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Adventures In Recreation

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 - meme squad -


fruitaba: so Ann's staying over tonight


ya boi, skinnypenis: kinky


fruitaba: haha yes, funny joke
fruitaba: now that the dick joke is done speaking, i’mma continue
fruitaba: we’re having tacos tonight apparently, because it’s some foreign thing that ann wanted us to try, idk
fruitaba: but you put shredded cheese on these things, and ann got the last of the bag
fruitaba: so she went to dump it but missed and now there’s cheese on my kitchen floor
fruitaba: and she’s laughing, idk what to do?? Help me


purest: Well, that’s quite the predicament.


ya boi, skinnypenis: pics or it didn’t happen fruithead
ya boi, skinnypenis: you know the rules, smh.


fruitaba has sent a photo


purest: I think this is the appropriate time to ask…. “Why are you like this?”


fruitaba: valid question, but i want the hyena off of my floor and into my bedroom first
fruitaba: ryuji, if you say that’s kinky i’ll remove your spine and throw mouthwash all over you


crepe queen: :joy: :joy: he’ll be that one guy from the shots vine, i’m


fruitaba: she’s alive!


actual queen (mom): You’re legally not allowed to remove his spine, Futaba.


fruitaba: bold of you to assume i was legal in the first place


it’s ya boi, skinnypenis: oof.mp3


dancing queen: i think i regret sneaking on my phone during practice….


crepe queen: shiho! my darling!
crepe queen: my sweetheart
crepe queen: my darling little carrot
crepe queen: my honey boothang


fruitaba: god exists
fruitaba: ann just shut up quicker than she ever has

it’s ya boi, skinnypenis: she’s busy being gay

fruitaba: ???????
fruitaba: do i even need to mention your thing for akira a few months back, or

it’s ya boi, skinnypenis: first of all: FUCK YOU
it’s ya boi, skinnypenis: second of all, everyone here has liked that fluffy haired fuck at least once so shut up

dancing queen: ann!!!!
dancing queen: also, can confirm!


dancing queen: he’s kinda hot, ann.

fruitaba: gghfhdjdhhg hghg, fluffygrhfff hair, ,f,,gf,,,,,


actual queen (mom): Are you alright, Futaba?

crepe queen: oh, she’s fine
crepe queen: are we not going to talk about the fact that everyone just admitted that they had a crush on my boyfriend at one point


purest: I don’t think anyone’s privy to talking about it, Ann. You knew it came with the territory.


nobody jokes with joker: so i’m just a piece of meat now, aren’t I? 
nobody jokes with joker: smh y’all


fruitaba: wow i can’t believe joker is a cowboy!

crepe queen: I can't believe I'm dating a cowboy
crepe queen: how could this happen

fruitaba: so now that we've established my older brother figure is hot
fruitaba: how's practice?

crepe queen: any videos??? :eyes:

nobody jokes with joker has sent a photo (1)

nobody jokes with joker: no videos, but here's an after practice picture
nobody jokes with joker: I got her to take one without even asking :fist:

crepe queen: !!!!!
crepe queen: my HEART

fruitaba: good shit :ok_hand: goooood shit that's some good shit right there

it's ya boi, skinnypenis: yo are you sure that you two aren't like at least cousins

purest: That does seem like it would be plausible.....

okramura: agreed!!!!!! ^-^
okramura: akira-kun and suzui-san look like long lost siblings!

dancing queen: aww, thank you
dancing queen: it's an honor to be a "sibling" to the hot guy
dancing queen: I think

crepe queen: even my best friend is trying to steal my mans

fruitaba: tea, tea, tea

nobody jokes with joker: ghghghhghgh


actual queen (mom): Not to be nosey, but who’s the girl sitting at the piano bench in the reflection?


fruitaba: are you cheating on other mom, moM????

actual queen (mom): I am absolutely not! I was just curious….


dancing queen: oh, that’s nanako-chan!!


nobody jokes with joker: aka: my little sister before shiho was my little sister


dancing queen: oh yeah!! i keep forgetting you know her lol


crepe queen: ??????


Fruitaba: ???!?!?!?!


ya boi, skinnypenis: ???


purest: I think I shall be the first to actually express that we have not a clue what you’re talking about, Joker.


okramura: yusuke! you can’t just keep calling akira-kun that infront of everyone!!


dancing queen: oh, haru-chan, you weren’t here when ann and akira told everyone, but i kinda know about the whole phantom thief thing


fruitaba: fjfjfjfjfjf i forgot you did for a second, ngl


dancing queen: not to be rude, but….you guys weren’t exactly subtle about it


crepe queen: howdareyou.mp4


fruitaba: off topic but
fruitaba: no tea, no shade
frutiaba: i love that vine


crepe queen: big mood


nobody jokes with joker: but to elaborate, that’s Nanako Dojima. we grew up as close friends basically
nobody jokes with joker: she’s also apart of me meeting my “family” so that’s fun


crepe queen: wait so, how do you know her shiho???


dancing queen: easy question!
dancing queen: she was the accompanist for one of the more classical pieces last year and i could only really work in the back during shows and stuff!
dancing queen: we hit it off and she’s really cool!
dancing queen: i even got her to sub in for someone at one point :D
dancing queen: she said she got an offer to be a child star but her dad turned it down
dancing queen: he’s a detective too!!! and then there’s her big brother & his friends who have basically adopted me and akira lololol


nobody jokes with joker: in short: the people in inaba are great, suck it nerds


fruitaba: can’t relate
fruitaba: i got your girl akira so
fruitaba: who’s laughing now, gaylord?


crepe queen: >:3c


nobody jokes with joker: well i stole her best friend so
nobody jokes with joker: it’s a good tradeoff
nobody jokes with joker: just kidding, love you babe <3


crepe queen: not as much as i love youuuuu


nobody jokes with joker: excuse me i love you more


fruitaba: wait no
fruitaba: what have i started
fruitaba: nonononono
fruitaba: i fucked up
fruitaba: i fucked up


dancing queen: is this an appropriate time for this

dancing queen: jesusvine.mp4


fruitaba: YES


ya boi, skinnypenis: i’m not sure if i should be proud or effing disgusted that you did this to suzui, futaba


fruitaba: you should be thrilled

fruitaba: i just completed the holy trinity


ya boi, skinnypenis: oh shit

ya boi, skinnypenis: yooooooo

Shiho looked up from her phone, a genuine smile coming to her face that she didn’t bother to hide, though she desperately wanted to. But hey, at least her hands hadn’t twitched this time. No lectures today.

If she tried to, she was pretty sure Akira would stop her from covering her smile, anyway. Speaking of the devil…..

She glanced over at him, studying her dance partner of three months. His forehead and face were covered in the sheen of sweat that seemed to take him over after practice, and he was sat against the wall, feet on the floor and wrists balanced on his knees.

While at first, she’d have been terrified to even go near another guy, something about Akira comforted her. It was a quiet acceptance of her situation, a slow encouragement to grow closer, and a slow test of her boundaries.

The first time he’d even touched his friend was because she’d been the one to place his hand on her arm. He’d said that the fire she had in her eyes at that moment reminded him a lot of Ann. She’d proposed that maybe it was her that gave her the fire. They both shared a love for said blonde, be it different kinds of love, but love all the same.

Shiho pulled herself out of the quiet reminiscence she’d been doing, attempting to focus on the now.

The black haired girl settled against her friend, watching as the group went on in the chat. She pulled up the sleeves of her pants, sighing softly as the cold air of the studio hit her legs. A year ago, she’d have been terrified to do just that, her legs being as scarred and bruised as they were. But now? Pale pink lips stretched into a grin as she sat where she was, staring at the ceiling. Her head bent back just that much further, and she was eye to eye with Akira. The girl wiggled away from him, looking to him instead. She stared for a minute, noting that he wasn't pulled out of the trance like state he was in, thumbs darting across the screen. 

“Who are you texting?” She asked, poking at his side. “We need to go home soon. Well, I need you to walk me home and then you have to get back for dinner.”

“Mmmn….” Akira hummed in response, just as she glanced to him. “Talking to Ann, give me a minute.”

Her lips furthered their grin but quickly began to retreat as she thought of something. Quietly, and now looking at her hands that were in her lap, she asked her question. “You guys aren’t….um….fighting because of what Sakamoto-kun and I said in the group chat, right?”

She flinched instinctively when his hand settled on her head, but quickly let out a mental sigh as she felt her hair grow from messy to a furball.

“No, no. I just wanted to make sure she was okay with, y’know. This being oogled.” He said, a hint of some cocky feeling in his tone. For some reason, Shiho couldn’t shake the feeling that he would be slapping his own ass if he were standing.

She wrinkled her nose, pressing her toes to the floor and rising onto her knees to tower over him. Black eyebrows knit together, and then unceremoniously began a transfer to his hairline as his dance partner shoved him over.

He was able to recover pretty quickly, and she scooted away, laughing all the while. “You’re so cocky!”

The flush he had was high in his cheeks as he sat back up, making a grab for his phone. “Well guess what? I’m telling!” The boy threatened, knowing fully well what her reaction would be.

She huffed. “You won’t do it.”


The smile Akira was served was one of raw power and something smug. “You’re too scared because she’ll believe me over you.”

To say the least, that was not what he was expecting her to say. He blinked. And blinked. And continued to blink. When his vocal cords finally gave the black haired boy permission to speak once more, he couldn’t formulate much of a constructive thought. He did give a short declaration, however. “You’re not allowed to talk to Ryuji or Futaba anymore.”

“That’s not fair!” She said, continuing the bickering. The rhythm was easy for her to follow, and attracted a lot of attention. A large chunk of her did mind the attention, but because she had someone with her, that large part of her attempted to ignore itself.

He tutted in her direction, wagging his finger. “Ah, ah, ah. I’m the one that uses my hot,” he emphasized this with a slap to the part of his rear end that he could reach, “for good. You’re just evil.”

“Only when you’re being too cocky. Sakura isn’t here to drag you down a peg, so I have to. Even if you are hot.” She conceded, beginning to collect her things.

“So you admit it!” Akira said, triumph etching a picture over his face and voice.

“Who wouldn’t?” A new voice said, prompting the bickering duo to look up. In front of them stood a pale girl, about 5’6 in height. Her build was slender but held that hidden sort of power that made her appear strong. Where there had once been two pigtails, a yellow ribbon now tied her hair into a tight ponytail in the back, bangs parting to gently swoop down and over the left side of her forehead. The Yasogami high uniform was pressed onto her frame neatly. She extended a hand to help her female friend up, lips stretched into a playful smile.

“Nanako-chan!” Shiho chirped, taking her hand and pulling herself to her feet. “I didn't know you were going to come see us today.”

Her lips stretched further as she helped Shiho get up. “I was just talking with a couple others about subbing in a pair number again, but we’re done! So I have time for my two favorite people.”

“You’re subbing again? Wow, my little ‘Nana-chan’ has really grown up.” Akira commented, smirking as he stood to join the ladies.

“You’re so mean to me!” Nanako commented, pretending to get offended. Her arms once again positioned themselves behind her back as she let go of the former volleyball player, carefully holding her bag in place at her thighs.

“Oh, we should all get dinner together. We could go to Aiya!” Shiho suggested, positively buzzing with the idea that she’d get to spend time with her two favorite people.

Akira shrugged, face a careful mask of indifference. “Fine by me. I don’t mind not cooking tonight. And Ann 2.0 seems thrilled.”

Nanako seemed to know better, smiling at him. “Well, because Dad isn’t coming home tonight and Akira’s just as excited as you, I guess we’ll have to go!”

Shiho, having huffed at the “Ann 2.0” comment, perked back up. “Really? Um, you’re sure right?”

And there was her shy nature. Akira picked up his bag and water bottle, strolling out.

Nanako turned around to watch him walk out of the door. “Akira!! Where are you going?”

“I’m hungry!” He called back. The brunette and the ravenette locked eyes, each maintaining the eye contact for a moment before they began to giggle. By the time Shiho’s things had landed in her hand, Nanako was by the door. Like the polite soul that she was, she went first and held the door open, walking with Shiho as she successfully left the building for the day.

Pots and pans clanged in the air, the sizzling of meat taking to the air and floating to the dining area. Akira stretched, eyes still on his phone. From across the table, the brunette plucked it out of his hands. “You’ll have time to talk to your girlfriend later.”

The leader of the phantom thieves huffed, throwing a pleading expression in Shiho’s direction. In response, she plucked it from her seatmate’s hands, placing it in her bag.

Akira kicked his feet like a small child, and Shiho laughed, ignoring the way that her hands twitched and itched to cover her mouth. She prayed that he wouldn’t notice, but he always seemed to. He was more like her doting mother than her dance partner, if she were being honest with her thoughts. A moment passed before he said something.

“Shiho….” He scolded the former volleyball player without even having to say anything, leaving a confused brunette sitting at the table with them.

“Well….I….” The ravenette sighed, not exactly able to combat the words that hadn't even been said. “Sorry, Akira. I know you and Ann wouldn’t want me to….well….yeah.”

He leaned over slowly, and she cowered only slightly, reminding herself that he was not going to hit her. At that, Akira paused, a little concern in the way he held himself. But then his hand came down gently upon her head and ruffled her hair even more, and the world was right again.

“Hey, it’s okay. You’re doing a lot better than you were, but you know I still have to be on your ass about it.” He said, withdrawing the contact after a minute.

Shiho’s lips quirked. “Does this mean I get to call you Dad?”

“Absolutely not.”

From next to her, the brunette giggled. “Aw, but you can call him Aki-chan~! He hates that one.”

Where there had previously been only a small amount of tension, the brunette’s comment seemed to evaporate it entirely. “‘Aki-chan?’” She asked.

“It’s what everyone used to call me when I was little. I guarantee that Teddie will still call me that.” The male answered for his childhood friend, glaring at the table as if he could destroy it with his fork.

“Oh, that reminds me! Teddie said he wanted to see a video of you two.” Nanako said. “Any chance we could get one?”

“Oh - I don’t know -” The objection had left Shiho before she even thought about it, but quickly died in her throat as the tension from earlier flooded the area once more. Akira glanced to her sadly, but there was a quiet resolution in his eyes that claimed he understood. She looked to the table, heat creeping up high in her cheeks. “I - um -”

“Order up!”

Nanako wiggled out of the booth, seeming to sense that she’d accidentally struck a nerve. “I’ve got it! You guys just keep, um, talking!”

Shiho sighed as she left, wringing her hands in her lap. “Sorry, Akira, I just - I….”

He seemed to understand, and that was what she liked about him. “Shiho, it’s fine. If you don’t feel like you can do it, we’ll start small and work our way up. Isn’t that what we’ve been doing for the past three months?”

“Well, still, I should just - um - sorry, I should just be over this.” She said, rubbing her arm. “And I don’t want to disappoint everyone again, but it’s not like I’m that good or anything and maybe you should just go solo?”

Seeing the usually eloquent and rational girl reduced to a frazzled mess that couldn’t control her words wasn’t anything Akira hadn’t seen before, but it also clearly was not pleasant for him. He sighed. “Shiho, slow down. You’re extremely good at what you do, and….” Brown eyes glanced up at her partner, finding him to be thinking behind those glasses of his. “I think we could possibly start out with just having a camera pointed at us but not recording during practices? Then we could move to have someone pretend to record us and then go from there. Baby steps.”

She nodded, maybe a bit too quickly as she settled back into her seat, bowing her head. “Thank you, Akira.” The girl said softly. “You’ve helped a lot.”

He gave Shiho a quick grin. “Chin up.”

It was the words that broke the tension, just as it always had between the two of them. Shiho looked up, a bit of that fire crossing her face. “Okay, Dad.”

“I told you not to call me that!”

“What, did you reserve it for Ann?” The ravenette pressed, collapsing into a fit of giggles when Akira’s glasses nearly melted from the heat radiating off of him.

It was then that Nanako returned, as timid as she’d been all day. Upon noticing the former volleyball player’s fit of giggles, though, she perked back up, noting that it had been smoothed over. “Oh, no….what’d you say, Shiho?”

The young lady, too busy doubling over in a fit of laughter, pointed at Akira, who was all but mentally wiped, having let his guard down around his partner in crime and been, in his own thoughts, scorned and betrayed.

“What’d she say?” The pianist pressed, an almost childish sort of curiosity overcoming her.

“Innuendo….scorned….betrayed….” Akira muttered, his thousand-yard stare seeming to penetrate the third dimension.

Nanako pouted but waited for a while until Akira had come back to life and Shiho had stopped giggling. The chatter between the three of them about school and other odds and ends picked up, atmosphere amiable. After the meal, Akira paid, mumbling something about being polite. It was as they exited that Nanako tried her question again.

“Um….I hate to ask again, but what’s the status on getting a video?” She asked, the cool summer wind ruffling her otherwise perfect attire.

Akira glanced to Shiho. The former volleyball player had her face set, but she looked back at him and gave a silent nod. “Someday soon. I need to take baby steps, but…” Pink lips stretched upwards in a wide stroke. “Someday soon.”

The pianist studied them for a minute thoughtfully. “Well, I’ll tell Teddie he has to wait for some! And for the record - I -” She hesitated for a minute. This wasn’t overstepping anything, right? Big bro had warned her against that….

No, no - it wasn’t. She was sure it wasn’t. “I’m proud of you! For being able to….to tell me that you need time! Is it weird to ask for a hug?”

In response, the volleyball player opened her arms for a hug.

The pianist bounced into them eagerly, and Akira smiled, both of his hands in his pockets.

Shiho’s hands hadn’t even twitched once.