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Windows to the Soul

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Waking up in Rhu's bed was definitely an experience. For starters, you really did find out that skeletons have genitals. You caught Rhu, at around 5 AM, fresh out of the shower, dripping wet and...

Wow do they all glow?

Tossing that thought aside for later, you pecked a kiss on his cheek and set off to find another skeleton to keep company for the day. Despite how often you were around Horror, you never got to talk much with him. His room was on the basement level, so you decided after a shower, you'd bring him breakfast and spend the day with him.

After putting on another oversized sweater, feeling refreshed and absolutely energized, you snagged yourself a plate, telling Blackberry that you would indeed cuddle him later today, and grabbed one for Horror. The only Gasters who ever really sat at the table were Green, Gaster, surprisingly Wings, and Dings. The others hid away in their rooms.

You fumbled down the steps expertly, minding the plates of food in your hands. You got to the basement and knocked idly on Horror's door with your knee, a wide grin on your face. A few quiet seconds...

The door creaked open and his husky voice came from the other side.

"Yes hello?"

"It's me Mr.Spooky!"

He seemed to immediately perk up and fling the door open, a wide grin on his face.

"Oh, and you brought me breakfast! How darling of you." He trilled like a bird, you noticed immediately that all the Gasters had made those kinds of noises. Birds of prey fit them anyway. He was wearing a blood red v neck and a set of grey sweatpants. Very casual for him. He ushered you into his room and you were immediately taken aback.

It was pitch black in here and the only light source was a long ceiling light that had an eerie pink-red glow to it. It was dim and barely spanned the surface of the room. Next off was that his bedspread was completely red and black themed, the underside of the onyx blanket having a red wine hue to it. There was an oak desk on the right end of the room with a lamp on it and a laptop. The carpet was maroon like in the living room and felt a lot more fluffy. On the walls were display cases for...things you couldn't quite make out in this lighting. And on the left wall were 2 doors. One for the closet and another leading to who knows what. He shut the door behind him and plopped into his armchair in front of his oak desk, letting you sit on the bed.

"What brings you to my room dear?"

He ate slowly, the jagged edges of his mouth catching on the fork after one bite of the eggs. You held back a giggle, while he grumbled and tugged it free.

"Damned things.. You humans are odd when it comes to silverware." He huffed at you, taking a piece of bacon off his plate.

"Just wanted to know if you'd like me to keep you company today. As much as you hover over me, I don't know much about you." You smiled warmly at him, thinking back to when he kissed you at the fair. "Especially for someone who kissed me."

To your surprise and delight, he locked up, his face flushing a beautiful shade of red.

"Oh, teasing now are we?" He wiggled his brow bones at you and chuckled, eating his breakfast rather quickly. You did the same and sighed. He grabbed your plate and set it on the desk, telling you he'd take them up later.

"I don't know much about you either dear. Well, I do but, I want to know you better." He sounded hopeful, which made you blush like an idiot. He trilled and slid onto the bed next to you, gently cupping one of your hands with his own. He traced the lines of your palm giddily, leaning closer to you.

"Do tell me what you do for fun doll." He cooed in your ear, sending a shiver up your spine.

"I play the harp and draw.. Haven't gotten to do much art recently cause of.." You gestured in the air with your free hand. He nodded and gave a faint hum.

"Oooh, I understand love. But. As they all have probably said to death, we're here for you." He pecked a light kiss to your temple.

You chuckled at the gesture and pulled his head down, pecking a soft kiss right between his sockets. His cheeks burned under your hands at the action, sending him into a fit of giggles and snickering.

"Thank you all for being here for me. Im still surprised you all like me as much as you do." He leaned into you more, his sockets closing.

"Oh dear, would you believe I hated you at first? Everyone fears change and sadly, I fit in that statistic for a bit." You felt a pang of sadness at his words before he continued.

"But then I looked into you and saw why everyone was so...drawn to you. You're a very sweet and confident girl, despite what you've been through. And I admire someone who is as resilient as you are." He traced your jawline absently, red eye light flickering in the void of blackness.

"You're like flowers in Antarctica. The storm may come and go, but you will always flourish in the end." You chuckled and gripped his hand.

"How do you know about that?" He snickered. "Oh, doll I studied the hell out of human culture and everything that comes with it. That place is an absolute enigma to me." He straightened up his posture.

"I mean an entire place dedicated to snow? And somehow vegetation and animals actually live there and thrive? It's ridiculous. I lived in a snowy area myself but that? That's fucking mad." You choked up and yelled at his tangent, holding your stomach from laughter.

"Oh hell, don't laugh at me! I'm serious!" His grin told you otherwise. You rocked back and sat up, a goofy grin on your face.

"O-Oh no I get it! Just. It's funny to hear you curse." He snorted at this, somehow without a nose, and gently cupped your cheek.

"Oh, my dear..." He leaned in and whispered.

"Fuck off." He finished in your ear.

You lost it.

Exchanging curse words back and forth had been a lot more amusing than you thought.

"Wait, so you're telling me..."

"Yes! Say it Horror!"

He cringed at your enthusiasm.

"God that word is so guttural. And I don't think I have said guts to say that."

You chuckled and leaned forward, batting your lashes at him.

"Dawww. Just say cunt, it's not that bad!"

"You are too pretty to say such vile things, stop it. I'll punish you, don't tempt me!" The cheeky grin on his face betrayed his authoritative tone. "Cunt." He ended the sentence like that, which left you crying tears of joy. He giggled himself, standing from his bed and walking to the door next to his closet.

"(Y/N) how do you feel about bugs?" You perked up.


"Yes, specifically spiders." You winced and recoiled back against the bed.

"I-I'm ok with them, but not really tiny or lanky ones. They give me eerie vibes." He nodded and walked back to his room door and hit a switch on the wall next to it. Suddenly, the pink-red light flourished to change to a bright white. It illuminated the previously unseen walls and display cases.

That were filled to the brim with spiders.

They were all dead and suspended in time with different species and sizes and a paper behind each of them, presumably describing what it was like. You shrieked and launched off the bed, darting to Horror who scooped you up im his arms. He was laughing like a madman, snickering and even the occasional snort.

"Oh, you're the worst!"

You hit his sternum, grumbling all the while. He walked back to the other door and flung it open, much to your dismay because now you were in a room.

Filled with tanks.

And said tanks.

Were filled with spiders.

You would have yelled, but instead, he motioned to one of the tanks and dipped his fucking arm in to scoop up the bug.

"Bird Eater tarantula." He raised it to his face, comparing it to his stature you guessed. You were curled up and slumped in his other arm as far back as you could be as the spider danced in his hand and dipped through the hole in his palm. Its legs twitched as it tried to grip onto something until it reached his face.

It crawled into his socket. He looked down at you as the spider came fumbling out the darkness. You nearly fainted. Horror had a few good laughs at your turmoil before he left the room with you still cradled in his arms.

"I also very much enjoy beetles but I can't seem to find any around here." You winced as he set you down, your legs shaking violently.

"You're evil, s-so so damn evil."

He beamed at you, ruffling your hair.

"Oh, I know dear!" He pinched your cheeks playfully.

"My word you're just the softest thing ever." He hoisted you up and into his arms, pecking a kiss to your cheek. He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck and pecked a kiss there too, earning a giggle from you.

"Do all skeletons have a fascination with humans softness or is it just me?" You chuckled and gently traced the separate plates of his cervical vertebrae.

"Just you dear." He whispered into your ear, making you shiver from the contact. He pulled back to look at you, gently tracing your bottom lip with his thumb. "You're fascinating to us. Everyone in this house is drawn to you and if Im being completely honest, everyone likes you. In a more than a therapist or friend way."

Oh, so this is what being on fire is like. You fumbled for words and he watched with sheer delight as you hid your face in his shoulder.

"Oh, you haven't noticed? Poor girl, you're dense but it's cute." He pats your back, claws dancing along your spine while he sits down at his desk.

"I-I mean I guessed but I didn't want to be too...hopeful? I uh.." Horror perked up at that.

"Hopeful?" He cooed promiscuously. He gently cupped your cheeks. "Hopeful for what? That we all want you? I can see that you doubt yourself, dear, you are wonderful." His forehead bumped with your own. You smiled and put your own hands over his.

"Thank you Gaster.." You spoke in a hushed tone, enjoying the way his face lit up. You grabbed one of his hands and held it, looking at the hole in his palm. Bright idea.

You traced the hole the same way you did with Green that night, gauging for a reaction. Once you actually dipped your finger to trace the ridge of the hole, he jolted forward, his legs twitching as you twirled your finger there again. A rather loud and deep growl rumbled in his chest, catching you off guard completely.

"T-Those are sensitive dear.." Hearing him speak like that was definitely something. You traced the hole one more time, smiling proudly at how he melts into his seat, gripping the armchair like his life depended on it.

"O-Oh you little d-demon.." He barely managed to spit out, making you giggle in response. You let his hand go and leaned onto his chest, smiling. He locked his arms around you and chuckled, pecking kisses to your temple repeatedly.

"Sensitive holes aside, I want to-" You guffawed and howled with laughter, which got him to break down with you. "Wow! Way to start a sentence!" You gently pet his sternum, still giggling like a school girl.

"Oh hush! Let me finish. As I was saying, I would love to hear you play that instrument of yours one day." His hands gently kneaded your sides, almost like how a cat kneads pillows and blankets. You nodded.

"I'd love to." You looked up at him, a grim smile on your face. "I really hope this Keon situation blows over fast..." He smiled at you, as best he could.

"Oh, I do too dear. I want to take you out and have fun but, the others will worry. And unless you want 18, well 20, massive skeletons fawning over you in public then, we'll have to be patient." He perked up after a few tense seconds. In the back of your mind, you wouldn't mind that. But they didn't need to hear that from you.

"But! There is a shopping trip planned for Friday. So you will be allowed to join." You beamed, sitting up quickly and pecking a gently kiss between his sockets. "You guys are great ya know that?"

His hands cupped your waist, dipping his head down, he nuzzled you. "Of course we are." You rolled your eyes at him, leaning against his chest again with a soft thump.


HP +30


HP: 90.2

her family is great and she wouldn't have it any other way

Your bonding time with Horror was lax and comforting for the next few hours. He picked you up and carried you upstairs for lunch, where you were assaulted by hugs from Blueberry and Blackberry. Wings ruffled your hair and even Edge plucked you from the other two to give you a hug. Ink snagged you from there and you all had tuna subs, Crooks' wonderful idea. Reminded you of the museum trip.

Blackberry stole you from the others and hid with you in his room, snuggled under a blanket, watching American Horror Story.

"HAVE YOU BEEN OK (Y/N)?" You raised a brow at his questioning.

"Could be better but right now? I'm at peace." And that wasn't a lie. He cracked a very genuine smile, face flushing that adorable shade of fuschia.

"I AM MOST GLAD. EVEN SOMEONE AS TERRIBLE AS ME WILL WORRY FOR SOMEONE I CARE FOR." He leaned into you, pressing his teeth to your cheek. You flushed and did the same for him, admiring how he hid his face behind the blankets and directed his attention at the TV again.

Yeah. They care for you.