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Bangtan Cat-Boys

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You can’t believe this is happening.

Well, you can, but you really wish it wasn’t.

You somehow had managed to be fooled by your best friend, Anne, to go into a cat café.

Not just any cat café. But, Bangtan Kitten-Boys.

Everyone knew about the infamous café. Instead of cute, frilly, female waitresses... they were ridiculously attractive men in questionably tight clothing.

All the girls at your work talked about this place, how these men were dangerously cute and sexy at the same time. Anyone who goes in there is swept off their feet by their dazzling charm.

You have a weird déjà vu, reminded of Ouran High School Host Club. Each boy was a different type of attractive.

‘RM,’ is described as the ultimate daddy type. He was suave, had a deep luxurious voice, and just screams dominance. He has a fondness for wrapping his arm around guests as he guides them to their table. Groups tend to fight for who he touches.

‘Jin,’ is commonly referred to as the “mom” of the establishment. He treats his coworkers with such care and love, and you know how girls just love yaoi. They eat that shit up. Each girl who gets his attention feels very lucky. The cool, sensitize type.

‘Sugar,’ the classiest stripper name, is the sweet, gentle type. He always writes cute things on the coffees with the foam, specializing it for each person. He pays attention to each girl’s needs and is constantly checking up on refills or anything.

‘Hope,’ is a literal ball of sunshine. He is constantly complimenting everyone, trying to make them smile. He’s like an energetic puppy, and that is what makes him endearing. You find yourself wanting to corrupt him.

‘V,’ is a cheeky guy. He is constantly cracking jokes, making sly comments, and pulling little pranks on everyone. He always has on this mischievous smirk, that makes you want to slap him as much as it makes you want to kiss him.

‘Jimin,’ is the “mysterious” type. He is soft spoken, and has a knowing smile on his face. Like he looks right through you. Like he knows what you want to do with him, and has a piercing gaze. He makes you hot under the collar without saying a single word.

‘Kookie,’ another classic stripper name, goes to the youngest of the men. He has a childlike curiosity to him, but don’t let that fool you. He can melt the coldest of hearts with a few words and has a dazzling smile.

You never wanted to figure out if it was true. Anne knew how antisocial and shy you were. So, when she asked if you wanted to go get some food in a little cute café, you figured more of a Starbucks ordeal. NOT THIS.

You’re both standing outside of the building, “Bangtan Kitten-Boys" in bold cursive writing in front of you.

“No way.” You tell her firmly, attempting to get out of her hold.

“(y/n), relax. No one is going to hurt you. You’re going to enjoy yourself.” She insists, pulling you towards the door.

“I’d rather die!” You squeak out as you struggle in her hold. When did she get so strong?

“Well, you’ll have a sexy funeral.” She says before you both crash inside the doors.

You land on the ground from the force of the struggle and let out a small groan and close your eyes, absolutely mortified. You hear soft korean music playing in the background and the smell of pastries fill the air.

“Anne, I am going to kill you.” You mutter as you open your eyes as you feel a hand on your shoulder. Oh god. It’s not Anne. You stare into the dark eyes of a man way too good looking to be real.

He chuckles and puts his arm around you to lift you off the ground. “For some reason, I can’t see a pretty little thing like you being able to accomplish that.”

Your face burns bright red as you look down, hoping for the ground to swallow you up. Anne is laughing beside you.

“She is harmless,” Anne says as is you aren’t there. “Sorry for the commotion, she just needed a little push to get in here.”

The man looks at me warmly and I get a glance at his name tag. “RM.” The daddy type. Oh god, what is he wearing? He’s in tight black jeans with a soft silver tail, no shirt, a silver bowtie, a black collar with gorgeous silver lace, black cat ears with light makeup and cat whiskers drawn on. You’re going to faint. How is he so adorable yet intimidatingly attractive? He called you pretty? Look at HIM.

You look back at the ground and whisper out an apology.

“Oh sweetheart, there’s no reason to be scared. We don’t bite.” RM says, before wrapping his arm around me. “Unless you want that, of course.” He whispers with a smug smile.

Oh god. Can you get any redder? I gasp softly and look at Anne for help, who seems far too amused at this situation.

“Let’s get you lovely ladies a table.” RM guides you over to a soft looking booth. The interior of the café is soft blue and purple shades, unlike other cat cafes that are traditionally pink. And instead of harsh lamps or hanging lights, there are fairy lights all around the ceiling and on the backs of the booth. The walls are covered in pictures of the boys with customers, how cute. You know this because you’re keeping your eyes anywhere other than RM.

He sits you down as Anne takes her seat across from you. You scoot over as far as you can to get away from him, overwhelmingly warm and your heart racing.

He smiles at you both, “Your server will be with you shortly. Don’t miss me too much.” He winks at you before going back to the entrance of the room.

As soon as he’s out of sight you shove your face in your hands. “Oh my god, that was so embarrassing. Anne, why didn’t you help me?!” You wail into your hands.

“What do you mean, help you? That was the best thing that could ever happen! You had the attention of such a hot guy! You should be thanking me!” She laughs before reaching out to grab your hands and pull them away from your face. You look at her with mild panic in your eyes and her face goes serious. “(y/n), I promise you that was not embarrassing. You were adorable, and it’s not as big of a deal as you think it is. Take a breather.” She smiles at you and you breathe in deep before releasing her hands. She always knows exactly what to say.

“Thank you, I’m sorry for freaking out, I just don’t like being caught off guard. That was like my worst nightmare.” You say before grabbing one of the menus. “Although he was so attractive, I know I don’t stand a chance.” You mutter with a chuckle.

“Oh, nonsense. He was eating you up, you’re such an adorable bean.” Anne remarks.

You shake your head but decide to go ahead and change the subject.

“What are you thinking for your order, Anne?”

“We should do seasonal drinks!” She suggests, knowing your weakness for pumpkin spice.

“Basic bitches back at it again.” You say teasingly.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t love it, (y/n).” She sticks her tongue at you.

You look back at the menu and decide to get the house special, cute bunny shaped sandwiches with a side of fresh fruit cut into cute shapes. Anne decides on some sort of soup with heart shaped crackers.

“I wonder who is going to be our waiter.” Anne muses out loud.

“I don’t know if my heart can handle another hot man.” You joke, but are semi-serious. These boys are bad for your health.

“Chim Chim!” You hear a voice whine out from across the room and you both look over to see two of the guys across the room, locked in an embrace. “Pay attention to me!”

‘Chim chim,’ as he was referred to, appeared to be pulling away from the boy. Or trying, at least.

“Sugar, we need to work. And don’t call me that while we’re working. I promise later we can cuddle all you want. Now, get off me!” The man whisper shouts at the other.

Sugar whines and pulls away reluctantly. “Okay, Jimin. But only because you promised.” He has a cute little smile as they walk in your direction. Now that you can see them better, it’s harder to breathe. They are both in the same tight black jeans as RM, also VERY shirtless, and the whiskers and makeup is the same, but that’s where the similarities stop.

Jimin has a bright pink bow tie and soft pink ears and tail. His collar is black with delicate pink lace in the shape of hearts. Unlike RM, he has black suspenders. He appears to be the only boy with that difference. Despite the pink, he looks far from cute. The suspenders draw your eyes to his chest. His beautiful, well defined chest.

Sugar has a gorgeous mint bow tie with a forest green ears and tail. His collar is the same mint green with simple black lace trim on the edges. While he has no suspenders, he has small black hearts above his hip bones. Yet again drawing your eye to his sculpted abs.

You realize you’re staring when they look back at you with a smirk. They know they’re hot and you look like a complete pervert.

You squeak and fold your arms on the table and bury your head in them. Anne laughs at your misery once again. “Don’t worry, (y/n). They’re used to girls staring at them. You’re not being weird.”

You peek your eyes up at her and see her looking at them as well.

“They are absolutely scrumptious. Talk about dinner and a show.” She says with hearts in her eyes.

You snort and cover your mouth right after. She looks at you with delight on her face.

“I can’t believe you just snorted!” She laughs as you groan in embarrassment yet again.

“Why can’t I be a normal human who isn’t so embarrassing?” You complain before hearing a low chuckle behind you.

“You are far from embarrassing, my sweet.” You turn to the man who said it and your mouth nearly drops but you snap it shut.

His name tag reads Jin, but that’s not where you are looking. He of course has the same face makeup with the whiskers and tight black jeans. But he has on a small unbuttoned vest instead of being completely shirtless. The vest is a soft lilac color, as well as his bowtie. His ears and tail are a darker purple. Unlike the others, he has no collar. He appears to be the oldest of the wait staff, so maybe that indicates him as the owner? Either way, that leaves more of his neck exposed and your eyes trace the prominent veins and forget how to breathe for a moment before he starts talking again.

“You are actually quite adorable when you snort. Don’t be ashamed.” He smiles gently at you before turning to Anne. “And you are gorgeous as well, of course. Forgive me for my lack of introduction. My name is Jin, and I will be your server for this afternoon. Do you have an idea of what you’d like, or do you need a couple minutes?”

‘I’d like a tall glass of you,” You think to yourself before mentally cringing and turning to Anne as she says both of your orders. You have a hard time with ordering places, and she is good about doing it for you.

Jin looks at you. “You don’t talk much, do you? What a shame. I’m sure you have a lovely voice.” He goes to grab your menus as your face burns again. He is just doing his job, (y/n). Don’t look too far into it.

“I’m sorry, I’m just...” You try to speak but he presses a finger over your lips. You jolt from the touch and your lips twitch from the intrusion as he leans in to whisper in your ear.

“Don’t worry, love. You don’t need to make yourself uncomfortable.” He says kindly, breath hot on your ear and sending shivers down your spine. “Although I was correct, you have a beautiful voice.” He says before straightening up and acting as though nothing happened.

His hand lingers on top of yours as he grabs the menu from you. Your hand tingles from his touch and you find yourself gazing into his eyes for a few seconds before he smiles and pulls away. You find yourself disappointed but shake that thought out of your head. These boys are going to be the death of you.

“I’ll go ahead and get that order right in for you lovely ladies. Your drinks will be out before your food, and another server will bring you some fresh bread to snack on.” He nods at you both before walking away.

“You are so lucky, (y/n)! You’re getting all of the boy’s attention!” Anne whines and puts her head on her hand.

“I’m getting attention because I am a magnet for disaster!” You defend yourself and play with the tiny packets of sugar. “Although he did go a little bit far. I wonder if that’s part of their job.”

“You are so dense sometimes.” She chuckles at your obliviousness. What you don’t see, that she does, is the way the boy’s gaze lingers on you after each interaction. Even now, their eyes flicker to you randomly. She decides to keep that to herself.

Your eyes wander around the room as you two chat mindlessly. It truly is magical in here. It feels as though you stepped into an alternate universe. Not too far away from your booth, you see one of the men wiping down a table. All you can see is one side of him from this angle, but you can tell from a quick glance he is one of the younger guys. His uniform is the same in the same way as the others, except his ears and tail are a soft pastel blue. His bowtie matches his ears, but his collar is a simple black with a tiny bell. His shoulder muscles tense as he scrubs at the table. You melt at the way his arms flex with each simple movement.

You nudge Anne to point him out. “Do you have any idea which one he is? I can’t see his name tag.”

She turns slightly to look at him, before turning back to you. “Oh, him? That’s Kookie. He’s the baby of them all.”

He finishes cleaning and stretches much like a cat, but oddly attractive. You want to pet him, to feel his taut muscles under your fingers. He reaches a hand up to his face to wipe away a thin layer of sweat and his gaze meets yours. His eyes twinkle with something you can’t describe as he blows you a kiss. You flush once again and turn your gaze to Anne.

“Don’t turn around or anything, but he just blew me a kiss.” You mutter with a warm feeling in your chest, fiddling with your hands. “They keep catching me looking at them. I’m probably creeping them out.”

“Oh, hush. You’re so innocent in your looking and they know that. You’re just curious, is all. Also, that’s so adorable, he is the most childlike of them, after all. But you know as well as I do there’s more to it.” She teases.

“He is probably a secret sadist or something. That’s what boys like that end up being.” You joke before seeing another man approaching your table with the bread mentioned before.

He radiates happiness with his wide grin as he approaches your table. You take the opportunity to quickly look him over.

His name tag says ‘Hope.’ He definitely suits the name. The usual tight pants look especially good on him, but that’s probably due to his confident walk and how he presents himself. He’s just as shirtless as the other boys, and the makeup is the same. Not that you expected anything different. His ears and tail are a warm orange shade, his bowtie is a simple black, and his collar is a light yellow with blood orange lace. You get a strong Halloween vibe from the orange and black, but that’s probably just a coincidence. His positive energy seems to energize you as you can’t help but smile back.

“Now why didn’t Jinny warn me how stunning you two would be?” He says setting down the bread and going to fan himself with his hand. “I’m going to melt! But oh, how it would be such an honor to pass on due to you beauties.” He exclaims, putting a hand over his chest dramatically.

You can’t help but giggle at his compliments. Anne is also blown away by his sweetness.

“I’m going to go blind at the sheer brightness of your smile! Oh, what sweet irony!” He says, clutching your hands as he gets on his knees. “To be unable to see the most beautiful woman, but having the privilege in the first place is astounding.”

You are so overwhelmed, but with him it seems harmless enough that you let him go on. His hands are warm and soft on yours. You look at him with a grin too big for your face and a permanent blush on your face, it seems.

Anne is surprised at your acceptance of the situation, and sneakily takes a picture when you both aren’t looking. You’ll want it later, she justifies to herself.

He stands and takes a deep bow. “My fair princesses, it has been quite the treat to serve you. Please excuse my exit.” He looks up at you as he is in his bow, looking up from under his lashes, and seemingly piercing you with his intense gaze. The faint hint of a smirk is on his face as he stands back up straight. He may seem so upbeat and wholesome, but you see the workings of a untamable beast inside him desperate to break out.

It seems he is about to say something before he is called back to the kitchen. He nods at you both before rushing off. How anticlimatic.

“Okay, you are seriously so lucky.” Anne gushes. “He was so cute, and you were so cute back! You handled that so well! I’m proud of you!”

“I think I’m getting desensitized to them, with how each of them acts so flirtatiously.” You think out loud. “Although, I am dying on the inside.”

Anne laughs at your dismay and grabs a piece of bread, buttering it and taking a bite. “Oh my god, (y/n). This is so good. You have to have some.”

You grab a piece of the warm bread, a little sad it’s not in some sort of cute shape, but go and butter it and plop it in your mouth.

“You were so right.” You moan as it seems to melt in your mouth. “So good.” You say dreamily.

“You sound so good when you moan, do you think I could get you to do it for me?” You hear a deep voice from beside you and turn to another attractive man with a gasp at his suggestive words.

“I, I, uh... what?” You stutter out as your face turns to a bright red, your eyebrows stretched up high on your face as you are in shock. He seems to tower over you, and you observe him carefully. The tight jeans and makeup are the same, of course. But his ears and tail are a fiery red color, contrasting his golden skin in the best of ways. His collar is brick red with small black spikes and black lace trimming, much more defiant than the other sweet designs. He has a regular red tie as opposed to a bowtie, and it is tied loosely around his neck. His chest is in your line of vision and you drink in the tight shoulder muscles and prominent collar bones. He is sin and you needed church.

The man, ‘V’ lets out a deep laugh as he sets your drinks down in front of you.

“I think you heard me just fine, my sweet songbird.” He has a cheeky smirk on his face as he leans forward to grab a small piece of bread, you are about to ask him what he’s doing before he holds it in front of your mouth. “Open up, sweetheart. Maybe I can work another sweet sound from you.”

You’re frozen in place as your heart hammers against your chest as blood seems to rush to your face at a rapid pace. His eyes are lit up with mischief yet cloudy with an emotion you don’t want to think about, and one corner of his mouth is quirked up. Without thinking, you part your lips and he slips the piece in, before resting his fingers on your chin, closing your jaw with a lingering finger. “Good girl.” He says with a smirk.

What is air? You can’t seem to remember how to breathe as he leans back up and tilts his head at the stunned look on your face. The way he is tilting his head makes you think of a curious kitten. How fitting.

“Well, ladies, as much as I’d love to stay...” Did he look at you as he said that? He had to of looked at you while he said that. “I must get back to work.” He winks at you as he saunters away.

You look at Anne as smoke seems to come out of your ears.

“Did that really just happen?” You ask, completely dumbfounded.

“Yes, yes it did. I am so jealous!” She whines as she cups her hands around her drink.

You don’t respond and just look down at your cup. You find no comfort in it as you realize what it has on it. The foam is in the shape of a heart and the word, “Angel,” in dainty cursive syrup.

You gasp and look up at Anne. “Who made this!?”

She looks at your cup and pouts. “I don’t know, but they must really like you. Mine just has a heart with no words.”

You look around and look for any sign of who could’ve done it. Then you remember that ‘Sugar’ is the one who typically makes the drinks. You look for his minty outfit and can’t find him. Why would he put that on your drink? He caught you staring at him earlier. You shake your head to try and get rid of your thoughts as you take a sip of your drink.

Anne smiles at you before saying, “I told you it would be a good idea bringing you here. You may just walk out of here with a boyfriend.”

Before you can swallow the tasty pumpkin goodness, you spit it out in shock, grabbing napkins to clean up your hands and face. “They’re just doing their jobs! There’s no way any of them have actual interest in me.” You protest, shoving bread in your mouth to avoid furthering the conversation.

“Oh, come on,” She rolls her eyes at you. “If it was all them just doing their job, wouldn’t they be doing the same to me?”

You didn’t think about that. That is a little strange but you change the subject to avoid further humiliation. “Aren’t you interested in that boy from work? The newer one.”

She seems to perk up at that and begins ranting and raving about him. You release a thankful sigh and smile at her. Thank god she is easily distracted.

You chat for a while, more like you listen to her and nod on the occasion, before your food is brought to you.

Jimin sets your food down with a sly little smile. Oh right, he’s the ‘mysterious’ one. You may get through this interaction with ease. He’s even more attractive up close. Not all men can pull off pink and make it look sexy, but he sure does. The suspenders are loose enough on him that one continually falls off his shoulder. This draws your eyes to his arms, thick and muscular as the rest of him. Fuck. Since when did I become such a horny bastard? This is embarrassing. You glare at the table, desperately trying to knock some sense into yourself.

“Here you go. I hope you enjoy the food.” He looks you over, as if looking for something. You feel incredibly small under his gaze. Anne notices the interaction and raises an eyebrow at him.

‘Oh god, please don’t say anything to him.’ You plead at her with your eyes.

She smirks before turning to him. “Can we help you, Jimin? You seem to be taken aback.”

You stare at her, aghast. Why would she do that? This could’ve been avoided.

You look at Jimin from under your lashes, scared of what he’s going to say.

“I was just wanting to see why the boys are so enraptured by you.” His eyes, as people have said, seem to look straight into your soul. Enraptured by me? He has to be lying.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir. Please spare me any insult.” You say quietly, looking at the table, hoping for the ground to swallow you up. You’re waiting for him to berate you or say something cruel. These boys could not be interested in someone as shy and boring as you. This must be a joke.

“On the contrary, my dear (y/n). I see exactly what they’re so caught up in.” His hand reaches under your chin to lift your head up to look at him. “The only insult here is the fact you’ve thrown us all off guard. But you can make it up to us, with your number.” His voice is silky and soothing, making you melt under his touch. This is too much for your poor heart to take.

You pull out of his gaze and start coughing violently, your anxiety bursting out and causing your body to force air in by coughing. You wrap your arms around your chest and everything around you is muffled, you are completely out of it. You don’t know what to think, you’re not used to attention. It’s too much. You’re tired of being played with. You look at Anne through glassy eyes as she seems to be explaining something to a panicked looking Jimin. You can’t be here anymore.

You jump out of your seat and rush towards the door. RM stops you before you make it out by grabbing your shoulders and making you look at him. You start to hyperventilate again as he tries to talk to you and figure out what is wrong. You shake him off and dart out the door. You run until you need to take a break, and find yourself near your neighborhood. You sit on a nearby bench and put your head in your hands, the intense pressure in your chest clearing as there is no one around you. You can’t believe you just did that.

Those boys were attractive, yes, and made you smile a few times. They made you blush even more. But you hardly knew them. You have a hard time dealing with people. With being touched. Growing up with no friends and a distant family, you are very touch starved. It’s easy for you to get overwhelmed. You knew they didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, and maybe they did have genuine interest in you. You didn’t mean to make a scene, and they are probably worried about you. You wish you could explain yourself, but you never want to go back there again.

Your phone has been ringing nonstop and you decide to finally pull it out. Of course, it’s Anne. You accept the call.

“Hello?” You say quietly.

“(Y/n)! You had me worried sick! Where are you?” Anne says, relief filling her voice from you finally answering her calls.

“I’m by our complex, in the bench area. I’m sorry about leaving, it was just too much.” Your voice wavers as tears well up in your eyes.

“Honey, it’s okay. I’m more worried about your well-being. I’m on my way to get you. Please stay still. I got your food to go, by the way! You still need to eat.” She laughs quietly before you exchange goodbyes and hang up. You didn’t deserve such an understanding friend, but you’re very thankful for her nonetheless.

You observe your surroundings as you wait. It’s surprisingly quiet. No one is really out here, and you are grateful for that. You close your eyes and take a deep breath. It will all be okay. It’s over now.

Not too long after the call, Anne shows up with a bag of leftovers.

You stand up and walk up to her. She hugs you tightly and you hug back.

“I’m sorry, (y/n). I should’ve known better than to force you there.” She mumbles into your shoulder before pulling back.

“You meant well, and I enjoyed myself for the most part. I just want to go home now.” You mutter with a strained smile. She nods in understanding and links your arms together, walking to your shared apartment.

You collapse on the couch as soon as you’re in the door and Anne puts your food on a plate and brings it in, with a glass of water.

“Eat and drink that water. You need to get your energy back up.” She says before sitting down next to you and digs in to her food, her soup in a to go cup.

“What happened after I left?” You ask her, even though you didn’t want to know the answer.

She sighs and looks at the ceiling, as if gathering courage to speak.

“I told them about your anxiety. Jimin was distraught, he thought he really upset you. I explained how you are with attention and he seemed to understand. RM almost took off after you, but Hope held him back. He seemed to understand that you needed to be alone. The other boys were working and didn’t see what happened, but they asked if you were okay after hearing the commotion. V was ashamed of what he did and I had to explain again that it wasn’t his fault. They wanted to know more about you but I had to find you.” She explains.

You nod, feeling guilty about the whole situation. You didn’t mean to upset them.

She takes a deep breath before saying, “Don’t kill me, but...”

You look at her with wide eyes. “What. Did. You. Do?”

She smiles at you sheepishly. “I gave them your number.”

Your heart seems to stop in your chest.

“You, what?!”

Chapter Text

You love Anne, you really do. However, her impulsive tendencies make you want to choke her out. 

“I can’t believe you gave 7 strangers my phone number!” You squeak at her, dizzy at the thought of coming into contact with them again, especially after storming out earlier. They have to think you’re crazy.  

“They wouldn’t let me leave until I did!” She argues, taken aback by your outburst. You’re usually so quiet, so this comes as a shock.  

You groan in frustration and put your head in your hands. “Why can’t I just sulk in peace?” 

She puts her hand on your back, rubbing it in slow circles. “Come on, (y/n), they were worried about you. They seem to be great guys. Give them a chance.” 

“A chance to what, exactly?” You mumble into your hands, before sitting back up, making Anne retract to her spot. “To tease me even more? Play with my emotions? Yeah, I’ll pass. My life is going just fine right now. I don’t need any more friends.” 

She snorts at your choice of words. “I don’t think they want to be friends. You heard Jimin. They are interested in you.” 

Your body tenses as you recall that conversation. That’s what set off your anxiety. You’ve been pranked enough in your life by boys like that, you couldn’t believe they had real interest. “You believe what he said?” You whisper shakily, looking at her eyes for any lies. Her eyes are locked to yours, and they seem honest.  

She nods with a frown. “Why do you think they wouldn’t like you?” 

You look at her incredulously. “Is it not obvious?” 

She shakes her head, prompting you to explain. 

“Don’t make me say it.” You plead, but she seems genuinely confused.  

You sigh softly before exclaiming, “They are way out of my league! I am nothing! They have girls after them that are way more attractive than I am. No sense in getting my hopes up.” You grumble the last bit. 

Anne hits your arm with a gasp. “(Y/n)! That is so not true! You are a beautiful young woman, and you’re so sweet that anyone can see it. They’d be lucky to catch a dime such as yourself!” She pokes your side, and you giggle. You are ticklish and she knows it. She keeps poking your sides until you’re laughing like a mad man. “You are a perfect specimen! A goddess! Don’t you forget that!” 

You’re smiling at her encouraging words, or the tickles, you’re not sure. “Please stop!” 

 She continues torturing you, you kicking and laughing in protest. “I won’t stop until you say something nice about yourself. Say it! Say, ‘I am the best!’ Then I’ll stop.” 

You shake your head but that pushes her to full on tickle you, causing tears to fall from your eyes. “Okay, okay! I am the best! Now, let go of me!” She finally releases you and you breathe deeply, your sides aching from the assault.  

“How dare you!” You grab your food and start nibbling on it, silently scolding her as you rip into the delicious sandwiches. 

“It got you smiling! So, it was worth it.” She grins, turning on the TV before digging in to her soup.  

You stick a tongue out at her before you both continue eating in silence, the TV filling the silence. As you were finishing your late lunch, your phone dings where it sits on the coffee table. Your eyes go wide, remembering just who had received your number. Anne grins at you, going to grab it but you snatch it away just before she got it. 

“You have to see who it is!” She begs, trying to see your phone.  

“You are done meddling! Back off!” You push her away and unlock your phone seeing 7 different messages from 7 different numbers. Do they do everything as a group? This is honestly spooky.  

You check the oldest one and see that it was actually sent earlier when you had run away. 

“Hey (Y/N)! This is Jimin, please answer your phone. Your friend is going nuts. I hope you’re okay. I’m so sorry if I scared you off. I didn’t mean to be so forward. Please forgive me!!”   

So, Anne wasn’t lying. He really did feel bad. You set his name to Chim Chim. A smile stretches across your face as you type a message back. 

“Hey, Jimin. We’re both at our apartment now, don’t worry. You did nothing wrong. Trust me.”  

You send it before you can back out of it and click the message above it. 

Oh, my dear Cinderella! Why did you run away from your prince charming? I could be your hope! Jhope, that is! That’s what I go by outside of work, you earned it. No need to thank me.” 

You can’t help but laugh at his ridiculousness. You knew he was worried like the others, but you’re thankful he made a joke out of it. You set his name to My Hope.  

Hi, Jhope. I couldn’t take any more of the attention, I'm sorry if I made you worry.” 

You are trying to keep your distance from them, so you try to make the messages polite and not flirt back. You can’t handle that right now. You’re still afraid about messaging them back in the first place. You click on the next message. 

This is RM speaking. Hope you’re doing okay, sweetheart. Please respond when you get the chance, no pressure.” 

He’s so considerate. You feel kind of bad for pushing him away earlier. You set his name to Rap Monster. You had no clue what those initials meant, why not make it something funny? 

Hi, RM. I’m doing a lot better, thank you for asking. Sorry about earlier, I just needed to be alone.” 

You figure you might as well keep it short. You click on the next one. 

“Hello, gorgeous. This is  Jin . Hope you’re doing okay.”  

Wow, he is not much of a talker. I guess that fits with his “cool type” persona. You set his name to Jinny. 

“Hi,  Jin . I’m doing fine, thank you for asking.”  

He kept it short so why can’t you? On to the next message. 

“Hello there, little songbird. Another little birdy gave me your number, so now you cannot escape my charms!  Mwahahaha !”   

There’s no name with it, but you know that is V. He’s the only one who called you that. You set his name to W, snickering at your horrible joke. 

“Watch me, V.”  

You can’t help but tease just the tiniest bit. He’s a big boy, he can handle it. You click on the next message. 

“Hi, angel. I hope you enjoyed the drink I made. I had to make it as special as you. Also, please call me Suga, not sugar.”  

You blush and cover your mouth to suppress a giggle. It’s easier handling compliments when you’re not seeing them, but it still throws you off. You put him in as Sugar anyway, he doesn’t have to know. 

“Hey. It was delicious, thank you very much, SUGAR.”  

You couldn’t help yourself. It was too easy. You check the last one, which had to of been from the young boy, ‘Kookie.’ You never spoke with him, nor Suga, so why did they message you? 

“Hiya! My name is Jungkook, aka Kookie. But you can call me whatever you like. I know we didn’t interact but you are adorable and  I'd  love to get to know you.”  

Oh goodness. Can this guy be any more forward? You put your hand to your heart as your blood pressure spikes. You had a feeling they wanted more than a simple conversation, but this was so blunt it makes your head spin. You take a deep breath as you stare at the message. What do you even say to that? You put his name as Jungkook, totally lame, but you’re too flabbergasted to think of anything else. 

“Hello, Jungkook. I don’t know if you’ll want to do that,  I'm  not very interesting. Thank you, anyway.”   

He’s so sweet, but you know he’ll get bored of you quick. They always do. You sigh and set your phone down, already hearing some pings of answers but you really don’t feel up to replying. Just those few texts drained your social meter.  

Anne whines next to you, and you realize you forgot she was there. “Oh, come on! I need the juicy details!” 

“There are no juicy details. The boys just wanted to see if I was okay. I told them I was. End of story.” You grab your empty plate and head towards the kitchen, Anne hot on your heels. 

“No, not end of story! This is just the beginning! I can guarantee you are interested in one of them already.” She wiggles her fingers at you as you put your dish in the sink.  

That last sentence gives you pause. Were you interested in just one of them? The thought makes you guilty as you realize they all are on your mind. You turn to her with a pointed look before heading to your room.  

“I need a nap.” You tell her, closing and locking the door behind you. The doorknob rattles and you hear Anne knocking on it as you crawl under your covers. 

“You are so rude!” She huffs before stopping the intrusion.  

“Shh, mama needs her beauty sleep.” You yell back at her and hear her footsteps retreating reluctantly. 

You roll onto your side and plug your phone into your charger, noticing a few replies already. Wow, they’re fast. Should you answer? You stare at your phone until it beeps again, with even more messages. You sigh and open up your messenger app. You send out a general, “I’m taking a nap, can’t text,” message to each of the replies, not even looking to see what they said. You lock your phone and put it on the side table before rolling on to your other side, closing your eyes and descending into sleep. 

You’re in the middle of a grand ballroom. You look around and take in the magnificent space. The walls are a  creamy white and there are silky streamers  strewn across them in delicate formations. The ceiling is so high it seems never  ending chandeliers  hanging and casting a soft, hazy light around the room. You’re surrounded by people, all of them dancing to the beautiful piano playing in the  background. (   

Something is in your hand, you glance to your right and see  none  other than RM holding your hand, so gently as if he will break you. He looks so mature in a creamy gray suit. His face is devoid of the cat makeup, but he has on a black mask. You reach up to your face and notice you also have on a mask. You could tell it was him by his grin. He leads you to the dance floor, before putting one hand on your waist and extending your combined hands. RM pulls you with him as you dance, seemingly gliding you two against the floor. His hand is warm against your side, reassuring as he continues guiding you perfectly. He lets go of your side as he twirls you with the  hand  he’s holding. Your dress flutters around you as you spin, and feel his hand release yours. You panic until someone else grabs you by the waist, pulling you to him.   

Your eyes meet  Jin’s , his calm gaze washing relief over you unintentionally. His dark gray suit makes his skin pop in a way so stunning you’re lost for words.   He grabs you as RM just was and leads you in a simple waltz. You can’t look away from his eyes underneath the same black mask that RM had.  He stares at you in a commanding way, making you melt under his touch. His firm grip makes you dizzy as he twirls you  outward, spinning you away and into the next man’s arms.  

Jhope  has an infectious sweet smile on his face, eyes shining like diamonds behind his mask. You find yourself smiling shyly back. He doesn’t have a suit jacket on, a dark red vest matching his slacks. He wraps his arms around your waist, forcing your arms around his neck. You both sway to the music in sync, eyes on each other and everything around you seeming to disappear. His smile is  captivating and you find yourself staring at his plump lips. You feel the overwhelming need to kiss him. You lean forward only to be snatched out of his arms and into another’s.   

Jimin is in a classic black suit, matching his mask. He pulls you to him in the same way  Jhope  had been, although a little closer than the previous man. You are flush against his hard chest, blushing at the close proximity. He puts his  forehead   against yours, and you smell his earthy cologne. You close your eyes and relax against him, trusting him to take the lead. The floor feels like a cloud, you barely notice your heels clacking against it with each move. You feel his breath on your lips and shudder with anticipation. Disappointingly, you feel the arms leave you and someone replacing the empty spot.  

You look up as Suga’s arms surround you. He is in a dark purple suit, unique, but he makes it look amazing. His eyes glimmer behind the mask as he dips you back gently, making your head spin. He pulls you back up and grabs one of your hands, putting it on his shoulder and grabbing the other, the position you started in. He parades you both around the room, seeming to show you off. He smirks at your breathless expression, a soft chuckle igniting your heart in the best way possible. He looks behind you and sighs before smiling at you once again. He seems reluctant as he twirls you away from him.  

Jungkook seems nervous as he takes your hand, and timidly touches your waist. He is in a black vest, white dress shirt, and  pants. Very similar to  Jhope . You  give the young man a gentle smile and take the lead this time. He seems in a trance, his lips parted in surprise and amazement. He makes you feel beautiful with his look of admiration. He seems to shake out of his trance and takes control from you, attempting to lead. You see him step on your toes but feel no pain, nothing but adoration for him in your heart. He is about to apologize but you press a finger to his lips, shaking your head with a grin, saying that it is okay without words. His grin is soft as he scans your face, wanting to memorize every detail. You feel a tap on your shoulder and turn around, seeing V. He is in a silver suit, the light seeming to reflect off of him, making him look like an angel even with the black mask. You turn to Jungkook only to see he has  disappeared;  your brain grows foggy as you turn back to V.  

He grabs your hand and places a hand on your waist, rubbing it very tenderly, soothing your worries before he draws you closer to him. You mold together and you can’t help but feel weightless. The crowd has gone away, leaving only you two. The floor is yours to  conquer and he   spins  you out and back in, your back to his chest and his arm around you, grounding you back to earth. You feel safe and secure with his arm cradling you. He releases the hold and pulls you back to him, this time putting your arms around his neck as he wraps his around your waist, lifting you in to the air. You squeal as your feet leave the ground and he  spins  you while holding you up. You look at the ceiling and stretch out your arms, laughing with glee as you feel on top of the world.   

You look back down at V only to see RM. You blink and then it is  Jin . Then  Jhope , Jimin, Suga, Jungkook... and V once again. All of their faces flash before your eyes as you hear their combined voices fill your mind, “Please come find us in the real world. We’ll be waiting.” You are dropped and the ground fades underneath you, free falling into the unknown.   

You jolt awake with a gasp, looking around frantically as if you were still in the dream. You see your familiar walls of your bedroom and relax against your bed sheets. Did that really just happen? They’re following you into your dreams, too? You stare at the ceiling and try to rationalize your dream.  

What did it mean? You shut your eyes as a headache itches its way into your skull.  

Why did you like it? 

Chapter Text

After that dream you had, you decided to stop talking to the boys. You texted them back once, you said you were okay, now you can be left alone. Your phone indicates you have messages but you ignore them. They may think you’re interesting to talk to now, but that’ll fade quickly. It always does.  

You go to work the next day, as per usual. You work at a telemarketing place, where you call people trying to sell them things. You hate it, you hate talking on the phone, but the job pays nicely and you get to sit down all day instead of hard labor.  

You settle into your chair and glance around your cubicle, trying to procrastinate your work. You have a calendar of your favorite animal on the wall, days ticked off in your favorite color pen. A post it note with the words, “Positive! Mental! Attitude!” is directly in front of you, so you’re constantly looking at it and being reminded of it. You have a little peach squishy to play with while making calls.There’s a framed picture of you and Anne, from a recent trip to her hometown. Her family is wonderful, and you are very thankful to them. But you don’t need to be thinking about that right now. You smile at the memory and turn to your work, glancing at the list of numbers and names attached to them. You dive head first into your work. 


You’ve made so many calls you have lost count. You’re almost at the end of your list and you dial it quickly, barely glancing at the name. 

“Hello?” You hear a man’s groggy voice, you obviously had woken him up. His voice is deep and sends shivers down your spine. 

“Hello, sir. I am (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N). I work with Stylax Insurance and was wondering if you’d be interested in our services.” You give your standard introduction provided to you, and wait for him to hang up, as most did. 

“I’m sorry, did you say your name was (Y/N)?” The man’s voice starts to clear up as he wakes up more. It sounds oddly familiar but you can’t place it. 

“Yes, sir. Am I speaking to,” You glance at the name provided on the sheet. “Mr. Kim Namjoon?”  

You hear a low chuckle on the end of the line, and a weird feeling in your gut. 

“Hello, dear (Y/N). You don’t realize who I am, do you? You naughty girl.” The man says with a tilt to his tone. 

“Excuse me sir, but that is very inappropriate. If you are not interested in what we’re offering, I will hang up and leave you be.” You tell him firmly, your heart skyrocketing at the teasing. 

He starts full on laughing and you frown, even though he cannot see it. “Oh, you are so precious. (Y/N), this is RM. My full name is Kim Namjoon.” 

Your stomach drops as the dots connect. Oh god. You called RM, of all people? You have horrible luck. Your mouth tries to form words but you are speechless. You go to hang up but he keeps talking. 

“You’ve been awfully rude, ignoring our texts. We just want to get to know you.” He teases, but you can hear slight hurt in his tone.  

“I think it would be best if you guys just forget I existed. I shouldn’t of come in that day. I explained myself, we’re good now. There’s no need to drag this out just because you feel bad for me. Don’t worry, okay? Just continue on as if I never existed.” You say as gently as you can, your voice shaking as you say it. 

He goes to interject, but you hang up the phone before he can. You grab your squishy and grip it harshly. You can’t believe that just happened. But hey, now that you told him how it is, maybe he’ll go away. You nod to yourself as your shoulders release some tension. Yes, he surely has to understand now. You don’t have to feel guilty about ghosting them anymore. 

You sigh, releasing the pent-up emotion, and mark his name off of the list before you. 


The rest of the day goes by without a hitch, and you grab your things and prepare to leave. Your boss calls for you before you can exit out the door, asking you to come to his office. You get a bad feeling from it but go anyway.  

You follow him into his office and close the door behind you. “How can I help you, sir?” 

“Oh no, I don’t need your help. I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. I received a call from a young man going on about how wonderful you are and how he’d love to meet you in person to discuss a possible plan.” Your boss says with a smile. His smile looks nice, but you can see in his eyes that you don’t have much say in the matter. Your chest tightens as you realize who it could’ve been.  

“What was the man’s name, sir?” You ask, but you already know who it is before he says it. 

“Mr. Kim Namjoon. He seemed like a nice man. He wants to meet you at some café downtown, he says you’d know where it is?” 

You try not to sigh as your blood boils. This is just unfair! How could he be so sneaky and use your work against you? 

“Yes, I know right where it is. Would that be for tomorrow?” You try your best to remain civil infront of the man responsible for your paychecks. 

“Yes, tomorrow when you leave for your lunch break. Since it is a café, I figured you’d want to eat there. You’ll spend the rest of the workday with that meeting, so don’t worry about coming back after.” Your boss saying that should be a relief, but it only solidifies your doom.  

You nod to him and he dismisses you after giving you the necessary documents for the meeting. You exit his office and huff in anger. You can’t believe the nerve of that guy!  

You make your way out of the building and to the bus stop down the street. You live in a crowded area, so having a car isn’t really an option. You sit on the bench and take out your phone, scrolling mindlessly and glaring at your flooded inbox. He is persistent, for sure.  

You’ll just have to make sure you keep it professional, even though you know damn good and well he doesn’t plan to buy anything. Your company is not very good, and the insurance is way too expensive and doesn’t cover enough. No one in the right mind actually buys it unless they’re desperate. And you can only imagine how much money the busy café makes. 

Oh god. The café. The other boys. You stare at your phone as you realize you’ll have to face them as well. You’ve ignored them for almost a week, they’ll be furious. Or, maybe RM is just the odd one out and the rest don’t care as much? You try to convince yourself they won’t care but you know that is not true. 

 What if they take you hostage?! Never let you out and make you join their ranks! You don’t want to be a cat! They all are clearly insane so you wouldn’t put it past them. You laugh at your exaggerated thoughts and try to calm yourself. You’ll go in, get a bite to eat as you talk to RM, ignore the rest of the guys, and get out when he shows disinterest.  

You groan as the bus shows up, pulling you from your thoughts. You get on and give the driver the money and go sit down in the back. The bus is almost empty, so you get your favorite seat.  

You put in your headphones and look out the window. Your stop isn’t that far, so you just try to distract your mind from those feline men and relax. You look forward to your left-over Chinese in the fridge and some tea. You usually have this seat to yourself, so when you feel a dip in the booth, you look over curiously. 

Jhope’s large cheerful eyes stare back at yours, a grin on his face. He reminds you of the Cheshire cat, in a more attractive way. He’s bare faced and his hair is messy, but he looks like a cheeky angel. The light coming in from the window makes his eyes twinkle even more.  

You quickly turn back to the window and hope he’ll get the hint. He doesn’t. He gently takes out your right ear bud and turns your face to look at him. His hand is smooth and warm on your cheek, and you can smell his minty breath in the close proximity.  

“(Y/N)! How crazy to see you here! How was work?” He asks. 

Your face goes red and any retort you could have said leaves your throat. He’s too close. You regret being funny in your text back to him. It’s much easier to be confident over text. You fiddle with your headphone cord nervously as you glance at him. 

“Oh, honey. Where did that spark go? Cat get your tongue?” He teases and lets go of your face, but scoots a little closer, not letting you escape. Your face is on fire, you’re going to melt. Oh lord. 

Your brain catches up to your mouth and you blurt out, “Wait, how do you know I was at work?” You don’t remember mentioning it to him, you barely talked at all. 

He has the decency to look embarrassed and he lets out a breath before saying, “I may or may not have been eavesdropping on your conversation with RM. It was my idea to talk to your boss afterwards and arrange for you to see us.” 

You gasp at him and scoot more towards the window. “It was you?” You whisper, trying to muster up some defiance but your fire burns out quick at his smile and puppy eyes. Curse his cute face.  

“Yeah, we all just really want to see you! It’s awfully rude to quit talking like that. Here I thought we had a connection!” He nudges you with his elbow and you can’t help giggling at his goofy expression. Out of all the boys, you feel most comfortable around him. But, to be fair, you had yet to officially meet Suga and Jungkook. You guess that’ll be happening tomorrow. 

You won’t seem to stop blushing and you put your cool hand on your cheek in an effort to calm down. You look outside and see your stop coming. “You’re too sweet.” You tell him softly. “But this is my stop.” 

He jumps up and holds his hand out to help you up. You smile and look at the ground before placing your hand in his and letting him pull you up. The bus slams to a stop and he saves you from falling by putting his other arm around your waist, the other still holding your hand. Your mind flashes back to the dream and the way he held you as you dance and you let out a small squeak, escaping his arm and running towards the exit.  

“I’ll see you tomorrow, sweet (Y/N).” Jhope calls out to you as you scurry off the bus. The doors close behind you and you exhale when your feet meet the sidewalk leading to your apartment. You don’t look at the bus as it leaves, missing the way Jhope fondly looks at you as you storm away.

Chapter Text

You slam the door behind you from the nerves jittering through your skin. Jhope is a sweetheart, he really is, but he is just too much. You feel cold where his arm had been around you. You hadn’t been with someone in so long, you miss the warmth of another human. But that’s where the longing feeling ends. With all the touch you’ve been receiving lately, you’d think you would get used to it. And for a moment, it was nice. But you can’t think like that, especially since you were seeing them again tomorrow. 

You take off your jacket and put your things on the table, overthinking once again. You can’t keep letting them touch you so freely. It chips away at the little self-control you have. Cuddling is nice but it can’t fix the heartache it will eventually cause, you remind yourself bitterly. 

You can’t believe their conspiring against you. Why are they so hard pressed to be in your company? Are they bored? Sadists? Do they enjoy seeing you so flustered and uncomfortable?  

You rub your temples to try and ease your stress. You know they didn’t like making you uncomfortable. You can’t make them out to be villainous. No matter how hard you try to. 

You sigh and plop on the couch as Anne comes in to the room. 

“Why did you slam the door and stomp around like a child? Bad day at work?” She teases, but you see the concern in her eyes as she sits beside you. 

“You will never believe what happened today.” You close your eyes and lean your head against the back of the couch.  

“What happened?” She asks softly. 

You tell her everything that happened, from the phone call to the bus ride. She giggles when you conclude your explanation and you open your eyes to glare at her. 

“What’s so funny?” You ask. 

“You had me so worried, I thought something horrible happened! Your life is like a soap opera. You’re the protagonist and I’m the comic relief, it seems.” She continues laughing. “Those boys are crafty. I’m impressed. I knew they’d figure out a way to see you again! And I didn’t even have to meddle!” 

You grind your teeth in an effort to stop yourself from saying something rude. You know she means well, but you do not want to hear this right now. 

“I’m going to be going into the lion’s den, on my own, with no way to defend myself. They set the perfect trap.” You mutter under your breath as you feel a headache start to form.  

“Oh, yes. You have it so hard. Personal time with a bunch of sweet, hot guys. You’re obviously being tortured.” Her voice is dripping with so much sarcasm you can taste it.  

You glare at her. “I don’t want any of this! My track record with boys is horrific, you should know better. You should know me better.” 

She winces and can’t meet your eye. “(Y/N), I love you and just want you to be happy.” 

 You huff out the breath you were holding and reach a hand out to place on top of hers. 

“I know you are trying to get me out of my bubble, and you have the best intentions. This is just out of my comfort zone and I need you to respect my boundaries.” You say calmly, trying your best to diffuse an argument before it can even happen. 

“I’m sorry, (y/n). I don’t mean to upset you or seem insensitive.” She looks at you with a determined glint in her eye. “But you need to give people a chance. Not every boy is like Evan.” 

You jerk away from her, snapping your hand back into your lap like she burned you. That name should never be said, and she knows that. Why did she say it? Why does she keep pushing this? You stand up and start to walk away, with Anne quick on your heels.  

“I didn’t mean to name drop, I didn’t think, please forgive me.” She grabs your arm and forces you to turn to her. 

“You know what that name does to me.” You say lowly, trying your best to keep your emotions in check. You don’t want to take your anger out on her. He wasn’t worth fighting about.  

She smiles sadly and let's go of your arm. “I know. But I think you need to start working through your issues instead of suppressing them. And these boys could be a welcome distraction.” 

You damn near growl as you walk to your room. You turn to her as you open your door. “Leave me alone. I’ll talk to you when I calm down. Stop trying to fix me, and focus on yourself. I got me. I haven’t needed a man before and I sure as hell don’t need one now.” You close the door behind you and exhale through your nose like an angry bull. You really do need to calm down.  

You sit on the edge of your bed and glance at your phone, seeing more messages from the boys. How long can you ignore them before you give in? You don’t like making people feel bad, but self-preservation is an old bad habit. If they just wanted to be friends, you could talk to them. Maybe. But you knew that was not where it would stay. They don’t seem to know what boundaries are, and you have many of them. 

You shake your head and curl up in bed, your stomach growls but you are in no mood to eat. The sun is setting through your window blinds and you wonder what events will come of tomorrow when the sun rises again. 


You wake up before your alarm in the morning, a combination of nerves and hunger from last night’s missed meal forcing you to get out of bed before your regular time. You groan as you go through your morning routine of brushing your teeth, hair, and getting dressed. You check your phone when the alarm goes off and see a brand-new message from RM flash at the top of your screen, catching your eye. 

Don’t forget about our date- I mean meeting. ; )”  

You snort and close the messaging app, not bothering to look at the old messages. They are all the same message, just worded differently in an attempt to woo you. For your own sake, you avoid reading any of the boy’s messages.  

You make a decent sized breakfast since you have the extra time. Instead of a pop tart on the go, you make eggs and bacon. You grab a water bottle and sit on the couch, watching the early morning news as you eat.  

You try to focus on the exhilarating weather report but your mind can’t seem to stray from those fucking guys. You’re so nervous about later you can’t focus on anything. How are you going to handle doing work before the meeting? Your brain is clouded with 7 idiots.  

You finish eating rather quickly and put your plate away. You have a little time to kill but you just spend it pacing the small apartment, running your hands through your hair in an attempt to tame it. You put on a little bit of makeup when you were getting ready. You’re totally not wanting to impress anyone. You just had extra time, that’s all. 

When the time is ready, you gather your work things, including the documents for the meeting, and head out. You catch the bus right on time, and this time there is no sparkly, happy men invading your personal space. 


The moment you got to your desk, you noticed it. A huge, beautiful bouquet of flowers sits in the center of the desk. Your co-workers look at you with envy at the sight. Like you, most of your co-workers are single. So, this display of affection towards you also brings some jealous glares in your direction.  

You slump in your chair, despite the warm feeling you get from the flowers, you hate having attention at work. You got along decently with your coworkers, they left you alone most of the time. You blend in, which you like. But now, whatever progress you made with them has gone away. Bitches. 

You touch the petals lightly and see a card amongst them. You pull out the card and open it up. “These flowers compare nothing to your beauty, miss (y/n). We anticipate your arrival.” It isn’t signed, but it is obvious who it is from. You wonder whose idea this was. 

You put the card back in your desk drawer and cover your mouth to suppress a giggle. You blush softly at the sweet note, despite the dread of seeing them soon.  

You scoot the flowers to a better part of the desk and get your list of numbers pulled up on the computer and print them out. You need to get started and try to distract yourself.  


Work flew by so quickly. Why did it have to pass so fast? Did whatever mysterious force out there despise you? You look at the clock, and then at your employer's door, hoping he’ll come out and tell you that the meeting got cancelled. When he doesn’t come out, you know your fate is sealed. You didn’t get much work done, anyway. Might as well get this over with.  

You gather your things and take your sweet time leaving. Your feet seem to be filled with lead, making your steps heavy. You doubt they’ll be mad if you’re late. You can blame the bus. Or a random work assignment that took too long. You know you’ll get there eventually but you can stall a little bit. Your brain races with nefarious plans to make your commute longer. 

Eventually you make it outside, you start to walk to the bus stop until you hear a honk to the side of you. You turn around to see a sleek car waiting in front of your building. How had you missed that? Not many people had cars in this area. You are used to being honked at due to the everyday sexism of society, but you’re in a particularly foul mood at the noise. You wonder if you should say something, but decide against it.  

You choose to ignore it and try to walk away from it but you hear yet another honk. Oh dear. You’re going to let them have it.  

You whip around to face the vehicle once again as a man steps out. Surprisingly, it was Jungkook. Your face flushes as you see him in his uniform once again. You will never get used to that. Last time he was in it, you were a complete pervert and checked him out. At least he has on a coat this time. He’d freeze if he didn’t have something to cover his chest. You avoid his gaze anyway as you look anywhere else. Your anger dissipates as fast as it appeared. 

You had yet to meet him, but you had a feeling you were going to get dragged into the vehicle despite him being a practical stranger. 

“Hello, cutie!” He waves at you with a smile on his face. “I’m Jungkook! I’m here to take you to the café.” He walks around to the other side of the car and opens the passenger side door, gesturing for you to get in. “We figured you’d enjoy a break from the nasty bus. Jhope had to take it yesterday, for the first time in his life. He couldn’t stand seeing such a beautiful maiden take the measly form of transportation and demanded I get you on my break.” 

You roll your eyes at Jhope’s antics and decide to just not argue against the boy. You can’t think of an excuse against him, because the bus is horrible. You can’t walk because it is too chill outside. You knew you wouldn’t win. You sigh as your plans to evade them crumble in your grasp.  

You step closer to him and slide into the car.  He closes the door once you are secure and walks around to the other side. He gets in and closes the door behind him before starting the car once again.  

“Thank you for going out of your way.” You say quietly. “Especially on your break.” You may not be enthused to see them, but you aren’t going to forget your manners. 

“Oh! It’s really no problem. Sorry about honking so much. Sorry if it’s a little chilly, the heat will be going again in a minute. I didn’t mean to turn it off but I was worried I’d have to chase you.” He says sheepishly. 

“My hyungs would get quite mad at me if I didn’t capture the princess. Oh, you don’t have your seat belt on. Here, allow me.” He leans over you and your eyes bulge at his lean, naked chest rubbing against yours as he reaches for the belt. He grabs it and pulls it across your body, almost grazing your chest as he locks it into place. You can’t help but breathe in his powerful scent. He smells strongly of chocolate, probably due to the pastries they make, but it fits him just fine. His hand briefly touches your waist before he pulls away.  

Your face is bright red as he starts to drive, as if nothing just happened. You cough in an effort to tame the butterflies in your chest as your heart swells. You feel very warm all of a sudden, but you choose to blame the heater for that.  

He seems so oblivious to the actions that just took place, whistling as he drives. Yet you see the small tug at the corner of his lips. He knows what he’s doing to you.  

“You all are aware I’m only coming for business related purposes, correct?” You try to maintain a confident aura, your years of customer service whipping you into shape. You are shy most of the time, but if you are working you usually can handle people better. Let’s hope your ability to form sentences stay in your grasp.  

He laughs so carefree your worries almost go away. “We know that’s how this was arranged, dear. But you can’t blame us for wanting to spend time with you and make sure you were okay. Especially since you won’t respond to any messages.” He sticks his tongue out at you with the last sentence and you feel a wave of guilt. You swallow that feeling and ask something that’s been bothering you. 

“Why do you have an interest in talking to me? You and Suga. This is my first time talking to you in person.”  

He seems taken back by your question and thinks about it before he answers, “Honestly, I’m not sure. I just saw you from across the room, flushed and fuming at your friend, and I just had to get to know you.” He pulls up to the parking lot behind the café and parks, turning off the engine, before turning to look at you. “You are different from the others. You seemed out of place. It captured my interest, seeing such a gorgeous woman so untethered.” 

You look at him with a confused face. That was why? Because you were bitching at Anne? How peculiar. 

“Well, thank you but your interest is misplaced, sir.” You say politely as you open the door and step out of the car. You weren’t trying to be rude, but you didn’t want to give them the wrong idea. Interest in you never ends well. You close the door behind you as Jungkook walks up to your side. 

He grins cheekily at you before placing his hand on the small of your back, guiding you to the front door. “You might want to be careful, calling me sir. My interest seems to be growing more and more.” 

You seem to be sighing a lot today, and you have a feeling that won’t be stopping anytime soon. These boys are going to test your patience.  

You feel warm again at his teasing. You weren’t dense, you knew some people were into that kink. However, you have to be professional, and the words you can address them by are limited. 

“You will just have to get used to it, sir. I am here for work related reasons, and that comes with professional lingo.” You are more sarcastic than you meant to be, and you fear you may have irritated him. But his grin seems to get wider. 

“It also seems to come with professional attire, which you look ravishing in, ma’am.”  His eyes drift over your body, taking it all in, as if he was trying to memorize this image of you. His tongue darts out to lick his bottom lip, drawing your eyes to his plump lips. You find yourself breathing harder as the hand on your back rub slow circles into your skin.  

You were wearing your special work outfit, a purple dress shirt with a black suit jacket buttoned on top of it. You have on a pleated black skirt and dark purple leggings on underneath it. In the notes your boss gave you, it said to dress nicer than usual since you were leaving the office. It didn’t cross your mind that they would get a kick out of it. You usually wear slacks but you decided to whip this skirt out. It may have been a mistake.  

“Please refrain from unnecessary comments, sir.” You attempt to scold him, but he can tell your heart isn’t in it. Your defense is already being chipped away. Your insides are melting and you can’t seem to make it stop. 

He chuckles but doesn’t say anything, making you nervous. You realize you have no idea how this is going to go. This is going to be a disaster. 

But you can get through it. You have to. You got this. 

You straighten your spine and speed up to the door, but it opens before you can touch it. Jungkook nudges you forward as you step in to the entrance. You are face to face with RM, the evil mastermind. He smiles warmly at you and you almost forget how to breathe.  

Jungkook comes out from behind you and walks away to leave you alone, and that’s when you come to a startling realization.  

The entire restaurant is devoid of customers, and your brain slowly processes the situation. 

Your heart hammers against your chest as you realize you’re completely alone with them. No one to run to or signal for help. They really planned ahead. You had their full attention. All of their attention.  

You look to where Jungkook went and see him join the rest of the men at a table. They all turn to look at you and you fear you’re going to explode from their wandering eyes and excited expressions. 

You fell right into their trap.

Chapter Text

Okay, you’re being a bit dramatic. You know they wouldn’t hurt you, and they wouldn’t do anything without your consent. But still. This is highly suspicious. You can’t blame a girl for being cautious.  

You need to clear your head, and quit assuming. It’s rude. 

“Hello, (y/n). It’s a pleasure to see you again. If you’ll follow me, we can talk about the business at hand.” He walks in to the empty dining area and you follow closely behind him. “We closed down for lunch to ensure a productive meeting.” Your heart hammers against your chest as you realize you’re completely alone with them. No one to run to or signal for escape. 

‘STOP THAT.’ You yell at yourself internally 

“Hello, Mr. Kim. You didn’t need to go to all that trouble.” You say as confidently as you can, but you’re sure they can hear the nervousness in your voice.  

“Oh sweetie, no need for such formalities. Call me RM. Just because you’re here for business,” He uses quotations around the business part. “Doesn’t mean you have to call me by my last name.” 

You bite your lip to avoid saying something snarky, and decide to nod instead. His eyes seem to darken when he gazes at you, but you’re not sure as to why. His gaze wanders to your lips and back to your eyes. Oh. Oh. You push your lip out from your teeth and try your best to smile in an attempt to dissolve the tension. It doesn’t work. He looks at your swollen lip and forcibly tears his gaze away. You breathe out the air you were holding in and you turn your attention to your feet. Suddenly, your shoes were the most interesting thing to ever exist. 

He guides you to the table with the rest of the men. Jimin jumps up to pull out the chair in front of RM, which happens to be next to him.  

“Hello, (Y/n)! I wanted to say my sincerest apologies for how I behaved the last time you were here.” He says with a hint of a smile as you sit and he pushes you in, sitting down beside you. 

“I told you not to worry about it, Jimin.” You remind him and glance over the table.  

Suga is on the other side of Jimin, deep in a conversation with Jin, both using hushed tones you can’t decipher. Across from you is RM, looking at you with a patient smile, but mirth in his eyes from the previous interaction. You quickly look away from him and catch eyes with Jungkook, causing him to wave as if you weren’t just together minutes ago. You laugh and shyly wave back. V is next to Jungkook, his arm around the back of his chair. He leans to whisper something in his ear, while his eyes scan lazily over you. Jungkook blushes and V laughs at him, pinching his cheeks. You wonder what they were talking about. Jhope is next to him, giving you his usual sunshine smile.  

“Hi again! I missed you!” Jhope says with such conviction you believe him, despite your few interactions.  

You almost want to squint your eyes at how bright he is. “Hello again.” You don’t acknowledge the second half of what he said, but he doesn’t seem to notice. He puts his head on his hand, leaning on the table. You swear you could see hearts in his eyes. 

He goes to say something but is cut off by V. 

“Our little songbird has returned to her cage.” He teases, wiggling his fingers at you. Jungkook elbows him in the side, causing a small grunt to escape his lips. 

You don’t dignify him with a response, but you find it interesting he used a similar metaphor that you did, a cage being close to a trap. You blush at the taunting look on his face.  

Jin peeks his head around from Suga. “Hello again, sweetheart.” He smiles gently at you, and you feel a wave of peace fall over you. You don’t know why you feel comfortable around him, but he just has that mom aura people mentioned before in describing him. You have a feeling if the boys got out of hand, he’d reign them back in.  

Suga pushes his head back and shoves his own forward to look at you. “Hi, (Y/n)! Excuse us if we’re not super proper, since we’re not in work mode we act differently. More relaxed, I suppose.” 

You noticed they didn’t seem as fake as they were before. Fake is not the best word for it, they seemed genuine around you, but they are more childlike when they are with each other.  

You wish you were more vocal. Even in your business mode, you still had difficulty speaking. You freeze up under all the attention, feeling like you’re under a microscope. 

Come on, (y/n). Get it together!  

“Ahem.” RM says with an air of authority you did not think he was capable of. The boys all straighten up and you turn to him, feeling embarrassed at your lack of professionalism. 

“Do they need to be here for this?” You ask him. There’s no way he can justify them being there. They are a distraction to you desperately trying to keep your cool.  

“Well, maybe they would like some insurance too. You wouldn’t deny possible customers this information, would you?” He asks calmly. He looks so smug you want to smack him, so you clench your hands under the table. 

“I hate to presume, sir, but don’t all of you already have insurance individually? You are all well off enough, I don’t see why you’d need anymore. This café has been open for quite some time, from what I hear, so you can afford better coverage.” You argue, trying to get a rise out of him. You know he’s bullshitting everything, you’re just waiting for him to admit it so you can get out of here.  

“We do, but this building also happens to have an upstairs, in which we all live. Home insurance is a thing, isn’t it?” He argues back, thinking he has you beat. But you grab onto that bit of information that will put an end to this all. 

“We are a medical insurance firm. We don’t cover any form of home or business.” You lean back, smiling at the hesitation on his face. "So, there is no need for me to be here.” You stand up and start to gather your things. “I apologize for the confusion. I will be leaving now.”  

A hand is placed on yours, stopping your movement. You look up at RM and try to ignore the chill running down your spine at the contact. His hand dwarfs yours, and is very warm. 

“Oh, but did you not just admit to your insurance being bad?” He asks. “I wonder what your employer would say if he found out you were bad mouthing your company in front of a potential customer?” 

Your heart skips a beat at the very serious look on his face. 

“You wouldn’t...” You breathe out softly. 

“Oh, but I would.” He grins at you. “How else would we be able to keep your company here for a little longer? Sit down, dear. We won’t say a word if you stay a while.” 

You look around at the others, hoping to see some sort of protest, only to see them grinning just as much as him. They’re absolutely delighted to have found a loophole. 

You’re being blackmailed. Oh god. You thought you imagined the worst-case scenario, but you were so wrong. RM is too smart for you to keep up with, always being one step ahead. 

You gulp and decide to just sit down. You have no fight left in you. You’re so embarrassed that he so easily maneuvered the situation in his favor. You could argue that your boss wouldn’t care, but you hadn’t received many customers lately. So, if they said you were butchering any chance instead of just not being interested, you’d probably lose your job.  

“Oh, calm down (y/n).” Jimin says beside you, putting his arm on the back of your chair. “We’re not kidnapping you or anything.” 

“Yeah!” Jhope chimes in. “We just want you to stay here a little longer. You’ll leave eventually.” 

The others nod in agreement, humming their approval to the plan. 

“Once we open again, you’ll be free to go. Promise.” Jin says. 

You take a deep breath to calm yourself. This can’t be too bad. You don’t have to do any real work, and you get to go home semi-early. You glance at the boys surrounding you, looking at you with hopeful expressions. It is partially your fault for avoiding them. You’re just not used to people actively searching for your attention.  

You sigh softly. Why do they have to be so cute? 

“I don’t have much of a choice, do I?” You ask, although it isn’t really a question. 

“No, not really. But don’t look so glum! Just enjoy your half day off.” Suga says. 

You try your best to smile, but you know it is strained. Your stomach grumbles a little bit and you press a hand against it, embarrassed and hoping no one heard it. 

Jimin gives you a lopsided grin, having heard the noise due to being beside you. He leans closer to you and seems to take the breath out of your lungs. Mayday! Mayday! You’re about to die from the proximity. He’s so close.  

He pulls his arm from the chair to place on your shoulder. “Guys, we forgot to feed her! It is her lunch break after all.” 

“Oh yeah! We’re being horrible hosts!” V chimes in, deflating like a balloon. Jungkook rubs his shoulder and laughs at how dramatic he’s being. 

V stands up, his chair squeaking at how fast he gets up. “I will make you something! What would you-”  

He gets cut off by Jhope shooting up out of his seat. “No! I will make her something! What do you want, noona?” 

You flush at the implication of his words. He’s already calling you that? Things are going way too fast! 

RM scoffs as he stands and glares at them. “You are acting like children.” They pout at him. “What would you like, love?” He directs at you. 

Jimin interjects. “Hey! I remembered to feed her, I want to make her food!” 

“You can’t cook as well as I can, Chim Chim. I’ll make her something cute to drink with it too, since she loved what I made her before.” Suga says confidently, standing and starting to walk towards the kitchen.  

Jin grabs his arm before he can make it far. “As the oldest, I have the most experience and can make the best for her.” 

You feel overwhelmed by all the declarations of offers and put your head in your hands and close your eyes.  

Your chest tightens and your head spins as the noise starts to turn to static. Your breaths are shallow and fast, not providing enough oxygen but you can’t correct your breathing due to the ache of your chest as it expands.  

You don’t want to fight.  

You don’t want to choose. 

 It’s too much.  

It’s too much.  

It’s too much.  

You feel strong arms wrap around you as you’re lifted up and carried somewhere.  

You don’t know who’s arms you’re in or where you’re going. You don’t care. Your arms wrap around their neck tightly, desperate to feel something other than what you are now. They smell so good. Like honey and smoke. You don’t want them to let you go. Your brain ignores the fact they are shirtless, the heat radiating off of them too intoxicating.  

The person holding you sits on something, and cradles you closer. You hum in content, snuggling closer. A hand pets your hair in a way that makes you melt. Your brain is fuzzy, so you don’t think about how inappropriate you’re being. You don't care about that right now. You just want to feel good. You want their hands that are rubbing your back and playing with your hair. You need it. You need the comfort. How did you ever live without it? 

You hear soft singing around you, and your eyes water as your breathing slowly gets less shallow, and you take deep breaths. The sound is beautiful, not just one voice but several. They sound like angels. You feel blessed to be on the receiving end of such beautiful music. The singing lulls you into a sense of security. You know you’re not in danger. You feel safe. The arms around you are gently rocking you as you lay against them. You feel like a baby, but you don’t seem to mind. 

Your eyes open to see RM holding you, and Jin sitting beside him. While RM’s hands are rubbing your back, Jin’s hand was the one playing with your hair. Jin pulls his hand back as he sees you come to your senses.  

“Welcome back, princess.” RM says softly, his eyes very close to yours, and you realize how intimately you are cuddling.  

“You had us worried for a minute there. How are you feeling?” Jin asks lowly, being careful as to not upset you again. 

You give them a shaky smile. “I’m better now, thank you. I was just overwhelmed. Sorry for being so clingy, I can’t control myself when I get like that.” You try to pull back but his arms tighten around you. You enjoy the feeling a lot more than you should. Your defenses are down and you’re desperately trying to rebuild them.  

You turn to look behind you and see the other boys sitting near, anxious energy pouring off of them in waves. They look like they wanted to do something, but the two on the couch probably told them to back off.  

Jhope rushes over when he sees you’ve stopped panicking. “Oh, (y/n)! I’m so sorry!” He kneels in front of the couch you’re on and looks all over your face, making sure you were completely okay. 

You go to protest but V, Jungkook, and Jimin quickly follow behind him.  

“We didn’t mean to overwhelm you!” Jungkook says with a pout.  

“Yeah, we really should’ve thought about it, considering last time.” Jimin mumbles, his eyes looking anywhere but you. 

“We’ll be careful from now on, promise.” V says with a cute little smile.  

You know they’ll be better, considering how sweet they’re being about it. 

You’ve never felt so loved and taken care of as you hear the boys panic on your behalf around you. You didn’t mean for them to feel bad, but you can’t help to smile as they fret over you. No one has treated you like this. Like you’re not a burden, or a mistake.  

“Guys, it’s okay. I feel better now, let’s just move on, please.” You are still in RM’s arms but you quit fighting. You know you’ll never win.  

“You sure do look comfortable, (y/n).” Jin teases from beside you. 

“Yeah, it’s no fair he gets you on his lap!” V sticks his tongue out at the smirk on RM’s face. 

“My turn next!” Jimin chimes in. 

You duck your head into RM’s shoulder to try and hide your blush and the grin that seems to form as they coo about how cute you are. You aren’t in business mode anymore, and your usual shy self is creeping back. They seriously have no decency. 

You notice someone is missing when you count only 6 men. 

“Hey, where’s Suga?” You murmur, pulling your head up and looking around the room. 

As if on cue, the man you mentioned steps in from the door. 

“Right here. I decided to make you some tea to calm your nerves.” He has a small smile as he hands you the mug. “It’s not as pretty as the coffee from before, but I promise it tastes just as good.” 

You grab it from him, the warmth making you feel cozy. You look up at him and give a tiny smile. “Thank you.” You whisper into your drink as you take a tentative sip. It is your favorite kind. How could he know that? 

“Oh come on, noona. You don’t have to go back into your shell again. We got a glimpse of your real self. No need to be shy.” Jhope says, poking your side. You giggle the slightest bit before putting the hand not holding the mug over your mouth.  

“She’s ticklish!” V goes to attack you but Jimin puts his arm out to stop him. 

“Dude. She’s still recovering.” He says, gesturing to your drink. “Have some decency.” 

“I am decent!” V protests.  

Jimin scoffs but puts his arm down. V doesn’t make another move towards you, thankfully. You don’t think you can handle a tickle session. 

The boys chatter as you drink your tea. This day has been a mess.  

RM lets you get up when you nudge him for the 50th time. You take a seat between him and Jin, and the other boys sit on the armchairs opposing the loveseat. You feel calm with them for the first time since you met them, which is strange when you consider how little you’ve actually been around them. 

You’re lost in your thoughts when Jimin speaks up.  

“Now, without us all arguing, let’s get her something to eat.” He says to everyone 

“Just stay here, love. We’ll go get you something. Jungkook, Suga and Jin, stay here with her while we rummage the kitchen.” RM says before standing up. Suga quickly sits where he was. Like an eager little puppy. 

Jimin, V, and Jhope follow RM out of the room. Kind of like ducklings following their mother duck.  

“They’re the ones who cook the best.” Jungkook explains. “Well, except Jin. He’s great too. Why didn’t you go with them?” He asks the eldest in the room. 

“Probably to keep you two in check.” Jin answers, making the two bicker at him in response.  

You laugh at their banter and take the final sip of your drink. You turn to Suga. “Thank you for the drink, it was really good.” 

He smiles at your compliment and takes your cup from you, placing it on the side table. “I’m glad.” 

“He is the best at the beverages. Everyone else is good at food. I just clean.” Jungkook says with a pout once again. Is that his default face? It’d be annoying if it wasn’t so cute. 

“But you clean well!” Jin jokes. 

Jungkook sighs and deflates in his seat.  

“That’s still important.” You chime in. 

He perks up at your words. “Thank you!” 

You glance at the doorway before turning your attention back to the boys. “Have you guys eaten? I’d feel bad being the only one eating.” 

“Oh, we are all good! Don’t worry.” Suga reassures you.  

You try to squash anymore anxiety before it comes back up. At least after you eat, you can leave. Your anxiety attack drained you and you just want to rest. The boys are sweet, and they handled it pretty well. You can almost get over the fact they blackmailed you into staying. 

You nod as the other boys walk in with a tray holding a sandwich, soup and a cup of fruit. 

They hand it to you and you thank them as you dig in. Their cooking is just so good, you can’t resist.  

They chuckle as they resume their previous positions. Conversation starts up around you, but you’re too focused on the delicious food in front of you.  

As you chew, you look at the boys around you. They are so relaxed, not a care in the world. You feel like an intruder, but as time passes, you fit right in. Like a piece of a puzzle. Almost like you belong here, with them. It feels right. 

You smile, for all is well.

Chapter Text

Not too long after you finished eating, they had to open back up the café and you were free to go. You were surprisingly reluctant to leave. You were still high on the warmth of RM’s arms around you and content from the food and positive atmosphere. You felt peace. It was addicting. You wanted more.  

But instead of listening to your wants, you dragged your feet out of the building. Each step felt heavier than the last, but it was necessary in order to leave.  

The boys had snuck you into a group hug beforehand and you were bright red once again at the close proximity. Too many shirtless men at once. You don’t want to go into shock.  

You quickly realized that they were not going to let you take the bus home, and that they were going to fight you on it. You know they are too stubborn to give in, so you just decide to go along with it. You hear a whispered suggestion of someone driving you to and from work for now on, but you hope that gets swept up along with the rest of the conversation. 

Instead of Jungkook driving you back, V decided to steal the keys. The youngest boy protested but was quickly dragged away to do something else. V grins at you as he snatches your hand and rushes you both back to the car. It’s still a little chilly, yet he only threw on a light jacket, not even bothering to zip it up. You don’t know if it’s your place to say anything, so you don’t.  

His hand is warm in yours. You don’t know how you’re going to go without holding hands after this. It feels so right, like your hand was made perfectly for his. You wonder what it would be like to hold the others hands. Would it feel as good as this does? You won’t get the opportunity anyway, you try to convince yourself. 

You get to the car and he opens the door for you, making sure you’re sitting and all in one piece before closing it. As he gets in on the driver’s side, you decide to scold him. You know you’re going to sound like a grouchy mom, but you have to get it off your chest. And besides, how else will he learn better if he’s not told? 

“Why on earth are you keeping your chest exposed like that?” You ask, fiddling with the papers on your lap. You don’t mind the sight of him, of course, he is very easy on the eyes... STOP IT.  

“Aren’t you cold?” You follow up your previous question when he doesn’t reply. 

He starts the car before leaning over and smiling at you widely, smugly, much like the Cheshire cat. You have a bad feeling about this.  

He tilts his head forward to where his lips just barely graze your ear. You feel his hot breath on your chilled skin, causing you to get goosebumps. He smells so good, they all have such amazing scents. It’s unfair. He smells earthy, like freshly cut trees in fall, and just a bit of mouthwatering spice that makes you want a taste. You shiver as you clench your hands in your lap, suppressing the urge to reach out and touch his silky locks. 

“Would you like to warm me up?” He breathes against your neck. You tense up and a small gasp escapes your lips at how unbelievably close he was to pressing his lips on your skin. You don’t have the strength to push him away. Your heart turns to mush as he lifts his head to stare into your eyes. His gaze is dark and full of mischief. His eyes are captivating, drawing you in. You wonder what he’s thinking about. Is he thinking about you, about this feeling between you? Is his heart beating as fast as yours? You open your mouth but no words come out. You are desperately trying to think of a witty comeback but his grin has turned into a soft smile, and that’s almost worse. 

He lets out a slight laugh before leaning back and settling into his seat. Your chest deflates as you let out the breath you were holding. You miss his warmth already.  

“You’re so cute, I almost feel bad for wanting to play with you.” V says, putting on his seatbelt. You gawk at him at the suggestive comment and will your cheeks to calm down and go back to a fleshy color. You’ll damn near have to get red foundation with the way your face is always that shade with them.  

“Key word being, almost.” He says, reaching over to poke your nose before starting to drive.  

“Are you trying to kill me? Is this an assassination attempt?” You ask before realizing what you just said. Oh god. Why are you like this? You just had to make it awkward. 

“With the way you were killing us in that outfit, I’d have to say it’s fair comeback.” He winks at you before focusing back on the road. 

“You know I didn’t dress up for you guys. Don’t get ahead of yourself.” You tease back, slowly getting into the swing of the conversation. If you take him too seriously, you’re going to end up in the hospital with a heart attack.  

“According to Jhope, that’s not how you usually dress for work.” He points out. “So, you had to of wanted to make a good impression on us. But don’t worry, my little songbird, you have done just that.”  

You look away from him, not wanting to confirm what he was saying. You guess you did try a little extra today, but hey, this was a special occasion. 

“My work is strict on a lot of things, you can never be too careful.” You run your hands along your skirt in a fake attempt to straighten it out. 

“You must really hate your work, huh?” V asks, causing you to snort. You cover your face as he comments on how cute that was. You smile under your hand before answering him. 

“You could say that. It’s not exactly very fulfilling. It pays the bills.” You mumble out, staring out the window. “My coworkers don’t really care for me. Probably my boss too. I’d probably enjoy it more if it was a more welcoming environment.”  

He hums in reply and you wonder if you talked too much. You really need to relax. You’re going to kill yourself with how much you stress over every little thing. 

“Where do you live?” He asks and you realize he had no clue where you were going. You really didn’t enjoy the idea of them knowing where you live, but you guess it can’t be helped. You explain the directions to him and he nods, doing as you said. He’s oddly quiet and you know he has to be scheming.  

You get to your place fairly quick. It’s the middle of a work day so there isn’t too much traffic. Anne won’t be home for a while, which is good. You don’t want to be bombarded by her questions as soon as you walk into the door. You can prepare yourself for her inevitable onslaught.  

You take off your seat belt and reach over to open your door when you feel V’s hand stopping you. You turn to him with a quizzical look. 

“You’re just going to leave without saying goodbye? That’s mean!” The grown man pouts as his hand tightens slightly around yours.  

“I was going to say it on my way out. I’m not that rude.” You shake your head at the accusation.   

His face perks up as he draws his hand back to poke your nose. “Good. I’d have had to follow you until I got a goodbye.” 

“You’re a little bit of a creep, aren’t you, V?”  

“Only when it comes to little dolls like you.” He sticks his tongue out, and it should be childish, but it draws your eyes to his mouth. The way he holds it is all too attractive as he notices where your attention shifted. “And you seem to be interested in this ‘creep.’”  

“No way.” You scoff and turn your head away, a smile threatening to give you away. 

“Uh huh, sure. Anyway, I gotta head back. It was nice having you around. You should really give us a shot.” His hand rests on your shoulder to get you to look at him.  

You’re not sure what to say. Or what the correct response would be to something like that being said. So, you say the first thing that comes to mind.  

“I’m not good with people.” You blurt out and curse your mouth for spurting that out. You grasp at a more intelligent explanation when he looks confused. “I mean, I don’t have a lot of friends. Just Anne.”  

“Well, we’d love to be your friend.” He replies with a smile.  

You blink at him slowly, processing his statement. You take a minute to gather yourself before responding. 

“You guys want more than that, I think.” You murmur and look away, rubbing the back of your neck with your hand. “And I just can’t do that. Not yet, anyway. That may change in the future but I can’t promise anything.” 

He looks disappointed at your statement but nods.  

“While you’re not wrong, we also would never want to rush you. We’re not like that. You’re so funny and cute, however, that just you being around would be enough.” V says earnestly.  

You can’t help the shy smile at his sincerity, and for once in your life you believe what the man is saying to be true. 

“I think the boys would agree with me. How about being friends, then?” He asks, reaching out a hand to shake. 

“Friends.” You place your hand in his and he shakes it once before bringing your hand to his lips. 

You snatch your hand back out of instinct but laugh as you do.  

“I thought you said friends?” 

His evil tongue slips out again. “Just because we’re friends doesn’t mean I’m going to stop playing with you. It’d be like taking candy from a baby.”  

“You sure do act like a baby.” You point out.  

“Yeah, well this baby has to get back to work. So... I'll see you later?” He asks. 

“Maybe.” You tease, opening the door and gathering your thing before stepping out of the car. 

“Hey!” V says and causing you to lean your head in the car with your arms full. “What about that goodbye?” 

 “Bye bye, now.” You joke as he leans forward. You assume it’s to hear you better, before feeling a soft peck on your cheek. You jolt back and narrowly avoid hitting your head getting back out of the car. 

“V!” You exclaim, cheery cheeks rising once again. You shift your things to one arm as your other hand touches your cheek. 

“Sorry, couldn’t resist. See you later. Answer your phone from now on, please.” He grins at you before leaning over, closing the door, and speeding off. 

What a bastard! How could he just do that and leave? You feel hot and tingly all over. That isn’t fair. That’s not friendly at all!  

You are frozen in place. The feeling of his lips on your cheek still lingers. They were so soft yet full. You can’t help your wandering mind, wondering what his lips would feel like on yours.  

Is this really how they all feel? Did they all want to do that? You’re slowly accepting the truth and you can’t stand the pulsing emotions in your chest.  

You dash to unlock your door and get inside. You set your things down calmly before throwing yourself onto the couch, grabbing a pillow and screaming into it.  


Anne was unrelenting when she got home from her job. You’d think she’d be tired with how late it is, but nope. She pressed for every detail, and then some. She was gloating and bragging about how she had been right.  

“I told you they liked you! And I told you they were nice! Other than the small bit of blackmailing... but that was done out of love! How romantic! Ugh, why can’t you be more appreciative? I would die to be in your place. I’m so jealous.” She whines. 

You just laid back and let her go off. You didn’t really know what to say. Today had been a rollercoaster of emotions. Now that you’re away from the boys, you can’t help but overthink everything that happened.  

Are you in a reverse harem? Could you really handle all of them together? Being around one guy made you nervous, seven of them should give you a heart attack. Well, it sort of does. Or, it used to. After today, you are unsure of anything. Especially with that little kiss. Your hand wanders to your cheek again, and you rest your head on it.  

“Are you even listening to me?” Anne gripes. 

You look at her with a sheepish smile. “Not really. You repeat yourself after a while.” 

She sighs but drops the lecture.  

“I still can’t believe all of that happened. Are you in a K-Drama or something?” 

You laugh at her question, but it is a valid one. You seem to be in an alternate universe or something.  

“Maybe. Maybe I hit my head and this is all a dream.”  

“Wouldn’t that be something?” Anne chuckles before standing up. “I’m going to make something to eat. You want anything?” 

You shake your head. “I ate a big lunch and had a small dinner a while ago. It’s a little late for me to, but go on ahead.” 

“Of course, you did. I’m sure they filled you up to the brim at your lunch date.” She grins at you and you flush a little bit. You don’t dignify her quip with a response and she disappears into the kitchen.  

“Could you get me some water, though?”  You yell out to her. She groans but you know she’ll bring you some. 

You check your phone and see a few messages. Definitely not a dream, then. You unlock your phone to see that you were added to a group chat. Oh geez. This should be interesting. 

Jimin, RM,  Jhope Jin , Suga, Jungkook, V, and (Y/N) were added to the group.  

You wait to see who will message first. 

You decide to be a little shit and change Suga’s name to Sugar.  


How dare you.  

You send an emoji of a tongue sticking out in response. 

Jhope  changed (y/n)’s nickname to Angel.  

You can’t help but smile at the sweet name.  


Hey, I did not consent to this.  


Don’t pretend like you don’t love it.  

Angel changed  Jhope’s  nickname to Hip-Hope.  


Get it? It’s a pun!  


I’m honored to be the butt of your joke.  


Wtf, how are you so cute? I want a nickname!  

Angel changed Jimin’s nickname to Jiminy Cricket.  




...I don’t know what I was expecting.  

Jin  changed  Jin’s  nickname to World Wide Handsome.  


Wow, what a surprise. The dork rises again.   

He sends a goofy smiling emoji.  


Anne comes back with a glass of water for you and hands it to you. You thank her and turn back to your phone. 


World Wide Handsome  

Hey, don’t disrespect your  hyung !  


What are you going to do, spank me?  


You took a sip at the wrong time and choke on it. Anne raises her eyebrow at you quizzically. You ignore her and go back to reading. This is getting juicy.  


World Wide Handsome  

You’d enjoy that too much.  


Can’t blame a guy for trying.  

Angel changed Jungkook’s nickname to Kookie’s and Cream.  

Kookie’s and Cream  

Am I really that delicious?  


You put your face in your palm as you grin like an idiot.  



I don’t know, ask your  hyungs  apparently.  

V sent a laughing crying emoji.  


Oh yeah. You forgot he was in here. Your mind drifts back to earlier and you can’t help but give him some shit. 

Angel changed V’s nickname to  Thief .  


He stole a kiss. So, he’s a thief.  


V, what did you do?  


Maybe it’s because I stole her heart.   

He sends a winking emoji.  


He knows what he did.  


Do we need to discipline him?  

World Wide Handsome  

It really wouldn’t be a problem, (y/n). Just say the word.  

Angel changed RM’s nickname to Daddy Namjoon.  

Angel changed World Wide  Handsome’s  nickname to Mommy  Jin .  


Hey! Don’t gang up on me!  

Mommy  Jin  

Hey, why am I the mom?!  

Daddy Namjoon  

You can call me daddy anytime you like, (y/n).  


You blush at his forwardness and cursed yourself for changing his name to that. Of course, he’d turn it into that. You decide to ignore his comment. 



Lol, it’s okay guys. I’ll bust his kneecaps myself.  



Was that too mean? You were only joking. Do they think you’re rude now? Ugh. Texting boys is hard. 



You fit in so well.  

Jiminy Cricket  

She’s too sweet to go through with it, though.  


It’s sexy when you’re threatening. Go on.  


You squeal and toss your phone away from you for a minute to calm down. How can he be so smooth? It’s annoying. And kind of attractive. 

You pick back up your phone. 


He’s right but if he continues on this  way,  he won’t have any kneecaps left for you to bust.  


You giggle at that and the other boys agreeing with him. You can’t deal with anymore of their shenanigans tonight. Time to say goodnight. 


Hey guys, I’m going to bed. Please don’t spam me.  


Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!  

Jiminy Cricket  

I hope you sleep well!   

Daddy Namjoon  

Goodnight, sweetheart. Get some rest.  


Can’t promise no spamming, but we’ll try. Goodnight.   


Goodnight, little song bird. Sleep well and dream of  me.~  

Mommy  Jin  

Sleep well, (y/n).  

Kookie’s and Cream  

Nighty night, cutie pie.   


You smile as you read all of their messages and put your phone down. You drink the rest of your glass and set it on the coffee table. 

“What’s got you all happy?” Anne asks. 

“The boys added me to a group chat. They’re a bunch of idiots. I told them I’m going to sleep now. Which, I should do.” 

“Yeah, probably. You do work first shift after all. I’m jealous.” She sighs. 

You stand up, grabbing your phone and tossing her the remote to the TV, since you’re sure she’ll be up a while. 

“Trust me, the job isn’t worth it. I am going to bed though. Goodnight.” You walk to your room as she mumbles a goodnight back.  

You go to your bathroom and hop in the shower, washing of your makeup as you do. You get out and dry off before going into your room to put on pajamas. Your muscles ache and you mentally make a note to get a massage. You feel like an 80-year-old woman. 

You turn off the light and crawl into bed, exhaustion taking over. You decided to clean up like crazy when you got home to avoid thinking of the boys and your body is crying. 

You plug up your phone and roll onto your side. You can’t believe all of that happened in one day. Are you lucky or cursed? Time will decide, you guess. 

You really hope they don’t try to take you to work tomorrow. That’s too much to ask of them. And your coworkers will hate you even more than they already do seeing an attractive man escort you to work after the flower fiasco.  

You close your eyes and sigh softly. You should get a dog. That way it won’t hurt as much when the boys give up on you. You can hear them scolding you in your head at your statement.  

You drift to sleep thinking about different dog breeds and if the boys like dogs. You hope they do. That’s a deal breaker. 

Chapter Text

Your worst fear came true the next morning when you woke up to a phone call from Jimin.    

You blink owlishly, your mind still fuzzy from just waking up. You glance at the phone and see it’s 30 minutes before your alarm was going to go off. Your brain is still processing being awake, trying to pull you back into unconsciousness.  

“Good morning beautiful. Could you let us in? It’s kind of cold out here.”  Jimin’s voice is cheery but with a small strain.  

“Huh?” You mumble out, dragging yourself out of your nice warm bed. You put on a robe to fight the chilly air as you walk out of your room.  Your mind was trying to keep up with the events happening. It was like you were lagging.   

“This isn’t a dream, we are really here.” Jimin teases. You hear knocking coming from your front door and groan in frustration.   

Please don’t let them be here to take you to work. That’s the only reason you can come up with that they’d be here.   They’re so early, too. You could be sleeping.   

“Jimin... I’m not properly dressed.” You mumble with a  flush   rising to your cheeks.  Your hair is unkempt and you’re in your big comfy pajamas under the robe.  You look like a slob. You hadn’t even brushed your teeth!  

“Don’t care. You’re always gorgeous. Now please let us in.” You hear Suga cursing lightly in the background.  

The nerve of that guy! It’s your home! You don’t have to do anything. You huff a little and contemplate whether or not to just go back to sleep. But you know they will just keep knocking and Anne needs her rest.  

You stand in front of the door and sigh before unlocking it and opening it.  It’s a miracle  Anne is still asleep.   

“You guys need to be quiet. My roommate is trying to sleep. You’re lucky I don’t kill you for being so rough with my door.” You grumble as the boys' rush past you.  

“You should’ve opened the door sooner.” Suga says. “Then I wouldn’t have had to.”  

“You shouldn’t even be here in the first place!” You turn and go to the kitchen, knowing they’ll follow. You needed coffee.  

Once in the kitchen, you decide to take a good look at their “casual” attire.  They are actually clothed this time, but they aren’t any less attractive.  

Suga is in dark jeans with a long red and black flannel. To add fuel to the fire, he has on a black leather jacket on top. A red beanie sits on top of his messy hair and your heart just can’t take this.  His dark eyes rake over your body as a smirk appears on his face.  

“Also, to reiterate my earlier statement, you are always gorgeous. Your natural look is even more so.” He says, stepping forward as if to touch you and get in your space. You step back as coolly as you can with your heart hammering in your chest. Your back hits the counter top and you scramble to look normal and lean against it.   

You scoff to cover up your awkwardness and roll your eyes at him. “You’re only saying that so I don’t throw you out of here.”  

He sighs and crosses his arms. “Are you really doing this again?”  

You ignore him and finally look at Jimin.  

Jimin has on light washed blue jeans with little rips in them. Any more and the poor boy would freeze. He has on a purple long sleeve sweater with no jacket. He looked so good in something so simple and it is so unfair that you look like a sack of potatoes.  

“He’s right, (y/n). You are as stunning as ever. You need to just learn to accept a compliment.” Jimin adds on to the discussion that you would  really like for them to give up on.  

You cover your face with your hands as you hold in a scream. It’s too early for this. You can’t handle all of this attention after just waking up.  

“Anyway,” Your voice cracks and you cough to cover it up. “Why are you even here? You own a café, so I doubt you would like my shitty cheap coffee.”  

“We told you we’d take you to work! Why would we go back on that? That’s rude to think we would abandon you.” Jimin pouts as he leans back onto the counter  beside you You jerk away from him and go to the coffee pot. They had distracted you from why you came in here in the first place.   

Suga is trying to be sneaky about his snooping through the drawers, and you just let him because it is too early for this shit.  

“You wouldn’t be abandoning me. You’d be leaving me alone, like I wanted.” You start up the coffee and rub your forehead to chase away a migraine. “I’ve been doing this for a long time now, I don’t need you butting in on my schedule.”  

Suga scoffs at that and gives you a pointed look  before going back to admiring random trinkets in your junk drawer . “A thank you would do just fine. We get it, you’re tough. But we just wan t to  make things a little easier. Sue us.”  

You are shocked by the candidness of his reply.  You didn’t really think about it that way. You’re not meaning to offend them but this is just too much.  

Y ou don’t want to continue the conversation so you just sigh and change the subject.  

“Do you guys like coffee?”   

Suga raises a brow at the abrupt change in conversation but chooses to let it slide.  They both nod their heads  at your question . You get three mugs out and jump up to sit on the counter while the coffee brews. “It’ll be a minute. Might as well make yourselves comfortable.”  

They sit themselves at the small kitchen table. They look so good that everything around them looks  out of place . Like they were photoshopped into your poor little kitchen.  

“How did you sleep, angel?” Jimin asks, propping his head on his hand.  

“I slept great! But you should be asking (y/n.)” Suga teases with a gummy smile.  

You chuckle at his joke and wave your hand dismissively. “I slept just fine until  someone  decided to wake me up 30 minutes before I had to wake up.”  

They have the decency to look a little guilty, and you feel a twinge of remorse at the sad puppy faces.  

“We didn’t know the times exactly, so we just guessed.” Suga shrugs and pulls out his phone to check the time. “Besides, it’s not a huge difference. Seeing your face was more than worth it to us.”  

You bite your lip to stop yourself from smiling. “You stop that. It’s too early to be cheesy.”  

Jimin  senses the little crack in your defense and  joins in. “You look adorable in your pajamas , by the way . I would love to wake up to this beautiful, natural state of yours.”   

You  hop off the counter and  turn around  to make yourself look busy  with the coffee pot to hide your red cheeks. Dammit, why must they be so sweet?   

“I’m going to ignore that.” You mumble under your breath. The coffee was almost done brewing the whole pot so you go ahead and start filling the cups. “How do you like your coffee?”  

“Cream and sugar please!” Jimin answers.  

“Just a little sugar, thanks.” Suga replies.  

You nod and get to making them. You make your own to your liking and bring the mugs over to the table and set them in the appropriate places.  

You take a seat in between their seats and cup your hands around your steaming mug. The boys grab their mugs and Jimin dives in, which was a mistake.   

“Ouch!” He whines and dramatically sets down the offending cup, then proceeds to stick his tongue out. You guess it is to help cool off his tongue.   

He looks like a n injured  puppy.   

You get the urge to pet him.  Your hand twitches where it holds your coffee cup.   

You d ecide against it and blow on your coffee in an attempt to cool it down.  

Suga chuckles and Jimin glares at him.  

“I shouldn’t have to tell you it was hot. It just came out of the pot.” You scold him, grabbing his cup and putting it by yours. “I’ll give it back when it’s cool. I don’t need you injuring yourself further.”  

“Woah there, (y/n). If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were concerned for him.” Suga fake gasps and you resist the urge to smack him.  

“You shut your mouth.”  You  squeak out, embarrassed.  

Jimin perks up and gets that shit eating grin once again.   

“Oh (y/n).” He says in a sing song manner. “Your concern is deeply appreciated but it just makes me want to be more reckless to see it come out.”  

He leans forward and you.exe has stopped working. His eyes are so pretty. His grin sends a stampede in your stomach. You panic trying to think of a comeback so you do what any mature adult would.  

You stick your tongue out at him. His eyes darken as he sees it and before you can react, he’s pressing his tongue against yours. A choked gasp escapes your throat as they  collide  and a warm pleasurable sensation shoots down your spine. Jimin takes advantage of your stunned state and reaches out to grab your cheek and pull you in to a full-blown kiss. Your head is swimming from the sudden turn. His lips are soft and hot against yours, wet from where your tongues were touching.  Your toes curl from the blissful feelings coursing through you. It feels like hours pass but it’s only a few seconds before h e pulls back and rubs his thumb gently against your cheek. Time seems to slow down as you look at each other. You bite your lip and look away and he drops his hand from your face.  

Suga’s eyes are darting back and forth between you two, his mouth in a surprised o shape. “Can I get some of that? I can be bad, too!”  

Your hand unconsciously goes up to touch your mouth and you are still processing what just happened. You look at the offending boy and try to slow down your breathing. You’re getting worked up and it’s not going to end well.  

You stand up abruptly, your chair squeaking against the floor as you stumble back. “I need to get dressed ;  I’ll be right back.” You dash out of the kitchen, eyes to the ground and tune out whatever they were trying to say to you.  

You don’t snap out of your disassociation until your back is against your closed door. You exhale and close your eyes, leaning your head against the door.  

Why did he have to do that? Do they not know what they’re doing? You can only handle so much.   

Your face reddens as you realize you’ve kissed 2 out of 7 of the boys. You never meant to let it get this far at all!  

You hit your head on the door softly before peeling yourself off of it and going about your normal routine. You put on your business casual clothes like usual, you only looked good yesterday to try and make a sale.  

The only thing you sold them on was you.  

You slap your face a few times. You need to get past this. They’re nice guys, you enjoy their company.  Get it together.  

You brush your hair, teeth, and pin your hair back. Once you’re presentable, you take a deep breath in and open your door, only to find Suga on the other side of it. You jolt backwards and almost slam the door in his face.  

“You spooked me.” You grit out between clenched teeth as you press your hand to your chest.   

He chuckles and puts his arm on the side of the doorway, trapping you inside of your room. “Sorry about that, I just wanted to get a second alone with you. And I wanted to make sure you were okay. You left in quite the hurry.”  

You gulp a little as you try to look calm. “Oh? What about Jimin? Shouldn’t he be the one checking on me?”  

“He feels bad about startling you so he let me go.” He lazily drags his gaze across your body, the corner of his mouth tugging as he not so subtly checks you out. He leans closer to you, looming over you. You feel small next to him. He grins when you manage to maintain eye contact.   

“Besides, didn’t I say I wanted some of the action too? I think it’s only fair.” He teases you, tongue darting out across his swollen lips, drawing your attention. You wonder if he’s been biting them. You know you’ve been biting yours.   

You are taken aback. You don’t know what to say. You’re essentially trapped. You take a shallow breath and gather all of your courage. You’re going to grow a pair and show them you aren’t to be played with. You look back into his eyes, confidence washing over you as you see his lidded gaze on you. You stare until you reach forward, hands digging into his shirt, and pull him towards you. You smash your lips against his and the shaky breath he breathes against you makes your head spin. His lips are full and slightly chapped against yours. You lightly peck at his mouth when he goes for more and you pull away.  

His eyes are wide, his chest heaving, and you take advantage of his moment of weakness and duck under his arm.  

“There you go, don’t say I never gave you anything!” You dash away from him and you hear footsteps closely following you.  

“Can I be selfish and ask for seconds?” He grins at you when you both make it to the kitchen.  

You smack his chest and grab your lukewarm coffee, taking sips to avoid talking.  

Jimin looks at you with a questioning look. “What happened? I thought you were upset with us.”  

You r face flushes and you cover your face as your actions sink in. “I am, but I’m not...but I am. But not anymore.” You stare at your cup like it’ll give you the answers you search for.  

Jimin looks confused and looks between you two, and connects the dots upon seeing Suga’s smug look, gasps. “No way!”  

He wiggles his eyebrows at Jimin. “She initiated. I was just standing there all vulnerable and she took advantage!”  

You giggle and cover your mouth with your hand before you end up snorting.   

“Sure, Jan.” You roll your eyes. “I needed you to move.”  

His grin just widens and you all sit in silence for a moment, drinking your coffee and wondering how things turned out this way. How did you manage to get these handsome men at your disposal again? Everyone at work is going to be so jealous when you show up with them, yet again. But you can’t bring yourself to care.  

Once you all finished your coffee, you stand and gather your things, packing a lunch despite the boys protest to bring you food.  

“Bunch of worrywarts. I’ve made it this far by myself, trust me.” You mumble, putting on a jacket and lock the door behind you when the  boys  step out.  

They each loop their arms with yours as they walk you to the car. You try to pull away half-heartedly but give up when they just tighten them.  

Jimin opens the door for you as Suga gets in on the driver's side. You get in and nod to Jimin to close it when you scooch to the middle of the back seat so you can see both of them. He closes it and climbs in to the passenger seat.  

You give directions to your work and idly chat on your way there. You’re becoming accustomed to them, which is nice. Maybe you can finally relax around them at some point.  

When you get to your work, you lean forward so they can see you better. “Thank you for driving me. It wasn’t needed but it is appreciated.”  

Jimin grins at you and quickly pecks your cheek, making you blush and you turn to pull away and Suga pecks your other cheek. You press your hands onto your flaming cheeks and curse them out, trying to process what is happening. You let out a huff and look at the grinning fools. You take a deep breath in and peck their cheeks back, your heart slamming against your rib cage as you do. Their cocky grins wipe off their faces as they touch their cheeks. Their eyes go cloudy as they lean in again, no doubt to get you back, and you squeak, flying back into your seat and grabbing your things.  

“You’re too cute, knock that shit off.” Suga winks at you and you scramble to get out of the car to stop the onslaught of flirty comments.  

“Get back here, you little minx!” Jimin tries to reach for you as you pass him and you carefully dodge him.   

You ignore all their calls and nearly jump out of your skin when you hear a honk behind you. You turn and look at them exasperatedly. They have some nerve!  

“Have a good day at work baby! There will be someone to come get you later, so don’t run off!” Jimin yells out the window as you scurry away.  

You just nod your head at them, knowing better than to argue. They smile at you and don’t drive off until you’re safely inside.  

You lean against the wall and fan yourself as you think about all of the events of this morning. You’re getting soft. But maybe that isn’t so bad. You press a hand to your chest to try and settle your thumping heart.   

Let’s get this bread.  


Work goes by surprisingly fast, but maybe that’s due to the fact you’re anticipating seeing one of the boys again. You anxiously  wait  inside the doors of your work, looking for any vehicle that may contain a sexy Korean man. You should just go. What if they’re playing a joke on you and no one is actually going to come? That makes more sense than someone actually caring about you.   

You smack yourself lightly to get it together. Quit being mean to yourself. You know better.   

Your heart speeds up as the familiar vehicle pulls up to the curb, you run a hand over your hair and straighten your clothes in an attempt to look semi decent.   

You take a deep breath and open the door, stepping outside and slowly walk to the car. You have that small fear they’ll take off when you go to grab the handle. Years of bullying and abuse form bad habits. You look in the window and see the eldest, Jin, sitting in the driver's seat. A small smile forms as you relax. He is a comforting presence to you. He seems to always calm you down.  

You open the door and slide in, mumbling a small hello.  

He turns to you, and the setting suns hit his face just right, illuminating him like the beautiful angel he is. He is in casual clothing; you’re guessing he took the rest of today off or he just didn’t feel like being half naked in public. He has on a soft grey sweater and black jeans, his hair seems to be glistening, he probably just showered recently. He smells clean and you try not to inhale too deeply. You don’t want to scare him off by being creepy.  

Either way, you’re thankful he’s not in uniform. It’s nice getting to see the boys in regular clothing. He smiles softly at you in return.  

“Hello, lovely. How was work?” He asks as he puts it in drive and starts the voyage to your home. You don’t need to tell him directions for whatever reason, you have a feeling V told them all about your address. You don’t question it.   

“It was okay. Had to deal with a few shitty people, but that comes with call center type jobs.” You wave your hand dismissively. “I hate my job but it pays the bills.”  

He seems to contemplate your answer, humming softly. You raise an eyebrow but say nothing. They always get so weird when you mention your job.  

“How’s the café?” You ask him in return.  

“It’s doing well, we had a decent rush today. The girls get so desperate though, I can’t help but feel bad for them. Everyone who steps in there thinks it’s going to be their lucky day, straight out of a movie.” He chuckles.   

You swallow down any lingering jealousy, knowing they don’t mean anything to them. You never considered the fact you may have competition. You have a feeling you really don’t though, considering his previous words about them. Doubt still clouds your mind, and you desperately try to push it away.  

“Isn’t that what happened with me though?” You decide to tease instead of voicing your insecurities, leaning back into the seat and placing your hand on the arm rest in the middle of the two seats. Jin grabs your hand in his and smiles at you again, making you melt in your seat.  

“You’re an exception. I don’t know what it is about you, but you’re so magnetic, you draw us all to you.” You bite your lip as he says this, looking away to try and hide your giddiness. “We were the ones who had a lucky day, not you. It’s truly a pleasure.”  

Your chest swells as you contemplate what he’s saying. His words are genuine and you don’t know how to feel. No one has ever been so kind to you before. Pressure builds up in your chest with emotion, and you know you’re going to cry soon if you don’t stop overthinking.  

You glance at him while he’s focused on the road and try to steady your breathing. You want to kiss him. Like you haven’t done enough of that today already! But his words are just so sweet. And the tension between you, and all of them really, is driving you insane. You do want to take it slow but they just make it so difficult.   

“You’re too kind to me, after how mean I’ve been to you all.” You sigh briefly.  

He chuckles and squeezes your hand softly. “You haven’t been mean, just cautious. And it makes sense for you to be. Having 7 men lusting after you can’t be easy. We understand, and want you to take all the time you need. We’re patient.”  

You choke back tears and close your eyes, swallowing the lump in your throat. Why do they have to be so sweet?  

You look at him with glassy eyes when he pulls up in front of your home. He deflates at that and puts his hands on your face, rubbing soothing circles into your cheeks.   

“Baby, it’s okay. You don’t need to cry. I’m not going to hurt you.”  

You shake your head and place your  hands on  top of his on your cheeks. “It’s not that. I know you wouldn’t. And that’s what scares me. You all are so sweet, and caring, and I don’t deserve it. I don’t know how to handle it.”  

His eyes soften and he takes your hands and holds them in front of  you.  “You deserve it and so much more. I don’t know why you hate yourself so much, you’re so wonderful and a joy to be around. I promise you that you have no need to be afraid. It will all be okay. We will make it  work;  we will make it okay.”  

Your eyes meet again and you feel so drawn to him, it hurts to be at any distance. His words fill you with so many conflicting feelings, but you know one thing for sure. He is not lying, and you want to show him how you feel. You’ve never been good with words, so actions will have to do.  

You lean forward slowly, gazing between his eyes and his lips as you do. He seems to be breathless at the motion and when you press your lips to his gently, he gasps against your mouth but quickly fills in the gap. His lips are slightly chapped but warm and pliant against yours. You kiss tenderly, slow and sensual. It’s full of care and emotion that you feel full with love. You pull away and press your foreheads against one another's.  

“Thank you.” You whisper to him.  

“The pleasure is all mine.” He whispers back with that same sweet smile.  

You pull back and smile so wide it hurts.   

He puts a hand to his forehead and lets out a breath. “Is this a dream? Please tell me I’m awake.”  

You laugh at him, loud and without fear of seeming gross for once. “You are, goofus.”  

“Phew. That seemed too good to be true. The other boys are going to be so jealous. V, Suga, and Jimin keep bragging about the kisses they got and now I can add myself to the winner’s circle.” He grins at you.  

You can’t help but blush at his statement. “They told everyone?! Bastards!”  

“Well, after you changed V’s nickname to thief, we interrogated him until he told us. Suga and Jimin, however, didn’t even try to hide it.”  

“I’m going to kill them.” You groan into your hands. “You guys probably think I’m some sort of slut.”  

“Not at all, doll. They were just kisses. And 2 of them were stolen, after all.”  

You nod at that and look at him again, appreciating his swollen lips that you caused.  

“So, what now?” You ask him shyly.  

“Well, you’re going to go in and get some rest. I’m going to go back to the café.” He says sadly.   

You can’t help but be disappointed.  

“I... I have work off tomorrow. If you,  ya  know... want to hang out or something.” You mumble quickly under your breath.   

He smiles widely and nods his head furiously. “That would be great! There’s something we’ve been wanting to talk about with you anyway. It’d be  the perfect  timing.”  

Your eyes widen at that. “Did I do something wrong? What is the talk about?” You start to panic before  Jin  grabs your hands once more.   

“Breathe, sweetheart. It’s nothing bad, or anything to worry about. Trust me.” He runs his thumbs over your hand and you take deep breaths slowly. When your heart stops racing, you nod.  

“I trust you.”   

“Good.” His smile never seems to fade when he’s with you. The thought makes butterflies attack your insides. “We’ll come get you tomorrow around noon? Does that sound okay?”  

“Sure, that’s fine. Gives me enough time to sleep and get ready.” You agree.  

“Fantastic. Now, shoo before I never let you leave.” He regretfully releases your hands and you feel cold.   

“Would that be such a bad thing, though?” You whine as you get your things together.  

He laughs at your tone and pinches your cheek. “Good things come to those who wait. Trust me, tomorrow will be worth it.”  

You try to not dwell on tomorrow and open your door and step out. “Thank you for the ride, and I’ll see you tomorrow!”   

“You’re welcome, honey. Get some rest.” He smiles at you and you close the door, shuffling your way inside. Much like  last  time, he waits until you get inside before he drives away.  

You unlock the door and step inside. You kick off your shoes and get yourself a water and a snack. You contemplate watching TV but just decide to relax in bed with YouTube on your laptop. You change into pajamas and jump into bed, preparing for your night of winding down and trying to ignore the thoughts bugging you about what tomorrow will bring.   

You get texts from the boys but just glance over them briefly, wanting some much needed alone time after the emotional car ride back.  

You sink into your bed and pull up your favorite channel, distracting yourself until you fall asleep.  

Tomorrow would change everything, you just didn’t know it yet.  

Chapter Text

The next morning you wake up way before you were supposed to. Your nerves were buzzing and the anticipation was killing you.   

You decided to take a shower, shave (Hey, don’t look at yourself like that! You’re not expecting anything! You just...want to be smooth.) You decide to put on a little makeup and keep your hair down instead of putting it up.  You don’t want to look like you are trying too hard, so you put on some dark jeans and a sweater. It’s chilly enough to rock the cute yet effortless look. You hope it looks that way, at least. What if they don’t like sweaters?!  

Get it together, (y/n).  

You decide to  shake off your thoughts and  go into the kitchen and make yourself a cup of coffee. Caffeine doesn’t exactly help with the jitters, but you can’t live without that sweet bean water.  

You’re totally calm. Yup, you’re doing just fine. You’re not pacing. Nope. Everything is  A-Okay . It’s not like you’re voluntarily going back into the lion’s den-with 7 hot men who have something they need to discuss with you. No one would panic at that.  

Your phone vibrates and you glance at it and see notifications from the group chat.   

Right, you forgot about that.  

You open the app and glance through the messages to catch up.   

Daddy Namjoon  

Good morning, Beautiful.  

Jiminy Cricket  

Aw, man! You beat me to it!  

Mommy Jin  

Just because he said it doesn’t mean you can’t either, you know.  

Jiminy Cricket  

But I wanted to be speccciiaaalllll.  


Don’t worry, Jimin. You’re still special.  

Jiminy Cricket  

^-^ yay!  

Kookie’s and Cream  

Good morning sunshine!  


Good morning everyone.   


Do you guys ever shut up? I need my beauty sleep.  


You can sleep when you’re dead. Rise and shine!  


I could be sleeping in today, but you bastards have me awake at a decent time. How dare you.  

Daddy Namjoon  

Why are you up so early, anyway? There’s still a few more hours.  


He’s got you there. You can’t admit you’re so anxious for today, so you stick with a good old fashion lie.  



I was just having trouble sleeping, had some chores to do. Boring adult stuff.  


And what were you dreaming about, sweetheart? Do I make an appearance?  I’ll always come to save you.  

V follows up that message with a wink emoji.  


You face palm at his comment and try to think of an articulate response before replying.  

“Bro, you need to chill the fuck out. It’s too early for this.” Anne grumbles as she shuffles in and fixes herself a cup of coffee. “What’s got you so on edge this time?”  

You take a deep breath and put your hand on your chest, taking note of your racing heart.  

“I suppose I should calm down... However, that is difficult when the hottest men I’ve ever met want to speak to me about something today. They’ll be coming to pick me up, yet again. I’m going to faint, Anne.” You speak so fast you’re not sure if she caught it, but she nods sleepily before jolting after processing what you’re saying.  

“They’re  what?”  She stutters, nearly dropping her cup.  

“I know.” You whine, flopping into a chair at the table. This one is the one Jimin was at, only yesterday. Your butt is where his once was. The Jimin who kissed you. Your hand drifts to your mouth and Anne points at it, blubbering.  

“You kissed someone?! Which one? Girl, update me! What on earth have you been doing?!” She sits next to and grabs you by your shoulders, shaking you. “I need the tea! I’m parched!”  

“First off, you’re ridiculous and I hate you.” You grumble, pushing her hands off your shoulder. You then proceed to fill her in on the events of the last few days .  

She is stunned into silence, which is rare for her. You poke her to make sure she’s alive. She barely blinks before grabbing the hand you used to poke her and she gets on her knees, hand still in yours. You blush at the position.   

”What the fuck are you doing!?” You blurt out at her.  

She bows to you. “My dear goddess, please bestow your powers of enchanting incredibly attractive men to me. I am in desperate need of guidance.”  

You kick her lightly and she falls onto her ass, laughing at your flushed expression.  

“I don’t know what they see! I’m just me!” You exclaim, curling in on yourself. “Besides, what if they want to see me today to say this whole thing was a social experiment that I completely and totally fell for?”  

“Shut your fuck up.” Anne points at you threateningly. “ Jin  was just complimenting you last night. You’ve kissed 4 of them! I sincerely doubt they would go this far for a prank.”  

“I don’t know. The thoughts are just loud.” You grumble again, wishing you could just disappear into the chair. “What if I say I’m sick? Could I get out of it?”  

“You know they would just reschedule. Plus, you would just overthink for a longer amount of time. When are they supposed to get you? I sure wish I had a hot chauffeur.” Anne sighs dreamily.  

“Around noon, so about an hour from now.” You’d spent a good two hours pacing and fiddling with your appearance.   

“Well, you’re looking really good. You’re going to blow them away. Although, you could probably wear a burlap sack and blow them away. They saw you in your pajamas, anyhow. And still wanted you.” She sighs yet again.  

You feel kind of bad none of them were into her. You couldn’t help being dragged into a reverse harem. You’d share if you could. They were just selfish and only wanted you. Now that you think about it, the thought of sharing makes your stomach twist. You’re greedy, but so are they.  

“Thank you, I appreciate your candidness.” You stick your tongue out at her and stand up to help her off of the ground. You grab her and yank her up.   

“Hey, no problem, it’s what I’m here for.” She wiggles her eyebrows at you, you groan at her weirdness and follow her to the living room. You both sit on opposite ends of the couch, intertwining your legs. “Since you have some time to kill, let’s watch some  You T ube . God knows we don’t get enough of time to hang out together.”  

“I know, I’m sorry. You know how weird part time can be.” You pick at the fabric of your shorts as she turns on the TV and starts looking for something to watch.  

“How about a classic? ‘The history of the entire world, I guess?’” She suggests, while clicking on it.  

“You would’ve turned it on even if I said no. Good  thing  I love it, though.” You gesture for her to turn up the volume to try and drown out your thoughts.  

You check your phone and realize you never responded to V. You glance at your phone and see a few messages. You laugh as you read:  


Guys, I think I killed her.  

You decide to leave them on read and let them think whatever they want to. A little bit of mystery to spice things up. That’s what you tell yourself, anyway. It’s totally not due to the fact you have no idea what to say.  


Your phone rings and you see that it is  Jhope. Your heart hammers in your chest and you take a deep breath before answering.  

“H-hello?” You try to sound as normal as possible. Anne smirks as she watches you. You flip her the bird and t hrow a kick her way before t urn ing  away from her.   

“Hiya, babe! We’re outside your place. Take your time coming out, no rush.” His cheery voice does nothing to soothe your nerves but you find yourself nodding.   

Anne nudges you and mouths, “He can’t see you.”  

You smack your face and squeak out, “I’ll be out in a minute, thanks!” Then hang up in your flustered state.  

“How smooth.” Anne chuckles at your dismay as you get up and scramble to get all of your things. You grab your purse and glance at your reflection in your phone, running your hands through your hair and trying to make yourself  look presentable . You rub your sweaty palms on your jeans and turn to your friend as you dash out the door.  

“Wish me luck.” You say over your shoulder. She yells words of encouragement and you close the door behind you. You are walking on clouds as you make your way towards the car. RM is leaning against the car and smiles as you approach.  He is in normal clothing, not his usual sexy uniform, and that sets of warning bells in your head.   

“Hello, beautiful. Looking ravishing as always.” His deep voice makes your knees buckle as he opens the door for you, placing a hand on the small of your back as he guides you into the seat. His hand feels so large against you and the warmth sends your heart soaring.   

“Thank you.” You breathe out as you hold your hold to stop from fanning yourself.  

“Are you all in?” He glances at you with his hand on the door. You nod to him and he closes it, locking you in with them.  

You look into the front seat and  Jhope  is staring back at you with a grin.  He is also in normal clothing, and you find comfort in being able to look at him without being considered a pervert with how your eyes would wander.  

“Hi darling! How are you? You look lovely!  Scooch over to the middle so I can see you better! ” He’s speaking a mile a minute and you try your best not to get overwhelmed.  

“Hiya, I am doing okay! A little nervous.” You chuckle to cover up your anxiety  and shuffle into the middle seat . “Thank you. How are you?”  

“Better know that you’re here!” He grins at you even wider and you can’t help but swoon.  

RM had started driving and you didn’t notice until he spoke up.  

“You have no reason to be nervous, dear. You’ve done nothing wrong.”  

“It’s just unsettling not knowing what a conversation is going to be about.” You  fiddle with your hands on your lap and look out the window to ignore his imploring gaze.  

“Understandable. But, trust me. You’re going to enjoy the conversation.” You glance at RM and he shoots you a cheeky wink. You feel like you’re going to spontaneously combust.  Jhope  reaches back and grabs your hand, rubbing his thumb across the top in an effort to settle your nerves. His hand is firm and warm against yours. Do you have a hand kink? These boys have nice hands.  

“Your hand is so small! How cute!” He plays with your hands and your heart melts at his adorable expression. His eyes look into yours fondly and you are overwhelmed by this sweet, sweet man.  

“It’s not my fault you guys are so much bigger.” You grumble with rosy cheeks.   

“And you’re blushing! You’re so adorable!” He lets go of your hands to pinch your cheeks. You squeal and try to remove his hands from your face, causing him to squish your cheeks.   

“Jhope, turn around and let the poor girl go.” RM interjects. “We’re almost there.”  

The man in question groans before cupping your cheeks and kissing the tip of your nose. He turns around as you start to sputter and put your face in your hands, curling in on yourself.  

Y/N.exe has stopped working.  

“I wasn’t  gonna  force a full-on kiss on  ya .”  Jhope  teases. “Yet, anyway.”  

You feel like you’re going to faint. You look up at him with wide eyes and your mouth agape. He’s rendered you speechless.  

RM smirks at you in the rear-view mirror. The twinkle in his eyes promise the same sort of treatment from him as well. His warm eyes are full of desire and suddenly the car is way too warm with the men eyeing you like a pack of wolves surrounding its meal. You swallow the drool pilling up in your mouth and try to distance yourself by looking out the window.   

Of course, they’d want a kiss, too. You completely forgot. How can you kiss 7 men in a week, though? Are you that much of a hoe?  

Yes, yes you are. But hey, they consented to this!  

The next few minutes are silent as you scream internally.  The tension in the car thick with hormones from the three of you.  


When RM pulls up to the café, your heart starts to skyrocket again. You have to face all of them. You are going to be confronted by them. About what, you have no idea. RM said it wasn’t bad, but what if he was lying?  

As soon as he parks,  Jhope  is flying out of the car to get to you before RM does. He opens the door for you and offers a hand out with an adorable smile. You smile back at him and accept his hand as he pulls you out of the car. He wraps an arm around your shoulders as you walk to the entrance. You did not expect it and bite your lip to ground yourself. This is not a dream. His body is warm and the arm on your shoulder is heavy, comforting you much like a weighted blanket.  

RM opens the door and you walk in attached to the sunshine boy. He slides his arm off of you when you make it to the back room where the rest of the boys are.  

“(Y/N)!” The boys greet you with  way  too much enthusiasm for your liking. You are suspicious of this whole situation and can’t help but have your guard up.  

“Hello everyone.” You give a small wave as you are ushered to your seat. You sit down and eye them warily. You are set up to where you are across from them all.  You assume so they can all be able to look at you. You feel singled out and a little afraid. They get a chance to look you over and their eyes seem to glaze over and you wonder if you overdid your makeup. They look at you like you’re a  5 course  meal and they haven’t eaten in weeks. There’s no way they are as attracted to you as you are to them, but the air is thick with emotions you can’t afford to think about right now. You had just started to kiss a few. If they had their way, you’re sure you’d be naked on the table by now. Thankfully, they are all dressed in decent clothing. You take in their appearances and try to conjure up an idea of why they’re out of uniform.  

“Are you hungry? Thirsty? Need anything?”  Jin  asks , reaching over to place a hand on your knee. You blush and find yourself unable to look at him after everything that happened last night.  

“I could use a drink, if that’s okay.” Your throat feels dry, and you’re finding it hard to speak.  

Suga jumps up at the mention. “I’ll make you some hot chocolate! Be right back!” He dashes into the kitchen and your heart swells at his eagerness.  

“Did you  guys  close for lunch? I noticed you’re not in your uniforms.”  

“We decided to close for the rest of today. We make enough, it’ll be okay to take the day off.”  Jin  replies.  

You nod your head but can’t help but feel a little guilty.  

“Why do you care so much? Do you miss the eye candy?” Jungkook teases with a cheeky grin that makes you want to start sweating.   

You attempt to come up with a semi intelligent answer but only little stutters come out. You decide on a simple, “Oh hush!” Causing the youngest to chuckle at your dismay.  

You’re thankfully saved from the conversation by V.  

“It’s nice to see you’re still alive.” He smirks at you and you remember how you left them on read.  

“Bold of you to assume I can be killed.” The words from a Tumblr post fumble out of your mouth and you want to smack yourself for sounding so stupid. Why don’t you think before you speak?  

But instead of making fun of you, the boys collectively laugh and you can’t help but feel pride in yourself for getting this reaction out of them.  

“You are one hell of a woman.” V wipes a tear from his eye as a genuine smile stretches across his face.  

“You are beautiful, smart, and funny? What a catch.” Jimin says with damn near hearts coming out of his eyes.  

You wave a hand to dismiss his claim but can’t help the way your stomach flutters with the compliment.  

“So, what did you call me here for?” You decide to cut to the chase.  

“We’ll take once Suga gets back!” Jungkook chimes. “It’s well worth the wait.”  

“Guys.” You ran a hand over your face and try to remain calm. “I have been in anticipation all day why can’t we just get on with it?”  

“Because it affects all of  us.”  RM says, “Be just a little more patient baby.”  

You wish you could keep your face from turning red so often but you can’t help it. Nicknames always get to you.  

“You look beautiful, by the way.” Jungkook smiles softly at you, slowly eyeing you up. “Forgot to mention that.”   

“...out loud, at least.”  

The other boys murmur their agreements and you cover your face with your hands.  

“Thank you.” You mumble into your hands, trying to be polite  despite  being overwhelmed with the amount of love you’re receiving.  

Suga happens to come back in at that moment, handing you a nice hot cup that you cradle in your hands. You’re thankful to have something to fiddle with. You look at the top and see an adorable heart with an arrow sticking through it.   

You smile at him to express your thanks and take a sip. It is delicious as always.   

You look over all of the boys and raise an eyebrow. “Now, can we talk about the elephant in the room?”  

RM, the undeclared leader, speaks up. “Of course, angel. We have all been talking for a while and we want to have you in our lives more.”  

“I am aware of that,” You look at him puzzledly. “That’s why I am here. I’m doing my best.”  

“Let him finish, princess.”  Jin  chastises you. “Just wait to respond until we’re done, please.”  

You close your mouth and nod in response.  

“Now, as I was saying.” RM continues. “We have been trying to figure out how to be more involved in your life.”  

“We also don’t like your current job.”  Jhope  adds, his voice surprisingly serious.  

“We would like to take care of you more, and it is frustrating watching you be miserable all the time.”  Jin  chimes in.  

“So, to put it simply, we would like you to work here, with us.” V ends the explanation with a small huff, probably frustrated at how the boys were dragging this along.  

You gape at them like a fish out of water, no clue where to even begin.  

“Before you answer!” Jimin stammers seeing your shocked expression. “You would not need to dress like us. You would be like an usher, seating the clients that come in.”  

“You would work steady hours. 8 to 5 every day with 2 days off of your choosing, we just ask that it not be both weekend days. Those are our busiest days. You’d make more than you do at your current employment. You’d get benefits, whatever you’d like.” RM explains.  

“Maybe further along the line, you could move in here.” Suga mumbles quietly. “ So  you don’t have to commute here  every day .”  

Your eyes widen even more at that and you wince as RM smacks his arm lightly.  

“You’re scaring her.” He looks at you. “You don’t have to do that any time soon. No pressure. It was just an idea we had.”  

You are stunned into silence. You have no clue how to respond. What do you say? What exactly do you want here? It’s a generous offer, but it is also a huge decision to make.  

All of the boys turn to you, and in  an   Ouran  high school host club type fashion, each hold out a hand to you.   

“What do you say, (Y/N)?” They say in sync.  

“Will you join Bangtan Kitten-Boys?”