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You Can't Save Me, but I Can Save You

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In all honesty, Izuku didn't truly know what to think. He didn't expect to be brought back to life as a ghost by a man who used his mother's grievance to his advantage. Izuku didn’t like that man, who called himself Sensei, as he made the green-haired boy do his bidding else he harm his mother. Though, he supposes he should give a bit of a backstory to how this all happened.

Izuku had died a few years before the new King had taken over the land, naming the kingdom Endeavor. Izuku was at the young age of fourteen when he fell ill to an incurable disease that was currently sweeping across the land, falling bedridden and unable to even lift his arm up as time went on. He soon fell victim to the illness, as all the others had, and his mother grieved. The disease was luckily not contagious by touch, as it was only contractible if you were unlucky enough to be bitten by the bug carrying the disease.

His mother, Inko, was devastated when he died, refusing to sleep or even eat, not wanting to bury him as she had loved him too much and did not want to let him go. She had even taken to bathing him and dressing him as if he were still alive, much to the pity and concern of the others in her village. One day, Sensei had appeared before her, saying that he could bring Izuku back to life, but at a price. Inko had jumped at the opportunity, begging the dark-haired man to bring her precious boy back to life, the only person she had left after her husband left her.

Sensei fulfilled her request, bringing Izuku back, but not as a person- he had brought Izuku back as a ghost. Inko cried tears of joy, going to hug her newly alive son only to faze through him. Sensei had calmed her by saying that, once Izuku got used to his new form, he would be able to become tangible and perfectly able to touch. Izuku was dazed, not remembering anything from his time when he was dead, which Inko didn’t press about; she was just glad he was back. Sensei recommended that they properly bury Izuku’s body, which Inko accepted, seeing as how she didn’t need it anymore.

Everything moved too fast for the green-haired teen to comprehend, and soon he was living with his mother like nothing had ever happened. His transparent appearance was passed off as his newly developed quirk, being claimed as an extremely late bloomer. Izuku didn’t know how to feel about that, seeing as how only nobles got quirks, and it was extremely rare for a commoner to develop one; even then, he did not have a quirk- he was truly a ghost. Months passed and everything seemed to go back to the way things were, albeit a few hiccups here and there, before Sensei, who had stayed with them throughout that time to train Izuku to properly handle his new form, revealed his true colors and demanded that Izuku repay him for his “kind deeds”.

“What?” Izuku was baffled, staring at the man as if he had grown another head. “What do you mean?”

“I had told your mother that I would bring you back, but it would be at a small cost,” he told the confused boy in a calm, collected voice. “She seems to think that cost was that you are now a ghost, but that is far from the truth; no, what I intend is much more than that. I want you to be my disciple and do whatever I ask, no matter what.”

“What makes you think I’m going to do that?” Izuku hissed, glaring at him.

The man was unfazed, and just stared at the green-haired teen with cold, dark eyes, “Oh, I know you will. After all, you do not wish for anything to happen to your dear, sweet mother, do you?”

That made Izuku’s blood run cold, despite the fact he was, y’know, a ghost. “Are you… threatening me?”

“I prefer to call it negotiating, if you will,” he replied, a slight smirk on his lips.

Izuku wanted to spat at the man, shout at him that he would never listen to what he said, but he held his tongue. He knew that the man was fully capable of fulfilling the intent of his words, and he’d have no remorse for hurting his mother. Izuku grinded his teeth together, reluctantly bowing his head in acceptance. Sensei just let out a pleased hum before walking away, leaving Izuku in his misery. After that, Sensei had made Izuku do petty crimes or gather information on people, as Izuku was an intelligent kid as is. It went on like that for years, and Izuku had to keep what he was doing a secret from his mother, lest he chance the wrath of Sensei.

Inko was none the wiser and just simply enjoyed being around her son, much happier than she had been in years. Izuku didn’t wish to bring any ill will upon her, so he just continued with his duties, happy that his mother was well. Two years passed before Sensei decided that Izuku was ready for his first crucial mission, even bringing it up with Inko, though not telling her the whole story behind his decision.

“I believe Izuku should work as a servant for the royal family.” Sensei stated one night as he was over for dinner, courtesy of the invite of Inko.

Inko stared at the man in shock while Izuku curled his hands into fists, already knowing where this all was going. “Oh? And why do you say that?”

Sensei purposefully ate a spoonful of soup before continuing, his actions well calculated and precise, “I believe it will be good experience for him. After all, not only will it give him a chance to explore a bit more of this world, but he will be around those who have quirks as well. He seems most interested in quirks, and I believe that this experience will help him in his life.”

Despite the purpose of his words, Sensei was not wrong when stating that Izuku was interested in quirks. The teen had been fascinated with them while he was alive, and still was even in his non-death. Inko was fully aware that there was no possible way for Izuku to learn how to better control his quirk in the small village they resided in, as no one else here had one and any commoners with quirks were never properly taught how to use them anyway. She seemed to assume that Sensei had run out of ways to train and teach Izuku, which the green-haired boy knew perfectly well he hadn’t; it was just another excuse to have him leave for his latest mission.

Inko debated this, placing her spoon down on the table slowly, brows furrowed in concern and concentration. “I don’t know… Would it be safe for him to leave all on his own?”

“He is sixteen years old now,” Sensei reassured, keeping his voice calm and polite, “besides, he is able to become transparent and intangible at will, so no one would be able to bring harm to him even if they tried.”

The green-haired woman understood the man’s words, but was still hesitant. However, after a few more sweetly coated words from Sensei, she relented, allowing Izuku to become a servant for the Todoroki family. Sensei smiled when she told him she would allow it, said smile causing a shiver to run down Izuku’s back. After dinner, the man had brought Izuku outside to remind him of his mission.

“Remember, you are there to investigate everyone you possibly can and relay to me their quirks and possible weaknesses,” the dark-haired male told the boy, his tone leaving no room for arguments, “and you will map out the castle as thoroughly as you can; make sure to include every secret or hidden passage ways you can find.”

“Yes sir,” Izuku mumbled, guilt already gripping at him.

“And remember, the most important one there is Todoroki Shouto; make sure to gain his trust so that it will be easier to find out any secrets the Endeavor family has.”

The teen nodded, his throat constricting harshly at being reminded of his mission.

“You know what will happen if you fail me, right boy?”

Those words made Izuku tremble and he hastily nodded. Sensei seemed pleased with his compliance and left, leaving Izuku a muddled pile of anxiety. He went back inside his house and was informed by his mother that he would leave at dawn within a week’s time. Izuku gave her a small smile and excused himself to bed. He needed to prepare himself for the journey to come, and he could not fail; there was no room to fail.

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