izuku and Shoto within earshot of Hawks, as well as then standing up to and taunting him?” she asks, directing her question at the blond.

“Yes. I’m Monoma Neito, and my Quirk is Copy. I’m also one of the top students in the 1-B course, and one of the top students over all in the Hero course,” the blond says. “Who are you? Hawks mother  or sister?”

Okay, seriously. She does not look that young.

“I’m his mother,” she says, and another thought occurs to her, and she glances over to her son, and he catches her gaze.

Hmmm. This may actually be a good idea.

Less of a claim of favoritism if at least one of the UA students is from the other class. Same with at least one Shiketsu student per program. Though she would advise Hawks to not drop quality, like getting a student from Ketsubutsu or Seiai. Definitely not worth it.

Even though Neito doesn’t like to admit it, he’s not in the greatest shape for someone in heroics. He’s not as fast as he should be, or as strong. Copy is certainly a useful Quirk, but if he’s too slow to touch someone, he’s fucked. If he can’t figure out how to use a Quirk fast enough, or if he accidentally Copies a mutative Quirk, he’s fucked. Being more physically fit would help both issues, in allowing him to get away to Copy a more valuable Quirk, or in getting him close enough in the first place to grab a Quirk.

He may be willing to acknowledge all of this to himself, but it’s still disappointing to have out of breath on the ground after taking a suckerpunch to the gut from Utushimi. She’s stronger than she looks, but that’s just pathetic.

“You need to get physically a hell of a lot stronger,” Hawks says bluntly, the Winged Hero having watched the spar that had ended so humiliatingly for him. No Quirks, just hand to hand, and he’d failed miserably. “And increase both your speed and your endurance. Yes, Camie has a year on you in training, but she’s also in much better physical shape than you, and her Quirk is one that works from a distance. Your’s doesn’t.”

“I know,” he groans, accepting Utushimi’s hand as she helps him up. “Kan-sensei has been working on it a little, but most of our practical classes focus in on our Quirks, not so much physical fitness.”

“That’s weird,” Izuku says. “Ours does both.”

“Different training styles,” Neito says with a shrug. “Kan-sensei also didn’t do the test thing I heard Aizawa-sensei does.”

“Interesting.” Hawks murmurs, but shakes his head when Neito gives him a curious look. “It’s nothing, just a thought.”

“Hey, still doing spars?” Mirko asks, strolling into the practice room. “Or… hey you’re new,” she says, noticing him.

“Hawks just hired me as a sixth intern,” he says, bouncing on the balls of his feet slightly. He does have a lot of energy right now, it’s just not… going to the right places, may be the best term.

“Another for yourself?” she says, giving Hawks a pout. “Rude. You’re supposed to be helping me.”


“She’s doing an internship program too,” Utushimi explains quietly, the friendly bickering between the two heroes meaning they all were getting ignored. “One of my schoolmates, Yoarashi Inasa has the first spot.”

“So she’s complaining that Hawks didn’t send me over to here?” he asks, frowning slightly. “But why would he? Even if she is looking for interns? It’s not like he could have made an offer for her to begin with.”

“Nah, they’re just like this,” Utushimi says with a shrug. “If you have any suggestions about your classmates, make ‘em to her when she asks.” She suddenly smiles mischievously. “So, what’s this I hear ‘bout you asking Izuku and Shoto on a date before Hawks jumped on you for an internship?”

...That is honestly how he’s going to get known here, isn’t he? The boy who asked Midoriya and Todoroki on a date. Impressive.

Eh. Still could have been worse. Least no one’s calling him useless for having a Quirk that only works when he ‘steals’ a Quirk from someone else.

“ decided to offer a sixth kid an internship?” Rumi says, drinking what he thinks is carrot juice. “Rather than find me one?”

“I told you to find your own. Just ask the kids,” Sora says. “They know their classmates better than me, let's be real. Monoma is more a matter of chance than anything else, and he’s smart. Smart enough that he got a date with Izuku more based on being smart rather than attractive.”

“I think your little cousin’s taste is smart with an underlying sense of crazy,” Rumi points out. “Actually, come to think of it, I think that may just be a Midoriya thing. Based on what you guys told me about his dad and I know Mama Bird.”

“You only got told about Hisashi because of a security concern, not to analyze my family’s love lives.”

“I’m still right.”


“Why are we friends?” she asks, more than a little dramatically. “But for real, it does make me worried sometimes about who you’re going to end up with.”

“Rumi, worry about that when I have a boyfriend,” Sora says, rolling his eyes. “And that’s not happening anytime soon. I don’t have the time.”

“I have time for Fuyumi,” she points out.

“Yeah, and you literally got lucky that your crush all but walked into you, and had a mutual interest,” Sora says, grabbing his water bottle and taking a sip. “So, for real. Ask the kids about possible interns. Keep it to First Years, with Camie being explicitly unusual, as well as letting it slip that she was offered an internship within five minutes of arriving at the Aery.”

“Fine,” Rumi says.

“By the way, you know you really don’t have to live up to the stereotype of rabbits liking carrots.”

“Sora I will fucking kill you.”

“So, tiny future heroes, we need to talk!” Mirko says, and Izuku doesn’t trust the look on her face. He’s learned better. “I need more interns, and you’re useful for finding them. Also, Inasa, Camie, as much as we love you, no more Shiketsu students.”

Camie blows a raspberry and makes a face, "Like, no offense fam, but you think we want more Shit-ketsu bitches up in here?"

She snorts, "Hell nah. I like my air loser-free, y'know? Whiners really harsh the vibes."

“Somehow that doesn’t surprise me,” Mirko says with a roll of her eyes, plopping down on one of the break room couches. “Anyway, Izuku, Shoto, Tenya, Fumikage, and Monoma. Do any of you have suggestions?”

“Definitely not Bakugou,” Shoto says, and Izuku’s surprised by all the others’ vehement nods.

“Trust me, he’s long been cut from the list,” Mirko says, which surprises Izuku. Everyone always wanted Bakugou in the past. What’s changed? “Not interested in him anyway. Gimme someone more interesting.”

More interesting? Well, he definitely knows of someone more interesting, and the internship could definitely help his goal of transferring to the Hero course.

“Shinso Hitoshi,” Izuku says, earning surprised and confused looks.

“Who?” Neito asks, not recognizing the name at all, Izuku guesses. He probably got distracted from Shinso during the original challenge between their classes.

“He was the first person I fought during the final rounds,” Izuku explains, looking at Mirko. “His Quirk is called Brainwashing. If he speaks to you and then you respond, he can order you to do anything. He’s in Gen Ed, because his Quirk isn’t exactly any good for the entrance exam, but he also outdid most of the Hero course kids during the Sports Festival by making it so far. Apparently it’s possible for a Gen Ed student to transfer between programs and…”

“Doing this would make it a lot easier on him, especially since it sounds like UA should already be doing that,” Mirko says, tapping her lower lip thoughtfully. “And even if they aren’t, this should shame them into doing so. Since after all, how can a Gen Ed student get an offer like this when Hero class students aren’t? Good idea. Any others?”

“Yaoyorozu Momo,” Tenya suggests, shoving his glasses a bit further up his nose. “She’s class representative along with me, and after work study week we chatted about how our’s went. She mentioned exactly how useful her’s was, which is to say completely useless.”

“What?” Mirko asks, giving Tenya a curious look.

“She did the internship with Kendo, right?” Neito asks, interrupting Mirko. “Where they got stuck with Uwabami, and all she pretty much did is use them as models in her latest commercial? I know Kendo hated it and was really disappointed once the week was done because they’d learned nothing,” Neito says, drumming his fingers against his leg. “They’re both top of our classes, and Kendo at least has a hand-to-hand fighting style, to excuse the pun, due to her Quirk Big Fist.”

“Yaoyorozu favors bukijutsu when she fights, along with her Creation Quirk,” Tenya offers. “As I recall, she’s also fond of Kendo so that could help start a degree of teamwork between your interns like we have.”

“Those definitely sound interesting,” Mirko says, now tapping a foot on the ground. “Definitely interesting…”

“I knew him when we were all younger,” Aunt Inko says quietly, and Sora didn’t know that, and from the look on Yagi he didn’t know either. “I had been on the Management Track,” she explains. “We knew each other after Hatsume Tomoko and I managed to set a lab, two training fields and a bush on fire. We were a bit...a bit chaotic when we were in school, and the principle had ordered him to keep an eye on us, since his Quirk could deal with any fires we cause.” She rubs at her eyes.

“So he’s still abusing his family?”

“Still?” Yagi asks sharply.

“I had just graduated from law school,” she says. “I decided to visit him and Rei, and that’s when I discovered bruises and burns on Touya, bruises on Rei, and both flinching whenever a voice got raised too much. Fuyumi seemed to be the only one to not be hurt at all, and even she was flinching when Endeavor’s voice got too loud. I confronted him over it, we got into an argument, and I nailed him in the balls.”

“You what?” Sora asks, gaping at his aunt.

“Testes count as small objects, and he made the mistake of assuming I wasn’t a threat since I wasn’t a hero. Even though he’d known me for several years. I used Attraction of Small Objects to grab his testes and kneed him in the crotch. Then I tried to get social services involved, but the investigation got immediately shut down, and no one would listen to me.”

“Because of the Commission,” Sora says, knowing exactly what had happened. Endeavor had been too useful as a powerful hero to get embroiled in a legal mess like him being accused of child and spousal abuse.

“Because of the Commission,” Aunt Inko agrees, and Yagi just looks sick. “And because of the Commission’s decision, the oldest son ended up dying, and Rei had what I’d best describe as a nervous breakdown.”

“And I missed all of this,” Yagi says flatly. “I missed it, much like I missed how obsessed Endeavor really was in trying to take the Number One spot from me. I was too focused on being the Symbol of Peace, too busy trying to take down All For One, and I missed something happening that closely to me.”

“Yagi…” Sora says, only receive a shake of Yagi’s head.

“I’m supposed to be better than that,” he says quietly. “Instead I decided to ignore the ‘rivalry’ between Endeavor and I. I missed the fact that his wife was always so quiet and shy at events. That even though he had four children, I only really remembering seeing Shoto at any events involving family.” He scrubs at his face. “I missed all of that, and we need to fix this. We need to be able to get his children away from him at the very least.”

“Well, I have a few ideas for that,” Sora says, grabbing the tablet off the table where he’d left it.

“And I have a few as well,” Aunt Inko says, a sly smile that Sora’s never seen on her face before. “Because the Number One and Number Two can apply a lot of pressure on not only the Number Three, but the Commission too.”

“So,” Yagi says, leaning forward slightly. “What are you two thinking of?”

Chapter Text


There are few things more terrifying than Hatsume Mei ambushing him, in Tenya’s opinion. The few things include Noumu and Stain, or someone attempting to hurt his friends, but Hatsume is still quite up there. The Sports Festival had taught him that Tensei hadn’t been lying.

Support is scary. They will take advantage of any little crack you give them to change your gear (which can be a good or bad thing, depending on if you expect it). They will on occasion trick you into doing exactly what they want, rather than what you want. And Hatsume Mei is happy to do either.

“I need you to explain something to me,” Hatsume says, a somewhat manic gleam in her eyes and oil on her face and arms.

“What?” he asks warily, spotting Fumikage and watching his friend come over for a possible rescue.

“What happens if you wear a normal goddamn outfit rather than a Gundam suit?” she asks, and then he notices the designs shoved under her arms. “Because I’ve been looking, and there’s no way that’s the most aerodynamic or efficient way to have your gear. On top of that---”

“Apologies, but I require Tenya,” Fumikage interrupts, making Hatsume jump. She apparently hadn’t noticed him walk up behind her. “You can be judgemental later.”

“I’m not being judgemental! I’m saying the design is a piece of shit, and he’s going to get hurt wearing it! I--” Fumikage cuts her off again.

“I’m being serious, I need Tenya. If you really have so many complaints, speak with the Iida family, do not bother us,” Fumikage says, puffing up slightly in a way Tenya keeps seeing Hawks do. “Now, we have to get going. Mirko apparently wants us with her when she makes the internships offers.”

Shit. He’d forgotten all about that in his terror in seeing Hatsume again.

“Bye,” Tenya says, letting Fumikage guide him along, all while keeping a wary eye on Hatsume. He does not like the gleam in her eye.

“She does kind of have a point,” Fumikage says, once they’re far enough away.

“I know. You all keep telling me that,” he says with a sigh. “But my family has always used such designs.”

“Just because something has always been done, does not mean you should still be doing it,” Fumikage points out. “I can’t say I understand a family tradition like you have with the uniforms, but I do get wanting to uphold a legacy. Still, you’ve admitted that you’ve had issues at least with your glasses and the helmet. Why don’t you just swap them out for contacts?”

“I can’t touch my eyes,” he says, a bit sheepishly. It’s why he’s the only brother to wear glasses still. “I always blink the second I try, and I just gave up after a while. My glasses work fine.”

“You complained last week that your glasses get knocked around in your helmet when you move at high speeds.”

“You do not understand just how uncomfortable poking yourself in the eyes is.”

“Why don’t you turn your visor into some form of corrective lense so you can get rid of your glasses then?”

“What happens when I lose my helmet?”

“Ah. Good point. I still suggest contacts.”


“It may also save you from Hatsume, because she may attempt to give you bionic eyes.”

“...I hate how good of a point that is.”

Hitoshi walks warily into the office, not even relaxing at the sight of Aizawa-sensei. Several other students are in there, including the entire Hosu Quartet, what he thinks are the Hero classes student representatives, and a random blond he vaguely remembers from the Sports Festival. On top of that, both Hawks and Mirko are there.

Seriously, what is going on?

“So, the three of you are probably wondering just what is going on,” Mirko says, almost as if reading their minds. “Monoma already knows what’s going on, and kid, you have about as much survival instinct as everyone else at the Aery, so congrats on that.”

Wait, is she implying the blond now also has an Aery internship? Are they all going to be offered one? But Mirko and Hawks aren’t actually partners so what is…

“And per suggestions from classmates and agreements from your teachers, I’m offering you three internships.”

“I’m not even in the Hero Class,” Hitoshi blurts out, seeing the two girls freeze. “I’m Gen Ed!”

“Not for much longer,” Mirko says, smirking slightly and wait what?

“You’re getting switched to Hero Class as of after midterms. You’ll be going to the summer training camp,” Aizawa-sensei explains. “Mirko suggested, and we agreed, that you doing an internship at the Warren would allow for you to be caught up to the class more quickly. The core courses are the same between, and the Warren and me working with you as well will allow you to catch up without worry.”

“Why did you offer us internships?” asks what Hitoshi thinks is the 1-A class rep.

“Two reasons,” Mirko says, holding up two fingers. “Both of you are top of your classes and on that alone I may have nabbed you. Inasa half ended up as my intern because he’s top of his year at Shiketsu, half because he actually won a spar with Iida which impressed me, and Camie’s at the Aery due to her being number three in her year, along with unintentionally passing a test involving her Quirk. Within like, a minute of arriving at the Aery. The other reason is you two got completely fucked over during your work study week,” Mirko says blunty, dropping both fingers.

“Neito, Izuku, and Tenya all explained what happened during your work study programs, and the unfortunate fact you both made the mistake of accepting offers from Uwabami,” Mirko explains. “She’s one of the heroes that should not be allowed to have interns. From rumors, Mt. Lady is another.

“Anyway, by their suggestions and your teachers not only agreeing with it but encouraging me, I’m offering the three of you internships,” Mirko says, smiling. “So, what do you say?”

Who the fuck would turn this down!?




Within five minutes Inasa decides he has a crush on Shinso Hitoshi. Within ten minutes he’s also certain that Aizawa Shota, one of the UA teachers who gives Shinso additional lessons, is going to kill him. He can’t tell if the man is Shinso’s father or not, but without a doubt, he’s terrifying.

“You know, if you’d done something besides stare dreamly at Shinso, Aizawa would look a bit less homicidal,” Mirko says, looking about ready to laugh at him. “So eyes back in your head, and greet all of your fellow interns, not just the one you want to tap.”

He flushes a deep red, and he can hear a soft tittering behind him from one of the UA girls. Okay, he didn’t think he’d been that obvious, but apparently he had. Mirko just shakes her head, but she can’t say shit. She fumbles over her words talking to her own girlfriend.

“Hello, I’m Kendo Itsuka,” says the first girl, smiling slightly at him. “You’re Yoarashi Inasa, right?”

“Yes!” he says, a bit more enthusiastically than apparently either Shinso or Aizawa seem impressed by.

“I’m Yaoyorozu Momo,” says a vaguely familiar brunette. “Ah. That’s right! Todoroki had mentioned you were the recommended student who turned down UA. I thought your name sounded a bit familiar when Mirko first mentioned you. Why did you turn it down?”

“Reasons,” he mumbles, because as of dealing with Todoroki for the past few weeks, they feel childish and dumb. He wasn’t like his father, and based on whispers he’s heard around the Aery when they’ve done a bit of cross training, there’s something wrong there anyway.

Todoroki’s eyes are much warmer, and he’s starting to regret giving up his dream school for a simple misunderstanding.

“Why did you immediately say you didn’t want Bakugou as an intern?” Izuku asks her, following her into her office after her interns are settled in, and Rumi’s been expecting it for a few days now. Honestly, she’s surprised it took this long, but then again, she doesn’t think Izuku entirely gets just how angry and upset everyone is over what happened. He doesn’t really get why she’d be upset.

“Because he’s a piece of shit,” Rumi says bluntly, sitting on the edge of her desk. “I don’t like bullies. Never have, never will. Sora told me everything he did to you. Before that, I actually had been considering him for an internship. I thought he’d get along well with me. But the second I heard what he did? No, I never want to deal with him.”

“You probably will though, with how strong he is,” Izuku says, giving her a confused look.

“He’s not that strong,” Rumi says with a soft snort. “Izuku, how highly ranked do you think Bakugou will end up?”

“He’s aiming for Number One.”

“That’s not the question I asked, Kiwi. I asked how highly ranked do you think Bakugou will end up?”

Izuku looks down at his feet, and his body language is closed off. Folding in on himself, which doesn’t surprise her. The kid is brilliant. He’s powerful, friendly, charismatic. He also has barely enough self esteem to fill a thimble.

“At best he’ll make it in the Top Twenty. At best. There’s a lot of powerhouses in your generation, and in mine,” Rumi says. “His personality is shit, his PR is worse, and as much as I hate to say it? It’s a combination of power and PR that gets you into the Top Ten. Endeavor and All Might’s generation definitely have powerful members, but All Might is a category all of his own, and Endeavor’s not too shabby and his PR isn’t actually that terrible.”

“But the Top Ten is starting to fill up with mine and Sora’s generation. There’s a trio in their last year at UA nicknamed the Big Three, and they’re expected to make the Top Twenty to Top Ten about as fast as Sora did. All of them have great PR, even the one with the spectacular anxiety issues. Then there’s you ten,” she adds. “I’ll be stunned if you don’t make it up there by age 25.”

Izuku gives her a wide eyed stare, mouth dropped open a bit.

“I haven’t known Neito, Momo, Itsuka or Hitoshi that long, but if they’re anything like you six original interns, I’m confident you’ll all make it to the top. Bakugou, not so much. He’s powerful - I will give him that, but these days, especially, people want more than power.”

“People want real heroes, not people focused on being number one.”

Shota already knows how today is going to go. While there’s been rumors for the past week about Neito having an Aery internship, and more rumors about Warren internships, he knows there’s enough people who have dismissed them. Enough people assumed they’d be the ones offered them, so of course they aren’t happening.

But Nedzu, Hawks, and Mirko had all agreed that the interns should be publicly known now, especially so students are aware Shinso is getting transferred into Heroics.  

“I know everyone’s heard rumors at this point about internships at the Warren and Aery beyond what Midoriya, Iida, Todoroki, Tokoyami, and Utushimi Camie of Shiketsu have,” Shota says, and he watches his class go still, and a few expressions hopeful. “Monoma Neito of 1-B is interning at Aery as the sixth intern. Yaoyorozu Momo, Kendo Itsuka of 1-B, Shinso Hitoshi of Gen Ed, who will also be transferring to this class as of midterms, and Yoarashi Inasa of Shiketsu are all interning at the Warren.”

“Wait what? When did Mirko let people apply? And how did Monoma get an internship?” Urakaka asks, and Shota isn’t even vaguely surprised by her upset expression.

“She didn’t. Recommendations were made and agreed to, and that’s how she chose interns. Monoma apparently demonstrated a similar lack of survival instinct to the Hosu Quartet,” and he probably shouldn’t use that nickname out loud but oh well, “Hawks was impressed and amused, and he offered him an internship.” And practically kidnapped him.

He ignores the grumblings he hears, because there’s not much he could have actually done. Much like the post-license exam, he really doesn’t have that much control over who gets chosen or who doesn’t by heroes. It’s their decision in the end.

However, he is worried that Bakugou looks more like he’s stewing, and not exploding yet.

He’s been stewing over it all day, ever since the announcement. More internships. More.

“Why the hell are all you losers getting internships and not me?” Katsuki says, finally deciding to confront Deku after class. This is bullshit. Hawks had six interns, Mirko four, and apparently no one wants to give him one? Bull. Shit.

“Bakugou, why do you even think you deserve it?” Deku demands, and he flinches. It sounds wrong coming from Deku, his last name. Deku isn’t supposed to call him that.

“Why shouldn’t I?” he retorts, glaring as both Icyhot and Copier both give him equally disdainful looks. Why the fuck is Copier even there? Blond bastard hates their entire class! Why the hell would Hawks want him for an intern?

“Why should you? You know, I finally admitted to my family all the shit you, our classmates and teachers put me through. Told them about you telling me to jump, hurting me with your Quirk, and beating the shit out of me,” Deku says, something in his voice making Katsuki flinch again. “A few days later, Hawks and Mirko were chatting about her possibly doing an internship program too. And she'd apparently been thinking about giving you a spot. She liked your spirit, thought you’d work well with her.”

“Bakugou, the second she heard what you'd done, she completely changed her mind. She doesn’t want someone like you. No hero does.”

Hisashi listens in to the spy reports and has to fight back an urge to sigh. Of course Inko would attempt to get involved in the Endeavor mess again. She’d always been angry that she couldn’t help the children or Endeavor’s wife, and he admittedly should have done something too. Endeavor would have been easy enough to orchestrate a death for, but he’d not done it out of concern of catching All Might’s attention, and making him wonder ‘why’.

At least the method they intend to use is a good one. Pressure from All Might and Hawks, legal threat from Inko. The threat of all three going public with Endeavor’s actions, and with the public’s faith in both All Might and Hawks...well, it makes for a rather nice noose for Endeavor’s neck.

His nephew is turning out to be an interesting individual. Many heroes, like Endeavor, are more focused on being ‘lawful’ rather than ‘good’. Hawks seems to be more focused on ‘good’ rather than necessarily ‘lawful’. Even more interesting after the interference from the Commission, and he really does need to deal with ith. But even with that, Hawks still focuses more on ‘good’ than ‘lawful. Then again, he does get it.

Vigilantes have that view and it's not surprising the son of one would too.

Chapter Text

Neito knows his parents were careful to fudge his Quirk description just enough to hide the Threads he sees. Maman and Papa had been warned by Songstress over interest already expressed by people in Europe’s underworld in him due to his Quirk; it’s easier to raise a child to be a villain after all, and if his full Quirk had gotten out the kidnapping attempts would have been increased.  Merged Quirks, as the generations go on, have become more and more common and, unlike what people think, he’s the same way. His Quirk isn’t just a copy of Copy, it’s something more, something else.

His Papa’s Quirk is called Thorough Vision. It allows him to see through things, like walls and papers and desks and doors. Over the decades he’s had his Quirk, his Papa’s learned to manipulate how far he can see through things, looking going carefully page after page in a file on someone’s desk or before them in Parliament, all without leaving his seat. It’s not a hero’s Quirk, not really, but it’s part of Papa.

It’s part of him too. Part of his Quirk.

The first time he’d noticed the Threads he was three and asked his Maman about the pretty, reflective Thread in her. Why it sometimes looked different with a faded Thread around it when she was using Mr. Louis’s or Ms. Amelia’s Quirks. And why Papa’s looked so different, with little holes poked into his Thread. Then he’d Copied Papa’s Thread for the first time, it twisting from his Papa down to and around his small wrist. His view changes from Threads to through a wall, but a minute later that’s gone, and he can see the Thread only in Papa again.

By the time he’s five, they’re all sure what he’s seeing are Quirks. From what a Quirk’s Thread looks like, he can generally guess the type it’ll be. Elementals are twists of their own element, emitters flickering differently for each type. When he gets to UA is the first time he’s really seen completely unique Threads in a while.

And of course~ they’re all in 1-A, which makes them harder for him to study.

First is Tokoyami Fumikage, and Tokoyami caught his attention first due to his bird head. Neito had been expecting a mutation Thread, but that’s not what it is. It’s a Thread seems to have a gasp of an old mutation, but wrapped around and into it is a deeper darker presence than he’s ever seen or felt before. It’s the first (and admittedly only so far) time when he feels the Thread staring back at him.

Second is Todoroki Shoto, and that’s because Neito had thought he’d known how elemental Threads were supposed to work, though he’d never seen a dual elemental. He’d assumed, wrongly, that there would be two separate, divided Threads in Todoroki. One his fire, one his ice. There are two, but they aren’t separate. They’re twisted together in a neat braid, one a flicker orange and one a frozen blue.

He personally thinks that’s the moment he fell in love with Shoto.

The third Thread, or rather Threads, to catch his eye is Midoriya Izuku’s, and it’s the strangest of the three, and even stranger now. It had then been two separate Threads, both almost pulsing in time with each other, and they seemed to be growing closer and closer, twinning neatly around the other. And that would be fine, okay, Todoroki and Tokoyami’s would still be stranger. Stranger but explainable by their Quirks.

But now Midoriya has more Threads. The braid of Threads is thicker, more complex, but still as neatly organized as the first time he’d spotted the first oddity. It’s like instead of one or two, his Threads are now a dozen or so, each a different color, and that doesn’t make sense.

You aren’t supposed to have that many Threads.

You aren’t supposed to have that many Quirks.

Rumi had already had her suspicions when she’d first taken Inasa on as an intern. He kept looking strangely at Todoroki, which at first she’d brushed off as school rivalry issues. Yeah, Utushimi didn’t seem to feel the same way, but the illusionist may be one of the most relaxed (or seemingly most relaxed) person she’s ever met. So. May have literally been too chill to give a shit about a school rivalry.

But she’d still assumed, maybe Inasa had just viewed the other boys as rivals, which still didn’t feel quite right. Especially since he doesn’t react like that to Iida, Tokoyami, or Kiwi. So maybe a rivalry due to both having powerful elemental Quirks?

“Oi, what’s going on?” Rumi says, frowning at him. “You’ve been extremely friendly with everyone else and very standoffish with Penguin. Why?”

She can tell he’s struggling with what to say, and that worries her even more. Then he almost...deflates, looking a bit defeated.

“Like everyone else, I grew up loving heroes. I thought heroes should passionate, and I thought Endeavor was like that,” Inasa starts. “And when I was little, I had what I thought would be a chance to get an autograph from him. Instead he knocked me over, told me to get out of his way, and his eyes were just…”

“Frigid? Frozen?” Rumi asks, mouth twisting a bit wryly. “Trust me, you aren’t the only person disappointed in Endeavor here. Shoto wins out, but there’s a lot of other people here incredibly disappointed in Endeavor. And among them is because he’s a massive dick.”

“What?” Inasa asks, tilting his head a bit like a confused puppy. “But Shoto’s his son?”

“We’re going to leave it at that it’s a very, very bad situation going on there, but it’s being dealt with by Hawks and All Might,” she say, watching Inasa’s eyes go huge.

She gets that. Any situation that involves the Number One and Two heroes needing to ‘deal’ with another hero, let alone the Number Three is a bad sign.

“Now go stretch out, and focus on doing it properly, not staring at Hitoshi. Or else the next time he Brainwashes you outside of training I’m not helping. And Aizawa won’t help either.”

“He normally doesn’t?”

“That is because you keep staring at his protege with heart eyes and he doesn’t like that. Now go stretch before the spar.

Inasa frowns as he stretches out, Mirko and Hawks deciding to throw them all together in a melee spar. Every man for himself, and he suspects it’s a way of seeing how well he’ll react to Todoroki in a fighting setting. He wants to say he won’t target Todoroki, but he knows he runs hot-blooded, and Todoroki’s serenity at times annoyed him. Todoroki can be aggressive when fighting, but not passionate.

All his passion seems to go towards making out with Midoriya and...doing whatever sort of weird courtship/dating thing that seems to be going on between them and Monoma. He still isn’t clear on what’s going on there, only that they aren’t actually dating Monoma, but may be planning to?

But none of that passion seems to slip into being a hero and that bothers him. In his opinion heroes should be hot blooded, and Todoroki is at best lukewarm.

You know what, he will target him. See if that brings the fire out of him.

He nods his head and watches Todoroki stretch, trying to decide how best to deal with him. If Todoroki manages to superheat his wind, he’s got a problem, but if Todoroki focuses on his ice…

Inasa misses a pair of light blue eyes narrow at him just behind Todoroki’s back.

(And maybe if he had the spar would have been less embarrassing for him in the end)

Neito has noticed how stiff Inasa is around Shoto. He’s friendly (and loud according to Shinso) when interacting with most of them. But when it comes to Shoto, he cools off and at first he’d thought it was due to them both being (technically) being recommended students for UA. If that was though, he’d be stiffer in dealing with Momo, and he’s not according to Momo, Itsuka, and Shinso when he asked.

And now based on the look on Inasa’s face, he’d bet without a doubt Inasa will target Shoto.

He has to stop that but how…

Wait, does Inasa even know what his Quirk is? He hadn’t made it to the finals like Shoto, Izuku, Iida, and Tokoyami. And it’s not like he goes to school with Inasa, like Utushimi does.

So if he doesn’t know what his Quirk is…

Neito looks more closely at Inasa’s Thread, and bites back a grin.

Wind elemental. His Thread is a thin twist of a tornado

Oh, he can do a lot with that. He’s used those in the past. Thank you, Bruce, for actually finding Copy neat when they’d been kids.

Now he can plan.

He grins and he can feel Itsuka’s worried look, but it’ll be fine.

A lot of things may end up on fire, or he may be turning Inasa’s Quirk against him. But this is going to be fun.

Inasa can’t figure out why the other interns seem so wary of being close to Monoma now that the spar is about to start. He isn’t the physically strongest (though he is well aware that isn’t the greatest indicator of Quirk strength), and his Quirk is… Inasa thinks back to the Sports Festival and bites back a groan. Monoma hadn’t been in the finals. Both the earlier rounds were harder to keep track, and he doesn’t remember seeing the blond (who had to have been there).

So some sort of emitter type based on his lack of mutations. Possibly touch-based, based on how physically distant people are but that’s again hard to be sure of. Could also be some form of area affect Quirk, and they’re avoiding getting too close to get trapped.

Whatever. It’s not like he is going to fight Monoma. He needs to focus on Todoroki.

“Match start!” Mirko announces.

Inasa immediately lunges at Todoroki, the other elemental immediately bringing up a wall of ice to block him, and then flinging a ball of flame over it, narrowly missing Tokoyami. He barely avoids the attack from Dark Shadow, but doesn’t react to the goad. Instead he slams a hurricane strong blast of wind against Todoroki’s wall, and feels it shatter.

Todoroki leaps back, and then freezes the ground beneath Iida’s feet, making the speedster skid into Kendo and Midoriya have to leap over them both. Inasa just lunges after him again, only to have to twist around to avoid an attack from Momo, and he spies Hitoshi grappling with Monoma out of the corner of his eyes.

Then Todoroki flings flame at him, the air superheating and weakening his wind. His control is surprisingly rough, though Inasa has a vague memory from the recommendation exams that Todoroki had never used his fire. He spots Monoma suddenly appear behind Todoroki, but he doesn’t do anything to take him down; he can’t really tell if Monoma did anything.

Todoroki focuses on him, so it means Monoma likely didn’t do anything. But fuck, that’s more fire than he thought, where the hell is all the ice, oh there is all the ice. More fire, more fire, rough control getting smoother, and Inasa can see a hint of excitement in Todoroki’s eyes.

A hint, but lets draw it out, and…

He twists, barely avoiding a punch from Monoma, who darts out of the smoke from the fires. He swirls the smoke into his winds and prepares to throw it in Todoroki’s eyes.

He feels Monoma’s fingers brush his hand, but doesn’t feel anything else from that, no tingling or pain or hallucination from a Quirk being used on him.

So why did he just touch him?

Neito brushes his fingers against Yoarashi’s hand and feels the Thread of wind twine around his hand. Different then Bruce’s, external not internal, still easy enough to control. No having to breathe out to get wind at least, and god that had hurt his lungs.

Five minutes of wind.

Two minutes of fire and ice left.

Thirty seconds of brainwash.

He catches a confused look from Yoarashi, and bites back a smirk. So he hadn’t realized who’d been throwing around fire earlier. Good.

“Hey Yoarashi!” he says cheerfully ( Fifteen seconds of brainwash remaining) .

“What are you…” His face goes blank as Brainwash takes hold.

“Hold still,” he orders.

Neito twists his fingers and feels strands of air, and takes control of Yoarashi’s wind, stealing it away from the real elemental. The other stumbles, obviously not expecting his Quirk to be ripped out of his grasp like that.

He slams a hammer of air into Yoarashi’s middle ( One minute of fire and ice, four of wind, no more brainwash), knocking the taller teen back, since he’s not expecting his own element to hit him like that, not being able to avoid him . Then Neito draws back the feeling of freezing and flame, and just focuses on freezing.

Thirty seconds.

He traps Yoarashi in a glacier, and Izuku kicks it out of the sparring area.

Now to take advantage of the next three minutes he has control of Yoarashi’s wind.

Shit - Tokoyami and he’s out of fire!

“Alright, we’re going to go over what went wrong and what went right,” Hawks says. “But first, I want a few explanations, and mostly from you, Yoarashi,” he adds, focusing on the younger Shiketsu student. “Why the hell did you only target Shoto? You ignored attacks from almost everyone else, and fucked yourself over in the process since you didn’t notice Neito has a Copy Quirk.”

Inasa looks down, face bright red. Mirko had mentioned to him that the kid had had a bad experience with Endeavor when he’d been younger, but was he trying to take it out on Shoto? Goddamnit.

“I wanted to see how my wind would do against his fire and ice,” Inasa says, and it’s obviously not the full truth.

“Bullshit,” Mirko says bluntly. “This was a melee fight Inasa. Part of the point of it was to see how well you’d do in a fight where you had no guarantee of any help and enemies on all sides. Instead you focused on one person to the detriment of you fighting anyone else, and as a result got you ass handed to you by Monoma because you didn’t pay attention to him or his Quirk.”

“And no offense to Mockingbird, but he isn’t exactly the strongest intern, and you’re supposed to be one of the most powerful First Year hero students in all of Japan,” Hawks says, crossing his arms and ignoring the offended look Neito gives him. It’s true, the kid needs to build up more strength, especially of the physical and endurance type. He’s a goddamn twink. “So explain, in detail, why you decided to target Penguin.”

“If why you targeted him is due to our earlier discussion about Endeavor, I will suspend you from training for a week,” Mirko warns, glaring slightly at Inasa.

“Sort of?” Inasa says, looking sheepish. “Back during the recommended exams I bumped into Todoroki, and his eyes reminded me of his father’s because of how frigid they’d been. I made the mistake of thinking they were alike, but I still think Todoroki isn’t hot-blooded enough to be a hero, which is why I went after him. I wanted to see how hot-blooded a hero he could be.”

“Kid, you know how dumb what you just said is?” Hawks asks flatly. “Much like overly rigid heroes, hot-blooded ones die pretty damn fast. They fling themselves into fights without thinking, get overwhelmed or badly injured, and either end up dead or permanently maimed, because they let their passion over take them. Most hyperfocus and miss when something surprising enters the fight, such as in this case, where Mockingbird ended up handing you your ass because he was an unexpected attacker.”

“A hero being passionate   about what they do is one thing, and it’s a good thing. Same with being spirited. But don’t mistake hot-bloodedness for passion or spirit. That just leads to things like today,” Mirko adds.

Yoarashi nods and looks thoughtful, though Hawks doubts it got through his head yet. Pop Step had had to have multiple conversations with Tenya, and Tensei was brought in to convince the kid to become less rigid. It’s always more than one thing.


“Now, next we’re going to discuss why we do not use Brainwashing to make our opponents sing Disney songs…”

Izuku notices, after they’ve all gotten changed and are up in the ‘apartment’ that the Aery had set up for all the Aery interns, that Neito keeps looking at him. Not at him and Shoto. Just him, and it looks like he’s trying to figure something out.

Neito frowns, glances at all the others, and finally sighs.

“Izuku, I have a question,” Neito says, “though I’ll have to give a bit of an explanation first over why I even am going to ask this.”

“What?” Tenya asks. “What do you need to ask Izuku?”

“My Quirk is more than just a straight Copy Quirk,” Neito says, ignoring Tenya’s question. “My Quirk is actually a merge of my parents. Maman’s quirk is called Copy. Papa’s is called Thorough Vision. They combined oddly with me. On top of being able to Copy Quirks, I can see them as what I like to call Threads. For example, Shoto’s Thread looks like a braid of fire and ice, which makes sense due to his dual Quirk. Camie’s is a single, almost misty Thread, due to her’s being an illusion type.”

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He already knows where this is going, but it’s too late to drag Neito someplace quieter and he should have done that at the start, and no, no, no, he’s so fucked.

“But your Quirk is where it gets weird, and it’s starting to worry me, and maybe you can explain and it’ll make me worry less.” Neito chews on his bottom lip, and Izuku knows exactly what he’s going to ask, and he really wishes this had happened in private.

“Why do you have multiple Quirks?”

Enji has had a bad feeling all day. He’s kept an eye on the news, kept an eye on any HeroNet alerts, but nothing from them is explaining why he feels like something is about to happen. Like yes, he does have a meeting with All Might in ten minutes, but that is supposed to a discussion over how Shoto is doing over at UA. So nothing to worry about. He knows his son is doing excellently.

He hears his speaker buzz and hits ‘accept’.

“Endeavor? Your five o’clock is here,” his secretary says. “I’m sending them up now.”

Them? Did All Might bring Nedzu or one of the other teachers with him?

“Alright,” he says, going over to his desk and sitting down. He’ll feign doing paperwork until they get up here.

Less than a minute later he hears a heavy knock on the door, and the faint sound of heels on wooden floors outside his office. Ah. Must be Midnight then.

“Come in,” he orders, keeping his eyes on his papers to make it seem like he finds them too unimportant to focus on.

“Hello Enji,” says a familiar voice that he hasn’t actually heard in nearly eighteen years.

He lifts his head up slowly, and the feeling of doom increases, and his stomach sinks.

It’s not the sight of a disturbingly serious All Might that terrifies him.

It’s not the sight of an angry Hawks.

It’s the sight of a sweetly smiling Midoriya Inko for the first time eighteen years that chills his blood.

Oh fuck.

He’s knows exactly why they’re here, and it’s not to tell him how Shoto is doing in school.

Chapter Text


They’d been supposed to talk about this after Mom, Sora and All Might had their ‘conversation’ with Endeavor. Then they’d planned on explaining his dad and his Quirk. They can’t go much longer hiding it, not with how certain they all are he’s alive.

“Izuku, are you okay?” Shoto asks, and he can see by the way Neito is grimacing that he’s most likely regretting asking the question. “What’s going on exactly?”

Izuku clenches and unclenches his fists, closing his eyes. He doesn’t want to look at them, doesn’t want want them looking at him. He can feel his lightning spark over his hands and forearms. He takes a few deep, shuddering breaths, trying to get back under control. Trying to pretend everything is alright, and that it’s fine, his Dad isn’t a supervillain and that his only Quirk is One for All.

“Can we please talk about this after my Mom, Sora and All Might get back?” Izuku asks, voice cracking a bit as he opens eyes again. “They should be back in a few hours.”

“That’s fine!” Tenya says, giving everyone his best class president look so they don’t argue.

“Wait, what are they all doing?”  Shoto asks, and that makes Izuku bite back a grin, the one good thing about this.

“They said they’re dealing with your dad,” Izuku says, meeting Shoto’s eyes, trying to ignore how everyone’s eyes are on him. “Also, Mom said something about ‘actually ripping his balls off this time’.”


Enji knows he’s fucked.

Inko had made it clear to him eighteen years earlier that she was furious over how he was treating Rei and Touya. That it was abuse (but how the hell was it abuse, it was the same way his Father had treated him and Mother?), that she’s getting social services involved, and she will make sure they’re safe. Well none of it was true since he never saw a single social worker. Though he had made sure that in even threatening him with that, that she was erased from agency history, and that she’d never be able to work at a hero agency again.

He knows she went back to college and into Heroic Law, but he’d never really seen her again. Not unless you’d count seeing that brat of her’s during the Sport’s Festival, and that doesn’t really count. The brat had just been a reminder of  someone who should have supported him. Hosu just left a sour taste in his mouth, since Shoto should not have been supporting Midoriya like that in the aftermath, no one in that family deserves Todoroki acknowledgment. It's fine that Shoto went and save him, he'd still save Inko no matter what, but Shoto shouldn't have acknowledged Midoriya in the aftermath..

But that doesn’t exactly matter any more, does it? All Might is standing behind her, supporting her. All Might is constantly working with her nephew now, the nephew who kicked him down to Number Three. The nephew whose eyes are studying him in a predatory manner, as if he’s contemplating tearing out his throat.

Is that due to Inko’s ridiculous ideas, or due to Shoto’s whining?

“You will be signing custody of Shoto over to Hawks, and creating a trust for all three of your surviving children and Rei so they can be taken care of,” Inko says, “or else I will be going to the news, with All Might and Hawks’ support, over not only your history of domestic violence towards your family, but also the fact that you killed your eldest by forcing his Quirk far beyond what the human body could handle.”

“No,” he says, narrowing his eyes at her. “And why are you two believing her lies anyway?” he demands, glaring at All Might and Hawks. How the hell had she known about what happened to Touya?!

“Ummm, maybe because she’s not lying and we know it?” Hawks says, smiling sharply. “You want to know what’s great about people with lie detection Quirks? They can can call you on your bullshit, even without having to talk to you Endeavor. Speaking with Fuyumi? Shoto? Natsuo ? Makes it pretty fucking obvious what you did.”

“So you will giving Hawks custody and creating the trust, or else,” Inko says, smiling very sweetly again. “Because not even the Commission can save you this time Todoroki.”


Toshinori desperately wants to punch Endeavor in the face. A quick glance at Hawks makes him suspect the younger hero is moments away from doing it. He’s gotten a lot of chances lately to work with Hawks and get a sense of how he feels, how he looks when he’s deciding things. And one of those things right now is if it’s a good idea to hit Endeavor or not, but it also looks like he’s remember how bad an idea that could be.

“Here’s the thing Endeavor. Your popularity is shit. You’re known for being aggressive, rude, and brusque, to say the least. You’ve got the lowest popularity out of all the Top Ten. You’re known for having a shit relationship with all your kids, that your wife has been in a mental institute for unknown reasons for the past decade, and oh yeah, that your eldest is dead. So the public is going to find it very, very believable that you did all this shit, especially with me and All Might supporting Aunt Inko.” Hawks says, leaning against Inko’s chair.

“So you will be signing the custody papers. We won’t go public with what you’ve done, as long as you do it,” Toshinori asks, and that leaves a bitter taste in his mouth, but it would lead to too much of a power void if Endeavor was publicly forced out like that.

Or further ruin faith in the present hero system. He is aware of the murmurs and whispers floating around, especially the questions of what will happen when he retires. They slowed down a bit lately, with Hawks as the Number Two, but that’s in part because he’s more trusted and liked than Endeavor. People don’t have as many questions about Hawks.

With Hawks they don’t need to ask what happened to his wife.

With Hawks they don’t need to ask what happened to his oldest son.

With Hawks they don’t need to ask why his youngest son seems to hate him.

“You can’t go public anyway. Not without rattling the system,” Endeavor says, and Toshinori can tell he’s bluffing.

Inko wants to laugh at Enji. Seriously ? He thinks that would stop them? Rattling the system by making his abuse known?

The system is what allowed for Kiyome and Sora’s situation. The system is why children think being child soldiers is a great idea. The system is why her son got told he wasn't enough without a Quirk.

From a chat with Sorahiko? The system is part of why her husband All For One is still running around, instead of anyone stopping him. None of the One For All users had felt comfortable with letting almost any other Pros know about All For One. Gran Torino knowing is an anomaly, not something normal.

“If you haven’t guessed Enji? The three of us don’t care,” she says bluntly. “No, shut up,” she says as he opens his mouth. “The present system is what allowed for you to abuse your children and wife, since you were too powerful a hero to lose. Rei’s family basically sold her to you, and again, you got your oldest son killed by pushing him too far in training. He was burnt so badly he didn’t even leave a body behind! So no, none of us give a shit if this rattles the system.”

“I would still be the Symbol of Peace Endeavor,” All Might says calmly. “And many people still have enough faith in me that it won’t even rattle the system too badly. They’ll just see it as good that you never made it to Number One, good that Hawks overtook you as Number Two. Now sign the damn paperwork, so you’ll at least keep your legacy.”

“So do it, or else, again, we’ll take this so public that the Commission can’t hide it,” she says, and she watches Enji close his eyes and growl softly to himself

“I’ll sign the stupid things,” he finally says, holding a hand out, and surprisingly enough, not burning them.

Even if he had, it wouldn’t matter. She had a second set.

“We have a problem,” Hawks says, wincing at the text Kiwi had sent them. “Neito apparently noticed Copy All. His Quirk gives him some ability to see Quirks along with copying them, and he noticed Kiwi’s Quirk looks strange.”

“Fuck,” All Might says, poofing back down to be Yagi now that they’re in the safety of the car; the windows are tinted, so it’s no longer a concern, and they’ll be driving straight into the Aery’s underground garage.

“Well, at least it happened after we got custody of Shoto from Endeavor and the trust set up,” Aunt Inko says, tapping a nail against her briefcase, now filled with the forms they’d made Endeavor fill out. “That could distract them?”

“Based on Kiwi’s text, we’ve gotta explain,” Hawks says, shaking his head. “Mom, Rumi, the rest of her interns and Aizawa are there already, and they’re waiting on us. Besides, we were going to tell them after Endeavor anyway.”

“Still.” Aunt Inko grimaces. “Is Kiyome backing Izuku up?”

“Yeah, Mom’s distracting them. Telling them about the time I got stuck on top of a shelf when I was two. I knew how to get up, not how to get down,” he explains, noticing both of their confused looks. “And my wings weren’t strong enough to let me fly down. I’d climbed up.”

Mom had been completely terrified. His wings had still been in that fluffy downy stage, and if he’d broken anything…

“We have to tell them everything.”

If she doesn’t get a full explanation, Rumi is almost certain she’s going to kill Sora. They’ve been friends for years. He trusted her with who Kiwi’s dad is. But he didn’t trust her enough to explain his Quirk? Seriously? How the hell is that more important than explaining who Kiwi’s dad is…

Kiwi’s dad is a supervillain known as All For One. His Quirk allows him to steal other people’s Quirks, and then hoard them. Kiwi grew up thinking he had no Quirk. But a Quirk like that has to have a specific activation action. If Kiwi didn’t know what his Quirk was supposed to be…

Could he have the same Quirk as his father?

She shakes her head. She can’t see that happening. Even if he did, she can’t see him stealing a Quirk. It’s more likely that there’s something wonky with the super strength thing. Maybe something like it absorbs strength the more it’s used and Kiwi’s in danger from that? That seems much more likely than Kiwi having something that lets him steal Quirks.

Eh, whatever. Sora, Auntie and All Might will explain soon enough what the hell is going on.

“Your dad is an immortal supervillain, you literally had All Might’s Quirk passed on to you, and your real Quirk is a Copy Quirk that lets you make permanent Copies?” Tenya asks, looking a bit stunned.

“Yeah,” Izuku says, not meeting anyone’s eyes and leaning into Mom, Sora sitting next to him, a wing around both him and Mom. He needs the comfort from both of them right now. All Might is sitting on Mom’s other side in a chair, flanking them, and Aunt Kiyome is doing the same thing on the other side. “Mom and I only found out about both the supervillain thing and the fact I’d never known about my real Quirk recently, just before the internship actually started up.”

“Why did you guys tell me about his dad being a villain but not the Quirk thing?” Rumi asks, ignoring everyone else’s surprised looks.

“Dad being a supervillain and a security concern was more an issue than the Quirk thing,” Izuku says, tapping his fingers against his thighs, and he really wishes he could hide behind his notebook. “The Quirk thing is more ... I’m still trying to get that under control, since I’ve accidentally Copied two Quirks.” He’d only been thinking how cool Hikari and Steps’ Quirks were, he hadn’t meant to Copy them.

At least both of them thought it was funny.

“...How do you accidentally Copy Quirks?” Momo asks, giving him a surprised look. “I’d think it would be hard.”

“It’s really not,” Neito says, earning himself a few startled looks. “I have a Copy Quirk too, even if it’s not as potent as Izuku’s,” he reminds them, rolling his eyes. “I accidentally Copied a lot of Quirks when I was younger because I didn’t really get ‘on’ and ‘off’ for a while. Izuku’s issue is more daunting, since he doesn’t need to touch someone to have the Quirk, he just has to want it.”

“Still, that seems surprising,” Momo says thoughtfully, drumming her fingers against her seat. “What would happen if you accidentally Copied a mutation Quirk?”

“A lot of pain, trust me on that,” Neito says, grimacing at some old memory Izuku thinks. “If you have a Copy Quirk, do not Copy mutations, or Quirks that rely on you having mutations.”

“You did it at some point?” Izuku asks, and now he’s more curious than anything and really wants to grab his notebook. How did he not think to ask Neito about this earlier?!

“Yes, when I was six, and let’s leave it as I ended up in the hospital.” He rubs at his forearm, and Izuku decides to leave it alone, making a mental note to be careful in the future and not do that.

“There’s still one thing I want to know,” Shoto says, interrupting everyone else, and frowning. “What exactly did you do to Endeavor?”

“Threatened Endeavor with litigation and ended it with the threat of going through with ripping his balls off, like I told him I would eighteen years ago,” Mom says, and wow, he thought she’d been joking when she mentioned that.

“Oh. And I have custody of you now,” Sora adds, grinning.


Hawks has custody of Shoto.

He doesn’t know where the hell ‘Sensei’ is getting these information reports, but they’re amazing. Midoriya Inko, who’d been the woman who tried to get social services involved back when he’d been a kid (and he knew he hadn’t dreamed that, he knew it !) had successfully blackmailed Endeavor into giving Hawks custody of Shoto. Not only that, but forced him to make a massive trust for Mom, Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Shoto to use.

They didn’t have to rely on Endeavor any more.

They’re free.


“You know who I am,” Dabi says a bit flatly, not bringing his eyes up and away from the reports. He kind of wants to frame them.

“Yes. The second your flames were referred to as blue, it became obvious,” Sensei says. “As I imagine you are well aware, there are no other fire Quirks in Japan quite like yours.”

Star’s heat and interstellar ice.

“Why are you giving me these?” Dabi asks, and hates how soft his voice is.

“You decided to join the League due to Stain’s beliefs,” Sensei says. “I’d like your loyalty to the League to be stronger than your attachment to his beliefs.”

Information that he could use to protect his siblings. And an organization powerful enough to protect them even if Hawks fails. What do beliefs matter when you have security?

“What exactly do you want me doing?”

Chapter Text

“Hey Fumi!”

Fumikage starts out of his thoughts, not having noticed Hikari sneak up on him. Dark Shadow pops out and zooms closer to their Aery mentor, Hikari gently giving the Quirk head scritches (which he will never admit he can feel too and they feel nice). She’s only in jeans, a t-shirt, and leather boots and a jacket, which means she’s either leaving or just starting her shift at the Aery.

“You okay?” she asks as Dark Shadow slips back into him. “You seem sad.”

He honestly can’t tell how she can guess that, but maybe after over a month of helping him getting Dark Shadow under control during the times it could overtake him she’s figured out how to read him. Only his family, Hawks, and Ms. Takashiro normally could do it. Bird heads aren’t exactly prone to standard human expressions.

“I asked out Aoyama,” he says as she sits down next to him on the couch. He leans against her.

“It didn’t go well, did it?” she asks, giving him a half hug.

“He’s already dating someone. It’s someone he knows from middle school, and they started dating just before the school year started.” He looks down, not meeting her eyes. “He assured me it has nothing to do with me, or how I look, because I think he was afraid I’d think that.” And he still kind of did, not matter how much Aoyama tried to reassure him. “It’s just that he’s already taken, and not interested in me at all.”

And it hurts . Especially when he’s surrounded by other couples. Shoto, Izuku, and whatever they’re doing with Neito. Yoarashi’s admittedly hilarious crush on Shinso. Kendo and Momo dancing around each other. Hell, even Tenya technically with Mei (though none of them can figure out if Mei’s flirting with him or threatening him, Support is strange).

“Asking people out sucks,” he says, looking down at Dark Shadow as it curls up on his lap. “It really, really sucks.”

“I’m sorry Raven,” she says, giving him another half hug. “You want to spar downstairs?”

Spar and distract himself? Better than sitting around thinking about what could have been.


“I’ll meet you in Training Room A in fifteen.”

Hikari steps into the training room, pulling her gloves on as she spots Fumi. He’s meditating in the center of the floor, eyes closed and Dark Shadow curled up in his lap. She’d been surprised at first to discover how much he meditates, but it does make sense. It gives him more time to focus on Dark Shadow, though admittedly he does spend a lot of time with his Quirk, more than most would.

She hates the discovery that Dark Shadow is his first real friend. Your Quirk, no matter if sentient, should not have to be your first friend.

Alright, great, he has a raven head. Get the fuck over it. He’s not going to hurt you, he’s a sweet dork with a bird’s head. So what? With how many mutative Quirks there are out there… Then again, people always seem to have issues with animalistic Quirks. She knows Hawks has had issues in the past with his more ‘wild’ traits. The hell screech is terrifying, but seeing him constantly file and trim his nails down due to how sharp they are…She shakes her head. Not the issue for the moment. Time to spar, and distract Fumi from sparkly boy.

“Fumi, you ready?” she asks. “Plain hand to hand, no Dark Shadow.”

She tries to swap back and forth between his lessons, Quirk one day, strength and speed another, standard sparring on a third. On top of that, the team training that Hawks insisted on, which is good for all of them. Thankfully even Rumi agrees (or Fuyumi convinced her of by making Rumi sleep on the couch, either or).

Fumi stands up and steps onto the mats, getting into an opening stance.

“Ready? Start!”

“Okay, I’ve got to ask this, seeing as I keep forgetting,” Steps says, arms crossed and studying him as Neito groans on the ground. Fuck, he hates sparring with the teleporter. “Why the hell didn’t you do more hand to hand training when you were younger? Strengthening? Speed training? Because your Quirk is pretty damn reliant on all three of those things.”

“My Quirk is also pretty reliant on me being around people who can give me Quirks strong enough to actually win fights,” Neito snaps, glaring up at the ceiling. Huh. They should clean it more, there’s oil (?) up there.

Steps sits down on the floor by where he’s sprawled out and sighs.

“Monoma, kid, I know you get the concept of fighting with your strengths. You’re hampering yourself by focusing on just training your Quirk, and I seriously want to have a chat with your teacher over that. Because that’s just going to hamper all of you long term, but whatever, that’s a chat and threat that Mirko is going to do.”

...That’s a tad concerning but okay. Kan-sensei would survive.


“Anyway, you’re right. You’re hampered by the fact unless you can copy a Quirk, you have to fight Quirkless. And you know what? So does any hero who ends up in a situation where they can’t use their Quirk. You’re self sabotaging, and I suspect you’ve got old issues there, which I’m not going to poke at right now.”

Thank god.

“But seriously kid, there’s a reason I’m so heavily emphasizing the sparring, the weight training, the running. You need it. Next week we’re going to start on figuring out a weapon for you. Hawks uses his feather swords when he needs to. And I’ve seen him use regular swords in the past and wow. That was surreal.”

“Anyway. You can’t just focus on your Quirk. You’ve got excellent control over it. Now you need to add variety to how you fight. Now let me go at least grab a set of staves for us to experiment with.”

“I got told I couldn’t be a hero since all I can do is copy Quirks,” Neito says from behind him, and Aron resists the urge to punch the wall; instead he grabs the staves. “That if I’m lucky, I’ll be a support hero, but I can never be a hero alone. Because Copy isn’t a good enough Quirk.”

Because I’m not good enough.

He fucking hates children some days.

“So you decided to overfocus on training Copy, and on strategizing, to the point of ignoring speed and strengthening training,” Aron says, walking back over. “Because if you mastered Copy enough…”

“Maybe I could figure out methods of getting around the time limit. Maybe I could figure out how to be a hero and use nothing but my Quirk.”

And being in Class 1-B certainly doesn’t help that, Aron thinks.

It’s something that’s been troubling them all. Once Rumi verified that Kendo said the same thing, that Vlad King focused overwhelmingly on Quirk training over any other type of training, that rang alarm bells for all of them. A lot of the kids needed more training than just on their Quirks. Ways to supplement their fighting styles, ways to stay flexible in battle - one trick ponies can’t last in the business and it’s every villain’s nature to exploit any and all weaknesses.

But Vlad King is over balancing them for some reason.

“No one should only rely on their Quirk,” Aron repeats. “Imagine if you run into someone with a nullification Quirk. What are you going to do then?”

“I…” Neito rolls over, still not bothering to get up. “Can we discuss Izuku and Shoto instead of my issues? Both in fighting and with my Quirk?”

“What, the weird courtship thing you guys have going on?” Aron asks, sitting down with both staves. Eh, they’ve got plenty of time to train, and with Neito starting to fold in on himself while he tries to handle his issues a distraction is a good idea. “Have you even kissed either of them?”

Seeing as that’s, well, how Izuku and Shoto got together. Sexual tension finally snapping, them making out and then them trying to figure out a balance between friendship and being in a romantic relationship. Now with the added complication of figuring out to fit Neito in.

“Yes,” Neito says. “Do you think it was weird I gave them flowers?”

“No? And both of them liked the flowers,” Aron says, remembering the faint blush on Izuku’s face, and the admittedly confused one on Shoto’s.

Then again, Shoto still doesn’t seem to know how to deal with people being genuinely nice to him so...It’s probably a good thing Hawks got that promise out of him to not teleport Endeavor into the Pacific.

“It’s just…” Neito sighs. “I never exactly dated someone before. I’ve got no clue what I’m doing, and it’s not like this is exactly a normal situation.”

“So?” Aron says, shrugging. “You’re figuring it out. You’re trying to figure out what you’re doing, and at least you’re trying. I’ve seen plenty of people not bother, and then whine about how their relationship failed.”

He gets up and pokes Neito with one of the staves.

“Now, let’s figure out if a staff is a good choice, or if we should keep looking.”

“I’m pretty sure if I do that, I’ll break my leg,” Tenya says, gaping a bit at Pop Step. The hero just scoffs and tosses her head.

“Oh come on! Give it a shot - I’m quick enough to keep you from doing any real damage.” She says, flippantly. Grinning.

Tenya isn’t sure if she means damage to him, or damage to the walls.

“Pop Step…”

“Tenya.” She frowns at him, a much more serious look on her face. “You need to learn how to be less reliant on those airbags in your armor. You know perfectly well from Koichi and Oguro that you can do it control yourself without relying on them. Tensei’s issue is his Engines are in his elbows. Your’s are in your legs, and it makes them much, much easier to control.”

She tilts her head thoughtfully.

“Oh, and that that Support girlfriend of yours is right. Your armor isn’t aerodynamic enough for you. And if you want to keep armor, please at least redesign it so you don’t look like a Gundam.”

“Mei isn’t my girlfriend,” Tenya says with a sigh. Just because he’s taken her out for dinner a couple of times, and she keeps offering to upgrade or redesign things for him, or offer to make him new gear or…

“...She’s been flirting with me in Support hasn’t she?”

“Did you just refer to ‘Support’ as if it’s another language?”


Anyway. You need to figure out how to be more controlled when you run no matter what. Yes, it’ll take you a while to get better at making more controlled turns and twists, but you really do need to get better about controlled stops. You’re going to hurt yourself,” Pop Step says with another sigh.

“I’ve been fine,” Tenya mumbles, but he knows she has a point.

“Tenya. Part of the point of this internship is so you guys can train. So we’re training, and in particular, we’re training you in control. Now let’s go, and then I’ll let you go propose to Mei.


“Wow, you just turned a really weird shade of red.”

“I need to ask Haneyama something,” a voice calls, and Kazuho grins, allowing herself to get distracted from embarrassing Tenya.

She looks over her shoulder, and there’s Todoroki Natsuo, smiling warmly at her and leaning against the training room door frame. He’s in jeans and a t-shirt, hands tucked into his pockets.

“What’s up?” she asks, turning her back to Tenya, but not having any plans to leave the training room just yet.

“Need to ask you something. Can you come a bit closer?” he asks, faintly blushing and why’s he doing that? He keeps doing that lately.

“Why?” Tenya asks.

“It doesn’t have to do with you,” Todoroki says. “I…”

“Just ask,” Kazuho says, now getting curious.

“Do you want to go on a date with me?” Todoroki asks.

What? She’d assumed he’d want to ask her something about Shoto’s training. She’s been helping him deal with opponents he can’t freeze quickly enough. It’s going pretty well, but he still hesitates with opponents on his fire half, and it’s been like pulling teeth to get him to fix it. Thank god All Might is helping deal with that now...

“Why do you want to go on a date with me?” she asks, not getting why he’s asking her out. They haven’t exactly spoken that much before. So why...

“You’re pretty, you’re smart, and you kicked Endeavor in the face,” Todoroki explains with a grin.

Okay, that’s not a surprise.

“It was an accident,” she says blandly, blatantly bullshitting. “I didn’t see the flaming jackass where I was about to land, he should pay more attention.”

Todoroki smirks at her, and she can all but feel Tenya loom behind her, trying to intimidate Todoroki. Which. Cute. He wants to defend her honor~.

“Of course,” Todoroki says. “But even so. Would you go on a date with me?”

“Sure,” she says with a shrug. “Just give me a few hours. Need to finish training with Tenya.” And make sure she wouldn’t have anyone from Idaten spying on the date. Tensei would try to get his sidekicks to do it, for sure.

Protective Iida brothers…

“Great! I wanna ask Shoto something anyway!” Todoroki says with a grin.

“He’s training with All Might,” she says. “You can’t go down to those rooms.” Technically he shouldn’t even be in this section of the Aery. “But ask Mama Bird if you can wait up in the apartment. It’ll also be easier for me to find you later.”

“Okay,” he says. He grins again. “See you in a few hours!”

After he’s gone she turns to face Tenya and glares at the phone in his hands.

“Damn it! Do not tell your brother and Koichi I have a date!”

“Too late.”

“Goddamnit Tenya.”

Hopefully Todoroki wouldn’t mind someone watching their date.

Training with All Might is surreal. His father Endeavor would hate it. Be infuriated that his ‘rival’ is training him, and he kind of hopes someone lets Endeavor know about this. Especially since in less than a month, All Might’s done more to advance his Quirk than Endeavor’s done in years.

Apparently having a high level knowledge of physics is more useful than practical experience with only fire.

The discovery that All Might had a Bachelors and Masters in Physics is surprising. Most heroes don’t bother with college degrees, more interested in starting their careers as soon as possible. If you went into the Management or Support side of things, that’s when you got a degree, not heroics.

On the other hand, the degrees do explain a lot more about how he fights. Different ‘smashes’ have different results. As a result, even though he doesn’t have a fire or ice Quirk, he can still train him and give him really good ideas.

So now with All Might’s suggestion of combining his fire and ice together to make steam… It’s a good idea, and not one that had occurred to him before. He spent most of his life ignoring the fire side of him to focus on his ice. So combining them in different ways, such as making steam to use it as either a distraction or attack was something new.

He presses his hands together and feels for the furnace that’s his fire, and the bitter chill that’s his ice. He feels the ice form on his hand, the opposite fill with fire and he forces them together, and then…

He scowls at the tiny puff of steam, not the massive burst he’d been trying to make.

“It’s fine Shoto,” All Might reassures him as he looks at his failure. “I’d suggest next time, don’t put your hands together like that. Angle your fire and ice together when you summon it instead of trapping it like that.”

He nods slowly. Yes, that’s a good idea.

This time he follows All Might’s suggestion, and grins at the much larger burst of steam. It would make for a good, unexpected attack, and he can’t believe he hadn’t thought of this before and he’s so in his thought he doesn’t notice All Might move, and he flinches at the sudden feel of a large hand on his shoulder.

“Shoto, you know I’m not going to hurt you, right?” All Might asks. “I’m not Endeavor.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Shoto says, knowing apologizing like that could make things worse. He feels his shoulders drop. “He wouldn’t have suggested I do that to begin with. He preferred me keeping my elements separate when fighting, since that way I could ‘show off’ what I had inherited. But only using my ice made him so mad and it always made me a bit worried he’d…” he trails off, not sure what to say.

“That he’d what?” All Might asks, and he decides to tell him, eyes down and hands clenched.

“I was afraid he’d hit Fuyumi,” Shoto confesses, clenching his fists and looking down. “He’d never hit her when we’d been younger, but I was always afraid of him doing that. Punishing her because I wouldn’t do something. I think the only reason he didn’t is because her Quirk doesn’t mix well with a fire Quirk.”

Toshinori desperately wants to punch Endeavor in the face. In hindsight, he shouldn’t have disagreed with Inko over her actually ripping Endeavor’s balls off. He would have deserved it.

“Shoto, what’s your sister’s Quirk?” he asks, realizing he has no clue. He’d never really had reason to ask before, and he’d never witnessed Fuyumi use it.

“Methane ice,” Shoto says, as if it’s obvious. “Natsuo’s is dry ice,” he adds.


Shoto had mentioned to him before that Endeavor viewed his oldest children as being ‘worthless’ due to their Quirk. Touya’s fire had been too strong for his body and killed him, but according to what Shoto and Inko had said, Endeavor viewed Natsuo and Fuyumi as dismal failures, not even worth the time it would take to train them. He hadn’t even given them a chance.

“Shoto, those are incredibly powerful Quirks,” Toshinoir says slowly. “But Endeavor…” he sighs. He already knows the answer.

Endeavor wanted a successor with an obvious fire Quirk. Neither methane ice or dry ice would be ‘acceptable’.

“But Endeavor wanted someone who had a fire Quirk as a successor,” Shoto finishes. “My split, Half Fire Half Ice was perfect in his eyes. I don’t overheat and I don’t freeze, as long as I use my Quirk in balance.”

“Yes, and how Endeavor wanted you to use it wouldn’t have kept you in balance,” Toshinori says. “For someone supposedly smart, he’s an idiot. Good thing none of you inherited his stupid.”

Shoto laughs softly, and it’s a good thing.

“Let’s wrap up and head upstairs, okay? Mrs. Midoriya said something about making everyone cold soba earlier…”

15%. He can use 15% of One For All now.

Now, if only it was enough to actually keep up with Gran Torino. He’s on his back again, and he’s pretty sure his bruises have bruises have bruises. He’d been told by the older hero to use nothing but One For All, but using something like Pause is incredibly tempting at this point. Then again, even Paused he’s 100% certain that Gran could kick his ass.

“You’re getting faster,” Gran says, nodding thoughtfully. “You’re never going to be able to catch up to me in terms of speed, but you’re definitely getting faster.”

He never thought he’d be able to catch up to Gran in speed. He’s possibly the fastest hero, retired or active, in the world. Even All Might isn’t fast enough to keep up with Gran. Though that may also be ingrained terror from back when Gran trained All Might, since he’s not entirely sure Gran knows the concept of ‘moderation’ when it comes to training.

“Thanks,” Izuku says, grunting as he gets up. “Ow my ribs.”

“You need sturdier gear,” Gran says, giving his costume a critical look. “Gauntlets and boots are good, but you need to protect your torso more.”

“Hatsume’s working on something. Said a prototype should be ready for testing next week.”

“Good,” Gran says with a nod. “Now, lets test out some of those new Quirks of your’s. I want to see you use Pause with One For All. See if you can react fast enough to even brush against me when we’re both moving.”

“Got it,” Izuku says, feeling a bit off balance with the order.

He doesn’t get how Gran Torino almost treats Copy All like it’s completely normal. Like it’s normal that he’s the son of All For One. How doesn’t this bother him, with how his sperm donor killed Nana? With how similar their Quirks are?

You know what, he might as well just confront Gran and get it over with.

“Why doesn’t my dad being All For One bother you?” Izuku asks, and it’s a question Sorahiko’s been waiting for a while.

“Because you’re not him,” he says bluntly. “If I’d found out before meeting you, yes, I would have had concerns. But I met you before. I got to know you before that.”

“What would you have done if you’d known about that before?” Izuku asks, head tilted in a manner eerily like a bird.

Definitely picking up some of those Takashiro mannerisms.

“Naomasa,” he says. “Would have had you get questioned with him around,” he further explains. “As well as Inko. Why’s this bugging you now?”

Izuku looks down and frowns.

“Sir Nighteye,” he says, and what? “Toshinori explained about how he groomed a successor for him.”


“What you mean is how the brat thought he deserved to chose the new One For All user,” Sorahiko corrects. “I’m not exactly impressed. The kid’s good, don’t get me wrong, but the brat never should have thought he had a say. It’s Toshinori’s choice, just like it’s been for all the One For All users.”

Hell, Nana literally showed up at his apartment with Toshinori, and demanded he help her figure out how foster paperwork worked. Told him she found a successor, and the teen had glowed like she’d glowed. If he hadn’t known her son had had black hair, he’d have wondered.

He’s wondered for a long time what that son’s reaction would have been to Nana in a sense ‘replacing’ him with Toshinori. If he had to be hidden, why would she adopt someone else?

“But…” Izuku is gnawing his lower lip.

“Kid, let one of us know if you get harassed by him,” Sorahiko orders.

He doesn’t think it’s going to happen, even he doesn’t think the brat’s that stupid. Being rude to Izuku would just bring Toshinori and Hawks’ wrath down on him, and he’s not even going to touch what Ms. Midoriya or Ms. Takashiro would do to him. They can both be extremely vicious, which could be incredibly unnerving when coming from Inko.

Also makes him understand a bit more why All For One decided to marry her, rather than murder her.

Camie remembers the very first thing Haruto told her, the same thing her parents constantly repeated to her.

Creativity is the bane of every illusionist.

Well. Her parents hadn’t been that pretentious. And Haruto had just been being dramatic. Drama queen. Then again, she’s pretty sure all illusionists are. She definitely can be.

Training with him is nice. Her teachers at Shiketsu can get frustrating, though she knows they don’t mean to be. But Glamor is a hard Quirk to train, and Shiketsu doesn’t exactly have the best staff for it. Most of her classmates have physical Quirks, and at the end of the day, hers is mental. She’s had to rely more on physical combat and outsmarting people to win matches back in her classes. Not like that’s hard, but still...

Getting to work with Hartuo, who gets all the issues that go with illusions is amazing. Neither of her parents had been in heroics. So neither of them had ever had to weaponized their Quirks, but Haruto has had to in the past.

Haze does have difference than her Glamour. Hers, in a sense, causes a hallucination. It catches people in the illusion, but other people can’t see it. Haze is visible to everyone, and he likes to use it to mask what he’s doing more than anything else. Like his computer setup.

“So what’s the haps, Teach?” she asks with a grin. “We gonna be throwin’ shade or we gonna be lettin’ the body talk an’ kick the shit outta some plastic bozos??”

“Illusion. I want to see how well you can subtly slip people into illusions,” he says, and she bites back a groan.

Doing that is harder than she’d like. She needs to be able to trap someone in an illusion like that if she doesn’t want them breaking out any time soon. If she does a ‘creative’ illusion, it lasts until the illusion itself fades. When she does a ‘controlled reality’ it makes it so it’s all but impossible to notice she has someone trapped. She can only really do that if her victim can’t see her.

Fuck. She’d been hoping that they were going to work on increasing the amount of time her illusions would hold up. Oh well.

She takes a deep breath, and pale mist escapes her lips.

Breaking out of one of Camie’s illusions is a massive pain in the ass. Which is great, allows her to be able to take down someone down quickly. He can tell he’s trapped, both visually and auditory. He knows she has to be moving, knows she knows better than to stay where she started. She will…

Haruto yelps as she suddenly body slams him to the ground and ouch . She may be tiny, but that still fucking hurts. And he...Oh damn. He’s still trapped. He’s aware of the illusion, she’s just hurt him, but the illusion is staying up. Every other time before he’s managed to break it at this point. She sits down on his back, ‘pinning’ him, and thus winning.

Then the illusion drops.

“That was a lot better,” he says, wheezing slightly. “Up and off please.”

“Gotcha fam,” she says perkily, standing up. “Lay it on me, yo. No noise - where’d it go Costa Rica?”

“Honestly? You’re fine,” he says, sitting up with a soft groan. He really needs to work more on his physical conditioning. He’s gotten a bit flabby at the front desk. “You’ve gotten a lot better at doing that.”

“Hella!” she smiles, all but bouncing on the balls of her feet. “We switchin’ lines now, or we ridin’ this wave on out?”

“Environmental illusions now. Trap me so that I think I’m outside,” he orders, and prepares himself again.

“Lit.” He hears Camie whisper before it’s all gone again.

White mist again, and he’s in what seems to be Akan Mashu. He can see the trees, the vague hints of the nearby volcanoes and hear the sound of birds chirping and the wind rustling in the trees. A good way to confound an opponent.

She’s doing so much better than she had been. So much.

Aoi adjusts her flight plans, ignoring the sound of Alec softly swearing at his tablet. She thinks that idiot Karman is trying to weaken the Quirk Protections Act again. As a result, Alec, in contrast to her, can’t make any adjustments to get to Japan. He needs to focus on smacking Karman down. She needs to focus on getting back to Japan. She’d told Prime Minister Suzuki that she needs to retire now , due to issues at home, and he’d accepted her retirement.

She’d already been well aware of how corrupt the Commission could be; she’d had dealings with both Todoroki Ryu and the present head of the Commission, Saito Hana, in the past.

She’s still appalled by what Inko had told her in those emails.

Who the fuck thinks forcing children into heroics is a good idea?!?!

Aoi is well aware of how hero obsessed Japan is, how it overly relies on heroes to upkeep society. It allows for a cesspool like the HC to exist, with the so-claim of regulation.

If that was even close to true, All Might’s name would be known rather than hidden, and heroes who violate the laws would be prosecuted rather than protected. What Inko and Neito had told her about the situation with the Todorokis…


She needs to be back in Japan to help deal with this mess.


She should have finished dealing with Saito before accepting her position in France...

Chapter Text

Ochako flops miserably into her seat at the lunch table next to Tsuyu. Again she’d only gotten an almost absent minded ‘hello’ from Midoriya and Iida, both then going back to their conversations with, in Midoriya’s case, Monoma and Todoroki, and in Iida’s case, Yaomomo and Kendo. Like, at least they’re discussing class rep things, but Monoma is explaining some story about two kids he’d known when he was younger by the names of  Maya and Bruce to Deku and Todoroki, and apparently a story about them getting stuck in the rafters or something, is more interesting than saying a real hello to her.

It’s been like that since Hosu. At first it had just been Deku, Iida, Todoroki, and Tokoyami. Then somehow Monoma got an internship (which at least made him much nicer to almost all of 1-A). Then Mirko decided to do an intern program, but it was apparently all based on recommendations instead of applications, which kinda sucks. She would’ve loved to try for a spot with Mirko after enjoying Gunhead’s fighting styles. She thinks the hand-to-hand style the Rabbit Hero would’ve been a massive help to forming her own.

So even though Deku was the first friend she’d made at UA, he no longer had time for her. He’s too busy with the other interns, too busy getting to know his cousin, too busy, too busy, too busy .

“You okay?” Ashido asks, the pink acid user at their table for some reason. It’s been happening a lot lately. There’s been some sort of tension between her and Bakugou, something very important to her.

She’s apparently furious over something , but won’t tell anyone what .

“I’m fine,” she lies, earning herself an eye roll.

“No you’re not,” Tsuyu says. “You’ve been sad ever since Hosu.”

“It’s just…” Ochako sighs. “Deku and Iida were the first two people I became friends with here. And now they’re so distracted by everything that we don’t really talk anymore. Deku is distracted by getting to know his cousin, with the internship, dating Todoroki and Monoma. Iida is distracted by the internship too, and Hatsume.” Since she apparently wanted to make him new armor. “And it’s just…”

“They no longer seem to have time for you,” Ashido finishes, giving her a sympathetic look.

“Yeah,” Ochako says. “I get that people move away from each other but…”

“It’s been happening with me and the guys,” Ashido says. “Though for a really different reason.”

“What do you mean by that?” Tsuyu asks, tilting her head slightly.

“Why do you guys think that even though Bakugou’s one of the strongest kids in our year, and came in first for the Sports Festival, that neither Mirko or Hawks offered him an internship?” Ashido asks. “Even though they’ve otherwise got really strong kids from our year, and apparently two very strong kids from Shiketsu?”

“I…” Ochako trails off, because she hasn’t really thought about it before. But it is kind of weird. Yes, both Todoroki and Tokoyami had been involved in Hosu, Monoma hadn’t. Neither would have the Shiketsu student. Yaomomo, Kendo, and Shinso hadn’t been either.

“Don’t they have some sort of childhood rivalry?” Tsuyu asks.

“If by childhood rivalry you mean Bakugou bullied and beat up Midoriya, and apparently told him to kill himself last year,” Ashido say flatly, stabbing her food rather violently with her fork.

“...What?” she says, gaping at Ashido.

“Yeah. Apparently it’s less a rivalry and more Bakugou is a massive asshole,” Ashido says. “You know I spent years protecting Kirishima from bullies? I can’t stand them, apparently Bakugou is a huge one.”

Wow. She remembers Kaminari describing Bakugou as having a shit personality when just before USJ but…wow.

“Hawks and probably Mirko know,” she says, things suddenly making sense. “That’s part of why they don’t want to give him an internship. And people are picking up on their being something wrong, since he came in first, but neither of them gave him an internship.”

“Best Jeanist isn’t exactly that complimentary of him either,” Ashido adds. “Apparently Bakugou ‘refused to learn’ during his work study week, at least according to him, so that’s really not helping. You’ve got the Numbers Two, Four, and Five heroes not liking him, or coming across that way.” She shrugs.

“Huh,” she says. She watches Ashido stab her food again, and catches Tsuyu’s eye.

“Ashido, do you want to go to the mall with us later?”

Sekijiro almost hates that Kendo and Monoma got those internships. Almost. Oh, not because of them, but more because of getting ripped into by Mirko. No one who has bunny ears and a tail should be so terrifying. No one.

He’s a bit surprised by her complaints about him overbalancing his students. Yes, he’s doing what could be called an excessive amount of training in their Quirks, but from his perspective that’s the most important. Losing control over them could kill them, and part of the point of the summer training camp is to improve their physical combat abilities. He’s going to focus more on physical during the winter semester.

He shakes his head. The kids are getting an incredible opportunity. He’s still amazed Monoma got one of the internships, since he’s been such a brat to the 1A students, but Monoma has recently calmed down. Admitting his crush to Todoroki and Midoriya (and costing him a good chunk of cash, why does he bet with Aizawa?) seems to have helped. He’s relieved that Kendo got one of the spots with Mirko. She’s one of his top students, and she deserves it after that debacle that was her work study week.

Uwabami’s ‘offer’ is one of the ones he should have thrown out. She and Mt Lady are the exact wrong sort of heroes, and the worst for interacting with up and comers.

He still can’t believe she used Kendo and Yayorozu as props in a commercial.

Hell, he can’t believe that Mt Lady had apparently used Mineta Minoru as a butler during his work week.

Whatever. He’ll make sure this is never an issue again. Not for his students.

Hawks and Mirko. The most powerful, but least dignified graduates of Shiketsu. They’re an embarrassment to the school, even if they are in the Top Ten, and Seiji can’t understand how they can be the most prominent alumni. They don’t care about decorum, don’t care to uphold the school’s honor, and it’s as if once they graduated, they no longer gave a fuck about Shiketsu.

It had just been a stepping stone.

Shiketsu had  just been a stepping stone for them, a school to go to and then a school whose code of honor they’d immediately ignored. They never visited campus, and Yoarashi and the ditz only have internships because they’d gone to them, not because they’d gotten offers.

And when they’d decided on more interns, none of them had been offered to Shiketsu.

Heroes are supposed to be dignified. Proud of where they came from. But neither Hawks or Mirko could be bothered to be dignified. Neither seemed to care they came from Shiketsu, more proud of the legacy they’re building than the legacy they have as alumni. Shiketsu is just a piece of paper, a line in some puff piece article.

They act more like UA graduates, have been mistaken for UA graduates.     

And now they’re encouraging the ditz and Yoarashi to be like them .

 Tch. He’ll show them. He’ll show them by passing the provisional license exam, become a hero and show how a true Shiketsu alumni should act.

Katsuki is done with all this shit. All this getting looked down by people he doesn’t know, getting treated like he’s nothing. He’s been told all his life that he’ll be a hero, that he’s going to be the best, that he’s better than everyone else.

And he’s had to focus on that, had to convince himself of all of that. Because if he’s not, who the fuck is he? Just an extra in Deku’s story? Deku and his friends are the only one anyone seems to care about any more. The only students everyone keeps talking about watching, and he’s fed up with it.

He stomps up the stairs of the Aery, and ignores the looks people are giving him. He doesn’t care what the fuckers are thinking, he knows what he’s going to do.

He deserves an internship. He deserves it more than anyone here.

He came in first for the Sports Festival. He got the most points in the Entrance Exam. He’s got the perfect Quirk for being a hero. So he should be getting all of this.

The doors to the Aery open up, and he ignores everyone looking at him. Instead he focuses on the guy at the front desk, and has to bite back a sneer at the old computer in front of him. This is the Number Two Hero’s receptionist? Some shit stain using an old computer?

“What do you want?” the receptionist asks as Katsuki reaches his desk.

“None of your business,” he snaps, earning himself a flat look.

“Shockingly enough, as the receptionist, yes, it very much is my business,” the man drawls. “So state who the fuck you are and what you’re doing here. I have better things to do than deal with some random whining teen.”

“Bakugou Katsuki. I want an internship, and I want to speak to Hawks,” Katsuki demands.

“No,” the receptionist says. “To both those things. Hawks has much better things to do than deal with you, Bakugou. Besides, he’s made it very clear that you aren’t welcome here, so get out now.”

“Or else you’ll do what?” Katsuki asks, feeling little explosions in his hands go off, but he’s so fed up of getting treated like this. That he’s not important enough to get acknowledged.

“Go away kid,” the receptionist orders.

“Fuck off you don’t tell me what to do!” Katsuki snaps, glaring.

“Hey Haruto! You know when Steps is going to Step me back home?” a girl shouts, and Bakugou takes a double look at a pretty girl who definitely isn’t from UA.

He’d remember someone looking like that.

He’s so distracted looking at her, that he misses the smoke slip past her lips.

Camie hears the ruckus as she heads down to the lobby, about to head back home. Her eyes narrow as she spots a boy about her age bothering Haruto, and he looks vaguely familiar. Ah. Now she recognizes him.

Bakugou Katsuki. The winner of the Sports Festival and last UA student Hawks would want in the Aery. She knows he’s been a dick to ‘Zu in the past. She knows he’s prone to calling people fucking extras. And now he’s doing something that, from her point of view, looks a lot like he’s harassing Haruto.

Oh no, that’s not gonna fly.

She studies Bakugou thoughtfully. Look at who you want to entrap. Think before you illusion.

Arrogant. Angry. Bitter. Afraid?

Camie nods thoughtfully. She can use all of that.

“Hey Haruto! You know when Steps is gonna step me back home?” she says, a sway to her hips as she walks. She knows she’s pretty, and that’s all that most people see, and based on Bakugou’s look, that’s all he’s seeing too.

Pretty unknown girl, wearing skin tight jeans and a low cut t-shirt, and there’s obviously nothing else there. Only a pretty girl, don’t look, don’t look, don’t look . She’s pretty, she’s harmless, her Glamor is a whisper of pale smoke.

She watches Bakugou’s eyes haze over as her illusion takes control of his mind. As she stalk pass the desk, she gives Haruto a hopeful look and he grins, pulling out his phone.

Camie carefully guides Bakugou back towards the entrance door, holding his hand and, a hush over everyone else in the main reception area. They’re all waiting to see what happens next, and the tension’s gotta be killing everyone.

The Aery’s door’s slide open and stay open in a way she knows means Haruto’s got them staying open, and she grabs Bakugou by the front of his shirt.

The Glamor drops, and his eyes go clear. Confused, but clear.

“What the…”

She’s tiny. She’s underestimated a lot because of it, but she’s much stronger than she looks.

“Don’t be a dick and stay the fuck out of the Aery!” she says, and she throws Bakugou Katsuki out of the Aery, doors snapping shut, keeping him out.

She smirks at him as he gapes at her from behind the glass door, and then she strolls away.

(Katsuki’s pretty sure he’s in love)

He’s finally managed to get his hands on the information reports before Dabi. The pain-in-the-ass pyrokinetic keeps getting them first, and only handing them over once he’s done. Tomura isn’t even sure what Dabi is looking for. Just that he’s always checking the same four information reports. Aery, Warren, Mighty Tower, Endeavor Agency.

He still can’t figure out why Sensei decided Dabi needed to be his player two, but at least he’s good at it. Well, so far.

Let’s see how the summer attack goes, and this ‘Vanguard Action Squad’ Dabi is so intent on putting together...

Inko opens her door and gapes at a formerly familiar sight. Aoi grins at her, two people she imagines are bodyguards at her back.

“Your son told me you wouldn’t be in until after July,” she says a bit faintly, stepping out of the way so Aoi could walk in.

“Moved my plans up a bit Inko, especially with what you told me it that email,” Aoi says, pressing a kiss against Inko’s cheek. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” Inko says, guiding the other three to the living room. “Do you want anything to eat or drink?”

“No,” Aoi says with a shake of her head. “We should get started.”

Glimmering sapphire meet emerald.

“So." Aoi clasps her hands and leans forward a bit. "How do you want to get your nephew and sister-in-law away from the Commission?”

Chapter Text

“This is what I’m not getting, and I apologize if this sounds rude, but why exactly does the Commission still have so much control over you and your son?” Aoi asks, taking a sip of tea.

“A blend of blackmail and financial control,” Kiyome says. “They completely paid for all our living expenses since they started ‘sponsoring’ us, as they like to put it. However, they apparently considered it a loan with an extremely high interest rate. Since they also ‘paid’ for Sora’s agency to be built, the original paychecks for his employees...Even with as much money as he’s made as a hero isn’t even close to paying it all off.

“Surprisingly enough, on top of that, the Commission has in fact threatened to take Sora’s license away from him if he doesn’t do what they want. Sora does want to be a hero but he does want to help, and having his license stripped away from him would stop him from being able to do that legally. On top of that , since he’s been required to since age six to prepare to be a hero, he doesn’t really have the skills to do a different profession, and definitely not one that would pay as well as Heroics does.” Kiyome grimaces.

“Why did you say, ‘legally’ in terms of him doing heroic work? Would you encourage him to become a vigilante?” Aoi asks, tilting her head slightly. Inko had once mentioned something to her but…

“It’s not like there isn’t already a family history of it,” Kiyome says dryly.

“You know that’s why Mom and Dad didn’t want Kei dating you?” Inko asks, making Kiyome choke on her own tea, which surprises Aoi a bit.

“They knew ?” Kiyome gapes.

“They did. And they were afraid Kei would get killed by a villain you’d been fighting.” Inko explains. But instead he’d died from a brain tumor, not from a villain attack.

“Huh,” Kiyome says, looking thoughtful, and then shaking her head. “ Anyway . Those are the major reasons why we haven’t been able to get away from the Commission. Financial control, threat of losing Sora’s license, and the simple fact Sora doesn’t have any other skill sets in terms of work. And no agency would hire someone who lost their license for unknown reasons.”

“How much do you owe them financially?” Aoi asks, taking another sip of her tea.

“Roughly the equivalent to...€70,000,000?”

Aoi spits out her tea. “Excuse me?”

“Roughly, we owe the Commission that much due to their...generosity,” Kiyome says, rolling her eyes. “And even though as the Number Two hero Sora earns a lot of money doing apprehensions and rescues, he still has to pay his employees, maintenance for the building, gear, things like that. Which makes it even harder to pay off the Commission debt. After that, there is still the license issue.”

Aoi grimaces, and looks into her tea, as if it has answers.

€70,000,000 in debt.

It would be...feasible to pay it off. She is wealthy, and All Might is wealthy and willing to help.

Well the debt is only one issue. So how to deal with the license matter…

“I can help pay off the debt if it comes down to that,” Toshinori says, mind whirling on the license issue.

Getting his license had been a complicated matter since he keeps his identity private. Toshinori knows he only succeeded since he’d already had a perfect record from his time in the US, and had created a mystique (if unintentionally) about who All Might was. That worked fine for the Commission, so his license doesn’t include his name or any other identifying information. Not like Todoroki’s or Sora’s.

The threat to take Sora’s license away is surprising. It makes for a good threat, even if completely irrational in practice. Sora is one of the most powerful heroes in Japan. It would be foolish to waste that, even with how desperately the Commission seems to want to control him. Which is still something he doesn’t entirely understand.

Just why is the Commission so intent on keeping control of Sora? Yes, he’s powerful, but they wouldn’t have known how powerful he would be getting at age six, when he’d been ‘sponsored’ by the Commission. Not unless the Commission knew Kiyome’s history as a vigilante, which he doubts.

If they did, they would have made her become a licensed hero and use her like they’re trying to use Sora.

But still, why the threat of confiscating his license? Why run the risk of Sora deciding it’s worth it? Are they that confident that he’d never push the issue? And who even came up with this idea? Saito Hana hasn’t been the Commission’s head for long enough for it have originally been her plan. She only took over from Senju Madara a decade ago, and he hadn’t even been Commission head when Sora had been six. But who had been?

“But if it helps, at this point they can’t take his license away,” Toshinori says, thoughts still spinning. Who had been the original Commission head who signed off on this?

Inko starts at Toshinori’s words, glancing at the speaker. He’d called into them, since he's exhausted from helping Hawks deal with a Trigger dealer earlier in the day and had gone home.

“What do you mean they can’t take his license away anymore?” Kiyome asks, tilting her head.

“I’ve worked with him too much. They can’t withdraw his license without alerting me to something being wrong, which they don’t want to do. If I know something’s wrong in concerns to Sora’s license, I would look into it,” he explains. “As is, after the mess with Endeavor, the Commission really doesn’t want any of us looking too deeply into them.”

“And people would ask you why Hawks suddenly lost his license, and you’d say you don’t know, and there’d be more and more questions about what is going on,” Aoi says, tapping her lower lip thoughtfully in a way Inko remembers from college meaning that she's plotting. Her tea is now sitting next to her. “Which could lead to people finding out what happened to Sora, or cause them to stumble over other dirty laundry. Such as the situation with Endeavor.”

“As is, they’re trying to do damage control on that,” Inko adds. Shoto obviously living on site at the Aery is creating a lot of questions, which no one is answering, and it’s making the public suspicious of Endeavor. “There’s been enough of op-eds wondering why, and plenty of analysis looking at both that and Endeavor’s drop to Number Three.”

Which. Were. Not actually related. But it is satisfying that people are looking into it.

Just because they’d said they wouldn’t go public, doesn’t mean they’d stop some reporter from revealing it.

“So how are we going to do this?” Kiyome asks.

“The best way to do this is for myself, All Might, and Kiyome to go to the main headquarters of the Commission down in Osaka,” Aoi says. “Kiyome to make sure everything comes out, and myself and All Might serving as a political threat. You don’t want the Number One denouncing the system, not after the mess with Stain, and even retired I have more than enough pull with the Prime Minister and the present Minister of Justice to cause issues for the Commission.” Bless Shina for taking the position. “And…”

“I will speak first,” All Might cuts in. “Make it clear I know exactly what’s going on, and I do not approve, and I will not be silent. In fact, I am getting steadily more and more annoyed that the Commission is proving villains like Stain and Shigaraki right. The only way I will keep quiet is if the debt is forgiven, but I'm not sure how to best deal with the issue of the license.”

“Outside political pressure. The Commission is technically under the control of the Ministry of Justice, but they've always been fairly hands off. Saito won't want that changed and if Shina gets involved it will,” Aoi says.

As is, Shina would likely get involved. Her old mentor had had past issues with Todoroki Ryu when he'd run the Commission. So it wouldn't be too hard to nudge her into getting involved.

Wait. Hadn't he been the  head when this would have first started? She needs to check that...

It’s been a very long time since Kiyome thought she’d be able to get Sora out of the Hero Commission’s control. The last time she thought she’d be able to, they’d threatened to ‘clip her wings.’ But this. This should do it.

This should allow her to no longer worry about her son being forced into missions he didn’t want to do. It would hopefully make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone again.

She takes a shuddering breath.

“So tomorrow?” she asks, needing the verification.

“Tomorrow. And this will all be over,” Inko verifies.

Twenty four hours. Twenty four hours and they’d be free.

Hana smiles faintly, flicking through her files. Kamui Woods is doing nicely, and Edgeshot continues to be both competent and popular. The UA ‘Big Three’ continue to impress, and she needs to make sure Lemillion ends up at the appropriate agency. Letting him remain with Sir Nighteye would be a mistake and a waste. The other two are fine for the moment, but that boy…

Her finger freezes as she clicks open an email

Monoma Aoi is retired and has returned to Japan. Be careful.

Hana taps a well manicured fingernail against her tablet. She’d assumed that when Monoma retired she’d stay in France with her husband. She knows Monoma’s son is at UA, but she’d still assumed that Monoma would stay out of Japan. Monoma stays out of Japan, she says out of France, that’s how this is supposed to work.  But now the blonde brat is back.

Ryu’s warning is a useful one at least. Monoma’s back and retired. And if he’s warning her, it’s very likely she’s on the verge of doing something.

Anything Monoma tries, she can handle. And if not?

Well, there are always methods of dealing with interfering politicians.

So that is what Inko plans on doing.

Hmm. All Might being useful repeatedly. A true shock.

Even so.

There are a few things he needs to do make sure this succeeds. He has no interest in letting the Commission control his nephew. It would cause far too many problems in the long term.

Chapter Text

It's always fascinating how ordinary the Commission's main office appears to be. Aoi studies the building as she strides toward it, Inko, All Might and Kiyome with her, and Louis a faithful presence at her shoulder. It's just another office building, nothing important here. Doesn’t deserve a second look, keep on walking.

So unremarkable for a place that controls the remarkable.

“I hate this building,” Kiyome says softly, wings pulled tightly against her back. “This is where they would train Sora.”

Aoi’s lips thin. She knows for a fact there shouldn’t be any training rooms here. Todoroki Ryu had supposedly ordered them all shut twenty years ago according to the records Shina had given her. He’d done it as a way with currying favor with the then Prime Minister, and it had succeeded, at least for a time.

In the past forty years, there’d been three Directors of the Commission. Todoroki Ryu, who would have been Director when Sora and Kiyome had first been ‘sponsored’. Then Senju Madara, who would have had a four year term between Todoroki and Saito, stepped down for unknown reasons. And ever since then, Saito Hana had held the reins.

“There shouldn’t be any training rooms here,” All Might says, blue eyes shadowed. “They were supposed to shut twenty years ago, not long after I returned to Japan. I remember there being some sort of controversy Todoroki Ryu was trying to calm down in doing so.”

Twenty years ago. She’d calculated a few days ago and had clarified the timeline with Kiyome. When Sora was six and until he was eight, Todoroki Ryu was the Director, forced out due to political pressure; he’d been Director of the Commission for twenty eight years. Senju Madara ran the Commission after that, until Sora was twelve. Saito Hana had been running it then for the past decade.

“That only worked short term,” Aoi says, walking through the Commission doors. “He was forced to retire fourteen years ago.”

Being forced to retire is what had made him so politically impotent. There had been very suspicious circumstances concerning his retirement, and looking back, Todoroki Touya’s death occured around the same time. It’s very likely the two events are related.

The front secretary’s eyes go huge, and it’s doubtlessly due to All Might. Inko softly snorts, and she wants to roll her eyes at her friend. She knows perfectly well Inko must have had a similar reaction to All Might the first time she met him.

“We have the three o’clock with Director Saito?” Aoi says, smiling slightly.

“Let me check. Your name is?” the secretary asks, giving her an expectant look.

“Monoma Aoi. Midoriya Inko. Takashiro Kiyome. All Might,” Aoi rattles off.

“Alright, I see your names.” The woman prints off what appear to be four security tags. “Scan these in and go. Director Saito is on the tenth floor. I’ll let her know you’re coming”

“Thank you,” Aoi says.

It’s a pity they can’t surprise Saito the way Sora, All Might, and Inko apparently did to Endeavor.

Oh well.

At three o’clock she has to deal with All Might, Monoma, Midoriya, and Takashiro.

Hana scowls at her computer, not really seeing it. She should be doing her paperwork, and sending out necessary emails to the much more overbearing Minister of Justice, Kobayashi Shina. Ministry interference could ruin a number of plans, and Kobayashi seems like a meddler. The name is still bothering her, and she knows she’s forgetting something about Kobayashi.

She shakes her head. That isn’t what she needs to focus on right now. She needs to focus on… Her intercom buzzes.

“Director Saito? All Might, Ambassador Monoma, Mrs. Midoriya, and Ms. Takashiro are on the way up,” her secretary says. “They should arrive in the next minute or so.”

“Thank you Wanatabe,” she says, glancing at the clock. Five to three. They’re a little early.

They don’t bother knocking. All Might strides in, flanked by Monoma and Midoriya. A dark skinned man she doesn’t recognize stands at Monoma’s shoulder, and Takashiro is just behind her sister-in-law. Hana stiffens at the sight of an unsmiling All Might, an expression that just feels unnatural on the man.

“Hello,” she says, standing up and offering her hand to shake. “I was told you all wished to speak with me?” None of them shake her hand, and that further unnerves her. Monoma, as she recalls, is always immaculately polite until she isn’t, and All Might is never rude. Boisterous, yes, but rude, no.

And not shaking her hand is simply rude.

“Don’t play coy Saito, you know why we are here,” Monoma says coldly, taking an unoffered seat.

“I do know why,” she says and then freezes. She had meant to say ‘I don’t know why.’ Monoma smiles faintly at her, and what on earth…? Just a slip of the tongue, surprise from the entire group coming. She’d assumed Takashiro and Midoriya wouldn’t actually come.

“We are here because of you keeping the Takashiros in debt to the Commission so you can keep control of Hawks,” All Might says, voice dripping with disappointment, and it makes her wince . All Might’s disappointment is...well whatever it is, she doesn’t like it. “And we all want an explanation and the debt, dismissed.”

She notices that he doesn’t mention the warnings she’s given both Takashiros in the past, that the Commission would confiscate Hawks’ license. Then again, with Hawks constantly working with All Might these days, that venue had closed. The constantly climbing debt remains their best means of control.

Either way, debt or no debt, she isn’t going to tell them why they need to keep Hawks in their debt. She’ll just give them the story that Todoroki had told her ten years ago when she’d taken the position from Senju. That they’d done it out of the kindness of their hearts, and kept the family in debt due to concerns relating to Ms. Takashiro’s vigilante past.

“We wanted a powerful hero under the complete control of the Commission,” she says, and wait, she didn’t mean to say that , “Takashiro Sora proved at age six he could do acts of heroics that most adult heroes couldn’t accomplish. Since the Commission needed a powerful hero, it was deemed best that we sponsor the Takashiro family, with the requirement of both Sora becoming the hero Hawks, and that we have full control over him.”

“It’s more than that,” Midoriya says. Takashiro remains silent, gold eyes watchful, and making Hana feel like prey in front of a predator. “Why is it so important for the Commission to have complete control over a hero like that? That doesn’t make sense. And who even started this?”

“Heroes can refuse missions from the Commission,” Hana says, and why can’t she stop the words from coming out of her mouth? “So we needed someone who can’t refuse, and is capable enough to do anything we require. Besides, Hawks is a wonderful propaganda figure, strong, young, and attractive. Society needs heroes, and he’s a walking poster boy for exactly that.”

“Todoroki Ryu is the one who started everything. He had thought he could have complete control over Endeavor for us, but that failed miserably. Endeavor balked too much at Todoroki’s efforts to control him, and it was deemed too dangerous to try to force the matter. Even the situation with his family wasn’t deemed a good method of keeping him under control,” Hana further explains, unwilling words pouring from her mouth. “So Hawks was decided on.”

What is going on? Her eyes land on the man she suspects is Monoma’s bodyguard.

All Might has a strength enhancement Quirk of immense power. Monoma has a copy Quirk, not too dissimilar to her son’s. Midoriya has a minor gravitational Quirk. Takashiro has a feather manipulating Quirk similar to her son’s.

“Your bodyguard has a truth telling Quirk,” Hana says flatly, looking straight into Monoma’s sapphire eyes.

“I do,” the man says. “Rather aptly named Brutal Honesty. Now Director, I believe my employer and her friends still have more questions for you.”

Toshinori is furious . Control. It all comes down to control.

“Why Sora though? Why didn’t Todoroki attempt to use one of his grandchildren?” Aoi asks. “Please don’t tell me the man found enough morals to at least not use his grandchildren, but then failed to find any when it come to indenturing Sora.”

“Endeavor wouldn’t allow Todoroki near any of them. I’m not even sure Todoroki has ever met them,” Saito says. “The man had no issue abusing his own children. But he did have an issue with his father potentially abusing them, which is understandable.”

….Okay just what the hell did Todoroki Ryu do to Enji?

“You do understand that it’s things like this that are causing society to lose faith in heroes?” Toshinori asks, still not smiling. “Things like this make Stain’s philosophy attractive and reasonable. This would make people wonder how many other heroes were forced into it, and how much the Commission really controls.”

“What do you think would happen if this ever got out?” Aoi asks.

“It was deemed a non-issue since there was no expectation it could happen,” Saito says.

“No expectation? What, did you think no in either the Midoriya or Takashiro families would eventually wonder?” Aoi asks, even more incredulously.

“Well, in the case of the Takashiros it was a non-issue. They knew about the situation at hand, and for ¥3,200,000,000 they stayed silent,” Saito explains. “According to Takashiro Himari, as long as they were paid they didn’t care what happened. They even advised us on how to keep the Midoriyas in the dark. They may have tried to stop us, but the Takashiros didn’t care.

“As far as they were concerned, Kiyome was a failure for her refusal to become a hero, and that in this way, at least, she’d be useful. That she wouldn’t be so much of a wasted investment.”

Toshinori feels sick. The worse thing is he knows every word is true. Argent’s Quirk, Brutal Honesty is an area-affect Quirk. It forced anyone within it’s ‘active’ area to speak honestly and could also force the truth from someone unwilling to talk.

Which means that Kiyome and Sora had been betrayed by their own family.

Her parents had known the whole time. Kiyome wants to vomit.

She’d been surprised that her parents didn’t reach out to her after Hosu. She’d been afraid, not sure how to reach out to them after so long. It’s not like with Inko, or Izumi, or Reo. Inko she’d bumped into at the hospital. Izumi and Reo had practically flown down to Musutafu in hopes of meeting them. It had been a surprise to see them, and a bigger one when they’d apologized to her for making her think they’d be upset over Sora.

But her parents...her parents had never tried to reach out to her. They’d never tried to call her, never tried to email her or Sora when it became public their relation to the Midoriya’s.

Her parents had never reached out to them even though Sora’s crimson wings made it obvious whose grandson he is.

And it’s because they’d known. It’s because the Commission had told them about the ‘sponsorship’, and offered them money to stay away and quiet, which they gladly took. They told the Commission to tell the Midoriyas nothing. They knew Izumi and Reo would have never let it happen.

Her parents had known.

Her parents had known, and they’d let the Commission take them. Did they even care?

Did you really hate me that much for not wanting to be a hero?

“You are going to erase Sora and Kiyome’s debt,” Inko says, biting back her own fury. No . She can deal with that later. “And never threaten to take his license away again.”

“If you don’t do either of those things, we will make sure that Minister Kobayashi is made aware of everything going on here.” Aoi adds.

Not that they aren’t going to do it anyway. Argent has been recording the entire conversation. So they will hand over all the information concerning this discussion, and allow the Minister to make the final decision.

But they’d only do that once they are sure Kiyome and Sora are free. She can’t risk the Commission getting their claws back into them. She can’t risk that. She just can’t. She knows Aoi and Toshinori feel the same way.

Everything though, is proving the same simple fact that Endeavor’s situation had also demonstrated. The Commission needs reformation. Badly . Corrupt figures like Todoroki Ryu or Saito need to be removed. Aoi had discussed Todoroki’s dramatic decrease in political power, but the same thing needs to now happen to Saito.

“I…” Saito glares at them, lips going thin. “We will not be doing…!”

“If you do not do this, I will denounce the Commission,” All Might says, scowling heavily. It’s not an expression meant for his face. “I am willing to risk what will happen next. Are you?”

Saito squeezes her eyes shut and leans back into her chair.

“Fine,” she says shortly, opening her eyes. “Fine. I’ll do it. As of today, the Takashiro’s owe no more money to the Commission, and Hawks license will not be taken. I’ll even be nice and throw in a bonus license for Ms. Takashiro.”

“Then do it,” All Might orders.

Hana’s hands shake slightly as clears the debt from Takashiro Sora and Takashiro Kiyome’s accounts. She adds a notation that makes it clear that Hawks’ hero license is a permanent one, like All Might’s, meaning he would have no fear of them being able to take it away. She adds the same notation in concerns to Takashiro Kiyome’s file.

All Might is looming over her, and she doesn’t feel safe. She doesn’t feel like the Symbol of Peace is defending her. All she can feel is a bone deep sense of disdain.

She had decided to work for the Commission because she wanted to help heroes. The Commission created school standards, ran the licenses, helped set up agencies, and helped heroes prepare to retire. They helped legislate new laws if need be, though it had never been necessary over her soon-to-be-over reign (she can’t see herself being allowed to stay on after this debacle).

She had decided to work for the Commission, and in the end, she hasn’t helped any heroes.

“It’s done,” she says, hitting the final key. “It’s done.”

Kiyome breaths as they step back out of the Commission’s main office. The entire time in the office felt surreal. Finally finding out the truth (control, it’s always down to control) and discovering her parent’s betrayal. Saito Hana actually erasing the debt, making it so Sora would never lose his license and granting her her own license (though what the hell she’s going to do with it she isn’t sure).

“How do you feel?” Inko says, all four of them getting into the limo Aoi acquired for the moment. Louis takes the front seat, and the partition comes up so they can speak in peace.

“Angry? Happy? I’m not sure,” Kiyome admits. She’d always imagine that she’d be ecstatic the day they became free. That everything would be alright now, she would have nothing to worry about.

But her parents knowing the entire time and allowing what happened to happen…

She shakes her head. She’s going to need to see a therapist to get through that tangled mess, and Sora will need it just as badly.

Kiyome jerks as her cell phone goes off; she’d put it on silent before the meeting, but must have done something wrong. She checks the number and it’s the Aery. She raises a hand up to Inko as she goes to ask her something.

“Hello, this is Kiyome,” she says, not entirely sure which sidekick had called.

“Mama Bird? This is Steps. We have a problem. Twenty minutes ago Izuku and Neito decided to test something. They were curious if Copy could copy Copy All. They’ve been unconscious ever since Neito put his hand on Izuku’s arm,” Steps explains. “Please tell me you’re done with your errand and can get back here? Sora and the fledglings are all freaking out.”

“We’re on our way,” Kiyome assures him. “It’ll fine, we’ll be there soon.”

What the hell is up with today?

Hisashi buries his anger. Anger will cloud any plans he makes, just like it did seven years ago when he fought All Might. He’d been so fed up then, so angry that Shimura’s brat kept ruining his plans and drawing him away from his family that he’d slipped up and allowed All Might to almost kill him.

The news of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the Commission’s actions are about what he expected. All Might’s threat of denouncing the Commission was a pleasant surprise. Almost a pity he didn’t need to do it. That would have certainly shattered Japan’s heroes.

But that isn’t entirely the issue.

The fact Kiyome’s parents sold her and his nephew to the Commission. That is the issue.

He’ll need to pay them a visit very, very soon.

Chapter Text

“So why exactly was this deemed a good idea!?” Aoi demands.

“We didn’t think anything would happen! According to Neito, his Quirk doesn’t really work on accumulation Quirks! He wanted to see if he could Copy specific copies that Izuku has,” Tenya explains.

Aoi massages her temples, trying to figure out what to do. Aizawa shakes his head at her; Erasure is doing nothing. Steps had Side Stepped to New York and see if he could get assistance from someone by the name of Nets. They apparently had a touch based erasure Quirk.

Both boys had been unconscious now for almost an hour. If it wasn’t for the EEG registering brain activity…

“At this point the only thing that can be done is wait it out. Hopefully they’ll wake up in the very near future,” Recovery Girl says, the UA’s resident nurse having been called in.

She feels Inko trembling next to her and wraps an arm around the other woman’s shoulders. She tugs Inko closer in a half hug. Kiyome is standing further to the side, watching Sora scold the other interns. They’d apparently decided to try this stunt in the fifteen minutes he’d gone upstairs to speak with someone. Steps had technically been supervising, but he’d gotten distracted taking a call.

“I can’t believe…” Inko whispers. She shakes her head. “No. They’ll be fine . They’ll be fine, they’ll wake up, and they’ll be fine.”

If they aren’t… Aoi sighs, closing her eyes. She’s not entirely sure what they can do if they aren’t all…

“Oww! Why did she find that necessary?!?!” Neito suddenly snaps, eyes wide open and perfectly alert.

“I do not get why I have to have weird ghost things in my brain,” Izuku groans, rolling over as if he’s trying to curl up on top of Neito. Instead he just falls off the bed.

“What the fuck,” Inko says flatly.

...Alright , really . What is going on with today?

It’s a world full of shadows and shades.

That’s the first thing Neito realizes. The second is that he’s no longer got his hand on Izuku’s arm. He can see his boyfriend next to him though, but half his body seems to have become a dark mist, and his mouth is missing. Izuku’s eyes are wide and studying him, but then he almost seems to fade away into the shadows. Neito knows instinctively that he’s still there, but he can’t see Izuku anymore.

“You shouldn’t be here,” a woman says, appearing in front of him. Her hair is long, and the way it’s pinned up reminds him of Mrs. Midoriya.

Where is here? He asks, but the words don’t come out right.

“You’re not a One For All user,” the shade says, crossing her arms. “But you’re here because Copy and Copy All interacted with One For All, aren’t you?”


“Well, you’re lucky,” she says a bit wryly. “That could have killed you.”

How? And who are you? Neito tries to ask, but the words still aren’t coming out of his missing mouth.

“I’m Shimura Nana,” she says, as if she could actually hear his questions. “The seventh One For All user. You’ve somehow resonated with the Quirks kid, and I’m not sure how long term that’s going to be, but at least doing this is going to leave you something.”

...He’s not entirely certain that sentence even made sense, but it felt ominous.

She presses a hand against his chest and smiles at him.

“It’s time for you to wake up. Good luck in being a hero. Izuku’s going to need all of you to cover his back.”

With that she shoves him hard, and it feels like the air’s been punched out of him.

“And that’s when I woke up,” Neito explains.

“That’s not what I saw or did,” Izuku says, shaking his head. “I think I witnessed how All For One and One For All’s fight started. It was...weird,” he says, grimacing slightly.

“So Copy and Copy All reacted by making you both interact with One For All in some weird way?” Sora asks, frowning.

Mrs. Monoma sighs. “You know we’re going to have to experiment with this now?” she asks. “Since we need to make sure neither of you damaged your Quirks?”

“I don’t think we did…” Izuku says slowly, looking more closely at Sora, and then glancing at Shoto, then at Neito. “But I think I’m seeing Neito’s threads, and that’s weird.”


Okay, that’s probably not helping his case that there isn’t anything wrong...

“So now you can Copy things for two and a half hours?” Itsuka asks, watching Neito scrawl in one of his journals. They’re sitting in the still empty classroom, waiting for everyone else to arrive.

“Yes,” he says. “Two and a half hours, and I can now swap between eight Quirks. Still can only use one at a time. We think that One For All may have ‘cracked’ my Quirk. Izuku can now see Threads like me even when he’s not using Copy.”

“Wait. He Copied Copy?”

“Yes, it’s confusing I know.”

“...Have you ever noticed how weird things have been since the internships?”

“Yes. Yes I have,” he says, shutting his notebook and putting it back in his bag. “But I’ve also accepted it. I’ve accepted a lot of things.”

“Like whatever’s going on with your parents and Mrs. Midoriya?”

“It’s not like it’s the first time my parents have been in a relationship with a third person, and Maman and Mrs. Midoriya have a past history,” Neito points out. “And Papa isn’t actually in the country at the moment.”

“Still. It’s weird that your boyfriend’s mom is dating your mom.”

“Itsuka, I try very, very hard to not think about that. Let’s just focus on whatever comes next, not on my Maman’s sex life.”

“Finals?” Fumikage repeats. The rest of the class is talking too, and Aizawa-sensei looks annoyed. He’d completely forgotten about finals even being a thing with how distracted he’d been by the internship.

“Yes, finals. The exams that everyone has to take at the end of terms,” Aizawa-sensei says dryly. “They’re at the end of the week, which all of you would have realized if any of you checked the syllabus.”

He notices both Momo and Tenya blush. They’d forgotten too.

“How will the exam be set up?” Tenya asks, raising his hand high.

“I was getting there. It’s a two part exam. The first part is a written test, which every course takes. Gen Ed is the only course that doesn’t have a second half. Heroics has a practical exam. You will all be partnered up with someone else from your class. You will then go up against a teacher,” Aizawa-sensei explains. “You will find out your partners the day of the practical exam, along with what teacher you will going against.”

Fumikage nods slowly. That seems...logical. A test of the mind and a test of the body. At this point in the year they could get a sense of how far along (or not) the students are.

“What if you fail?” Tenya asks.

“Failure means you won’t be going on the summer training trip,” Aizawa-sensei says, which Fumikage immediately knows is a lie.

The failed students would need the training camp even more than the passing. Especially if what they failed is the physical half, which he suspects is the most likely. On top of that, Shinso is going on the training trip without doing a physical exam, which makes him even more skeptical.

But he’s not going to say any of that, and a slight shake of Izuku’s head tells him that the others won’t either.

After all, this should encourage their classmates to do their best.

They’ll have to talk to Sora and the rest of the Aery about how to best prepare though. The best way to study for this is to train more.

He should be inside training with at least one of the fledglings. Instead, Sora sits up on the Aery’s roof, staring out over Musutafu. He’s free from Commission control but. He sighs, wings drooping.

His grandparents had known.

Grandma and Grandpa Midoriya had almost immediately come down and met him once they’d known he existed. He’s gotten plenty of emails and phone calls from them, and they’ve sent care packages to the Aery for him, the interns and his sidekicks. They’d decided to be a presence in his life, even though they still lived closer to Okinawa than Musutafu.

But he’d wondered why his other set of grandparents hadn’t reached out to him.

Because they’d known. They’d known, they helped hide it, all for the sake of money. They’d referred to his Mom as a ‘failed investment’. They didn’t care about him at all.

He’d already filled out the paperwork to change his name back to Midoriya Sora. So had Mom. He’s not keeping ‘Takashiro’ when they’d been the ones who had helped the Commission trap them. Yeah, ‘Takashiro’ was good for advertising purposes, had a nice ring to it. A pretty image. But he’s more than some advertisement. He’s a hero.

He’s a hero, and he’s not going to keep being a Takashiro. He’s going back to being a Midoriya.

Sora sighs and gets up. He should go help Kiwi and the others get ready. He’s not going to let them fail their exam. They’re going to ace everything.

“We aren’t putting Midoriya and Bakugou together for their exam,” Shouta says bluntly. “That’s going to end in a homicide, either during the exam or after. On top of that, I don’t want to deal with a very angry Midoriya family if we do that, since that would be exactly the issue.”

“Agreed,” Yagi says, scribbling something on a pad of paper. “Put Bakugou with Ashido.”

“Why not Kirishima?” Shouta asks.

“Because I’m going to suggest Kirishima and Uraraka. They would work well together. Ashido and Bakugou have worked together during the Sports Festival. I know there’s been tension lately, so let’s see if the exam helps.

“I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but keep the Aery interns together. Todoroki and Iida, Tokoyami and Midoriya. Yaoyorozu and Jiro would also make for a good exam duo,” Yagi says, putting down his pen.

“It may be better if we mix them up with their peers to see how well they can work with unexpected partners,” Kan points out. “I’m not pairing up Monoma and Kendo.”

“We need to see how well the other students are doing and the Aery Interns would overwhelm whichever classmate they’re with,” Shouta says. “We also don’t need to run the risk of someone’s confidence getting broken via one of the interns.”

Kan nods thoughtfully.

“Okay, so let’s keep planning then. Who wants which set?”

Tomura is getting fed up with not knowing what’s going on.

He’s managed to wrangle the intelligence reports from Dabi for once, and he’s noticing that most of them have some reference to either Hawks, All Might, or the Midoriya family. Midoriya, he knows, is the last name of the green haired kid. Thumbing through the reports, he can tell that yes, it is that kid’s family.

A mother, his newly found aunt and cousin, maternal grandparents and a father who isn’t appearing in any photos.


Tomura frowns. The intelligence reports are incredibly detailed, including photos of almost all the Midoriyas. The only picture missing is the one for Midoriya Hisashi, the green haired brat’s dad. He seems to have been out of the picture for a while, or at least isn’t appearing in a single report, but it’s weird that his profile doesn’t have a photo.

He glances at Midoriya Izuku’s photo again, and feels a niggling sense of familiarity, but dismisses it.

Whatever. He has a plan to help plot.

Then he freezes, flicking back to the very first report. It’s from almost sixteen years ago. Midoriya Izuku is almost sixteen years old according to his profile.

Why has Sensei been watching the Midoriyas for almost sixteen years?


Chapter Text

First half is written. Second hand is a partnered fight against a teacher.

Mina bounces on the balls of her feet, trying to get a good look at the partners and who they’re going against. She hopes she’s with Ochako or Tsuyu! She’s been practicing with the other girls lately, and it’s been fun. A lot more fun then she’d expected.

But what she did expect is what she’s now seeing on the exam partners list. Tokoyami and Todoroki as one pair, Midoriya and Iida as second, and only Yaoyoruzo paired up Jirou, a non-intern. UA seemed to be hellbent on keeping all the interns together for some…

Her mind stalls.

Her partner is Bakugou?!?! Why couldn’t she get Ochako and he get Kirishima!

This is going to suck.

Sekijiro already regrets agreeing to be Todoroki and Tokoyami’s examiner. He’d known it would be tough. The interns all had the advantage over their classmates of outside additional training, including teamwork training. Any of the interns, he’d been told by a proud Hawks, could work as well with each other.

But he’d still hoped he’d do a bit better than this dealing with Tokoyami and Todoroki.

Half of the training field is either frozen or on fire, and he’s being harried into a corner by Dark Shadow. He’s willing to admit, he fucked up, and it’s costing him. He had planned on trapping at least one of them, and turning the exam into a hostage situation, with one of the boys needing to focus on rescuing the other, along with trying to catch him. He’d failed at that.

He’d given the boys too long to make a plan. Both Todoroki and Tokoyami are distance fighters; he’s close range. Exam Area 20 is an area that’s better for close range fighters. But it’s not hampering them in the slightest. If anything, he thinks he may have accidentally made it easier for them.

Sekijiro always forgets how deep the shadows can get here.

“Fuck!” he snaps, barely avoiding another swipe from Dark Shadow. He can tell that the boys are harrying him toward something. They had probably made an ice trap, and will use…

An inferno appears on his left, Dark Shadow appears on his right, and Sekijiro knows he’s completely fucked, but reluctantly impressed. He leaps back to avoid the inferno, dodges a swipe, and misses the massive glacier that hits him from behind.

Todoroki and Tokoyam versus Vlad King: Pass

Snipe grins under his mask as Monoma actually gives him a hard time.

The kid had three major pieces of Support gear with him; a set of rings that apparently contained DNA from the other interns and would allow him to Copy their Quirks as need, a really interesting visor that seems to be allowing Monoma to keep track of him, and a pair of gauntlets he hasn’t seen the kid use yet.

They look new, and he suspects they’re the rumored ‘weapon’ Monoma is now using. Apparently at the Aery they noticed that maybe, just maybe, they should give the kid who’s fucked if he can’t copy a Quirk a weapon. The head sidekick, Steps, had supposedly been the most insistent on it.

Most of the fight the kid had been dodging, using a Copy of Midoriya’s Quirk and Todoroki’s. Somehow he isn’t exactly surprised Monoma would use his boyfriends’ Quirks over his friends. Honing still has been allowing him to hit Monoma, but he’s also had the interesting strategy of keeping a thin but strong layer of ice over his body. It means the nerf bullets he’s been using the entire time did nothing to hamper the copycat.

The second Monoma freezes the ground Snipe knows they’ve entered a new ‘stage’ of the fight. The blond is grinning, and Snipe sees his gauntlets suddenly start to glow. He’s been in the business long enough to know that’s a bad sign.

Glowing weapons directed at you always are a worry.

Monoma makes a fist, the top of the gauntlet turns a brighter blue, and Snipe barely dodges an energy blast. It only shatters the already broken wall behind, and he gives the First Year a flat look from behind his mask. Okay, he should not have to explain do not use…

Wait. Where’s Monoma? In between his look and a blink, the kid is gone. He raises his gun, intent on using Honing to hit Monoma and figure out where he went.


Monoma tackles him, pins him, and knocks his gun away. Snipe feels the cuffs snap over his wrists, signaling the exam is over. He glances at the clock. Five minutes to go if the kid hadn’t gotten him first, nice.

“Kid, don’t shout ‘gotcha’. Good way to let someone know you’re behind.”

“I still won.” I still passed.

Monoma versus Snipe: Pass

Nedzu normally doesn’t get involved in the Final Exams, but this year had simply been to interesting to not get involved. The entire year is an anomaly, between the unusual villain attacks, All Might finally finding a successor, and six of the First Years being taken under the wings of Top Ten heroes before they’d even done their license exams.

His plan is a test of logic and strategy for the boys to pass. Reliant on their minds, rather just their Quirks.

As principal, and a bear-mouse not good at frontline fighting, he’d decided once he claimed Midoriya and Iida’s exam to make good use of the Entrance Exam robots. He has a scattering of all three types, the only one missing being the ‘Zero’ pointer. No reason to go that overboard, at least not for the moment.

He’d arranged the robots before Iida and Midoriya had entered the exam grounds, and clicked the ‘on’ button a few minutes ago. Iida has been rapidly tearing through them, much like he did the Entrance Exam, but Midoriya isn’t. The green haired hero-in-training is instead watching him.

Nedzu takes his eyes off Midoriya only for a moment, but that moment is all Midoriya needs.

The boy is behind him, and an ungloved hands brushes the back of his head, and everything fades out…

He blinks his eyes, sees from the clock only a minute had passed, and Midoriya and Iida had tied him up. Midoriya is kneeling beside him, giving him a guilty look, but it had been a good strategy.

Iida had always been a distraction, he can tell that now. He’d been paying attention to the speedster to see how long he would take to tear through the robots and estimated wrong about the look on Midoriya’s face. He’d thought it had been contemplative, but Midoriya had been planning. He must have been waiting for him to get distracted by Iida, and used Side Step to get behind him, with Pause to erase his Quirk. But since High Specs affected his intelligence, he’d returned to a base state.

A terrifying moment, but a clever plan.

Midoriya and Iida versus Nedzu: Pass

She’s fighting smartly. Nemuri knows Kendo knows better than to get anywhere near her, but she can also tell the First Year is figuring out how to take her down from a distance. Big Fist is a short range Quirk and puts Kendo at a disadvantage against a middle distance to distance opponent.

Nemuri isn’t expecting the sudden rocks thrown at her. Kendo is throwing large handfuls at her, and she can only dodge some, not all of them. She narrows her eye at 1-B’s class president, but the girl is grinning at her. The rocks are a good way of keeping her from getting close and using her Quirk to put Kendo to sleep.

“Shit!” she suddenly shouts, barely avoiding the small boulder Kendo throws at her. What the hell sort of weight training is Miruko having Kendo do at the Warren?!

She wheezes as a large hand slams into her side, Kendo getting close before she’d noticed, too distracted by the boulder. The fight quickly goes from odd ranged attempts to hand to hand, and Nemuri makes a note to practice more with Shouta again. She’s getting rusty if a First Year can keep up with her like this…

Kendo primarily fights, well, with her hands. The massive size of them makes blocking hard, especially since she keeps decreasing and increasing the size at unexpected moments. She’s keeping the battering up, not allowing for her to yank off any part of her suit so she can knock the girl out. It’s frustrating, but at least Nemuri can see her hands coming.

She does not, however, expect the sudden kick to her knee, or for Kendo to knee her in the stomach, knocking the air right out of her. Her right hand increases massively in size, and slams into her hard. Nemuri’s balance is lost, and Kendo grabs her flailing hands into a tight hold. With the other Kendo grabs out her cuffs, and slips them over her wrists.

Kendo versus Midnight: Pass

Agreeing to do Yaoyorozu and Jirio’s exam is turning out to be an interesting experience, in Hizashi’s opinion. They girls work well together, even though Jirio isn’t one of the interns. He thinks she and Yaoyorozu hang out when she isn’t with Kendo. He also knows from Shouta that Jirio and Yaoyorozu had fought together at USJ.

At the very start of the exam Yaoyorozu had made three things. A bo staff, a bokken, and two sets of headphones. It would dampen at least the noise of his shouts, even if it wouldn’t protect them from the airwaves that erupt from his throat.

Then again, those three things had been a distraction. He hadn’t know Yaoyorozu could make explosives.

Smoke bombs, low force explosions, and more, and he’s been forced to use his voice more to destroy those than actually fight either girl. He has to focus on using the trees to hide, slipping between follage and shadows to keep himself safe from the girls. The explosives should hamper Jirio’s ability to hear him, but she seems to be relying more on hitting him with her ear jacks, not using them to keep track of him.

The explosives probably would hurt her ears too much too.

A disadvantage of hiding in the trees like this is that girls can do it too, and he keeps his eyes sharp, not willing to be hit by a surprised attack.

And then he’s hit with a surprise attack, a paintball snipe from above.

Blue splatters across his face and visor, and he slams his eyes shut, not wanting any to get in. That’s a mistake, as he realizes only seconds later when he feels a beanball cannonball nail him between his legs. His face turns white under the blue, and he feels another shot splatter across his chest.

If those had been real bullets, he’d be dead twice over, no need for the cuffs Jirio slams over his wrists anyway.

Hizashi wants to know who exactly gave Yaoyorozu sniper training.

Yaoyorozu and Jirio versus Present Mic: Pass

Toshinori can’t help but feel disappointed. He is pleased that Ashido and Bakugou passed. He is not pleased by how they went about it. Or rather, how they acted during the exam. He does, however, now know exactly why Ashido seemed to be on such poor terms with her now former friends.

He had not been aware that Ashido had been a bit of a bully hunter before coming to UA. As such, she had understandably had not reacted well to discovering what Izuku and Bakugou had wasn’t a childhood rivalry. The discovery that it was severe bullying had justifiably infuriated her, as well as the fact Kirishima choose to stick by him.

Many, if not most, of the bullies she’d dealt with were Kirishima’s own.

As a result, she had not been willing to work with Bakugou for almost half of the exam. It feels almost like irony that Bakugou spent most of that time trying to get her to agree to work with him.

“Ashido and Bakugou passed, but just barely,” Toshinori says, frowning slightly. “They took almost half the exam to be willing to work together. Evidently we underestimated just how upset Ashido is with Bakugou. He was the one who realized that it would be wiser to work as a partnership to defeat me.”

They’re going to need to use the training camp to work on making it clear to students that they will have to grit their teeth at times and work with people they don’t like…

Dabi will honestly be surprised if any of the new League members survive Shigaraki’s hands and temper to see the end of the week. He knows now that Shigaraki doesn’t actually believe Stain’s ideology and had simply taken advantage of it to do recruitment. It meant though, that when people like Toga Himiko joined, they’d been expecting a more pro-Stain environment.

After dealing with Shigaraki for the past couple of months, he knows his leader hates Stain’s guts.

Thankfully, Shigaraki has been distracted by something for the past few days, which he suspects is the only reason that Spinner is still alive. Dabi is a bit surprised that he’s getting fed up with Spinner’s fanboying over Stain, but he also suspects he knows why.

The League and All For One have given him access to more information and resources than he’d ever dreamed he could get. Resources and information he could use to protect his mom and siblings in case anything goes wrong.

Stain’s ideology may have been what brought him to the League, but it’s what the League offers him that keeps him here and keeps him working as Shigaraki’s second in command.

Though he is going to smack Handy Man if he calls him Player Two again.


Chapter Text

“You threw Kirishima into All Might? ” Mina asks, jaw dropping.

“It worked!” Ochako says defensively.

“No, no! I’m not saying I didn’t think it worked,” Mina says. “I mean, oh god I wish I could have seen that.” That had to have been hilarious. “I’m surprised he did two exams though.”

“Most of the teachers did multiple exams,” Ochako points out.

“I guess,” she says with a shrug.

It’s just her and Ochako. Tsuyu is with her family, celebrating passing her exam with them. So it’s just her and Ochako at the cafe, sitting in a quiet corner by themselves.

“But yeah, I threw Kirishima at All Might. We guessed he wouldn’t expect that and we were right. Then I managed to get close enough while All Might was distracted by Kirishima and tap him. Once he was in the air, Kirishima snapped the cuffs onto All Might’s wrists. He said he was very proud of our teamwork.”

“He definitely wasn’t proud of mine and Bakugou’s teamwork,” Mina says with a grimace. “I really, really didn’t want to work with him - is it bad I was willing to fail if it meant he did too?”

“Yes,” Ochako says flatly.

Mina slumps down. “It’s just...all I could think of is how he bullied Midoriya and how he’s only just paying for it. And I’m still angry, and I just didn’t think. Bakugou had to convince me to work with him, and it was kinda satisfying but…”

She isn’t exactly proud of herself for doing it. Heroes have to work with people they don’t like. Sometimes they have no choice. In the real world that could cause a villain to escape or someone to die but she’d still…

“But you know in the real world you’d have to work with him if you needed to take down a real villain,” Ochako says, echoing her thoughts.

“I knoooooow,” she groans. “But we did manage to pass in the end. Not by a lot, but we passed.” She shrugs. “Speaking of passing, did you hear about what happened with Sero and Mineta?”

“About them failing?”

“Yeah. From what I’ve heard it was really funny.”

Mina smiles and steers the conversation away from her near failure. She already knows Aizawa-sensei is going to make her pay for it during the training camp. She just knows it.

He’d almost failed Finals.

When he’d seen that he’d be with Pinky he’d relaxed. Yeah, she’d been spending time with Round Face and Frog Girl, but she had been hanging out with him before. So he’d thought the exam would go fine. He’s powerful, she’s useful, it should have been fine.

And then she’d refused to work with him.

They’d been against All Might, and she wasn’t fucking willing to work with him! He’s not that stupid; he’d known that he couldn’t beat All Might on his own, and he knew she’d known it too! But she’d been perfectly willing to let them fail because of how pissed she is.

“You really think I want to work with a bully? So what if we fail?”

That had been a fucking surprise, that she’d been willing to…

Katsuki scowls and kicks a rock, and keeps walking home. It shouldn’t have been a surprise. Ever since Hosu, every fucking one who found out about how he’d been as a little kid didn’t care about him succeeding. He’s starting to think everyone just wants him to fail. Prove that they’re right to look down on him.

But everyone else had been like him when they’d been kids! Deku had no Quirk so he’d been useless and no one liked him He’s better now better because he had a Quirk! But…

But now everyone is telling him that he’d been wrong. That he shouldn’t have treated Deku like that. That the extras had been wrong, his teachers had been wrong (and Auntie Mrs. Midoriya has already successfully sued the school district over it). He should have been nicer.

Lately Aizawa-sensei keeps talking about how being a goddamn hero isn’t a contest, but if it isn’t one, why is All Might considered the Number One hero? Why is that asshole Hawks considered the Number Two? If you’ve got rankings, then that means it’s a competition.


“Should we be worried about Mei and Tenya being surrounded by orange juice bottles and what looks like a small robot?” Momo asks, grabbing another box of pizza. She’d already gone through two large pizzas and is still hungry.

“Tenya needed to refuel and Mei needed to coo over her latest baby,” Fumikage says. “We have nothing to fear.”

“Now I’m more afraid,” Momo says with a laugh, leaning on Itsuka. Yay. Soft girlfriend.

“If something blows up I can ice the damage,” Shoto offers.

“Shouldn’t we encourage things to not blow up?” Itsuka asks, stealing a slice from Momo’s new pizza box.

“It’s Mei, I don’t think we could stop her,” Izuku points out. “According to Mom, her mom is the same way.”

“How do your moms know each other? Or Endeavor?” Momo asks.  No one had taken the time to explain it to her.

“Mom was the same year as both of them at UA,” Izuku says. “She was Management track, Endeavor was obviously Hero, and Hatsume Tomomoko was Support like Mei. They all originally worked together after graduation, but had a falling out.”

Well. She can guess what happened there.

“Mom and Ms. Hatsume just lost track of each other, the same way Mom and Aoi did,” Izuku further explains. “She thinks now that my sperm donor may have manipulated things to separate Mom from Ms. Hatsume and Aoi. A lot of people Mom knew from UA and college, really. The only reason she and Mrs. Bakugou stayed close is because they still lived near each other.”

Momo snorts softly at Izuku referring to his father as his ‘sperm donor’, but it is basically true. She thinks All Might, even though Izuku has really known the man for over a year and a half, has been a much, much better father figure. By the wry look he’s giving her, he knows what she’s thinking.

“That’s what my Mom said,” Mei says, flipping her little robot over and unscrewing the base. “Yeah, she was busy building up her Support company, but she said Mrs. Midoriya had always been good about reaching out to her and then just...stopped. Mom honestly was so distracted by work and then me, that by the time she noticed she wasn’t comfortable trying to reach out.”

“That’s not suspicious at all,” Neito snarks. “I know with Maman she was busy dealing almost immediately with a political crisis and my parents were trying to figure out how they could have their relationship and keep their jobs.” He shrugs. “It’s how Papa ended up as an MEP. He originally planned on trying for the French parliament, but it was definitely a conflict of interest with Maman being the Japanese Ambassador to France. Less so with him being an MEP.”

“But my sperm donor didn’t do anything to encourage my mom to keep in contact with her friends,” Izuku says with a sigh. “Like, with Ambassador Monoma it makes a lot of sense since she is Mom’s ex. But isolating her from her friends…”

“Made it easier for him to control your mom,” Shoto finishes.

“Which makes almost no sense,” Izuku says. “And we still can’t figure out why he wanted to isolate her so badly.”

Momo frowns.

Extremely suspicious...She shakes her head, and focuses back on Fumikage explaining just how he and Shoto trapped Kan-sensei during their exam. That’s a worry for another day.

“Melissa, you’ve been in your lab for a week and haven’t slept in two days, out,” Dave orders, sighing as he spots all the energy drinks in her lab and the borderline manic look on her face.

“Give me another hour,” she says, keeping her eyes on the red gauntlets in front of her.

David knows they’re a prototype for someone with an augmentation Quirk. At first he’d assumed it was going to be for Toshi, but now looking at the size…He knows Izuku is Toshi’s successor for One For All, but he hasn’t told Melissa that yet.

Toshi had already given him a forewarning on Izuku several months ago, and he’s had his own thoughts in concerns to gear for the kid. Technically he can’t give the kid anything, he has to wait until after Midoriya passes his Licensing Exam, but he’s got a few designs waiting.

“Melissa, seriously, get out of your lab and go to sleep,” he orders. “Whatever you’re working on can wait.”

“Give me ten and I’ll be done,” she promises, screwing together something else on the gauntlets.

Dave leans against the doorframe and watches Melissa silently. She’s brilliant, and being on I Island will help her further her educations. Way too many Support programs demand their students have Quirks, even if they’re completely useless in terms of what they’re doing. I Island’s program couldn’t care less, in part for that exact reason.

He shakes his head and misses Melissa finally finishing.

“Done?” he asks, watching her take off the protective goggles she’s wearing over her glasses.

“Yup. By the way, going to email Uncle Toshi!” she chirps, and Dave feels like he should be vaguely worried. Especially now looking at what she’s made.

Gauntlets, but definitely too small for Toshi.

...She’s definitely figured out Izuku is Toshi’s successor. At least a Support student can make gear for a Hero student.

Toshinori opens his email, having gotten the alert a few hours earlier that Melissa had sent him something. His goddaughter tries to send him emails at least once a month, or with new equipment David sends him. He misses getting to see them, but since  his injury it’s been all but impossible…Maybe he could set something up for them here in Japan? A trip soon? He knows David is interested in meeting Izuku. But what is Melissa’s email...

It’s an invitation to I-Island.

He blinks and laughs softly to himself. It’s perfect, and just at the right moment too. Exams are now over, and there’s a small gap until the training camp. The invitation has a plus one, and it makes him suspect Melissa knows about the necessity for Izuku to at least meet them; afterall, they’re both well aware he’s still single.

He gets up and heads towards Sora’s office. He’d been at the Aery to do another training session with Shoto, and avoiding the paperwork at his own office. Tsukauchi almost always is willing to help deal with it, but he’s been so busy with a case involving Trigger he has no time. Toshinori still hates doing it, but he knows he should get back to Might Tower.

But first, to talk to Sora and then Inko about borrowing Izuku for a few days to go to I Island.

“Sora?” he asks, knocking on the doorframe of his office. He can see the younger hero sitting there, but he looks busy.

“Oh, hey Yagi,” Sora says. “Come in, just responding to a few emails.”

“Speaking of emails, I received an interesting one from my goddaughter Melissa. She offered me an invitation to I Island, where she and her father are now living. It’s for two people, and I’m going to ask Inko for permission to take Izuku with me, but I’d also like to see...

“Yeah, we’re going with all the interns,” Sora says, cutting Toshinori off. “Do you know Marie Dos Santos?”

“Yes?” Toshinori says slowly. The woman considered the strongest hero in the US is someone he certainly knows of .

“She invited myself and any interested interns to I Island, and I think all the fledglings will be interested in going,” Sora explains.

“How do you know her?” Well that is convenient...

“So, there was this mess down in Osaka…”

“Oh fuck no!” Aoi snaps, but she already knows Shina isn’t going to listen to her.

“What’s the expression? You break it, you bought it?” Shina says, rolling her eyes at her protoge. “Aoi. I need someone I trust in charge of the Commission. Saito is ‘retiring’, just like Todoroki did. Unlike Todoroki though, I’m not making the mistake my predecessors did of allowing him to chose his successors. I know I don’t need to worry about you making the their mistakes.”

Aoi groans. “I was looking forward to a peaceful retirement.”

“You’d be bored within a week and trying to take something over.”


“I’m correct, now finish your tea. I have to go figure out the best way to balance both the Number One and Number Two hero visiting I Island.”

Chapter Text

Tomoko is exactly how Inko remembered her. Blue hair in wild braids, a ready grin on her face, and motor oil on her cheek. It had been unnerving the first time she’d spotted Mei, since the girl looked like a pink haired version of Tomoko. She still isn’t entirely sure Tomoko hadn’t just cloned herself.

“So, you want me to help keep an eye on the kids while they’re on I Island, along with Hawks and All Might?” Tomoko repeats. “You know I’m going to spend most of my time in the exhibit halls and avoiding getting stuck on the island.”

“I’m still surprised you and Mei don’t want to live there,” Inko says.

“I don’t like being trapped places, and I’d be trapped there,” Tomoko points out. “There’s really not any plans to let people leave the island once they’ve gone there for school or work. The Shields are probably fine due to their connection to All Might, but most other people aren’t.”

“But you’re still going to go to the Grand Opening?” Inko asks.

“Not like they could keep me there then,” Tomoko says with a shrug. “I’ve been public that while I find it interesting, I don’t want to live there. Besides, if I’m going to be with Hawks and All Might…” She smiles at Inko. “Don’t worry, we’ll all be fine.”

“Was jinxing it really necessary?”

“I didn’t.. .shit.

Well, hopefully Tomoko didn’t actually jinx anything, but after sophomore year…

Well, Toshinori and Sora should be enough to keep it from getting too bad.

Melissa practically bounces as she waits for Uncle Toshi. He’s apparently coming with a much larger group than planned, one that will include both Hatsumes, and Hawks and all the Interns. Which is nice, because she’s been really curious about them, but she’s still confused as to why Marie Dos Santos invited all of them.

Works out for her though.

The American Number One is nowhere to be seen as Melissa spies Uncle Toshi walk through security with the Interns following him and Hawks like ducklings. A blue haired woman Melissa recognizes from Support Monthly is speaking a tall blue haired boy, who looks oddly like a really built accountant. He’s holding the hand of a pink haired version of the blue haired woman.

“Uncle Might!” she calls, waving at him and  barely remembering to not refer to him as ‘Uncle Toshi’ yet.

“Melissa!” he says with a grin, picking up the pace slightly and scooping her up in a big hug. He still feels so strong, even though she knows it’s just an illusion.

Dad had spent the better part of five hours yelling at him after Uncle Toshi told him about the injury and about how he isn’t retiring. Then he’d redesigned Uncle Toshi’s suit so it would support him and his permanently damaged abdomen. But it’s still terrifying to know how weak he’s gotten and how much weaker he’ll get.

“Hi!” she chirps, gesturing for them all to follow her. “I’m Melissa Shield! All Might’s my godfather!” And biological father, but she’s pretty sure Dad doesn’t know she knows that.

“Hi! I’m Midoriya Izuku!” the green haired boy who’d interested her the most.

“I built something for you.” Melissa says, grinning as he stumbles and chokes.

“Hey! I make his gear,” the pink haired girl snaps.

“We can both make him gear,” Melissa offers. “I’ve got a really good gauntlet prototype that should help him avoid the injuries it look like he got during the Sports Festival.”

“...Keep talking,” the other girl says. “Oh, by the way, I’m Hatsume Mei.”

Melissa grins. Awesome, that’s who she thought she was. She waves a bit absently at her Dad, Sam and Marie Dos Santos who’d walked in with them. Normally she’d go say hi normally, but Sam just wandered off to talk with the young red head investor she’s seen around the island for the past day or so.

But today isn’t normal. She has science to discuss.

Mei’s grin is manic as she listens to Melissa, and she can feel Tenya’s worried look. He shouldn’t be worried, she’s not going to leave him for Melissa. She does think the blonde could be her platonic soulmate on the other hand.

The gauntlet sounds brilliant, and she’s kind of jealous she hadn’t thought of it. Then again, David Shield’s been rumored to be All Might’s Support sidekick for years, so it would make sense that Melissa would think of something. Everyone knows how close All Might seems to be with Kiwi.

“So the basics of the gauntlet are some old gear your dad designed for All Might?” Tenya asks, obviously needing clarification. While she babbles her own ideas all the time, she knows he also doesn’t always understand what she’s actually saying. But that’s fine, since he’s at least willing to listen to her.

“Yeah. Uncle Might almost broke his arm early on due to a villain who’d had an absurdly powerful barrier Quirk. The original gauntlets had been designed to absorb unexpected shock,” Melissa explains. “Based on the Sports Festival, it looks like that’s at least part of Midoriya’s problem.”

“Yeah, and he has power consistency issues, but if you have any ideas for that…?” Mei asks, thinking of her own possible designs.

“Let’s go over to my lab, I’ll just show it to you,” Melissa suggests, dragging her and Tenya off. “Besides, I think you can borrow space until you leave and we can work on the gauntlet together”

Oh yeah, she’s definitely talking her language.

Izuku gazes wide eyed at everything around them, and almost misses Melissa dragging Mei and Tenya off somewhere. She and Mei are babbling something about a gauntlet, but for the moment he’s going to ignore it.

Not much he can exactly do about it now.

“If they make something that blows up the island, just how much trouble do you think we’d all be in?” Fumikage asks.

“I think the bigger worry would be how to fifteen year olds destroyed the island, not how much trouble we’d be in,” Momo points out.

“True,” Fumikage acknowledges. “But it is still a concern.”

“Fair,” Itsuka says with a yawn.

He honestly has no clue how Mei and Tenya even have the energy to follow Melissa to her lab. He’s about ready to fall asleep, and it looks like Hitoshi has fallen asleep against an ecstatic looking Inasa. Camie also seems to be sleeping with her eyes open. She’d spent most of the plane ride vomiting instead of sleeping.

They should just head over to their hotel rooms, set up the antispy stuff and take a nap.

“Hey guys, I think we should go to the hotel room and…”

He cuts off as two teenagers body slam Neito into the ground, and he’s too stunned to react.

Neito groans at the weight of two people body slamming him. It’s only the familiar snickering he hears that makes him not punch either of them. Though honestly, he should.

“There are easier ways to greet me,” he says, unthinkingly speaking French instead of Japanese.

“Yes, but this was the fun way,” Maya says with a laugh.

“Also, I wanted to be a dick,” Bruce adds, voice raspy like it’s been since they were eight.

“You are both dicks,” Neito informs them as they let him up. “Izuku, Shoto, everyone else, these two jackasses are Maya Dos Santos and Bruce Smith. Maya’s dad is the American ambassador to the EU, Bruce’s mom is a Scottish MEP.”

“Neito, none of us have any clue what you just said,” Itsuka says. “That was all in French.”

Ah. Whoops.

“I said, these two jackasses are Maya Dos Santos and Bruce Smith. Maya’s dad is the American ambassador to the EU, Bruce’s mom is a Scottish MEP,” Neito explains. “But what are you two doing here?”

“Tio Carlos gave me and Bruce his invitations once he found out Marie had invited you and all your friends,” Maya explains, speaking fluent Japanese. “I bothered him for six hours into doing it.”

“Leave your poor uncle alone,” Neito says, ignoring the others’ incredulous looks.

“Who’s your uncle?” Shoto asks, studying Maya closely.

“Wait, how do you know Empathy?” Fumikage asks, and then Neito remembers what he forgot to tell everyone before they got here. Then again, he didn’t think he’d need to at the time.

“Oh, Carlos Dos Santos, the retired hero Hurricane is my uncle and her dad. Marie Dos Santos is my cousin,” Maya explains.

Yeah, the looks of incredulity are ones he deserves.

“So, who wants to wander the island? I think Marie is going to chat with your guardians, and the island is mystifyingly crime free,” Bruce says, shoving his hands into his jackets pockets. It just pulls the collar down enough to display the old scar on his throat.

The scar he’s at fault for.

“I think we should hit our hotel first and drop our stuff off,” Shoto points out.

“Okay, yeah, dragging around bags would be dumb,” Maya agrees. “So let’s do that first, and then wander the island.”

Cute ginger.

Sora tilts his head slightly and eyes the tall redhead speaking with Shield’s assistant Sam. Sam nods, and the guy walks away, making Sora pout slightly.

He had a nice ass.

“Really Sora?” Toshinori says, side eying him. Marie is watching the majority of the Interns follow her younger cousin and her Scottish friend. They’ve dragged Neito in between them and are apparently filling him in on gossip from their old school.

He’s curious why the younger Dos Santos is wearing gloves on such a hot day. Marie and Nets had never told him what their youngest cousin’s Quirk is.

“I haven’t gotten laid in months leave me alone,” Sora says, grinning as he makes the older hero turn bright red.

“You can’t say anything All Might, I have certain college memories of you…” Shield says, smirking as Toshinori turns an even brighter red. Then he goes back to chatting with Hatsume, something concerning a ray gun.

That’s right, Toshinori had mentioned something about him and Shield being exes, hadn’t he?

“I don’t need to hear about anyone’s sex life,” Marie says, more than a bit dryly. She silently nods her head to the side, gesturing for them to follow her.

“What’s up with the mass invite?” Sora says softly, walking up next to her with Toshinori right behind them.

“Rumors have placed a certain Japanese cryptid looking into the island,” Marie says, lips barely moving. “The Songstress over in Europe heard something and passed it on to Slipstream, who passed it on to me. I thought it would look less suspicious if you brought all the interns with you, rather than me just ask for back up from you two.”

Ah fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck .

“Because based on everything I’ve heard from Nets about him, I really don’t think if he makes a move that Ken and I are going to be enough. As is, we weren’t even supposed to originally be here. But with the rumors...”


Sensei had been distracted by something, so he’d done his search a bit more openly than he probably should have but finding the pictures of Midoriya Hisashi had been a pain in the ass, and he now regrets doing it.

The man in the photo is definitely Sensei. His arms are around a pretty green haired woman who’s holding a small, equally green haired toddler. Sensei is smiling down at his wife, and Tomura is almost tempted to Decay the photograph.

Instead he calls Dabi.

“On a scale of one to ten, how concerned should I be that both Sensei’s son and nephew are heroes?” Tomura asks immediately.

“...Shigaraki, I need background information before I say shit.”

“Sensei is apparently Midoriya Hisashi, the father of Midoriya Izuku and uncle of Hawks,” Tomura says, snapping a photo of the photo in front of him, and sending it to Dabi.

“What the fuck?”

“Yeah,” Shigaraki agrees.

“Hey, Shigaraki?”


“Any clue why Sensei suddenly is out of contact?”

“All he said is there’s a matter he needs to take care of,” Tomura says. “That’s all I know.”

And he suspects it has something to do with why Hawks is going by Midoriya Sora again.

Chapter Text

“So! Nice hotel room, great security set up, good to see people as paranoid as Tio Carlos!” Maya says cheerfully. “Or Marie. Marie is always paranoid too.”

“Your cousin and uncle are two of the top ranked heroes in the US, they should be paranoid,” Neito points out dryly. “Especially after whatever the fuck was up with that mess in New Orleans.”

“That shit show was called politics,” Bruce snarks. “And besides, Mr. Dos Santos  is retired, not an active hero anymore.”

“Yeah well, watching him whack that idiot from Chicago with his prosthetic was hilarious. And cathartic after what he said about Mãe,” Maya says, grinning.

Shoto watches all of this silently. He’s heard stories about Bruce and Maya from Neito in the past. They’d apparently been his only real friends when he’d been a kid. Maya had apparently been viewed as stuck up due to her family connections; not only an ambassador’s daughter, but a niece of a major hero. Bruce had been seen as rude and aggressive. Neito flat out as obnoxious with a ‘pathetic’ Quirk.

Hearing how many people had told the blond he couldn’t be a hero due to the way Copy worked still pisses him off. Why did people think you should say things like that? He now knows it’s happened to both Neito and Izuku (though mysteriously enough not to Mineta).

“Seriously though, why are you all here,” Neito asks, frowning at his friends, “because badgering your tio isn’t like you Maya.”

“Marie is up to something and I wanted to know what,” Maya admits. “It’s not like her to suddenly changes plans, and she changed a lot of plans. She and Ken were supposed to go on vacation down in Rio to see some cousins. Suddenly she’s getting tickets to I Island and getting extras for you guys. It means she’s up to something.”

“Why are you so nosy?” Neito groans, sitting down on one of the beds. “You already know how badly that can backfire.”

“My throat healed fine,” Bruce says, waving off that and what?

“No it didn’t!” Neito snarls, and Shoto almost jerks back. His blond boyfriend is pissed. “You can’t use your Quirk anymore, your voice is always raspy and you fucking got your throat slit! That isn’t fine, Bruce.”

“It’s been five years and a lot of therapy, let it the fuck go,” Bruce hisses, the Scot glaring. “ Now. We just want to know what’s going on, and anyway, the Island is cool. After the expo, it’s going to be on basic bloody lockdown, so if we’re worried over nothing, at least we got to see this.”

Shoto’s pretty sure someone getting their throat slit is not something that should be let go, but he’s going to bow to Bruce’s obvious...acceptance? Of what happened.

Neito’s biting his lip so hard Shoto’s surprised it’s not bleeding, but the blond keeps silent.

“So, who wants to figure out what the American number one wanted with the Japanese Numbers One and Two?” Maya says cheerfully, intentionally ignoring the room’s mode. “Because I’m fucking dying to know.”

Marie sighs as she sits down, clicking the familiar privacy gadget. Her spine is bothering her, and she needs to have Sombra run analysis on it and the rest of her armor; she thinks she’s nearing an upgrade. In hindsight she should have done it last month, but she’d just been so busy.

Much too busy to do the maintenance she knows she should be.

“How’s your back?” Sora asks quietly; she always forgets he was there when she’d gotten the injury that had made her rely on her spinal implant. Fucking San Francisco...

“Fine,” she says, just as quietly back. “I just need to have Sombra take a look at it; she mentioned a new update and upgrade for me. Some new metal that should be even more responsive. Oh. Last she and I spoke she mentioned she had a new prototype of the arm braces if you were interested.”

He nods his head thoughtfully, but she suspects he’ll say ‘no’ like he has every other time.

“So, a certain Japanese cryptid has been looking into I Island for some reason,” Marie says, cutting straight to the chase. “As a result, Ken and I grabbed invitations so there’d be more hero protection.”

“As in Kenji Dos Santos, your husband?” Dr. Shield says. “As in the Head of Surgery of New York Presbyterian? I didn’t know he’s an active hero.”

“Yes,” Marie says, a bit curious about why the scientist knew her husband’s position, but at the same time not really caring. As long as that was what what he knew, it wasn’t an issue. “But he’s not an active hero. Sometimes he does give me backup.” She shrugs.

“Anyway, that’s not a real concern right now. We can’t figure out why your cryptid is looking into the Island. There aren’t any bio labs here, no military designs. Hero Support designers sure, but nothing major-major.”

Shield grimaces. “I think I have an idea. Sam and I built an amplification device, which works on strengthening Quirks. Leadership immediately confiscated it and locked it up, because in hindsight it was a terrible idea.”

“You think All For One heard about it and wants to steal it,” All Might says.

“Why did you build something like that?” Sora asks, gaping at the brunet. “That’s a terrible idea.”

“Sombra once built a fully sentient AI that passed the Turing Test,” Marie points out, remembering Zen. “By all sci-fi logic, that’s a fucking terrible idea.”


“Wait, who built what?” Dr. Shield asks, looking very interested.

“It doesn’t matter,” Marie says, waving him off. Not a chance in hell she’s giving a legal Support designer access or too much knowledge of Sombra. The only reason Sora knows about Sombra is due to Nets orchestrating a meeting between them. “Just a friend.”

“Just a friend,” Sora repeats, giving both All Might and Dr. Shield warning looks.

“Anyway, that really isn’t a concern right now. The worry is All For One, so let’s discuss.”

Sora rubs at his eyes, because fucking hell. How does this sort of thing keep happening? As is, Hikari’s looking into some rumors, and Nets warning him over some rumors they’re hearing…

“The wise thing to do would be to destroy the amplification device,” Shield says, sitting on the arm of Toshinori’s chair. Sora wonders if the American and Toshinori realize how...affection their body language is toward each other. “But it’s impossible to get access to the vault, not unless we can cause a big enough distraction to get security looking elsewhere.”

“Which would be stupid in case something went wrong,” Toshinori says, coughing up a small amount of blood.

It’s been decreasing lately and thankfully, but he thinks it only has since he and Rumi know what’s going on and have stepped up their workloads even more than they’d already been. Whatever, they’re in their early twenties and sans major injuries. They can handle an increase in workload, and his sidekicks are more than happy to run more patrols.

“Agreed,” Marie says with a nod. “We could simply ask the higher ups to destroy it, but I’m suspicious of the fact they locked it up rather than wrecked it.”

“Yeah, I mentioned to Sam that I think there’s something up,” Shield says. “But he thinks I’m overthinking.”

“No, I think you’re right,” Sora says, mind whirling. “There has to be some reason they wouldn’t have destroyed something so dangerous. There has to be.”

“Well, let’s look into that,” Marie says, standing up. “And I will also look into what the menances known as my little cousin and Bruce are up to, since I doubt it was purely to see the Island or Neito.”

“Then let’s gather everyone together,” Toshinori suggests. “Let’s do a BBQ.”

“You just missed having them,” Shield says with a fond smile, and Sora really wonders if they’re actually exes.

“I’ll tell the kids to let the technies know. Toshi, can you call and let Tomoko know? And Marie?” He catches the American’s attention. “Tell Sombra I want the arm bracers.”

He’d always said no in the past due to the Commission. But with the Commission no longer a threat and All For One a threat…

He really wants the arm bracers Sombra made.

“A’ight babes, get a-movin’ cause them head honchos dropped word on a BBQ,” Camie says breezily, practically swaying into the lab, “Shit’s gon’ be lit, I can tell.”

“How’d you get into here?” Melissa asks, and Mei doesn’t get it either. They locked the…

“You lockpicked the lab, didn’t you?” Mei asks, knowing lockpicking is a standard skill at the Aery and the Warren. She already knew the basics, but Mama Bird had given her more advanced lessons.

“Whaaaaat, like it’s hard?” Camie says, smiling sweetly. It’s the same sort of smile she had before nailing Inasa in the nuts last spar. “Hustle fam, oil needs t’ get gone, boyfriend retrieved, you have five before Glamor.”

Mei watches Camie warily as she washes off and spots the other girl start poking Tenya in the cheek; he’d dozed off. Between not really getting anything she and Melissa had been discussing and being tired from the flight, he’d dozed off almost a half an hour ago. She watches Tenya wake up with a yelp and then roll off his seat.

“Owwww,” he groans.

“Wake up!” Camie says cheerfully, blatantly aware that he’s awake. She’s perfectly perky again after having spent most of the flight sick. “BBQ time!”

“Huh?” Tenya says, adjusting askew glasses.

“BBQ time. Big shots want a chow down and a discussion I think,” Camie explains. “So wake up, wash up and let’s gooo!”

“I liked you better sick,” Mei grumbles, but finishes washing up.

She does not want to see what Camie would Glamor her with.

Katsuki chokes as he spots Utsushimi and some blonde girl walking next to Iida and his terrifying girlfriend. What the fuck are the Aery Interns doing here? And who’s the blonde?

“Bakugou?” Kirishima asks, the red head giving him a confused look.

“It’s fine,” Katsuki grumbles, barely avoiding blushing. He’s had way too many awkward dreams involving Utsushimi and Kirishima ever since that day at the Aery when she flung him out. Bad enough he’d already been having dreams about Shitty Hair...

“Is that Iida and Hatsume?” Kirishima asks, looking as surprised as he is. “What are...well what is Iida doing here? Since Hatsume at least makes sense.”

“I want to know who’s with them,” Katsuki says, since it’s definitely not anyone he’s seen around UA, or at the Aery (not that he’s been stalking the blogs dedicated to the Interns and Hawks, because he totally hasn’t). “She’s not UA.”

“Doesn’t I Island have entire families living on it? She may be some family friend of the Hatsumes,” Kirishima points out with a shudder. He’d had a bad interaction recently with Hatsume. Turns out she’s over protective of Iida, who’d’ve known?


Wherever they’re heading, he kind of wants to know.

Izuku stares in awe at the armor that flickers over and off again on Marie’s arm.

“So it’s technically is and technically isn’t related to your Quirk?” Izuku repeats.

“Yes. When my Quirk is active, so is my ability to use my armor, but I can use my Quirk without using my armor,” Marie explains. “The armor was built for me by a friend, but a danger of it, and you are not allowed to write this down, is that it’s connected to my neurological system, primarily through my spine. I had an injury several years ago that damaged my spine, and the armor allows me to get around that. It’s a type of nanotech, and non-magnetic, which - Thank god.”

Izuku nods rapidly, seeing all the values and issues of the armor. Something like it isn’t practical for all heroes to use, and…

“Why do you have metal beads in your hair?” he hears Inasa groan.

“For smacking idiots who get too close to what I’m doing,” Mei says, ignoring the whining elemental and tapping a finger on a tablet that looks suspiciously like it has blueprints on it.

“Wood beads are good for that too,” Maya adds, flicking at her longer braids. “Makes a nice sound too.”

“Please don’t assault people with your hair,” Marie says with a sigh. “But yeah,” she turns back to paying attention to Izuku. “The armor isn’t truly connected to my Quirk. You take my armor away, I can still use my Quirk.”

“Neat,” Izuku mutters under his breath. Because he’s always thought that Empathy’s armor is a part of her Quirk but if it’s not...Then again, she never had the armor when she made her first appearance when she’d been sixteen, so it makes sense that it had nothing to do with her Quirk…

“Hey, where did Sora go?”

Dabi grins at the sight of Hawks sipping some coffee and wandering away from the BBQ that he seemed to be involved in. He’s curious about the blond guy and lack of All Might, but that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is a certain pretty bird wandering off. So he’s going to follow and see what’s up.

Thinking with his dick is probably dumb, but at least it’ll be fun.  

“You know spying on people is weird, right?” Hawks says, smirking at him over his shoulder. “And not exactly the best way to get a hero’s attention?”

“Well, it got your’s,” Dabi says, smirking back. “Enjoying the Island?”

“It’s great!” Hawks says, and there’s something weird in his voice. “You’re one of Dr. Shield’s investors, aren’t you? I saw you chatting with his assistant a few hours ago.”

“Yeah, I’m interested in investing on some of their prosthetic gear,” he says, and it’s not even a lie! The amplification set up is totally a type of prosthetic. “Got a few friends with major injuries so…” Dabi shrugs.

Yeah. Friends. Hah.

“Noble,” Hawks says, golden eyes flicking over Dabi’s figure. “What did you say your name is?”

“Ito Asahi,” Dabi says. “Why?”

“Curious,” Hawks says, but he almost looks more relaxed. “So, just here for investments? Or here for any fun too?”


“Well, maybe later tonight…” Hawks trails off with a smirk. “Because I’ve got a few more things to do, but it’s a small island.”

“Of course,” Dabi says.

Now. To figure out how to have sex with the image inducer up. Because he really doubts Hawks’ taste is half burnt villain, as much as he’d like otherwise.

“I’m only giving you this warning because I pity you,” Monoma immediately says, cutting off Hana’s sneering greeting.

“Excuse me?” Hana snarls.

“Your entire legacy’s dead, and your political dreams shattered. You aren’t even in the semi-decent position Todoroki ended up in, since he at least could live on his remaining reputation as a retired hero. You though? You have nothing but a minor pension,” Monoma says, and Hana can hear the soft click-click of the blonde’s heels. “And I’m now stuck cleaning up your mess.”

“Just tell me what you want!” Hana snaps, fist clenching. She can feel her nails dig into her palm.

“I’m assuming you saw the news article concerning the tragic car crash involving the Takashiros?” Monoma asks instead.

“Yes?” Hana can’t help but be mystified. What does their death have to do with her? It’s not like she killed them, they aren’t exactly worth the effort.

“An autopsy was done and they didn’t die from the crash. They had been tortured to death,” Monoma says bluntly. “And then their torturer made it look like a car crash.”

Hana blanches. Because…

“I thought you’d like a heads up. While I won’t waste resources guarding you, I would advise finding someone who will,” Monoma says, and then hangs up the phone without saying goodbye.

Hana puts her phone down shakily. It’s just a coincidence. She’ll be fine.

She’ll be…

“Ah! Miss Saito. So good to see you unharmed,” an unknown voice says, a heavy hand dropping onto her shoulder.

“Let’s change that.”

Chapter Text

I-Island had been supposed to be something enjoyable. It was supposed to be a break where finally didn’t have to deal with getting shown up by Deku and his fucking friends. So of fucking course they’re here, All Might and Hawks supervising them, while meeting America’s Number One, All Might’s Support designer, his daughter (who looks weirdly like All Might), and two kids who know the Copier jackass.

Katsuki kicks a rock, glaring at the ground. It’s not fair. They’re everywhere he turns around, and always doing better than him. He’s gotten to meet some designers his parents are friends with. Deku’s gotten to meet Empathy and her husband.

“You okay?” Kirishima asks, his hands shoved into his pockets.

“I’m fine,” Katsuki growls.

“Sure,” Kirishima says, and it’s obvious that he doesn’t believe him. “Island’s super cool. And your mom’s friend was nice.”

Katsuki grunts, kicking another stone.

“Oh, I saw that pretty Shiketsu girl! The one who threw you out of the Aery!” Kirishima says, bouncing on the balls of his feet. “She was chatting with one of Monoma’s friends. They all went into the exhibition hall. We should go there and you should try and talk to her.”

“No.” He’s already humiliated himself in front of her once.

“Come oooooon. I wanna see what’s here,” Kirishima groans, and Katsuki gives in.

He needs to stop doing that.

Mei’s gleeful as they walk around the exhibit hall. Her Mom is speaking with some people she vaguely recognizes like Miyashita, the secretary of Deternat’s CEO. She’s not sure why, but her Mom hates Yotsubashi and refuses to work with Deternat at all. Maybe something to do with them poking around in hero Support?

Eh. Not her problem. Their stuff is shit anyway.

“So your dad isn’t showing off any of his things?” Mei asks Melissa.

“Didn’t want to,” she says with a shake of her head. “The thing is, especially with Uncle Might being here, people are remembering Dad’s been his Support supplier for decades. So Dad really doesn’t want to draw even more attention,” she adds quietly enough Mei can barely hear her.

Mei grimaces, good mood vanishing. They all know something is up, but for once Sora and All Might are being tight lipped. It’s bad. Maya had said the same thing about her cousin and her cousin’s husband; Empathy being so secretive is almost worse.

She shakes her head. They couldn’t exactly do anything right now, and looking around the Expo Hall let them both look at new tech and also give them an idea of what can get used against them. It’s also giving her ideas, which she and Mel can try back at the lap.

“I keep waiting for something to happen,” Tenya admits, holding her hand. It’s just the three of them.

“So is everyone else,” Melissa says. “Which sucks, because I’ve been looking forward to this for ages.”

“And instead we have to worry about villains.” Tenya sighs.

“Hey, at least we can test new gear on them!”

“Mei, that’s technically illegal.”

“Only if we get caught.”


Izuku can feel eyes on the back of his neck. He knows it’s not one of his fellow interns, or Mel, Maya and Bruce. For one thing, Bruce and Maya were in front of him with Neito. They’re arguing in French which he, Shoto, Camie and Fumikage can’t understand.

“Bakugou and Kirishima are here,” Shoto says, and Camie hums in agreement. She’s studying Bakugou and Kirishima. Fumikage seems to be looking around to see if there’s anymore classmates not them.

“His mom does Support costume design sometimes. She probably got sent a ticket and gave it to Bakugou,” Izuku explains. “I see a section for Deternat, and she worked with them to make Bakugou’s stuff.”

“Why do you know that?” Neito asks, glancing over his shoulder.

“He bragged about it.”

“What are you three arguing about?” Fumikage says, no longer looking around. Based on his own calm, none of their other classmates are around and in potential danger.

“If we should be involved or not,” Maya says, twisting a black braid around her index finger.

“You shouldn’t! Neither of you are getting trained as heroes, and it’s going to be a fucking repeat of what happened when we were kids!” Neito hisses.

“What exactly happened?” Fumikage asks, and Bruce laughs softly. He catches Izuku’s eye.

“Someone slit my throat.”

“Can’t use my Quirk anymore because of the scarring,” Bruce says, slamming down on that old memory. ColdhandstalonMayaNeitopleaseplease No .

“We got grabbed by someone who hates my Tio,” Maya explains. “They got all three of us, but Bruce had the only Quirk that worked from a distance. Both Neito and I need to touch people.”

“They grabbed me by the throat and slit it when Hurricane tried to rescue me. Only reason I didn’t die is because they didn’t hit an artery,” Bruce says, closing his eyes. He rubs at the scar and it’s still bumpy. It never went away.

“That’s why your voice is so raspy,” Shoto says, and Neito’s usually taciturn boyfriend touches the burn scar around his eye.

“Yup. Damaged my voice and my Quirk,” Bruce says. “But let’s focus on other things!”

Because he seriously needs to think about something else. Something better and not about how he lost his Quirk.

Inasa chattering is almost soothing at this point. Hitoshi focuses on it instead of how tense Momo and Itsuka are. Or about how everyone else wandered off. The four of them can deal with anything here. Inasa’s wind alone could knock down dozens of people.

“So you managed to prank your entire year,” Hitoshi says, shaking his head.

“Yes! They paid no attention and I got them all!” Inasa says gleefully. “I didn’t even Camie to help me with the distraction in the end.”

“Nice,” Hitoshi says, impressed. The brunet is loud and has a massive presence. It’s hard to not notice him, but Aizawa-sensei’s been helping them all with that. He’s been helping Mirko and Fuyumi teach them. Mostly him, since he’s so behind, but he has given all of them advice.

Well Fuyumi doesn’t teach them so much as make sure Mirko’s lesson plans make sense.

“Yes. Next time we want to get the entire school at once,” Inasa says, rubbing his hands together.

“Won’t that risk you two getting expelled?” Momo asks, turning around slightly to see them properly. She’s got her hand in Itsuka’s back pocket.

“Not with the internships,” Inasa says, shaking his head. “For Shiketsu it’s too much of a status symbol now since it’s only us and UA having them.”

Hitoshi bites back a frown. The level of favoritism they’ve all been getting makes him wonder when their classmates are going to snap over it. His classmates in Gen Ed are more proud of him than angry since it proves they can be as good as the Hero track students. But he’s seen enough of the Hero class students starting to glare at his fellow interns, both in their year and the upper years.

By the way Itsuka frowns, he thinks she’s noticed the same thing.

David sprawls curls up with Toshinori. He’s fast asleep, making sure he’s not too drained for the party that night. David runs his fingers through unruly blond hair, and tries to focus on how nice it is to be in bed with Toshi again, not on how afraid he is.

Their relationship had ended over Toshi being terrified for him and Melissa. All For One had suddenly become extremely active in Japan, so Toshi went back, leaving Mel and him behind. He knows it was for safety, and knows it’s why he still claims to Melissa that he just used a sperm donor when he decided to get pregnant. He’s pretty sure she doesn’t believe him anymore. She’s grown up to look a lot like Toshi.

But it feels like they may go somewhere again. That they may try again, and he wants to so badly. He’d dedicated himself to keeping Toshinori safe with his gear, and he’s still bitter that in the end he wasn’t enough to help him. His more recent stuff had been enough to keep him going, but he hasn’t been able to prevent All For One from almost killing him.

If he’d actually lost Toshinori, he’s not sure what he would have done.

But if they could try again, if they could let Melissa and the world know the truth…

He just really wants to be able to stay with Toshinori this time.

Sora smiles very warmly at Ito, enjoying the way the redhead is looking back. He’s got the most gorgeous eyes Sora’s seen in a while, but there’s something oddly familiar about him. Something about Ito’s appearance in generally feels familiar, but then again, he does have a type.

“So you’re looking into Abraham’s Support gear?” Sora echoes, eyes on Ito’s mouth. Huh. He could have sworn he only had earrings, but it looks like he’s got a lip ring too... “Not Shield’s?”

“He’s not exactly known for doing gear for most people,” Ito points out. “Abrahams is, so he’s a better bet to invest in.”

“True…” Sora says slowly. It makes sense, but still seems weird. Abrahams is technically David’s assistant. When you’ve had a pair of scientists collaborating for so long, it’s weird to only get one working for you instead of both. Even weird if it’s an investor only interested in funding one of them.

“But let’s talk about something else,” Ito says, smiling just as warmly at him. “Are you sharing a room with you cousin and his friends?”

“Nope!” Sora says, grinning. “Want to take advantage of it and me?”

“Sure,” Ito says, and Sora leads him back to his hotel room.


Wolfram glares at the younger man, barely resisting the urge to throw him out. All For One had made it clear to him that ‘Dabi’ is someone he must listen to. That if Dabi is hurt or killed by him, then All For One will not only take back his gifted Quirk, but will also take back his original. Wolfram shudders at the thought. He has no clue why the fire Quirk user had All For One’s favor so strongly but…

Well, retrieving the amplifier should change that. Maybe it could even topple that Shigaraki brat from being All For One’s successor.

“So your plan right now is to use the main tower’s restraining device, grab All Might’s pet scientist and Abrahams, and then steal the amplifier,” Dabi says. “And you expect it to work with All Might, Hawks, and Empathy here?”

“The restraints are the same are in Tartarus, and supposedly All Might tested them to make sure even he can’t break out,” Wolfram says. “Once he’s in them, we’re fine.”

“Empathy and Hawks don’t need to be able to touch you to use their Quirk on you. Emotional Strength has been known to drop people around her without her ever touching them, and Hawks Quirk is in his feathers. He flicks a feather at you, you’re fucked,” Dabi says, ripping holes in his plan. “Just get the amplifier and Abrahams. We’ll go from there.”

Wolfram glares, but nods his head. Fuck the brat and his opinions - he isn’t doing that. He’s been a villain for years, and he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Aoi grimaces as she looks at the report on Saito’s death again. As much as she couldn’t stand the woman, even she wouldn’t wish something anything near that one her. The injuries are similar to the Takashiros, and she has a suspicion, but one she’s not going to mention to Inko or Kiyome. Not until Songstress has had a chance to look into things.

“Come in,” she says at a knock on her door. She hears a rustle behind her as Amelie stops leaning against the wall.

“Hello Director,” Danielle says, startling her. She’d left the other Guillard sister in France as additional protection for Alec, along with Gerard Guillard, their cousin. Her being here is a bad sign. “We’ve got a problem.”

“Oh fucking hell,” Aoi groans. “What is it?”

“Miguel Garcia was killed a week ago,” Danielle says, making Aoi stiffen.

Garcia had been a long time political enemy of her and Alec. He had tried heavily to increase Quirk regulation laws, and attempted to make certain types of Quirks illegal. Alec had stopped almost every attempt, along with Pierre Barre.

Danielle hands Aoi a file, and oh no. Paper, and handwritten. This is bad. This only happened when they had to be absolutely certain they couldn’t be hacked. Made worse since it’s Songstress’s handwriting, and she can only think of a few things that would require such secrecy.

Miguel Garcia is dead. The killer was likely Lato based on the injuries he had. He’s also had a recent money trail to Japan. You know as well as I do just what that means.


Political enemy of her’s and Alec, and one of the most ruthless villains in Europe as his killer. She knows Lato has no personal issue with Garcia, but she’s perfectly willing to kill for money. Saito, the Takashiros, and now this. But Garcia’s death is the worst.

Because it means All For One is now active in Europe.

Chapter Text

“They’re probably going to attack during the party.” Sora says, in the bathroom, feathers on the floor as he finishes adjusting his jacket. He’d needed Ken’s help altering the wing holes slightly. All Might is over at the Shield’s apartment, either getting ready or getting distracted from getting ready.

“Probably,” Marie agrees. Huh. Should she wear or dress or just say fuck it and go with her armor? All Might is going just in his uniform (in part due to one of the kids stealing his suit and throwing it in the trash, but with how hideous it had been she doesn’t blame them), but Sora is wearing a suit...Eh, armor. If there’s an attack she doesn’t want to ruin a dress.

She grabs for her undersuit rather than her dress and flicks her wrists just slightly. Silver bleeds over her body, in seconds covering her from the neck down. If she needs her head covering, she can pulls that up.

“That’s always freaky to watch,” Sora says, sticking his head out of the bathroom. “And I don’t get how that much metal is contained in your implants.”

“Sombra is amazing,” Marie says with a shrug. “And nanotech. You’re going to have to deal with something similar for the arm bracers.”

“I know.” Sora grimaces and glances down at his forearms. “Based on your armor and how much it’s helped you for the past few years…”

“It’s worth the pain.” She smiles a bit bitterly. “At least it’ll be purely defensive for you. The armor is more than half for keeping me alive even outside of combat.”

Fucking spinal injuries...Her original armor had just been for fighting. Now it’s half of what keeps her functioning. She’s not going to be able to be a hero for that long; her injury makes it impossible. It’s not like her Papai's original leg injury. He’d only had to stop when he lost his arm too.

“You okay?” Sora asks, dragging her from her thoughts.

“Just thinking about future things,” she says, waving her hand. “Let’s head down.”

She resists the urge to grab for a painkiller. She’ll take one after everything is done, if anything even happens. She’s good at pretending that she isn’t hurting, and it’s not like it’s too bad. Only about seven.

“Now, let’s grab All Might and Shield, and see if we’re right about listening to our paranoia.”

“So...should we be listening to our paranoia?” Fumikage asks, adjusting his cufflinks. They’re in the shape of little crows. Hikari had given them to him as a gift.  

“We know something is going to happen,” Shoto points out. “Just not what.”

“We also know that none of you can iron,” Neito says, focusing on the wrong thing entirely. “Really, I know I told all of you to hang your suits up when we got here. Even Tenya forgot!”

“I like how you’re focusing on that and not the situation at hand,” Maya says, adjusting the strap of one of her heels.

“If I focus on the situation at hand, I’m going to yell at one of the adults.” Neito lays out the ironing board and gets started on Izuku’s shirt, which looks like he just threw it in his suitcase without even folding it. There’s more he wants to say from the look on his face, but he bites it back.

“The fact they decide against explaining exactly what’s going on is a bad sign,” Izuku says, frowning. “We know there’s got to be some sort of villain attack coming, and it’s probably going to happen at the party.”

“So what should we do?” Shoto says.

Izuku exhales, frowning.

“Brace ourselves.”

Dabi rolls his eyes at Wolfram’s plan, but sure. Fuck it. He’ll go along and laugh when it fails. The idiot isn’t taking him seriously over the threat from either Hawks or the interns. As is, he’s convinced that just the amplification will be enough to deal with Hawks, Empathy and All Might. At once.

The device is definitely good, but it’s not that good. Empathy may be Hurricane’s daughter, but she sure as shit hadn’t coasted on her father’s name to being the United States’ strongest hero. All Might is acknowledged as the Number One hero in the world. Hawks definitely deserves being so highly ranked so young. The interns can’t exactly take him down, but they can be a pain in the ass long enough for any of the three to arrive.

“You’re only getting into the vault with Dr. Abrahams or Dr. Shield’s assistance,” Dabi reminds him. “And Shield right now is too much of a risk.”

“Abrahams has already agreed,” Wolfram says. “He wants money and fame, and thinks he’s going to get it once the amplification device is out of the vault. He thinks I’m just an actor, so I’ll ‘pretend’ to use him to get it, and then fling him off the top of the tower.”

“You’re going to throw one of the only two people who know how to build more of the amplifiers off the top of the roof,” Dabi says flatly. “Which would mean we don’t have to worry about trying to reverse engineer the entire thing, just drag him along and make him build more.”

“We’ll be taking Shield as well, just not when the amplification device is being retrieved,” Wolfram explains. “Once Abrahams has it, he’ll reach me and Shield on the roof, and then I’ll use the device to show the weakness of the strongest heroes in the world against it.”

“...Your plan is to kidnap All Might’s Support guy. Steal the amplification device. Fight them to prove it works?” Dabi asks, not getting why  he thinks this is a good idea. Didn’t this guy used to be a major arms dealer? He has to know you don’t need to show off a weapon like this, right?


“...Okay sure. Why the fuck not.”

Maybe this will somehow work. Think positively, and that shit, right?

Then again, as long as the heroes never escape the security system and Wolfram decides to take advantage of that after all...

Toshinori swears violently as they suddenly are sealed into the room, and the bonds spring around him. Damn it. He helped test these a few years ago, and they’re strong enough to hold him at full strength. All the heroes are trapped like him, along with a few others like Tomoko. The civilians look terrified. Well, almost all of them.

David and Kenji just look furious.

They are…

“So heroes! Good to have caught your attention!” a voice says, drawing Toshinori’s eyes to the ceiling speakers. Only a few moments earlier they’d been playing music and he’d been thinking of asking David to dance. “If it’s not obvious, you’re all captured, and we’ll be taking what we want from here.”

“Are they seriously boasting?” Marie mutters, the American’s eyes narrowing in fury.

“Bets the target is the amplification device?” Sora murmurs.

“Sucker’s bet.” Marie rolls her eyes. “When I get out of these, I’m feeding this guys entrails to him.”

“And don’t worry! You’ll go free once we’re gone!”

It’s so patently false he wants to laugh. Instead he focuses on two things. Getting free, and figuring out where the kids are. Hopefully safe at the hotel, running late and going to safety but he doesn’t have much faith in that.

He suspects he’ll find them tangling with the villain.

“But first! We have a few people to take!”

Izuku can’t decide if he hates being right or not.

The building is on lockdown, the adults are all trapped, and the villain had somehow managed to take Dr. Shield. If he could hack and use the building’s security against the heroes, then it also meant he could probably access the security around the amplifier. The only reason they even knew about the lockdown and attack is because of Mei hacking the cameras after they noticed they couldn’t get in.

They’d been running late due to Camie’s high heel snapping and needing to be replaced. As is, she and Maya are still running behind them, since the American had been the only one with the same size shoe. Maya and Bruce aren’t in their hotel since they hadn’t actually come with Marie, who was in their hotel.

“If we can get up to the 80th floor, we can turn off the security system,” Melissa says. “I remember Dad saying that they put it there since it wasn’t a ‘standard’ location.”

“There’s also probably other villains beside’s this Wolfram guys entourage,” Izuku adds, frowning.

“There are,” is Mei’s absent comment. “Bunch of guys covering the stairwells and floors, but it doesn’t look like any of them having weapons.”

“So they’re confident in their Quirks for fighting,” Shoto says. “How should we do this?”

“Me, Mei and Melissa are going to head to the 80th floor to reach security. Neito, Shinso, Momo and Inasa are going to take down as many people as you can on the 80th floor up, and Kendo, Fumikage, Tenya and Shoto, take it from 79 down. I’ll text Camie to see if she can slip in and make sure there’s no surprises in the lowest levels. Glamor should make it easy enough for her to hide and give her time to call one of us. Once the security system is down the All Might, Hawks and Empathy will probably all go after Wolfram. I’m going to assume the other heroes here will go after the same villains.”

“Not including me?” Bruce says.

“You aren’t a hero in training, you can’t use your Quirk, and while I know you have knives on you, it’s safer if you stay out of the fighting,” Izuku says. He hadn’t seen Bruce hide any on himself, but he knows he’s right about it. “Try to call off island to let people know something’s going on.”

“Got it,” Bruce sighs. “Fucking hate being useless,” he says under his breath.

Izuku grimaces, but that’s something to deal with later.

“Let’s do this.”

Melissa ignores the fight behind her as Deku punches some henchman into a wall. Whoever the villain who started this mess is gone, probably to kidnap her Dad, but he’d left enough surprises behind. She flicks through the screens, looking for the shutdown codes. Mei is beside her, fingers tapping as rapidly as her own.

Mei makes a small noise of satisfaction, and Melissa watches the program for the security bots shut off, which good. They’re probably the biggest barrier for the others. Then again, she hasn’t spotted anyone having to deal with them yet. Since everyone had been in the stairwells so far, they’d never had to face them.

Well, now they never would.

“Main system?” she asks Mei.

“No, just those bots.”

“Damn,” Melissa mumbles. “Well let’s…”  Melissa freezes. The security for the vault had been turned off. Fuck.

“They’ve probably got the amplifier already,” she warns. “That system is off.”

“How? I thought you said that this security room isn’t connected to it?”

“Someone who had access must have turned it off.” Melissa bites her lower lip, ignoring the sound of yelling behind her as Deku continues to deal with the villains. “And there’s only a few people who can, like Dad and Dr. Abrahams. While they can’t take anything out, they can access it.”

“That seems stupid.”

“It is, but whatever, let’s just focus on getting this building’s security system turned off.”

Alright, who payed for Rent-A-Cops? Phantom Thief thinks, following Gale Force, Creati, and Shinso up the stairs. This isn’t even hard.

The security bots had been a pain in the ass to deal with, but they’d turned off pretty quickly. The security room team must have succeeded already.

“So, am I the only one who feels this is...pathetic for something we’ve spent a few days worrying about?” Shinso asks. “Like really, you guys couldn’t even put up a fight?”

“Hey!” snaps one of their opponents, and then his face goes lax.

“Help us take down your allies,” Shinso orders.

The villain promptly does exactly that, actually being the pain in the ass for his allies that he hadn’t been for them.

Shoto’s theory about how none of them had weapons and were relying on Quirks had been correct. Arrogant of them, but useful. None of them had worry about being shot by a gun at least. But what is bothering him is how bad they all are at actually using their Quirks in combat.

“I can’t be the only one thinking that these guys were intended to slow down heroes, rather than beat them, right?” Creati says, pulling a smoke bomb from her stomach and flinging it down the staircase as a few former opponents try to sneak up on them. “Not defeat them?”

“Probably. God they’re pathetic,” Phantom Thief says, shaking his head in what he knows is a mocking manner. “You guys really are pathetic,” he says.

“We aren’t fucking…!” a woman snarls, and then her face goes blank, his Copy of Shinso’s Quirk taking over her mind.

“Fight your allies,” he orders.

Yeah, this is just kind of sad at this point.


Misillusion runs up the stairs, Maya just behind to her, and Kirishima and Bakugou just in front of her. They’d found the two boys lost in the basement (somehow), and decided to take advantage of them. She’d had a collapsible staff in a thigh holster and is using it to get through, but Kirishima being able to rush people in his hardened form was useful. Same with Bakugou’s explosions, even if her ears are ringing a bit.

“What the fuck is her Quirk?” she hears Bakugou hiss, watching Maya again touch someone’s bare skin and make them drop. She thinks he can’t properly see the looks of complete horror that only the touched can see.

“Hallucinate,” Misillusion says shortly.

Touch based illusion type Quirk that pulled someone into a nightmare of their worst fear. Maya had explained the Quirk is hard to turn ‘off’, so she just wears gloves to make her life easier. On top of that, people are more comfortable shaking her hands if they don’t have to worry about getting mentally trapped.

“Can you just blow more shit up?” Maya calls. “And ask about my Quirk later? One of these two things is a lot more important than the other.” She suckerpunches the guy in front of her and then slaps him, catching him in a nightmare.

Misillusion just breaths out, and makes sure more people are trapped in their minds.

Battle Fist can’t use her hands, and it’s kind of annoying. The stairwell they’re in at the moment is too confined to for her to use her Quirk. Instead, she’s relying on traditional hand to hand. Ingenium is having a similar problem, but that’s also partially due to his pants not having holes for his engines. Tsukuyomi and Shoto aren’t having that much of an issue, but Tsukuyomi is definitely having the easiest time.

“They’re all coming from the floor below us,” Ingenium says, kicking one of the henchman into another. “If we can get onto that floor, we can stop any approaching forces from reaching the rest.”

“Awesome,” Battle Fist says, watching Shoto freezes a few more opponents.

Dark Shadow blocks an energy burst from someone and Ingenium flips himself over the side of the stairwell, kicking someone in the face. Shoto makes and ice slide and ices the stairs, making it harder for people to run up. She watches him tilt his head thoughtfully and...

“...Did we really forget we could’ve had you freeze the doors the entire time?” Tsukuyomi asks.

Battle Fist sighs.

“We still have more people to deal with on lower levels,” she reminds them. “I can hear explosions.”

“Now let’s go deal with that.”

“He’s on the fucking roof, isn’t he,” Empathy says flatly, following All Might and him to a window. He’s going to fly up, and All Might leap up to the roof. “Can one of you get me up there too? It’s farther than my armor can help me jump.”

“Yup,” Hawks says, spying a helicopter on the roof that shouldn’t be there, and then scooping her up bridal style, jumping out the window and then flying up, taking only thirty seconds to get up to the roof, All Might right behind him. The building almost shakes from the force of his landing.

“So you’re the man who decided attacking a building full of heroes and stealing a dangerous device along with inventors is a good idea,” All Might says.

“And your the pathetic heroes trying to stop me,” the villain sneers, full of bravado and wearing what Hawks suspects is the amplification device. “With Dr. Abrahams assistance I have the device, and it’ll be more than enough to deal with you. Between this and my Quirks, victory is mine.”

Two Quirks. Magnetic Quirk of some sort and some type of physical strengthening. Okay.

All For One is definitely involved and wow. This entire thing is such a stupid idea. Who the fuck doesn’t haul ass the second they have what they came for and decide to wait to fight three powerful heroes? Who?

He can’t believe this is who they’ve been worried about. By the look on Empathy’s face, she’s of the same opinion.

“Wait, hold on,” Empathy says, gesturing as if for a time out and completely unconcerned by both his metal, and his confusion over how he can’t take control of her armor. It’s not magnetic? Alright, that would be foolish never mind. A poor estimate on his part. “Are you trying to tell me you think an extra Quirk and an amplification device is enough to take down three of the strongest heroes in the world?! Seriously!?!?”

“Wow. I honestly thought you’d have thought your plan through.” Hawks says, shaking his head. “This is just disappointing.”

Then he’s in the air, flinging sharp enough feathers to pierce enough his metal. He leaps back, barely avoiding ones aimed at his legs.  He can feel fear rising, overwhelming him more than it should, and yes, Empathy with even just one of the other two pros is a mistake with how Emotional Strength works. Using her own physical strength to increase his own fear instead of siphoning off his emotions to make her stronger.  Distracting him with his own terror so…

All Might’s fist is in his face and he’s smashed right into the ground, and he can feel the amplifier snap, just before he passes out.

“Okay, that was ridiculous,” Empathy says, poking the villain with a still armored foot. “I assumed he’d have powerful backup at least, not what the kids took down. And I don’t say that as an insult to them. But after all the stress, that’s just a letdown.”

“It was arrogant ,” All Might says with a shake of his head, “He assumed two powerful Quirks would be enough. Maybe if it was just one of us -” All Might ignores Empathy’s snort, “he would have had a chance. But it was the three of us, and any possible backup was probably taken down by the interns.”

“Even that wouldn’t have been enough,” Hawks points out.

“I could overwhelm them emotionally and then they’d be out of the fight,” Empathy adds. “Or Hawks could have devastated them with his feathers.”

“Soooo...what are we doing next?” Deku pipes up behind them. They'd been being interviewed by security along with Bakugou and Kirishima. He hadn’t been aware either were on the island until he'd seen them speaking with security; they'd apparently assisted Misillusion and Maya.

“Arrest everyone you took out, arrest this idiot,” Empathy nudges Wolfram again, “and arrest Dr. Abrahams. Maybe the investor too since he was only looking into Abrahams’ work.”

“Well, let’s find him. Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing him at the party…” Hawks frowns.

“Maybe he fled, realizing how poorly thought out the plan was?” All Might says, waving to the security forces as they finally arrive.

“He may, but he wouldn’t be able to get off the island,” David says. Both he and Abrahams had been rescued from the helicopter, the villain apparently intending to kidnap both. According to David the villain had mentioned something about Abrahams helping him. “Especially not with the security up.”

“He can if there’s a teleporter or warper,” Hawks points out. “That’s one of the major security holes I remember.”

“Yes, but warpers and teleporters are rare,” Creati says. “How likely is it that the investor has access to one?”

“Congrats on jinxing it,” Tomoko says, walking over, hands shoved in the wire guts of something that looks like a security camera, “The salvageable footage that didn’t get incinerated shows some familiar unfriendly faces.”

“The USJ attack warper?”

“Yep. Also picked up some guy with bad burn scars, and later footage shows him melting the cameras from the inside out. Bet you anything that’s going to turn out to be the investor, and he was using an image inducer the entire time,” Tomoko adds.

Well. Suddenly having sex with that guy is much, much more awkward.

“I’m going to guess everything went wrong?” Tomura asks, watching Dabi down a shot of vodka. Kurogiri had just picked up him up from I Island and while Dabi hadn’t been physically harmed by that chaotic mess, he was far from fine.

He’s been a hair’s breadth from catching fire for the past five minutes out of sheer aggravation. It doesn’t take a genius to know that this is a bad thing. Though how the fuck a fire Quirk user could catch on fire like that…?

“He was so fucking stupid,” Dabi groans, gesturing for another shot, and ignoring the recruits gaping at him. “An easy good plan that would have worked? Sneak in, take the fucking amplifier and leave. Maybe grab Abrahams. As long as we had it, we could reverse engineer it to make more, and with Abrahams we could have made more. But nooooo. Had to taunt an event that had All Might, Hawks, and Empathy - fucking moron.”

“So he made all the side quests and then failed the main storyline?”

“Stop using video game references but yeah. He failed, the amplifier got destroyed and I’m pretty sure Abrahams got arrested, so both those routes are gone.”

Well that had been a waste of time.

“Whatever. Let’s just finish planning the summer training attack.” At least that will work.

Kiyome paces the small living room of Inko’s apartment. She’s been trying to coax her sister-in-law to move over to the Aery, but she’s attached to this little place. It had been where she raised Izuku, and she can sort of get the attachment. She had no particular attachment to any of the places she’d raised Sora but…She shakes her head, noticing something out of the corner of her eye.

She frowns, seeing an odd dot on the wall behind where’d there been a bookcase. Inko had moved it into Izuku’s room so he had more space for his school books. She narrows her eyes slightly. That isn’t a discolored spot from the book case, much too small. There’s a slight glint to it that shouldn’t be caused by that either, but could be caused by something she doesn’t want to think about.

Kiyome feels her stomach drop as she deftly plucks the little device from the wall. Fuck. She knows what this is from both her time as a vigilante and as the mother of a hero. Fuck.

The apartment is bugged.