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Crimson Wings and Emerald Lightning

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Hawks had not planned on dragging Tokoyami to Hosu for patrol. Hell, he hadn’t planned on even going near Hosu. But with Ingenium’s attack only a week earlier, along with the fact Stain still is evading the Hosu Pros, he knew they needed as many heavy hitters on the ground as possible to find the Hero Killer. He needed to be caught now.

He probably should have left Tokoyami with Steps though. Especially with the sudden Noumu attacks.

“Hawks?” Tokoyami says, drawing Hawks’s attention. He’d been guiding civilians away from Endeavor’s fight, Hawks just about to dive in and give the Flame Hero backup.“I just received an odd message from a classmate. Normally I wouldn’t say anything, but it’s coordinates to somewhere here in Hosu. The vagueness isn’t like Midoriya.”

“You want to check it out?” Hawks asks, just to verify. Midoriya...that name feels familiar for some reason.

“If we could?”

“Sure,” Hawks says, gauging Endeavor’s fight. He could handle it, Hawks decides. Besides, if the message is from another UA student, they may have ended up in danger from the Noumu and need help from that. “Lets go.”

The coordinates aren’t too far away from where they are, but the strange thing is that he’s not seeing any of the Noumu. That chaos is further away, and that’s giving him a bad feeling. Either the kid sent his coordinates by mistake (unlikely based on Tokoyami’s reaction) or he ran into something worse than the Noumu.

Or more properly, someone.

They barge into an alley and it’s the exact sort of scenario he’d been hoping it wouldn’t be. Three UA students and a badly injured (and already down) Pro Hero versus Stain. He easily recognizes Endeavor’s youngest, and what looks like another Ingenium (and must be the youngest Iida son). The third had to be Midoriya.

“Hawks!” the other hero shouts, and Hawks thinks his name is Native? “He has a paralysis Quirk! You need to get these kids out of here! I still can’t move!”

“I’m the Number Three hero. I’m getting all of you out of here,” Hawks says determinedly, keeping a close eye on Stain. “And we’re taking down Stain. As of right now, all of you are under my authority and have my approval to fight to your fullest extent.”

“Don’t let him lick your blood,” Midoriya shouts over to him, dodging an attack from Stain. “He needs to consume blood for the paralysis to trigger, and the length of it depends on blood type. B seems to last the longest, O the shortest!”

“Don’t worry kid. He’s not getting close enough for me to worry,” Hawks boasts. He flings his feathers, and the fight is on.


Stain barely avoids the crimson feathers and doesn’t avoid the youngest Todoroki’s blast of flame. He glares at Hawks, the Winged Hero flying out of his reach, and the other glares back, eyes raptor sharp. The trio he’d initially been fighting are rallying, there’s now a fourth Heroic’s student giving them even more coverage, and he’s got one of the worst Pro Heroes he could have to face in front of him.

The disadvantage of Bloodcurdle is that it relied on him being able to get close enough to draw his opponent’s blood. In an ambush, or a fight against a figure like Ingenium who is a close range fighter, that’s easy enough. But against someone like Hawks, who fought from a distance? That’s an issue. On top of that, his Quirk did not agree with large groups. Not unless he could get a drop on them, or that even in a mob he could still overpower them.

He already hadn’t liked where the fight’s going. Hadn’t liked the risk of the loss of his dream. The Winged Hero’s interference makes him like it even less.

Deku and the younger Iida both were close range fighters, but now knew the secret to his Quirk. Todoroki and Hawks were both distance fighters who could switch. He’s not sure what is up with the birdheaded kid, except for...what the fuck just came out of the kid’s back?! Some type of shadow demon?

“Not so easy when you can’t go after a single person?” Hawks taunts, and feints flinging some more feathers at his right side, manipulating them at the last second to slice through his knee.

Stain refuses to fall, he refuses! He’s not losing to some fake hero like Hawks, a man who’s only in heroics for the spotline, for the praise. He lunges for Iida, the boy’s injuries making him slow, because at least in killing the boy he’s achieved one goal, but…

Feet slam into him, Hawks having dived and then twisted to land feet first, and Hawks kicks him in the face, his own expression twisted in a snarl.

“I’m your opponent Stain. Leave the kids the hell alone .”

But he’s starting to have a very bad feeling about this fight.

A bad feeling for what this means for his dreams, his goals.

(But he can respect the protective fury in Hawks’ golden eyes.)

Hawks grabs a set of cuffs out of his apprehension gear and uses them on an unconscious Stain. Midoriya’s last kick to the villain’s face had knocked him out. He’s tempted to slit the tendons of the man’s other knee, but resists. He doesn’t want to get scolded for using too much force after the fight ended. He’s not that sort of hero anyway. He taps at an app on his phone, alerting the Police to a villain capture, S-Rank. That should get them here quickly enough.

Native lifts Midoriya onto his back, the emerald eyed teen having managed to shatter his leg somehow when he kicked Stain. Makes Hawks more than a little curious about why that keeps happening, since most people with strengthening Quirks seem to have a weird, almost secondary quirk that prevented that.

“So what the hell happened here exactly?” Hawks asks, having the feeling already he knows what it was.

“I was ambushed by Stain and he was about to kill me before Iida’s interference,” Native explains. “As you saw, I was paralyzed for the entire fight.”

“I wanted vengeance for what happened to my brother,” Iida admits, looking ashamed. “And as a result, almost got Midoriya and Todoroki killed. As well as that, I risked you and Tokoyami being injured or killed as well.”

“Kid, as I said earlier, I’m the Number Three Hero,” Hawks says, a bit dryly. “Trust me, Stain wasn’t going to be enough to kill me. According to my Mom I’m a bit too dumb to die anyway.” One day she’d let go the time he tried to jump out the apartment window to test out his wings. Sadly, even though he’s 22 he’s pretty sure that day is still far away. “Midoriya? Todoroki?”

“I was on one of the trains that got attacked by a Noumu with the hero I’m interning with, Gran Torino. I then overheard Manual mentioning Iida had run off and remembered both what happened to his brother and that Stain was in Hosu. I guessed that he’d gone after Stain, remembered from previous reports that Stain generally targeted heroes that were far away from any possible help and away from any other chaos going on. I managed to find Iida, punched Stain to get him off of him since he was about to kill him, and then sent out the message I’m guessing Tokoyami saw and you both responded to,” Midoriya explains.

“I was responding to Midoriya’s message. I almost was too late since I couldn’t quite figure out why he sent coordinates, just that it had to be important,” Todoroki says, following Hawks as he guides the rest of the group towards the street. He uses three feathers to carry Stain so none of the kids had to.

“That’s why I let Hawks know when I saw it. It wasn’t the normal type of message Midoriya would post to the class chat, and since it was coordinates I was worried he’d been injured,” Tokoyami explains.

“And I agreed to listen to Tokoyami since the Noumu were attacking, and Stain was in the area. Either of those situations would be bad, and obviously we managed to get about as bad a possible situation,” Hawks says.

He raises a brow as he sees a short, elderly hero in yellow appear, and barely reacts fast enough to grab him before he kicks Midoriya in the face.

“What the fuck.”

Hawks feels some of the tension in his wings relax at the sight of Endeavor’s sidekicks, and even the brat of an elderly hero. Who is apparently Gran Torino, the hero Midoriya is interning with, and is (admittedly) justifiably annoyed at the kid for running off.

But still...

“If he hadn’t run off, Native and Iida would be dead,” Hawks says bluntly. “Midoriya and Todoroki are likely the only reason Native and Iida survived long enough for me to reach them.” But that doesn’t mean he’s gonna let the kid hang. “They did a great job fighting and all three have bright futures ahead of them.”

“I would be dead for sure if the kids hadn’t interfered,” Native acknowledges.

“The kid broke something again, didn’t he?” Gran Torino asks, looking a bit tired, though oddly fond.

“My leg when I kicked Stain in the face and knocked him out,” Midoriya admits, sounding surprisingly sheepish. Okay how often does this happen, seriously? “I estimated wrong.”

“It was a really nice kick though,” Hawks compliments. The unnerving grin on Stain’s face though when Midoriya had roundhoused him in the face like that worries him a bit. Then again, the bastard is now cuffed in Quirk suppressant cuffs, and still unconscious. He’ll rot in Tartarus, and Midoriya shouldn’t have to worry about Stain ever. None of the kids would.

“Well, all six of us should go to the hospital. Police are on their way, since I hit the alert on my phone once we secured Stain,” Hawks says, smiling slightly. “Everyone but me and Tokoyami are suffering some degree of blood loss, and I’d still like to get a full physical done to make sure there was nothing weird in the alley. Strange things in the air today.” Like all the Noumu.

“What’s going on here?” demands Endeavor, the Flame Hero finally appearing.

“All the Noumu dealt with?” Hawks asks instead of replying to the older hero’s demand.

“Yes,” Endeavor says, eyes narrowing at him. “What are that Stain ?”

“Yup. Just arrested him. Your kid’s good. So are Tokoyami, Midoriya, and Iida,” he says, smiling again. “Very helpful in the takedown. Midoriya kicks well and Todoroki has a good sense of balance when it comes to using his Quirk.” Alright why is Endeavor looking pissy…


He’s probably pissy because he didn’t arrest Stain.

“Why were a bunch of students fighting the Hero Killer?” Endeavor asks, scowling.

“Because…” Hawks trails off, hearing a faint, if familiar sound. Flapping but…


Endeavor had missed a Noumu and it just tore Midoriya off Native’s back.

Hawks doesn’t think, he just reacts.

He’s in the air, he’s yanking a long feather from his wings and makes it sharp, slicing through the Noumu. It’s death flail catches him in the ribs, and he feels something give but that’s fine. He can deal with that easily enough. He snatches Midoriya and holds the kid close, barely avoiding slamming them both into the ground. Midoriya’s grip on his jacket is tight and he’s shaking, and he doesn’t blame the kid because that had to have been fucking terrifying and completely confusing. Because that was targeted, in a way none of the other Noumu attacks Hawks had seen had been and his head needs to slow down, his thoughts need to slow he needs time to think. He’d been fast enough, so fast no one else had even had time to react or had they frozen like he can’t freeze?

Then the killing intent slams into him and how the fuck did Stain get out of his cuffs?!?!

Pathetic ,” he hears the Hero Killer sneer. “You all would have let a kid die? You all claim to be heroes and you froze? Hawks is the only of you so-called Pros who’s reacted the way a hero should be. Midoriya is the only one of the students who acts the way a hero should. You are all pathetic, too pathetic to handle me and…”

Hawks flicks a feather through Stain’s other knee and he really should have done that earlier. The man’s rambling is cut off, and he’s suddenly unconscious again, so what the hell. But he’s done, and Hawks can hear police sirens.

Midoriya is still clutching onto him, but he thinks the teen is also about to pass out.

Fuck, all he wants to do is take a nap, but there’s still so much more to do and he’ll do it.

Because that’s what a hero does.